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Yoko Taro’s Explanation About Making The World View of His Games

Where does the ideas of World View came from?

Yoko: My ideas is not important, the important thing is money. This is due to the fact that the content making and the staffs composition can be decided based on the budget. With this we can putting ideas on it and concentrating on working toward realization at the same time.

The idea of becoming a game creator was sprouts when I’m at Junior Highschool. But the understanding about making a game world was not advanced there. It was until I read a novel called “Hybrid Child” in my college day. This novel showed me a “new vision”, and it inspired me to enter the gaming industry.

To give a “New Something” to the players is the main goal of making the World View and story. People who played my game, read the novels, and watched the stage plays usually can feel something in their heart that can’t simply be expressed by the word “I was impressed” or “I’m gonna cry”. It’s because the game was aimed for “those who embrace various impressions and rich imaginations”.

What is the perfect World View for you?

Yoko: I emphasize “the emotion” as my goal, so I am trying not to put in what I do not need as much as possible. The world view includes social systems and rules, but for example, in a story depicting the love between men and women, there is no need to create politics and geographic background in detail. You should prepare more on the necessary things. 

Talking about making it on tight deadlines, some people said that the professionals keep on working on schedule. I do not quite understand myself, but time goes by while I am doing it considering the deadlines were far too much.

What is the thing to cherish for you as a creator?

Yoko:  Do not put things you don’t need too much. For example, when I make a map for Drakengard and NieR, I only named the places as simple as possible such as  “Forest Country” and “Sea Country”. I did it to lower the learning cost of the player in memorizing the places’ name. You can also use the budget to make something more useful. 

It is important to do what you want to do, but to not do things you do not want to do is also important. For that purpose I preached the importance of “keep insisting on what I think is disgusting to the surroundings”.

In a meeting with PokeLab, I said that “I will not write the scenario of SINOALICE”, because I’m not familiar with mobile game development yet. After some discussion I agree to make it as a poem. Because if it is a short poem, it does not hinder the gameplay even if you skip them.

PokeLab also actually proposed SINOALICE’s UI to feel bright similar to Final Fantasy. But I do not like high saturation on user interface (UI), so I made a request to make SINOALICE feel darker. However, at the development, the game was not conveyed to the player with such a color. We needed to change the UI color, so it became as the released SINOALICE’s UI.

It is difficult to accomplish big things, but it is good to quickly achieve a sense of accomplishment by correcting parts that I think is undesirable.


Summary: Anchors are the humanity of werewolves. When Liam’s anchor left, he remained alone with his anger. But he didn’t know he was never completely alone.

Word count: 1729

Pairing: Liam x Reader

A/N: I had this in my drafts for a while and decided to post it. Because I’m stuck on a writer block for chapter 31 of We don’t believe what’s on TV. This is shorter than usual but full of fluff. And also my first Liam fic! Please, tell me what you thought of it!

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After a busy few days of various non school work things I wanted to quickly work out what I needed to do and what to start with so I made this! I usually do this on scrap paper so I’m not wasting too much paper
1. Separate your sheet into the dates your tasks are due
2. Write down all of the tasks you need to do under the date it’s due
3. If the task was due in yesterday or in the past and you haven’t done it you can either make a column for ‘Yesterday’ or put it into tomorrow (like I’ve done)
4. Colour code according to how much time you think you’ll need to do them! For me short is 15-25 mins, medium is 30-60 mins and long is 1hr+, but you can adapt this to however you want!
5. Prioritise the tasks due for tomorrow first. Start with the ‘short’ tasks to get them out of the way, then any tasks that are already overdue, then medium and long tasks! Next move along the days in a similar way!
This doesn’t need to be too neat- as long as it is clear and you can tell what you need to do first!
Hope this helps!

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“She’s been working on this for months, man. This is important to her.” I love that Marco said this to Tom about Star putting the monster bash together. It clearly shows how much Marco cares about Star’s interests and that he respects her decisions. I feel that if (more like when) he does become her boyfriend, he still is going to have this attitude. Putting her needs first and defending her choices.

That’s very good and all, but any relationship should obviously work two ways, so while in this specific context it’s understandable that Star was too busy to think about anything else, she should always try to find some time to hang out with Marco, or with Tom, since she’s currently dating him, but she has apparently been ignoring him.

These first half of S3 probably had a combination of things going on for Star, she had way too much on her plate, from trying to change Mewni to starting a new relationship with Tom to discovering something about her new powers, and she clearly couldn’t properly manage everything at the same time. In S2 she learned that she needs to take her duties seriously, it looks like now she might have learned that this doesn’t mean having to go for the other excess either, especially when that might end up hurting your loved ones.

