but i promise i do my research from the text and from history

Reading List

I have received many requests for a reading list, so I will compose one here. I intend to update this post as I find/remember more good material. I’m doing it by author, because if the author is reliable, then their work as a whole usually is. There’s a lot of nonsense out there, and some of it’s really popular.

Take everything in every book with a grain of salt. I promise that every single book you read will have something in it that’s wrong.

Margot Adler: “Drawing Down the Moon” is the best history of Neo-Paganism I’ve been able to find. She has accurate information, and reveals some of the dirty secrets, including some of the things the early leaders (Gardner, Mathers, etc.) lied about. Good primer for the premise that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has a little bullshit to sift through.

Ted Andrews: I consider him quite reliable. I’ve read a couple. Worth looking into.

Paul Beyerl: He is a master herbalist who writes and teaches on the subject, and produced a “Compendium of Herbal Magick” which is quite good.

Raymond Buckland: Top name in Wiccan witchcraft.

Scott Cunningham: One of the major players in making Wiccan witchcraft accessible to the uninitiated. I consider him very reliable, though he is a bit fluffy. He glosses over the dark arts and labels psychoactive herbs as “poisonous” whether they are or not.

Even if Wiccan witchcraft isn’t what you’re looking for, “Wicca: A Guide To the Solitary Practitioner” and “Living Wicca” are still worth reading. His “Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs” is excellent. He also wrote on many other subjects.

Christian Day: I’ve only read “The Witches’ Book of the Dead”, and it was quite good. I’m inclined to say anyone who can teach dark arts well is probably reliable in general. 

Mrs. M Grieve: The serious herbalist should read “A Modern Herbal”. I have a hard copy, but they can be hard to find in good condition. PDF is widely available. Keep in mind that it’s half a century out of date, but most modern herbalists cite or quote her at least once in their own books. I’ve even seen at least one steal exact quotes from “A Modern Herbal” without credit.

Mrs. Grieve does not shy away from poisonous herbs, and expounds on their medicinal properties. Though I would not rely solely on any single text to try to learn to use such things. 

Judy Hall: “The Crystal Bible” is a lovely quick reference on crystal magic. It is concise and easy to read. If you need to be able to explain what a crystal is good for quickly, this is the book you need.

Judika Illes: “The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells” is my absolute favorite witchcraft book. Everyone should have it. Well researched, and the spells are excellent. I rarely use them as anything other than inspiration to write my own, but they’re grand. Please get this book.  

Dorothy Morrison: All I’ve read so far was “Everyday Magic” but it’s one of my favorites. Strongly recommend it. her advice on modernizing your craft and working with what’s available to you is indispensable.

Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian: “The Book of Stones” (the second edition is blue, look for that) is my favorite book on crystal magic. Very detailed and very thorough.

IB Tips

Hey guys! Those of you who follow me know I’m a senior in the IB program at school. Over break I was reflecting on all the things I’ve learned over my years in IB classes that help me succeed and I decided to share these tips with you guys to help out any fellow IB students.


- Make a summarized study guide after each unit. This will come in handy for practice IB tests and the actual IB exam at the end of senior year. You will have a couple pages per unit to study instead of combing through all your notes from 2 years of curriculum. Trust me it’ll make studying easier

- For in class essays bring your own watch so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock

- Give yourself 10-15 minutes to outline your response to an in class essay before jumping in. This helps organize your thoughts and the essay is written in a way where the grader can understand your ideas much easier

- For classes like English and foreign languages participate in class. This is the best way to practice your speaking skills for the exam. The people who participate in class almost always do better than those who don’t.

- Always do practice problems from the IB textbooks (especially math) because there will be extremely similar questions on your test and the IB exam

- For history and science classes create a list of essential terms and define them for yourself. These will help you recall info during a test. (In my school our history department would decide our essential terms and we would find the date definitions context and significance of these terms. This really helps for essays)

- Read and reread the material for your English class. Once for the general plot and another time for actual analysis. It’s too hard to do both at once

- For paper 2’s in English memorize a few scenes from each novel that you deem important and then integrate those into your essay. There is no way you’re going to remember every scene in two entire novels. (While you’re at it, memorize a few key quotes form each novel it will show you have a deeper understanding of the texts and boost your score)


- Make sure you choose an Extended Essay topic that you enjoy. You’re never going to want to write 3,000 plus words on a subject that you have no interest in. There are some subjects that seem easier to write on but it will be just as hard to write on those subjects if you don’t pick a topic you’re passionate about

- Don’t pick an Extended Essay Topic that you haven’t taken as an IB class. Chances are you won’t know how to write a formal paper in this subject and this can lose you major points.

- DO NOT write the entire thing in one day. It’s not possible and you will end up with a terrible grade.

- Talk to your supervisor multiple times. Email them over the summer while you work on it or even skype them. It’s their job you’re not bothering them. They are there to help you.

- Don’t pick a supervisor who has never taught an IB class before. They will not know how to help you write at an IB level and in the way that IB wants you to structure an EE.


- If you take TOK after school always bring extra food or set up a system with your class to bring food because I guarantee you will be hungry if you stay after for the extra hour and a half

- Participate!!! You can’t get graded if you don’t talk in a seminar based class like TOK. It doesn’t matter what you say, just talk. I promise you that it will make a difference and you will start to improve if you keep doing it .

- Don’t worry, everyone is just as lost as you are. TOK is extremely confusing, complicated, and mind boggling. It’s philosophy, it’s supposed to be like that. Enjoy it because there’s not
other class that will make you question your entire existence.


- Make sure you buy/borrow the sources early because they might not come in time if you don’t

- When doing research, read the abstract first (fully don’t skim). T his will give you a good idea as to what the source is arguing and you can decide if it’ll be beneficial to you before trying to skim through 200 plus pages of work

- Don’t try and write it all in one day you need to do an adequate amount of research to get a good grade and it will be obvious to your teacher if you haven’t done enough research

- Your teachers often times have a lot of sources you can use for your paper. Ask them what they have on your topic before you go out to buy your own sources

So that’s all the tips I’ve accumulated so far! I hope this helps any current and future IB students. Good luck!!


Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU.

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Thanks always to the cool-as-fuck @lenfaz, for her tireless efforts in keeping me motivated.


He could feel it, the regret, welling up in his chest, his vision blurring as he scrolled through page after page of poorly punctuated text.

14,202 responses.

14,202 people who were up for being Emma Swan’s friend, and for some reason Killian Jones had appointed himself their gatekeeper.

14,202 reasons to wish he’d never even heard the name Emma Swan.

The task itself was burdensome enough, a time suck if ever there was one. But it was the sexually aggressive come ons he encountered that really propelled it towards torture. There was no other way of saying it: Men were pigs.

