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Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe.

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Angst, Kind of Fluffy?, Lowkey Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mature themes, strong language, sexual themes

Word count: 5,906

Summary: There was no such things as Soulmates in Jungkook’s eyes until he met his own and came face to face with you. Could the Golden Boy of Bangtan have been wrong? 

Jeon Jungkook didn’t care too much about most things even if he excelled in them. His only care in the world a good amount of the time was about his gang, Bangtan. Other than that it was mostly when he would get laid next. The parade of random girls to come out of his home was almost a fun game for the other members to count as their faces would disappear forever.

Your skin was smoother than the last girl he had been with. It didn’t click in his head at first that he could now see the color green, but as he watched your eyes bore in his as he was eating you out it went off all at once. You didn’t dare say a word, he was making you moan too much to do so. He wasn’t sure you realized you could see brown now since the room was dark and with his inability to give a fuck, he didn’t say anything on the matter.

As soon as the sex had ended however, he realized you did know. His eyes had begun wondering your room for the color green to study it and he slowly learned things about you. There were medals covering the walls and pictures of friends and family littering them as well. He could infer your life was cookie cutter cute just by looking and as he pulled you against his chest, he heard your small voice speak. “It was Jungkook, right? That’s what the guy yelled before I pulled you out of the bar and we ran here.”

“Yep.” he was still a bit out of breath. For some reason you not addressing the obvious was making him uneasy as ever. He’d seen you talking to Yugyeom from another gang, GOT7 and he always loved to get what the other wanted. He thought of it as a game despite the other’s dismay. “That’s me. Jungkook.”

“Jungkook.” you repeated, your voice airey and cute. He could feel his heart almost flutter every time you spoke. “Kookie. Does anyone call you that?”

He chuckled and ran his fingers through your hair, “Yeah, yeah. My friends do to tease me. It sounds nice from you though.” He wasn’t quite sure why he was playing along at this point. Jungkook had this whole thing about Soulmates. He didn’t truly believe in them. He watched his parents suffer and fight for years despite being them and when they got divorced, he vowed he would have nothing to do with it.

Yet here he was, watching your figure disappearing into the grey blankets that maybe you’d mistaken as brown in the store. “Hey, put your number in my phone.” Suddenly in his hands was a nice phone with a pink case. Your screensaver was you smiling with a bunch of friends at the beach. The more he learned about you, the more sick to his stomach he felt as it churned around inside of him. However, it wasn’t enough to change his ways.

He punched his number in and carefully handed your phone back to you. His gut told him it was the right thing to do, but his brain instantly kicked in. The moment you were asleep soundly, he unlocked your phone with the code he’d watched you put in earlier and deleted his number. Then he left. Jeon Jungkook had no time for soulmates with the amount of affairs he had for himself and along with the Bangtan ones.

At a young age Jungkook was taught not to believe in any of this shit. Colors are colors and love is love. Two separate entities tied together by some fuck who decided it’d be funny to mess with people. The only love he felt (As much as he hated to admit it) was for the rest of the members of Bangtan. His mother was god knows where and his father called him once a month from whatever hell hole he was in, so Bangtan was it for him.

He arrived home at the crack of dawn and was quickly in the fridge. It was mediocrely stocked at the moment and the Maknae of the house had been swiftly avoiding going food shopping for the past few months. He just held it off long enough that someone got sick of it and eventually went. Normally it was Hoseok’s girl who did it and Jungkook had come to see her as a maternal figure. Their relationship made him want to believe in love, but the only thing he felt for that girl last night was heat. He disregarded any form of a spark as something minor even if the passion was alive in the night.  

Jungkook wasn’t too good at cooking and it didn’t seem as if anyone was home that he could guilt into making him breakfast. He settled for some Lucky Charms that were going stale at this point, but he didn’t care too much. There was a moment where he almost ate the baby puffs that lined an entire cabinet, but opted out. He’d get in a lot of trouble if he tried to take his youngest in the house title back in that way.

He ended up eating more than he probably should’ve, but the guilt didn’t eat him alive. He figured that he should probably replace everything he ate, but he knew he wouldn’t. Time had almost slipped away as he didn’t even hear the footsteps of someone waking up to greet him. It was Namjoon, the leader of Bangtan. He greeted the younger with a corny smile which quickly turned into confusion at the fine cuisine that laid in front of Jungkook.

“How lazy are you?” he snickered and took the seat across from him, “You reek like alcohol and I suggest you shower before anyone else gets up.” Jungkook shrugged and continued to stuff his face, almost devouring the entire box of cereal. “When did you walk in?”

“Like an hour or two ago.” he responded after swallowing a spoonful of marshmallow, “Yo, the weirdest thing happened to me last night.” Namjoon twirled his hand for the other to continue. “I met my soulmate or somethin’. You know green’s a really boring color? I thought it’d be cooler.”

The leader of Bangtan choked on thin air. “And then why are you here?” The two made eye contact for a moment. While Namjoon was shocked, Jungkook’s face read disgust. “Oh, your dumb little fuckin’ thing. Dude, c’mon. Just cause your parents lied to you doesn’t mean it’s the end of Soulmate’s for you as you know it.”

“Lied? You think so?” Namjoon nodded. “I don’t give a fuck. I like my lifestyle. No strings attached.”

“Call your Dad and think your shit through, JK. Don’t break this girl’s heart because of your shitty shit. Don’t make her a straggler when you’re completely able to be there for her. She’s healthy and stuff, so give her a chance. I bet when you fucked it was awesome.” He laughed at the last part and left the room.

This little speech should have sent Jungkook into his thoughts, but instead he was focused on the smell that he’d just realized was around him. He made a sour face and cleaned off the bowl, putting it on the side of the sink instead of the dish washer. He heard people moving through the large home and basically sprinted to the bathroom so he wouldn’t have to take their shit about him smelling all day.

Upon entry to the bathroom, he locked the door and pulled a towel out of the cabinet. He placed his phone on the charger that he conveniently left in there and started running the water so it would be hot enough for him to get in. Jungkook was so intent on being annoying in any way that he could that he connected his music to the speakers that lined the walls. It was almost 9 am now so most of the people in the house should’ve been up by then.

His clothes basically peeled off of him but before he could step inside, a thought lingered in his mind about his talk with RM. “Call your dad.” Kept playing through his mind and he simply wondered how Namjoon could know more about his family than he himself. So, he shot his Dad a text asking if they could meet up for lunch today. He hadn’t seen him in a few months, but this definitely wouldn’t be too shady.

Bangtan had been around for about ten years now and Jungkook was 23. He kept in contact with his family to an extent, but he kept them at odds. He never really forgave his mother for leaving or his father for being distant, but somewhere in his deep heart he cared a bit. His childhood home was always toxic and he hated being there.

His father drank a lot and from the tabs Jungkook had been keeping, he was sober now. It’d been a couple of weeks for him and he felt a bit of pride about his father’s state. As much as he had tried to be a good Dad when he was younger, he found home in his friends. He was the youngest of the group and had become friends with them during elementary school.

Jungkook was a popular kid, but everyone has their bullies. One day a bunch of older boys had seen his father piss drunk in the middle of the day and recognized him as Kook’s dad. They were picking on him when his Dad didn’t get him from school and he instead had to walk home alone. Jimin was taking the same route home from school and even though he was shy, he helped the even shyer boy out.

Then after the two got their asses kicked, they became friends. Jimin had been Taehyung’s best friend and Yoongi was Taehyung’s mentor in some school thing from years ago. Hoseok and Namjoon were Yoongi’s two best friends and Jin was best friends with Joon. The seven of them being close just fell into place and the intense family bond they had shone through in any situation. They followed each other aimlessly and thus, Bangtan was created as well.

