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Fic: Overcome

Because of this gifset of a hamper full of puppies. Kurt and Rachel make a rescue, but Blaine’s not really feeling it until one little pup changes his mind.

1675 words, PG, fluff fluff fluff.

The shout of “Blaine! Come grab the door for me, please?” nearly made Blaine fall off the couch, where he was sprawled and watching an ANTM marathon.

“Coming!” he yelled back. The crack of his long-settled joints made him wince as he slid the door open, revealing Kurt, Rachel, and a large laundry hamper that was – yipping? “Is that our hamper? Wait, it’s not laundry day.”

“Astute as ever, B,” Kurt said. “Rach, grab your side again.” He started walking backwards slowly into the loft, keeping the hamper steady before nodding to Rachel to set it down in the middle of the living room. “Meet our new temporary roommates.”

“What?” Blaine walked over to the hamper and peeked inside. “Oh my God, where did you find six puppies?” He tried to step away as surreptitiously as possible, feeling his heart speed up in his chest.

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