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Ok. So, to find out when the game itself takes place, you've gotta know when the studio was open. At first, I assumed that Bendy was a rubberhose toon from the height of that style of cartoons. That would put their timeline between 1925 and 1935. Since Sammy recognized Henry but Henry didn't know about the studio extensions in the basement, Henry would have had to leave the studio sometime around 1928. However, Henry also wasn't around for the instillation of the ink machine,… (Mo 1)

(2) which Sammy said was build “over their heads”. So Sammy was either: 1.) downstairs when the ink machine was built, or 2.) the tape recorder was moved downstairs. We also know from Wally’s recordings that Joey had “everyone” donate something from their workstations, so the employees at that time were pretty few. Each item can probably be associated with a specific person; the book is Joey’s the record Sammy’s, and I imagine the doll belinged to the guy who did toys. (Mo)

(3) But based on how small the company was at the time (and modelling it off Disney’s early years) I can’t imagine Henry wasn’t working there at that time; in fact, the inkwell could be his. So where’s the overlap, and how did Joey publish a book if the company was that small? Demonic hijinks definitely accounts for some of it, but the timing is weird. If (basing this assumption off Wally’s first recording) the ink machine was put up very soon after the pedestals, … (Mo)

(4) then it’s possible Henry left between the pedestals and the ink machine. That still doesn’t leave a lot of time for Henry knowing and being super close to all his coworkers, but it works. UNTIL I saw someone notice the “Buy Bonds” mark I hadn’t seen before on one of the episode posters. When I researched, I couldn’t find any examples of cartoon propaganda in WWI. WWII, however, is well known for it. Now we’d have to rework what we already figured out for a new timeperiod. (Mo)

(5) First off, why would this studio still be using rubberhose-style animation long after it had gone out of style? They probably started the studio right before rubberhose went out, and wouldn’t or couldn’t update it. That puts them starting the studio in the 1934-1935 range. That’s good, because it gives plenty of time between the founding to when it went mad. Wally said that the animations weren’t being finished on time anymore, which means they had a time schedule. (Mo)

(6?) A time schedule like that would probably be imposed by a distributer. At this time, probably the studio was doing a lot of work for the government and military and being funded by them (hence “Buy Bonds”). This is probably about the time that Joey really stopped caring about the actual animations. The extensions probably also happened around then. So when did Henry leave the studio? Probably right before the studio was doing animations for the military. (Mo)

(7) At that time, Joey was probably already starting to slip. There were probably already plans for an extension to the studio, and rudimentary plans for the ink machine. This would’ve been about 1940-1941. Henry would have been really familiar with everyone there, maybe to the point of leaving behind a keepsake that could later be used for the pedestals. The extensions are built, the ink machine installed, more employees hired, and the studio went under probably late 40’s. (Mo)

(8; last one, promise!) Whether the studio went under because of money or demonic issues is up for interpretation. So, assuming that demonic stuff means that Henry went back exactly 30 years after he left the studio, the game may take place in 1970 or 1971. All of that is, of course, a guess. I’ve found it fun to try to connect the game to the actuall history of animation. I guess only time and new chapters will reveal what really happened! Thanks for letting me do this. -Mo💚

Dang when you said it was the length of a novel you weren’t kidding.

Anyways, let’s try and go through this one thing at a time.

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Morning Cuddles {Taehyung X Raeder} [Fluff]  words-1.3k

His head in the crook of her neck,breathe tickling her skin and spreading warmth through her entire body. Her back facing him and his hands wrapped around her in the most loving and secured way, curling her into a ball and held her as tightly as possible by him. Sunlight coming a little to their faces through the transparent curtains and slightly disturbing the sleep and the peace engulfing them but also eliciting a small smile curving their lips. She then turned toward him and smiled brightly seeing his eyes slightly open, eyelids still heavy with sleep and a warm smile spreading across his lips at the beautiful sight of his most precious love of the life, his wife, and she mirrored him and also smiled brightly and asked ’ What’s going on inside that mind of yours huh?’. She then fully turned towards him and he again secured his arms tightly around her, both facing each other now. He then replied ‘The same thing that’s on my eyes since the day we had our marriage meeting’. 'Wo, and what’s that?’ she further asked looking directly at him slightly amused. 'You’ he replied simply looking straight into her eyes and giving her the most meaningful look ever. The look was enough to make her numb and make all the blood of her body rush to her face and make her blush like a crazy sixteen year old. 'Ah why are you so cheesy’ she hid her face in his chest and smacked him playfully.'Aish, what’s cheesy in it jagi, I’m just expressing my true thoughts to you,and you think think cheesy? Now I’m truly offended’ and with that he held his hand in his heart as if he was truly hurt. 'Yah yah stop your little drama Kim Taehyung and get up, don’t you wanna have breakfast or do you wanna starve to death huh?’ she said still blushing and getting up from their comfortable bed and tying her hair in a ponytail. 'If death means we can be in heaven together in each other’s arms up to eternity and even after that then well I don’t mind dying too my love’ Taehyung replied also getting up from the bed and again wrapping his arms around her while resting his head at the junction of her neck and shoulder from the behind. She only smiled and blushed at the thought and all the loving comments of his loving husband and put her hands on top of his and slightly turned to give him a sweet peck on the lips. Though the whole situation was way too cliche to look at, both of them could only care less about the fact as they were too emerged in the warmth and love of each other to think about the world. 'Okay now let me get clean and make you breakfast kid or all the love will be gone when you’ll get hungry’ she said as she made her way to the washroom. 'Aish you know y/n that even if I die I’m still gonna love you and it will always be you and our love will be written down in the pages of the history and will be given example of’ he replied while giggling like a small baby he is. Aish this Taehyung could really be a kid sometimes, but well he’s yours and you are his and that’s all that matters truly. 'Okay lover boy go and check on Taekwon while I make breakfast for both of you, okay?’ 'Yeses, after so many days both us have free time and we both can play with him together!’ he exclaimed with much happiness. She smiled at his happiness and childishness and went to do her chores.

