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Protective [Remus Lupin x Reader]

Requested: yes

Request: Hiii! If your requests are open, could you please write something when the reader is James’ best girl friend bc they’ve known each other since they were little and the reader is like a year younger (preferably a hufflepuff) and he’s very protective over her and he finds out Remus likes her and Remus is scared he’s gonna be mad bc be always glares at any boy who comes near you, James is actually really happy and is trying to help Moony ask the reader out? Thank you x (lots of fluff!)

Warnings: none

A/N: I modified the request a tiny bit by making the reader the same age as the marauders. Thank you nonnie for the request. Hope you enjoy!

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               “Hey (Y/N),” a guy, Arthur you thought he was called, came up to the (Y/H) table, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” he asked you nervously.

You were about to answer when an annoying childhood friend named James Potter showed up next to you, glaring at the poor kid, “Hello Mr. Whatever, may I ask what you are doing beside my deer friend (Y/N)?” The boy, knowing James for his defensive attitude towards any one of (Y/N)’s ‘suitors’, was shaking in fear of being publicly humiliated.

“I-I was asking her out to Hogsmeade.” He said, you had to admit that this kid had balls to reply to the James Potter. Suddenly, James burst out into laughter and Arthur was laughing nervously beside him, forcing a smile and not understanding what was happening.

“Dude, I gotta admit that you’re funny but, before this gets worse… Scam!” Arthur ran away, all courage disappeared. Proud, James sat down beside you and popped a bit of food from your plate into his mouth.

You looked at him disapprovingly, “Prongs, we talked about this! No more scaring guys away from me. I’m not four years old anymore! You’ve got to stop protecting me because I don’t need protecting.” You exclaimed

“My dear, innocent, (Y/N) do you not understand that I have been your friend since we were tiny little munchkins, and now you are a beautiful girl who attracts many guys, which as your big brother, I have to ward away from you.” He said

You rolled your eyes, “This is ridiculous James, I can ward off guys I don’t like by myself and I’ll call you if I need any help, which I won’t. Also, in no way are you my big brother!”

“Firstly, this is not ridiculous and I will not stop. Secondly, who is going to protect you then, your owl? No way, it’s gonna be me, your soul brother.” He claimed

“Soul brother? Seriously? What the hell is that?” you said, tired of his protectiveness. He opened his mouth to answer but you put your hand up, asking him not to talk, “You know what Prongs? I love you but I’m too tired to put up with your brotherly-ness. I’m going to my dorm. And don’t follow me.” You said walking away.

James was walking up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories when he heard voices coming from his room. He decided that he would eavesdrop instead of just entering the room to hear some juicy secrets.

“Padfoot, you know I’m in love with her but what am I going to do about Prongs? He’s going to kill me if he finds out I like (Y/N). But, I can’t help being in love with her. When she laughs or even looks at me I feel like a thousand butterflies are fluttering in my stomach and I-” he was interrupted by Sirius.

“Let me stop you right there,” he said, “Enough with the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff because I do not want to hear about that Moony. And you won’t be able to keep it a secret forever, I mean Prongs is bound to find out.”

“Yeah b-but I mean maybe when he warms up to me as not a friend but his childhood friend’s boyfriend?” he asked hopefully

“One, that was too confusing with all the ‘friends’. Two, it’s too late because he already knows,” Remus’s eyes widened, “Prongsie, come out from behind the door!” Sirius yelled.

At that sound, James opened the door and was face-to-face with a smirking Sirius and a cringing Remus. When he saw Remus, James burst out laughing, the two other marauders didn’t understand what was happening and shared confused looks.

“Moony, I give you my approval to date my little (Y/N).” he said after calming down.

Remus sat there, shocked that his friend would say that, “Really?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed, “Remus John Lupin you are a caring dude who hangs out with the best people,” he high-fived Sirius, “and folds his socks. If I let anyone be with (Y/N), it would definitely be you.”

“Thanks, I guess?” he said.

“You’re most welcome. And, might I add that I will help you in your quest to win her heart.” And thus, started the boys plan to get you to go out with Moony

               You were heading to your friends at the (Y/H) table when a waving hand caught your attention, James. Once your eyes met his, he beckoned you to sit with him and the rest of the gang. After sitting down, you noticed that all the boys had giddy smiles on their faces.

“What is it guys, what are you up to?” you asked suspicious

“Do you have a date to Hogsmeade this weekend?” James asked you, a mischievous shimmer in his eyes.

“No, you scared them all away.” You replied

“Great!” Sirius exclaimed, “we’d like to set you up on a date this weekend!”

“Sure!” you said sarcastically, “this is totally not a prank.”

“We swear it isn’t (Y/N)!” Peter shrieked

“And how do I know that?” you questioned

“If it is in fact a prank, you can cut my hair.” Sirius told you

“Your hair!” you repeated shocked that Sirius would give up his favorite thing in the world, “You’ve got yourself a deal then.” You said and shook hands with Sirius.

~Time skip to Hogsmeade, Date Day~

               You stood waiting at The Leaky Cauldron waiting for your date to arrive. Then, out of nowhere a shadow appeared.

“Hey (Y/N),” the voice said, it sounded like Remus, “are you ready for our date?”

“Absolutely Moony, but if I knew that I was going on a date with you I wouldn’t have bargained Sirius’ hair. I would’ve gone easily.”

“Seriously?” he asked

“Remusly.” I joked, “I’ve had a crush on you since fourth year.”

“I’ve been completely in love with you since third year.” He said taking a step towards you

“I never thought that James would set me up with the guy of my dreams.” You said, stepping closer to Remus until your lips were barely brushing against each other.

You glanced at his lips and he glanced at yours, “I was going to do this later in the date if it went well but,” Remus said, every time his lips moved created contact between your lips and you relished these milliseconds. “I think I should do it now.” He continued before setting your lips ablaze by kissing you.

Your lips melted together, your tongues battled for dominance. His hands were cupping your cheeks gently and your arms were wrapped around his neck. You made out passionately before breaking apart to breathe. Both of you smiled.

“Well (Y/N), as much as I loved that, I think we should get on with our date, don’t you think?” he said, taking your hand in his.

“Of course.” you replied, shivering as the breeze hit you. Remus caught you shivering and shook off his jacket to give it to you. Putting it on your shoulders, he used it as an opportunity to place a small peck on your forehead. Little did you know that these forehead kisses would be around for a long time.

