but i realized they are in the bullet train

All Too Well | Pt. 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,330


“Have you talked to Y/N recently?”

Jeon Jungkook flickers his gaze over to the speaker, having only caught the faint murmur of a voice through his headphones, before the maknae tugs the equipment off of his head. “Sorry, what did you say hyung?”

Yoongi sighs, shutting his laptop completely and silently beckoning the other boy to follow suit. He has been battling this internal question for the past few hours, in spite of its simplicity, but it’s the context behind the question that has Yoongi all worried about what the answer could lead to. He has always been told not to ask questions he did not wish to know the answer to, and yet here he was: asking something in which the response was likely to terrify him. Yet, still doing so anyways.

“Have you talked to Y/N recently?” He repeats, heart ramming out of his chest as he gauges the youngest for any shift in expression to indicate an answer. But Jungkook is no longer that shy 15 year old who couldn’t lie to anyone’s face, the boy hides his emotions well. “I know that you guys… are friends.”

Jungkook momentarily can’t meet Yoongi’s gaze—the youngest looks set on tracing the outline of the headphones that rest along his neck—before he finally looks up. “Are you trying to ask if I know about what happened between you and noona? Because I do.”

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Turning 50 Means Finally Accepting That You’ll Probably Never Be Activated As An Unstoppable Rogue Agent

This year, I turned 50 years old. As I celebrated with friends, family, and my incredible children, I found myself reflecting on my past and considering my future, the choices I’d made and the roads not taken. And in closing that chapter of my life, I realized something important: Turning 50 means finally accepting that you’ll probably never be activated as an unstoppable rogue agent.

And you know what? That’s okay.

As a young man entering adulthood, I remember feeling like my potential was infinite. Would I be attacked at my stifling day job by masked men and somehow take them all out with just a staple gun? Black out watching TV and snap back into consciousness to find myself sprinting across the top of a bullet train? Would I pick up the phone one day, hear a voice rasp “Virgo Rising,” and suddenly remember all 71 of my confirmed kills as an asset of the Erebus Foundation? It seemed like a matter of time before the world would take note of my talents and give me my due, or send the very protégé I’d trained to liquidate me once and for all.

But growing older meant facing reality, bit by bit trading the lives I’d imagined for the life I was actually living. Every time I checked my balance at an ATM without a conditioning-activating trigger word flashing across the screen was a reminder that ambition had its limits. Every time I was mugged without me effortlessly snapping the thief’s wrist with reflexes I never knew I had, I had to acknowledge that it probably wouldn’t happen the next time, either. And as my body got stiffer and my mind more stubborn, the prospect of discovering a cache of fake passports and experimental handguns behind a false panel in my freezer began to seem, more than anything, like a hassle.

As time goes on, though, you come to realize that living the life you’ve built is more than a fair trade for never putting a bullet between the eyes of the Russian scientist who made you a living weapon. It turns out those youthful fantasies of fame, glory, and an entire control room realizing they’ve tracked your signal to their own building just can’t compare to the joy of your daughter’s laughter, or the satisfaction of a hard-won promotion. And while I may never kiss the only woman who claims to know everything they took from me, our knives at each other’s throats, I still get to wake up every morning next to my wife of 25 years, who is just as beautiful as the day I met her.

I’ve made a lot of memories in my 50 years, and while they may not have huge, unaccountable gaps triggered by a Frank Sinatra song, they’re mine, and I cherish them. Of course, I’ve considered the possibility that my whole easygoing-family-man identity is an implanted persona with false memories, a reward for years of bloody loyalty to the Ghost State. But until a council member attempts a coup and sends a Seraph squad of my own clones after me to clean up loose ends, what difference does it really make?

Now that I’ve made peace with my first 50 years, I can look forward to the next 50 without bitterness over never waking up speaking Mandarin or writing in Cyrillic without even realizing it. I’m sure life’s still got surprises up its sleeve for me, and even if my hidden past never destroys my hope for a future, I can’t wait to see what they are.

Come Here Often?

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: When you have time can you do a Lin x reader where Lin is drunk off his butt and the reader has to come pick him up to take him home and the entire time he’s hitting on her?

a/n: i honestly have about 10 other fics i’m writing atm, but instead i’m writing this little fluff


Sleep was something you didn’t get much of.

Being a nurse, you had long and grueling shifts where you worked your ass off and constantly were treated like trash by doctors. You completed the dirty work whenever needed, and quite frankly, you were ready to lose your mind.

Sleep was something so dear to you. You barely got any peaceful sleep considering your shifts started late at night and continued into early mornings. You worked five days a week with this unusual sleep schedule, and anytime you were able to sleep normally felt like heaven to you.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #166 - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Mostly.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

This post is dedicated to the memory of Peter Sallis, who passed away while I was writing. The voice of Wallace, we’ll remember always the love he had for his dog and how he was crackers for cheese.

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1) Wallace and Gromit were the stars of three original short films published by Aardman animation before this movie was released. All of them were directed by this film’s director: Nick Park. All of them were nominated for an Oscar for best animated short film. The final two (“The Wrong Trousers” and “A Close Shave”) won that Oscar. Wallace and Gromit are icons of not only British animation but animation in general, yet this is their only feature film to date. Having said that…

2) According to IMDb:

Nick Park wanted the DreamWorks logo to play an epic theme, like something akin to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). He wanted audiences to think that Aardman had sold out to Hollywood, before the film reverts to the classic Wallace & Gromit theme over the opening credits. The intro was also one of the last scenes filmed.