'Taehyung come downstairs with Taekwon fast,breakfast is ready,hurry’ she said while taking the food of their 2 years old baby, Taekwon, in a bowl. No answer came from the upstairs so she thought to go upstairs and just call them. 'Aish I always have to deal with two babies at once’ she thought while accelerating her speed through the stairs. When she reached the room of their baby, the sight of the two most lovable creatures of her life made her heart melt and she just stood their appreciating her life and love . Taehyung was feeding the child milk and was singing a love song to him that both of them used to sing when they first started seeing each other. This made her mind escape the current situation and brought her to the memories of the college days, the dorm, the first meet with Taehyung in a terrible stormy night when he came to the medical faculty of the college to gather some help for his friend jimin who had serious fever. Luckily she was still in the college building finishing some research for the next class when Taehyung came running and asked for help and she willingly lent that. After that day both of them started seeing each other. Taehyung was her senior but both of them became quite friendly within a short time and then friendship escalated real fast to relationship when they both understood their true feelings and also in that day they shared their first kiss. Soon she back back to reality when Taehyung stopped humming to the song and instead started talking with little Taekwon, still reluctant to her presence. 'You know Taekwon this is the song I used to sing for your mom whenever she was sad or grumpy, we then used to hold our hands and she used to rest her head on my shoulder and I would hum to the lyrics of the song . Then you know one day when I became extremely sad and no one was there to hold on me and understanding me back then, she came by my side and hugged me like never before and I sobbed in her sweater and then she listened to all my complaints and tried to understand me and then when I calmed a bit,she then sang this song for me, you know what she says that she doesn’t have a beautiful voice, it’s hoarse and she can’t sing but trust me, there’s no better voice than your mom’s that I ever heard. The tone,the sweet humming all was enough to make me realise that it’s her, she’s the only one I want to hold on for the rest of my life,and make a happy healthy family that I can cherish, I used to dream of that everyday and now it’s real, everything is real Taekwon, your mom,you,us,we will be like this I promise,we will always love each other and hold onto us forever,okay? I love you and your mom the most.’ Suddenly Taehyung remembered about breakfast 'Aish have your mom forgotten us?’ and then he looked up to the door to only ring her standing there, eyes watery from all the loving confessions of her husband. Taehyung then came running to her with Taekwon in his arms and asked 'Jagi what happened? Did you burn yourself? Are you hurt?’ his face totally concerned. 'I love you’ she replied out of the blue and pressed her lips to his lips. He kissed her back and they she returned to Taekwon kissing him too and Taehyung in the mean time wrapped his hands around her and kissed her again.’ We’ll be like this, happy forever ’ he said. 'Yes forever’ she replied looking into his eyes. 'Foleeevr’ Taekwon mumbled incoherently and both of them stood there in shock, both looked at Taekwon in disbelief and and then looked at each other and laughed. Who knew that the first word of Taekwon would be something like this. Whatever it is, they are still happy,with each other, in each others arms,secured for forever. 

 A/N- I really don’t know what I wrote, maybe the spring wind is doing things to me, bad writing, sorry for that, unedited so forgive the mistakes and bad grammar. Thanks for reading ! Plz let me know your thoughts about this, it’s my first time writing something, *I only wrote a smut earlier*,let me know if I should continue with my writing ! Sarang! 💚!

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How about headcanons for MC and the guys' weddings? What will be her wedding dress and what type of wedding will they have? Probably honeymoon spots too if you have time ^^

OKAY FIRST(and yeah it’s taken me a while to write this tonight)! This is the Headcanon request that’s been hanging out in my inbox the longest.  I had to do some research on it as I kind of stopped keeping up with the latest trends in wedding dresses the past five years.  

Originally posted by sailorcandy

There is a weird personal history with me and wedding planning but moving on!

Please note that in all my headcanons regarding MCs wedding Simon will not settle for less than maid-of-honour.  

I apologize as these don’t seem to end up being too long. 

(All these wedding dress photos were found here: allure bridals)

Sherlock Holmes

Dress: This dress was chosen for it’s elegance, the (if I recall) A-line shape of the skirt, and the gorgeous heart shape with the modesty lace at the top. 

Wedding:  Nothing big, but John as the best man would be freaking out trying to find Sherlock, thinking he had forgotten and wondered off.  They would be surprised to find that Sherlock had gone ahead to the site for the ceremony long time before hand because he was nervous he’d get distracted.  

Honeymoon: Their honeymoon would most likely be spent at 221B with John being the one to leave for a while, wishing MC the best of luck during that time.  Mikah would go stay at a friend’s house.

John Watson

Dress: It’s a simple dress with a nice touch of romanticism.  The soft petal like layering in the skirt with the gorgeous lace work on the bodice.

Wedding:They would aim for a traditional wedding, well as traditional as it could be.  Every time they turn around someone else is trying to help out to make it even more special, eventually there would be chaos but MC’s smiling face and laughter would help John just accept that their friends are doing their best because of the love they have for the happy couple.

Honeymoon: A nice hotel suite where John could order room service and be waited on.  They’d probably have to pull some favors with Mycroft to get him to get the place for them so they didn’t have to worry about Sherlock finding them and crashing it.  

James Moriarty

Dress: James selected a wide variety for her to choose from, but instead she left with Sebastian and picked out this one together thinking that it would surprised him with the lack of beading and sparkle, but the way the skirt flows out makes her feel and look like a princess.

Wedding: Everything goes according to plan, well, James’s plan.  There were a few surprises hidden here and there for his bride and their guests.  Security was everywhere, not that MC knew it.  

Honeymoon:A new place every morning, MC should be a little concerned how easily they transport her at night when she’s asleep, but every morning is a new adventure with James Moriarty as he shows off to her all the places he’s been, as well as showing her off to his underlings so they know not to mess with his Queen.

Mycroft Holmes

Dress: Elegant, a little skin showing, a little mature with a little whimsical element to it.  

Wedding:If they are to do it right Mycroft would aim for something big and bold to make sure everyone knew they were married.  Make a production out of it.  However since canonically their line is that everything thinks they’re already married it would be a small wedding held in a small church, with strangers as their witnesses as they exchange vows.

Honeymoon: Mycroft would most likely feel a secondary honeymoon wouldn’t be necessary. However he would be able to get some vacation days to spend it with MC back home just in case there’s an emergency and he’s needed. 

Sebastian Moran

Dress: The tighter skirt doesn’t get in the way as much when Sebastian gets close to her, the lace was the only way that James would give his approval on it.

Wedding:It’s a small affair held at the Moriarty Estate.  There was some concern about security but James couldn’t see any place else more perfect for it to be held.  The entire time Sebastian fidgets with everything, doing his best to avoid MC all day and the day before because he heard it was bad luck to see the bride before their wedding.  Jack was forced to put little bowties and ribbons on the cats and spends a good bit of time during reception loudly complaining that James gets to be the best man despite everything Jack did?!

Honeymoon: Sebastian wants to spend it there near James, which gets him scolded by James for lacking a romantic heart.  Ends up with them going to a house in the country that James purchased for them to use for a few weeks.

Jeremy Cassel

Dress: This dress was attained by legal means.

Wedding: It’s a pleasant ceremony, met all standards, and even some of the guests thought it was a little peculiar how despite who Jeremy is and how pretty the decorations were that everything was going just and bland as bland could be.  Unknown to them however the bride found a note when she went to change into her gown that morning.  A note from Lupin promising to steal her breath away later that night.  So when the lights went out and the bride and groom disappeared there was mild panic before a little text was sent out that Jeremy couldn’t wait any longer and was taking his bride on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon:Jeremy is set on showing MC as many wonders as he can.  He has a traveling agenda planned out, though they travel by more conventional means with MC demanding that he stops stealing and act more honestly.