White supremacist who stabbed Timothy Caughman to death regrets not killing “a young thug”

  • In an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News on Sunday, James Harris Jackson, 28, said he wished he’d murdered “a young thug” or a “successful older black man” instead of 66-year-old Timothy Caughman.
  • Jackson allegedly stabbed Caughman to death with an 18-inch blade on March 20.
  • “I didn’t know he was elderly,” Jackson, who reportedly chose his victim at random, said. He added that he would have preferred killing “a young thug” or “a successful older black man with blonds … people you see in Midtown. These younger guys that put white girls on the wrong path.”
  • Jackson traveled by bus from his home in Baltimore to New York City on March 17 with the intention of killing black men in order to deter white women from having interracial relationships with them, per reports.
  • Police later said that Jackson intended March 20 to be “practice” for a larger attack against black men in Times Square, though the suspect turned himself in to the authorities voluntarily two days later. Read more (3/27/17 12:30 PM)

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From a friend:

So my friend is trying to find movies for her 6 year old daughter that star girls, preferably outside the Disney canon. Trying to think of things I watched a kid … and realizing most of them starred boys. Here is what I have so far. Can you guys think of anything else?

The Secret of Nimh
The Last Unicorn
Various Miyazaki films (My neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s delivery service, etc) 

Anyone have any recs for good movies, animated or not, that feature girls in the lead? Especially movies that might be suitable for a younger audience.

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Damon Albarn : "Est-ce que je me trouve beau ? Oui, clairement"
Après cinq ans de silence, Gorillaz sort un album corrosif sur le monde qui perd la boule, porté par la voix si flegmatique de son leader. Confidences.
By Anne-Sophie Jahn

I translated a few quotes :

- It must be exhausting to be a sex symbol?

When I was younger, I was pretty. Today, I’m handsome, I prefer that. Being pretty is not easy. When I was a kid, people thought I was a girl. I was vulnerable, the other kids hated me and beat me up. I was very preoccupied by other people’s opinion of me. I was aware that I was attractive, because of my looks, and it was incredibly easy for me to have sex with women. I always respected women, I was raised that way. I really love them so I’m very happy that they love me too.

- So, you think you’re handsome?

(he grunts) Do I have to do the false modesty thing? No, ok. Do I think I’m handsome? Yes, obviously. But not everyday ! (he laughs, showing his gold tooth). With the right angle and lighting, I’m still kind of handsome.

Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Anything But Cute

Requested: Yes | No

  • hptc22 asked: Can u do a cute one with Tyler seguin where u confront him Bc he said he only wanted to date older girls and u are younger then him and ur insecure Bc u want him to think ur like hot not adorable and he’s sweet and blah blah <33

Word Count: 1,165

Summary: You watch Tyler’s “Barstool The Life” video and notice the part where he says he’d only date older girls… It preys on your insecurity a little bit so you decide to find out what Tyler really thinks about your age. 

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Would NCT rather date someone younger or someone older?


Anon: Can you write a MTL of whether the entire nct would date younger girls. Cause I’m a 2002 girl

You can refer to my other age MTLs for various different liners and this, which is what I think would be NCT’s age preference ranges.

This is not accurate and is purely my opinion. There is nothing to support this in any way, they could be completely different to what this says!

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  • Hansol
  • Taeyong
  • Chenle
  • Haechan


  • Johnny
  • Ten
  • Renjun
  • Mark

Same age (or ½ years younger/older)

  • Kun
  • Jaemin
  • Jeno
  • Taeil
  • WinWin

Wouldn’t care

  • Yuta
  • Doyoung
  • Jisung
  • Jaehyun

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ur blog is goals and lol at that svt mtl for the gory horror movie XD ik requests aren't open for this but could you do like svt's ideal types? maybe one for bts too? feel free to delete this ask it goes aganist ur guidelines but like ur ships are so accurate... i ship them myself after reading ur reasoning lol (ooh is it alright if i become glasses anon?? soybean anon is already taken)

BTS’s Ideal Types

Glasses anon?? OMO HOW CUTE WELCOME TO THE MINI FAN CLUB lol no this blog is nowhere near that popular yet and of course I could; thank you for asking so politely! I was thinking about doing this a few weeks ago but decided against it after so many asks started popping in my inbox heuheu

Rap Monster: Namjoon’s ideal type, when discussing personality, would be someone who’s mentally intelligent and able to start an interesting conversation; either on worldwide affairs or facts about the last book you two have both read plenty of times. He’s all for an open-minded person, and would cherish a partner that respects his complex thought process. His partner themselves should be able to understand his random ‘facts of the day’ moments, and still love him even after the daily “oops! I broke it…” line.

When it comes to appearances, he would prefer a fiercer look, something more bold and suggestive. It’ll attract him right away, and he’d want to get to know the person better almost instantly. Heads up, Namjoon stans! If you use makeup, striking colors like red and gold would appeal to him, but lay off the excess makeup. A nude lipstick could work too as it contrasts against all those shades. As for clothing, a tank top that shows off your biceps would work just fine; being physically fit is a plus!

Rap Monster’s ideal type would be someone who’s mentally captivating, and clever on first glance. They may even have a rebellious spark in their eyes; it’ll draw him in.

Jin: Jin’s ideal type, in terms of personality, would be a mature person that understands situations quickly and frequently makes correct choices morally and when it comes down to split-second decision making. He’d love someone who can cook AND eat well, since he very much loves food himself. When it comes to dating, I see him as a pretty traditional person, but because he’s unpredictable, I think it’s safe to assume that he would venture out of the path a little to change some things around.

In a much more shallower perspective (not stating that Jin is shallow in the least), he may be drawn to girls (or boys) that have softer features or someone who appears younger than they actually are, such as singer IU or Korean actress Park Bo Young. As long as their choice of clothing and makeup is down-to-earth and nothing too extravagant, it’ll be a ‘yes, i like what i see so far’ from him.

Jin’s ideal type would be someone who’s mature, warm, and motherly; they should be able to handle themselves well in public. He would prefer softer features over sharper ones, basically someone who’s good-looking themselves.

Suga: Personality-wise, Yoongi might go for a calm and patient lover, one that’s able to handle his sassy remarks and lazy habits of his. I mentioned before in one of my mtls that to me, he seems like the most versatile out of BTS; his tastes probably changes a lot in a person. I’d love to see him with someone nearly just as sarcastic and laid-back as him; but it’s not too hard to imagine him being together with a fluffy, peace-loving unicorn either though.

If we’re going to go by appearances, Suga would probably prefer a more ‘swag’ rather than a polished/cute choice of clothing on his significant other, however, the curious eyebrow cocks up only if the certain s/o suits the ‘swag’ look. If the amount of bling-bling is blinding and way too unnecessary, it’ll decrease the chances of him asking them out and make his potential lover look like they’re trying too hard. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if you want to flaunt your good looks, go all in. Purple lipstick, blue eyeliner works perfectly; just remember not to look like you’re trying extremely hard to impress him!

