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Ten Years (Part 10)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,786

Warnings: language, fluff, confrontation

A/N: Tags are closed. This part was over 4K words long, so I split it into two. I’m sorry. Reader takes some steps to make everything right again, but Bucky Barnes is nowhere to be found.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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shariden  asked:

What was writing the book like? I guess more specifically what I'm asking is what did it feel like while you were writing it? How do you feel about it now that it's finished and is that different from how you felt about it at the start?

Here are the phases of how we wrote the book. We wrote a 10,000 word proposal/pitch. Basically, these were some teaser chapters that laid out the tone of voice of the book, the major characters, and the beginning of the quest.

Then we separately wrote chapters, ultimately reaching about ½ a book. Then we read each others’ chapters and combined them. We talked about successes and incongruities.

We met several times after that, drank beers and talked about what the story lines would be. We eventually wrote a chapter by chapter outline for the entire novel. This took a few weeks. And we finally had the entire plot and arc. 

Then we gave ourselves a deadline about a month ahead of Harper Perennial’s deadline to write the fucking thing. We divided up the chapters. Since we had a full outline, we felt very comfortable writing chapters separately and simultaneously. 

For about 2-3 weeks, I would go to my office (9-5 Monday through Friday), turn my phone to airplane mode, set a timer for 3 hours and write non-stop until the alarm rang. I would eat lunch. I would write again for 2 hours. Take a break. 2 hours more. Go home. I tried to be as rigorous as possible with my scheduling. One block of time at a time. Trusting our outline. Trusting my abilities. Trusting the process. Never looking at word count (often peeking at word count).

Meetings and life and podcasts and tours got in the way often, so some of my writing time was on like Sunday night or Saturday morning, but we finished (about a week after our personal deadline). We then read and edited and rewrote each others’ chapters (where needed). Then we handed the first draft off to Harper.

Then they sent the fucking thing back with a bunch of notes and questions. And we changed the outline some and tweaked the writing some and declined some of their changes and swept our brows in relief at some of the amazing suggestions made by our editor Maya. This step was hardest for me, as I find it more enjoyable to cook a meal than to plate it. 

We had two rounds of edits with Maya, and the most fun part of it was exchanging chapters. So every chapter Joseph initially wrote, I edited with Maya’s feedback (and vice versa for Joseph). That actually made the editing process easier, because I felt more precious about honoring Joseph’s words and less precious about preserving my own. Familiarity breeds stasis, so having a fresher eye on the story allowed us more freedom to identify and make necessary changes.

Plus, Joseph and I had been building the Night Vale universe and writing style for over 2 years, so we had a pretty full understanding (or fuller than we would have had this been a brand new non-Night Vale novel) of our characters.

But now we’re through all editorial changes, and we’re down to just proofreading. And it feels great. It feels strange to know there’s this 400 page novel you wrote but you can’t put it out there for 6 ½ months. We’ve been so used to writing a thing, recording and producing it and putting it out there in just a few weeks. 

I’m very proud of the book, and like any first-time novelist, nervous about it. Not nervous about it being good, just nervous about doing a big new thing for what will likely be to a lot of brand new people. (those weirdos who like to read)

Care for a Sunday evening coffee chat? You do? Excellent.

Firstly, are you as shocked as I am that it’s Sunday night already? And are you as shocked as I am at the Bachelor Canada so far? Because whoa on both those accounts.

This past weekend was filled with nothing, and a whole lot of everything - exactly the way I like it.  I’m ashamed to say I ate out sooooooooo much, but I caught up with lots of friends & family, and as I get ready to embark on 30 straight days of no alcohol, counting calories, & running twice/week (y'all should see the spreadsheets I’ve got set up) I’m pleased I enjoyed this past weekend.