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Oh God, I just finished Frozen Wilds, and now I really want HZD 2!!!! Ugh, why did GG had to make such a good game??? I think the next one will be about finding some of the other subroutines, and maybe whatever sent the signal that set them loose from GAIA's control.

I knoooow I can’t wait for more! If we don’t get another DLC (I feel like we might, that big ol wooden door up north that people thought led to the Cut could still be used!) then they will be working on a sequel for sure. They put too much time into making this game to not make a series out of it ;)

There will definitely be more about what Sylens is up to - and I hope we get to travel more. I’d love to see some ocean - but maybe the east coast rather than west. Or even the great lakes! Basically I just want some gigantic water machines 😂 I would love an Orca based machine.

Good intents/prayers

Hey guys,

I don’t ask often, but if you could put some good energy out into the world for my friend. Her 5yo is having some rough times. I don’t want to give out too much info because of privacy, but the family in general could use some good vibes/juju/prayers/intent/whatever your believe in.

Thanks. 💜

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You know, I hold it a bit against Marco he didn't ask Janna about Jackie once since their brake-up. It seems he's very forgetful or doesn't care at all about his former girlfriend and childhood crush.

True, but sometimes it’s also necessary to see the series for what it is, something that shows huge and important increments in the lives of the characters 11 minutes at a time. Gets hard to put too much on the table without making the episode feel all over the place or out of focus, sometimes, so I can understand why boarders and writers avoid quick callbacks to huge subjects like that. I wouldn’t hold it too much against the characters themselves.

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Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, but I want to make sure. I'm gonna buy one of your binders soon, but Not as a Christmas thing - is it OK to still order it around this time, or should I wait? Should I say that it isn't a Christmas thing in the notes so that you're able to put it off for after gift binders? I don't want to stress you all out with like, an unending pile of binders and paperwork 😅. Anyway- I hope you have a lovely day! Thank you for doing what you do! ❤️

Hello, friend! This is a totally good question, and thanks for your kind words!

It’s 100% okay to order from us at any time. Real talk for a moment: we’re always stressed, that’s the nature of running a small business! But stress from too many orders is SO much better than stress from too few. 




Another reason to learn to work digital….my colors won’t wash out *pouts*

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First of all, I love Harry so I'm LIVING for this bless u 💕 Also, headcanon first date with Harry? I feel like he'd ask Tom for pointers when planning djsnsn precious boy

omg a baby!! yes!!

  • for sure thinks about it WAY too much
  • as in he gets undressed and then puts on the same outfit ten times
  • he’s totally psyching himself out
    • “i already asked y/n out, isn’t this supposed to be the easy part?”
  • it’s finally time for him to go pick you up
  • he’s standing in front of the mirror, sam and tom watching
    • paddy’s lurking in the doorway
  • “want me to come with?” tom offers bc good big brother
  • “what no that’s weird”
  • “what’s the game plan?”
  • finally harry just kinda dips out bc it feels like his mom is helping him prep for the date
  • he shows up ON THE DOT
  • you find all his stuttering and blushing freaking adorable
  • like let’s be honest you’ve been sweet on him since the two of you met
  • he does all the cliche things like awkwardly grabbing your hand and being like “lovely weather we’re having”
    • he wants to kiss you but also he’s torn about being a gentleman fuck why didn’t i ask tom about the kiss rule
  • he goes to drop you off home and is having a HARDCORE internal debate
  • he’s so distracted he doesn’t hear you say “i had fun tonight”
  • you gently take his hand and he almost jumps out of his skin
  • “we should do this again” -you
  • this huge beaming smile emerges on his face
  • do i kiss now?? would that be ok??? fuck what if i ruin it???
  • you grab his face and plant a big ole smooch on his lips before saying goodnight
  • harry forgets all the “rules” tom gave him and texts you as soon as he gets home FUCK I LOVE THIS

harry holland night!

working on a weekend pros:

  • office is completely empty so huge quiet building all to myself
  • coworker left an unbelievably enormous bag of candy in our office which is now mine
  • plus there’s free soda. i may die from too much sugar
  • can play music really loudly
  • can also probably hook my computer up to the tv and watch poi

working on a weekend cons:

  • it’s really fucking cold
  • no one to admire my flannel
  • working

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Hi, 7goodangel. I am here to ask you about PaperJam as a shy, smol and innocent being (mainly thegreatrouge made him be). There has been some conflicts regarding his trait. Some said his canonical personality is a jerk, like what you wrote in his bio / info and some said that is severely wrong and being shy, (which made him shipped with Fresh), is his canonical personality. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, it is your character and people are taking control of it. Don't you disagree?