Suga’s ideal type would be someone who’s laid-back and prefers to stay out of drama/gossip. He’d like it if they dressed similar to his style; ripped jeans with a checkered shirt around the waist would be smiled upon.

J-Hope: If we’re going to go by personality, he’ll go all for a smiley, funny significant other. Hoseok, in my opinion, prefers to be surrounded by positivity rather than negativity, so a pessimistic person wouldn’t exactly click with him, romantically speaking. Sure, he’s easygoing and extremely fun to be around with, and doesn’t select his friends or future lover, but a pessimistic person as his partner in life wouldn’t really be his first choice. Hoseok himself is emotional, so I think he’d do well with a caring lover that is able to comfort him effortlessly.

Regarding appearances, Hoseok would be the hardest for me to decide. I don’t think he has a specific preference of clothing or makeup; he’s just as likely to enjoy seeing his lover wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as he is when his lover’s in a tank top with dangerously short shorts. He also wouldn’t mind the body type of his significant other; Hoseok would like chubby people just as much as thin people. It wouldn’t hurt if his partner could dance though; work them moves J-Hope stans!

J-Hope’s ideal type would be someone cheery and has a positive outlook on life. He’s really open-minded, so he most likely doesn’t have a preference to how his significant other should look like.

Jimin: Jimin’s ideal type would be someone who’s extremely thoughtful and generous; someone who’s polite around adults and mostly places themselves second in most scenarios. They always have someone else on their mind when making decisions, and often is concerned about others’ emotions and physical conditions.  His ideal type wouldn’t be the ones that are easily pushed around though, they should be able to have a voice when unjust actions are committed against them, or someone else.

Appearance-wise, he might like a more subtle choice of clothing on his partner, one that he can compliment on and isn’t too extravagant or revealing. I totally see him loving a mature, sexy look on his significant other though! He’d be really aroused by it, and would give them nonstop kisses on the lips or neck.

Jimin’s ideal type would someone thoughtful and generous, who always thinks of others first before themselves. He’d enjoy seeing his partner in formal wear; whether they decide to go the ‘casual’ way or ‘sexy’ way is up to them.

V: V’s ideal type would be a person who enjoys laughing, and has a beautiful smile. He would be instantly attracted to them, as he’s a sucker for charming and sweet people. He would adore a cute and childish partner that he can frequently spoil and coo over too, and since he’s especially sweet with kids, he would want a partner who’s quite good with or loves children also.

When it comes to appearances, V might like a softer, more ‘girly’ style on his significant other on a typical basis, although he would be (pleasantly) shocked if they dressed slightly more revealing once in awhile. He’s the type that wouldn’t really mind how his partner looks like early in the morning; he’d still enjoy giving kisses to them even if they had bad morning breath and would find their disheveled hair adorable.

V’s ideal type would be someone who has a beautiful smile, and frankly, someone who loves laughing. He’s quite flexible with whatever his partner wears, cute clothing might appeal the best to him, however.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s flirty but also mature. He would like being teased a little, so out of all of BTS, he may be the one who’s completely unbothered by the fact he’s dating a noona, and instead may even enjoyed being playfully pushed around because he’s younger. His partner should be patient with him; I see it being a problem relationship-wise if they’re not. Jungkook’s around the awkward transition of adolescent to adult, and he’s, frankly, still slightly impulsive. His significant other taking a few cautious steps to being understanding with him would create a stable and healthy relationship that would last a long time.

When considering looks, Jungkook has made us all aware that Korean singer IU is one of the female idols he really admires. He might prefer a taller partner, but don’t dwell on height too much! As long as the gap between his lover and him isn’t too large, it’s not difficult to imagine him leaning down to kiss the top of his lover’s forehead. Regarding the sensitive topic of makeup, Jungkook would probably choose a lighter makeup-look rather than to a heavy one, but of course, he wouldn’t stress over it much.

Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s patient and playful, in addition to being mature when dealing with decisions that could affect their relationship. He would prefer a taller partner, but wouldn’t mind how they dress, unless they reveal a little too much in public (he gets jealous and possessive quickly).

This piece of work is based off my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it, as long as aggressiveness is kept at a minimum ^~^. Keep in mind that we, fans, have no to little idea of who BTS actually looks for in a partner so don’t get discouraged!

The issue with DDLG/CGL and the often misinformed anti’s.

So many people are all over tumblr, saying that the CGL community is absolute kink or nsfw. They also say it is sexualizing children. I just hope you people are aware that a person can identify as a little without actually partaking in a DDLG relationship. This individual can like things many littles enjoy, such as: kids shows, acting small and young, colouring, playing with stuffed animals, eating “childish” snacks, using a pacifier, etc. This is what age regression is, and even though so many antis are constantly whining that age regression is always kink and nsfw, I don’t see any nsfw going on in a little participating in innocent age regression that is non-sexual? I do also understand that age regression CAN be nsfw, especially if this little is with a dom and their relationship revolves around nsfw matter… but what you aren’t understanding, is that it is not always like this. I definitely do agree that pornographic matter should be nsfw, as well as any ddlg matter that involves a ddlg relationship that is about anything such as sex, punishments, degradation or praise etc. Remember though, AGE REGRESSION IS ALMOST ALWAYS NON SEXUAL!!!  And if you have an issue with it, why are you wasting your time yelling at SFW (my key word is sfw) DDLG/CGL blogs when you can instead be cracking down on actual pedophiles and sexual predators? You know, the creepy old men or women who try to prey on minors, whether they are a little or not. Make yourself useful, because SFW blogs that simply answer questions and post art or cute little space matter are not harming anybody. And the best you can really do is educate these people, regardless their age (I personally hope they are at least 16, preferably 18 if you’re in a relationship), on how to stay safe and avoid the sexual predators who take an innocent SFW little who merely enjoys innocent age regression, and preys on him or her because to them, all ddlg is, is sexual. And it is not. Any man who says “I am a daddy” but only cares about legitimately younger girls, sex, nudes and “punishment” is NOT a caregiver WHATSOEVER. Any “daddy” or “mommy” who only cares about those types of things are NOT a part of the DDLG/CGL community. Only caring about sex and being called daddy means you have a daddy kink, but it isn’t ddlg. It’s especially worse if this person only seeks genuinely younger people. The purpose of my blog is to educate and be safe. So instead of complaining and wasting your time on people who are just trying to enjoy themselves safely and peacefully, you should go find the real predators. Why would I make a post about little space and then mark it as NSFW? What, me talking about my favourite stuffie and the apple juice I had after dinner is too sexual for you and it’s NSFW for you, all because it is age regression, which you immediately assume is pure NSFW? I do understand where people are coming from, but anti’s really need to find something better to waste their time on. It’s hilarious when I come across a blog solely dedicated to smacking down ddlg blogs, even if they are as SFW as mine is. Smh. Don’t even come @ me about this post, because if you do, you obviously didn’t get any of this through your head and it further proves that you aren’t intellectual enough to even argue me while also seeing the other side of things, like you always should during a debate. Smh smh smh. 

