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once again, we have caspar bending down to be at joe’s height, holding onto joe’s arm and resting his head on joe’s shoulder. 😇

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The Happiest Place [ Chris Evans x Reader ]

Request : It’s the anon that asked for the Sebastian imagine, it was perfect loved the way you made y/n captain marvel 🌸 could I request another one 😂 sorry about all the requests but a Chris Evans imagine where y/n and him spend the day at Disneyland because Chris is a huge Disney nerd thanks

a/n : here anon ! I’m so so sorry it took so long to finish but I FINALLY DID AND IM SUPER HAPPY W IT i hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it :D don’t be shy to request, guys ! i don’t bite ;-) also would you guys wanna be tagged every time i post ??? message me if you wanna be tagged lol

“I can’t believe you dragged me here.” You roll your eyes at the tall man who was pulling you by the hand.

“Like I haven’t brought you here before.” He laughs, shaking his head as he adjusted his baseball cap and sunglasses. You scoff at his actions, mumbling about how his so called ‘disguise’ doesn’t even work.

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy’. See, even the sign’s tellin’ you to lighten up, babe. C'mon, I promise you we’ll have fun.” He nudges your shoulder lightly before wrapping his arm around your waist securely.

“Can’t we just stay at home? You just came back from filming and I wanna lie down, I’m getting sleepy.” You give your most believable yawn before resting your cheek on his shoulder. Chris chuckles, looking down at you and stopping.

“If you fall asleep, I can always carry you around.” He says, bending his knees to place one of his arms at the back of your knees. Suddenly, you were in his arms, close to his chest. You stare at him wide eyed before punching his chest.

“Oh my god Chris, Let me down! Stop, you’re making a scene.” You whisper as you look around you to see if anyone was looking at the both of you. Chris lets out a loud laugh, before returning back on the ground. He places his hands on your shoulders, looking at you in the eyes.

“Let’s make a deal. If you can stay awake for two rides, we’ll leave. If you can’t, we’ll go back to the hotel, like you wanted. Deal?” You furrow your eyebrows as you thought about the deal, ultimately deciding after a few seconds.


Oh how in for a treat you were.

Two rides later, you were buzzing with adrenaline, almost demanding Chris to lead you around the amusement park. Chris gives you a wide grin before leading you through the crowds of the park, showing you his favorite rides and the snacks he claimed to be ‘to die for’.

On almost (if not) every ride you’re on, you find Chris babbling about the Disney movie it’s inspired by. He uses his hands to make these weird, inaccurate (but adorable) diagrams of a certain scene. He tells you trivia about a certain character, which you definitely knew beforehand but for his sake you nod along with his bright eyes and enthusiastic voice.

“Two ice cream bars, please.” Chris asks the man in charge of the ice cream cart. He pulls out his wallet, but you put your hand on his arm.

“Chris, let me pay.”

“What? No, I-”

“Chris, just let me pay for this one thing. Please?” You gave your best puppy dog eyes at him as you pulled out your own wallet. He sighs as he stared at you for a little longer. “Fine.” You grin up at him.

“Just this once, okay?” He tells you with a stern tone. You chuckle as you take the two ice cream bars from the man  and hand him the money.

“Okay, Cap.”

The day flies by and before you know it, you and Chris are in front of the castle. He’s standing on the ledge, looking down at you with a smug expression.

“Chris, get down! You might fall, people are staring.” You giggle slightly at his antics.

“Who is Chris? I am Prince Charming, you must be Cinderella.” You scoff before bursting into laughter, extending your hand to him.

“You’re such a dork.”

“You know you love it.” He wiggles his eyebrows. You roll your eyes as his warm hand envelopes yours.

“The fireworks are about to start, let’s go.”

You lead him down to an empty space in the sea of people. You look up at Chris, seeing his head poking up in the midst of the crowd. His eyes are blown wide with excitement, the corners of his mouth quirked up into a smile that you would find on a kid in a candy store. Chris looks down at you with curiosity. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you love me.” He tries to hide the smile threatening to break out. You shrug playfully, looking up at the sky, waiting for the fireworks. “Maybe I do.”

