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Hi Cassie! I remember seeing a post a while ago where you said that after lord of shadows was released, you could tell us who would be the main characters in the wicked powers, and I was wondering if that time had come! Also I wanted to say that lord of shadows was absolutely amazing and I have no idea how I'm going to wait for to years for the next book to be released

Not QUITE yet, because I do think it’s actually spoilery. In a few weeks, I promise!

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 2

“Lance, you won’t be needed for this mission in particular. You should train today while the others fulfill their duties.”

That’s what the princess said three hours ago when I woke up to the others being gone. I promised I would, but I don’t have the energy, really. I don’t have the energy for a lot of things. I just want to go take naps in Blue’s cockpit all the time. I’ve just been stretching the entire time, pretending to get warmed up for something cool every time Allura or Coran passes by.

But, I can’t do anything cool. I’ve never been too physically gifted besides being bendy and stretchy as hell, other than that I have nothing. I’ve been getting my ass kicked in friendly sibling wrestling for years and getting my ass kicked by people at school even more often. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely a victim, I’ve got a mouth on me, everyone knows it. Hunk’s usually the only one who can stop me from saying stupid crap because he’s not as grossed out when I lick his hand.

Really, I wish I could trade my flexibility for some muscle because I’m kind of sick and tired of being a wimp. I’ve always been a skinny guy and I’ve accepted that it doesn’t really matter how much I train, it’s just the way my body is. Skinny applies even more now that I’m growing like a weary dog that’s too depressed to eat. Don’t get me wrong, food is great. I’m just losing the will to get it from the plate to my mouth everyday. I wish my armor would just slink off of me and clank loudly to the pristine white floor so that maybe someone would look over and realize I’m decaying.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, I think as I slide into full split and lean forward apathetically. When I sigh it feels like I’m breathing out my life. As soon as Allura and Coran stop walking past the training deck to make sure I’m not goofing off, I grab a pillow and my jacket and book it to Blue. I may not be able to fight off a hunkering monster or a bulky soldier, but damn I can run. I’ve been running all my life, really. That sounds dark. It is.

It takes a little longer to fall asleep because I’m so restlessly exhausted, but I’m determined. I get there, eventually. I haven’t had dreams in a while, I’m kind of thankful. I don’t have to dream of how my family’s getting on, thinking I’m dead, or if they think I just stopped responding to their emails and letters. It’s just like the Garrison to cover up their mistakes, namely in letting three cadets and a dropout steal their Shiro, by saying some shit like we ran away out of rebellion or not saying anything at all. Telling the teachers and students we all were expelled and leaving the parents a wreck.

So, yeah, I’m eager not to dream. But, I do dream. And it’s a painful one. I’m under the water, blinking up at the surface, unable to reach there. I’m trying to keep stale oxygen as it expires in my lungs, but the pressure is beginning to wretch my mouth open. A big bubble escapes and floats to the surface, so now I’m choking but when my gaze follows it, I spot everyone up there, floating ; Hunk, Allura, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Matt, even Slav.

I’m being yanked to the depths, there’s chains on my wrists, ankles. They’re so heavy. I’m sinking, sinking, sinking. Everyone’s up there laughing, I just can’t reach them. Eventually, I can’t help it and I let out my air in one motion. I’m struggling so hard to scream with everything I have, but I can’t breathe. They’re… they’re so happy without me. They’re smiling. They’re happy. Maybe… this is how it’s meant to be. I… I give up. I let myself sink like the dead weight I am. I take a lungful of water. I prepare to die.

I jolt awake with a small electric current pulsing through my body and the sound of Blue’s panicked voice echoing, explaining that I started choking in my sleep and that she freaked and woke me up.

“I’m fine,” I gasp, clutching my chest over my thundering heart, “fine, just… I had a bad dream, but I’m okay.”

As if on cue, Lotor appears on the holo screen, looking significantly casual as apposed to his royal finery from before. His white hair is in a messy top bun, there’s glasses perched on his nose and he’s wearing a thick white turtleneck. He looks softer this way. I… can’t help but think he’s rather cute in this light.

“Greetings and Salutations, my Lance! It is I, Prince Lotor, heir to the Galra empire!” He announces in his overzealous way.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and smile at him. “Are you always going to say that when we speak, Princey?”

“Indefinitely, my Lance!” His brows furrow and he gets a rather serious look about him. “Though, I come with important questions. My source of information has informed me that you were not with your team on the latest mission. Might you explain why? Have you fallen ill? Are you injured?”

My smile falters. Of course he would innocently ask about the missed mission ordeal, though it only seems to matter to me. “Yeah, I’m… a little sick in the head. But, they just left while I was asleep because they didn’t want me there. I… get in the way. Pretty useless, haha.”

I pull my knees up to my chest and when I look back up, the Galra’s expression is positively murderous, rivaling even Keith’s default expression. A hard feat to surpass, my man.

“Anyone who should think you are useless is unwise, my Lance. You are precious and your body should only be lavished with the finest of silks, only touched with the most delicate of hands and the softest of lips, you should be protected like a jewel. Kept happy and loved with me for the rest of eternity. Never exposed to the inadequacies of a universe that would take for advantage and abuse you. Happy forever, with me. Owned by me, my Lance. I should be the only one you need until we both reach our end.”

“That’s… that sounds so nice.“ In the back of my mind, I know that he is delusional with something he thinks is love. I know that I should remind him love is not obsession, that I can’t be owned, that I will do whatever I want with whoever I want, but my heart aches so bad. I know somewhere he’s reached me at my lowest possible point, when I am weak and powerless emotionally and mentally. He has the upper hand because I am not strong and I reach for him. “I want to be happy.” There’s a flood of tears behind my eyes. In an uncaring world, he’s spouting nonsense, but it’s a beautiful nonsense that I want so much more of. “I’m so sad all the time.” I’m crying now, shaking. “Please, I just - anything, anything to not be here, they hate me, I’m so worthless here, I - ”

There’s a rippling growl that comes from the screen. When he snarls, his teeth are all sharp and flat. Not like most Galra. I should be so afraid, but the apathy from everyone ignoring me is seeping in. He doesn’t scare me when he should. Maybe it’s the space between us that’s made me fearless. “Soon, you will be mine, gorgeous Blue Prince. We will rule together. We will be unstoppable. I’ll never let anyone make you feel so unhappy again. I’ll never let them get close enough. I will own you, Blue Prince.”

The dark possessiveness is so hypnotizing. I’m addicted to the relaxed happiness he gives me, the feeling of security, the feeling of reaching the surface of the ocean I’m drowning in. Fat tears are dripping off my chin. I’m tired of holding everything inside, of being second best, a seventh wheel, a mistake. I want to be someone’s Blue Prince, I like the sound of it. I’m tired of crying alone in the shower late at night when I can’t hold it all in anymore. I’m tired of dragging my nails down my face when my depression is violent, I’m tired of this sadness sucking me so dry.

The connection times out. I fall asleep again and Blue shocks me awake again, telling me that the others are back from their mission. So, I drag my feet to the central controls and find everyone at their stations, working, except for Hunk. He’s playing a video game on some platform Pidge must’ve fixed up. Maybe… he’ll want to hang later?

“How’d the mission go?” I ask, collapsing into my own station and drawing my hood down.

“It went surprisingly well, Lance.” Shiro responds airily. “Thanks for asking.”

I smile faintly. Hey, at least they were doing good without me. I’m glad that… I’m glad to see the team is fine if I ever happen to… go.

“Did you do anything useful today?” Keith asks from where he’s cleaning his knife.

He wants me to get mad. He’s provoking me. He thinks I’m stupid. Is he that far off? I’m too empty to even take the bait like I’m supposed to. “I trained for a few, then chilled with my girl, Blue. Almost got electrocuted, super dangerous stuff.”

“Yeah, well, I asked if you did something useful.” He mutters in response. What the hell is his damage?

I throw my head back, grin cockily. “I get that you’re jealous that I’m much better than you at piloting and combat, but you don’t have to be a dick about it, Keithy boy. One day, you might be as great as me.”

“Please, I’ll remind you that you were a cargo pilot and you look like you weigh ten pounds. I wound crush you in hand to hand combat. In fact, you would fall into my fist before I could ever throw a punch.”

“Dang, you Galra just never wanna play fair. Reminder, I punched Sendak and saved - ”

“Lance, stop starting a fight.”

Of course. That’s Shiro’s Reprimanding Voice™. Most commonly directed at me. I’m just a burden to them. Lotor might think I’m worthy of his obsession, but they don’t even think I’m worthy to stand beside them as equals. Everything is my fault all the time. I’m not even worthy enough to point out our leader’s bias towards his precious, gifted cowboy.

“Sorry, Shiro. I just…” Why can’t I fight beside you guys? Why do I mess up all the time? Why is some delusional Galra Prince the only one who seems to care about me? Why… why can’t I just go with him since I’m so unwanted here?

“Yeah, well that’s no reason to come in here and provoke. Just…” He sighs. I’m sorry. I feel like crying. God, I’m such a pussy. “Try and be a little less - ”

“Less Lanceish. Got it, my dude.” I send him double finger guns and a wink before getting up and making some excuse like I have to go clean Blue (which I do, but that’s not what I’m doing) so I can flee to my room. I fall face first into my bed.

Shiro, believe me, if I could be less Lance, I would.

Chapter 3: https://langst-mccpain.tumblr.com/post/163260781795/a-blue-prince-to-own-chapter-3

let’s kick it.

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Anon said: Hii can i request a yuta scenario where he is just cocky af and a fuckboy but ends up being really sweet and you fall for him pls (:🌸

Yes, perfect. 

Pairing: Yuta/Reader

Word Count: 4100+

Summary: The end of the school year is approaching and the only obstacles ahead of you are graduation, prom, and Yuta. 

Senior year tends to be a bittersweet experience for most people, including yourself. You didn’t think it would fly by so fast and it’s all coming to an end after this week. With prom and commencement being the only things ahead of you, the feeling of relaxation is becoming a recurrence for you. You observe the surroundings of your associated student body room and think to yourself, “Hey, I’m probably not going to see any of these people for a very long time or never again!”. For you, it makes things a lot easier.

Going off to college with a clean slate and having the ability to showcase your introduction skills to new peers makes you content. Until you’re brought back to reality that one of your colleagues is coming with you for the ride. Yuta Nakamoto. It is unfair to say that you can’t stand the guy because you two have never properly met but…you can’t stand him. Knowing each other’s names is good enough for you. Having the opportunity to choose from 10 colleges that accepted him and the odds of him choosing the same college as you is highly unlikely. But, Lady Luck thought wrong. You catch him in the middle of the room discussing with fellow classmates on final prom preparations. He always tends to get loud and obnoxious over the smallest of things and today is no different.

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Undetected (Team Flash x Reader)

Combining two requests, one from @mca-attack21 “31 with Barry when Zoom takes his powers.” and @onceuponateenpanwolfian “Can I get #4 #39 with Barry Allen?”

#31 Car Wreck

#4 No. Not you. Anyone but you.

#39 Being put in a coma

warnings: Car crash, death, brain problems, hospitals, coma

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Zoom taking Barry’s powers had been hard on him. Barry seemed out of it, as if without his speed, he was nothing, and it was driving him mad.

He knew that meta’s would attack even though the Flash couldn’t do anything, and he knew that robberies would continue, and fires, and everything that he tried to stop, would continue, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Barry had promised you a while ago that the two of you would see a movie together, and he knew he had to keep that promise or he would have to deal with a slightly upset best friend.

“Oh come on Bar, you have to admit that movie was great!” You laughed walking out of the theatre.

“Okay, okay, I guess it was better than the sequel.”

“Sequels always suck. Well, most of them anyway.”

“I guess.”

“Cheer up Barry! You’re being a Debbie Downer! Let’s get you some ice cream and make your day better.”

Barry smiled at your bubbliness and pulled you into a hug. That’s one of the reasons he loves having you as a close friend. You always bring out the best in people and you make other people happier, before making yourself happy.


You started walking in the direction of Central City Creamery laughing and talking with Barry, not really watching where you were going when you had to cross the intersection.

You turned and laughed at something Barry had said, and then heard a car horn blaring, then nothing. Not even Barry shouting your name.

Barry had made you laugh and you turned to smile at his joke when he heard the car blare its horn. Before he could pull you out of the way the car hit you.

Your body tumbled over the roof of the car and hit the ground behind it. When Barry got to you, you were already unconscious.

“Oh dear! I’m so sorry,” the man who hit you said running to where Barry was.