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Nadeshiko Glass Cannon : Story of Hirate Yurina (平手友梨奈)

Today marks the day of Keyakizaka major debut. 6 April 2016, 20 girls were introduced to the press to become Nogizaka sister group. What kind of music they would produce, what kind of appeal they would develop to grow a fanbase, all was unknown. Among those girls stood a rather young and plain one, wearing a mushroom haircut. With a calm and poised speech, she declared her will to do her best on behalf of the group. Little did we know that she would become the unmovable center of Keyakizaka. The further we dove into her world, the more questions roses. Just who is Hirate Yurina? But this is precisely her appeal : this mysterious side of her. Fans wants to know more about her, and for each layer of her personality lifted, the more fascinating she become.

“Techi” comes from her name “hirate” (平手)and friendly suffixe “chan”. To make it more original, “Hirate-chan” became “Hiratechi” then “Techi”. Credit to  @yurina46tento.

Prior to their first release, Silent Majority, there was roughly 2-3 months of introduction during “Keyakitte, Kakenai?” their regular variety show. Hirate isn’t the extrovert kind of girl, and started the series as very quiet and humble. This shyness is quite understandable after all, this is the first time most of the girls step into the idol world. You could catch sparkles of excitement from her when MC (Tsuchida & Sawabe) talked about japanese comedians (she’s fond of them), but overall she was just waiting for the two host to ask her questions and react from it. It can be seen as passive. Furthermore, her lack of reactivity encouraged Tsuchida to tease her in some extent. It is true that, at the beginning, Yurina was intimidated.

A girl whose hobby is to listen to music, who practice basketball as main club activity, and dislike haunted house. Techi’s profile is not what you could call uncommon. To be honest, with girls with unexpected skills like Horsemanship or past modeling work, Yurina comes pretty average. But is it really a rebuke? To be reserved makes the girls look cute and innocent (and thus explain why people want to tease them). Granted, she is not creating opportunities of wide laughter in the studio like Oda Nana or Ozeki Rika, but many times her airheadness brought comical situation and liven up the mood. For example, when doing the monomane of GO!Minagawa (a comedian) she was the only one who accompanied the move with his “sound” signature, making her embarassed.

The innocence of a 14 years old, makes her lovely. It could be just that, but fate was preparing a different path for her. TAKAHIRO-sensei, the main choregrapher of the group, had authority of the first senbatsu choice as he was in charge of Silent Majority dance. And while Techi ability to dance and facial expression weren’t outstanding, he felt Yurina’s strong feeling toward her dear Keyakizaka, and his intuition lead him to chose her as Keyakizaka first center. From there, early fans witnessed a change. The change.

“At crossroads brimming with people, where will you go? (Being washed away) Wearing the same clothes, wearing the same expression…”  

Silent Majority, the first and most well known track of Keyakizaka. A rugged location, filled with an heavy atmosphere where girls in military outfits shout their opposition to a crooked society of hypocrite adults. This powerful message, needed the appropriate attitude to be conveyed accurately. Techi did better than that; she traded her feeble character and became an avatar of rebellion. Her grip exploding in strength, her stare you can’t escape from, and sharp moves made people forget she was only 14. Despite her discrete debut on Keyakitte, she turned out to be a formidable vessel to deliver the meaning of the song.

Was it thanks to an incredible amount of training? Sometime it’s about something else too. In Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai, there was this particular shoot where the MV producer had to screen the girls at the Gymnasium, the choregraphy sequence in particular. While the girls started moving, Techi was remaining still, fixing her hands. “what is she doing?” he thought. Because she was supposed to move at the same time as the girls. And when asked, Techi said “i realized how grateful i was to be part of them, and wanted to picture it deep in my memories”. After consideration, the producer noticed that standing still when everyone else was moving, naturally created a focus on her. Also, her smile toward Yonetani nanami felt natural and expressed this very gratitude she talked about, making the scene soothing. He then decided to keep it.

If a song is bland and plain, to be cute or excellent in dancing won’t change anything. But when the song has the potential to be a tube, it’s important to choose someone who has the style/character that fits the song to release his full potential. Yurina has this particulary skill to “understand” a song. Listening the track over and over, feeling the emotion rushing in her mind, and finally embodying it. In Futari saison, each performance is different. Whenever she’s happy, and look at her comrades dearly, her dance will become lively. If she’s feeling down, her solo will have a tormented feeling on it.

“People often say they want to see the past me, but past is past, and all I can do now is now.”  -Hirate Yurina

There’s a theory that seeks to explain why Yurina did so well as Silent Majority center. An answer to where she draws all her bottomless energy. In a song that express anger, rebellion and freedom, the best way to convey those feelings is to actually have lived it in the past. This theory rose when fans noticed that during Yurina’s “jibun history” (my story) instead of taking pictures of her younger self or family, she’d prefered to talk about her favorite comedian duos. To incarnate “the girl in the train”, people speculated her past hid somber events that caused this emptiness within her. All in all, the reason why she fits so much in songs about pain and suffering is simply because she’s hurt as well. What makes her want to run forward so much, if not to run from a painful past?

The truth is, i was also fascinated by this theory. I wanted to know Techi’s past. However, i also realized that adhering to this theory was also comforting myself in what i wanted Techi to be : the girl from the train. But Techi is Techi, and the gloomy girl from the Yamanotesen and her are two different person. Hirate Yurina has this burning desire to change because deep inside her, she wants to live a fulfilling life. And by that, it means to live any kind of experience, to the fullest. Her way to apprehend a song is the same way she apprehend her life : She lives it and grows from it. The Yurina during the first Silent majority performance is not the same Yurina during Kouhaku utagassen. The yurina from the past is not the same Yurina as now.

And this is striking at how we also perceive idols. Fans knows : Stereotypes picture the idol genre as sub-music making money out of girl’s cuteness and innocence over delusional single middle aged japanese men. But the truth is, Idols are just the reflect of mankind : girls who want to find their way, who they are, through a bumpy road with many obstacles along the way. Instead of crying over their fate, they work for a way out. Even if there’s no guaranteed success, even if it’s painful, the girls show lot of courage and move forward. Yurina, with all her workload, opportunities, and newfound nakamas, embrace everything to grow and get stronger. This courage inspire me to do my best. Supporting her, is like supporting myself. By being courageous facing the future, she became a great idol. By being herself, she became a great individual being.  