In your peripheral vision you see his bearded jaw drop. You smile to yourself, trying not to laugh at his expression. “What-”

“Shh, it’s starting.” You whisper, bringing a finger up to your lips as you look at him. He hums disapprovingly beside you before facing forward, looking up at the sky. The castle glows blue as the rest of lights turn off. the enchanting sound of trumpets booms throughout Disneyland as beams of light dance in the night sky. The lullaby-like sound of the flutes play as a woman’s voice comes through the speakers.

“Just imagine, if you were standing right here 60 years ago, you’d be standing in the middle of an orange farm. One visionary man who stood right where you are now, but instead of orange trees, he envisioned a magic kingdom. This man’s name, is Walt Disney. And his dream would be called, Disneyland.”

As they played a recording of Walt Disney, the first few fireworks launched into the sky. You watch at they exploded into the sky. The recording ended and more fireworks lit up the pitch black sky. You took a glance at Chris, who was smiling so wide you thought his skin was going to split. Just as Peter Pan’s voice cut through the music, Chris placed his hand on your shoulders.

“Let’s show ‘em just how magical this place can be!”

And in that moment his lips touched yours, you realized you didn’t need any more magic than what you already had.

You heard more fireworks in the sky, the music playing all around you but all of this was somehow just a background sound as your heart pounded on your chest like a boxer at the gym. You eyes were just about closed as Chris’ hand held your jaw in place. Your hands situated themselves around his waist, pulling him to you automatically.

Right before he pulled away he pecked your lips once more before looking you in the eye with his chest heaving up and down. You looked up to see the fireworks now in full swing. Chris pulled you to him, resting your head on his chest as you watched the rest of the show.

You felt him lower his head to place a kiss on the crown of your head before going down to your ear. “Would it be really cheesy if I said I saw fireworks just now?” He murmured, his beard tickling the shell of your ear. You let out a loud laugh before looking up at him.

“You’re such a dork, Evans.”

“You love it, really.” He smirked.

You did, you really did.

And he loved you too.

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Do you think it's okay that after everything they've been through Emma and Killian are still lying and still keeping secrets from each other? This is getting frustrating. How much time will it take before they trust each other with life or death secrets? How long before they can have real conversations with each other?

Yes, I think it’s perfectly fine. It’s not that they don’t trust each other, it’s that they think they are doing what’s best for each other. And I know it seems like ‘well, they’ve done this before! Why haven’t they learned?!’ Because it’s not that simple. Think of it like when you try to tell people to stop thinking a certain way (say if they’re are depressed or feeling self-loathing, for example). You can say it over and over and over again and yet they’ll still go back to it.

Look at Snowing. They are still doing the same thing. Snow doesn’t know that David is keeping a secret from her. People lie to protect the ones they love. Killian and Emma are doing that.

I know they’ll get to that conversation moment. I know it. But it’s never as simple as 1, 2, 3, done. Especially not in television. Especially not for an endgame ship like Captain Swan. I said it earlier this week - they need the drama. Or they get back burnered.

I know it’s rough in the moment, watching live. But hasn’t Captain Swan come through every rough patch so far for the better? In the long run, you’ll look back on this and realize it’s not that big of a deal. Because it’s Captain Swan and they’ll be okay. They always will be

Corriander Week ~ Day One

A/N: It’s technically Monday here, so happy Corrianderweek! I’m starting strong with a hell lot of angst, though there is a happy ending! I won’t be able to do every theme, but I have two others waiting for you in the cue, so please enjoy!

For fifteen days, their daughter remained unnamed. Xander refused to look at her, refused to look at anyone really. He spend all of his days in their private rooms, delegating all of his duties to their fifteen year old son. Siegbert was young but capable, Xander reasoned, and sooner or later he’d have to inherit the crown anyway.

Sooner rather than later, Xander thought to himself in the dark of night, Siegfried heavy in his hands. Soon.

At the age of 45, he was old to become a fourth time father, but Kamui was only 36 and wanted to give their children the happy large family in which they both grew up. He himself had been fifteen when Elise was born, the same age as Siegbert was now. Kana was nearly twelve and their eldest daughter Miko would turn six next fall. Another child was supposed to be a blessing, and the day Kamui announced her pregnancy, he couldn’t have been happier.

