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I honestly believe that we cannot combat Trump’s version of white supremacy unless we study American history, especially the fall of Reconstruction and the roll back of rights that happened due to white backlash. Yeah there was terrorism, and white supremacist groups came out of the woodwork, but everyday folks went right into Black Codes and Jim Crow like it was nothing purely based on racial resentment and having the law behind them and built their entire identity around actively torturing black people and others.  And we’re STILL navigating the aftermath of that.  That formed the Southern Strategy, it led to the election of Trump and the rise of the Alt. Right, and it vision American white supremacists have always had.  

It is literally history repeating itself in the most horrifying way.  White marginalized people and white poor are turned against similarly marginalized non-white people on the hope that preserving whiteness will improve their own quality of life.  Democrats, liberals, and even “the Left” are playing the role of the Republicans who refused to honor their promises to non-white people and are willing to roll over and appease white supremacists in office and are watching our rights roll back one by one.  And the Left is guilty of erasing this history in favor of focusing on class struggle to the exclusion of race. 

I think its important to be educated about Nazi Germany but I feel that people are hyperfocusing on that even though U.S. white supremacy has always had a  different focus and a completely different methodology.  You can’t attribute Trump’s white supremacist administration solely to “fascism” because we’ve had the same kinds of administrations before. So they’re ignoring the signs (I have yet to see a massive protest against Jeff Sessions, for example and the usual anti-black violence is treated like its a normal part of life) and aren’t able to come up with proper strategies to prevent these white supremacist from gaining any real ground and now they’re getting brazen again. 

I am convinced that Trumps administration is attempting Reconstruction 2.0. 


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Bust Commissions to help Sam-Sepiol!

So one of my favorite people on this planet is in need of money and I wanted to help how I can, so…

I’m happy to do bust shots, @sam-sepiol will add details about payment when they reblog this. I’d prefer to work with a reference but if you don’t have one talk to me and we can work something out

(I do humanoids, tho the further they stray from pure human, the less I can promise quality results.)

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Why did nobody tell me I missed the first anniversary of this blog by like a month and a half?

Jeez I completely forgot, here I was thinking it was a few days ago…

Well, uh, I’ve never been good at emotional posts, but I just gotta say thank you all so much for sticking with me all this time, never did I think this would go so far in such a short time.

I promise to keep the quality of this blog at the level it’s at, and even improve it, as I go along from here.

You’re an artist and you get sick


Can I request an oneshot about the reader is a public figure or actress or artist or anything and henry was waiting for her the whole day to have a date but she didn’t show up and didn’t pick up his text or call he was pissed at her cause he taught she was cheating or maybe have a photoshoot or something then he called her manager to ask where she about? And her manager didn’t know cause she was free and turns out she was sick and he nursed her and fluff :) thanks

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“I’m very proud to call myself a nerd along with your nerd society that you’ve created. You should all become nerds too. I’ve had the honor and the pleasure to watch Zachy and David start this company and grow over the years. And I am so, so proud of everything that you guys have achieved and keeping your promise to support this amazing charity over the years. So, for everything that you’ve done to further Operation Smiles’ efforts to improve the quality of life for children all over the world.” []

Here is a lie we’ve all been told: books will make you smart.

This week, the Internet churns once more over the latest article denouncing adults who read young adult fiction. The argument is always the same: young adult/ thrillers/ romance/ sci-fi/ chicklit/ picture books/ subway maps are not as good for you as adult literary/ nonfiction/ dead Russians/ the calorie lists on Chipotle menus. Lovers of the former are always ready with a defense — either that the former really are as quality as the latter, or that not everything you put in your brain has to be good for you.

Rather than contemplating a new defense — surely, I could, as I write young adult fiction —I wondered instead why we keep seeing the same scuffle in different hats.

And I think it’s because of this untruth: books will make you smart.

I believe the book industry may be one of the few industries that promises you will actually become more clever if you buy their product. Car companies might swear you’ll look cooler in an Audi than a Kia, but they don’t tell you that you’ll actually become a better person behind the wheel of one. Computer companies might shout that their equipment is smarter, but they stop short of promising that your entire life philosophy will improve if you buy their products. When I bought my office chair, no one told me, “Well done. People who sit in leather chairs turn out to be stronger women.”

But we have this prevailing theory that books will make you smart, and it’s this theory that allows us to judge a book’s quality by how far it stretches your mind. According to this idea, if it doesn’t make you smarter, it’s a lesser book. It becomes a guilty pleasure, like food that doesn’t contribute to your daily vitamin requirement. Cue up the articles on the tragedy of the populace reading young adult, or turning to magazines, or — horrors, shall I whisper it — watching television in lieu of reading.