“Backstage, Yurina is all lively and kiddy. But when the times come to perform, she switch on to Keyakizaka Ace. It gives me goosebumps” - Imaizumi Yui

Nadeshiko is an ancient japanese word for “loveable girl”. Glass canon is a gaming vocabulary that define someone with high attack/damage but weak defense. Yurina proved many times she had great mental resilience (able to perform 10 songs+ in ariake colosseum), although she also stated many times she doesn’t consider herself as “able” to perform as Keyakizaka unmovable center. A self criticism very severe, implying her power unleashed during performance lean on frailness of mind. She did thought of quitting, and with her young age, it can’t be helped to be inexperienced. A giant of paper, who risk of consuming itself if not able to manage his energy properly.

Center is a lonely place. Despite the light of the spotlight, the 0 position is actually a dark ceiling, where mistakes are prohibited, where there’s the most pressure. But I beg to differ, Keyakizaka is not all about Hirate Yurina. Those many hands bolstering her back, this warmth surrounding her, is what makes her keep going. Those experiences she mentioned earlier, are also meetings. Coming across her newfound nakamas changed her life. Moriya Akane with whom she can act like a spoiled child, Suzumoto Miyu with whom she can share her everyday life, and Nagahama Neru with whom she can confess her worries. Being around her friends, is also where Techi is in her most natural state. Her teammates put her at ease, as well as being fuel for doing her best.

Earlier we supposed Techi drew her energy from pain. My new theory, or faith, is that Techi draw her bottomless energy from gratitude. Even though she has been pro active to make things work, she always have this kind humility toward what the present brings to her, like american family who thanks God for the food. Doing her activities to the fullest, not wasting one bit of energy, is a way to express her gratitude toward the staff, her friends, and family. This is also Keyakizaka motto: humility, kindness, and bonds.

“She looks so serious and cool on Stage, but she did also pranked me when i was sleeping! And used a scooter in Handshake even though Staff forbid it! And…” - Suzumoto Miyu

There’s no “true” Yurina. No character, no fake attitude. The girl who entered Keyakizaka “in order to change”, like a diamond glass half-full, half-empty, has finally become whole by focusing on “becoming” instead of “being”. To follow Yurina, is like walking on a journey where each day is a surprise. Because we don’t know which Yurina will come up next. The 48group is about “Idols you can meet”. What if the secret motto is “idol you can see grow”? If that the case, Techi, from the very fiber of her being and will, incarnate those words.

A courageous girl, not naive but conscious, fragile but resolute, sometimes childish but always grateful. It isn’t this oversimplification where an Ace is a girl with perfect dance, singing or comical abilities. Techi has qualities and imperfection as well, but it’s how she faces it with a brave heart that makes her incredibly beautiful and interesting. All in all, her ability to absorb, convey, sublimate Keyakizaka46 songs justify her position of Ace. The potential of Yurina might look like exceptionnal, but is it really relevant, since what she’s only doing, is being herself? Maybe she just excels at… being human.


zouriaf  asked:

#2 I’m lucky because I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about Beth (mum’s the word but bless her) so going off that ... let’s say Will takes the two of them somewhere & gets caught up talking to a girl across the room and Beth is all ready to swoop in there but Amelia pulls her back because she either A) is enjoying herself watching Will talk his way out of an awkward situation or B) has learned to enjoy a little mischief once in a while and uses the opportunity to take a page from Beth’s book

Sooooo… this took me three days because I’m absurd. Way to fail at flashfics, self. However, like a true flashfic, it hasn’t even been reread much less proofread. 

September 2045 - Galloway Position

There’s a kind of exhilaration whitewater rafting that fifteen-year-old Bethany’s never quite found anywhere else. The rush of the current, the way the whitecaps lap over the edge of the raft and her attention goes hyper-focused on what she’s doing… she loves it. She always has. Hiking is great, rock climbing is better, but whitewater rafting is the best.

She laughs, the spray of the surprisingly cold water peppering her face as they hit a class four rapid aptly named The Undertow and she has to hold on to the rope running along the side of the raft to keep from being bucked off into the water.

“Reverse on this side!” their guide shouts, gesturing to the opposite side of the raft where her big brother is easily doing the work of any two people on the other side. It keeps throwing them off-kilter. There’s too much power to his stroke with the oar and he’s used to his dad levelling that out on the other side, but the only Queen here today is Will.

Well… for now, anyhow. Beth’s pretty sure the woman sitting in front of her is gonna be a Queen before too long. And the thought makes her nearly as giddy as the spray of water splashing her face and the rush of adrenaline as the raft pitches. She loves Amelia, loves how happy Will is with her and Beth is more than ready to interfere to make sure he stays that way.

“Even it out, guys!” the guide yells again from his spot in the back of the raft where he acts like a rudder, controlling their direction as best he can. He’s okay, but Beth’s had way better guides in the past. Including ones who realized she actually knows what she’s doing and used the correct terminology. Then again, maybe it’s not her the guide is dumbing things down for. There’s two other groups on their raft. A young couple with a guy who looks more than a bit terrified - Beth’s pretty sure his boyfriend dragged him on this excursion and it will be their last rafting experience together - and three twenty-something women who seem to have limited experience but the right attitude and focus.

Or… they have the right focus when they’re not blatantly checking out her brother.


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Bts reaction to their crush dating another member


Seokjin is always seen as the mother figure in BTS which did not make it easy for him to accept that he had a crush on Maknae Jungkook’s girlfriend! It was all just a mess for him, he never before had a crush on somebody younger than himself, prefering more mature and older girls, but he had fallen in love with you loud laugh and half yells at you threaten to choke Jungkook with his controller since he once again decided that playing Genji was an acceptable life choice. Love always comes in the most unexpected ways.

Originally posted by jinmini

“I am not avoiding you guys I promise, I just need extra dance practice”


Yoongi is clearly not the best person in the world to deal with his emotions, what he did instead was write a lot of sad songs like it would come to point where BTS could do a full comeback of just sad songs. On the bright side… Deep emotional BTS songs, on the sad side… You did break Min Yoongi’s heart even if you didn’t know it.

Originally posted by tahyns

“Nothing is wrong! Just… go… Hoseok is waiting for you!”


For Hoseok it was bad, you were dating Taehyung the person which everybody said he was most a like. Which meant that it wasn’t cause you didn’t like his type of personality, but simply that you didn’t like him.
His at time fragile self esteem  would take a blow because of this, and it would take him a long while to get over it. Poor boy.