“Call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance!” People were shouting around him.

”No. Not you. Anyone but you.” Barry was trying to get you to wake up.

Someone must have because paramedics pulled Barry away from you and loaded you into the car. They allowed Barry to ride in the back with you, but once at the hospital they told him to wait outside in the lobby.

Cisco and Caitlin arrived moments later, but Barry didn’t recall telling them about the accident.

“I was just going to call you, how did you know about the accident?” Barry asked after explaining what happened.

“Last time she got kidnapped I asked her if I could put a safety tracker in her. It tells me her vitals and her location because she gets injured so much. I saw her vitals drop and then saw her moving here so Caitlin and I got here as fast as we could.” Cisco explained.

“How is she doing?” Caitlin asked.

“I don’t know. She got knocked unconscious before I could get to her. I was so out of it I didn’t even see she was injured. I could have pulled her out of the way but I don’t have my speed and I got distracted because she was laughing.”

“It’s okay Bar. Come here.” Caitlin pulled Barry into a hug as a nurse came and found him.

“Did you arrive with (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Yes. Is everything okay?”

“So far, yes. There is just some information we are missing and you are one of the people on her contact papers.” The nurse handed Barry a clip board to fill out.

“How is she?”

“The worst of her injuries were on her head. She’s gone through some severe brain damage. We aren’t going to be able to measure it till she wakes up though.”

“But she is going to wake up right?”

“She’s going to need to fight. I’ve never seen someone with this much brain damage survive this long. I’ll tell you when she’s been moved to a room.”

“Thank you.”

A few hours later the nruse walked the group up to your room.

“I don’t know how to explain this but, she should be up right now. The doctors believe that when she hit her head that she damaged some on the nerve endings and went into a coma. I’m sorry to say that we don’t know when or if she will wake up.”

“Is there anything we can do?”

“Stay with her. Who knows she might be able to hear.”

Over the next few weeks people from Team Flash came and went. Barry regained his speed and Zoom was defeated. But you were still in a coma.

The team was in the cortex after Barry caught a thief, half expecting for Barry to have to run out again to save the day. That’s when they got the call.

“Hello? Yes this is Dr. Snow. What? She’s- what? Okay, thank you.”

“What was that?” Iris asked.

“(Y/N) is awake.”

The team never moved so fast. Barry actually waited for everyone else before getting to the hospital.

They all walked in and saw a nurse rewrapping your arm.

“Thank you,” you whispered to the nurse before she left you alone with your friends.

“(Y/N/N),” Cisco whispered crossing the distance to your bedside. He grabbed your hand and lightly hugged you, careful not to hurt you.

Everyone came to you and gave you hugs, but Barry was lost in his own world.

“Bar? You okay?” You ask drawing him out of his thoughts.

“Yeah. Just thinking. How are you feeling?” he answered shortly.

“I think I’m okay.”


But you weren’t okay. It would take four months for the brain damage to kill you.

No one expected it. The doctors all said you were fine.

Everyone was at Iris and Barry’s new apartment when you began getting dizzy.

“I think I’m gonna call it a night guys. I’m not feeling to well,” you bid your goodbye and hugged Barry telling him you’ll see him the next day at Jitters for your weekly coffee date.

You made it home, and in the door, but one step up the stairs and you fainted.

The cause of death was said to be blood clots in the brain that passed by undetected. Barry was mad that the doctors didn’t see it. Barry was mad that he didn’t see the symptoms. Barry was mad that it wasn’t him who got hit that day.

Most of all Barry was sad. Sad because he lost his closest friend to something he could have prevented. And he blamed himself.

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a helping hand pt. 1

Oliver Queen x Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

You stretched out, reaching for the sky with a low groan, and relished in the pop of your joints. A long day at the desktop in the corner of your living room had left your shoulders and back muscles tense. You needed some fresh air before you lost your mind.

Setting your hot cup of tea down on the window sill you pulled up on the window to open it and slid through to the fire escape outside. It was the closest thing to a balcony you had and you’d set up a little tomato plant and some herbs planters to one side.

After the quake that had rocked the glades a few years back the apartment building beside yours had never reopened. The few windows that aimed at your apartment had been boarded up ever since. It wasn’t the prettiest view, surely, but if you sat just right you could see through the buildings across the street to the park behind. And sometimes you could even see the stars above.

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My Team - Zach Werenski #11

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about/request: Could you consider a Werenski one where you’re super pregnant and he’s uber protective AND A fluffy zach werenski one where y'all go to a umich football game

warnings: cursing and mentions of drinking and pregnancy

authors note: so my mom actually went into labor with my brother at a baseball game so i had a lot of inspiration for this haha i hope you liked it and don’t mind me combining the two requests!!

word count: 1126

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Stiles- Embarrassing Is My Forte

Request-  Hey! If you feel like it, could you please do one where the reader is a werewolf, but she’s bitten by a vampire and she doesn’t heal and she’s in a lot of pain but she doesn’t want to worry anyone so she pretends she’s fine (she is the youngest member of the pack, and she has a huge crush on stiles) I understand if you don’t want to do this, and I love your writing😍

A/N- So since vampires aren’t really a thing on the show, I changed this up just a little bit. Enjoy!

You shoved open the school doors and stepped outside, sighing in content as you felt the warm air on your skin. Even though your grades had been slipping and you were forced to go to tutoring for hours, you had developed a new appreciation of simple things. Of course, that was a side effect of being put on a hitlist, and now that the deadpool was over, you considered yourself pretty lucky to be alive.
It was only weeks ago that you were roaming the halls of Beacon Memorial Hospital, bored out of your mind, when someone covered in blood had come around the corner and attacked you. The psycho had almost torn you apart, and only the sound of footsteps running in your direction had saved your life. A guy with dark hair and a crooked jaw had found you on the floor of hallway, bleeding out and delirious.
“Please,” you had begged weakly. “Help me.”
Instead of running for a doctor or a nurse like you thought he would, the guy just glanced
around nervously. He bit the inside of his cheek and looked down at you, and you took a shallow, shaky breath. “Please. I don’t wanna die.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, kneeling next to you.
Your brows knitted together in confusion. Of course you were sure. No one wanted to bleed to death on the floor of a hospital, but you figured you didn’t have time to point that out.
“Yes,” you whispered sharply. “Please.”
His brown eyes met yours, and he nodded down at you, but instead of going for help, he picked up your arm and sank his teeth into it. A sharp scream of pain tore its way out of your throat, and it hurt so much that you passed out. When you woke up, the guy was gone, but you were still covered in blood.
You had reached for your abdomen, which the blood-covered guy had practically tore open earlier, but it was now completely healed. You sat up, feeling your head, your arms, anywhere that had even been slightly bruised. Nothing hurt anymore.
You suddenly remembered the second guy, the one who bit you, but when you looked down at your arm, there was no mark. You stood up shakily, glancing around at the deserted hall, and that was when a couple of hospital security guards came running around the corner.
You tried to explain what happened, but when they saw that you weren’t hurt, they hurried up toward the stairs. You knew they were trying to find the guy who had attacked you, but you guessed a witness covered in blood wasn’t their priority at the moment.
You shook your head and headed toward the front desk, alarming the nurses there, but they concluded the same thing you had. You weren’t hurt at all.
     You walked back to your cousin’s room and stuck around the hospital for a little while while your aunt went to grab you some new clothes. She was the reason you had been there in the first place, and after she had broken her leg in a car accident, your mom asked you to go sit with her.
You were sitting next to her bed when you noticed someone outside in the hall, trying to grab your attention. It was the guy from before, the one who had found you bleeding in the hall. He was waving at you wildly, and against your better judgement, you went out into the hall.
“I’ll be right back,” you told your cousin, pushing open the door.
“Oh, thank god you’re alive,” the guy had breathed, glancing down at you.
“So it was real?”
The guy had pursed his lips and nodded. “There’s a lot I have to tell you. And I’m gonna start by saying I’m sorry.”
When Scott finally introduced himself and explained that he was a werewolf and you were one too, you didn’t believe him. You were convinced you were hallucinating from the shock of being attacked, but then again, the blood that was on you had been yours. You had no explanation for the cuts and injuries disappearing, and once Scott showed you his glowing red eyes, you finally started to relent.
It turns out he had bitten someone else just a little after you, when the same guy who attacked you almost threw a kid in your grade off the hospital roof. You were a werewolf, along with this new guy, and you were both a part of Scott’s pack now.
“Jesus,” you had remarked. “Do you just go around biting people all the time?”
Scott had frowned. “No. This is actually the first time this has happened to me.”
“Seriously?” you asked.
“I’m having an off night,” he had stated glumly.
Learning control was hard, but you were starting to get the hang of it. That was more than you could say for Liam, the other new beta, whose anger issues were complicating things. Now that the deadpool was over though, you had more time to focus on gaining control of your powers, and you were just relieved you were getting the chance to be normal again.
That was why you were so excited about your walk home from tutoring, because while it was something simple, it was mundane. You walked home almost all the time since you lived pretty close to the school, and that was at least one thing that hadn’t changed.
You smiled as you headed out toward the sidewalk, just as the school doors opened behind you. You glanced back to see a girl with dark hair slipping out the door. Her name was Kalissa, and you recognized her from your tutoring sessions, so you called out to her.
“Hey, Kalissa!”
She simply smiled and lifted up her hand to wave, but you were pretty far ahead and she didn’t try to catch up to you. You turned back toward the road and headed toward your house, but the footsteps behind you told you that she was going the same way. It never occurred to you that it would have been smarter to walk beside her, but when you heard breaks screeching behind you, you realized your mistake. You whirled around, just in time to see a dark-haired man jumping out of a car and grabbing Kalissa.
She screamed, and something Scott had told you that night in the hospital came to mind. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, Y/n. You can use to help people.
With Scott’s words echoing in your head, your dropped your bag and sprinted toward the car. The guy snatched Kalissa so fast that you knew he must have been something supernatural, and then he slammed her into the side of the car. She fell to the ground, unconscious, and you let out a threatening snarl, but the guy didn’t look afraid.
Instead, he let out a roar of his own, and his eyes lit up a bright white. One look at his horrifying teeth told you exactly what he was, and you started toward him.
“I hate wendigos,” you hissed to yourself, flicking out your claws.
Your eyes lit up a bright yellow as you swiped out at him, catching him across the chest and tearing his shirt. He roared again and started to go hand to hand with you, but it was obvious he was more skilled. By some stroke of luck, you managed to knock his legs out from under him and pin him to the ground, but he quickly lunged up and sank his teeth into your shoulder.
You screamed, and through the haze of your pain, you realized that you wouldn’t be able to save Kalissa. The Wendigo grabbed you by the hair and slammed you into the door of the car, and you blacked out for a minute or so. When you opened your eyes, you had just enough time to see him loading a back bag into the trunk and then slam it shut.
It took you a few moments to realize that he must have zipped Kalissa into it, and you weakly shoved yourself off the ground. You ran around the side of the car, but he was already inside, and he simply flashed you a crazy grin as he sped off. You limped back to the sidewalk, your shoulder stinging, and pulled out your phone.
First, you tried to call Scott, but he didn’t pick up. You didn’t want to call the police and sound totally insane as you explained everything, but if you had to, you would. That was when you realized that there was one more person who might be able to help.
Since you were a new werewolf, you didn’t have a long list of contacts that new about the supernatural, but Scott had told you that there was one person who was always willing to help if he could. Dr. Deaton was a veterinarian with a very specific set of skills, and not all of those included treating cats and dogs.
When you were introduced to him, he seemed helpful enough, and if you wanted to avoid bringing clueless cops into the situation, then calling him was your best option. You quickly dialed his number and prayed to every god there was that he would pick up the phone.
“This is Dr. Deaton,” he announced after a few rings.
At the sound of his voice, you let out a breath of relief. “Deaton, this is Y/n, uh, Scott’s beta?”
“Oh. What can I do for you, Y/n?”
“I think I just watched a wendigo kidnap someone,” you breathed. “I was leaving the school, and he just pulled over and grabbed the girl behind me. I tried to fight him, but he bit me and I tried to call Scott, but-”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Deaton cautioned. “Slow down, Y/n. What did he look like?”
“Uh, he had, uh, dark hair,” you said slowly. “And I think he had blue eyes. When they weren’t glowing white.”
You heard Deaton sigh through the phone. “Wait, do you know him?”
“I’m afraid so,” he told you. “He escaped from Eichen House a little while ago, but I think I know where he’s headed. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to him before he hurts that girl. Thank you for calling me.”
“Wait, that…that’s it?” you asked. “You’re just going to go after him?”
“Yes,” Deaton told you. “Unless you need something else. You’re not hurt are you?”
You glanced down at your shoulder. “No, uh, I’m fine. Let me know when you find her.”
With a promise that he would, Deaton hung up the phone, and as you slid your phone back into your pocket, you hissed in pain. Your shoulder felt like it was burning, and as you grabbed your bag and headed down the sidewalk, it occurred to you that there was no way you could go home like this.
For starters, you weren’t healing at all. Maybe it was because the bite was deep, or because it was from a wendigo, but the mark didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon. You tried to call Scott again, but he still wasn’t answering his phone, and after trying Kira, and Lydia, you realized that you had to try Stiles.
He was Scott’s best friend and two years older than you, but you and Stiles got along as if you had been friends for years. Meeting him was one of the best things about Scott biting you, and you knew that if you called him and asked for help, he’d be there within minutes.

