but i prefer this

When I die I want to be buried with grave goods that make future archaeologists think I was of much higher status than I actually was so that my grave will be referred to as a princely burial and I’ll be remembered by some cool name like “The Colchester Barrow Princess” (I’ve decided that I will be buried in a highly visible barrow, possibly with a ship) and the National Trust will erect a small museum about me filled with entirely incorrect but cool sounding archaeological assumptions

When sexuality conversations come up I can never express how Im bisexual with a preference for women without everyone going “LOL BUT YOURE DATING A MAN??”

thank you. that’s what the “i’m bisexual” was for? lmao? its 2017 and bisexuals can’t talk about how their bisexuality is to them without people trying to dissect it 24/7 i s2g


only ‘90s kids remember….

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I don’t know which version I like more:

An All Might who was born and raised in America, who comes to Japan and experiences massive culture shock but eventually adjusts. He becomes a reasonable Japanese citizen but occasionally he just does things that are so American and it’s hilarious and confusing for everyone.

Or an All Might who is 100% completely Japanese, lived there his whole life but he’s obsessed with American culture and tries to emulate it so much in his All Might form but the people who know him irl are like ‘Toshinori, u have literally never been outside of Japan’