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PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


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Just dating Ignis Scientia things:

  • Oh man. Dis mofo slick. I mean you can’t tell me you don’t get even a little bit giddy seeing him be a professional. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking he’s just an empty suit. A lot of people think he’s all work, no play, super boring, but those people are so wrong. Ignis is great and gets better over the time you get to know him. He is loyal, diligent and suave with very little of the vanity and ego of the other three guys. He’s witty, knows the best time to drop jokes and puns and and clever little jokes and observations. Ignis Scientia is just the absolute worst because he’s perfect; good looks, good heart, great smarts. You’ve got no chance if he decides he wants to woo you.

  • Like with Prompto and Gladio, you have to understand what Ignis has been groomed for and that’s supporting Noctis, the royal family and Insomnia pretty much first and foremost. His role is critical when it comes to any kind of success. Understand that during moments of crisis or urgency, your boyfriend might have to postpone his time with you. Don’t ever assume he does this easily. It breaks his heart every damn time. He knows how difficult it is to be with him, someone who has so much responsibility. Every time he disappoints you, Ignis is scared you’re tempted to leave him. Prove Specs wrong and support him as much as you can.

  • Ignis never leaves you wanting for anything. If he can look after three man-children, one of which is a picky pretty-boy prince, he can bloody well look after you. He treats you more like royalty than he does with Noct, to be honest. Ignis is also very observant when it comes to your well-being and he takes care of you without really saying anything. If you’re looking cold, suddenly his jacket is around your shoulders. If he’s seeing signs of you getting hungry, there’s suddenly a delicious meal within your grasp (sometimes it’s your favourite depending on how cranky you’re getting). If you’re working hard and looking exhausted, but you need to push on for deadlines, you’ll have coffee, you’ll have snacks, you’ll have whatever you need to keep going. Ignis just knows how to take care of you without being overbearing or intrusive. He saves that shit for the three man-children.

  • Affection with Ignis is just… beautiful. It’s got a classic romantic flavour, it’s sweet, it’s mature. It’s a lot of little things he does to show that he cares a lot about you. Lots of hand holding and gentle kisses against your palm. Ignis is 100% the kind of guy to hold your hand while driving, by the way. The guys give him shit for it, but they might be kind of jealous. You’ll get random gifts sometimes, out of the blue without any words just a sweet, knowing smile. Sometimes you’ll have flowers sent to your work or something. Ignis does all of these things because he love that shy grin you get when he does this stuff. Your blush is the cutest. Smooch Iggy as much as you can to reward him <3

  • Okay, so you’re right in thinking that Ignis isn’t petty, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got the ability to be. Though when he’s petty, it is fucking savage. For example, one day the guys are just absolutely unbearable. Sometimes it gets like that over stupid shit. Usually you can step in and calm everyone down, but they’re beyond help. Ignis, being clever and straightforward, decides he’s had enough. He very loudly declares, to your embarrassment, “We fucked in the Regalia once.” There is a deafening silence as Ignis takes you by the hand and leaves without any explanation.

    Ignis is a genius because the boys immediately stop bickering. Was he joking? Wait, when did you fuck in the Regalia? When was there time? The boys are hardly without either Ignis or the car, so…? WHEN? HOW? Were they in the car after?! Oh god, was it front seat or backseat? They freak out over Ignis’ declaration. The perfect part of this whole ordeal is that eventually one of the boys thinks ‘maybe Ignis is joking, he probably is, we should ask’, but neither you or Ignis confirm or deny if he was telling the truth.

    The boys are kept in perpetual suspense. At this point, they don’t even care if you guys had fucked in the car, they just need to know if it happened or not, but they will receive no respite. Ignis keeps his lips sealed, as do you. The boys are kept in a state of limbo regarding answers and they are reminded of that dreaded, possibly true, declaration every time they see the Regalia.

    Noctis is the Lucian King, but Ignis Scientia is the fucking King of petty when the situation calls for it. 

So there won’t be an update tomorrow because of a really stupid reason. I maaaay have accidentally left my laptop at my parent’s place the other day when i was over for Thanksgiving > >. It has all my art stuff on it. It’s probably gonna be a hot minute until I get it back.