Don’t they know that reading makes you clever? Don’t they know that television and movies are for non-intellectuals? Hoi polloi turn the TV on. If you’re someone who’s going to be someone, you open a book.

But books aren’t smart: stories are.

Not all stories, of course. There are wise stories and flippant stories, stories that stretch your mind and stories that only make you laugh. Stories that are true and stories that won’t ever be true.

A book is merely a medium for carrying a story. So is a television series. So is a movie. So is a play, or a or a puppet show, a video game, a note from a stranger. The medium itself carries absolutely no promise of intellectual content. There are shallow books and world-changing movies. There are ridiculous non-fiction texts and complex young adult novels.

A book is just words. A movie is just images. These things can’t change you.

Only the story can.

So if we can accept that books can — and are meant to — fulfill all kinds of purposes, we can stop pretending that a good book only means a book that demands probing analysis. If we can further accept that genre is merely a jacket for the story, we can possibly also stop arguing that this shelf or that shelf in the bookstore has the corner on intellectual greatness. Someone who writes smart stories can put them into any form, any medium, any length — and they do. Look at the artists who work across several different forms. Do they grow more or less clever when their stories are filmed or shelved, packaged for grown-ups or packaged for teens? If you long for a mind-bending story, you can find them anywhere, if you look for them. If you’re looking for a stupid story, I promise you that you can find them anywhere, too. If you’re looking for grotesque generalizations, you’ll also find that confirmation bias is a powerful thing.

Books don’t make you smart. Stories do. And that is a truth I’ll defend to anyone.

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Kabby + 41 🙏🏼

Go back to sleep

Out of all the things that worry him, somehow it’s Abby’s sleep patterns that consistently rise to the top of his mind.

The motivation behind it has changed, of course - shifted into something more intimate, something in equal parts self-serving as it is self-sacrificing. Easier, too, now that they share a bed and a space and a life. He no longer has to find her in the infirmary at the crack of dawn and wonder at how much sleep she’s had. He doesn’t have to guess at whether she’s tossed and turned all night.

Instead, he wakes alongside her in the early morning, persuading her to stay in bed with a brush of his fingers or a swipe of his lips across the pulsepoint at her neck. Rolls over in the middle of the night and wraps her tightly in his arms when she cries out against some nightmare enemy; or else, runs his fingers through her hair and whispers soothing words in her ear when she wakes up shaking and fearful.

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Why Yuzuru Hanyu is the Olympic Champion

By always-l-o-v-e

Okay, so this is my little nightly rant that stemmed from all the posts that I’ve seen over the past week about how Yuzu made a mistake by switching coaches to B. Orser, and that he didn’t deserve gold in Sochi, and that he is getting over marked on his PCS, and blah blah blah. You get the point. Just as a disclaimer, what I’m about to say here is strictly from personal experience and opinion. If you don’t agree with it, that is perfectly fine! I will respect your opinions as long as you respect mine. Don’t go sending me hate mail, now.

So to get this thing rolling, first, to the person who said that Yuzu made a mistake for switching coaches from Nanami Abe to B. Orser, I vehemently disagree with you for so many reasons. But before I get to them, you have to realize that the switch was not made by him, but by the JSF who, from what I’ve read, believed that Yuzu needed better/more experienced coaching to really bring out his full potential as a skater and to give him the arsenal to be able to skate with the big boys (e.g. Pchiddy & Daisuke). Now, with that said, I absolutely love Nanami Abe. She was the perfect fit for a growing Yuzu, she taught him the quad, and their relationship was fantastic. Part of the problem that arose; however, was the lack of reputation Ms. Abe had as a high-level coach. I know, that probably sounds ridiculous, because in all honesty, that shouldn’t matter. But in the world of figure skating, it does and here’s why: coaches who develop house hold names, become house hold names. It’s one of those unwritten laws in the world of figure skating. Think about it. Michelle Kwan & Frank Carroll, Alexei Yagudin & Tatiana Tarasova, Sasha Cohen & John Nicks, Evgeni Plushenko & Alexei Mishin, Shizuka Arakawa & Nikolai Morozov, Yuna Kim & Brian Orser. All perfect examples that names do matter; who you work with matters. Think of our skaters today. Gracie Gold and Denis Ten work with F. Carroll, Mao Asada used to work with T. Tarasova, Ashely Wagner works with J. Nicks, Daisuke works with N. Morozov, and both Yuzu and Javi work with B. Orser. In the world of figure skating that has hidden political ties running every which way, reputation is everything. Training with legends increases your likelihood of becoming a legend. So, moving Yuzu to Toronto to work with B. Orser was probably one of the smartest political moves the JSF has ever made, and look at the result: Japan has their first Olympic gold medalist in men’s singles.

Now, to the people that say B. Orser isn’t a good coach and just looks for high talent, you all make me want to slam my head against a table. All top tier coaches seek high talent. Do you honestly think that a top tier coach would take someone in if they didn’t see the words “possible future star” floating above their head? And as far as I’m concerned about B. Orser not being a good coach, watch videos of Javi at the 2010 Olympics then videos of his 2011-2012 season, and if you don’t see the amount of improvement there, you might as well put duct tape over your eyes. Thank you, Mr. Orser.

Next, to the people who say Yuzu didn’t deserve gold in Sochi and that he is getting over marked in the PCS department. If Yuzu didn’t deserve gold in Sochi, who did? Pchiddy? After a performance with that many holes? I’m sorry, but no. Patrick is a brilliant skater, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe in Olympic champions who essentially give up on themselves halfway through their program. Yuzu, despite the two falls, fought to the bloody end of his program. He didn’t give up. He sold it and got off the ice believing that on that day, at that time, that was the best he could’ve done. He gave it everything he had. Patrick on the other hand, didn’t go for everything. He skated safe, and you can’t win the Olympics by skating safe when you’re coming from behind. The judges got it right.

As for the PCS, I too, wondered about Yuzu’s for a while, especially after the 2013 GPF FS. I’ve been skating for more than 10 years. I’ve been to the NW Pacific Regionals, I’ve competed under this system, I’ve been a victim and a victor under this system, and it still took me awhile to come up with some explanation for why Yuzu’s PCS have skyrocketed over the past year, but I finally came to two conclusions. By the technical merit, if it wasn’t clear already, the current judging system practically beckons skaters to go big or go home. The system is a manisfestaion of the risk-reward idea. Some people hate that, some people like it. Some people would rather see someone skate clean instead of attempting huge jumps worth huge points and fall, and vice versa. I still haven’t solidified a preference on that issue. But the point is, under this system, you have to pack in the technical content, even if you fall, because it’s a points game. You can fall, but as long as your jumps are completely rotated, you’ll still get a decent amount of credit for attempting them. That’s just how it works. Now for the program components, this may seem strange, but from what I’ve witnessed, the current judging system actually prefers progress over perfection. This is a little bit more difficult to explain, but if we think of this entire Olympic cycle as a whole, from 2010-2014, Patrick Chan has just dominated the men’s event, but along with that he’s also plateaued, and that’s basically when the term “Chanflation” was born. Then you look at Yuzu, who went from a sweet fifteen year old kid who was just in love with jumping, to a young man of nineteen who skates with an unbelievable amount of passion and charisma. What is just so mind-boggling about Yuzu though, is that he gets better every year, ranking-wise and performance-wise. He gets faster, his jumps get bigger, his edges get deeper, and his stamina gets better. The overall quality of every single element gets better. He improves every single year. And I think the culmination of all that improvement is what’s being reflected in his PCS. That’s just how I see it.

So, there you have it! My rant is complete. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have some! I don’t bite, I promise! Until next time, stay classy everyone! <3

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“I have four sisters in total, two adopted and two biological. 

Sae and Makoto are my two foster sisters, the daughters of my late mentor. Sae-san works as a prosecutor, although recently she decided to switch career and become a defence attorney instead. Makoto, on the other hand, wishes to purse a career as a police officer, just like Shohei-san. For the longest of time, I didn’t have the best of relationships with Sae-san… she barely tolerated me, and kept me around mostly because she promised Shoheu-san to and because I helped her with her cases, although a fancy that lately our relationship is improving greatly.

Can you imagine there are tons of people at both our schools who think Makoto and I are in a relationship? Admittedly, she does have some qualities which I appreciate in a potential romantic partner (smarts and wits, for example), but really, I love her like a sister and nothing more. Those rumors make for good conversations at dinner though, and we always end up laughing our asses off in the end.

Futaba-chan is my younger half-sister. I only realized it recently, but I always felt extremely protective of her ever since we first met, courtesy of our shared friends. She’s a smart little thing, a bit odd at times, but endearingly so. Plus, it’s nice to have someone to share my love for Sentai with (and Futaba knows a lot of sites where to finds merchandise you don’t usually find easily).

Then, there’s my twin sister…”

*his voice cracks a bit and his expression saddens, but no tear leaves his eyes; he already cried all of his tears*

“Gogo… you might know her as the Second Coming of the Detective Prince… she went missing recently… I wish I could have done something more to help her… she didn’t deserve what she got in the end…”

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