Hercule Poirot

Dress: Hercule loves the way the lace moves on MC, it’s hard for him not to touch it.  Hearing the swish of the tool, and soft rustling of the dress makes it hard for him not to watch her.

Wedding: Modern is the goal.  Very nice and sweet, everything just so.  Even though it’s all modern everything looks and feels so classy.  MC is almost constantly blushing especially whenever she and Hercule make eye contact. Hercule is constantly teasing everyone else around him, seeing calm and collected, even going as far as to pick on and banter with Jeremy during his best man speech.

Honeymoon: They go out of their way to make it look like they left, however so they can turn around and spend the time there at Hercule’s home instead of going over seas like they told everyone.  Just so they could really explore their new relationship in the comfort of a familiar setting.

George Lestrade

Dress: Modest, elegant, almost delicate looking with a long train.  Just to make Lestrade blush, though that isn’t hard to do.

Wedding:MC is asked several times throughout the day if she had changed her mind, would she change her mind, if she was having second thoughts, if she needed to run away with someone else, and most of the time from her doubting and worried husband to be.  He would be fidgeting at the altar, sending her texts letting her know that if she was going to runaway that he just wanted a heads up first.  Only so he could drop his phone as his heart skipped a beat when she starts up the aisle.  For the most part he doesn’t hear what is said, and doesn’t so much say “I do” as “uh huh” with a vigorous head nod.  The teasing is light hearted until Sherlock decides he needs to give a speech and talk about Lestrade’s short comings despite not being the best man; which is taken all in good jest though Holmes has no idea why.

Honeymoon: Though most of their budget was blown on the wedding their friends were able to chip in and help them go away to a bed and breakfast for a few days.  

(I did skip Jack, mostly because what I have in mind for him and what he would have is not something I would call a wedding)

Misunderstandings Pt. 4

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: Sorry it’s late, writer’s block is a bitch. Hope you like it. It’s under the cut as usual. Here’s part 1, part 2part 3part 5, part 6

You would always love him

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Hi Carrie! I'm really stressed cause of school and stuff and I was wondering if you had any mutual pining sterek fics you could rec? Thank you!

ah yes, mutual pining, one of my favorite tropes of all time. i hope you get to relax a little and good luck with all your schoolwork!  ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Safety in Silence by Survivah (M, 67k) It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.
  • que tu m’aimais encore by magneticwave (T, 20k) Wolves mate for life, don’t they?
  • Now Until The End by Dira Sudis (M, 17k)  AU from 1x04, “Magic Bullet.” ”Why the hell did you do that?” Derek demanded. “Why would you bond with me? You were going to leave me for dead, you didn’t want anything to do with helping me.” “Okay, first of all, that was like two hours ago and I’ve grown a lot as a person since then,” Stiles said.
  • Jack In The Box by Vaneh (T, 1k)  Stiles gives Derek his heart.
  • Tell Me, So I Know by troubleiwant (M, 7k) It took years for Derek to finally confront the way he felt about Stiles, and even after he figured it out he could only explain in Spanish. It took them two years more to get to where they were now. Only with neither of them quite willing to commit, where exactly is that, anyways? Well, for Stiles it’s a deserted stretch of road behind the Hale house, half trapped in a car wreck after being abducted by hunters. Frankly, he could really use Derek’s help if he’s going to get out of this alive. Mates are supposed to be able to tell when the other is in pain, right? As Derek would probably say, ‘querido, no.’Or, a love story in two parts… and two languages.
  • heart-flower by hoars (T, 5k)  Heart-flowers are a reflection of your heart, mind and soul, if you’re a romantic. Scientists call them a reflection of mental and emotional health instead. As long as you’re happy or content, the flower is healthy too. But if you’re distraught the petals will close or brown. It depends person to person, emotion to emotion. When Derek tells Stiles to take care of it, he means, take care of me.

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Cold Shoulder (Dean x Daughter!Reader)

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,384

Request:  Hi!! I absolutely love your blog!! I’m always checking for new stories! But I would like to request one this time! :D Could you do more Baby Girl stuff please? Like Dean says something mean and he didn’t mean it so his daughter gives him the silent treatment or barely talks to him and avoids him for a while but they make up with daddy and daughter fluff please? :)


   “Whatcha got?” Tucking your hair behind your ear, you come up beside your dad as he packs a sawed-off into his duffel.

   “Not much more than what you gave me, but enough to pique some interest.”

   “Crocotta or djinn?”

   “It’s a little messy for a crocotta.”

   “Crocottas can be messy. Depends on the monster. Feeling a djinn vibe?”

   “I don’t get vibes the way you say.”

   “Sure you do. I have to have gotten it from somewhere.”

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Omg, for a prompt I would absolutely love more Sterek mpreg and angst, but with a happy ending! I love your mpreg fics and you do angst so very well and your writing is just amazing in general! Like, all of your work is just awesome!

(908 words; warning for brief mention of miscarriage, infertility issues.)

Finally leaving, Derek texts Stiles, trying to pull on his coat at the same time. I’m sorry I’m late.

Don’t worry about it, Stiles replies, but Derek still winces. Of all the days his meetings run over, of course it’s their anniversary. He grabs his work bag from the floor by his desk and flies out of the office, strategically ducking around the stragglers from the meeting who don’t have places to be and want to chat.

He tries not to be nervous as he drives home. He didn’t forget it’s their anniversary; he stopped this morning and got a really nice bottle of wine for them to share. It’s not him. It’s Stiles - he’s been distracted lately, lost in his own thoughts. He’s been secretive with his phone, and when Derek borrowed his computer, the browsing history had been wiped clean. He really truly believes that Stiles isn’t cheating on him, but he’s worried. Things have been better since Stiles went back to work, but everything’s just…different now, and Derek knows he can’t expect any less, but knowing that doesn’t make things easier.

Stiles is sitting at the kitchen counter when Derek comes in, red pen out as he grades papers. Derek watches him as he shrugs off his coat, drinks in the long line of his neck, and he’s suddenly terrified that Stiles is going to leave him. Why, he doesn’t know - but then Stiles lifts his head and smiles faintly, and some of the tightness in Derek’s chest loosens.

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Prettiest Star

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word Count: 2,718
Warnings: swearing, mentions of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mentions of self-harm, fluff
Authors: Sam
Request: This was an anonymous request that was sent to @totallysupernaturaloneshots and she forwarded this to me! “Reader goes to a carnival with Crowley and her friends and they end up leaving her out of everything, so Crowley finds her crying due to everything being crap lately with her friends and getting depressed and eating disorders and it all drives her over the top. Crowley helps her enjoy the rest of the carnival and they end up running into her friends afterwards.”
A/N: This was a super tough one to write only because I’ve been in a similar situation in my own life. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, and eating disorders are nothing to ignore. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, wants to vents, or simply just needs a friends, PLEASE message me. I promise I will do everything I can for you in order to help you. I may not know you, but I’m there for you, just know that. I’m that type of person that allows strangers to have my phone number to text me and call me at all hours of the day if they need someone. Just like our Supernatural Family has said before and over and over again, you are not alone and never will be.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering how you got into the french revolution? I want to start learning about it, but it's kind of overwhelming.