Stiles was sitting on his bed when his phone rang, and he pulled his eyes away from his crime board to snatch his phone from his desk. “Hello?”
“Uh, Stiles?” you asked hesitantly.
“Y/n? Is everything okay?”
“Not really,” you told him. “A wendigo just bit me.”
“What?” he choked, jumping up. “Where are you? What happened?”
“I’m outside the school. I was walking home and there was who was walking behind me. This guy just pulled over and grabbed her, and when I tried to fight him, his eyes were bright white. He bit me, and he took off. I couldn’t help her, but I called Deaton. He said he knows the guy and knows where he’s going.”
“Okay,” Stiles told you. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you?”
“No,” you told him weakly. “I think I’ll be okay.”
“You don’t sound okay,” he stated, jogging down the stairs and snatching his keys from the table by the door.
“Stiles,” you told him. “I’ll be fine.”
“Y/n, I’m not hanging up this phone until I know you’re not gonna die on me.”
Despite the pain you were in, you smiled. “Okay.”
He talked to you as he drove to the school, probably breaking about five traffic laws in the process.
“Stiles,” you croaked. “Please be careful.”
“Careful?” he asked, his voice echoing out through the speakers. “‘Course I’m being caref-oh, shit…sure hope that wasn’t a red light.”
You laughed softly and tilted your head back against the brick wall you were leaning against. You hadn’t wanted to go back into the school with your torn shirt and bleeding shoulder, but you hadn’t wanted to stay out on the road either. You had gone around the side of the school and sat in the grass to wait for Stiles, hoping you would be out of view.
“Hey, where are you?” he asked. You could hear the screeching of the Jeep’s breaks through the phone, and you felt your body sag in relief. “On the side of the school. The one closest to the sign.”
“Okay, I’ll be right there.”
You heard a car door slam, and true to his word, Stiles didn’t hang up the phone until he skidded to a stop in the grass in front of you.
“Oh shit,” he breathed, glancing down at your shoulder in horror.
“You really know what to say to a girl, Stilinski,” you remarked weakly.
“I-I didn’t mean-it’s just-your shoulder,” he rambled.
“It’s okay,” you told him, shoving yourself up from the ground. “I’m sure it looks awful.”
You stumbled slightly, and Stiles reached out to catch you. He placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you.
“Hey, easy there,” he told you. “I can’t have you dying on me. Scott would kill me.”
“Where is he?” you asked him as he led you to the Jeep.
“No idea,” he told you. “But I’m taking you to Deaton.”
“He’s not there,” you groaned. “He went after the wendigo who took that girl.”
“Damn it,” Stiles breathed. “Okay, I’ll call Scott. Hopefully, he’ll pick up, but for now, I have a first aid kit in the jeep. I don’t have any supernatural healing magic, but I’ve got some gauze and some medical tape.”
“That works too,” you told him. “God, my head is killing me.”
“I also have some aspirin,” Stiles assured you.
He led you to the Jeep with an arm wrapped around your waist, and then helped you into the passenger seat. He reached out in front of you to fumble with the glove box for a moment, and then he pulled out a rusty, metal first aid kit.
“Sorry, it might be a little old,” he warned.
“A little?” you questioned.
Stiles’ lips twitched. “Okay, maybe more than a little.”
You smiled. “It’s fine, Stiles.”
“Great,” he said softly, reaching out to clean the bite mark on your shoulder. You winced, and noticed his fingers were shaking.
“Do you want me to do it?” you asked, nodding down to his hand.
“I-no, sorry I-I just…you make me kind of nervous.”
You rolled your eyes. “Don’t worry, Stiles. I’m not going to attack you again. Besides, it’s not the full moon anymore.”
“It’s not that,” he said softly, wiping the dried blood from your shoulder.
“Then what is it?”
“I-I mean, I don’t hold that against you, you know?” he told you quickly. “It was your first one, and you didn’t end up killing me, so…”
“Oh,” you said. “Okay…but why are you so nervous?”
Stiles sighed. “You’re a total badass. And you’re really pretty…and I’ve never been the best around girls to begin with.”
You blinked, and you felt a smile curling onto your lips. “Stiles, are you saying-”
“I like you,” he admitted, the words tumbling from his mouth. “I really like you.”
Instead of looking at you, he was fumbling around in the first aid kit for some bandages, but you quickly reached out to grab his wrist. “I like you too, Stiles.”
Stiles blinked and looked up. “A-are you sure? Like, you’re not just saying that because I’m totally saving your life right now?”
You rolled your eyes again, and Stiles smiled. “I wouldn’t go that far. I doubt this thing is going to kill me.”
“You never know.”
You sighed. “I like you, Stiles. I’m not just saying it. You’ve been one of the best things about being a werewolf. I don’t think you have any idea just how much I like you. It’s kind of embarrassing.”
Stiles grinned. “You? Embarrassing?”
“You’d be surprised,”
“Well,” he said, leaning forward. “Embarrassing is my forte.”
You blinked, glancing down at his lips before meeting his eyes again. Before he had a chance to mess it up, he closed the distance between you. You closed your eyes as he kissed you, and as you wrapped your arms around his neck, you felt a prickling sensation around the bite on your shoulder and the gash on your head. When you and Stiles finally parted, you looked down to find that the wound had completely healed.
“Woah,” he breathed. “I must be a better kisser than I thought.”
You rolled your eyes at him, but you couldn’t stop the smile blooming on your face. “I’m guessing you didn’t know that could happen?”
He shook his head. “You know, even after all this time, I’m sure there’s still stuff we don’t know about werewolves.”
You sighed. “I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.”
“I can help you out,” Stiles promised. “Starting now. I wonder if kissing could, like, make you sprout wings or something.”
He leaned in for another kiss, and you put your hand on his cheek and turned him away. “I do not want wings.”
“But you do want me…you do want me, right? I’m not misreading this?”
You laughed softly. “Yes, Stiles. I want you.”
He sighed in relief. “Good, because this would have been awkward. So, should we call Scott?”
You looked down at your healed shoulder. “Eh, I think I’m good.”
“Thank god, because I’m starving,” he breathed. “Wanna go get something to eat?”
You grinned. “Sure, but uh, maybe I should change first?”
He looked down at your bloody shirt. “Oh, hold on.”
He leaned forward, practically enveloping you as he reached around your body and into the backseat. He pulled a faded t-shirt from the floor and tossed it to you. “Wear this. It’s clean, it’s just been back there for a while.”
“It’s fine,” you promised.
You smiled to yourself as you hopped into the backseat to change. Stiles turned around to cover you, and you felt excitement stirring inside you. Initially, you had been freaked out about this whole werewolf thing. Now it was beginning to dawn on you that with superpowers, a chance to save lives, and the guy of your dreams, it wasn’t a bad deal at all.

That’s What I like

Words: 781
SONG FIC: That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars
Tony Stark x Reader
“Could I request a Tony x Reader to the song “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars where maybe Tony wants to woo the reader with all of the things mentioned in the song, but really she’d settle for something simple?”
- @cajunlizard

It was a Saturday morning. You were laying in bed with Tony. Your head was resting on his chest. He was holding you close to him, and tracing tiny circles on your arm. This was your happy place. Nestled in that sweet spot between the sheets and his arms. There was no Iron Man suit in the bedroom. There wasn’t really an Iron Man either, there was only Tony Stark. It was like laying next to a different person when the two of you were alone. Completely void of cameras, journalist and the other Avengers, Tony Stark acted like a perfectly normal human being. Most of the time.

“What do you want to do today, Sweetheart?” He asked you before stretching down and kissing the top of your head.

“Anything, as long as I’m with you.” You yawned. “Maybe see a movie, or walk in the park?”

“Walk in the park?” He repeated. You could practically feel his eyebrows raise above your head.

Hey, hey, hey, I got a condo in Manhattan. Baby girl, what’s happin’? You and your ass invited!

“You do know who you’re talking to right?” Tony scoffed. “We could literally do anything.” He complained. “Why would you want to just go to the park?”

“I didn’t know you disliked the outdoors so much, Mr. Stark.” You mocked him while barely lifting up your head.

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CrossMare/CrightMoss- I Would Never Betray You

Cross’ Point Of View

WHY does everyone always think this? That I’m okay? Chara knows that I’m not, he always knows what I am going on about. No one can see through my “I’m fine” other than Chara.

He asks me what’s wrong, I always decline the question, he keeps on pushing, I get annoyed, when I need to get the stress off to clear my mind off about things, that never works, but then self-inflict came to my mind years ago and I started doing it.

Along time ago, my old friends, they always asked me how I was, I always lied. They said “It gets better” when? “It’ll be okay” .. no it won’t. “I’m here for you” bullshit. “It’s okay” no it’s not.. “Everything will be okay” stop saying that.. “I really do care about you” liar.. “I’m not going to let you die” you already did. Exactly, that’s what always happened, the same questions, then they’ll get different answers that cover up the real ones.

Right now, I’m in my “what used to be” universe. But, all it is right now is just an empty white void with no life, no dust, no grass, no houses, no people, no monsters, no children running around, no animals, no birds chirping in the early morning.


The only thing that I can do right at this very moment, is just laying on the void of emptiness and quietness. That’s all I can ever do, but, even though I’m suffering mentally, I can always try and take the pain away, the same thing I’ve been doing for years..

A little while ago, a creator named Ink!Sans, but I call him Ink, he had started visiting me, he promised that he would come back each day, and he did, but at the same time he didn’t. I think he’s been gone for about two or three days, I’m not sure but it felt like it and it’s hard to tell time in the void.

I have no one to talk to right now, either Chara’s sleeping or he just got tired of talking to me and started ignoring me like Ink did.

I’m starting to think he gave up on me but I can’t give up on hope. Not yet, anyways.. I just have to hold on a little longer, and he’ll come back, I know he will, but Chara always tells me otherwise.

“Do you really think he’ll come back? Ink promised that he’d help us, he promised that he’d talk to us each and everyday, he promised he’d try to help and bring back our world, and HE PROMISED TO HELP US KEEP OUR SANITY.” Chara crossed his arms, I could tell he was beginning to lose all hope just like me, but he can’t give up just yet. “We shouldn’t give up just yet, you know? Maybe he just had important.. things to do.” I’m not giving up on hope just yet, not like him.

“Oh really? You think he has ‘important’ thing’s to do? Or maybe he just got sick and tired of us and threw us out like pieces of worthless garbage that meant absolutely nothing to him. Who knows, maybe he hated us all along and wanted to mess with our so called or somewhat left of 'emotions’ we have left over just to mess us up. Maybe he made new friends, maybe they’re much better than us so he could replace us, or ma-” I cut Chara off before he could say anything else.

“STOP WITH THE MAYBES!” I shouted angrily, which made Chara flinch slightly, I didn’t mean to snap.. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to yell like that, I just can’t handle anything right now..”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. And, we both can’t handle anything at the moment. Face it.. Ink’s not coming back for us, he lied to us, he’s just.. playing with us, I know it, I know you may not see it that way and it’s hard to believe, and that’s fine and I understand that.” He said and I nodded silently in agreement, “We’re.. both going to lose it again, won’t we? If he doesn’t come back, what’s.. going to happen to us? Will it be the end? Are we really going to be alone for all of eternity?”

“No.. It’s not going to be that way. We’ll still have each other to talk to at least, you,know?” I said, trying my best to reassure him even though we’re both in a not-so-good situation, then he sighed in defeat. “Yeah.. You’re right.” He then sat on the ground, laying a few feet away from me, “Heh, hey. You’re actually right for once.”