3) As the opening credits play the camera pans across a series of family photos featuring the titular pair, telling it’s own little story in them. It’s actually a perfect way to introduce their relationship: Wallace’s love for cheese, Gromit’s sort of impatience with Wallace’s shenanigans, but also the deep friendship they have.

4) The vegetable shop in this film is called Harvey’s.

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

5) Peter Sallis as Wallace is a delightful treat.

Originally posted by sandowkm

Dreamworks originally wanted the performer - who had played the character since “A Grand Day Out” was released in 1989 - replaced by a bigger star. Nick Park firmly refused (casting Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes in original roles to give Dreamworks this desire) and the film is better for it. Having a big name voice Wallace would be distracting. Sallis defined who Wallace was, playing the character until 2008′s “A Matter of Loaf and Death” (which is his last performance as the character). He brings with him a charmingly dimwitted yet sincere nature. There is no malice in Wallace, no annoyance. He is a totally warm and lovable character and I am grateful to Sallis for bringing that to him.

As I’m writing this I see that Peter Sallis has just passed away at 96. His agents announced, “It is with sadness that we announce that our client Peter Sallis died peacefully, with his family by his side, at Denville Hall on Friday 2 June.” I dedicated this post to his memory above but would be remise if I did not emphasis just how much of an impact he not only had on this series, but the world of voice over animation as a whole with his iconic character of Wallace.

6) Gromit is one of the finest examples of character animation ever.

Originally posted by casinoo

Gromit has the strongest personality of any character in the film without voice or even a mouth. His snark, his heart, his humor, who he is, is ALL in the eyes. In the movement of his eyebrows. It is truly remarkable when you think about it, especially considering how iconic a character he has become.

7) I have never related to a character as on this subject as deeply as I do with Wallace.

Wallace: “The fact is, I’m just crackers about cheese!”

8) Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Tottington.

Bonham Carter is one of the most sincere voice over performers I’ve ever heard, with her role in Corpse Bride just as delightful as in this film. There is no ego to Tottington, you don’t even think you’re listening to Bonham Carter. You are listening to the optimistic, earnest, trusting, kind, and sympathetic Lady Tottington and I think that works wonderfully.

9) Ralph Fiennes as Victor Quartermain.

Originally posted by the3deathlyhallows-blog

Like Bonham Carter, Fiennes is able to remove all sense of ego and just serve the character Victor is. No stranger to voice over work (notably The Prince of Egypt before this film), Fiennes is able to let loose and have fun with what is essentially a real dirt bag of a person. And although we may not like Victor we love to hate him and I credit both the filmmakers and Fiennes for making that possible.

10) The decision to go with the horror subgenre for this film is an interesting one. Much like how “The Wrong Trousers” felt like a Hitchcock movie, Curse of the Were Rabbit uses the established tropes of horror well by creating a unique atmosphere and having fun with its established tropes. A strong early example of this is when the priest in the film encounters the Were-Rabbit. He’s walking through a gloomy cemetery at night, hears a strange noise, goes into his church and then something is creeping up on him. Something we never really see. You could have opened the film that way and we would’ve understood what kind of tone it was aiming for.

11) There is also a lot of fine misdirection with the Were-Rabbit before the reveal towards the end. It is totally plausible and believable that it is one of Wallace’s rabbits run amok based on the way the filmmakers treat it, but also when you rewatch it you can easily see how the final twist works perfectly even if the filmmakers aren’t as in your face about it.

12) Like all Wallace and Gromit projects, this film has an incredibly strong sense of humor. The town meeting in the church is a wonderful example of this. From the organ player doing a, “dun dun dun!” after a startling statement is made, to this visual:

Strong visual and verbal humor are abound in a way which makes this film wonderfully funny.

13) I’m Gromit in this situation.

Wallace [after Quartermaine asks how they could catch such a big rabbit]: “With a big trap!”

Gromit: [Face palms.]

Townsperson: “By jove, he’s got it!”

[Townspeople start cheering.]

14) The lady rabbit trap is also another wonderful example of humor this film has. It is not only wildly creative but shows off some more of Gromit’s wonderful physical character.

Originally posted by allthingsgayandgeeky

15) While Gromit is alone waiting for Wallace to come back to the car we are given some surprisingly wonderful tension. The noises, the jumps, it is right out of a horror film and works wonderfully well.

16) Wallace transforming into the Were-Rabbit is wonderful. It’s straight out of the Wolf Man and a wonderful piece of animation. It is the big twist of the film: our hero is the monster! And the way everyone reacts to it is just hysterical.

17) They had to make this joke, didn’t they?

Victor [after the priest says the Were-Rabbit can only be killed with gold]: “Gold?”

Priest: “Yes. 24…carrot. [He chuckles].”

18) The rabbit Hutch turning into Wallace is absolutely fantastic.

Everything out of Hutch’s mouth is 1) a sped up version of Peter Sallis’ own voice and 2) a line that was either said earlier in this film or in a previous Wallace and Gromit. I think that concept is just hysterical and love that they included it in the film.

19) If you want to understand how wonderfully weird this film is, just consider this line.

Wallace [tearing up]: “Oh Gromit! I don’t want to be a giant rabbit!”

20) There are two jokes which I find straight up hysterical back to back.