My interest in the French Revolution was first set into motion quite randomly; in the first year of high school, I took a mandatory “World Civilizations” class (though the name of this class is misleading, as it basically focused on a minute part of European History, unfortunately) and we spent about two or three weeks learning about the French Revolution.

Now, because my school’s history curriculum was an utter farce, and because most of what we covered seemed to be complete balderdash, we learned about this time period without much attention to nuance. I remember we spent three days watching the ridiculous History Channel documentary on the French Revolution, which was, ironically, what caused me to want to research the topic further.

I was perplexed by the fact that Maximilien Robespierre, who seemed to me like a clement and remarkable person at the beginning of the documentary, almost immediately turned into an absolute monster, senselessly killing his own people. I thought, well, this seems a bit off. And that’s when my quest for understanding began; over the years, I’ve done extensive research on the French Revolution, and I discovered that it was a truly multifaceted, enormously energetic time period. Of course, studying this point in history further led me to discover new avenues for thought, and in my sophomore year of high school, I started to seriously get into philosophy. Thus it’s definitely not incorrect to say that the French Revolution, as well as history in general, occupies a rather large part of my life.

It may be very daunting at first, but do not fear! I’ll recommend a few books and a few other blogs which will surely provide you with a good primary knowledge of the French Revolution. And of course, anon, you can ask me questions any time. You can even rant and rave to me, if you’d like, about history or life in general. Though I’m passionate about this subject, I don’t bite, I promise. It upsets me when people try to exclude others who are just beginning to learn about something. But now I’m rambling, so without further ado,

Books (general):

The French Revolution by Albert Mathiez- What I really appreciate about this book is that it contains so much insight into the economic as well as the social conditions of the era. Mathiez does an exemplary job of using primary sources to fuel his work, also, which is honestly preferable when you’re studying something as contentious as the French Revolution.

The Oxford History of the French Revolution by William Doyle- A fantastically-written book that doesn’t rely on a revisionist bias to carry the reader through a compelling narrative. I enjoy William Doyle’s attention to detail in his analysis of the time period, and I would most definitely recommend this book to beginners. It’s as dense as Mathiez’s work on the topic, though I find that it is an easier read. 

Vive la Revolution by Mark Steel- Alright, so this book may not be the most detailed of analyses of the French Revolution, but it’s hilarious, and I found myself laughing hysterically with every chapter. If you ever get bored with reading dry academic prose, I highly recommend this book. It’s very refreshing.

The Age of Napoleon by J.C. Herold- While I’m not extremely well-versed in the Napoleonic era, I think that this book is a good introductory text. Not only does it focus on the life of Napoleon or his military career, but also the time period itself: the culture, the economy, etc. 

Books (more specific, yet still important):

Twelve Who Ruled by R.R. Palmer- Okay, so this is one of my favorites by far. Palmer writes about the lives and actions of the members of the Committee of Public Safety, all while tying it all back to the Revolution as a whole. An excellent work, truly. If you choose to buy any book from this “specific book category”, please give this one a read.

The Jacobin Clubs in the French Revolution (1793-1795) by Michael L. Kennedy- This book concentrates on a more niche topic, so I don’t recommend reading it until you have a grasp of the general time period. However! It provides lots of fascinating information on the Jacobin clubs all throughout France, and I enjoyed it greatly.

Revolution in Print: The Press in France 1775-1800 by Robert Darnton and Daniel Roche- This book addresses the overall journalistic landscape of France before, during, and after the Revolution. Before I read it, I found myself occasionally getting muddled between the many different publications floating around during the Revolution, but this book has certainly helped me in that regard. 

Books (primary sources):

Documentary History of the French Revolution by Paul H. Beik- A wonderful collection of primary sources by a variety of authors! 

Robespierre: Virtue and Terror by Slavoj Žižek- While Žižek is often difficult to read, this book is mainly just a collection of speeches by Maximilien Robespierre. You can even skip over the Žižek part; seriously, it’s not a big deal at all. 

Books (biographies):

Saint-Just by J.B. Morton- While this book demonstrates a moderate animosity towards Robespierre, it portrays Saint-Just quite well, and I’d recommend it if you’d like to become acquainted with one of the most interesting figures of the French Revolution.

Robespierre: Portrait of a Revolutionary Democrat by George Rudé- One of the first biographies I read about Robespierre, and a very interesting read indeed! Rudé, much like Albert Mathiez, is committed to accuracy in his historical writing.

Robespierre and the French Revolution by J.M. Thompson- This is a very short book, only about one hundred pages or so, and it does a good job of introducing readers to Maximilien Robespierre’s political career.

Robespierre and the Fourth Estate by Ralph Korngold- This book focuses more on how Robespierre interacted with the lower classes during the Revolution through his policies, but it also provides an analysis of his life in general. I liked it.

Books (fiction):

A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel- Although this book may not be as accurate as I would like it to be, I think it might help you understand the personalities of the French Revolutionaries as individuals, as well as how they related to one another.


@bunniesandbeheadings is wonderful, she posts lots of things about the French Revolution and is incredibly experienced in her research. You’ll learn a lot from following her, and she’s been around for quite a long time.

@rbzpr One of my favorite blogs! This blog, which I 100% recommend following, regularly posts excerpts from primary and secondary sources, as well as analyses of certain aspects of the time period. The way with which Flo conducts his research is phenomenal.

@couthon Georges Couthon is unfortunately often disregarded in French Revolutionary historiography, but Flo (the same person who runs rbzpr) dedicates lots of effort into providing us with information about him. A fantastic blog.

But of course that’s not all of the lovely people you could follow! Their blogs just focus specifically on the French Revolution. Plus, this post is getting unreasonably long, so I just have to move on.

And lastly,


La Révolution française - Les Années Lumières (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SP4iii_THQ)

La Révolution française - Les Années Terribles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-6ruyZFfZs)

Two very long, but very well-done and detailed films on the French Revolution! I watch them from time to time and usually cry a lot. They’re great, and I fully recommend them.


If you got through this post without falling asleep, I commend you! I hope this helped, and remember, you can talk to me anytime.

Thank you for your question!

anonymous asked:

what would you recommend for someone trying to learn old english by themselves?

Ooh okay lots of things.

First, there’s an Old English Facebook group. Originally set up by a fellow at Oxford to correspond with his students, but now has thousands of members — just about anyone who knows the language or wants to learn. Join it, ask questions, go nuts. Nerds are at your beck & call. 

