but i prefer the younger girl

Would NCT rather date someone younger or someone older?


Anon: Can you write a MTL of whether the entire nct would date younger girls. Cause I’m a 2002 girl

You can refer to my other age MTLs for various different liners and this, which is what I think would be NCT’s age preference ranges.

This is not accurate and is purely my opinion. There is nothing to support this in any way, they could be completely different to what this says!

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  • Hansol
  • Taeyong
  • Chenle
  • Haechan


  • Johnny
  • Ten
  • Renjun
  • Mark

Same age (or ½ years younger/older)

  • Kun
  • Jaemin
  • Jeno
  • Taeil
  • WinWin

Wouldn’t care

  • Yuta
  • Doyoung
  • Jisung
  • Jaehyun
CG Insecurities

Can I just air my dirty laundry real quick? Okay. Great. 

  1. I’m 4′10′’. No little I’m ever going to have will be shorter than me. That high key makes me feel like I’m someone not as good of a CG. 
  2. I’m 19, soon to be 20. For at least a few more years, finding a little in the right age range is going to be difficult. Dating littles who are older than me makes me feel inadequate, and there’s literally only one age younger than me that I’m interested in dating. 
  3. I’m a girl. For some reason, 99% of littles prefer male CGs to female ones. Need I say more. 
  4. My voice is high pitched and youthful. This is all fine and dandy for voice acting and playing sweet cinnamon roll characters, but when you’re a CG, it’s the worst. I always feel like a little chihuahua barking about brushing your teeth. No one takes that seriously. 
  5. I don’t like punishments. I just don’t. I don’t think they work. I don’t think it’s the proper way to improve someone. Standing in a corner doesn’t teach someone why they need to eat their vegetables. Maybe it makes them fear and obey you, but that’s stupid in my opinion. I’m here to be a guide. 
  6. I’m broke. Like, fam. I’m in college. Do I wanna spoil my little? Of course. Can I? Not for at least two more years. 

I could don’t know why I’m even talking about this, but I can’t be the only CG who feels this way? Like they don’t fit the traditional CG mold at all? Right???


y'all…I think I’ve found a new Dominique!! I’ve been looking for a new Dom for a long time. I’ve never really been able to find someone I really love for her— I used AnnaSophia Robb and Ebba Zingmark. I recently found some pictures of Iskra Lawrence and fell in love with her and her message about body shaming. I’ve always preferred a Dominique who was a little curvy and radiates confidence. Iskra really is my dream cast for the younger Delacour-Weasley girl!! She’s got the Veela beauty of her mother and sister and definitely the Weasley charm and outgoing personality. She is absolutely stunning, and I think the modeling pics are amazing. Its exactly as I see Dominique.
(queued on october 29, 2016)

“i always thought i was bi, i have only been in relationships with men. i had a crush on a girl once but she rejected me in the end because she said she liked thin girls better (looking back that was a bit fucked up because i was thin??? but every teenage girl think they are too fat i guess. but anyway, she is allowed to feel that way).

but now i am 22 and i seriously question my feelings/attraction towards men. i feel like maybe i was just with them because it was a) easy b) expected of me. i had pretty low self esteem when i was younger so i thought i was only worth something if boys liked me. however at parties i really prefered making out with one of my female friends. not to get anyone hot but because guys are .. maybe not my thing?? i worked through a lot of sexism and finally got feminism “right” in the past 3 years and now i love sourrounding myself with women.

men are always so annoying (#notallmen) and i feel like i always had to be the mature one in the relationship and teach them thing and become like a normal person??? thats literally not my job? i hate how irresponsible they always were and how i had to explain everything to them. they didnt think for themselves. annoying af. i had 3 long term boyfriends, all different ethnicities, and different education levels from high-school and then working, to university and they all had in common what i just listed.

then on the other hand i look at women and i am like: nice. they respect me. they are interesting. have their own thoughts. they are pro-active, they are idealistic, they are sweet and pretty and just perfect?? they are kind. they are responsible, like me. it’s all more 50/50. bonus of course if they are feminists. they are less violent, more open minded and just caring and cool. so yeah am i a lesbian?

i made an okcupid profile recently only looking for queer female friends because i am just so tired of men and suddenly i am like: i don’t have to date men. i feel so relieved. but i am afraid to identify as a lesbian because what if in 3 years i feel attracted to a man i want to date? i don’t want to feel like an intruder or a fraud. and i feel like girls are not interested in me. i feel like i am not gay enough for them?? everytime i flirted with them or tried to start something serious it didn’t work out. i guess that’s also why i dated men. sorry for the long post!”
(spaces added for readability)
It can be super hard to separate how you feel about men because of the role you’re required to play due to misogyny, and how you just feel about men. It can even be impossibe. Like, we can ask ourselves a billion times if we’d still feel the same about men if we weren’t socialized the way we were–like, would this feeling still be the same if I was raised on a deserted island without expectations, without having ever been hurt by misogyny or male entitlement?