Quartermaine [to the police officer]: “I don’t want to cause any panic, but the beast isn’t actually dead yet.”

Police officer [through his megaphone]: “The best isn’t actually dead yet?”

Quartermaine [after firing off a bullet to calm the crowd down]: “Now listen carefully. I’ve only got two [realizes he just shot off a bullet]…ugh, I’ve only ONE gold bullet left!”

21) I just love how THIS is what lets Lady Tottington know the Were-Rabbit is Wallace.

Originally posted by sandowkm

That hand gesture is so iconic for the character that even Hutch the rabbit spoofs it quite frequently.

22) The entire “Dogfight” between Gromit and Quartermain’s dog is an excellent showcase for how the series incorporates amazing action with wildly strong humor (as they did in the train chase in “The Wrong Trousers”). It is by far my favorite scene in the film, and when they have to insert another coin to keep going has my rolling with laughter.

23) The scene where the Were-Rabbit “dies” and turns back into Wallace is lifted directly from Lon Chaney Jr’s The Wolf Man and I just love that.

24) Of course cheese brings Wallace back and everybody has a happy ending.

25) I just need to get this out of my system:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit is another excellent piece of animation from Aardman studios. It has the warmth, humor, heart, and characters we’ve come to expect not only from the filmmakers but from the series itself. Peter Sallis SHINES as Wallace and the additions of Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes works wonderfully well. It is an excellent piece of animation and filmmaking in general. And I would be regretful if I did not make one last dedication to the late Peter Sallis. He may be gone, but children and fans everywhere will always have the warmth of his voice through the character of Wallace.

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“I’m not taking a bullet for you,” Keith started in an aggravated tone, “If I have time to jump in front of you, then your sorry ass has enough time to move out of the way.”
Lance stared at him in shock, his mouth opening and closing to retort. Keith ignored his indignant look and continued blocking the lasers used for training with his shield. Lance felt his face go red in anger. The absolute nerve on this boy. How dare he insinuate that he wouldn’t defend his own teammate? It was an outrageous claim, but it frustrated him nonetheless.
“That’s bullshit. Dios mío, Keith. I can’t believe-” Lance was cut short with a yelp of surprise when he felt a slight burn in his stomach. He felt the familiar sensation of dropping down the dark chute out of the training room, and realized Keith was being serious.

He wouldn’t take a bullet for him, just as he had not in the training room.

He felt tears spring to his eyes, and an ache in his chest that he couldn’t pinpoint. He sat outside the training room with a dark look upon his face. He was unable to look Keith in the eye when his body was the next to fall through the chute, and landed next to him. He idly wondered if Keith had jumped in front of one of them to save them, and maybe it was Lance himself that was the problem.

If it had been Pidge, Hunk, or Shiro, he would’ve known it was a joke. He would’ve been used to the endless teasing, and probably would’ve laughed. He would’ve managed to create a witty comeback and probably would’ve forgotten about the moment entirely.
But it was Keith.
The two of them had been arguing nearly the entirety of the time they’d known each other. And maybe, maybe Lance thought they were getting closer. Maybe he’d thought they were finally working well together as a team. Maybe he’d started to notice his sly smiles, and the way his laugh started deep in his stomach and bubbled out of his throat in the most obnoxious, yet endearing, way. So, maybe he found Keith physically attractive. But Keith’s words just proved that he wouldn’t be emotionally capable of sustaining a relationship with him. And he’s not sure he’d want to, anyway.

The rest of the team made it out of the training room unscathed. Shiro sent a filthy glare in their general direction, and motioned for them to follow him. He told the rest of the team to go ahead to dinner, and thanked them for their hard work.

“Keith,” Shiro began, “I’m not sure what you said, but it obviously upset Lance.”
Keith immediately stiffened and looked at the ground, a deep blush invading his features.
“Lance,” Shiro continued in the same scolding tone, “You have to understand that Keith says things without thinking. A habit you both share.” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before muttering, “Go eat dinner. You can’t allow your petty rivalry to get in the way of training or, more importantly, during a battle.”
With that, he stalked off. Keith looked up, his violet eyes meeting Lance’s briefly, before looking at the ground again. His lips parted and he took a breath, as if he were going to speak, but then he walked in the opposite direction of Shiro, toward his room.
The embarrassment and sadness Lance had been feeling moment’s before, blew up into red-hot anger. He groaned and ran a hand through his hair. He composed himself before spinning on his heel, and heading to the dining hall.

By the time Lance had finally fallen asleep, Keith was waking up. It was way too late to be going to sleep, and way too early to be getting up, but despite this, Keith cautiously walked out of his room and made his way down the hall. Maybe exercise would help clear his head. He’d been mentally cursing himself for his harsh words since they happened. He’d never seen that flash of hurt across Lance’s face before, and he couldn’t believe he had been the cause of it. The last time he’d seen Lance this upset was an accident. Lance had been toying with a projection of Earth in the control room. Keith had been ready, defenses up, to make a remark. But as he stepped closer, he had seen the fresh, hot tears slipping down his face. That had been the first time they’d hugged, or really talked to each other for that matter. And Keith guessed it was going to be the last time as well.
He was grabbing his gear for training when the alarm blared through the ship. He watched as the half-asleep paladins stumbled through the process of slipping on their suits and grabbing their gear. He didn’t miss the extra bags under Lance’s eyes or his sluggish walk. Shiro gave Keith a quizzical look when he saw he was already prepared, and completely awake, but Keith just shook his head.