Basically I did a dumb.

*thumbs up*

Hope you all have a good weekend though!

BSD Official Anthology -Rei-: 僕とケーキと時々パグ

Hey y’all! I picked up the BSD anthology over the weekend and didn’t see translations for this chapter yet (or maybe I just missed them). It’s filled with Akutagawa’s life being suffering also a Pug!  My Japanese is rusty and far from fluent, but I wanted to give it a shot so other Akutagawa fans could enjoy too, haha. If I mixed anything up just let me know and I’ll edit! (Also, I don’t have a scanner, so please forgive the blurry cell pictures!)

Title: 僕とケーキと時々パグ (The Cake and I and Sometimes a Pug)
Mangaka: 東郷一貴 Togo Kazuki

Transcript and Translation under the cut~

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anonymous asked:

Recently manyof the sterek fics that I've been reading, the favorite uncle of the child is neither Scott nor Boyd but Jackson??!! As much as I love Stiles and Derek react to their kid being in love with Jackson in their own ways, how did the fandom decide on this? It's precious

I have never heard of this???? but I love it????? 

Things I know about Uncle Jackson via Sterek:

1.) He keeps the kids well dressed (like, ridiculously well dressed). He takes pride on making them look like miniature runway models but mostly, he gets a kick out of pissing Stiles off whenever the kids come back and the carefully selected graphic tees Stiles picked out for them are crumpled in their overnight bags. 

2.) He pretends not to care when Stiles and Derek ask someone else to babysit when in actual fact he probably cancelled his sleek, fancy, exciting plans just to spend time with kids this weekend and casually invites himself over to Scott’s or Boyd’s, shooing them out of their own houses because “really, you go on your date night, ugh, I guess I will have to stay here with them instead, you all owe me for this completely random favour big time”. Everyone totally knows what Jackson is up to but they allow him to think he’s being subtle. 

3.) He teaches the kids all the words to chart songs because he knows Derek hates chart music and Jackson is, by very nature, a dick. This, unfortunately, backfires on the kids when Stiles starts singing along with them and breaking out into “dad moves”, singing that old classic tune Anaconda at Derek while throwing dollar bills at him. (Both Jackson and the kids - probably in their awkward, late teens at this point - are traumatised for life.)

4.) He downloads Tinder and decides to swipe left or right based on what the kids think. The kids actually interrogate his dates, sometimes they actually demand to be at Uncle Jackson’s before a “big date”. (Side note: the kids all want Uncle Jackson to end up with Uncle Danny; they are still figuring out a way to convince Uncle Danny to move back to Beacon Hills - when they were younger, they even went so far as to try and get an IT guy fired because they knew Uncle Danny worked with computers. They got grounded for two weeks but Stiles was secretly impressed at the lengths they went to to get the guy fired. Derek reluctantly found the whole thing endearing, mostly because the guy that nearly got fired once chatted Stiles up knowing he was taken and he’s hated him ever since.)

5.) The kids have frequently had to cheer Jackson up after sad Disney movies. They once asked Derek to pack extra tissues in their bag because “we want to watch Up and we don’t think Uncle Jackson’s eyes will survive, Papa! They might drown if we don’t take p-per-precautions!

6.) Jackson Whittemore loves those kids and if you try and hurt them he will sue you.

to have and to hold | tae's pov (m)

 pairing: min yoongi x reader x kim taehyung (taehyung’s pov}
genre/warnings: smut, cuckholding, threesome (sort of, I guess)
• words: 7,893 
→ summary: Taehyung’s about to help Yoongi out with a very different type of kink…
 note. flashbacks indicated by italic paragraphs. 

» take 1 | 
readers pov +

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The Lapidot is still so real

- They had their very first “lover’s tiff” - which is something that happens to all couples.

- They’re still clearly so comfortable around each other.

- They gave each other some really cute looks throughout the episode.

- Despite their petty argument, they realised that their behaviour was wrong and were perfectly happy again by the end of the episode - and had even worked together to make a new sign for the car wash.