The great thing is… you don’t have to. Instead of worrying about a Genuine Self, just know that you as you are exist right now, and that’s what really matters. I’d go as far as to say more lesbians struggle with the idea that they might not really be a lesbian, than lesbians who are certain that they are lesbians.
What it comes down to is, you very clearly do not want to be with men–you even said you felt -relief- at allowing yourself to not date men. That’s where you are today. If you’re somewhere else three years ago, that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean you can’t call yourself a lesbian, or that you have like. Sullied the label or something.

If you think you are a lesbian, if you want to call yourself as a lesbian… come as you are. We’ll take you. You don’t have to ever be 100% sure. We love you, we’re here for you, you belong. And if down the road you discover that you’re bi, or that the bi label feels better for you? We still love you, we’re still here for you, and you still belong.

NCT MTL to date a 99 liner


Anon: Hi I’d like to request please of a Mtl in nct to date a 99liner who is also a foreigner / non Asian thank you 😃

Hi! I know you ask for a MTL to date a 99 liner and a foreigner but it’s too complicated. Like I think some of them would be at the bottom for one reason, but then at the top for another if you get what I mean lol. Also thank you for being my first MTL request! These are my favourite to do :’-)

You can find the other part of your request here (NCT MTL to date a foreigner)

Also I’m going to assume that you mean when it’s legal to date one another (both 18+)

I’ve also put in brackets which liner each member is to put things into perspective

Bisous, Flo xx

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srry but wtf is this jfc this is lovely omf




Taeyong (95) would like to protect his GF/BF so would prefer younger girls/guys over people his own age or older. Even if you were loud or fiercely independent or mature, and therefore seemed older, he’d still like the fact that he was older and soon or later, you’d need him to look after you.

Mark (99), obviously, would date someone his own age. They’d be able to share many of the same problems and would be able to understand each other better. Basically, they’d “grow” together and he’d liked having someone to do this with him, rather than watch him (if they were older or younger)

Renjun (00) would prefer to date someone closer to his age, so a 99 liner would suit him perfectly. In a relationship, he wouldn’t want to be looked after but he also wouldn’t want to be the one looking after someone, therefore someone around his own age would mean neither of you would dominate the relationship and it’d be balanced.

Haechan (00) would of course date someone close to his age. He’d be open to date someone older or younger or the same age so he wouldn’t be too bothered. Someone younger or his own age, or someone who was quite playful, would suit him well - he needs someone who can keep up with his hyper temperament!

Jisung (02), being the current baby of NCT, would like dating someone whose older than him but not by too many years. He’s quite used to being “babied” and treated like a child, so he wouldn’t want someone who was too old and too protective over him. But would still want someone older who could teach him the ropes in life.

Jaemin (00), again, someone who would definitely date someone around his own age. He wouldn’t want to date someone way older or way younger, so a 99 liner would fit him perfectly. To be honest, I don’t see him as being that fussy with age, so dating a 99 liner would be a no-brainer.

Jeno (00) would prefer to date someone his own age or a year younger/older - or at least someone who has the same mental age as him. Overall he’d just want to date someone who is very similar to him, so being a 99 liner would fit the bill for him. He’d naturally just be attracted to 99/00/01 liners I think.

WinWin (97) would only be 2 years older which really isn’t that much. Like Jisung, I think he’s treated a little bit like a baby in NCT, which is fine lol I mean he likes it himself tbh. But in the relationship, he’d like being the older one so he could protect and look after you. It’d be the only time where he could look after someone, and not be the one being looked after.

Jaehyun (97), I just see Jaehyun being attracted to younger girls/guys. He’d liked how innocent and naïve they could be naturally, and would instinctively just want to protect you and make sure nothing ever happened to you. And again, a 2 year different is basically nothing.

Yuta (95) would be attracted to anyone to be fair. If you fitted him well personality wise, he wouldn’t care about age. He’d date someone older or younger or the same age. So if you suited him well and there was a spark, of course he’d date a 99 liner.

Doyoung (96) would be like Yuta and wouldn’t really care about age as long as he liked you for you. He wouldn’t be quite as straightforward as Yuta might be, so if he liked you of course he’d make it obvious but wouldn’t literally go up to you. You’d have to take initiative and go up to him, because he might feel a bit uncomfortable talking to someone younger.