Originally posted by jjilljj

“Hyung? Is something wrong with me? No… Nothing is wrong I just… I just wondered.”


Being the leader sucked, specially when being the leader meant that you had to make sure that nobody was fighting or anything else was going on. Namjoon had always kinda had a low key crush on you, but he wanted to wait to confess to you until they were done with the comeback and he had more time so he wouldn’t have to leave you alone for months right after.
What he never saw coming was Jimin, Jimin who asked you out, Jimin who you said yes to, Jimin who for all Namjoon believed weren’t the type he expected you to go for. Maybe what hurt the most wast hat Jimin was the oppositeawaaw of what he was himself… Oh cruel cruel love.

Originally posted by bangthebae

“Why Jimin? You said you weren’t looking for a boyfriend? I know you said that you love him?”


Jimin would be hurt there were no doubt about it, but he would also do his best to support you guys. He knew that Yoongi struggled with showing his emotions sometimes, and he deserved a girl like you. To be honest you guys deserved each other, which was why no matter how much it hurt… He would still be your biggest cheerleader and your peacekeeper when you needed it.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Trust me, you and Yoongi-hyung are going to workout I promise!”


Puppy love, and he didn’t know what to do about it. You were Seokjin’s girlfriend and he knew it wasn’t right! Like you were Seokjin’s nonna even if only be a year, but that made the age difference even bigger between you two! And you treated him like a little brother just like Seokjin treated him. He was stuck with just puppy loving from the side, oh love was hard.

Originally posted by toughchim

“uhm… uhm… “


Jungkook was stuck in a weird situation, the thing was that he was young and he wanted to yell out that you should be dating him instead, but he was also the Maknae and you were Namjoon’s girlfriend his leader that he respected that, or more like he didn’t have a choice. Sometimes being the maknae… Sometimes it really isn’t

Originally posted by sugutie

“You and Namjoon-hyung look really good together, nothing is wrong! Just been… a long day”

Got a reaction you would like to see? Requests are currently open so feel free to request something!

- Prussia

Act of Kindness

Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.

Genre: Romance, slight angst, future smut

Part 2| 1

His hands are fidgeting when you spot him. Lip caught in between his teeth, eyes quickly scanning the room as he looks for you or anyone who could possibly notice him. There are only a few other people in the library, minding their business with their noses in the books in front of them.

 "Hey,“ you say softly when you’re next to his seated body, gently touching his shoulder. You feel when his body starts and then he’s looking up at you with wide eyes before he’s sighing in relief. 

 He pulls out the seat next to him and you sit in it, putting your bag on the table in front of you. 

“I’m sorry to ask you to meet me so late,” he uttered, hand going up to scratch at the back of his neck.

It’s after ten and you have to wake up at eight in the morning, and you don’t know how long this conversation will take, but you’re sure with his busy life this was the earliest he could schedule this talk so you just shrug, not bothered by the time.

“It’s cool. How are you?”

Kihyun looks taken aback by your words, head leaning back in the slightest and eyes growing in size, and then he’s chuckling to himself.

“Emotionally, I’m definitely better than last night. But with this scandal,” he sighs, putting his elbow on the table then resting his chin in his open palm. “the members and the company have been on my ass all day about it. What about you?”

After seeing the pictures and doing some research you didn’t bother looking at what was being said about the situation, or scandal as Kihyun said. Not that you aren’t curious, but you’d rather just not know if people are being rude or disrespectful especially when it’s not what they all think. The only thing you know is one of his fans called you pretty, and you only know that because Krystal sent you a screenshot.

This is the first time you’ve stepped out the house today so it’s not like anyone could’ve spotted you. It was the perfect day to binge watch a new Netflix series.

“It’s not really affecting me,” you reply sheepishly, eyes drifting from his face to the floor. 

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NCT MTL to date a 00 liner


If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I’ll tell you.

I’ve got an really in depth MTL for 99 liners so you can refer to that as a general guide. It could be helpful. You can find it here.

I’ve also done a post about the (assumed) age preferences for each member in NCT. There’s no explanation but it could be helpful. You can find that here.

Originally posted by tybeoji


Jaemin - born in the same year, so no brainier really; plus his ideal type would probably be someone in the same year as he

Jeno - same as Jaemin really; who wouldn’t date someone the same birth year as them?

Renjun - he’d date some his own age or someone older I think

Taeyong - he’s so soft for younger girls/boys, as long as they were slightly mature though

Haechan - obviously would date someone his own age but would also like younger girls/boys

Mark - although it’s only a year difference, he’d prefer older people in general

Chenle - again not a huge age difference, but unlike Mark, would like younger people

WinWin - 3 years isn’t that much and WinWin would find them absolutely adorable, more than him too

Jaehyun - really, he’s at the same place as WinWin but someone has to go on top lol that sounded wrong lmaooo

Doyoung - he wouldn’t care much about age, as long as they were mature enough for him

Jisung - I don’t think Jisung would care about age really, he’s mature yet still childish so yeah

Hansol - “age is just a number” - plus he loves younger GFs/BFs

Yuta - Yuta would be apprentice but if he matched well with them, he wouldn’t care at all

Ten - I think he’d prefer noonas but since the age difference isn’t that big it’s a possibly he’d let that slide

Johnny - he is literally a noona boy, dating a 00 liner would be a rarity and they’d have to be super special for him to date them

Kun - he’d feel like he has quite a responsibility if he had a S/O 4 years younger and he wouldn’t be ready for it

Taeil - the age difference would probably be too much of a problem for Taeil, probably too many differences


Harold was a Liar

by reddit user AtLeastImGenreSavvy

I’ll be posting new, different stories on my personal blog, please be sure to follow @sixpenceeeblog

My brother, Harold, almost never told the truth. He was six years younger than me, and, although our mother tried to hide it, he was her favorite. It was easy to see why. Harold was adorable. He had round apple cheeks, curly blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Even at age seven, he was a social butterfly. He was always on the move, always playing with a different set of friends every week, and always charming.

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What do you think the Trifecta's opinions/thoughts on dating someone younger are? Who would be most/least willing to date younger?

Okay there’s a lot of Raul characters but I’m assuming the Trifecta includes Rafael, Nevada, and Jonas because those are the first three that come to mind so pleeeaaaseee tell me if I’m wrong…. 

& by younger I’m going to also assume we’re sticking to a legal range.