During his loud shower, Jungkook’s phone buzzed a multitude of times. He ended his shower early because the slight buzzing he could hear through his music was annoying him to no extent. He always managed to get ticked off by the simplest things and as of late his tolerance for such things was depleting

He patted himself off and wrapped the white towel around his waist. He had some fear of getting any kind of water on his electronics even though he was extremely dumb about them. He constantly had drinks around his super computer in his room and speakers lying around the pool and his phone was always in places it probably shouldn’t be.

His father had texted him a multitude of times, extremely excited about Jungkook reaching out. Kook just rolled his eyes at the emojis and exclamation marks, but a little part of him was happy that his father was getting better and actually cared.  The little part of him that wasn’t concerned about the meeting he had tonight for new weapons with Big Bang.

They’d agreed to meet up at a restaurant near his father for lunch in about an hour and a half which meant Jungkook had to leave soon. The new place he was living was a lot further from the Bangtan Base and he knew he didn’t want to be late. He needed to know why his leader knew more than him. Allegedly.

Jungkook was a simple guy when he wasn’t trying to pick up girls. The basic white shirt and black jeans combo was what he normally went for. Today he paired it with a double pierced hat and sunglasses to mask his tired eyes. He’d slept a bit with you the night earlier, but it wasn’t enough for him.

The bed was emptier than it had been a few hours ago and upon waking up you sighed at the sight. You figured he was too good to be true. Jungkook. Your soulmate had been lying next to you hours ago and now he was gone without a goodbye. He seemed distraught upon the awakening, but you couldn’t exactly depict why. It picked at your brain as you got ready for work, but you decided not to let it bother you.

After coming to that conclusion, you continued to let it piss you off. What the fuck could you have possibly done wrong to make him erase himself? Literally fucking nothing. The night was pretty magical in your eyes and the sex was amazing, if anything. The sparks that protruded around the room as you moaned his name into the night had you excited about the future, but now it was nothing.

It simply played through your mind as you showered to get ready for work and you just got consecutively angrier. Meeting your soulmate was always something you had looked forward to in your life. Everyone around you was happy and in a relationship basically and you were constantly teased for your lack there of. Most people had found their soulmate before their twenties and here you were at 23, alone.

So, you did the next best option. You slept around a lot but vowed to stop once you found him. Now, you weren’t too sure about that. Once you got out of the shower you even discovered that he had removed his number from his phone and you couldn’t help but to feel like pang of pain hit again.

Before you left for work, you checked your mailbox with the usual bills downstairs. Except, there was a note inside of the box. It was a handwritten note on a napkin that had the logo of the bar you’d stayed at the night before on it. “I’m here for you next time.” it was written with semi nice handwriting and sighed, “Yugyeom” with a heart and a phone number next to it.

The thought that he had followed you and Jungkook back to your place didn’t even cross your mind as you texted him “Haha, the note was cute.” It was still fairly early so you didn’t exactly expect a reply, but as you got into your car to drive to the office building you worked in, your phone vibrated. “Says you.” It read and you could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

Last night, you’d spoken to the two boys together for a while before heading to the bathroom. When you’ returned, Yugyeom was gone and Jungkook was just the right amount of hot to take you home. You weren’t quite sure why you hadn’t made eye contact before that intimate moment, but you wished you had so you weren’t completely asleep when he left. The thought that he may not have even slept with you crossed your mind as well, so you were happy it didn’t happen back at the bar. The sex was probably some of the best you’d ever had.

Jungkook found himself sitting at the restaurant alone about twenty minutes after his father and himself had decided to meet. He decided to take the time alone to talk to all of the female staff that seemed to be making eyes at him. He knew he was attractive and so did the rest of the world.

He sat twirling a fork in one hand and his other was draped over a chair as he just made eye contact with everyone to pass by his table. Almost each woman stopped and asked if he needed anything, but they made sure to check if he was waiting for a date or not. He laughed off the notion and simply winked, telling them he was fine each time.

His father walked in right on queue at the half hour mark when Jungkook was debating walking out. He apologized profusely for the wait and blamed it on the traffic. He offered to pay for the meal to make up for it, but his son shrugged off the notion and said he could take care of it. After all, when you’re in one of the best gangs around loads of money tends to be one of the perks.

“So, what is it you want to speak about?” They had held small talk, but when the food had arrived his father cut right to the chase. He may have made some poor choices in the past, but he wasn’t slow in this sense. He knew his son. Well, he used to.

Jungkook was somewhat taken back by the direct approach and simply couldn’t decide which question to ask first. On one hand he could be blunt and ask why he could have possibly lied and on the other he could beat around the bush and ask why he was speaking to Namjoon. There was no question to which he would choose.

“Did you lie to me? Is mother not your soulmate?”

His father’s face sunk at the accusation and he immediately put his fork down to make eye contact with his son. “No, she isn’t.” Jungkook’s face fell. As much as he was forced to hate the idea of soulmates, he hated liars even more. “We were going to tell you the truth but then that bitch-” he caught himself as his son’s face  changed at the mention of his mother. “She left and I just wanted you to hate her. I wanted you to fucking hate her, but I didn’t mean to make you hate love. I was so trapped in my own shit I didn’t consider you. I apologize.”

“Then why the fuck are you talking to Namjoon about this and not me?” he snapped and slammed his hands on the table, breaking the vase of flowers that sat between them. His force caused all of the things on the table to jump and move.

“Kookie calm down-” his father tried to console his son as his face heated up, but they both knew he was past the breaking point.

“Don’t fucking call me that!” he was screaming now and the low keyness he held before was completely out the window. He threw the money for their meals onto the table and stormed out, his father at his heels. “You don’t get the right to after ruining a portion of my life! I forgave you for my childhood and lack of! This is something that I so sinfully threw out the fucking window and now I hurt the girl that I’m suppose to-” his voice broke as he neared his car and his emotions flooded through his entire being. “The girl I’m supposed to love! You didn’t get your happy ending and you just ruined mine.”

He unlocked his car and slammed the door, but his father stood right outside. “She died, Jeon Jungkook! My soulmate died and so did your mothers! Stragglers sometimes find a haven in each other, but this didn’t work and you can’t blame us for not working!”

The enraged man slightly rolled down the window as he back out of his spot and briefly held eye contact with the other. “Don’t speak to anyone in my life or I’ll ruin yours. I’ll destroy it more than you already have.”

Then he was gone.

He drove for hours before stopping. It was forced since he his car gas light was on. He recognized the area around him that he went to in his haze and it was near you. The apartment you two had been in together hours ago and the apartment he left you in. Instead of going to a gas station he pulled into a spot in front of the building and his long limbs walked him to the locked door to wait for your green eyes.

There was a chance you could be inside and there was a chance you would just run right by him, but even the small bit that he could apologize mattered. He didn’t want to end up like his father; A liar who couldn’t atone for his sins until he was approached. He didn’t want to be like his mother; A woman who just left the son she’d given raised for the past years.

Jeon Jungkook wanted to become his own person and that meant fixing his attitude. He’d blown off the weapons trade and turned off his phone to do so. If Bangtan wanted to find him, they’d be in his face within moments. They knew he was lost in his thoughts and had to find his way out alone.

It wasn’t until your green eyes were focused on another’s red hair as you approached the door. He store up with half lidded eyes as he watched you walk towards your apartment with none other than Kim Yugyeom. There was nothing happening between the two of you other than laughter, but Jungkook thought he knew better. No. He knew that fuck from GOT7 better than you ever would.

This was all apart of his game. All the other wanted was what Jungkook himself had, but you weren’t willing to give it to him. You didn’t know anything of their rivalry and just wanted a friend to spend your day with. Your plan was to watch some movies, while Bangtan’s finest knew about the other intentions in the red heads mind.

“Are you fucking joking?” Jungkook took long strides over and shocked you, causing you to jump behind your newly found friend.

“You vanished.” your eyes began to well with tears from the sheer emotion that your soulmate was displaying. You weren’t scared or anything, but you could just feel how hurt he was. How something was wrong.