Johnny (95) would want to date someone younger, but not 4 years younger. Maybe a couple of years, but not that young. He’d feel a bit of a creep if he spoke to someone 4 years younger, even though he wouldn’t really be, so it’d have to be a special someone to convince him to date them if they were a 99 liner.

Hansol (94) is a pretty shy and timid person naturally. Therefore he’d find it harder than someone else to chat up someone younger of older than him. He’d want someone his own age because then they’d had similar interests and he’d feel more comfortable in their presence. Like Johnny, he’d have to really like you to date you in you were 5 years younger.

Kun (96) is like Hansol in terms of personality. He’s quite introverted and comes across a little self-conscious (awe poor baby) so he’d better suit someone older or the same age. Someone older would be able to build up his confidence and help him in his life, and someone his own age would be able to get on with him better, naturally.

Taeil (94) would be attracted to older or more mature people. He’s very mature and doesn’t seem like the type who’d cope well with someone younger and probably more hyperactive. I think he’d also think the age difference was too big, and would prefer a couple years difference instead.

Ten (96) seems like the type of guy to just love noonas. He’d like to be babied a bit and told that he was cute and someone’s baby, so would like the matureness and independence of older women. Sure he’d date someone younger, but he wouldn’t be able to help his preference for older women/men.

Chenle (01) would like to be the dominant one in a relationship. He’d want to be the stereotypical “man” in a relationship so unless you were naturally more immature or naïve as a 99 liner, he’d like dating younger girls/guys over older ones. When he’s older, he’d like being called “oppa” and someone younger would allow this.


Youngjae: I feel like youngjae would really be into having an older girlfriend honestly. It would the a bit of weight off his shoulders knowing he didn’t have to worry about them and that they had a sense of responsibility to them. He would probably feel very comforted by the fact they were older.

Yugyeom: Like the gif says. He belongs to everyone. He’s really not going to care if you’re younger or older. He’s going to like you all the same no matter how old you are. But if someone older confessed he might be a little bit shy about the whole thing. Cause he’s a baby.

Jimin: Like Yugyeom he’s going to like both younger and older. But he’d most likely be pretty proud of himself that he had managed to get an older girl. Like youngjae it might comfort him knowing he didnt have to worry.

Taehyung: He might be a little in between about an older girl confessing to him honestly. He pretty immature so i think he might prefer someone younger and a little more immature like himself.

Jungkook: two word. Noona lover. I really believe he prefers older girls. He made it pretty clear he gets uncomfortable when people call him oppa so. He would love an older girl confessing.

ID #84104

Name: Rosanne
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hey, my name is Rosanne and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m an art student looking for a fun relaxed and creative penpal to exchange snailmail with. I love drawing, painting, photography, reading, watching movies/series, going to the gym and tattoo’s. I’m a big nerd and know lots of useless fact so if you like artsy slapstick letters I’m yo gal! Also, idc if you are a girl or a boy I will call people bro, dude or gurrlll regardless of gender.

Preferences: I would like someone from the ages of 18 and up because swear a bit (alotactually) and because I think I understand those ages better than the younger ages. Again I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl as long as we can have fun!

NCT MTL to date a 00 liner


If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I’ll tell you.

I’ve got an really in depth MTL for 99 liners so you can refer to that as a general guide. It could be helpful. You can find it here.

I’ve also done a post about the (assumed) age preferences for each member in NCT. There’s no explanation but it could be helpful. You can find that here.

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Jaemin - born in the same year, so no brainier really; plus his ideal type would probably be someone in the same year as he

Jeno - same as Jaemin really; who wouldn’t date someone the same birth year as them?

Renjun - he’d date some his own age or someone older I think

Taeyong - he’s so soft for younger girls/boys, as long as they were slightly mature though

Haechan - obviously would date someone his own age but would also like younger girls/boys

Mark - although it’s only a year difference, he’d prefer older people in general

Chenle - again not a huge age difference, but unlike Mark, would like younger people

WinWin - 3 years isn’t that much and WinWin would find them absolutely adorable, more than him too

Jaehyun - really, he’s at the same place as WinWin but someone has to go on top lol that sounded wrong lmaooo

Doyoung - he wouldn’t care much about age, as long as they were mature enough for him

Jisung - I don’t think Jisung would care about age really, he’s mature yet still childish so yeah

Hansol - “age is just a number” - plus he loves younger GFs/BFs

Yuta - Yuta would be apprentice but if he matched well with them, he wouldn’t care at all

Ten - I think he’d prefer noonas but since the age difference isn’t that big it’s a possibly he’d let that slide