“I guess so..” I said, not really agreeing with that statement, I was never right nor will I ever be. I sighed quietly as I closed my eyes slightly, even though I can’t sleep, maybe this might.. do something for me.. Before I could close my eyes completely, I heard the sound of teleportation, INK! “Ink! You’re b-” I cut myself off before I could say anything else. This wasn’t Ink.

No Ones Point Of View

Cross and Chara both sat up, looking at the new and unknown figure that they have never seen before. The figure had a faded outline on his hoodie and shorts to where his clothes were visible, and he was completely covered in a black oily substance, and his left eye was illuminated in a battle blue, but no tentacles were out.

Chara stared at the figure with a puzzled look while Cross was looking at him for unknown reasons. Then something came to Cross’ and Chara’s mind, Ink told them both about this being, but only about what he looked like, nothing else.

“You are Nightmare, right?” Cross asked, which made Nightmare slightly dumbstruck on how he knew his name, then he brushed the thought off and decided to speak, not trying to make this anymore awkward, “Yes. I’m not sure how you know that but I’m guessing little brush told you?” He asked, then Cross was trying to think on who would be nicknamed that.

'Little brush? Does he mean Ink?’ Cross asked himself. “If you don’t know who I meant, I was meaning Ink.” Nightmare said, “And also, I’m not here just for visiting. I’m here because I felt your strong negativity, so that lead me to your location which is here. What a big world just for one person.” He explained and Cross nodded quietly.

“And?” Cross questioned, not knowing what Nightmare meant by that. “I want to help you. I can take you out of here, and I can make you stronger.” Nightmare offered, this could be the only chance to take it. “I don’t need help, I don’t need power, I don’t need anyone… I never have and I never will..” Cross stated, clearly not knowing what he, himself was talking about, which made Nightmare sigh.

“He’s lying to you.” Nightmare said, not wanting to explain what he meant any further, then Cross gave him a questioning look, “Who’s.. lying to me?” Cross asked. “Ink.” Nightmare said, “He’s been lying to you. He told you he would help and bring back your world, but he can’t, he can’t bring back the dead, he’s been playing you. He’s been playing you both, it’s apart of his stupid game. He "helps” people who are in need and then tells them that he’ll help them, then he abandons them, leaves, and goes to another just to make them miserable. He’s been lying to you..

T̴̜̹͊͜H̵̨̘̳͛̕İ̶̠̰͈̳̓S̶̢̤̊́ ̵̳͓̟̈́̀̏Ȅ̸̪̲͎̩͌̄N̷̨̹̍̆͂͛T̷̲͇͔̄͐̈́͝Ị̵͇̈́͆̿͐R̶̖͇̒͠Ę̶̓̓̽͠ ̷̤͍̂̐Ṭ̵̣͑̄̏͜Ḭ̷̼̒́M̷͍͕̠̣͂Ĕ̶͈͆̕.̸̛͖̦͚̒ ̶̳̩̗̄͝"

“You’re lying.. He.. wouldn’t do that.. right..?” Cross asked and Nightmare frowned slightly, not liking the fact that Cross thinks he’s lying. “I’m not lying, but if you think that, find it out for yourself. If you need me, I’ll be around.” Nightmare snapped his fingers and teleported away, leaving Cross and Chara alone again. But, then he suddenly teleported back, must of forgot something to say, “Oh, and one more thing.” He added in.

“I know how to bring your world back.” He said, looking at Cross, “What would you know about bringing back worlds..?” Cross asked, his voice was hoarse and dry and yet it also sounded vulnerable. “I can help you gather resources, bring you to other AU’S and gather parts of them to re-build up your destroyed world. And then you’d have your world back, and your friends, family, and brother back.” Nightmare offered with a wide grin upon his face. Cross thought for a moment before say 'yes’ or 'no’, or even a 'maybe’. Cross sighed quietly, “I’ll think on it..”

“Alright. At least we’re making progress. And like I said, if you need me I’ll be around. Ta ta.” Nightmare finally teleported away.

“Cross, he’s right. You KNOW he is, you just don’t want to admit the fact that it’s true, now do you? Yes, you and I have been betrayed by many, and have not let our guards down to trust another, and yet.. you chose to trust Ink. Why?” Chara wanted an answer, and he wanted it now. Cross sighed before answering to that type of question, “I.. don’t really know. But, Chara.. he said he would help us, he promised that he’d talk to us everyday, that he’d help to bring back our world, and when we met him he said he’d be our friend and promised that he wouldn’t leave us..” Cross explained.

“And do you see Ink around anywhere? Where is he Cross? I don’t see him. You know he left us, we can’t trust anyone and we need to stick with that.” Chara said firmly. “.. I’m going to sleep.” Chara went into Cross’ mind, going to sleep like usual, which now really left Cross alone.

Ink’s Point Of View

I’ve realized how long it’s been since I’ve been gone, leaving Cross and Chara all alone and I promised I would visit them everyday, oh great, I broke another promise, but, I needed to get thing’s out of the way and done, but then again, they probably thought I abandoned them..

I hope Cross isn’t mad. I opened a portal to Cross’ void or what used to be of a universe. I saw him in the distance and quickly ran over, he was sitting there doing nothing, “Cross?” I asked but he didn’t do anything, I put a hand on his shoulder but he slapped it away, “Cross I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to leave you alone for so long, I-” I was then cut off by Chara, who looked incredibly angry, so I took a small step back.

“How dare you.. HOW DARE YOU COME BACK HERE AND SHOW YOUR STUPID FACE TO US! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN!? AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO SUFFER.” Chara sighed angrily before he continued, “Cross has been getting much worse, so have I. And you can’t really bring back our world.. now can you? You’ve been lying to us this whole time and we had fallen right into your trap. The both of us have become weak, but mainly Cross, he hasn’t been sleeping at all and his health is low, I don’t care about how I am, I care about how HE is. You lied to us about being our friend, HIS friend, you’ve been playing with our emotions this whole time… haven’t you?”

I couldn’t say anything, I had nothing to say.

“It’s all apart of your game.. where the victim follows your lead.. being blinded by your so called kindness.. And.. infact..” Chara cut himself off, pulling out a knife, “You’re my victim now. You have two choices, you let me stab you to your very last dying breath until your disgusting dust spreads across the floor, or you flee.” He grinned widely, gripping his knife tightly.

No One’s Point Of View

A nervous bead of sweat dripped down the side of Ink’s skull as he stepped back, “N-None of that is true! Please! Let me help y-” Ink cut himself off when the beam of a Gaster Blaster fired at him, which he threw himself to the side, dodging the attack, “C-Cross!?”

“You heard Chara, get lost. I don’t want to see you back here ever again, EVER. YOU LIED TO US WHEN YOU SAID THAT YOU COULD HELP US BRING BACK OUR WORLD, YOU LIED ABOUT HELPING US. YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Oh great, someone else decided to betray us once again. And that someone is you. Get lost you DISGUSTING LIAR!” Cross shouted angrily while tears were rolling down his face, he closed his eyes tightly, rasing up his arm as a giant Gaster Blaster appeared above him, being aimed directly at Ink.

Ink was too shocked too move, once the Gaster Blaster fired, he quickly snapped his fingers and teleported away. Cross lowered his arm and opened his eyes to see nothing in the view, “DAMN IT. THAT BASTARD.” Cross balled up his fists angrily and sat down, then he suddenly broke down crying. Chara gave him a sad look of sympathy, “C-Cross.. please don’t cry.. I-It’s oka-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “STOP IT. JUST STOP! NOTHING WILL EVER BE OKAY, I KNOW SO. AND I c-can’t help.. it..” Cross continued to cry, curling up in a ball while his hood was over his head, keeping his face covered, Chara sighed and hid away again.

Cross’ crying echoed throughout the empty and quiet void. There was a look in Cross’ eyes, and there was something more to his crying, it was out of mental pain, crying because of another betrayal​, someone he thought he could trust, and all he felt right now was melancholy, not knowing the reason of why he was feeling this way, but he never did even understand his own self.


More days have passed by, Cross’ negative aura grew stronger each second, making his pain worse. Nightmare could feel this, he didn’t feel powerful, no, he felt terrible, sympathetic, so he teleported back to Cross with no warning, even though he wasn’t called, maybe he could help him in someway he didn’t even know of.

Nightmare saw Cross in the distance, then he heard Chara shouting at Cross, not out of anger but out of panic and worry. “CROSS PLEASE! Y-YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” Chara shouted, trying to make Cross snap out of it. “… What are you talking about..? No one.. heh.. wants me around so why bother staying here..? It’s not like there’s any p-point right..?” Cross asked and Chara shook his head, “NO. That’s not true, I want you around, w-we’re friends.. right..? Please l-let me help you Cr-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I keep having to live through.. this.. when someone says they’ll help they just leave.. and then we get betrayed.. over and over and over and so… and uh.. I’ll make a stop to that by.. killing myself… Maybe that might do something.. That would be at least one mistake out of this universe which is me…” Cross explained, and Chara shook his head again, “You’re not making any sense… Please calm down..” Chara bit down on his own thumb, trying to numb his worrying down, but that didn’t work. Cross only readied his knife, where it was by his 'stomach’, then he lifted the knife up, but before he could do anything, a hand held onto his wrist.

It was Nightmare, and he saw everything. He forcefully grabbed the knife out of Cross’ then melted it, “Not happening.” He exclaimed, then Chara sighed in relief, Cross couldn’t say anything other than to look at the floor. “Thank you.. I couldn’t do anything and I’m sure you know why.. He’s getting worse, alot worse.. I can’t help him and he can’t help me, if him and I helped each other it would end up terribly.. Just, I know we don’t know each other, but can you just talk to him..? It might do something..” Chara asked, and Nightmare agreed and then sat down next to Cross.

Chara went back into Cross’ mind to let Cross and Nightmare talk alone. “What the hell was that for?” Nightmare asked in a demanding sort of way, not trying to sound rude in any way. “.. Heh.. Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much to where you finally say 'I’m used to it’? Heh.. I don’t know what that was for.. That’s the only way I knew how to take away pain.” Cross explained, making Nightmares frown further, “I guess so.. Look, I know we may not exactly know each other, but do you remember when I said I could take out of here? I meant that, you know.. And, I guess you finally found Ink out, right?” Nightmare asked and Cross nodded silently. “Yeah.. Another betrayal..” Cross chuckled dryly, hugging his knees tightly to his chest.

“.. When I offered that, I just wanted to let you know I know what being betrayed all the time feels like.. And I would never betray you.” Nightmare was telling the truth about this even though he did lie alot during the years. “You wouldn’t..?” Cross asked in an almost desperate way, and Nightmare shook his head for 'no’, affirming his answer, “No, I wouldn’t do that.” Nightmare got up and held out his hand to help Cross up, he stared at his hand for a moment before hesitantly taking it, then he got up but kept his eyes on the floor.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” Nightmare asked and Cross shook his head silently. “Heh, and I’m guessing you kicked Ink out of here? Don’t ask how I knew, for one I can see cracks and burns on the ground from the beam of a Gaster Blaster, and also, I never left anyways.” Nightmare explained.

“I thought about the offer.. And I’ll do it.” Cross said and Nightmare smiled slightly, “Good choice. And when you start gathering recourses from other universes for your world, I’ll keep bringing you to the next one, for something in return, it’s not much, but it has to be done anyways.” Nightmare said, trying to get straight to the point, “What do I have do?” Asked Cross.

“You have to kill at least one person in every universe that you’ll be brought to so you can continue gathering recourses.” Nightmare explained and Cross agreed, “Heh, that’s all? You got a deal, Nightmare.” Cross agreed and Nightmare held out his hand again, the both of them shook hands to confirm their deal.

“So.. Where do you want to go now, partner?” Nightmare asked, which made Cross smile alittle. 'Heh.. partner. I like the sound of that.’ Cross said mentally.

“How about UnderFell? It’s an interesting place.” Cross suggested. “Sure is. It’s kind of like where the original universe UnderTale, got driven to too much salvation, then everyone lost hope and became not themselves, so then an AU of that became created, I guess that’s how you could explain it. But, their personalities are surely interesting.” Nightmare said and Cross nodded in agreement, “Ready to go?” Nightmare asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Yep!” Cross replied. “Let’s go, and I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you. I got your back.” Nightmare reached out his hand again then Cross took it, teleporting to the AU.

'Maybe.. Just maybe, I won’t be alone anymore..’