The heat of battle had always been exciting for Keith. He loved the adrenaline, the sweat, the electric feeling that rushes through your veins. He smirked as his blade easily cut into yet another alien hybrid. It wasn’t long before the army they’d been warring against had dwindled down to what Keith assumed was ten or so.
Then he spotted it.
A lone alien sported the corner of a strange looking building, the aim of his gun pointed directly at Lance.
“LANCE!” he screamed. Panic overtook him and he surged forward. He rammed right into Lance, and immediately felt the stinging sensation of something going through his back. He watched in awe as the beam of light protruding from his stomach disappeared. He fell to his knees and grit his teeth. He was not going to cry.
But it hurt.
It hurt, real bad.
The voices swarming around him dimmed out. It was as if he was sinking underwater, their voices becoming warbled, distant. His body felt as though it were liquifying. He picked out Lance’s voice among the paladins. He was cursing colorfully, creating a long string of swear words. “You said you wouldn’t do this,” was the last thing he heard before the world faded to darkness.

Tumbleweed, Her #8 - [BAP] Noir!Au

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The Mafia’s Son, The Fugitive: Moon Jongup

He wanted to run away.
He had been dreaming of the day where he is finally free from his father, and his wretched plans.
Jongup decided to live his life, his way.

Jongup didn’t want to be the mafia’s son.
Jongup refuses to be binded with the dark secrets his family is known for.

And because he was raised in discreet, there’s so few people who knew about his existence. The man his father was friend’s with, the Congressmen; his son, and Zelo was those few people Jongup had contacts with. His father’s underlings are not to speak with him. So Jongup was used to be with himself. The only friend he had was Zelo, but even that didn’t guarantee him, Zelo’s true intuition. Lee Jaehan had wealth, larger than the nation itself. And it was all for Jongup and the organization he was bound to lead.

But it was the throne that Jongup refused to reign.

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K and I learned how to shoot guns today. It was interesting. And by interesting, I mean “loud”.

There was some helpful safety training beforehand. But it missed the most important part, which is that the gun will eject the spent bullet casing in a random direction. Somehow I managed to live in a “gun culture” and watch a bunch of action movies without realizing this was a thing. When you’re firing a gun for the first time and really nervous, and a bullet-shaped thing shoots out of the back of the gun and hits spectators in the face, this is NOT a minor point that you can forget to warn people about, even if it turns out to be nothing and everybody laughs that you were so worried about it.

Otherwise everything went okay. I think if I ever have to write a story involving guns, I can use words like “magazine” without sounding ridiculous to people who know what they’re talking about. I think the friend who brought me was expecting that this was going to be some sort of revelatory experience where I realized that Guns Are Your Friends and so gun control was a vile lie, but I feel like if guns were *really* my friends then the person who held one at a slightly different angle than everyone else would not have had a big security guy run up to him and freak out and yell at him until he changed the angle back.

Also, Ada Palmer (author of Too Like The Lightning) was at the shooting range and I got to get a picture with her!

Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

We’ve been blessed by Supergirl 2x13 for all of the Karamel sweetness we got. But as a hardcore and crazy (and probably obsessed) person when it comes to Karamel; meaning never fully satisfied about all things Karamel, so I made a Karamel wishlist consisted of scenes or act or dialogue or descriptions of simple gestures (literally everything) that I really hope to see on the next upcoming episodes.

There are things that us Karamel shippers - generally, and I - especially, wanted to see in the next upcoming episodes. So here’s to your review, I present to you the Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

*PS: it’s a long list, and I’ve tried to gather as many as I can from you, but if I missed something you are so welcome to reblog and add some of your own Karamel wishes. so we can checklist ‘em altogether!

What I* want to see happen next :

□ Set after 213, they’re waking up on the couch hugging each other
□ Cuddling on that couch!
□ Morning kiss(es)
□ Can I just wish they have a Karamel waking up on the bed scene - maybe with a shirtless Mon-El, that’d be AWESOME! 😍😍
□ Another Karamel breakfast with pancakes
□ Mon-El cooks breakfast for Kara - BONUS* : wearing an apron, and he is shirtless
□ Kara introduces Mon-El as her boyfriend, and vice versa
□ Mon-El bringing Kara flowers
□ Smitten Kara
□ Karamel “for good luck” like-in-the-comic kiss
□ Casual hello and goodbye kisses*
□ Make-out session on the couch
□ Make-out sesh on the bed
□ Heavy makeout session on the couch
□ Heavy makeout sesh on the bed
□ Heavy hot steamy sexy makeout sessh. Period. #ItllBeTheDeathOfMe #ButIMeanHowCanTheyNotHaveOneTheTensionsAreCrazy
□ Another hungry passionate kiss scene
□ A HUG - that is really tight, close, and comforting*
□ Intense eye contact their signature eyes-fucking-game
□ Heated communication through intense eye contact*
□ Silent communication between the two of them in a room with plenty of other people*
□ Alex reverse that “look at you, love ray!” to Kara 😍
□ They’re kissing and Mon-El was trying to open the door to her apartment with his lips attached to hers, they continue their hungry kiss, she started to discard his jacket and he took off hers, but they stopped immediately to be greeted with Alex *cough cough* who sits on the couch with this certain “wow” look on her face

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Under the Mistletoe (Underfell Poth)

Because I love Underfell Poth

So here’s this short story for Christmas haha cringe material 

Also I saw this writing prompt: “Person A hanging 3 pieces of mistletoe in literally every room of their house because they need excuses to kiss Person B.” And I thought it was cute and because Fell!Palette is a sly bastard 

The originals won’t appear here so me and my lazy butt decided to call Fell!Goth Goth and Fell!Palette Palette because adding in the ‘Fell!’ part takes too much time

You’re welcome

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Retrospective 53 Minutes   (Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express)

—English fanlyrics—

Maribel: asa-turney

Renko: lori-hime

(Keep it running on~)  All on board, all on board.