Book recommendations for learning the language:

A Guide to Old English by Bruce Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson. This is the book I use; it contains the texts that Oxford uses in its exams, and the first half of it is a very useful grammar. If you already have a very good grasp on English language and grammar, enjoy organisation in neat charts, and are willing to wade through tricky bits, then get this one. The selection of texts is also quite good, and Mitchell & Robinson have really, really helpful footnotes. Honestly, of the three first books on this list (which are all grammars/basic texts,) only get one (unless you want to go wild) and make it this one.

Introduction to Old English by Peter Baker. This is probably best if you’re really a beginner when it comes to just about everything. It includes a primer for the English language so it’s really starting from the ground up. Beware though, because his methods of pronunciation aren’t too widely accepted.

An Introduction to Old, Middle, and Early Modern English by Jeremy Smith. This is simpler, more concise, and useful because it runs into early modern — offers points for comparison. 

Teach Yourself Old English by Mark Atherton. Incidentally, this guy teaches me (I’m not biased though, promise!) but the book is good. Maybe gets a bit too much into the grammar sometimes (you may not particularly care) but the chapters are short and easily digestible, well organised, work in historical and cultural contexts nicely. Try to find, if you can, an edition that includes the CD (when I ordered it from Amazon, it didn’t. Maybe try the publisher. Or email Mark: mark.atherton@ell.ox.ac.uk)

A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by J.R. Clark Hall. Essential, though not every word will be in here. (A lot of Old English poetry is invention, new compounds for the purposes of alliteration, etc.) 

The essay “Old English Literary Language“ by Malcolm Godden. Couldn’t find it online so the link is to my copy, which I uploaded to sendspace.

Book recommendations if you want to learn more than just the language (surely it’s for the purpose of reading the literature & understanding Anglo-Saxon history a bit better, right?):

The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millenium by Robert Lacey. Really lovely, very easy to read & extremely interesting, compact & easily digestible. Not to be missed.

Old and Middle English: An Anthology by Elaine Treharne. This is great because it includes all the major texts, it has short introductions at the beginning of each work presented, and it has the original on the left page with a translation on the right page. The only downside here is that there are a few unfortunate misprints in her edition, but you can easily look these up on google & pencil in changes to your edition.

The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation edited by Seamus Heaney, Greg Delanty, and Michael Matto. I just got this one & I’m loving it so far — pretty, very poetic (but still quite accurate!) translations of all the major works Treharne includes in her brick of an anthology, and by contemporary poets too — Eavan Boland! Seamus Heaney! Paul Muldoon! Very exciting.

Klaeber’s Beowulf by Fulk, Bjork, and Niles. Best edition by far, in my ever so humble opinion — notion supported by Andy Orchard, probably the best Old English scholar/lecturer at Oxford at the moment, because he uses this edition in his Beowulf lectures. 

Beowulf: A Student Edition by George Jack is good (well footnoted & researched), but my issue with it is that it doesn’t give you a translation, rendering it fairly useless to someone learning the language, unless you want to balance two books at the same time (the translation and the original text.)

Beowulf: Seamus Heaney’s edition with the original Old English on the left. (Links to a pdf.) Heaney’s edition is exactly what a first reader of Beowulf wants to go through before digging into the original Old English text — it’s readable, poetic, slightly modernised (the metaphors or expressions sound a bit less archaic; he incorporates some Irish language into it I think? I forget.) But after working with a more academic translation (e.g. one closer to the Old English) you start to see that Heaney takes a lot of liberties with the text and this can be good or bad, depending on your purposes. Annoying for someone who has to use a somewhat accurate translation in an essay, but probably rather pleasant for someone learning on their own.

Website recommendations:

Electronic edition of the Baker book (because the print edition is prohibitively expensive on Amazon)

Old English Aerobics

Old English at the University of Calgary (Prof. Murray McGillivray’s course online)

University of Texas – Old English Online

Resources for Old English classes at the University of Massachusetts

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

The New Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Old English quizlet (lots of words, if you’re into flashcards)

Benjamin Bagby’s performance of Beowulf video clips — search it on both YouTube and Google for the most results. Hugely helpful to learning how to pronounce words out loud, and also for seeing how it would have been performed in its original context. He’s so eccentric and theatrical it’s almost worth watching just to laugh at him.

Also just in general googling the poems you’re reading on YouTube; readings or performances will always come up.

Other book recommendations: Because poets like Gerard Manley Hopkins, Tennyson, Auden, Pound, Heaney, and Edwin Morgan were all influenced by Old English poetry & the influence shows in their work, you could do worse than supplementing your language study with any of these…

Okay so it’s 2:34 AM & I’m exhausted & I’m sure this is more than you’ll ever need. In the event it’s not, message me again & I’ll see what I can do! EDIT: Just noticed the language of this post is atrocious & often redundant, forgive me! Exhaustion takes its toll. Also if you’ve sent me book recommendation related asks recently, I *will* get to them, just be patient!

Where You Belong

Summary: Big changes are made up of little ones. G-rated CS fluff and feels around Killian moving in. 1500 words.

Long after the dust of the day had settled, after the bodies had been taken away and the deck cleaned, after Belle had been resettled at Granny’s for the night – after all of that had been dealt with and darkness had fallen, Killian heaved the chest onto his shoulder and climbed the stairs.

Emma opened the front door. Light spilled out onto the porch, along with faint music and the smell of food.

“My parents left a casserole,” Emma said. “Several, in fact. Also a lot of fruit. I get the feeling that my dad is terrified we’re going to starve now that they’re an entire half mile away.”

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I’m going to answer these angry questions this way instead of one by one and filling my blog with anon messages.

The Qur’an wasn’t written 100-200 years after the Prophet pbuh passed away. Whenever he would come into a room to speak to the Sahaba (Companions), there would be about five, always ready to write everything he had to say. He would recite the Qur’an to them and they would write it down IMMEDIETLY, not 200 years later. After the prophet passed away, pbuh, Sayyidna Othman (the 3rd successor, before Sayyidna Ali) compiled all that was written from the recitations. And since he, along with other companions had memorized the Qur’an from the source itself (THE PROPHET) they knew what parts that were written were fake and which were authentic, compiled it, and thus the book was in physical form. 

The age in which the Prophet pbuh married Aisha isn’t confirmed to be at which exact age. Some say 9, some say 10, and some say 6. And when he asked her father (Abu Bakr) for her hand in marriage, Abu Bakr said that she was already promised to a Christian family. Which proved she was already being asked for at the age she was, which was considered a normal things around that time. Let’s take a look at America in the 1880s where the legal marriage age for most states was 10-12. And in the 1900′s some states still had theirs at the age of 7. And this is only less than 200 years ago. IN AMERICA. It was not whether the girl was old enough to get married, but if she was physically mature enough to get married. And if Aisha was in fact a victim of pedophilia, some signs of psychological problems would have been present. However, Aisha was the go-to person when anyone wanted information on Islamic teachings. She was the most knowledgeable women of her time. She was a teacher and a scholar.