The weekend started with a beer at my desk (feet up for photo purposes only, ha), as I bid farewell to my work, and frolicked to one of my favourite restaurants in this city, Tabule, to meet a friend (my former running coach!), who I hadn’t seen in ages (fo-shame!). It was such a wonderful catchup, as we spoke about all things marathon running (or our current lack of), our summers,’ and life in general. We also spoke about fleeing out east to run a half marathon next spring, as we both need a goal run to work towards. (I won’t like, it was comforting to know this amazing woman (who has run over 10 full marathons(!), had also taken the summer off.)

I woke up late Saturday morning after a snooze that my Sleep Cycle app rated at a quality of 94% - wahoo! as I rarely hit 80%, and although I’m certain this doesn’t mean much, it put a little (well rested) pep in my step for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day included eight (8 hours!) on the most glorious patio in the world. And by that, I mean my favourite patio in Toronto - Origin.  I arrived before friends so I slipped in a chapter (or three) from my current book (Bill Bryson’s Down Under), before eating all the food with two friends.  I know, I know, Origin again! But I was lurking Yelp and BlogTo for lunch and patio recommendations, and knew none of them could live up to Origin’s game.  And you guys, they delivered. My goodness it was divine. You simply must head there, if you ever find yourself in TeeRonto, mmkay?

By the time night fell, and the moon was out (false. It was threatening rain), I
took a stroll through my favourite neighborhood (where I *really* want to move….) and captured this shot, which I love a lot (see below). The building with the green light on top is my old work building… ahhhh, memories!  I once heard that if a photo is a great photo, it needs no editing, and when I enhanced or played with this one, it always looked worst, so… ta-da!

And from the depths of the city, to the far off country, was what happened next.  Or, to say it how it was, a bus to my parents, and way-too-short sleep, before I hopped in my mom’s van (I know, so cool) to head to the barn for my riding lesson.

Usually I ride with three other ladies, but today I had a private lesson, and had a great ride (the last few weeks have been a little blah, so it was so nice to finally click again with the horse).

My happy place. And one of my favourite places to take photos. Actually, I just love taking photos in general.  Even when I’m not taking photos, I’m seeing a billion photos I could be taking.  Ps. Dropbox has literally saved my photo-life, and I’m finally completely caught up on my epic photo organization quest I’ve been on for the past, what? decade.

So yup. There’s a play by play of my weekend. The fun facts, presented with photos for your viewing pleasure.  I’d now ask how your weekend was (remember, we’re on a coffee date), and then let you know that this weekend also involved lots of planning!

A trip out east next Spring to run a half marathon. A weekend up north with my parents for a little kayaking camping adventure with my parents to see the autumn colours of Algonquin’s National Park. A 30th birthday trip to LA in December(!) with my mom. We’re thinking we’ll fly into LA, rent a car and drive the coast to San Fran, but we also want to do Yosemite, and head to an American Saddlebred (horse) barn I want to take a lesson from.  AND, then an offer came my way to head to India for two weeks in January, which I wasn’t thinking of, but now I am… and ohmygosh, I don’t know.  My company (bless its soul) offers “unlimited vacation,” but I’m so busy at work, I know I can’t possibly take more than another week off (I’m at 9 business days off since last Dec so far), so I have to pick n’ choose, and ohmy - I don’t know, but what I do know is I’m heading *somewhere* for my 30th, and I’m super excited.

Also, tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Monday and calorie counting kicks off (with a goal of 1,400cal/day).  My spreadsheets are set up, and I’ve written a crazy personal letter to myself I can’t bring myself to post, so it’ll keep it tucked away in my drafts, but I’m excited, and pumped, and I’m going to be very strict with myself.  I’m allowing myself to eat everything(!), as long as I record the calories, and I’m challenging myself to do it for 30 whole days.  NO CHEATING. I know it sounds crazy, but remember when I did the Paleo Challenge for 30 days, and didn’t cheat ONCE. So yup, miracles do happen. Of course, my friends, you’ll be along for the journey whether you like it, or not, so buckle up, and relax, because it’s going to be an excellent ride.

And with that, I shall leave you with my latest “like” on my Tumblr dashboard, because ohmygawd… SO TRUE. And now to all a good night.