One big city’s what we’re heading toward.

We can get there quick, one short haul–

Not much of a journey after all.

(Sigh…)  I’m so bored. I’m so bored!

Through this window is a dull, dull world.

It’s a made-up scene, no appeal,

Drawn up in a technicolor seal.

Look at how the blue coast rolls, mountains rise,

Crows fly over in the nearby skies–

But it’s all so fake.  Is that so?

And if it were real, would you know?


    – “I wish we could take the line above ground and see real scenery, Renko.”
   “I know, I know.”

We’re trapped in this kaleido-screen…

    – “Whoa, what’s the matter Merry? That look on your face.”
   “All of a sudden, I feel something strange…”

There’s bound to be a better scene…

Run due east, run due east,
Cross that capital to make our peace.
Till the Sun due west clears our mind,           (Bound, we are bound for the end of the line~)
Gaze on back at what was left behind.
Is it one straight line, first to last?                  (All bound to be bound for the end of the line~)
Split this track into a brand new past…

                                                                               (Unbound, turn around at the end of the line~)

                                                                               (A retrospective, back in time…)

(Keep it running on~)  Let’s run east, let’s run east.

                                       Just keep running, at the very least.

                                                If we’ve made it here, next go there–

                                                      Let’s go!  Destination:  anywhere…!

                                                                         All on board… catch our ride–

                                                                     Shift gears swiftly to the other side.

                                                                  On a train of thought, watch us run–

                                                              My my, a conductor’s life is fun!

                                                   Station number fifty-three~ fifty-three~

                                           Count up all the sights we hope to see!

                                     When the number rings, seize our prime,

                               Roll in at the designated time!

                            Keep it running, right on track~ right on track~

                               There’s no ticket to be going back!

                                      Hanging on that rail, don’t you fall!

                                               It’s our kind of journey after all!

                                                         Now approaching:  final stop~ final stop~

                                                                  Past our terminal for getting off.

                                                                           As we take this step,    mind that gap.

                                                                                    We’re here!  Off the border of the map…


i have pushed back all i am doing, just to get this idea out of my head, literally speeding everything like a bullet train. Whether if i am going to regret doing this out, at least now i can concentrate going back to what i am doing. AHHHH SANSAKA you are killing me. 

Now IH2 is going on, and we realize ever since the snow mountain date, this duo never even hung out or even called each other to talk until the Akihabara incident. Although i never wanted Sohoku to lost in IH2 (FIGHT SOHOKU! PROTECT YOUR CROWN!), this speed comic occurs when the duo finally meet up to race outside IH2 for the first time without the help of the mountain god. 

Hakogaku ‘regains’ its title, and Manami won the peak battle with Onoda in IH2. Of Manami’s (perhaps OOC ) thoughts and Onoda becoming more of a  shounen MC. Not really much of a writer.:P

You have to use the computer to see it enlarge and read the handwritten text (i hope its readable) Enjoy and Watanabe-sensei, can’t wait to see what happens next in IH2.

And a special thanks to Ravulatte for her wonderfully written breakdown of Manami post IH1 that helps me write the text. 

The signs as Felix quotes
  • Aries: Does it hurt? Knowing just how much death you've brought to this planet?
  • Taurus: How many times have I jumped in front of a bullet for you, Wash? Three? Those are some pretty great reflexes, huh? Most people would have to, plan that sort of thing.
  • Gemini: You still don't get it, do you? The entire reason you sim-troopers were allowed to live this long, is because you're all losers!
  • Cancer: I am fucking awesome.
  • Leo: Man...You are just cryptic. Like all the time. Do you realize that?
  • Virgo: Welcome to the future, Wash. Technology's incredible and everyone uses it to kill each other.
  • Libra: By all means, I can watch this train wreck all day. Really, it's like the Hindenburg footage, you ever see that? It's absolutely breathtaking...until you realize everyone is screwed.
  • Scorpio: Actually, if you don't tell your friends to come out and surrender, you're going to have a problem the size of a golf ball in the middle of your forehead.
  • Sagittarius: Vanessa? Oh, she was easy! I just made up some story about how you all died heroically. You should have seen it man. I gave the performance of a fucking lifetime! Got all broken up, threw in a few dramatic pauses, and they just ate it up.
  • Capricorn: All right, guys! Come out and I promise to kill you quick! Waste my time, and you get to watch the Freelancers die over the course of... ah... well until whenever I get bored!
  • Aquarius: Everyone has their price.
  • Pisces: But you know what? It all means nothing! At the end of the day, if I'm stronger than you and if I'm faster than you, then I can kill you! And that's better than anything money can buy!

anonymous asked:

can you do a Bucky x reader based off of the song daddy lessons by Beyoncé? like the reader is an assassin and is always quietly singing the song (it's quite haunting maybe?) and Bucky's new to the team so he always wonders why but it's because her dad is the one that taught her to be a killer

I am officially the worst human being ever. I severely apologize for how long this took, life has been hectic. Here you go sweetheart!