On to the third question. A Muslim man could marry four wives because back then when that was made okay. Did you know that women who were widowed were seen as objects/possessions? They were sold along with their furniture in the homes, but Islam came along and gave them right to will. 
But back to the point, when women lost their husbands by means of war or other misfortunes, they wanted to be married so someone could take care of them, so it was made Islamically legal for a man to marry another wife. So all these widows of war could have a place to stay where the man is committed to doing so. If you’re comparing that to today, you’d see that 30-60% of married men engage in infidelity at some point. I would say if a man wanted to have more women around him, have him committed to the cause instead of messing around with women then dumping them because he cannot fully commit. And there are many rules when it comes to taking on another wife. MANY. All the wives must be treated EQUALLY in all aspects of the marriage. And as for divorce, if a woman wants to be divorced, she has the right to ask for it, and if it is denied, she can go to court, family, and any other support she has to force the man into divorcing her. Don’t confuse cultural practices to religious please.

“Muslims forced conversion, killed and raped”? I think you’re talking about the crusades here buddy. When Muslims would conquer lands, they would preserve religious artifacts left by those before them whether it was a church, synagogue, artwork, and even texts. Islam respected other religions. If any deaths in the name of religion happened, it was during war. When wars would happen between two religious groups, that is when people die. Muslims died at the hands of non Muslims and vice versa. The Qur’an doesn’t state to kill non-Muslims just because they were non Muslims. When Muslims conquered land, non-Muslims still lived in the land even after it was conquered. And this is proven because when war broke out, non-Muslims wouldn’t join the Muslim army, nor were they forced, they would just pay taxes for the war (sound familiar?).  And what colonization???? Are you forgetting British colonization???? Islam arrived in Asia because of the Silk Road WE LEARNED THIS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WATER YOU TALKING ABOUT RN. People exchanged cultures and religions during the trades….

Next time you come into my inbox with these ignorant questions, try to actually back yourself up with actual facts about Islamic Law. You obviously do not have any knowledge of Islamic history or principles, you have whatever the media spews in your face and you’re just throwing it in my inbox. Stop being a puppet and do some research of your own. 

secrets kept {remix}

on ao3

*arrives several days late wrapped in a blanket* yo what’s up 

this has already been posted on tumblr but i like all my fics to have the same formatting

a remix of @samantha-girlscout​‘s fic, keeping secrets for the @miraculousexchange​!!

i’ve never done a remix before and it was definitely an interesting experience and i had a lot of fun doing it! if there are any more of these in the future i’d definitely participate! i did a pov switch because…well honestly i just really love alya. like a lot. but this was my first time writing her pov which was so much fun and i loved it


Alya was proud of herself for slipping away from the house to catch yet another akuma attack on video. Ladybug fighting without Chat Noir? Earlier that week, that would have been one for the history books. Three akuma attacks later, it wasn’t as novel an idea. Still, that first attack that Ladybug fought alone had been groundbreaking and would definitely be in a history textbook one day. And those glossy, high res pictures would be taken directly from the Ladyblog. Alya was sure of it. No one else had a talent for finding angles like she did. Sure, it usually involved breaking a few laws, climbing onto dangerous structures, and getting into dangerous situations, but it was worth it.

Alya might not care much for her own safety, but Ladybug’s was a different story entirely.

Ladybug was struggling and that was terrifying . Alya was a proud defender of Chat Noir — if Ladybug said that Chat wasn’t a sidekick, he wasn’t a sidekick — but how much Ladybug and Chat helped each other in battle had never been more obvious. Ladybug was getting thrown into walls more often than Chat Noir ever was and she was barely holding back the akuma.

Alya found herself unable to add her usual commentary as she scrambled to get a continuous live video feed, sprinting after the action as fast as she could.

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purestheartslove  asked:

Klaroline+under the stars, thank you <3

You’re so going to be like WTF HOW DID YOU GET THIS DRABBLE  FROM THIS PROMPT but uhm…I just kinda went to town and now it’s 3 am after weeks of tossing this around in my head and I wrote this all in one sitting and I need to work in the morning. This is clearly inspired by what I was watching/reading at the time, so thank you to 12 Monkeys and American Wordsmith’s amazing Inferno for the inspiration.

Written in the Stars

Are you safe? -KM

Caroline scrubbed at her face with one hand, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she stared down at her phone. She didn’t recognize the number, but it only took a few moments for her to puzzle out the identity of the sender. Why was he contacting her now?

What are you talking about?

Vampires are dying in droves in New York, some sort of targeted infection.  Needed to make sure you were safe.  -KM

I’m actually down in Mystic Falls visiting Bonnie. I’m ok.

After shooting off the text, she stared at her phone disbelievingly for a few minutes more. It had been five years since she had last spoken to Klaus, two years since she had driven down there with the twins in a fit of despair, full of confusion and seeking the advice (and let’s be serious, the solace) of the man, who amongst everything else, never seemed to let her down since that first uttered “friends, then?”

Funny the things that stick with you. Especially when a certain Salvatore brother you expected to be with forever certainly didn’t.

(more under cut that seems to refuse to function properly on mobile)

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The Diogenes Conspiracy, or: The Ancient Greek Who Trolled Society’s Normative Assumptions and Spiritually Foreshadowed TJLC

Okay. So, to start off here, I’m going to just quote at great length from Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality Vol. 2: The Uses of Pleasure. (Wait! Don’t go! It gets to somewhere interesting, I promise!) I’m reading it as part of my literature review in preparing to conduct my Masters dissertation research, of which you will hear more if you’re tuned in to Sherlock fandom (specifically TJLC) on Tumblr in the coming months. I’ll be asking for this community’s help with that at some point soon. That’s later, though. Right now, this is just something that I came across and then almost threw the damnable book across the room. I absolutely would have, were I not in the middle of a very quiet library.

Anyway. This is from Foucault’s discussion of sex and sexual ethics in ancient Greece:

“The scandalous gesture of Diogenes is well known: when he needed to satisfy his sexual appetite, he would relieve himself in the marketplace. Like many of the Cynics’ provocations, this one had a double meaning. It owed its impact to the public character of the act, of course, which went against every convention in Greece; it was customary to assert the need for privacy as a reason for making love only at night, and the care one took not to let oneself be seen engaging in this kind of activity was regarded as a sign that the practice of aphrodisia [a blanket category used to describe all manner of sexual acts and actions in which the Greeks participated] was not something that honored the most noble qualities of mankind. It was against this rule of privacy that Diogenes directed his “performance” criticism. Diogenes Laertius reports that in fact he was in the habit of “doing everything in public, the works of Demeter and Aphrodite alike,” reasoning as follows: “If breakfast be not absurd, neither is it absurd to breakfast in the market-place.”