- Their fusion was potentially foreshadowed by the fact that they both wanted to be Garnet (a fusion who’s literally “made of love”), and by the fact that we saw them both using their powers together for the very first time.

…You freaking know that I’m adding all this (and probably more) to my Lapidot Moments masterpost over the weekend!

I’m so happy right now, you have no idea~

My WSC Highlights

So this weekend was awesome. It’s all kind of a blur, so I would probably fail at trying to describe it in detail, but here are the things that stuck with me and made me wish I had a rewind button so I could experience them all over again. 😄

  • Meeting Danai and somehow not crying
  • Meeting Steven and somehow not crying
  • Meeting other Richonne shippers!
  • Meeting some really awesome people in general, because there’s nothing to do but talk to people while you wait in lines forever and ever
  • Getting to ask Danai and Andy Richonne-related questions at their panels
  • Danai coming back yesterday just to take the cast picture even though she wasn’t scheduled to be there
  • Andy telling me I smelled good
  • Talking about Mad Men with Ross
  • Taking three different pictures with Danai because my friend and I suck at taking pictures 
  • And Danai subsequently saying we should just come and hang out with her all day. Like sis, that’s literally all I wanted to do.
  • Getting to thank Steven for playing Glenn so beautifully and him saying he loved me 😩
  • The love everyone showed for Steven everywhere he went
  • The endless lines for Danai (I hated standing in them, but I loved seeing how revered she is)
  • My new Richonne t-shirt!
  • Andy holding my hand for .8 seconds
  • Andy squeezing my hand when I made him laugh at something ridiculous I said because I have no home training
  • Meeting the cosplayer that looked so much like Rick, it was kinda creepy
  • Meeting the Michonne and Lori cosplayers that took the epic Bye Jessie Ashy photo with Andy
  • For some reason, deciding to tell everyone we met that we hate Daryl and they all agreed that it’s his fault Glenn is dead 👀
  • Andy’s panel in general was just really awesome, even with Norman there
  • Andy ruining the surprise that Steven was coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Steven coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Andy’s outfit. I’m glad he wore it twice, tbh, because it was perfect on him
  • Danai’s code-switch when my friend and I approached for our picture 😂
  • Meeting* everyone in the Lucille lineup. *= I didn’t meet most of them because pictures are super fast and I just wanted to talk to Andy, lol. (Side note: Danai and Norman were next to each other in my picture and I just don’t know why the gods have forsaken me. But she remembered me from Saturday, so okay, I guess.)
  • Just being in the same space as these people that I admire so much, and getting to express how much I appreciate them
  • I’m exhausted

Talked about Overwatch with friends during the last weekend, and how, as a person who haven’t yet played overwatch, my impression over the characters is completely based on fanart I’ve seen, and.. well, let’s say reaper takes the cake aka me seeing his belt(?) as garter every. fucking. time. 

Just Once

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You find Sam about a year after you two spent the night together.

Word Count: ~3,900

Warnings: cheating, smut, smutty smut, unprotected sex (wrap it, y’all), language, fluff

A/N: Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! I had some family stuff to take care of over the weekend, but I’m back now. I hope y’all like this one :)

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You pulled your jacket tighter around your torso and dipped your chin down into your scarf as the cold air whipped around you. It was the middle of the night toward the end of November, and you probably shouldn’t have been outside, but you couldn’t stop yourself. You sneakers skidded against the pavement as you scuffed your feet along the ground.

You hesitated as you lifted a hand and balled it into a loose fist, hovering it a few inches from the door. Inhaling sharply, your knuckles rapped on the painted piece of wood in front of you. After a few seconds and some muffled shuffling on the other side, it opened.

“Do you have any idea what time - [Y/N]?” Sam’s sleepy and slightly aggravated voice pounded through the darkness.

“H- Hey Sam…” You looked up at him through your lashes, smiling shyly.

“What are you doing? It’s freezing out here. C’mon.” He stepped back out of the doorway and let you walk inside.

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Submitted by: http://hidgehog.tumblr.com/

Length: Short

My ex-wife usually calls before she drops our daughter off for the weekend. She usually comes in and says hello; we ended on good terms and we’re still friends. 