“Well, I’m here to apologize.” his voice was sincere as he attempted to dodge around the taller to make the ever fated eye contact with you.

“And how do we know that for sure?” Yugyeom was testy and easily ready to take matters into his own hands to get what he wanted. GOT7 and Bangtan were currently on good terms, but Jungkook was ready to blow it all to make it up to her. Whoever she was, she was his soulmate and he wanted to learn more.

Jungkook met your saturated eyes and you could almost pass out from the intensity being lit in the area. Between you and him and between the two men you were with. “She knows.” Jungkook’s voice was strong, but you could feel the vulnerability within it and nodded. Yugyeom scoffed and his friendly facade faded back into his fuckboy one.

“Yeah, whatever.” he waved the pair of soulmates off and strode away with no other words. The lack of confrontation was unheard of, but there was probably some ulterior motive. Most likely Jaebum ordered him not to start unnecessary shit. Again.

“Why are you so upset?” you asked, quite unsure of why you were doing so. Yes, Yugyeom had made you feel better about the situation in a way. He’d told you that Jungkook was just some lonely boy from the rich side of town who always got what he wanted. It wasn’t necessarily true but it made you feel better about being ditched. Your question was followed by a brief mumble to yourself saying, “Why do I even care…?”

Jungkook ignored your latter comment and took the kind opportunity to walk over to you and wrap his arm around your waist. Some little thing inside you couldn’t find the anger you’d previously held to push him away and instead let the two of you into your building. “We can talk when we get upstairs.” he stated and held the door open for the two of you to walk through.

The walk upstairs was silent, but you could just feel the raw emotion emitted from his entire being. His touch was directly emulating the feeling towards your kind soul and you couldn’t help but want to make him feel better. Being someone’s soulmate was a big deal in your eyes and if he was willing to get passed what he’d done, you’d consider it as well.

A dark thought of if he did this right away, what was he capable down the road loomed in the back of your thoughts. The only thing scaring it away was the sheer desire to be loved by someone who was fully capable to do so. Who was destined to love you.

His eyes watched your every motion as you unlocked the door and quickly shed your shoes and coat to become more comfortable. He repeated your actions, already feeling at home. You made your way over to the couch and both took a seat. You attempted to create a space in the middle, but he wasn’t having it. He’d wasted all this time already that he couldn’t waste anymore.

There was a long sigh before he began to speak and anxiety rode high within it. “My parents-” he sighed again and began to tap his fingers along his own thigh. “I’m sorry for leaving you without a word.”

“And deleting your number.” you butt in, attempting to ease the tension with a light tone. “How’d you get into my phone anyways?”

“And deleting my number. The last part- is another time. I’ll tell you later.” you opened your mouth to speak again  but as he sighed you decided to hold your tongue. “I grew up my entire life thinking that this whole soulmate thing was a waste of my time. It was nothing personal to you and as I talk, I want you to slowly understand that you did nothing wrong last night. You were perfect.”

A light pink blush tinted your cheeks and you stood up, facing away from him. You glanced at him for a moment as you walked over to the kitchen behind the couch. “If it’s going to be a long story, we may as well have food and drinks. I’m starving and I can hear your stomach through your tears.”

“I haven’t cried.” he was quick to fend himself some from casual playing around. He just shot a smooth smile towards you and cleared his throat to continue. “My parents had gone on and on about how they were soulmates, but today I found out they lied to me. That’s the only way I can put this, truthfully. I don’t have much of a conscious left on me anymore and that’s mainly due to my line of work but you were just fresh on my mind in a way. It wasn’t like your naked body under mine was stuck in my thoughts or the way my name sounded from your pretty pink li-”

He shut off his thoughts about last night upon noticing embarrassed look your face gave and cleared his throat again as you stepped over with a bowl of doritos and soda. “Anyways, I didn’t want you to be upset. The image of you waking up alone this morning played through my head and god damn I wish I would have known sooner so maybe I could have been there.”

You tucked your knees into your chest and leaned against the opposite arm of the couch from him as he inched closer to rest his hand on your knee. “So you just want me to forget about it?” you held back the automatic intention of wanting to roll your eyes and instead just made eye contact with his glimmering ones. “Jungkook-”

“I love the way you say my name.” he interrupted and leaned above your legs towards your face to ensure that he could study the color within your orbs. “I loved the feeling that ran through my body just now. An overwhelming feeling of- love. I think it’s love. I don’t get too much of it outside of my ga- my friends. It’s a little foreign in this sense, but I felt it. I know you did too.”

Words weren’t really able to be formed in this moment and instead you held the eye contact that sparked your entire reason to speak to him. The feelings ran rampant in between the two of you and it was almost predictable that within the same moment you’d both lean in for a smooth kiss. You dropped the guard you had up (and your legs) and embraced the man who was hovering above you, lips connected with your own.

The kiss from a view was nothing special, but for the two of you there was a connection. He was trying to be genuine and make up for what he had done and it was apparent to you that anything to do with intimacy was his way of showing it. His lips were chapped and a bit rough, but it didn’t bother you in the slightest sense. You let your body relax as he completely moved over you, legs on both sides.

The kiss stayed sweet until he pulled away and began to place smaller ones down your body. The memories of last night flashed within both of your minds as he trailed his lips down your face and neck, stopping around the slight amount of cleavage that was exposed. Before anything else happened, he stopped and moved off of you.

Jungkook thought there would be more of a shock factor from the sudden break, but as little as you two knew, you were slightly in sync. He took his seat back on the couch and moved your body onto his to keep the skin on skin alive in his own mind.

“Why do you-” you sighed and he laughed, thinking of the many he’d just partaken in. “What is your job that you’re so cold?” you took the brief silence to move off of his lap and next to him again, much to his dismay.

“My job?” he let out a small chuckle and his eyes darted to his shoes that were kicking the carpeted floor. “What’s your job?”

“I work in an office in a tiny cubicle in the city. It’s nothing special, but it’s never what I thought I would amount to.” he turned his face towards yours and cocked his head to the left side as a question as to why. “I was an athlete when I was younger, you see. I was a freestyle swimmer, but I hurt my shoulder and was told I was no longer able to continue. At that point I was 19 and my life felt over. All my friends had careers and were with somebody- so I gave up on a career and took this job, hoping my Prince Charming would whisk me away.”

Your body language had changed as you spoke, now more droopy and closed in. As much as the past was the past, it still affected your present. It clouded your thoughts on the dark days and was a constant reminder that you were in a rut currently. As happy as your were with your beach days and nights out, you were alone. Hopefully that was over.

“Well, I’m no Prince Charming.” he slung his long arm around your tight shoulders and raked you closer to his body. “But I can try as hard as I can to give you some kind of happy ending. There’s a lot of things that I- I have going on in my life and within a day of knowing you I’ve blown it off. My job is an all of the time job, but because of that you can quit. You don’t have to work as long as I’m alive.”

You’d found yourself rested on his chest and your fingers were dancing across the fabric covering it. His breathing slowed as you looked up at him again after his words with a shocked face. “What do you mean? Jungkook, what do you do?”

He could feel his normal attitude shifting with just the tone of her voice and he knew as much as he was previously against it, he could see himself throwing so much away from her. She was the opposite of everything the Golden Boy had built himself up to be. She was pure and kind, but broken. He could sense she would drop anything for someone he cared about and he wanted to aspire to be like that. Instead, he was dangerous and everything she wished she could be.

“I’m in Bangtan.” with those three words, the scars she’d noticed last night made sense. The fresh ones and the ones that were faded all made sense. As you spoke of such dangerous matters, you position didn’t shift and instead you found yourself further inclined to be close with this man.

“Yugyeom too?”

“He’s in a different gang- Are you okay with hearing this? I’ve had friends whose girls have freaked the fuck out at the mention of the mafia and you’re just asking questions?” a chuckle slipped through his mouth and he kissed the top of your head. “God I wish I wasn’t so fucked up last night, I’ve lost some precious time with you.”