Well… I have talked to people and seen public conversations and this has happened several times to me over months. I guess I’ve gotten a little numb to it now… or maybe it’s due to school that I haven’t given it the attention that it deserves. Probably due to school. 

I just can’t update constantly like others - even though some others in school were and are able to update constantly. I can’t keep going around and holding up my bio of PJ and police people. It’s exhausting to me… it really takes up the small bit of free time I have. 

I think after I get a solid job that I’ll be able to go around better… but anyway - back to your question. 

While I love seeing interpretations and do not want people to be limited by something and have their imaginations go forth… it’s proving that a huge con comes with that mentality - which you have pointed out. A lot of people swear that PJ is the cute, innocent interpretation that really, did get PJ popular in the first place. While I did have him as a jerk from the beginning - I kinda kept that info to my RP blog - so you could say it is my fault this is all happening and I do think that. I could of done something to make it not as bad as it is now… 

It’s just like the NSFW stuff… people just assume the first thing and run with it. And it really does make me feel like I really am not needed for my own character at points. 

It’s a struggle - I don’t want to have people stop interpreting PJ within AUs… but I also don’t want people to just see him as an innocent child to ship with Fresh. 

And I’m still trying to find the best solution to it. 

But… I feel like the damage is already done. It’s too late for me to talk to all of these people going around swearing on their life that PJ is canoncally like Rouge’s interpretation/AUs. It feels like an hopeless battle to me. 

And I guess I needed someone to ask me this question so then I can fully say my thoughts on this. 

So in short, while I love creativity and don’t want to snuff it out (considering some people would probably think I’m doing that already with saying “No Sin”), I still don’t like it. It irritates me, irks me, frustrates me, and I feel like even as the person who thought of PJ in the first place, my voice isn’t enough. Communities seem like they don’t care about artists unless they reach a ‘certain goal of popularity’ or seem like they have a more professional style of art. I know I do not reach either of those titles. 

People misspell my username all the time - I actually claimed ‘7goodangle’ on tumblr for that reason.

People still say “I’m too lazy to find who made PJ” when they clearly mentioned they looked at the bio on the wiki. 

People still go around arguing others on the canon ship of OmniPJ and swearing that FreshPaper is the true canon ship, when all people are pointing out is that they need to keep the canon ship in mind when going around with information.

Even just basic personality traits… and these things are happening on sites that I do not nor want an account for. 

I still want others to have fun - to be happy; but I don’t know… I guess I’m cutting out my own happiness to get everyone else happy? I want to eventually write a version of PJ within his own universe and story… and he is more like the version I created within the UT verse. Not exact - but close. Though who knows… I might shove PJ to the side and replace his role with another character. I’m still weighing options.

Cause PJ was the first character I ever put this much time and thought into… my first character that was balanced, well rounded…

And what happens?


You said it Anon. 

They took it - changed it (initially as an AU but now people think it’s canon) - and I can’t do much about it. Due to school and not much free-time… due to how many don’t know the true creator… and just back talking anyone who is just mentioning it to people who swear by it. 

As an artist and a character designer…

It makes me not want to show designs, characters, and stories ever again online.

Considering if this is how I was treated on the first one… why even take a chance at a second one? If it has brought me so much stress, frustration, and time… why even try it again?

I said I was only going to do fanart so if anyone stole it, it didn’t really matter. 
I think I should have stuck with that thought process. 

In conclusion, there are some major things to take away here. First – that yes, I do not like how it has skewed this far to the point of arguing over a fandom version with the canon. Canon is canon and I get the different AUs – this is too far. Way too far. I am emotionally drained from this – from this whole mess that I have been defending throughout majority of PJ’s lifespan. I will state this – Paper Jam is my character. He is my original character that I created more than a year ago. And the UT AU fandom took my character and warped him to something he is not and all of his original meaning is lost. I do not like to hurt others or make other sad – but I must put my foot fully down. This miscommunication needs to stop. I am tired of repeating things over and over and I have past my breaking point time and time again. I just want people to see PJ how he really is… and I wish that people could be focusing more on the reality of him instead of the alternate that they all claim as truth.

Final words: I still like Undertale – I still like creating characters and having fun – but the Undertale AU fandom is ridiculous now. The Amino UT community is insanity in an app, and there is a lot of stuff that has made many artists and creators to their breaking point and leaving the fandom entirely. Everyone in this fandom needs to take ten steps back and look at what they are doing. Go back to the game. Play it again – watch your favorite let’s player’s videos of it again. 

And just… food for thought… please don’t jump the gun on someone else’s OC’s personality and actions. 

I do not want anyone to experience what I had.

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases