but i promise it is ok

Sorry for being late but a promise is a promise~

As I said before I’m going to do an art raffle.
-Being a follower
-DON’T unfollow after the raffle it’s over, c'mon, that’s really rude, humhum
-After the raffle ends, please don’t be rude to others,we can always make more in the future

-You MUST reblog this post, LIKES DON’T COUNT, reblog only ONCE please

So, straight to the point:

1st place:
Full body (semi chibi cause I suck at drawing realistic stuff I’m sorry)

2nd place

3rd place
Icon baby!

If this raffle reach 500 notes I will add a 4th place as well, that can be an icon as well or something like that~

Things I won’t draw:
-NSFW (just really SLIGHT nsfw)
-Difficult background, actually I’m more of simple backgrounds
-Really complex designs (no swords, guns, etc, pls)
-Furry (Maybe Hybrid things can do)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it!

Another thing, for the future winners, you can tell me if you want your drawing with transparent background or not~

The art raffle starts now and ends in July,31 at  4pm (UTC-04:00) Santiago,Chile.
More details might be added later~!

Good luck!

Captive Prince Voice Challenge

Ok so I saw several people doing it and since I promised to do a recording of some Veretian names, here’s an occasion. Keep in mind that I’m french, so I really apologize for how messed up my oral english is. And also, as I say in the beginning, some names are old, so I’m unsure about their exact pronounciation.

What I meant about Paschal is that in french it’d be written “Pascal”, and for Chastillon is that the actual french town is called “Châtillon” (see the little “pointy hat” I mentioned ? and Hospital → Hôpital). 

Ok so again sorry for my stupid voice and bad pronounciation (I even managed to fuck up simple french names like Laurent sometimes because I was in “english mode” LOL)

The list of what I pronounced under the cut ↓

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alaskapoison  asked:

Ok mama, I just finished reading your To Promise #4 and yeah, I'm taking you to court for making me ride such a roller coaster of emotions. I was nOT PREPARED FOR IT! I was not ready mama!!!!! Ok seriously now, it's pne of the sweetest things I've ever read (and it wasn't easy since I was on the verge of crying all the time lol): baby juju, teen juju, adult Jumin?! Yes please, gimme all~ you're such an amazing writer and human being, thanks for all your amazing work 💕

Hey baby girl!!! 

But I warned you all- with 17K it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and daisies- there was always going to be pain and a buttload of smut hahaha. I’m so happy to hear that my story got you to feel things, made you tear up with sweetness and angst combined- and i have to agree all the juju all the time! You are so lovely to me honey, I don’t deserve it. But thank you. 

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Silver and Gold

Part of the Seven Genre Drabble Challenge

Genre: Angst, Athlete!Jungkook

Word Count: 658; I BROKE A RULE OK I’M SORRY…I had to v-v

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol abuse

Summary: Jungkook promised he wouldn’t be there when you came to collect your things from his apartment. Jungkook was never very good at keeping promises.

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The door looked like any other apartment door, metal numbers starting to fade, the bright silver bleeding into a worn-away bronze. Not that you would have usually noticed, but you were having trouble moving past the apartment threshold today. After leaving two weeks ago, you hadn’t had the courage to come back. But you needed your things. You needed this final separation of him and you.

Another deep breath and you stepped inside. His favorite training shoes sat just inside the doorway and an ice-cold grip clutched your heart. After countless sob-filled calls and way too many shouting matches over the phone, he promised you he would be gone today so you could come and pack in peace.

“Jungkook?” you called out. The place was already a mess. Take out boxes stacked on the coffee table. Bottles of soju left about like intruding figurines in every corner. You walked over to the wall just next to the couch where a definitely brand new hole had been punched into the drywall.

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anonymous asked:

There is a new alpha in town, who has blood on his hands. Derek and Cora smelling sth familiar at one scene but can't put a finger on it. Peter is smelling it too. His eyes are getting big & he murmels sth like "that can't be". Weeks later the pack is seeing the alpha sitting on the Hale-frontsteps. Peter gets near and the alpha asked: Are you ok Petey? and tousles Peter's hair who swallows a "Victor". "I promised Tally that I would protect her baby brother"

Tell me more, anon! What happens from here? 

itsdeadtome replied to your post “Do you think there’s much hope for free post-secondary school in…”

guy caron has also said that he is for free university, but he doesn’t want to /promise/ it since it requires negotiations with the provinces, education being a provincial responsibility.

That’s the same argument Charlie Angus has made.

I’d be more ok with that argument if each of these candidates made that policy on their websites; i.e. I will negotiate with provinces with the goal to eliminate tuition. But there’s been nothing like that put into writing.

Without a commitment on their websites to negotiate for free tuition I don’t see it likely to happen at all.

Ok so apparently im not aloud on the internet on my laptop (idk why its just what my dad said) so idk when ill get to the blog rates but i will do them so if you sent/send me one it will be done before Monday i promise

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i hope youre doing ok! take your time on your hiatus ok

Ah, I’m doing my best!! Also thank you so much,, I’m trying hard to take my time!


@Doodledrawsthings’s sweater bendy au is a treasure that should be passed down through the generations ok.  I just wanted to post a headcanon of how Bendy got the sweater from Mabel.

Weeelll, i’m considering burying myself in the backyard now….