“Am I going to be safe?”

You felt his grip on you tighten and he just nodded. You knew from the slight breeze moving your hair without even looking. “I’ll make sure of it- but I want you to come home with me tonight. Everyone’s going to be mad at me, but I want to show them the gorgeous girl I ditched them for.”

“So I’m your scapegoat?” you couldn’t help but to laugh in the moment and he joined in as well.

“Ah, it’s partly that, but I don’t know what Yugyeom is going to do with the information you may have slipped tonight. He knows you’re my soulmate?” you nodded. “And where you work?” A predictable nod. “Then you’re definitely coming over tonight. As much as I like to pride myself on being the best in Bangtan- I’m definitely not the brains.”

“You’re the muscle pig.” you whispered, but he laughed at the words that breezed by his ears. You stood up and left him on the couch to go and pack a bag. There was something strange about the way you were acting. It was so unlike you to jump along into a foreign land you’d only heard about for a brief moment.

Before this, your whole life was built on paying it safe. You were good at swimming? Keep going. That got fucked up? Take the safe route and work in an office until someone comes along to make you their little housewife waiting at home. While that certainly wasn’t this situation, you found yourself playing into it as if you’d prepared your entire life for this moment here.

There were no calculations you found yourself acting upon and no regulations you had to follow. You most certainly hadn’t tried it, but this could be true love. The act of following so blindly. All you could feel was the danger lurking ahead, but you weren’t afraid. You weren’t alone this time.

“Y/N.” he spoke your name as the door to your bedroom was almost shut with you on the other side. “I’ll be right here when you get back. I promise.”

Author’s Note: Hey everyone! Now you get you know all about Jungkook too! Kind of. I hope you enjoyed this and I wanna say a big thank you for reading and following this series if you have been. I’ve been having some trouble writing it, but I’m enjoying it none the less. Please let me know what you think whether it be messaging me or replying to this! I’d love to know your thoughts and answer any questions.

Have an amazing day & expect more soon. 

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Why I Stopped Babysitting.

(warning: very long story)

The last day I spent with Addy started with a long novel of a text message at six am. His mom, Kathy, had an out of town family emergency. She was incredibly vague about what was actually happening, but insisted that it was urgent, and that I really needed to watch Addy for the day. Since I was on break, and I liked Addy slightly more than I disliked Kathy, I told her I was on my way. When I stepped in the door, she stepped out. She looked disheveled, to say the least.

“Thank you so much sweety, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Without even waiting for a response she got into her car, and I closed the door.

Addy was on the ground surrounded by a sea of legos.

“Hey, what are you building buddy?” I got as close as I could without crushing anything and squatted down.

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@magellan-88 You are a shit, but fine. (I can’t believe I wrote this) Came to be because of this post. 

Warnings: None but the fact that this is about Tom Hiddleston’s butt.

It was round. Really that was the extent of what you could say about Tom’s most delectable ass. It was round, round and firm and just… mmm touchable. What you wouldn’t give to simply reach out and squeeze it.

Just once!

You weren’t a greedy girl, one who wanted to cling and caress and shake that thing, not you. You just wanted to squeeze it A nice full grip to see if it was, in fact, firm enough to bounce a quarter off of.

When your friend, and fellow celebrity dresser, cleared her throat you snapped back to the reality of how you’d been staring, quite intently unfortunately, at Tom’s delicious backside far too long through the open door of the large dressing area. Burning red, you hoped it had gone unnoticed and went back to brushing and pressing the jacket for his next round of pictures.

You lived for these photo shoots when you got to play a grown up version of dress up with people you’d never have met otherwise.

A few moments later, Tom returned, his smile soft but wide as he ran his hand down the lapel of the dark dinner jacket you’d just finished pressing. “I believe this is my favorite of the day,” he said, his whiskey smooth voice seeming almost to dance across your skin and tease your blush into hotter colors.

Grinning at you, Marcie headed out the door, leaving you behind - and alone - with the man most likely to star in your fantasies.

That traitor.

Glancing up at Tom as the door shut, finding  him shrugging out of the leather jacket he’d been in for the previous shots, you rushed to take it from him.

“Thank you, dear (Y/N),” he smiled, eyes sparkling with something akin to mischief. No wonder they cast him as Loki. “What do you think?”

“Hmm?” you asked stupidly. 

His smile became a grin. “The formal wear, darling? Is it to your liking?”

“Oh! Oh, yes. It’s quite nice. The cut will suit you,” you managed to say, offering a smile.

His hand closed over yours. “Is everything alright? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so distracted.”

“Yup!” you squeaked, praying to any god - besides the one he played - that you weren’t as red as you felt.

More laughter sparkled in his eyes. “You seem to be very flushed. Perhaps you’re coming down with something. Maybe you need to seek your bed once we finish.”

The word bed rolled from his tongue like a sinful invitation you had no business imagining. “Ha ha! Yup, will do!” you chirped as he made his way around the dressing screen.

You tried hard not to think about his clothes coming off, wondering if the jeans he was currently in would get hung up on the curves of his buttocks. Taking deep breaths, forcing your heart to calm itself and your face to become a color other than crimson, you pulled yourself together. This was not your first time dressing Tom, but it would be your last if you didn’t get it together!

When he returned around the screen, he was muttering, fighting with his cufflink. “Blasted, tiny, idiotic… who invented these damn things,” he grumbled before turning pleading eyes your way. “It seems I’m all thumbs today, darling. Would you be a dear and help a fellow out?” He was already standing in front of you, smile hopeful.

Chuckling softly, you reached for the first cuff. “That is my job. You don’t need to ask.” Fixing the first, you reached for the second.

“Brilliant,” he smiled when you finished. “And what of these slacks? Do they appear to fit alright? I’d hate to find I had a saggy bum in all the photos."  Turning to show you his backside, tightly contained in the elegant slacks, he watched you over his shoulder.

You hoped there wasn’t drool dripping down your chin.

Darting a glance up, you found the knowing grin of a man used to being ogled and blushed fully red. "I-I… I’m sorry,” you apologized, turning away in mortification.

Having none of it, Tom caged you between himself and the table at your back, setting you gasping in shock. "I didn’t ask for an apology, darling.” He reached for your hand. “In fact, I’m not averse to you having a closer look.” He placed it on the lush curve of his fine ass.

Embarrassment faded into shock, became wonder, and gave you a boost of confidence. “I was hoping for less of a look and more of a feel,“ you said with a cheeky grin.

His brow arched and smile turned crooked. "Feel away, but I do insist you have a drink with me once were done. It’s only right after coping a feel of a gentleman’s bum.”

Biting your lip, you gave the firm, round, delectable peach a squeeze and sighed happily. “Just as I suspected. It’s quite lovely and firm.”

Bending down, eyes alight, he murmured near your ear, “If you think the back is firm, my dear, just wait till I introduce you to the front.”





















hasan250aliza  asked:

Could you write a one shot where percabeth are married and are in their mid thirties and it's Annabeth's birthday, you could include percababies but it's up to you .

I know this is late since Annabeth’s birthday was on July 12th. But here we go!