“Daddy Lessons”

Bucky stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame and watching you. The kitchen lights were dim, but he could make out the way your fingers worked as you used your assassin skills for a more domestic purpose. Cutting food for tomorrow’s lunch, you were singing under your breath as you worked.

You did this so often, Bucky was the only one who really noticed it anymore. It was barely audible, haunting as your voice echoed off the kitchen tiles. A curious tilt of his head let Bucky hear the words more clearly, but you stopped suddenly, continuing to cut.

“You just gonna stand there, Soldier?” You grinned as Bucky moved further into the room, stopping on the other side of the counter. He leaned on the counter next to you, picking up a slice of carrot and popping it in his mouth.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he mumbled, not daring to disturb your peace with his voice. You smiled and turned away, cleaning the knife off before moving to the next task. A moment of silence stretched between you before you picked up the next words. Bucky closed his eyes, listening with a small smile on his lips.

“With his gun, with his head held high

He told me not to cry

Oh, my daddy said shoot…”

Bucky was enamored with your voice, so much that he startled when he felt something brush across his chest. His eyes snapped open and his smile morphed into a more potent grin as you tried to reach for the cabinet over his head. He reached to it for you, pulling down the pot he knew you needed.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Personal,” you snorted. “Shoot.”

“You were trained in the Red Room,” he spoke slowly and you nodded, not looking at him as you kept cooking. “That song, is it one they taught you?”

You hummed, lips pursed together. “Most of the girls in the room were taken from their parents, orphaned, or given away. Natalia, she was one of the orphans. She used to tell me, “you’re so lucky,” but I used to tell her, “Not as much as you.””

Confusion fell on Bucky’s expression and you gave an exasperated, dry laugh.

“My father,” you spit the word and then purse your lips. “Ran the Red Room.”

“Oh,” Bucky’s face fell and his heart sank upon realizing what that meant. The horrors of the Red Room were very real, and to be subjected to them was literal torture. But the fact that your father had not only put you there, but been the one to train you…

“Most little girls,” you say, voice low. “Their fathers teach them to ride bikes or play softball. They’re proud when you win sports trophies or spelling bees. My first trophy was one hug, the only one he ever gave me, the first time I put a bullet through an innocent man’s skull.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to bring it up.”

You smile at him, turning off the stove and draining the pan into the sink. “You can imagine what Christmas morning was like.”

Bucky pushed off the counter and stepped toward you. You turned to face him, a shaky smile on your lips. He took your arm and brought you up against him, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug, kissing the top of your head.

“Well,” he said, chest vibrating against your ear. “You can have all the hugs you want from me.”

“You don’t have to make up for my Daddy issues, Bucky.” But you hug him back anyway, laughing. Bucky buries his nose in your hair, his grip only tightening as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Besides, I’d rather get Bucky hugs than Daddy hugs anyway.”

“How about Bucky kisses?”

You snort as he pulls back to look in your eyes and stand up on your toes to kiss him. He leans into you, squeezing you tight against his chest.

Fan the Flames With a Little Lie (Part 4 of And the Devil Makes Three)

Based on Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary of Part 4: Dean tortures Meg in order to get the Colt.

Warning: Canon divergence, spoilers for seasons 1-5, smut, violence (brief description of torture)

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: I wrote this one from Dean’s perspective because it felt the most fitting. Tagging the creator of the playlist that inspired this, @littlegreenplasticsoldier , who I cannot thank enough for helping me with this story, because I am having so much fun writing it.You guys into it so far?

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Hello! I was wondering if you can make a alternate/happy ending of the interview (if you don't mind.) That story has been stuck in my head and I'd love to read another version of it. :)

Oh, I’d love to! I did like the idea then, and the format I was trying to reflect based off the film I was inspired by. (Its name is Jackie, I thought the film was rather good, here’s a link to the trailer if you’re interested!)

Also if anyone else hasn’t read the original version of Interview, I suggest you read that first.

Thank you and have an incredible day!


You sat beside the hospital bed, a hand wound about your husband. 

However, for once, there was no comforting thumb rubbing your knuckles, or gentle smile on his face.

Because he was asleep.

A coma, specifically. 

He’d been this way for weeks. 

But he’d been becoming responsive. 

It had even been recorded by medical staff.

A small squeeze of your hand when you cried.

A few murmured words when you spoke.

He was getting better.

He had to be. 

Your thoughts were interrupted, by a nurse, her voice soft.

“Mrs. Han? There’s a reporter here to see you.” 

“I thought…I thought I asked for no reporters.” You hummed, rubbing at your tired eyes.

You had hardly gotten a wink of sleep.

“Yes well…he was sent by your father in law. Mr. Han wanted some sort of update while he’s away and Mr. Jung was the closest in the area.” 

“Is that verified?” You asked, hesitance apparent in your words. 

“Yes, Mr. Han called us this morning to let us know.” She sighed. “He also believed…it may help you.” 

You scrunched up your nose, sitting up awkwardly. “N-No more than a few questions.” 

“Of course.” 

There was a period of silence before the journalist arrived that you couldn’t help but feel another wave of exhaustion crash over you, your body weak.