I was eating lunch when I heard the lock to my front door click. My daughter walked through the door and greeted me with a wide smile. I heard a car screech and take off down my street. 

“Hi, pumpkin. How come mom didn’t call this time?” I asked casually, assuming she was probably in a rush or something. My daughter just shrugged and set down her book bag by the door before skipping over to me. She placed a kiss on my cheek and asked, “What’s for lunch?” 

“Well, I can make you some PB&J,” I said. 

She frowned. “We don’t like peanut butter,” she said.

I was taken aback by her words, but figured she was around that age to have imaginary friends, so I shrugged it off. “Well, sweetie, what would you like?” 

“Chicken!” She said excitedly. After heating up some frozen chicken tenders, I placed the plate in front of her on the table. Before the plate even touched the tabletop, she reached out and grabbed fistfuls of chicken tenders, shoving as many as she could fit into her mouth. I lectured her on her manners and how she needed to slow down. She did. But her appetite was fierce. She ate the entire plate and asked for more. I hesitantly heated up some leftover turkey and she gobbled it up in half a minute. I was starting to get concerned that maybe her mother hadn’t been feeding her enough lately.

Finally, after eating all the meat I had in my fridge, she strolled over to the couch and turned on the TV. 

“Sweetie, you have to do your homework before TV.” I said sternly. 

She looked up at me with half-lidded, dead eyes. “We don’t want to do homework,” she said in a flat tone that startled me with its coldness. And there was that word again. Even though I figured it was an imaginary friend, it still unsettled me. 

“Well, you have to,” I said finally. “Once you finish your homework, you can watch TV.” 

“Fine,” she hissed and hopped up from the couch. She had never acted like this before. I figured her rebellious phase was coming on sooner or later anyway.

Later that evening, after her bath, she announced that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I was surprised, it was only 7:30. And she was infamous for staying up past bed time, but I considered it a good thing and tucked her in for the night. 

An hour or two passed and I was watching TV downstairs when I heard a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, I looked through the peep hole and saw my ex-wife. That was odd. I opened the door. 

“I’m so sorry I didn’t call!” She said. “My phone died in the car and I didn’t have a way of contacting you.”

Then I saw her. My daughter stepped from behind my ex-wife, book bag slung over one shoulder, a wide smile on her face. My heart sank and my eyes widened as reality set in. 

I heard the creaking of the stairs behind me. I was too terrified to turn around. I saw my ex-wife and daughter’s expressions turn to one of horror, their eyes wide with disbelief and fear. 

From behind me, I heard a voice, no, multiple voices, one of them resembling my daughter’s, whisper, “we hoped it wouldn’t have to be this way.”

Credits to: http://hidgehog.tumblr.com/

Late night cuddling (Minghao)

So I’m feeling motivated to do some requests, so I’m dropping this and hopefully I’ll manage to write more than just a few requests over the weekend that I can then post next week! (also guess whose cuddling comes after Minghao’s? yes, Seungkwan’s, and that will be the END of me)

this was totally not inspired by some fan reports from today

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8 | Seungkwan | Vernon

  • ok so by now we’ve probably established that most of Seventeen are really cuddly and Minghao is no different
  • he loves the kind of cuddles where you’re cuddled up to him - he loves having your head pressed to his chest and he loves kissing the top of your head and everything else that comes with it
  • all in all he just loves knowing that you like cuddling him and that he’s able to make you feel comfortable and safe
  • however, on nights when he’s had a nightmare or is overcome with homesickness, his initial reaction is to cuddle up to you
  • it’d be somewhere between 2 and 3 in the morning and you’d be sleeping soundly, but Minghao is wide awake and full of anxiety after waking up from a bad dream
  • so he gets closer to you, and whether you’re on your back or on your side, he wraps an arm around you and snuggles close, hiding his face somewhere on your upper body and inhaling your scent
  • as in, if you’re on your back, he’ll hide his face either on your shoulder or chest, of if you’re on your side with your back facing him, he’ll hide his face in your back
  • whichever it is, that’s most of what he needs to be able to calm himself down, and little by little he feels less and less like he’s being suffocated
  • you’d probably wake up during it all though, with how Minghao’s shaking a little and how heavy his breathing is and how tightly he’s subconsciously holding you
  • “Hao, is everything okay?”
  • he’d jolt a little and bring his lips to your neck while you place your hand on top of his and squeeze it
  • “I had a nightmare, but it’s fine now. Sorry for waking you up.”
  • a small smile would spread to your lips and you’d turn to face him a bit better and even open your eyes a little
  • “If you want, we can talk about it in the morning.”
  • Minghao nods, which you can somewhat see in the darkness, and gives you a gentle kiss on the lips
  • without any more words said, you raise your arm so that Minghao can properly cuddle up to you, in the same way you usually cuddle up to him, and not much later you’re both asleep again, this time without nightmares interrupting your sleep