  • Percy smiled as his son and daughter helped him make breakfast. Watching his seven and four year old, respectively, cook was the cutest thing he could imagine. Of course he did a lot of the work, but four extra hands were somewhat helpful.
  • “Alright, is the tray decorated?” Percy asked as he plated the food.
  • “Yes daddy!” His daughter grinned. 
  • Percy turned and saw the one of the flowers he bought for her in a cup with her presents tied onto the handles, and homemade cards standing up on the tray.
  • “I want to carry the tray!” His son said. “I promise to be careful!”
  • “The tray is really heavy.” Percy told him. “And we need to be quiet cause mommy is still sleeping.”
  • Percy put the plate on the tray and carried everything to his room. 
  • Annabeth was still asleep, tired from her long day at work yesterday. When she came home, Percy already had the kids in bed and tuckered out. 
  • “Wake mommy up gently.” He whispered.
  • His kids ran over to her and gently shook her as they said, “Mommy, wake up”. Annabeth groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She smiled a little bit as she woke up.
  • “Happy birthday!” Their kids shouted. 
  • “Thank you.” She smiled sitting up. “Is that breakfast?”
  • “Yes! We helped!” Their daughter said, climbing up on their bed. “I helped with the eggs!”
  • “I bet they taste yummy.” Annabeth smiled.
  • Percy placed the tray over her lap and kissed her. “Happy birthday.”
  • “Thank you.” She grinned. “Everything smells delicious.”
  • Their son looked at her, tugging at the gift tied to the right handle of the tray. 
  • “Is that a gift for me?” She asked, untying the gift. “Can I get a hint at what it is?”
  • “No!” Their daughter said. 
  • Annabeth looked at her daughter. “Is this gift from you too?”
  • “No. Just him.” Percy said.
  • Annabeth opened the bag and took out an owl mug that looked like it was painted by her son. The owl was painted white and the rest of the mug was painted brown with some green spots.
  • “Do you like it?” Their son asked.
  • “I love it.” She replied with a smile. “I love it so much that I’m going to use it everyday.”
  • He smiled and climbed up onto the bed to give her a hug.
  • “Mine next!” Her daughter said. 
  • Annabeth untied the bag on the left handle and took out a picture frame that was colored in by her daughter. In the middle was a picture of her and her daughter.
  • “Like it? Like it? Like it?” Her daughter asked.
  • “I love it.” Annabeth smiled. 
  • Percy went over to his kids and picked them up. “Alright, let’s give mommy some space and have breakfast.” He placed them on the ground and they ran out of the room.
  • Annabeth looked up at Percy who was smiling up at him. He pulled out a long wrapped present from behind his back. 
  • “Where did you hide that?” Annabeth asked before putting a forkful of eggs into his mouth. 
  • “It was on my back. My pants held it up.” He told her as he handed it to her.
  • Annabeth opened up the gift and gasped a little. She looked at heart shaped necklace with a could of diamonds on it. “How-? Why-?”
  • “Happy birthday.” Percy smiled. “Want help putting it on?” 
  • “I’ll put it on later.” She replied. “It’s so beautiful. I love it.” 
  • He leaned down and kissed her. He left her kiss back, not wanted him to go.
  • “Stop hitting me!” They heard their son shout.
  • “I’ll take care of it.” Percy sighed.
  • “Thank you.” She smiled. “I’ll take the next one.”
  • “No you’re not. Not today.” He kissed her one last time before going to his kids.
Davey in Eb Minor

Davey Jacobs had lived in New York for a long time.

It was an ideal place for a writer, full of noisy, loud areas and just as many quiet places, tucked into narrow streets with big windows.

There was always something going on, always something to write an article for, always something to add to one of his books, even his day job was full of inspiration, people who came to the library with lives lived and stories to tell.

After almost ten years of living in the City of Dreams, he’d thought he’d seen it all. Naked people painted bright colors, people fighting loudly, strange costumes, every culture he could imagine, artists capturing the city on the page. People walking dogs as big as he was tall, people walking dogs smaller than his shoe, people walking kids on leashes, once a person walking a rat, several times people walking cats.

And yet, he’d never seen anyone quite like the artist that had captured his attention today.

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@shawarma-palace and I were bullshitting around the other day about an AU idea where Finn’s picture is being used to catfish someone in a Nigerian Prince scheme. He said I could write it, so here’s my exceedingly silly take.

 “This is outrageous!” Poe stood and paced away from the computer angrily.

 “Mijo, I think you’re getting a little-”

 “A little what? Righteous on mi abuela’s behalf? What if she’d clicked on it?”

 “Well, I mean, that’s why she called me, and I called you. She has good instincts.”

 Poe still boiled with rage. “That’s not the point. What if it had been Senora Hernandez? Or Fatima? These people are despicable.”

 “Well, I won’t argue with you there,” Kes grumbled, feeling exasperated.

 “I’m going to-” Poe’s fists clenched as he sat down again to try and figure out how exactly to punish these assholes for coming after his abuela. It was your typical Nigerian Prince ploy - “Oh, help me, I need a small deposit to unlock my amazing riches - and for credibility they’d even included a picture of the supposed Nigerian Prince. Who was, Poe realized as he was momentarily distracted, extremely good looking. Poe almost reached out his hand to run it over the line in the man’s fade, but caught himself in time before he embarrassed himself in front of his dad. He colored, though, and renewed his frown. “I wonder if this asshole used his own picture.”

 He ran the reverse image search while his dad wandered away, throwing up his hands with a “You do you, Poe.”

 The guy popped on Facebook, surprisingly. Finn Garo. Same pic for his profile, but his profile was unlocked, so Poe could click through all of his pictures - for research, of course. Here was Finn at a party with a red solo cup, Finn sitting with a group of other college students, Finn graduating college with lots of fancy ropes hanging around his neck, someone - his mom? Abuela? - kissing his cheek as he bent over and beamed. Finn at Pride, and at the Women’s March, and at a handful other marches or vigils or protests.

 As Poe kept clicking through Finn’s profile, he forgot his original intent and got sucked in full on cyberstalking this Finn guy. He was gorgeous. He was into social justice. He had earned his Bachelor’s in … in…Computer Science. Poe perked up in his chair again, and he’d clicked on the Facebook message button and sent off the note before he’d thought better of it.

 Poe: Listen, buddy, what you’re doing is despicable. You pick on little old ladies? Why don’t you come pick on me instead?

 Poe watched the three dots cycle through.

 Finn: I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about?

 Poe tapped the keys of the computer angrily as he sent a screenshot of Finn’s picture and the Nigerian Prince email.

 More dots.

 Finn: Oh, shit. Wow.

 Poe furrowed his brow.

 Finn: Um. Yeah, that’s definitely me, but I didn’t write that email.

 Finn: Not that you have to believe me, but. Um. Who would be stupid enough to use their own picture?

 He had a point.

 Poe: You have a point.

 Poe burned bright red now.

 Poe: Um. Yeah. I didn’t really think that through.

 Poe: I saw you were a Computer Science major and I kind of saw red.

 Finn: Should I be flattered? I think I should be flattered that they’re using my likeness for a *prince*

 Poe snorted.

 Poe: Idk, buddy. I guess?

 Poe: Sorry to disturb you, your highness

 Finn: lol

 Finn: I’m going to have my friends call me that.

 Finn: but seriously, I feel bad

 Poe: Well, I mean, you’re as much a victim as my abuela is

 Finn: Did they scam her out of a lot of money?

 Poe: No, she’s smarter than that. But it’s the principle of the thing.

 Finn: Sure. Anyone comes for my grandma, I’d react the same way.

 Finn: I’m sorry, man.

 Poe: Thanks. And, um, sorry for wildly accusing you.

 Finn: Water under the bridge.

     Finn Garo has sent you a friend request.  

 Poe: Really?

 Finn: Eh, I’ve made friends in weirder circumstances. You should hear the story of how my friend Rey and I met.

Poe: :chinhands: Tell me more.

anonymous asked:

Can u write a Drabble where it's basically Kol using snapchat filters all the time and annoying people (mainly bonnie, Caroline and his family). So basically kol doing the same thing as Nate Buzz on snapchat.

“Smile Nik,”

“Kol, if that’s that infernal device hovering next to my face when I look up, I’m going to take it and shove down your throat,”

Kol scowled and lowered his arm.

“Your aversion to technology is as backward as it is appalling,” he answered disparagingly.

