but i read some pages :)

Some rules...

Guys have you ever read someone rules and go ‘this is why I’m not following you’ because, hell I’m like all super nice in my rules and I’ve seen some other peoples that kinda make you feel like shit reading them. So it’s like ‘if you want to know, that’s why.’

And it’s not because I disagree with what they had to say… But some people come off wayyyyyyyyyyy to offensive with their rules sometimes. I legit probably need to put this into my ‘following/unfollowing’ thing, because sometimes some people rules scare the fuck out of me and I don’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole. 

That moment when you finish the novel for class a week before the reading of the preface is due

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              One minute he was stuck in a dream he very much wanted to get out of, the next he felt like he was falling. The sharp pull of his frame only garnering him to some how pull his mind to wakefulness before the collision. Only, there was hardly any collision at all. It felt as though he’d simply fallen out of bed. Except that he hadn’t, and this wasn’t the Castle of Lions anymore. Panic was the first to settle in, followed by rationalizing and getting up, then ended in analytics as he went straight for a version of ‘combat mode’ due to being unaware of his surroundings. He didn’t recognize anything, not the architecture nor the landscape. For a moment, he was hoping it was still a dream because in what world would anything ever be so bright?

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hahaaaaa i just spent cumulatively over 8 hours on an hp/overwatch headcanon i can’t fucking believe me i’m literally the same as 12 year old me i haven’t changed one fucking bit