BTS Reacts to You Giving Them the Silent Treatment

Hey guys! I got this request a while ago but I had a bit of writer’s block on it, so it’s like way late…. I’m so sorry! I’ll try to do better in the future! My inbox is open to any requests you guys have for any group. There is no limit on the number of groups you add to a request, reaction or scenario. It’ll take longer, the more groups there are, but I’ll work on it as fast as possible. If you have any questions or just wanna talk, feel free to send me a message!


     @mintyoongiisjungshook:  Big Bang and Bts reacts to you giving them the silent treatment.

The basis of this one is that you are upset at them because you had plans to have a date later in the week, and you were really looking forward to it, but they had to cancel because of a last minute rehearsal was added for the upcoming tour.

1. Jin

     Jin would know he messed up as he told you. When you began to give him the silent treatment, he would try to think of the best way to apologize. While you were ignoring him, he would cook your favorite meal. He might have flowers delivered to the apartment and set them in the middle of the table. Once you were both seated, he would take your hand. 

     “I’m sorry, Jagi. I hope that I’m not home enough, but I hope that you can forgive me?” Jin asks, his thumb rubbing circles into the back of your hand.

2. Suga

     Suga would be unsure of how he’s supposed to feel about your reaction. At first, it may not bother him because he’s a quiet individual. After a while, he would begin to feel uncomfortable with the silence. He would sit next to you, staying quiet for a moment before he releases a sigh. 

     “I’m sorry. If I promise to try to come home a little earlier from now on, will you please just talk to me?” Suga pleads, lifting his hand to gently brush your hair out of your face.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would wear himself out trying to get you to forgive him. He would do aegyo, perform girl group dances, and make a complete fool out of himself. You would have forgiven him a while ago, but you weren’t going to tell him that. Finally, he collapses on the couch next to you, his expression dejected.

      “Jagiya, please forgive me. I really wanted to go and spend time with you, but with the tour so close, this rehearsal is mandatory,” J-Hope pulls you into a tight hug, his face buried in your hair.

4. Rapmon

     Rapmon’s first instinct would be to get you a gift to make up for it. The problem is, he wouldn’t know what to to get you. This would result in him buying you way too many gifts, some of which you’re not sure why he bought. After seeing how much he thought of you, you couldn’t help but forgive him.

      “I know that this date was important to you, baby. After this tour, I’m taking a whole week off. Will that be enough time to make up for it?” Rapmon’s hands cup your cheeks, his touch soft.

5. Jimin

     Jimin would be beating himself up. He would seem distant because he’s unhappy with himself. It would bother him that you were disappointed in him. He wouldn’t say anything to you, letting you go to bed without him. At this point, you knew he was blaming himself more than you were. He would come to be after he thought you were asleep, holding you close.

     “I love you, Jagi. I’m so sorry we had to cancel. I hope you can let me make it up to you,” Jimin asks quietly, tears wetting his lashes.

6. V

     V would refuse to accept your silence. He would engage in what is best described as aggressive cuddling. What this means is that he would cuddle you and refuse to let you go until you forgive him. You were annoyed at first, but you couldn’t help but succumb to his cuteness.

     “Please don’t be mad anymore. If you forgive me, then we can go get ice cream,” V pleads, biting his lip.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook wouldn’t be sure of what he’s supposed to do. He doesn’t like the fact that you are upset with him but he doesn’t know how to make you feel better. You would be curled up on the couch, facing away from him. He would sit at your feet, gently lifting them into his lap. Quietly, he begins to sing. He would continue to sing and cycle through songs for a while until he felt that you had relaxed.

      “Jagi, I promise that the next day I get off, we will spend the whole day together. We’ll do whatever you want. Just please, forgive me?” Jungkook says softly, his gently massaging your calves.

I hope you guys enjoyed! It’s a shorter reaction, but hopefully you enjoy it. My inbox is open to any requests you guys have for BTS, or any of the other groups listed on my blog.

Stars v Bolts


So a while ago a lovely anon requested “ love your imagines!! could you please do a tyler seguin imagine about y/n going to the stars/bolts game but the bolts are her home team? (and maybe it gets a lil intense in a fun/jokey way back home😏)” and here it is!!  I hope you enjoy!!


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           You promised Tyler you would always cheer him and his team on, no matter what, but did that really mean that you had to cheer for the stars over your home town team?  You grew up in a hockey centered house hold and every night the bolts were playing your family would sit in front of the tv cheering them on, regardless of how they played.

           When you told Tyler you weren’t sure who you were cheering for at the game you could basically see the steam coming from his ears.  It was something straight out of a cartoon.  He stormed out of the room slamming the door shut behind him making the entire room shake.  So you decided to be the mature one, you let him go hoping by game time he would cool down enough so that he wouldn’t kill the entirety of the Tampa Bay Lightening roster.  Hoping that he would cool down enough so that the navy-blue jersey you had opted to wear wouldn’t make him want to kill you.  Ok so maybe you weren’t being all that mature but they do say angry sex is the best sex.  

           You had made it to the arena just in time for puck drop, unfortunately missing warm up, but that just means less opportunity for Tyler to see you not wearing his jersey. But even though he couldn’t see it you still had his name on your back- you were wearing one of your many Dallas Stars t-shirts under the jersey in case Tyler’s jealousy got a little bit out of hand.  

            Tyler wasn’t the first to notice you, Jamie was and when he saw the jersey you were wearing he laughed but when he pointed it out too Tyler he didn’t think it was as much as a joke.  The look that flashed through his eyes wasn’t like anything you had seen before, and you had seen many different emotions from Tyler.  He mouthed a quick ‘just wait’ and then he was gone.  He picked up the puck and went on a break away, speeding down the ice faster than you had seen him go before and just like that the puck was in the back of the net and the entire arena was on its feet.  

            Shortly into the third period when Tyler had made the score 3-0.  Thanks to his hatty it was an easy decision for you to wiggle out of the bolts jersey proudly displaying your Seguin t-shirt. Tyler quickly found you with his eyes as he skated past the bench and shot you a classic smirk noticing the victory green t-shirt that now adorned your body.  

            The game had ended 4-1, Tyler had assisted on the fourth goal not at all to your surprise with the way he had been playing all night.  You made your way out to where you parked your car waiting for Tyler to be done with media.  Finally, after what felt like hours you saw Tyler making his way towards you a cocky smile plastered across his face.

            “Maybe I should cheer for the other team more often” you say stepping toward him and wrapping your arms around him.  

            “No way are you ever wearing another teams jersey, unless its with my name on the back” he says firmly “you do look good in my t-shirt though” the cocky smile coming back on his face as he backs you up so you’re back is pressed against the car.

            “You might have mentioned that once or twice before” you say smiling up at him.  

          “God I can’t wait to get you home” he says moving toward the passenger side door to open it for you, but when you don’t move he starts to get clearly impatient “come on (y/n).”

            You debated being stubborn for a little bit longer but the look in Tyler’s eyes said ‘if you’re not moving your feet in five seconds I will put you in this car myself’ and that is one thing you didn’t doubt. The car ride to back to Tyler’s was quiet, just the low hum of the radio playing, but the two of you didn’t need words to convey what you were feeling.  Tyler had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand was edging closer and closer to where you needed him most.  

             By the time you got into the house you had played through the scene that was about to unfold in so many ways you were prepared for almost anything.  Except Tyler pulling a Stars jersey out of his bag.  

            “The only way I’m fucking you tonight is if you’re wearing my jersey.”  

            The request was simple enough but it still made your stomach twist.  The look of lust in Tyler’s eyes was something you were not going to mess with so, you took the jersey from his hands and made your way to the bedroom discarding first your t-shirt and then your bra slipping the jersey on quickly.  Tyler followed after you quickly shutting the door and immediately pressing you up against it.  


(time skip b/c cassie don’t write smut)

           “So I am definitely going to be cheering for the other team every once in a while” you say breathing heavily.

             “God I love you” Tyler says laughing.



As soon as she felt your hand on her thigh she would look at you with biting her lip and blushing badly. She would end the dinner quickly so she could get home with you.

“I’m not feeling so good, so we are going to go home. Thanks for the lovely dinner.”


She would slap your hand away so quickly that you would have to let out a small laugh at her reaction. She would would whisper to you that if you try anything funny again she would punish you later.

“Think about what you want. Do you wanna try doing that again and get nothing else for the next few weeks or doing whatever you want later?


She would grab your hand and put it in your lap patting before going back to eating. If you tried again she would look at you annoyed but would start blushing the more your hand got under her skirt. She would be little mad that you just won’t let her eat peacefully with the family.

“I just want to eat, is that to much to ask for?”


Sana didn’t care that you were doing, what she cared about how she needed to control her moans or her face expressions. If she knew she was going to get loud she would go to the bathroom.

“Excuse me, I need to go to bathroom.”


She will not let you put your hands on her anymore while at dinner. When you two get home she would tease you for the rest of the night.

“If you touch me, I promise you won’t get anything for the next month.”


As soon as she felt your hand she would grab it and hold it the rest of dinner. When you two got in the car to leave she would put your hand on her thigh and smirk at you.

“Now you can do what you wanted to do a while ago.”


She would blush right when your hand touch her but she wouldn’t let you get far. And if you kept trying she would get annoyed and mad and tell you that if you don’t stop she wouldn’t kiss you for a while.

“Please stop, I promise we can do something later. Or you can just not get kisses for the next 3 months.”


When she felt your hand on her she knew right away what you were doing and she didn’t want to stay any longer. She would find a way to leave right then.

“I’m sorry that we have to leave so soon but I have a busy day tomorrow.”


She saw your hand coming to her and she would grab it and hold it. She would look at you and see the lust in your eyes and tell you to wait just a little longer. When you get home she would wrap her arms around your neck and kiss you.

“Now that we are home, we get start want you wanted to do during dinner.”

anonymous asked:

DRV3 Boys comforting S/O after S/O broke up with their ex? I hope that makes sense. (The boys have a crush on S/O in this one, so feel free to add some confessions and angst in there)

Yep it makes sense~ I love this type of ask heheh. I’ve done them as scenarios~ Some guys have happy ends, others not so much

DRV3 Boys confessing after crush breaks up with ex

Shuuchi Saihara           

Saihara sat in his apartment, browsing aimlessly through crime channels. Each and every one he’d seen before, and it was becoming tiresome. Exhaling, he picked his phone up, flicking through social media apps and liking the odd photo. His thumb hovered over a photo of you and your partner, looking as if nothing else in the world mattered. Your face was lit up in pure happiness, and while it hurt him to see you with someone else he still liked the photo, before half-assedly tossing his phone onto the sofa and getting himself a drink.

When he returned the screen of his phone was lit up. Strange. He mostly had his phone on silent so he didn’t realise you were calling him at first, but then he recognised your caller ID on the screen. A pang resonated in his chest as he debated leaving it to ring out, fearing he would mess up his words as the image of you and your partner flickered in his mind. Just before it rang out, he snatched his phone off of the sofa and answered.

“…Y/N?” You didn’t reply, and he checked that he hadn’t let the call ring out. Call Duration 00:06. “Y/N?” He tried again, and then he heard a gasp of a sob “Y/N?! What’s wrong?” His tone was more insistent now, while he turned the TV off immediately to try hear you better.

“I…I got dumped…” What. A couple of minutes ago he had seen the photo… and now this? “Can… You come over?”

“I…” don’t think that would be wise…. He couldn’t say that. From the state you were in it sounded like you needed the shoulder to cry on. As long as he kept it to that… “I’ll be there shortly,” What are you doing. A hand rose to his forehead as he promised to be as fast as he could before hanging up.

When you opened the door his heart felt ready to burst. Your eyes were puffy and pink, and the skin around them dry from the wiping of tears. It took everything he had not to pull you into his arms there and then. Cautiously he stepped past you, and sat on the sofa as you joined him. You both focussed your gaze on the floor, before he mumbled.

“So… What went wrong…?”

His hands hung limpy between his legs as he raised his eyes to you. You shuddered and swallowed audibly, before explaining they’d dumped you over text, saying they didn’t feel what you felt and thought it best to call it quits now.

There was silence for a long while, before you sobbed again and leant againt Saihara. Gently, he pulled you to him, keeping an arm around you. For a while you stayed like that, before he plucked up the courage to speak his mind.

“I hate that people can treat you like this Y/N… You deserve to be happy before everything else…”

Your focus was on the floor, your pulse now racing. You could feel his too against his chest.


He shifted, and then stood up, apologising profusely.