Johnny - he is literally a noona boy, dating a 00 liner would be a rarity and they’d have to be super special for him to date them

Kun - he’d feel like he has quite a responsibility if he had a S/O 4 years younger and he wouldn’t be ready for it

Taeil - the age difference would probably be too much of a problem for Taeil, probably too many differences


“No. If I loved partying it would be more of a concern, but I am the most boring person. I would prefer to stay in and watch Bake Off. You see people say, ‘I didn’t ask for this,’ but I completely see what this film might mean to young girls, and of course I take responsibility for that. I want people to realise the possibilities are endless. If I had a younger sister, I would think it was great that I could show her The Force Awakens and Rey, someone who’s not sexualised, not in a gold bikini, not born into privilege, just a person who finds herself on a crazy adventure and exceeds all expectations, including her own. The female audience of Star Wars is underestimated, but I have met so many female fans. And I hope there are more, encouraged by Rey.” ─ Daisy Ridley in response to “Are you worried about being seen as a role model?“

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List all eight heap kids, favorite to least favorite and why?

omg??? (disclaimer: i love them all with everything i am)

  1. Simon. Like… I have never latched onto a fictional character more than I have to Simon. I project onto him endlessly, and he’s such a coping mechanism for all my mental health issues. He’s also just so compelling. And I’m in love with him.
  2. Jenna. This is another case of really connecting to a character. Jenna was like, the one character I really connected to as a kid. We have fairly similar personalities, but she’s more… the younger, happier, more optimistic me that has since gone. But I also just like the role she plays in the books. Rags to riches, but the girl kinda preferred the rags, because that was before everything had to change, and before her family was fractured and in constant danger, and before she had a duty to uphold. Love my girl.
  3. Septimus. My kiddo!!! What a great protagonist to follow, honestly. He’s so powerful, and loving, and good, and scary, and intuitive, and broken. Septimus’ relationships with his friends and family is also really important to me. Him and Jenna are the cutest lil best friends ever, and I’m eternally emo for his relationship with Simon, and how they’re really two sides of the same coin. Septimus and Simon parallels are my kryptonite.
  4. Nicko. Boat boy!! Nicko holds a special place in my heart for 2 reasons. He starts out as kind of this comic relief/loving older brother/funny and chill guy who Did Not Sign Up For This. And that’s already a win to me. But then, post-Queste, he’s different. He’s a little slower, a little sadder, a lot more introspective. He’s this calm kind of sad that comes from going through something traumatic, and I also really vibe with that. And, he’s claustrophobic like me, and I haven’t really ever seen another character anywhere who is, and it’s like, a recurring thing.
  5. JoJo. My. Emo. Son. JoJo is trash and I love him. We don’t get nearly enough time with the Forest Heaps - which is why they’re all at the bottom - but the time we do get with JoJo is so special because he’s such a specific brand of Disaster. I wish he was treated better by Angie, and I have a lot of problems with his and Marissa’s roles in Starchaser, but man. Love him.
  6. Sam. Mountain Man Extraordinaire. We don’t see a lot of Sam, but Queste and Sandrider both have significant scenes where we see what he’s about, and I love him!! He’s so loving and supportive, and Simon says in Flyte that Sam was always like, his best friend. But he also is like, One With Nature, which is really cool. And I really appreciate that he’s gay, but Angie never felt the need to delve into any stereotypes, or ever really bring it up as like, An Issue. He’s just this cool guy we’ve kinda known for a while who also happens to have a really cute boyfriend.
  7. Erik. OK. So if you’ve been paying attention for a little while, you’ll know that I absolutely adore the Heap Twins. But! They’re at the bottom because they got the least amount of real characterization out of everyone. I totally have my own versions of them, and I’ve fleshed them out in my head and I love love love them, but a lot of it is my own speculation and add-ons. But! Erik is a little ahead of Edd. Not really sure why, but the way I’ve characterized them, I just kinda vibe with Erik a little more.
  8. Edd. I’m so sorry bae, I love you, I promise. And while I hate the “Twins Are Always Connected,” a lot of this is above. Love u Edd.

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1-9, 11?

1. Post a picture of u?
I am too lazy to take a picture of myself so heres an actual snap i sent last night 

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?
no i think you change way too much between the ages of 18 and 21 for me to ever feel okay dating someone that much younger than me.
also Most Teens Are Still Bad.
3. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?
I desperately want to make more femme friends I love being girly and I only hang out with dudes
4. Would you ever smile at a stranger?
I try rly hard to be friendly to strangers, like if I see someone has clearly put effort into their outfit I try to compliment it and stuff
5. Can you commit to one person?
I’ve done it before
6. How do you look right now?
7. What exactly are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing the same tank top as in that picture 
8. How often do you listen to music?
several times a day
9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?
I bought my first pair of sweatpants in like a year last week but I hate pants to begin with tbh
11. Are you a social or an antisocial person?
I do not leave my apartment ever

What do you think is the age difference BTS would be willing to have in a relationship? Noona or a younger girlfriend?