Obviously, the name ‘Diogenes’ immediately had my ears perked up, but the implications of the discussion are complicated and fascinating enough in the context of Sherlock— and indeed ACD’s original use of the reference—to merit a closer look and more analysis. I also hope that this might be a jumping-off point for other meta writers to look into the implications of this name and its associations in the show/canon. If this quotation has been discussed elsewhere, I’d love to hear more about it, too!

Okay, so The Diogenes Club is immediately associated with Mycroft and therefore with secrets. Institutional secrets, even, as Mycroft occupies a minor position in the British government— or is the British government, depending on who you ask. Almost the first thing that we know about Mycroft once his relationship to Sherlock is revealed in ASiP is that he’s involved with espionage. “He is the British government— when he’s not too busy being the British Secret Service or the CIA on a freelance basis.” From there on in, it’s pretty well-telegraphed that Mycroft is the smartest— or at least best-informed— person on the show. He has access to private information, can see everything happening within sight of a CCTV camera… he knows all the secrets, but his primary association is still with secrecy.

Originally posted by bbcsherlockimagines

The Diogenes Club is also emblematic of the societal establishment: it’s an old boys’ club if ever there was one. Everything about the club, from its strict rules against speaking to its silent, useful servants to its sumptuous, rich interiors, speak of a very traditional kind of British cultural hegemony designed and controlled by the very wealthy, white straight cismale establishment that seeks to keep itself in control through strictures leveled against any difference from that ‘norm’.

In Conan Doyle’s world, this hegemony arguably exerted even more structural power to silence and punish difference than it does now. Or at least, the power that it had was connected 1 to 1: engaging in sodomy/buggery/homosexual relations was itself a criminalized thing, aside from the more insidious cultural punishments for queerness that are still very much present in many people’s lived experiences.

So the fact that he chose to name Mycroft’s club in reference to the figure of Diogenes is perhaps significant. Because in looking more closely at the quotation from Foucault, we see that Diogenes was not actually a keeper of secrets— a guy who upheld societal expectations and notions of propriety and privacy— but sort of a freaky exhibitionist who took issue with the very idea that something that could be done in private acceptably could not be done in public with the same level of acceptance. It seems odd to connect the name of Diogenes with the oppressive heteronormative establishment and the value of silence and privacy and secrecy implied by The Diogenes Club if it’s not some sort of sneaky indictment against that secretive hegemonic norm. I don’t presume to know what ACD was thinking with this, but it is an interesting connection.

Originally posted by aningeniousuniverse

What I am particularly interested in, however, is how Diogenes might relate to TJLC and the stated/presumed intentions of the writers in allowing John and Sherlock out of the closet for once and all. There’s a lot of resistance to this reading of the text (as I’m sure you’re all painfully well aware) that comes from an overarching heteronormative blindness that makes it almost impossible for people not in-the-know to see a fairly conventional romantic arc when it is literally wiggling its arse in their faces. (This has been made all the more clear to me in the aftermath of TAB.) That is, as I understand it, the premise upon which TJLC is founded: that in telling this story ‘the right way,’ Moffatt and Gatiss are seeking to make it clear that Holmes and Watson are queer and in love— not only in THIS version of the story, but in EVERY version. I’ve sort of written about that a bit, and the tiny amount that I’ve written isn’t even a fraction of the brilliant critical work by others in this fandom. (That link’s only one of the hundreds of astonishing meta-analyses I’ve read ‘round here, by too many people to easily name.)

Diogenes spoke out in criticism of the expectations of his society that made sex something explicit, secretive, and therefore taboo. The conventional Greek expectation of keeping sexual practice a secret because it was “not something that honored the most noble qualities of mankind” sounds to me a lot like arguments I hear from people who are resistant to a queer reading of Sherlock and John’s relationship on the show and— by extension— a queer reading of the characters throughout their 130 year history: “it’s fine if you want to ship it, but they’re never going to make it canon because that’d just be going too far.” Or “I don’t think they’d actually make them gay on the show— I don’t know how well most people would respond to that.”

It’s fine as long as the queer subtext stays subtext. Keep it in the dark, keep it on the DL, and throw the occasional bone to the fangirls. (All of this is going to be part of the research I’m going to ask for your help with, btw, so if it sounds fun/interesting to you, stay tuned!) But to actually allow a gay romance and relationship to be actualized on one of the biggest television shows in the world between two of the most iconic characters in English literature? It will never happen, because the majority of the audience (presumptively the casuals and the straight folks? I honestly don’t know where these people are…) would not like it. They’re never going to risk something like that with a show this big.

Leaving aside how terribly, offensively hetnorm that whole thing is (and that’s such a huge part of the dialectical argument of TJLC), the inclusion of this reference to Diogenes seems to fly in the face of those arguments. If we take his quotation about breakfast and replace the food with queerness (and hey! Look! There’s that pesky food = sex metaphor again! In ancient Greece, no less!) we see something interesting:

Original: “If breakfast is not absurd, neither is it absurd to breakfast in the market-place.”

Subtextual: “If [being gay] is not absurd (read: perfectly fine/societally acceptable), neither is it absurd to [be gay] in the market-place (read: in public, on your goddamn television set, in your iconic detective fiction).”

Diogenes is openly criticizing the hypocrisy of a society that says that certain acts are acceptable in private, but cannot be condoned in public. It’s so easily applicable to the heteronormative dialogues of “keep it in the bedroom” and “it’s fine if you’re gay, I just don’t want to see it waved around in my face” that it’s almost laughable. Diogenes—demonstrably a TJLCer from way back—knows that if we’re living in an ostensibly progressive society that is supposedly moving all the time towards equal rights for queer folks, but where showing a gay relationship as a central premise of a popular television show is still considered too big of a risk to actually be done, our society is not actually progressive

                                         “Why would anyone mind?”

If it’s chill to be queer, then it’s chill to be queer. You don’t get to qualify it with locational or circumstantial strictures.

The Diogenes Club is all about secrecy and silence, and yet its namesake was the dude who basically coined the phrase ‘say it loud, say it proud.’ I don’t know if Doyle meant to introduce that tension in the original stories, and I don’t know if Mark Gatiss spends his weekends with his nose buried in The History of Sexuality (although that wouldn’t precisely shock me, tbh) but in the grand endeavor of critiquing the hypocritical assumptions and expectations of an irrepressibly heteronormative society that has co-opted Sherlock Holmes for far too long, they nevertheless have an ally somewhere in ancient Athens. \o/

10 tips on writing essays (according to a procrastinating English major)

I am the first person to admit that I do not know everything about writing.  It’s only since I have been in university that I have deemed myself competent at it because from about 3rd grade to high school I did not have good grades in academic writing and I hated it.  But now I’m an English major and writing essays has become a fact of life for me.  I see so many people freaking out about writing essays on tumblr all the time (including myself) so I thought I would write down some knowledge about it that I have gained through my own experiences.  Hope these help.

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