“I can’t be here, it’s selfish, I-I can’t comfort you selflessly…” He made his way to the door, stopping for a minute to collect himself. You’d followed him,

“Saihara… I… I don’t want you to leave, if you’ve got somewhere to go then… I… I’m sorry,”

He turned to face you as you began to turn away. Just as your back was completely to him, you felt his arms around you. His chin rested on your shoulder, heart hammering at the closeness.

He slowly moved away, apologising again, before asking you if you’d eaten and busying himself with tasks to make you feel better and keep himself from touching you again.

Before you went to bed you sat beside him and hugged him. “I’m sorry for dragging you over here…”

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else… Sleep well,”

When you woke the next day you found no Saihara and a note, asking you to call him if you needed anything else and encouraging you to talk to other friends with ‘more experience’ with relationships than him.

Kaito Momota

The evening was creeping in, amber hues lighting the sky as he lay on his back underneath the emerging night sky. Momota exhaled, imagining how nice it would be to share this time with someone special. Someone to lay with beneath the sky, to kiss under the stars, to hold as the night passed by. Someone like Y/N…

He mentally slapped himself for daydreaming such a thing, knowing full well that you were taken and happy. He’d had his chance to date you, and he’d missed it. Now he would deal with the consequences.

Scratching the back of his head he forced himself up, knowing staying out there would only lead him to endless impossibilites now that you were on his mind. He knew he’d have to train himself not to think about you all the time, but it was becoming difficult as he had very little to take his mind off of you. You’ll find someone else, he would tell himself again and again. But deep down he felt he wouldn’t, at least not while he was hung up on you.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when the doorbell rang, quickly changing his course to answer it. The second he saw you stood before him his heart skipped. Then he noticed how your head hung, and your ragged breaths. In seconds his arms were wrapped around you, helping you back into his house and sitting you down on the sofa.

For a long while the two of you sat like that, you sobbing into his chest and him soothing you and gently rubbing your back in an attempt to help you calm down. Eventually you were calm enough to start talking, and shifted away from him slightly as he mirrored your action.

“So… Who’s the one responsible for this?” His tone was calm and encouraging, showing his patience.

It was another short while before you managed to speak. But even then you bit back a sob at the end of your sentence.

“So yeah… I’m back on the market again now…Hah…” The laugh was humourless, and it pained Momota to hear it, as if you were mocking yourself. All previous thoughts of being with you vanished, all he wanted was to make you feel better again.

He sat with you for hours. talking things through. making lighthearted jokes to try and lift the mood. It ended up lifting your spirit, as he made jokes about dating accounts you could make, he would show you his and you could assess each profile together. You laughed, genuinely, at half the descriptions, He’d impersonate each one, changing his voice and character and even pretending to woo you as that person.

It soon reached the early hours of the morning, and you were both dozing off on the sofa. Momota stirred slightly, realising you were leaning against him. Carefully, he shifted, and scopped you into his arms before carrying you to his room. As he placed you down he realised just how close to you he was. Your eyelids twitching slightly in a dream, lips slightly parted, breaths shallow and peaceful.

I’m too close.

He stepped away rapidly, before turning to one of his cupboards and pulling a picnic blanket from within. Glancing at you one last time in your sleep, he flicked the light off and set up his own bed on the sofa.


He’d had a busy day, collecting essentials and was looking forward to returning to his apartment. Traffic clogged the streets at this time of day, as people rushed to get home and civilians hurried to get into their own vehicles to get out of the city.

He was considering dropping in on you on the way back, having seen something he thought would make a good birthday gift and wanting your opinion on it. His route home consisted of many traffic light crossings, and many unwanted encounters with curious pedestrians. But there was in face in the crowd that he wasn’t about to get away with ignoring. 

You ran up to him and wrapped your arms around him in an embrace, pulling away and grinning to your partner explaining Kiibo was your friend. Kiibo, meanwhile, was trying to keep all his systems under control, as he felt a familiar heat moving through his body from where you’d hugged him. Not one for sensing the atmosphere, he bowed to you before launching into conversation about the birthday gift. The growing discomfort of your partner was becoming painfully obvious, as they shifted their weight repeatedly while you showed no intention of ending the conversation.

Kiibo saw you both on your way, thanking you for your time before heading his own way home.

It was a couple of hours before he heard from you again. His phone lit up, with a new text. It wasn’t often he actually recieved them, and most of the time it was Ouma spamming him. But this time it was from you. He couldn’t tell right away from your text that something was up, but he knew he’d rather hear your voice to assess your wellbeing than read it.

When you told him that you’d just broken up with your s/o he had plenty of questions. He still couldn’t quite tell how you were feeling about the whole thing, so asked you many before hearing you cry on the other end of the line. He was immediately apologising, and asking differing questions now.

“Y/N, is there anything you need? Doesn’t chocolate, or ice cream, help you feel better?”

He was making a list in his mind of everything to buy for you, before he set out to the shops to buy as many mood boosting products as he could find. Bath oils, candles, all sorts of food were piled into a bag and put over his shoulder as he made his way to your place.

When you answered the door he stood there dutifully for an awkward few minutes before you invited him in. He’d been programmed not to enter unless given permission, but once in your house he placed the bag down and walked over to you.

“Are you okay Y/N?”

You shook your head, hands finding their way to your face to cover your embarrassment of crying. Thinking back to how you’d greeted him earlier, he repeated your actions, and pulled you against him in a hug.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

The two of you sat on the floor of your living room, ice cream between you even though Kiibo refrained from eating any himself. He listened to you, any thoughts of his attraction pushed to the back of his mind and replaced by his need to help you.

“…it was because I was too dedicated to my friends…” You mumbled between a mouthful of ice cream, “…but there’s no way I’m replacing my friends with my partner…”

Kiibo was learning from everything you said, each time you cried he had a tissue in hand for you and a hug ready. As the night drew in he noticed you becoming sleepier and your conversations dropping. A comfortable silence hung between the two of you, both lost in your own thoughts. Your fatigue from the emotional rush was apparent, and it wasn’t long before you had fallen asleep resting against the sofa. Looking around, Kiibo noted a throw for the sofa. Careful not to wake you, he wrapped the cloth around you, before silently leaving your apartment.

Rantaro Amami

Most of his nights were spent perusing social medias. It was something Amami did most mornings and evenings, in his own way to check how his friends were getting on. As the night continued into the early hours he was flicking through instagram, looking through various friend’s profiles. Then your face appeared in a selfie with one of them, and a small smile danced across his lips. He tapped your profile, your most recent post having been a week ago. He felt a twinge of sadness at the initials of your other half in your bio.

Somewhat solumnly he closed the app and turned his phone off. He couldn’t go on like this, in love with you, because it would just continue to hurt him again and again while you had a partner.

As sunlight fell across his bed from the crack between his curtains, Amami reached for his phone. He’d been lying there for some while now, a weird feeling set in his stomach. He shouldn’t shift the feeling that something had happened, but he couldn’t work out why.

He rolled over, onto his stomach as his phone came to life. The brightness of the screen was a bit much to his sleepy eyes, but he tapped in his passcode before resuming his social media browsing. Snapchat was the first on his list, where he saw you’d posted a story at 3AM. The feeling in his gut returned as he opened it to a black screen and a broken heart.

Surely not

Instagram was open in an instant. He wasn’t going to get ahead of himself, he needed to talk to you asap but it was still early morning. Doubting you were awake, he typed in your account name and scrolled through your posts. All the photos of you and your s/o were gone, and the bio was now blank. All of his feelings towards you were pushed to one side as he worked out what had happened.

It had been a while since he’d rung you or met up with you. It’d been a bit too painful for him seeing you and he didn’t want your s/o to get the wrong idea if you two met up for coffee every week like you once had done. But now he was checking on your wellbeing before everything else. You were his best friend and he didn’t want you alone if you were upset. 

“…Amami…? What’re you doing up this early?”

Your voice sounded rough, even over the phone. And Amami picked up on it immediately.

“I saw your snapchat story… It’s been a while since we talked, is everything okay with you?”

A single laugh was your response. “So you’ve been stalking my instagram again?”

“I, okay, yeah, what’s going on Y/N?”

“Can we talk over coffee? I’ll meet you at 12.”

Sitting across from you he could see the exact effect the breakup had had on you. Beneath your eyes were bags, dark and prominent, and your eyes themselves were pink and somewhat bloodshot. He’d bought you your usual coffee so that you didn’t have to order it yourself when you dragged yourself into the café.

The two of you sat and discussed things, how you’d been isolated recently without each other’s support, how you were both feeling. Amami was tentative to bring up the topic directly but eventually asked.

You exhaled, leaning forward so your face was in your hands. You explained you’d broken it off, how it wasn’t a healthy relationship, but that didn’t stop it from hurting like a bitch. Cautiously, Amami leaned across the table to pull your hands away from your face so that he could squeeze them reassuringly.

“At least you knew it’s the right thing,”

You bit your lip and nodded, not granting the eye contact that he wanted. “It’s just a gaping hole in my life now,” You laughed and scratched the back of your neck awkwardly.

“Well, you know what I think, I think you need some retail therapy,”

You raised an eyebrow at Amami, and he smiled back slightly. “It’s something that’ll take your mind off of it, clothes, books, games, whatever you want,” He was already standing up, “C’mon, I’m not having you moping, let’s hit the shops before the sales are gone,”

Kokichi Ouma

He’d been spamming you over text for a few hours, knowing it wound you up to no end. Flopped across his bed lazily, his legs were kicking like some excited young girl, grinning from ear to ear at the irritated responses to his messages.

Ouma had his own ways of showing his affection, and this was one of them. Like the young boy kicking the back of your chair to hint he likes you. He was aware you were in a relationship but that wasn’t about to stop him. He was close to you as a friend anyway so it was just a luxury that came with being his friend.

‘Omg Ouma stop’

“Nishi nishi nishi~”

He was having too much fun with this. He spammed you with some random memes, to illustrate your mood and his mood. But you cut him off mid-meme.

‘I gotta go, my date’s just arrived. Talk to you later.’

His expression fell. Who am I going to pester now?

He sent a few spam messages to Saihara, only to receive a passive-aggressive response. No fun.

Ouma rolled over so he was hanging off of his bed upside down, and started to throw his phone up and down half heartedly. It was midday and most people were busy with their own lives but he had nothing to do and no one to annoy. Hmph.

It was the early hours when he received a message from you. He rolled over as his phone lit up, pulling it over to him.

‘I’m coming over.’

He was out of bed in an instant and redressing himself. Fumbling around in the dark he managed to find the nearest articles of clothing he could, before he heard his doorbell go. That was fast~

He answered the door to you, where you stood with a takeaway and puffy eyes. But the sight of him was enough to draw a laugh from you. He looked down at himself and noticed the issue. His clothes were all inside out and back to front. Though the smile dropped from your lips quite quickly, and he picked up on your mood.

“Y/N-chan? What’s wrong?” He took the food from you and beckoned you inside, setting out the meals on the table where there just so happened to be roses in a vase. Typical.

“I’m single again…” He couldn’t hide the slight smirk crawling its way across his lips even though he tried.

“And that’s a problem~?” You slapped his hand and he grinned, leaving to get cutlery before returning. The prankster look had gone from his eyes and now he was locking eyes with you. “What happened?” The tone of his voice was completely different to before. It was serious, and his look invited confidence.

Through mouthfuls of food you explained what had happened, a few tears escaping your eyes as you retold it all.

“I mean, they were out of my league anyway but-”

“You’re kidding, right~? No one is out of your league Y/N-chan!”

You gave Ouma a lopsided smile, and he nodded seriously, shovelling food into his mouth before downing the remnants of his Panta. “And I for one would never treat you badly~”

Rolling your eyes you continued to eat. The later the evening got, the more emotional you became. Every time you cried Ouma was dabbing your tears away with a tissue and reassuring you everything would work out. He wasn’t about to keep it a secret that he liked you, but he wasn’t going to be overbearing when you were in this state. Instead he used it in a form of jokes to try and lift your mood.

It wasn’t long before he had an arm around your shoulder and was telling you the wonders of being on the single market, laying it out like some huge project before you and gesticulating at the beauty of not being in a relationship.

“That is, unless it’s with me, nishi nishi~”

Though you were too exhausted to hear it, having fallen asleep leaning against him. He smirked to himself and got a blanket, before stripping of his shirt and cuddling next to you under the blanket.

Gonta Gokuhara

He couldn’t help but swoon whenever you saw each other. The gentle giant would end up blushing, and passing the odd compliment indirectly for his fear of your s/o finding out. He never had the courage to ask you about your relationship, he always heard it from your friends. They all knew he liked you, the smitten look on his face whenever they mentioned you was enough evidence.