“Technology has its uses,” Klaus said, resuming his focus on his paperwork. “The least intelligent of all being that ridiculous snap book nonsense,”

Snapchat,” Kol corrected. “And I don’t hear these complaints when Caroline’s using it,”

Klaus stiffened.

“I tolerate Caroline’s incessant need to immortalize every second of our immortal lives with a commemorative image because my love for her out trumps my hatred for that thing.” he said pointing at Kol’s iPhone.

“I find it amusing,”

“You found your own feet amusing when you were a child,” Klaus muttered.

“You’re a grumpy old sod,” Kol chastised. “Here, lighten up like a good puppy,”

Kol shoved his screen in Klaus’ face and the latter looked up, only to see an image of himself with brown spotted dog ears and a snout.

“What-” Before he could finish what appeared to be a large pink tongue flew out of his (or virtual his) mouth.

“There,” Kol cooed. “Good doggy, nice puppy,”

A menacing growl left Klaus throat and Kol was out of the room faster than Klaus could put his hands around his throat.

“Kol you know I have no patience for technology,” Elijah said with a put upon sigh. (while still adjusting his tie and leaning into the frame despite himself).

“Ooh, are we taking a selfie?”

Rebekah breezed into the room, already primping and fluffing her in preparation.

“Try to keep your distance from the camera Bekah. It was expensive, I’d hate for the screen to crack,”

“Har, Har. Move over so I’m in the frame,” Rebekah huffed. “If I’m in the picture, then the quality improves by oh… I would say 100%.”

Kol scoffed.

“Put on the flower crown filter,” Rebekah insisted.

Kol lifted the screen and Rebekah titled her head, prepared to pose for the frame. Rebekah’s scream ran through the room as her face contorted into what can only be described as demon-esque instead of the glossed image of her face she was expecting.

“You bastard! That scared the life out of me,”

“What? I can’t help it if your true colors finally came shining through,” he shrugged.

“You’re going to hell,” Rebekah hissed.

“I’ll save you a seat,” he shot back.

“Could the two of you perhaps do this elsewhere,” Elijah exhaled.

“Bonnie wants you to stop sending her private snaps,” Caroline said, without looking up from her phone as Kol entered the room.

“How else am I supposed to let her know how utterly bewitching I find her,”

“I’m sure you’re a lot funnier in your head,” she murmured continuously tapping at her screen.

“Selfie?” he asked. “For my streaks?”

“Mmm, fine,” Caroline hummed, swinging her legs off of the automaton.

In hindsight, Kol should have known better.

“The angle’s wrong.” Caroline griped. “Ugh and your quality’s terrible…”

Kol winced as he rolled his eyes and in retaliation Caroline’s elbow collided violently with his ribcage.

“You know what we’ll just use my phone,” she sighed.

Caroline held up her phone and flicked the filters until she found the dog filter.

“Oh I love this one!” she exclaimed. Opening her mouth so the graphic tongue jutted out on the screen. 

“Huh, well if you’re capable of that in real life it’s no wonder Nik is so fond of you,”

Caroline’s brow knitted in confusion before a look of realization crossed her face, causing her eyes to bug out comically wide.

“Ugh, seriously!? Kol you ass-”

“I’ll send you the pictures later darling,” he called out.

During his exit, Kol narrowly managed to dodge the shoe Caroline chucked in his direction. He managed to make it out of the room unscathed and whats more he got the entire thing on video.

Following Commands

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Few swearwords, arguing and a little bit of angst

Request: Hello Sweetie 😊 I try and request also something. One with Steve where you constantly fight but secretly you have a crush on each other. One time Steve finds you sitting at the Roof of the Stark-Tower, crying. He immediately joins you and hugs you, holding you close while you tell him how useless you feel and that you disappoint all the People around you. He then tells you how much you mean to everyone, especially to him and you finally confess your feelings? :) Thx –Anonymous

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to write your request doll, I absolutely love it! ♥

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

You ran your fingers above the hard disk drives; numbers, pictures and words running to your mind as a tornado of colors and shapes, filling it with the most protected secrets of Hydra. Anything they had ever created, anything they had ever planned or researched –everything now saved on your mind, locked in the safe boxes of your brain.

A strict call for your name caused you to flinch and the flood of information to crackle as you shook your head, trying to push the voice out of it.

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Moonie Ch. 3

Hello, lovelies! I’ve posted this on my blog, but I thought I’d put it here in case my post got lost in the ether. This community is so fun and inviting. I hope you all enjoy!

Click here for Chapter One!

Click here for Chapter Two!

It isn’t hard to get lost in the Elsewhere University Library.

One minute, you’re looking for a window seat on the second floor. The next, you discovered a staircase you hadn’t noticed before, and find yourself in a maze of unfamiliar offices and bookshelves that aren’t organized in any particular way. It’s just something about the library. The layout makes no practical sense. If you don’t stick to the well-tread paths, you wind up finding a table with a wobbly leg squeezed inside a tight maze of bookshelves.

That’s where the Librarian had sent me.

The shelves of the northwest corner on the third floor were packed so close together, I had to take my backpack off so that I could slip between them. Books filled every inch of space, forming solid walls of written knowledge. It was as if I were entering some fortress of learning, or the Temple of Doom. I began to wonder why the Librarian had recommended a spot so secluded. Were my scattered thoughts so apparent?

As I slid through the narrow opening between the shelves, my nose passed inches away from a row of books. I squinted at the unusual titles. The Thirteen Principles of Wish-making, Faire Folke and Luminous Beings, Metallurgy for Auracular Protections, Wylde Gentrye… Some of the titles weren’t even in English. Some weren’t even in any recognizable form of language. Strange symbols whirled across their antique covers. I blinked and pushed my glasses back up to the bridge of my nose. The whirling stopped.

When I set my bag down on the nondescript-green painted table, it rocked to the side, threatening to topple over. I scowled in frustration. Stupid table. Stupid library that makes no sense. Stupid librarian telling me to sit at the shitty table. I hefted my books from my bag and spread them out across the surface.

About fifteen minutes into my Calculus homework, thick raindrops pattered against the window behind me. Absently, I checked the weather app on my phone. Sunshine all week, yeah, right.

Another hour later, I was bathed in golden light as the sunset poured through the window. At least, I thought it was an hour. It couldn’t have been much more than that as I was still slaving away over my Calculus questions. They day was flying away from me. As the moon peeked out over the tops of the buildings to visit my hidden corner, my head began to feel heavy. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. Blurry numbers smeared across the pages of my notebook. I gave myself a light slap.

Leaning back, I stared at the walls of books around me. Had the Librarian sent me to the Children’s Books section? Thin, brightly colored tomes lined the shelves. I pulled myself out of my seat and strode around the table. I reached out my hand and slid a book from the stacks at random. The Good Neighbours. I fanned the thick parchment-like pages through my fingers, stopping just to examine the pictures. A tall man with horns and hooved feet carried a girl away into the woods. Men and women wore heavy rings on their fingers and on chains around their necks. Milk and bread left on plates outside of doorways. A man ran screaming from white creatures on black horses, their hounds snapped at his heels with jaws like bear-traps. It was all so horrifically familiar. My hands quivered, but I could not stop turning the pages.

It all began to make sense, in a fantasy sort of way. Fairies. Goddamn fairies were stalking the edges of the university. Whoever had taken Jenny from Lot C was not a Someone, but a Something. Frigid sweat beaded on the back of my neck at the thought of the boy with the jagged, broken smile. I wasn’t paranoid. I had been right all along.

I spent the night skimming through pamphlets and old books. I took pages of notes. There were spaces between things, where time and dimension could Fold over on itself. Things that came through these Folds were glamouredto the human eye. There were ways you could see them. You didn’t want to see them. Protection, protection, protection.

It was dangerous to make deals with the Fair Folk. They could take things you didn’t know you could give, important things. Their gifts were impossible, beautiful, and terrifying. Those who managed to make a deal were forever changed.