It wasn’t the type of exhaustion caused when you didn’t sleep, though.

It was the kind from when you felt drained. 

You had cried until your face seemed engraved with permanent tear stains. 

Your body was seemingly weighed down with cinder blocks, each step heavier than the next. 

Your grief swelled inside of you as though you may burst, your hope muddling with weary aches. 

“Mrs. Han?” An oddly bright voice chimed in your ears. 

You turned to see a young man, his hair disheveled and wrapped into a loose bun with strands slipping over his muddy eyes. 

You didn’t know entirely how to react when his lips stretched into a smile. 

A smile was refreshing, most of the time.

But not now. 

He understood immediately, anxiously clearing his throat as he approached you, reaching out a hand. 

“I’m sure the nurse already told you about me but I’m Jung Byeon.” 

You slowly took it, dipping your head lightly. “MC.” 

He pulled up a seat, sitting down beside you, tapping his notepad as though he was excited. 

That wasn’t appreciated by you. 

“So, what…exactly happened?” 

You narrowed your eyes, raising a perplexed brow. “What…? I-Isn’t it a-already all over the n-news?” 

“Well, a version of it. Mr. Han specifically requested to hear it from your point of view. Knowing that you were closest to your husband at the time.” 


The memories had sat in your mind, hints and reminders haunting you every moment it could.

You knew it better than you knew yourself. 

“I-It…It might give you some…closure as well to talk about it.” He remarked. “Think of me as like a friend, I’m just here to help.” 

You took a deep breath, soaking in his words. 


“So, would you be able to describe to me what happened?” 

You had been standing beside your husband, the two of you happily talking in the early morning before he had to attend one of his meetings. 

Your hands were entwined, you yourself pressing close against him, a dazed expression painting your face. 

“We were together early in the morning.” You felt a faint grin appear as you thought of him. “We’re almost always together. It’s nice to always have someone by your side. I-I hadn’t even thought that anything was off.”

You were too preoccupied to notice the figures upon the roof. 

Your frown quickly reemerged. 

“Do you have any idea as to why the perpetrator was after him?” 

“N-no, he’s the kindest, most considerate person I know!” You insisted. “I-I mean he can be cold b-but…he’s never needlessly aggressive. He’s polite with clients and coworkers. I-I can’t imagine anyone truly wanting him dead.” 

“They’ve stated it had to do with his business as a whole. Moreso what he represented than who he was. And what he represented was wealth and power, something many people want” 

“He didn’t deserve that.” You replied sharply. “H-He didn't’ deserve any of this. He didn’t choose to be born into the life he has! None of us get to choose for the environments we were raised in, so why do so many act as though he wanted any of this?” 

“I don’t know,” Jung mumbled. “I’m sorry.” 

You felt anger pour from your fingertips, drawing about you as though you were paper. 

“T-That bullet sounded like a train.” You said, your tone trembling. “The whole s-situation was like watching someone be pushed in front of a train.” 

“How so?” 

“I-It all goes by too fast for you to process at first. All you hear is a w-wailing, a-and s-screeching until it all comes to this horrible realization.” 

You had just assumed it was a car or something of the sort. 

Until you heard the breath be snatched from Jumin, a short, desperate gasp erupting from him before his body collapsed against you, sloppily pushing you behind him. 

“H-Honey?” You had switched your head back, a horror smashing into you as you found his eyes wider than dinner plates with surprise as blood dribbled from his mouth.

And as well, from the side of his head. 

His grip had tightened on you suddenly, as though some sort of attempt to shield you, or hide you away. 

He opened his mouth to speak, barely coherent words rasping from him. 

You could hardly believe what he was telling you. 

“And what did he say?” 

“Are you okay?” He asked as you drew him down to the ground, his strength dispersing from him in moments. 

You set his head in your lap, ignoring the security that raced about frantically. 

His blood was smearing against you.

His blood. 

He was bleeding. 

You threw off your jacket, covering the wound, refraining from breaking into furious sobs as you saw the bits of flesh dangling helplessly to his head. 

This shouldn’t be happening. 

Why was this happening?

“Are you okay, love?” He wheezed again, his eyes rolling towards you. 

“I-I’m fine!” You cried, tipping your head in the crook of his neck. “Y-You’re going to be fine too! I’ll make sure of it! O-Okay?” 

And you swore, after hearing you assure him, he grinned.

It was a small, feeble grin.

But one nonetheless.

“He held my hand, t-the entire time.” You felt the tears spill down your cheeks again, your chin quivering. “It’s l-like I was his lifeline.” You huffed. “And I’m not letting go until I see him awake! U-Until he’s okay!” 

“You care very much-” 

“I love him!” You snapped. “He’s everything to me!” 

“Well, what do you plan to do if he doesn’t wake up?” 

Your breath hitched. 

You were silent for a bit, before scowling.

“He’s going to wake up.” 

“There’s no guarantee.” 

“He’s been showing response signs! He’s expected to wake up-” 

“Expected doesn’t mean for sure-” 

“You need to leave.” You snarled. “Now.” 

“Ms. Han-” 

“Leave. Now. Please.” 

Jung opened his mouth to speak but clamped his mouth shut as he began to scramble to his feet. 

“Yes ma’am.” He returned. “T-Thank you.” 

You were silent. 

You didn’t dare move until you heard his steps fade away down the hall. 

