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rockruff-dailys  asked:

How do you draw your doggos so cute?

MHi @rockruff-dailys! OKAY, WHEW! This may seem long-winded, but please bear with me, and I hope this answer is satisfying :) 

This part is a little more subjective; what I personally find interesting or cute or something that I want my own style to strive to is unique to me, and will probably be unique to you, but I think it does help to take the time to look at other art, and contemplate what you like about it, what maybe you’d like to emulate, or what you don’t!

So one of the big sources of inspiration for me are children’s books; there’s a wide range of talent and styles that art directors will look for, so there is reallly a niche for everyone (as long as you can get your foot in the door, which is a post for another day)

Some favorite illustrators and their takes on dogs:

Christian Robinson, Gaston, Last Stop on Market Street, Leo: A Ghost Story

Kristine Lombardi, Lovey Bunny and The Grumpy Pets

Japan Wave stationary

Their styles are not perfect one-to-one matches for my own style, but there are brush strokes and textures and expressions that they pull off effortlessly that I personally adore and find inspiration in! The point is that it’s art that excites me, and that I try to emulate in my own work somehow, all to keep the creative flow going and to keep being open to new ideas and color palettes.

Other cool sources for inspiration:

Catbird Literary Agency – a cool resource for anyone who wants to get a look at a lot of different art styles in one place (and dream illustration agency ;’D Haha maybe someday) Artists of note on Catbird: Camille Garoche, Kerascoët, Mike Yamada

Shiyoon Kim

Claire Keane

Olivia Hyun – Especially her Inktober 2016 challenge, which is very much appealing to doggo fans

;’D Again, it’s all subjective – but kind of making inspiration maps or knowing what inspires and excites you vs what repels you can help with developing your own approach to what makes a “cute” dog that you can personally be proud of.