He was in the local park, evening bathing the scene in orange light as he searched for insects. It was his way of distracting himself, else he knew he’d be sitting around dreaming of you when he couldn’t have you. He’d end up caught in fantasies of being a gentleman to you, showing how much he loved you, how he’d take you out… Stop.

Frustrated with being sucked into his own dreams again, Gonta collected a last few bugs before standing and preparing to depart. But as he did he caught sight of you in the park with your s/o. Jealous resonated within him, and he forced himself to look away and continue to pack his belongings.

Intending to avoid you, he skirted awkwardly around the perimeters of the park, avoiding looking in your direction. But then he heard raised voices, and followed the sound of the source. Your s/o was stood over you, shouting in your face. It was clear from your position that you were crying, and making an attempt to stand up against them. Gonta began to march in your direction, just as your s/o turned on heel and stormed away.

“Y/n?! Gonta heard a disruption? Is everyt-”

He could clearly see that everything was not okay. Placing down all his equipment, he crouched down before your hunched over figure. Strangled sobs escaped your throat, and tears fell to the pavement beneath you. Gentle, Gonta slid his hands under your own and squeezed them encouragingly. “Gonta will listen, Y/N,”

The two of you stayed like that as you continued to cry, trying to speak between tears. You ended up coughing a lot but Gonta was patient with you, waiting until you were able to tell him what happened

“I… I broke it off… It wasn’t taken so well…”

Within seconds Gonta had leaned forward and wrapped his arms around your figure, pulling you to his chest. Your breaths were still shaky, and you were trembling but the strength of his hold made you feel safe.

He sat down next to you and just listened to everything you had to say. He didn’t ask any more questions, just kept rubbing your back to try and relax you. He wouldn’t ask you to go into details, just listened to what you felt comfortable with telling him.

Once you’d explained it all, the whole situation came crashing down on you again. It tore him apart seeing you like this, vulnerable and hurt at the hands of the person supposed to love you most. The evening was creeping in, and the park was darkening.

“Allow Gonta to escort you home,” With one hand holding yours he helped you to your feet, before walking you home with one arm around you.

In your house he sat you down, before setting about making you a drink and accompanying you. He had left all his entomology equipment outside, for fear something could have escaped into your home.

You sat and talked to him for hours, him listening to each detail of your relationship and how it’d reached that point. But the emotion of it all had drained you, and you dozed off mid sentence, leaning against his shoulder.

Scooping you up, he carried you to your room, laying you down delicately and wrapping the duvet around you. Without thinking, he kissed you on the forehead, before closing the door and letting himself out of the apartment.

In the days following he sent you texts and asked to meet up with you as to get you out of the house or to be a shoulder to cry on. ‘Gonta is good at that!’ he had insisted, and you couldn’t find it in your heart to say no.

Korekiyo Shinguji

Almost every week the two of you had met up in the local library. Shinguji would be browsing the fiction and folklore most times, and you’d sat reading one book per day.

But that had changed since you’d gotten into a relationship.

The dust hung in the air as if time had frozen in the library. You’d walked in with your other half, and Shinguji had made eye contact. It was almost as if he looked betrayed, but you couldn’t be sure because of his mask.

He watched the pair of you from a distance, the jealousy inside him growing by the second. He knew he shouldn’t be like this but he couldn’t help it. The way that their hand lingered just above your ass, how their head was inches from yours as they read over your shoulder.

“You’ll have to pay if any damage comes to a product, sir,”

The library assistant prompted, noticing the vice-like grip on the book in Shinguji’s hand.

He’d stopped going to the library all together, until one day he had to return a piece of literature that was overdue. The likelihood that he’d bump into the two of you was very low. Or so he thought.

This time it was him who set eyes on you when he just walked in. But you were hunched over a book, seemingly staring through it. His keen observation noticed a tear hit the table, and he was at your side in an instant.

“What’s happened Y/N,”

You nearly jumped out of your skin at the suddenness of his appearance. “Who hurt you?” The tone in his voice was unsettling, with how serious it was.

He placed himself opposite you, eyes boring into you as you began to explain the break up. He listened keenly, asking a question now and again before allowing you to continue.

“…And I ended up here… because it’s my safe place…”

It took all of his willpower to refrain from touching you. He just wanted to pull you to him and confess how much he loved you, but it was neither the time nor the place. Instead, he stood up from you for a bit. You thought he was just going to leave you after the amount of time he was gone, but then he returned, with a pile of books stacked high.

The rest of the day passed as he educated you in all that he’d learned recently, and he gave you the books he’d picked out for you over the past few weeks. Each one was of the genre that you loved the most. Intentionally he would brush his hand against yours, as he read it with you.

Over the next few days you continued to meet and read together, while he treated you to lunch each time, and supported you as you got over the breakup.

Ryoma Hoshi

Hoshi had invited you to one of his matches on a whim. The roar of the crowd filled his ears as he scanned the seats, and eventually settled on you and your s/o. Despite you being there with your partner he didn’t mind, having your support was enough.

He’d realised his feelings for you quite early on, but was able to disguise them pretty well. He was generally good as that, hiding his true opinions and feelings for you. Instead he’d watched from a distance as your relationship with this other person developed and eventually the two of you got together.

After the match, he’d noticed how apprehensive your partner was around you and other men. So it was no surprise when you two were talking that they had their arm firmly around your waist. It was possessive, and it didn’t give Hoshi a good feeling about your relationship.

A couple of weeks later you’d come to another game of his. Only this time you were alone. Hoshi noted that immediately, and once the game was over he intended to speak to you about it.

The second he saw you he noticed the dark circles under your eyes, the lack of warmth in your expressions now, and the downward curl of your lips.

“Y/N, what’s happened? You look like you haven’t slept in weeks…”

He took you out to lunch, listening to you as you recalled everything. Each time you began to cry he pulled you to him and hugged you gently, encouraging you to continue only if you could.

“Y/N… you’re an amazing person, you know that?”

Each time you made a self depreciating joke he would correct you, and lift your mood with some dry comment.

In weeks following he requested you came to each of his games. You still looked rough the first few times, so he made sure to bring you through the restricted areas that no one else could get through to. Anything he could do to make you feel special he could.

Now and again he would drop a hint, and slowly the places he took you to were more expensive. But he wouldn’t let you pay a penny.

It just so happened a few weeks after the break up the two of you bumped into your ex. Hoshi immediately bristled at them, and made a single remark as you passed.

“You missed your chance,”

Mystery man ~ Ignis x Reader

Requested by: Anon

Valentines request. Reader has a huge crush on Ignis, they’ve barely spoke, but she’d never show her feelings. Only Prompto knows. On Valentine’s Day she is surprised with a mystery date set up with a mystery man, thanks to Prompto. She’s left alone on a camp worthy field and sees a figure desperately fighting and struggling. She assists what turns about to be Ignis and he reveals he is her date, etc etc take it where you wish!

Warnings: None

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His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 11

“What the actual fuck?”

Trigger Warning;talk of self harm and cutting!

Luke’s Pov

i shouldn’t have invited her in.

this is not something i do.

i do not cuddle with anyone especially a girl.

a girl i haven’t even fucked yet.

but i wanted her close, especially after she had been grinding on some guy. The thought of her with anyone else gets to me.

she was fast asleep beside me, i lay on my side just staring at her back.

she was so beautiful, she was wearing my t-shirt because her dress was uncomfortable so i gave her a t-shirt of mine.

something i’ve never done before but she looks better wearing it than me.

i don’t know what is going on with me lately, i intended to get over these thoughts of Hailey and i’ve ended up in bed with her but not because we fucked.

i could feel myself starting to drift off into a sleep and then Hailey moved making me freeze in my spot and then she turned around and layed her head on my chest.

i didn’t know what to do but i was uncomfortable in the position i was in so i put my arm around her pulling her closer.

i fell asleep with a smile on my face for the first time.

Haileys Pov

It was so warm,I could hardly breathe.. was my first thought when i woke up

my head was busting..i couldn’t think of why and then i remembered i went to a party tonight.

i opened my eyes to see i wasn’t in my room.

oh my god.. did i sleep with someone last night??

then i remembered Luke showing up..

i looked over to see Luke snoring away on his front.

i’m in his room.


i looked around.. yup just like i thought typical boy room.

i saw my dress and heels on the floor making me look down at myself almost breaking my neck because i moved so quick

oh my god i’m wearing Luke’s t-shirt.

i lifted it up to smell it, it smells just like him.

i wish i could wear this forever.

what the hell am i saying??

i sat up in Luke’s bed taking everything in from last night, i almost did sleep with someone and then Luke showed up..my head is a little fuzzy over why he did show up i had a little to much to drink and i don’t remember coming here too well.

god i bet Lauren will be wondering what happened to me…

i slowly got out of Luke bed trying not to make a noise so he wouldn’t wake up and then i grabbed my bag to get my phone out..

Crap! it’s dead.

i need to go back home.

Luke moved in his bed but thankfully he didn’t wake up, i finally opened my mouth to breathe again when i heard him snore again..

He looked so adorable sleeping, he was on his back so i had a the chance to look at his chest. I’ve gotten the chance to look at him without a top on, his tattoos are amazingly done.

He looks so young and vulnerable, his piercings are missing making him look younger there is something sweet about him almost.

i know i am fucked already, i have fallen for him.

He isn’t the bad boy that i have had to deal with at school.. he is just Luke hemmings to me.

the boy who is misunderstood.

I wanted to crawl back into bed and cuddle next to him, I wanted to feel his arms wrap around me and for him to pull me closer and just fall right back to sleep.

i shook my head trying to ignore these thoughts in my head, i need to leave.

i took of his top and quickly got dressed in my dress but i didn’t put my heels on because my feet hurt and i managed to get out of his house without making a sound, his mum wasn’t home thankfully.

I managed to get out of his house without making a sound, I was glad his mum wasn’t awake yet or that would have been awkward. She would have thought I slept with him which is something that I didn’t want.

my mums car was in the driveway meaning she was home.

i wonder if she will know where i’ve been..

i opened the front door to find her waiting for me..

oh well this isn’t good.

“Where have you been all night? and is that my dress?” she said as she stood up

i looked around wishing i wasn’t having this conversation and then she spoke again

“Hailey.. Answer me”


“I went to a party okay, i borrowed your dress because Lauren said i needed to look some what decent” i said to her

she didn’t look mad like i thought she would

i was surprised by the smile on her face and then she spoke

“Oh hunny you could have just texted me, i was just worried because you usually do tell me where you are or if your staying out” she walked over and hugged me

this wasn’t like her.

she never shows much emotion to me.. i don’t like this sudden need to touch me…

i went to pull away from her when she spoke

“Just don’t wear my clothes again”

and then she walked away from me till the kitchen

i stood still for a second.. not believing that just happened.

i ran upstairs and put my phone straight on charge because i need to talk to Lauren and then i walked into the bathroom to get a shower.

once i was finished in the shower i got out and was about to wrap a towel around myself then i looked in the mirror and stopped.

i took a real good look at myself.

no wonder no one loves me.

i am ugly.

why does Luke even want to be near me? i’m nothing like those girls he goes after and i’m not like Ashleigh..

i don’t know why he wants to kiss me or why he left his party to come and get me.

i’m nothing, even my own dad didn’t want me so why would Luke?

no one is ever going to love me, i don’t even love myself.

i’m better off alone.

i wiped the tears from my face and wrapped a towel around my naked ugly body and walked out into my room.

i didn’t notice Luke looking at me through his window until i got to my bed, we made eye contact. he was smirking at me but i didn’t smirk back.

i walked over until i got to the window and then i took one last look at his smug face and closed my blinds over.

what was he smirking at? the fact that he got me in his bed?

i’m surprised he didn’t try to have sex with me although with the state i was in i don’t know if i would have said No or not..

i heard my phone vibrate, it totally forgot i had it on charge.

i walked over and turned it on to see i have a couple of messages from Lauren and 2 from Luke.

i opened Lauren’s messages first,

“I’m sorry i left you! you know how i get with alcohol… Are you okay???

"Are you okay Hals? did you get too drunk?