But all of that happiness faded away instantly when Elise came out of the birthing room with a pale face and a screaming child in her arms, covered from head to toe in blood.

“What’s wrong, Elise?” He’d asked, quickly taking the child from her arms.

Elise stared of into the distance, her hands trembling. “There were… complications. It sometimes happens when an older woman gives birth.”

“What….?” Xander demanded a bit too harshly, making a passing maid flinch. Elise merely nodded, refusing to meet his eyes. His new daughter cried in his arms, and he gently rocked her back and forth. But his initial feeling of wonder quickly made way for dread settling in his stomach.“Elise, let me through. Let me see my wife!”

But Elise didn’t bulge. For a petite woman, she could be have the strength of a mountain. “I’m sorry Xander…. there was no time, and we gave her a choice.” Her voice sounded hollow over the sound of his baby daughter’s crying, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his stomach as Elise brokenly whispered the last words. “It was her life or her child’s… We… I…  I couldn’t save them both, Big Sister…”

“She didn’t.” Xander muttered, shaking his head, attempting to disbelief despite the fact that the answer was already wailing in his arms. “She did.”

“She’s d-dead Xander! The internal bleeding.. oh gods, there was so much blood… I… she passed away seconds after the child was born…”

“No!” He’d bellowed,but no matter how much he cried, or how much Elise apologized, his wife was dead.

They didn’t let him see her body until most of the blood had been cleaned up. She looked pale, but still eternally young, far too young to be with a graying man like himself. She had barely aged in the past 20 years, and sometimes they worried if perhaps her draconic heritage also meant that she would outlive all of them.

Now, they would never find out.

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Unannounced hiatus is OVER!

Mod: As you might have noticed, I haven’t been updating… For months…

The reason for that isn’t because I’m out of ideas or out of will and not even the fact that I’ve been earning money, but because I didn’t want to put the effort and organize myself.

BUT! One of my fans got sick and tired of it and told me to do updates and even threw money at me! (not really, took him a while to decide what he wanted and I’m just going off what he said) That’s right, I’m that dirty dirty person who is willing to do a free blog only with a push of earning money when I’m in need of them most. Oh woe me. Such is life.

In other words, the next two posts were sponsored and they will wrap up the current story arc that is going on after a few years of it running!

Don’t worry if you will get confused by it, I know it’s been a long loooong time, all will be explained in a wrap up post coming after it! And then there will be more story arcs! Hopefully those that won’t take as long as they took so far.

In other news I’ve been giving this blog a little makeover, such as new buttons and new URL! The old url redirects you to the new one in a very nifty way. Now, you can also like and reblog while viewing the blog, without having to go to the specific posts!

I also want to get my hands to the tagging system and sort it out completely for easier navigation.

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Halloween Fright ~ Part 1

It was the night before Halloween. Although everyone at the base had been pretty exhausted for the last few weeks, you had been excitedly anticipating Halloween and had been decorating the space with spooky decor–despite certain members protesting. You had been preparing and planning for the Halloween party tomorrow night; everything had to be perfect, especially considering how gloomy things had been with what felt like endless missions.

Lucio and Hana were helping you with the decorations, the base was actually starting to look creepy! Orange and black streamers hung from the ceiling, jack-o-lanterns lit up the room, Torbjorn even helped build mechanical skeletons to hang above doors to scare people when they walked by! Lucio arranged a spooky playlist and Hana helped you burn bake ghost cookies–everything seemed complete.

Throughout the whole week, you noticed McCree had been staring at you more than normal while you were setting things up, and it seemed much more serious than his normal flirty glances. He also stopped his daily advances, he no longer flirted with you the way he usually did. Did you do something that hurt him? It was like he shrugged off all of your hellos when you passed him by, it was like he didn’t want to talk to you at all. Maybe he was seriously bothered by all of your Halloween hype–you couldn’t help but feel guilty for potentially ruining your friendship with someone you admired so much, especially over something you loved so much. You never realized it before, but you actually cared deeply for the cowboy… why was this bothering you so much? You couldn’t deny your crush anymore, and you suddenly felt nervous every time you saw him in the halls. Despite being so distracted, you couldn’t help but notice his absence and it hurt you more than you ever could have anticipated.