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Red Carnations and Arrow

Did anyone else notice the red carnation in the precinct at the end of last night’s episode followed almost immediately by the vase of red carnations at Helix right in front of Felicity’s work space? If not, here’s a refresher:

I will be writing a full on meta for this probably over the weekend when I have some time, but whoever wants to add anything to it, please feel free! I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and had any theories.

Tagging @hope-for-olicity, @eilowyn1, @dust2dust34, @quiveringbunny, @dettiot, @geniewithwifi, @felicityollies, @storyteller0311, @supersillyanddorky06, @quant-um-fizzx, @smoakmonster, @yet-i-remain-quiet, @cherrychapssstick because you guys write some of the best metas out there and I’d really like to see what you think about this before I finish my research and lay it all out.

The Detective, The Writer, His Ex, and Their Darling Daughter

by mldrgrl
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Continuing in the adventures of Hank and Stella, the unlikely duo spend a weekend in Connecticut…at Karen’s.
Note: This will probably not make much sense without reading the rest of the stories in the series.  I will add the links to each part at the end of this story.

July was probably the worst time to come to New York, but it fit into both of their schedules.  Heat, humidity, summer tourists.  All things both Stella and Hank would have rather avoided.  They landed at JFK at 8pm EST and waited in the sweltering taxi stand for over half an hour amongst throngs of tired and impatient travelers for a ride into the city.  All Stella wanted by the time they arrived at Hank’s loft, was a cool shower and a soft bed.

Stella knew that Hank was tired as well by the simple fact that he made no attempt to invade her shower.  She left her hair wet, knowing it would be wild and untamed in the morning, but all she’d wanted was to get the stink of jet fuel and sweat off of her before she headed to bed.  Hank had already crashed, sprawled on the bed in his underwear with the sheets kicked away.  She slipped on a pair of panties and a loose, cropped camisole and joined him, falling quickly asleep to the metronomic click of the ceiling fan.

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| g i r l   m e e t s   e v i l | PROLOGUE

A/N: so this is my first fic on this account. i used to be admin 1 on btshineetobap, and now i’m starting all over again. and what better way to restart than a BTS choose your story halloween smut fic?! i’m still writing the next parts, so please be patient with me. until then, i hope you enjoy my lovelies!

“I’d rather not go…” you mumbled under your breath as your friends all excitedly chattered around you. It was Halloween weekend and, as per usual, your friends were dragging you along to another Halloween party in some sleazy club that you probably would never go to otherwise. A nice movie night in pajamas was more your scene. ‘But whatever’ you sighed mentally. Someone had to keep these girls out of trouble and you guess it was going to be you.

            “I don’t care if you don’t wanna come,” your best friend rolled her eyes as she looked at you, “you’re coming tonight and that’s that!” She could be so stubborn. But then again, she had to be to get you to agree to things like this.

            “I don’t even have a costume!” You were going to keep trying though. You weren’t completely opposed to going out. You just knew that it was nights like these that all the sleazes and creeps came out. But to your dismay, she completely ignored you, opting to hold the makings of a risqué cat costume in front of your face.

            “Now stop complaining and put this on so I can do your hair and makeup” She smiled, tossing it in your direction.

            Once more, you sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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