When I squeezed through the gap in the bookshelves and returned to my dorm room, I had somehow missed the entire weekend and was running late for Chemistry 101. My greasy hair stuck up in all directions. Dark circles sagged under my eyes.

The Librarian smiled and waved at me as I jogged out into the morning mist. “Hope you found what you were looking for!” Her thin voice rang in my ears.

For the next four days, I was possessed by an unholy desire to Know. I searched for a Fold with single-minded clarity. If I could speak to one, I could find Jenny.

The nightmares got worse. The blaring of horns and yowling dogs got louder.

Last night I woke in the small hours of morning, drenched in salty sweat, and Something was sitting on my chest. It was the size of cat, but much heavier. The space it occupied was an inconceivable black mass in the darkness. The blurry, pale glow of my laptop screen was lost in its depths. A tiny black hole rested on my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut and reached for my glasses. My fingers pawed blindly at the table until they rested on the round plastic shape of my glasses. I stuffed them onto my face.

The Thing had gone. The weight, heavy and warm, remained. I gasped for air. Panic clutched at my lungs and stomach. I grasped my chest and felt something in my hands. It was a rock the size of a baseball. A dark brown coating of rust clung to its surface. No, it wasn’t rust. As I flaked a piece off with my fingernail I stifled a scream. 

The rock was coated with dried blood.


I decorated my own birthday cake this year

and I picked my five favorite musicals as the “theme.” I just finished so I thought I would share some pictures.

I adore Tuck Everlasting and the set design is hands down my absolute favorite!

The reference picture I used!

Tudor houses from Something Rotten! (it looks a little rough bc the food coloring ran. oops)

The top featuring a newsboy cap (bc I’m newsies trash), Evan’s cast and t-shirt as the background, and the Hamilton logo.

This is the first time I made a cake like this and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!!

Ms. Powers- Part 19

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Part 11  Part 12  Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18

AN: At the bottom with be pics to help you visualize!!

The helicopter landed on the island and you and Steve got out. As soon as you two hit the tarmac Steve grabbed the bags from your hand. “Steve, it’s your birthday, I should be carrying all our bags.”

“Technically it’s not my birthday until next week. And my birthday doesn’t cancel out the fact that I have to be good to my girl.” You grinned as you walked down to where your rental car, a red Audi, was waiting. “Look at this,” Steve said admiring the car. “You going to let me drive?”

You laughed, “It’s not your birthday yet Stevie.” You slide into the driver’s seat and took off towards your beach house with Steve looking out the window and taking in the new scenery. You cruised down road and slowed down when you approached the sudden off the course path. After minutes of driving down the path you saw the brown and white house coming up quick. “This is it,” you said pulling up the main driveway and into the garage.

“This is great,” Steve got out and stretched, taking in the house that was right on the beach. You beat him to the punch and grabbed half the bags.

“Come on, I’ll give you the tour,” you smiled and led him inside your Bermuda home. “This is the living room, the kitchen, and in here,” you pulled open the double doors that lead into the master. “This is our room.” Steve walked into the large white bedroom and looked around before walking to the doors that opened out to the beach. You sat the bags on the floor and walked up behind Steve, wrapping your arms around him. “Want to see the rest of the house?”

He turned around with a smile, “I can think of something else I like to do first,” he lifted you up and walked away from the windows and towards the four post bed.


You woke up to the crashing and the breeze of the waves coming through the open doors in your room. You sat up and clenched the white sheets against your chest and looked around for Steve. You got up, grabbed his discarded shirt, and threw it on before tip toeing out into the main area. “Steve? Stevie?” You walked around and shivered as another breeze hit your skin. You walked up the stairs and saw the upper deck doors open. “Hey, I was wondering where you were,” you went up to Steve and sat down, nuzzling into his side, watching the sunset.

“I didn’t want to wake you so I explored your house a little bit. Nice shirt by the way,” he chuckled.

“Thanks,” you laughed. “Did you get to see the whole place?”

“I did, it’s great. I love it here.”

“Let’s just stay here and never go back,” you pleaded.

“That sounds like a great plan,” he said and kissed your forehead. “How do you feel. Was everything…,” he blushed awkwardly, “ok?”

“I feel great and you were great. I’m glad we waited.”

“Me too.”

*One Week Later*

You carried the tray of breakfast into your room and started singing. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dead Steve. Happy birthday to you,” you sang him awake and he sat up with a smile, rubbing his eyes. “Happy birthday, Babe,” you kissed him and sat the tray on his lap.

“Breakfast in bed. I could get used to this special treatment,” he joked and dug in. “This is delicious.”

“Good, I’m glad. And when you’re done with that your birthday present is upstairs on the overlook.” So once Steve was done you stood up on your tip toes and covered his eyes as he crossed the upstairs hallway. “Ready.” He nodded and you uncovered his eyes.

“Wow. Y/N, this is great. This is too much,” he walked forwards and looked at the large spread of art supplies that sat overlooking the ocean. A large essile sat with one of the canvases on it. A stack of boxes with oil paints, acrylic paints, colored pencils, pencils, and another sketch book. “Thank you so much!”

“You are more than welcome. I figured you’d want to sketch out the ocean while we were here or mess around with your new paints.”

“You’re too good to me.” A smirk came across his face and he moved the essile towards one of the chairs. “Take a seat for me right over there,” he pointed.


“Because it’s my birthday. Go on.” You took a seat and got comfortable. “Ok, don’t move a muscle.” He sat down with his new sketchbook, grabbed a pencil, and looked between you and the book. After an hour Steve finally flipped the book closed. “I’ll have to color this and add it to my collection.”


“What do you think I draw all the time.”

“I don’t know, the America flag,” you blushed! “You mean you draw me?”

“You’re my muse. What else would I draw?”


You spent the rest of the day swimming in the ocean and lounging in the sand and when dinner time approached you demanded Steve to shower, get dressed, and relax in the room while you prepared his birthday dinner. “Why can’t I st in here while you make it?”

“Because it’s a surprise! Start coloring in that picture you drew today, that’ll give you something to do.”

“Ok, fine fine,” he gave up with smile and walked into the bathroom to get cleaned and ready. You closed the bedroom doors and got to work in the kitchen, grabbing the fresh fish you had gotten delivered today. You sautéed the veggies, cooked the rice, and pulled out the bottle of wine before you ran on the beach and got your table for the night done.

“Stevie,” you called and waited for him to come out of the room. “You look very handsome. Are you ready for dinner?”

“I’m starving,” you wrapped your arm through his and took a step out onto the deck and followed the lights to the table that sat by the ocean. “You did all this?” You nodded. “This looks delicious.”

You poured the wine and raised your glass. “Happy birthday, Steve.”

“I love you,” he tapped your glass with his and took a sip. After you two finished dinner Steve stood up and held a hand out to you. “Come on. Let’s take a walk.” You took his hand and got up, starting your walk down the beach.

The sun was halfway hidden on the horizon when Steve stopped suddenly and bent down. “What are you doing,” you laughed.

“I saw the coolest shell that I thought you’d love but I can’t see where it went.” He moved around looking for the shell. “Here it is.” He stay kneeled but face you and opened his hand out to you. Except it wasn’t a shell in his hand; it was a diamond ring. “Y/N, the last nearly 2 years have been the greatest of my life. Every day that I get to wake up beside you is automatically an amazing day and I can’t imagine spending a day without wake up next to you. Please, do me the honor and give me the greatest birthday gift, and become my wife.”

“Are you kidding,” you laughed. “This is your birthday, I’m suppose to surprise you!”

“Is that a yes,” he grinned nervously.

“Of course it’s a yes,” you yelled and jumped down into his arms. You backed up just enough to let him slide the 3 stone ring on your finger. “It’s beautiful.”

“I wanted it classic enough that it would remind of us of the old days,” he smiled. “And the band is vibranium so if you ever find yourself in a fight you can still left hook,” he joked.