You wiped at your face, turning back towards Jumin. 

You squeezed his hand, laying your head on the mattress. “I’m staying here. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you.” 

And to your utter surprise. 

You got a response. 

It was dry, yet each word was laced with a tenderness that could only come from him.

“I’m not leaving either darling.” 


Hey everyone, Happy Friday! 

Today, I decided to create my own fitness journal. I had this small blank notebook from previous attempts to start bullet journaling, but never really got into it and ended up stuffing it away in my drawer. I joined a Women’s Weight Training class this semester and realized it would be so much more beneficial if I kept a journal, especially if I workout during days when I don’t have class. 

The layout is pretty simple:

  • I wrote a simple inspirational quote to start. I think motivational and inspirational quotes are important for athletes or fitness junkies because getting fit is honestly such a huge mental game. Staying positive and having a healthy mentality alongside a healthy body is hitting two birds with one stone.
  • I used my Midliners to add some color and play with some basic fonts, but other than that, it’s pretty basic. I feel like I could do so much more with it, but I did a whole week’s worth of a spread that I think would do for now. 
  • Besides the day and the date, I included a “time: _____” section because I think it’s important to note what time during the day is best to go to the gym, not only for my schedule, but for optimal performance. 
  • I also listed what activities are assigned for which days (e.g. cardio day on Wednesday in between lifting classes/Tues & Thurs). That way, I’m prepared for what’s to come and I don’t forget what I’m supposed to do.
  • I ask myself questions like “What did you do in class today?” especially since each class session offers different workouts, so it would be good to note what our teacher assigned for that day and if I could apply it to future workout days.
  • I wrote down goals on sticky notes for that page, just because I wasn’t quite sure how to decorate that page yet, and my mind was just running with ideas that I wanted to quickly jot them down. I posted them on the side behind the opening page to remind me of what they are, and also so I could easily look back at them in case I need a reminder.
  • For the following Friday, I included a reflection page. As an athlete, I think it’s important to keep track of your physical progress but also your mental progress. Mental “muscle” is good too. When you’re pushing through that last rep, it isn’t your body that gets your through, it’s your mind.

I hope this encourages everyone to start journaling their fitness progress too! I think staying fit and healthy is super important for everyone, not just college students. Being active seems to be hard for people nowadays, with more and more reasons to be glued to screens and couches. 

The next step for me would be to fix a bit of my diet and eventually maintain both an active lifestyle and healthy diet, but for now, let’s take it one step at a time. Here’s to becoming fit again! 

And remember, beat the week! 

If you were inspired to create a fitness journal or have any questions, please hop into my messages or ask box :-)

sometimes i forget how much i fucking love wincest and how hard i ship it but then i sit down and read a fic after months of not reading fic and its like ive been hit by a bullet train and at the front of that bullet train was the sun and now im just stumbling around like a blind man absolutely dazed because i have re-realized that sam and dean have loved eachother their whole fucking lives and nothing will ever compare

To “the one”,

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe. Wherever you are, I hope you sleep well every night. Wherever you are, I hope you are doing great with your life.
I’m not sure if God has allowed us to meet or even just walked over on the same path or coexisted in the same place, but in any way, my heart and soul misses you. I don’t know if your name ever crossed my mind, but it’s sure as hell would be my favorite word to say out loud. 
I imagine a future with you.
I picture myself starting my day with your face to be the first thing I see when I open my eyes.
To be showered with your slow, lazy kisses as my wake up call and not because of an alarm.
Laughing in the midst of every touch of our lips as we kiss and smiling as we stare eye to eye.
I dream about tracing your face with my hands while you’re dead to the world and me falling asleep with the sound of your heartbeat echoing mine.
I think about the road trips and the music we’re going to play and sing together even though I’m out of tune.
I wonder if you’d let me play with your hair as you lay on my lap and if you’d hold my hand while we walk around.
I hope you enjoy listening to music as much as I do. Or at least you’d let me play my favorite songs to you. I hope you like reading, too. If you don’t, that’s fine. But let me have a library in our house, okay?
Do you think we can adopt a cat and a dog? because I like to have both, but if you don’t, at least one pet?
I thought I’d let you know that I like drinking coffee to start my day and sometimes I forgot to stop. Please, remind me to stop.
I’ll try my best not to be clumsy because I am clumsy. And my skin is sensitive and easily bruised, so please, please, please.. be gentle with me.
You need to know that my mind runs faster than any bullet train and sometimes I just spaced out and forget about the world. Hold me.. Send me back to earth. just hold me and I’ll come back to you.
I want to stay up late with you. I want to just lay in our bed talking and laughing until sleep finally visits us. I want peace and quiet with you. I want it all with you.
I dream of you often, even if I haven’t met you. And I know I love you, even before I realized it. And think about the ways you’re gonna make me fall in love with you. And I think about the reasons why you’re gonna love me too. Let’s make a promise to not let the romance die. Let’s make this love of ours eternal.
Wherever you are, I miss you and I love you. See you soon, my love.


—  you see, what I want to say is that I hope I cross your mind too // s.j.

The Dorms Part One

For all other chapters click here

Genre: SMUT, Angst, Fluff


You win Big Hits dance contest, which secures you the chance of a lifetime…you get to train and live with BTS for year. Nothing could make this experience bad for you…then reality sets in. You realize living with seven men will not be as easy as you thought.

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