Originally posted by porpentinygoldstein

Rafael: Of the three, Rafael would be the least likely to date someone notably younger than he is. Considering his position and what he does for a living, he’d be absolutely nervous to boot about dating someone that could be construed as naive or immature- would someone think he was taking advantage of her? I don’t think he’d be fundamentally opposed to it, but I do think his significant other would be kept a quaint little secret until he was convinced they’d be together for longer than ‘a fling’. He’d be enraged when anyone thought he was dating her because she was younger, and he’d struggle forcing her from his thoughts when handling a case about young women being assaulted after a night out. He’d be so protective, annoyingly so, and would struggle to understand why she couldn’t be as careful and diligent as he knew she needed to be in this world- maybe even pine over her naivity. Unfortunately, I’d imagine a younger girl for Rafael Barba would end up feeling like a caged canary- and he’d notice how she was wilting and eventually hope to let her go.

Originally posted by notmyacht

Nevada: Absolutely, positively, and he’d love every bit of it- but it wouldn’t last. He’d be happy to show her off (look what big bad Trujillo can reel in) and he’d be elated knowing there were young men who had youth on their side that would wonder how the Hell he managed to land that. Of course, with a younger woman comes the damned of it all: lack of maturity. Nevada would probably, eventually after the honeymoon phase where most adventures included lifting her lil’ skirt, get rather vexed by the ordeal. He’s a business man, he knows when to bite his tongue as much as he knows when to puff out his chest- and anyone he’s sticking with for the long run would absolutely require the maturity to do the same. Also comes how he has no time for jealousy, or for really caring for someone still working through their existence and searching for their ‘place in the world’ the way most younger women are- he’s got plenty on his plate without needing to worry about helping someone else find their footing in life.

Originally posted by motherlegba

Jonas: Would love it and would put that sweet lil’ thing to work. He’d love how someone younger would consider him ‘older and wiser’ or possibly fall for his magic tricks and crazy ideas easier than someone more familiar with the pitfalls of life and failure in general. He’d fill her head with stories made from fairy tales, and would swoon whenever she looked up at him through her lovely lashes. Of course, while pulling a job at a Revival, she’d simply be one of the angels- no need to make the elderly women pat their brow at the sight of him canoodling with a sweet younger woman. Plus; when he messes up (because in my opinion, Jonas Nightingale is the scummiest of the three), he loves how she’s just naive enough to accept his apologies and faux-groveling. Young women can be open books, and oh they love to talk about themselves and their feelings; and Jonas would absorb every bit of chit-chat so he’d know exactly how to twist and use it later. She’d be wrapped around his little finger, just how he likes everyone to be- and though he may take her for granted and not consider her a threat; he’d pull his own side of the bargain. He’d take care of her, keep her safe, bundle her up with him on the bus and make certain she never went cold or hungry.

Originally posted by privatewrathmanagement

shit I just realized you could have meant Dr. Frederick Chilton so: Okay I reiterate since I’m throwing him in last minute- I really think he’d be the absolute least likely to date younger. Chilton would probably think a younger girl would be cute, and sweet, and may be flattered over her fawning over him; but it would be difficult for him to find something in common with a bright young lady who still had years ahead of her to find footing and make something of herself. He’d want to mold her, even if it was an unintentional and deeply-rooted desire, and he’d grow annoyed by the silly, naive things she does. Oh no, Chilton would prefer a woman with maturity, grace, and intellect- someone he doesn’t have to worry about making a silly decision or falling into an unfortunate misstep that someone older and wiser could have seen coming. He’d likely be rather critical, thinking he was offering advice instead of bringing her down, but wouldn’t realize that was why she ran off to sulk. I also really think he’d be excessively self-conscious over it too: his maladies would lead him to think someone younger wouldn’t want to deal with the struggles he faced- which would lead to a rather consistent need for reassurance… which most young women need plenty of themselves, and may not have to offer.

anonymous asked:

Hello!!! First of all I love your blog and I think that you are so beautiful and awesome and extremely creative. Second of all can I request a bts reaction to you being a noona but have a baby face, please? Love ya!!!!!!

Aww hello! Thank you so much!! You’re making me blush with all these compliments. :D

Jin: He’s a bit shocked at first since he didn’t expect it. He’s used to being the oldest so it would catch him off guard. It wouldn’t make him love you less or more.

Originally posted by rapdaegu

Yoongi: He prefers girls that are younger than him, so when he finds out you’re actually a noona he’d be shocked, but only for a short while and in a positive way. He likes you and your age doesn’t matter for him anyways.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: He’d be surprised. How could someone with a cute baby face like you be a noona? But he’d love it, he’d call you his noona, but sometimes he might ask you to call him oppa even though you don’t have to, simply because he likes hearing it.

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Namjoon: He might just be the one to care about this matter the least. He’s open-minded and he really doesn’t care about age. Though, he might like it that you’re actually a noona.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin: He might not believe you at first because of your baby face but after you tell him again he’d be having a huge smile. He loves cute girls and he definitely thinks of you as cute. The fact that you’re a noona is a bonus.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Taehyung: This boy most probably doesn’t expect you to be a noona though he wouldn’t be that surprised. He knows not to judge a book by its cover. He’d love to call you noona, especially in his cute voice when he’s trying to get your attention.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: It’s absolutely no secret that this boy hates being called ‘oppa’ so when he finds out that you’re a ‘noona’ he’d get all excited because he likes older girls.

Originally posted by nnochu

Magi: Aladdin and Kougyoku

This is a rather long Magi post. And it also is about a ship that not many people ship, especially because several have not read the manga and not many people are attracted to this ship in general. And it’s kind of sad to think there is probably high possibility that it won’t ever become canon even though it seems kind of obvious Aladdin has a crush on her (although others might think otherwise).

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Got7 Who Would Date Older/Younger Girls

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by rcrvcc


Mark would prefer girls who were older. Mark has a quiet and withdrawn personality and would look up to his girlfriend to be the bigger voice in the relationship and to be someone who he can rely on to help mark become more energetic and happy.


Jaebum would prefer a younger girl just so that he could be all fatherly, spoiling her and taking over in bed. Jaebum would want to always be the ‘father’ he would want to care for her and act as the dominant in every situation. Jaebum would definitely be the type to want her to call him ‘oppa’ and to become giggly every time she says it in a cute voice. whenever she was sad or upset Jaebum would say something like “Let’s go eat, you shouldn’t skip meals” or something he couldn’t say to a ‘noona’


Jackson wouldn’t look at age or looks at all. Jackson would only look for a girl with a personality like him where he can be playful and have fun while still having a serious trustworthy relationship. whether it were to be an older or younger jackson would want someone who can appreciate his sense of humour and will also not get easily annoyed with him. 


Jinyoung would look for a girl who is the same age if not younger. he really wouldn’t be into the whole ‘oppa’ thing and would prefer a same-age friend who he can act comfortable with and not worry about being respectful or saying the wrong thing.