You wiped the tears from your eyes and planted a large kiss on Steve, “I love it. And I love you.”

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Shall I Compare thee to Pokemon (Johnny scenario)

Pairings: Johnny x reader

Genre: Fluff and comfort

Note: I dedicate this scenario to @galaxxygoddess​. You are so beautiful, inside and out. I hope you enjoy this scenario.

Johnny rubbed his eye as he entered your apartment during the dead of the night. Quietly, Johnny took off his shoes and put on a pair of slippers. It had been a long day for him as he was preparing for the upcoming comeback. Although he was happy and relieved to have debuted last year, he felt bad at how much less time that he could spend with you. Despite his busy schedule, he did his best to at least sleep in the apartment instead of at the dorm.

It came to no surprise to Johnny when he walked into your apartment to find you wide awake, sitting in the living room, and quietly playing music from your laptop as to not disturb your neighbors. Months ago had he come this late you would have been sleeping soundly, but lately you were staying up later and later to freelance since you still worked a full time job during the day. 

“Johnny!” You happily called out when you saw your sleepy boyfriend sluggishly walk to you. He plopped his body on to the couch and wrapped his arms around your waist as he let his head rest on your shoulder. “Long day?”

“Mhmm,” Johnny mumbled. You smiled and continued to type on your laptop. He let his head rest on your shoulder for a few minutes, before remembering that you had sent him snaps earlier in the evening about how your friend was coloring your hair. He lifted his head up to get a good look at your hair. It was softly curled and Johnny couldn’t help himself as he ran his fingers through your soft hair. “I like your hair. It looks really good,” Johnny said.

“You’re the first one to say that,” you said as nonchalantly as possible as you continued to type. His fingers immediately stopped playing with your hair and you stopped typing.

“Didn’t you send a picture to your parents?” He asked. You had looked so excited in the snaps you sent him earlier and he thought that there was no way that you wouldn’t send out pictures to your family and close friends of your newly colored hair.

“I did,” you softly said and it finally dawned on Johnny that your hair hadn’t been well received. “I think I’m going to dye it back to what it was before,” you continued to say. You finally turned to look at Johnny and he could see the dejection and disappointment in your eyes. He knew how much this meant to you and he understood how it felt to do something great for yourself only to have people criticize the end result.

“You know what your hair reminds me of?” Johnny asked.


“It reminds me of a mix between Slugma and Umbreon!” Johnny proudly replied.

“My hair looks like a slug?” You asked, your tone serious although you knew exactly what Johnny was referring to.

“No, no, no,” Johnny said in a panicked voice. “Uh. It’s like a Vulpix and Umbreon!”

You laughed and wrapped your arm around Johnny’s arm. “I’m just kidding, Johnny. I know what you mean.”

Johnny breathed out a sigh of relief and you felt his body relax. He staid quiet for a few moments to let himself carefully figure out how to really comfort you.

“Don’t let people tell you how you should feel about your hair. If you like it, then you should keep it, because at the end of the day you’ll always be beautiful,” Johnny sincerely said. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pulling your body and his body close together, leaving no space between you and him. “You’ll always be beautiful.”

Sunday Grace #26 - Seclusion

A return to color! Yes!! My B02 ran out of ink some months ago, and I FINALLY ordered a replacement a little over a week ago. So now we’re back to doing Grace in full color, and it feels gooood.

This picture is probably one of the best summaries of her character. Who she is on the outside is a toned down version of the inside. I draw her in some pretty uncharacteristic poses sometimes, but she’s really not very social.

Picture Perfect Christmas (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint.

Prompt: “cards”

Summary: Reader and Bucky want to make new traditions for their first Christmas together with unexpected results. 

Warnings: Fluff mostly, implied smut? Maybe? I dunno. :D

Word Count: 1654

A/N: This was written for @themercurialmadhatter (previously murialweathers I hope? That’s the name I received originally) or do you prefer @buckysplumfondler ? I’ll just tag both. :) I’m your Secret Santa!! I know you requested Bucky fluff/smut but I’m not a smut writer. This does have a little bit of heat in it, though! I really hope you like this. 

Thanks for setting this up @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Tags are at the bottom.


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“Let’s see,” you recalled, counting on your fingers as you spoke, “Tree lighting ceremony? Check. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center? Check. Window shopping at Macy’s? Check. Walk through Central Park as the snow falls? Now we can check that one off!”

“Yeah, but was it worth it, doll?” asked your favorite Super Soldier, settling down next to you on the couch in the common room.

You sniffled, snuggled up in a blanket as your attentive boyfriend handed you a mug of hot chocolate to warm you. The park, while beautiful and romantic as you strolled arm in arm with Bucky, it had also been absurdly freezing and now you could not get warm enough.

“Yes, it was!!” you assured him, curling into his side to steal his heat as well.

He let you pick the movie and slowly your body temperature rose to normal, empty mug of cocoa resting on the coffee table. Halfway through the movie, Clint came waltzing in to the room with something in his hands.

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Fourth Of July - Dolph Ziggler

Originally posted by blackpipecleaner

Hope you have a safe Fourth Of July! Have fun! 

I smiled as Y|D|N ran past Dolph and I into the backyard. This was our third Fourth Of July as a family and I loved every second of it. 
“She’s excited for the fireworks tonight.” Dolph said, wrapping his arms around my waist, kissing my cheek.
“She’s going to sleep good tonight.” I answered, turning to Dolph. “That’s good.” Dolph smirked, kissing my lips.

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Originally posted by sheisraging

Chris Evans x Teacher! Reader

Imagine: you are a teacher and Chris is your boyfriend He shows up at your school unexpectedly

A/n: this is such a cute request!

Genre: romance, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, Fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were a teacher at Chasey elementary school for a kindergarten class. You absolutely adored kids and always had so much fun teaching them. You giggled as one of the youngest, Gracey Trent, showed you a picture of her dog.

“Look, Ms. (y/l/n)! I made a doggy for you!”

“Aww! It’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, Grace.”

She giggled and ran off to color more. A knock on your classroom door came about and you got up from your position on the floor, stretching and cracking your sore muscles. You smiled when your saw your boyfriend’s face making a funny expression at you through the window. Chris had his tongue stuck out to the side and his eyes crossed. You giggled and opened the door, whispering.

“You are going to terrorize the kids.”

Chris chuckled and let his face go back to normal. He shrugged and said.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

You chuckled at the memory of Chris terrorizing his friend Jeremy’s kid. You added, making Chris pout.

“I still think Jeremy refuses to forgive you because of this. What are you doing here, exactly?”

Chris shrugged and stuck his hands in his pockets, looking over your shoulder.

“What, am I not allowed to visit you?”

“I’m at work!”


You face palmed and felt a tug on your skirt. You looked down to see one of your students. He had a drawing of stick figures, one really tall and one small. Your student explained.

“I made you a picture, Ms. (y/l/n).”

You knelt and smiled wide, hugging him and looking at the picture.

“Aw, is this supposed to be me and you?”

They nodded and you smiled more.

“I love it. I’m gonna hang this up right beside my desk.”

The student smiled and you stood up, watching him run to the coloring group in the corner of the room. Chris smiled and complimented.

“You are really good with kids, you know that right?”

You giggled and shrugged.

“Guess it comes naturally. “

Chris chuckled and asked.

“Can I come in?”

“I don’t know, Chris. I might get in trouble for you being here.”

“Don’t worry, got it covered. Told the front office I was gonna be a guest speaker.”

You gawked at Chris.

“Chris! You lied to the office just to see me?”

Chris gave a nod, his goofy smile still on his face and you facpalmed, rubbing the bridge of your nose.

“Ph my god, I’m gonna lose my job. Get your ass in here, you clever little meatball.”

He laughed and walked in; giving you a sly grin and you rolled your eyes.