"I’m sorry please talk to me”

aw i bet she feels bad but i texted her quickly letting her know that i’m fine and i don’t hate her.

i also told her i almost had sex with someone and she freaked.

she said we will talk on Monday.. which i know i will be asked loads and loads of questions

i was about to text Sophie and ask how her thing with her family went when my mum walked in

“I’m going out to go shopping with Tiffany.. we might go for drinks later, i don’t know when i’ll be home hunny but make sure you eat today”

then she left.

i didn’t make a move until i heard the front door open and close.

so i’m alone today.

thank god it’s Saturday, i have no plans and i intend to keep it that way.

i didn’t bother answering or looking at Luke’s messages.

i didn’t want to see or talk to him today.

i just feel real shitty and this headache isn’t helping.

i got up and dried myself with the towel and then i let it fall and i walked over to my wardrobe and decided on a baggy hoodie and shorts is what i want to wear today.

i still have my book to finish so i think i need to spend time reading and alone.

i was walking down stairs when there was a knock on the front door.

i know who it is.

but do i want to open it?

of course i do..

Once i got downstairs I went to the front door and opened it, to find Luke on the other side.

i knew it was him.

I didn’t say anything I just stood there with the door opened

“Are you ignoring me? Luke asked as he walked more into my house making me turn and look at him but i didn’t close the door just yet because he wasn’t staying.

"Is it that obvious?” i said making him walk closer to me

ugh not now.

“ Hey what’s wrong?” Luke said as he stood in front of me

“ Tell me” He continued while he put his hands on my cheeks to make me look at him

I looked at him in the eyes, I could see he was concerned but I didn’t care

“ Leave” is all i said

I pulled his hands off me, i just want him gone.

“What have i done?” he asked leaving his hands by his sides, i was glad he didn’t try to touch me again

“Nothing, i just want to be alone right now” i said to him not looking at him even though i wanted to so badly

“Hey, you don’t need to be alone” he said and his hands gripped my hips

i pushed him away from me and let go of the door making it shut and then i said

“i don’t need you right now, i just want to be alone.. don’t you have somewhere to be or someone to fuck?”

i know what i said was wrong but i needed him to leave

“Fine” Luke said and then walking out.

I closed the door as soon as he left.

I slid down the door with tears in my eyes.

I got up off the floor and I walked back up to my room,i walked straight to the bathroom.

i looked at myself in the mirror.. my face was soaking because I had been crying, I looked a mess.

I took one last look at myself and then I opened the cupboard.

The cupboard where I kept my razor.

i haven’t cut in a long time,weeks even. I know i promised Luke i would stop but right now it’s the only thing i can think of doing that will help.

i’ve never self harmed on my arms before because my arms is something i cant hide as well as my legs but right now i didn’t care.

i grabbed my razor and held it over my skin.

I looked at myself in the mirror while i cut myself.


Nothing is what I felt while cutting, it started a few months ago were when I did cut I felt nothing I guess i got use to the feeling of the pain.

Once I saw the blood drip to the floor I stopped cutting, I tore my eyes away from my reflection in the mirror and i looked down at my arm

So much blood.

I put my razor down and started cleaning up the blood.

Once it was cleaned up I put the bandage back on my arm, it hurt but I didn’t care.

I walked out of my bathroom into my bedroom.

i got into bed and layed my head down ready for this day to be over.

Luke’s Pov

i don’t know why but i was extremely happy when i woke up.

i remembered falling asleep with Hailey cuddled into me, i never cuddle..ever.

i opened my eyes to find Hailey gone which made me sit up straight.

all her stuff is gone..her dress,heels and bag.

when did she leave?

i sat up more and grabbed my phone sending her a text hoping she would repily.

thank god it’s Saturday..

i wonder if she has plans…

“Are you up Luke?” my mum said from the other side of the door

i groaned hoping she would go away but of course she opened my door

“Oh good your up, i need you to help me today” she said

i groaned louder burying my head in my pillow and then she continued

“couldn’t you have went after someone else Luke,Hailey is a nice girl too nice for you”

i sat up at her words to see her looking at me with a disapproving face

she must have seen Hailey leave the house

what does she mean she’s too nice for me?

even my own mum thinks shes too good for me

“We didn’t have sex, i actually brought her home from a party and she couldn’t get in the house so i offered her to come here” i said to my mum

it was true what i said..

mum looked at me as if she didn’t hear me right and then she said

“just leave the girl alone” then she walked out.

i wasn’t going to listen to my mum and since when does she care who i fuck?

she’s never had a say before.

i got up out of bed and got a shower because i know my mum will have me out all day doing whatever..

once i was dressed which didn’t take me very long because i already look good no matter what i’m wearing

i was about to go downstairs when i saw Hailey walk into her room in just a towel

oh my god i wish i was over there right now..

i could feel the boner already..

i smirked at her but she didn’t do it back and then she walked closer to her window, i thought she was going to say something but she just closed her blinds..

what the fuck?

what have i done now?

i saw her mum leave meaning she was alone, she is bound to talk to me

“Where are you going?” my mum asked when i was about to go out the door

“I just need to talk to Hailey” i said i didn’t wait around for her repily i walked out and over to Hailey’s house

i knocked on the door but no answer do i knocked again and then she answered the door finally!

she didn’t look happy.

i walked into her house not caring if she didn’t want me here, i don’t want to make a scene for everyone on the street

“Are you ignoring me?” i asked looking at her, she was facing me but she wasn’t looking at me

what have i done?

“Is it that obvious?” she said

what the hell?

i walked closer to her and i saw her roll her eyes making me stop in front of her

“ Hey what’s wrong?” i asked her, she looked down at the ground so i knew i had to touch her

“ Tell me” i asked then i put my hands on her cheeks lifting her face up so i could look at her

god she is beautiful, she finally looked me in the eyes and then she spoke


she pulled my hands of her face and turned away from me

“What have i done?” i asked i was really worried now

i have done nothing wrong that i can think off anyway.

“Nothing, i just want to be alone right now” she said still holding onto the door

i know my mum is waiting for me but i didn’t care i wasn’t leaving until she told me what’s wrong

“Hey, you don’t need to be alone” i said then i gripped her hips hoping to calm her down a bit

i was about to pull her towards me and then she pushed me away making me stumble back abit, i almost fell..

okay now i’m pissed.

“i don’t need you right now, i just want to be alone.. don’t you have somewhere to be or someone to fuck?” she said

what the actual fuck?

i’m so pissed right now

is that what she thinks of me

fuck this!

i walked out and slammed the door behind me not caring if anyone saw

my mum was waiting for me when i got home

“Are you okay Luke?” she asked all concerned

“Yeah” i said but i know she didn’t believe it and neither did i

if that’s what she thinks of me then she can go fuck.

Hailey’s Pov

by Monday i was feeling a lot better, for some reason my mum was really concerned for me

it was nice for her to care about me for once.

i didn’t hear from Luke all weekend, i felt really bad for what i said because i know i told him i would forget all about his past but i was sad and i needed him to leave.

on saturday night i ordered pizza for myself because i was hungry and mum wasn’t home yet and when i answer the door to pay the guy i saw Luke and his friends outside his and he had his arm around a girl in a very tight yellow dress.

so i guess he’s been having a good time all weekend.

mum had a meeting this morning and i didn’t feel like walking to school so i got to school early well early than i normally get to school.

Luke and his friends were in their spot like usual.

i wonder if Luke will talk to me..

i didn’t know where to look when i walked past them, they stopped talking but i didn’t dare to turn to look at them.

i got to my locker and there was Lauren and Sophie, i was happy to see them.

even though i spent all yesterday with them.

“another meeting this morning?” Sophie asked as soon as i reached them

i nodded my head and said “ Yeah but i know it isn’t a meeting, i’m just waiting to come home to find them together”

it’s my mums usually routine when she meets a guy.

“So apparently.. i heard this from a friend at a party on Saturday.. Luke tried to fuck this girl but he couldn’t get it up” Lauren said laughing

my eyes widened at her words

i knew what she meant i just couldn’t believe it..

the bell rang meaning it was time for class.

it was a Monday morning meaning i had classes mostly all day with Luke.

First class was Maths i’m glad Sophie is also in that class.

i couldn’t wait any longer, by Art class i needed to talk to Luke.

once i got into class Luke and Calum followed behind, Luke didn’t even look at me but Calum did making me turn away from them

i got out my phone and texted Luke

To Luke

“Can we talk?”


i waited a couple of minutes and i got my art book out and pencils then i felt my phone vibrate

From Luke

“No, i’ve got someone to fuck remember”

my eyes widened at the message

so he is still annoyed with what i said.. well i know what will make him talk to me.

To Luke

“ well apparently you couldn’t even get it up on Saturday night so i think you have time to talk to me”

i didn’t hear from Luke all through out the rest of Art.

i kept checking my phone but nothing.

i wonder if he read it.

the bell rang meaning it was break time, finally because i didn’t eat any breakfast.

i needed the bathroom first so once i was out of art i turned in the direction of the toilets but before i made it to the bathroom i was pulled by the arm into an empty classroom.

i knew it was Luke.

“How the fuck did you know about that?” he said very angrily.

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but i finally got this chapter finished!

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I can’t.

I need to rant a little bit about the recent actions of Alex. YandereDev.

Be aware there will be a bit of cursing as I am seething with festering anger.

I know I will lose two or more followers for this, at this point I don’t really care. Not that I don’t care about you guys, it’s just I have such a strong feeling of resentment toward him right now that you guys do not even know.

You come for the fun, the fluff, and the angst. Do not read if you do not want to see Kai-chan ranting.

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ANON SAID: BTS short reaction to you waking up early @ 6AM and working out, or making breakfast etc. (I requested this because BTS seem like they aren’t morning people) thank you ~~

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Music Series: Safety Pin by 5 Seconds of Summer

Thank you for requesting, Anon, and I appreciate your readership!

So that I am fair to everyone who waits so patiently in the queue of my inbox for me to finally get to their requests, I’m only doing one song per submitted request. So I chose the one I feel a connection to, the one that speaks to me. May sound weird, but that is quite literally how my writing happens. It’s like a supernatural indwelling or something. Can’t explain it, but that’s how it happens. If you would like to resubmit your 2nd request back into the queue, I’ll be happy to tackle it when it comes around again. Thank you for understanding!

Because I love the “Broken boy meets broken girl” concept, I chose “Safety Pin” by 5 Seconds of Summer, which can be found on Spotify through this link —> HERE! <— :) xo


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PLL Endgame & Expectations

I wanted to talk about this. Many people here, including me, anxiously anticipating the return of the show are also quite terrified because we don’t know if everything will make sense.
There are certain questions that the show must answer for the whole Pretty little liars story to make sense for e.g. Why did this person kill Jessica?, Why was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte?, Where does Bethany Young fit in all this?, What were in those videos made by the NAT club? Etc.

Then there are some questions that have been bugging us for forever, mini questions, like Who gave Alison the bloody lip?, Who was the ghost girl in season 3 Halloween episode? that aren’t seemingly connected to the endgame of the show.

Sadly, I don’t think all of our mini questions will be answered. It would have been better if those mysteries had been closed years ago as they were brought up rather than leaving them in the open. Even Troian said that “I can’t promise every fan that they will get every question they’ve asked answered. I can say that I do believe that the majority of fans will be really excited. We have done our best to wrap up all the mysteries on the show, while maintaining a lot of new, fun, exciting things to deliver that fans won’t expect. I do believe everybody is going to be blown away by the end of this whole story.”

Therefore, we shouldn’t expect every tiny detail of the story to make sense, just the big overall picture. In the past I wouldn’t have been okay with this, and I’m not saying that writers are without fault, however we know that there are a lot of red herrings and mystery content to throw us off the track. So if there is something not addressed by the end of the series, it means it didn’t play a part in the overall mystery of the show, and I’m going to try to be okay with it. I say this because we’re nearing the end of the show, there are only 10 episodes left, and I’ve been seeing a lot of negative content about the show on tumblr. I understand the worry (I’m scared as hell myself!!) but I think we need to lower our expectations a fair bit. If big pieces of the story don’t make sense by the end of the show, by all means call the writers on it, but I don’t think it is fair to be complaining about plot holes of a mystery that is still ongoing - clearly they are not plot holes if the story isn’t complete. The fans have the right to say what they want about the show and that is totally fine because it is their platform and they can use it to express what they want to. I just hope we all are a bit more positive in our attitudes because after June there will be no more PLL. I, like all of you guys I hope, want to enjoy and treasure this time watching, enjoying, theorizing about the show and having an open discussion but it gets a little difficult to do that when there is so much negatively here. Let’s be real, after the show finishes we’ve got till forever to rant about it.

I really hope this didn’t come across as bashing or anything of the sort (that was not the intention at all). We don’t have much time left with PLL and we’ll never ever experience watching a show like this one, and I just want us all to get the maximum out of this wild ride that we’ve been on for 7 years. ❤