Youngjae would prefer someone older than himself because he would love to act like a baby. he would lean on his ‘noona’ and would always be using his cuteness to get his way. Youngjae would love to come home from concerts and tours to a girl who acts like his mother and takes care of him.


Bambam would also not really look at age of a factor, mainly looking for someone who is beautiful both outside and inside. Bambam wouldn’t care about how old they were and wouldn’t act respectively either way, neither demanding to be called ‘oppa’ nor calling her ‘noona.


Yugyeom would be the type to look for someone older than himself. Yugyeom is our beloved maknae and would forever act like a baby in front of his girlfriend. Yugyeom would also find it fun to speak comfortably to her and see her reaction because he loves seeing his hyungs reaction and playing around with them.

anonymous asked:

Kakashi and his reaction to his kid (preferably a girl) getting injured headcanons please?

Ok so these differ a bit, because both age and the severity of the injury play a major role, so I tried to do a little bit from various ages, so these are all chronological.

Originally posted by cadaverous-katze-s-purr

  • With an actual child, he was a very, “you’re okay, stand up,” parent. He didn’t really believe in overplaying minor trips and falls when his daughter was younger like some parents, just because he didn’t want to condition her to think that someone was going to run to her side every time that she got hurt. That just doesn’t happen in the shinobi world and with her being his daughter, he was very well aware that there was a good chance at her becoming a kunoichi, so he just wanted to prepare her a bit. Though he never says things like this in a harsh voice, it was always in an “oh no! you fell!” type voice and if she’s actually genuinely crying because she got hurt, he’ll immediately go over there and comfort her. No tears in the Hatake home.
  • Now when his daughter was a toddler, that was an absolute mess, his daughter was just learning to walk and he’s Kakashi, so we all know his house wasn’t baby-proofed, so there was a lot of falling into table corners and potentially dangerous things. The first couple of times it startled him, bc internally he knows that one wrong fall could be killer to a toddler, but somehow she’s fine?? Omg, the first time she knocked her chin on the table and bit the inside of her mouth and bled, Kakashi was so concerned but was trying and failing to remain calm bc his toddler is screaming while he’s trying to keep a rag in her mouth to stop the bleeding and it looks so bad. He just prays that no one comes in his house and sees him trying to hold down his daughter who’s screeching in pain with a bloody rag in her mouth.
  • With a genin daughter, if she gets hurt training, he’s tries to make her walk it off if it’s minor. She’s already pretty tough when it comes to dealing with pain, but she’s still like nine, so there are still times where he has to keep on encouraging her to keep going through the pain. If there ends up being blood, he stops training for a moment and will take a look at it, but if not, he tries to keep her going as much as possible. He never really pushes, more or less encourages, because it has to be her choice to be training, or he won’t train her; he’s not going to force her to do anything, but if she wants him to train her, he’s going to train her to be exceptional, not just mediocre.
    • Though Naruto tried to train her one day, because Kakashi was busy with something, but he accidently broke her hand and wrist to a point where you could see the bones coming out while sparing her and dear God that was an awful day. Naruto’s just about to flip shit, because there’s Kakashi nine year old daughter all balled up in the middle of the training field, gritting her teeth and trying her best not to cry, because she knows she’s not supposed to show weakness, but holy hell Naruto just destroyed the bone structure in her right hand. Naruto’s in panic mode, because he knows he completely shattered her wrist and hand, likes there blood everywhere- which surprised him, bc she’s only like 50 lbs, she shouldn’t bleed that much- and he can see the bones popping out. And he knows that it has to be extremely painful, because she’s just in tears clutching onto her wrist and this girl does not cry over anything, so he’s just like “fucking hell,” because he feels so bad for hurting her and he knows he’s in the shithouse with Kakashi now. Immediately, he runs her over to Sakura who’s just like “Why? How? What?” and then goes to somehow face Kakashi and tell him that he just sent his child to the emergency room in need of reconstructive surgery on her hand. Kakashi’s not even mad about it honestly- surprised, but not angered- because Naruto was just trying to help her train, and Kakashi can tell he feels so guilty about it just by how worked up he is. But when Naruto tells him that it hurt her so bad that she was in tears, but still trying to keep herself together, Kakashi knows that he needs to go see her as soon as possible, because she’s a tough little one, but she’s still a child and sometimes she needs her dad there to help calm her down; probs some morphine too, but Sakura can hook her up with that,
  • Now, if she gets hurt on a mission when she’s a genin/ chunin he asks her about it and what went wrong and tries to help her improve and trying to better enable her to protect herself more. Of course he makes sure that she is alright and everything, but more likely than not she’s not going to spend time in the hospital for a genin/chunin mission, so he’s not entirely worried. He more or less wants her to see her mistakes and improve so that later on in her life she’s not making the same mistakes that could possible end far worse than just a bandage to the cheek. 
  • With a higher level kunoichi, he actually starts to worry if she gets hurt, because she is going on missions that could very much kill her. Of course he doesn’t doubt his daughter’s ability as a kunoichi; he made her work for that title of jonin or ANBU, but he is very well aware that no one is invincible and that even the strongest can be taken out if the circumstances are right. At this stage in her life, he no longer questions what she could have done better; Kakashi just makes sure that she is okay, because if she did get seriously hurt, he wouldn’t react the best. If his daughter is seriously injured, then that means that the last thing that he truly cares about is being held out on a string and that he no longer has that ability to protect her. He’ll probably try to stay by her side as much as he could, and if she had to go into surgery then he would not leave the ER until he was able to see his child again.
  • Regardless of age, if she ever gets hurt on a mission where Kakashi is present, guilt will overtake him, because in his mind he should be able to protect his daughter and for her to be injured just shows that he wasn’t doing enough as a father or shinobi.
  • Now if it was a boy that hurt is little girl, that boy would cease to exist within a matter of hours. No one hurts his daughter, especially not some stupid teen boy who his daughter could take out in a matter of seconds. No one’s good enough to make his little girl cry.
  • Bonus bc I love boy Teen Hatake that I’ve used for all my other Kakashi kid headcanons; he’s my fav now guys: Kakashi gets so annoyed with his son when he hides his injuries. Like jfc Teen Hatake, stop hiding all of your medical stuff and injuries from your father; he always ends up seeing it on his insurance, man. It’s a bit humorous, because Kakashi will get random medical bills at his house, and he’s reads them and finds out that Teen Hatake blew out his left ear drum and broke three ribs all in one week, but didn’t say one word to Kakashi about it and poor Kakashi just has to take a deep breath and is just like “Why?? Are?? You?? Like?? This?????”