It was just after 11pm and Hana and Lucio left you alone an hour before to go play some video games, which gave you time to finish icing the cookies if you could even call them that.

“Hey, darlin’, it’s getting late ya kn-WHAT THE FUCK!!” Jesse screamed as a skeleton dropped to the floor in front of him. The sudden noise caused you to squeeze all of the icing onto the floor, but you couldn’t hold in your laughter as the cowboy carefully stepped over the skeleton and mumbled some curse words as he walked towards you.

“Damn robots. Ain’t nothin’ scary ‘bout a hunk of metal.”

“You’re the one that screamed, Jesse,” you giggled as you bent over to clean up the mess.

“Oh sorry sugar, no, let me clean this,” he hummed while he stole your cloth and bent over to clean the rest up. You felt a sudden sting in your heart when you heard your pet names for the first time all week. You almost couldn’t believe how much you missed him.

He glanced up and you hurriedly looked away, but it was too late. “What’s wrong ______? I didn’t mean to startle ya…here, let me help, what even is this stuff…buttercream?” He licked the tip of his finger after dunking it in the frosting-filled cloth and hummed. He looked over and saw the cookies, half of them decorated with icing and chocolate chips. “Damn, this is delicious. What are ya even doing? Can I help?”

You could never say no to that puppy face and that grin, “Sure Jesse, just let me get another icing bag.” You turned your back and heard a crunch as you grabbed the bag. Jesse held his hands up, crumbs falling from his mouth, and you couldn’t help but giggle. You handed him the bag and he started to awkwardly smother the cookies in icing.

You were both silent. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. You could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t dare look up. You heard him sigh as he finished the last cookie.

“Darlin’, I’m sorry for bein’ so distant. I just…” Jesse looked down, then glanced at all the decorations in the room. He looked back at you, and looked down again. “You’re so talented, y’know. This place looks mighty ready for Halloween, everyone’s gonna love it tomorrow night…I’m sorry I didn’t help out.”

You were about to interrupt, but he continued on before you had the chance.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to! I did, believe me, it’s just… well, I never really experienced Halloween growing up, and I didn’t wanna ruin anything. I never really understood the holiday at all, but seeing you so excited about it… I didn’t wanna let you down, I felt like a failure. Darlin’… I just want you to know I mean everythin’ I say to ya, I don’t talk to anyone else the way I talk to you,” he said as he slowly moved his hand on top of yours.

Your heart started beating faster than you thought possible, you could feel your cheeks getting hot. His gaze was so genuine and your hand was tingling under the warmth of his. You were at a loss for words.

“Darlin’… I’m sorry. Truth is, I’ve been feelin’ so nervous around ya, I don’t know how to act. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before,” he trailed off, moving closer to you.

You could feel the warmth of his breath on your face, it was getting heavier. You felt his arms wrap around your waist and you felt his hips press against yours.You closed your eyes and felt his warm lips softly kiss yours. You wrapped your arms around him and leaned deeper into the kiss, you started kissing him more passionately. This took the cowboy by surprise, but he quickly started kissing you harder and pushed his tongue into your mouth, his body gently grinding against yours.

The kiss kept getting deeper and deeper, but you pulled away when you realized you were out of breath, “Wow, Jesse…” but you couldn’t find the words.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waitin’ to do that,” the cowboy smirked, moving closer to you again, running his hand through your hair.

You moved into him like a magnet, and he wrapped you in his warm embrace.

You glanced at the clock and it was 12:06am. Jesse followed your gaze and saw the time, too: “Happy Halloween, sugar. Let’s get you to bed, ya know you’ve been workin’ too hard all day.”

“Happy Halloween, Jesse,” you chimed back, walking together to your room. You nearly forgot about the holiday after what just happened, and felt shocked when you realized you were more excited about seeing him tomorrow than you were about the party you’d been planning all week.

“Goodnight sugar, can’t wait to see you in your slutty costume tomorrow night,” he said with his trademark grin.

He closed the door behind him, and you could have swore you heard him whisper, “I love you.”


So this is my first real Overwatch imagines post! I hope you like it  ♡ Part 2 should be out in the next couple days. Feel free to send me requests or match ups ヾ(´∀`* )