Hey there! I’m sooooooo sorry this took way to long to be posted! It was an huuuge amount of time! We’re sorry anon! T-T


Rap Monster: (Doesn’t care if it’s Noona or Dongsaeng)

I think he wouldn’t care much about age, but if he had to choose, I think he would choose a person his age or older for being more mature. Like 2 years older.

Jin: (Noona)

Well he already dated a noona and by his preferences for a perfect girlfriend, and for me it screams noona. But not too older than him tho.. maybe 2 or 3 years.

Suga: (Noona)

I think he would prefer a noona but not too noona haha. Like 1 or 2 years older than him would be just enough.

J-Hope: (Dongsaeng)

Hobi likes cute girls so I think he’d prefer a younger girl. 3 years younger than him at maximum.

Jimin: (Dongsaeng)

His face (for me) screams that he’d prefer someone younger. I think it fits him. Someone cute but not childish or too much younger. Maybe his age or 1 to 2 years younger.

V: (Doesn’t care if it’s Noona or Dongsaeng)

As RM, V doesn’t seem to have a preference in age. He looks very chill about it. 2 years younger or 3 or 4 years older.

Jungkook: (Noona? Dongsaeng?)

I’m not sure if he’d prefer a noona or a dongsaeng… Sometimes he seems like a noona type but other times a dongsaeng type… but either way, he’d prefer someone not too older or younger, like 2 years.


Hope you like it!

~ADM Pandacchi

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Gyeomie~ Would you mind dating a girl who's a little younger than yourself? I feel like you'd prefer a noona but I just have the absolute biggest crush on you! You're so cute and squishy and soft and sweet and funny. Ahhhh and sexy too. You're so wonderful, I'd just love to call you mine, oppa<3

Yugyeom: Ah, that’s too nice of you to say! I wouldn’t mind dating someone younger than me at all. It would be really nice to be able to take care of someone after the hyungs have taken care of me for so long~

Hello everyone! My Name is Karina. I am 26 and live in Austria. Yes right, the country which is full of Kangaroos and no snow.. :) 

I used to have a lot of penpals when I was younger and I really enjoyed writing (I also like to write emails, so there is no preference from my side)

I like: Avocado, Broccoli, Netflix, Nature, Tattoos, Music, Girls (yes I am a lesbian), parfums, Vans, Nike, okay lets say sneakers in general!

I dislike: Homophobic people, Racist, Diets, getting up early, smelly people, High Heels.

I am looking for someone who is open minded and actually can hold a conversation. I am tired of putting lots of effort in Emails / Letters and don’t get anything back you know. I would prefer talking to someone who is +20 but if you are felling mature enough, everyone is welcome of course. Oh and I would prefer girls. Don’t worry I am not hitting on you.

Sarcasm and a good humour is always a plus btw!

Here is my email address: 0610indiegirl @ gmail.com

Really hope to hear from you.

X Karina

Plus Size. -Liam Dunbar Fluff.-

Y/N bit her lower lip as she stared at herself in the mirror of Lydia’s bathroom.”Lydia!”She yelled to her friend before she watched the redhead pop in the room.”What’s wrong Y/N?”She asked the younger girl. “I look too big in this dress.”The younger girl mumbled as she stared at her friend before moving her attention her body in the mirror.Lydia shook her head and let out a groan.”You do not look too big in the dress.You look gorgeous and I know that Liam is gonna be drooling all over you.”Lydia said to Y/N and she bit her lip,raising an eyebrow. "You think?”Y/N asked and Lydia nodded,taking her friends hand before she could reject.She dragged her out to the car,grabbing her heels on the way. -At the party.- Y/N had lost Lydia the first five minutes of being at the party and she was currently looking around the crowd for someone she knew.She smiled to herself as she saw Mason.She walked over to him and his eyes grew wide at her dress. "Holy shit Y/N! You look hot!”He yelled and she laughed,shaking her head at what he had said.”I just wish that Liam would think the same.”She mumbled and Mason raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean?”He asked and Y/N sighed a little bit. "He wouldn’t ever like me like that because I’m not skinny like all the other girls.I know he likes Hayden especially cause she’s small and perfect.”Y/N mumbled and he shook his head at what she said.”Liam is in love with you!”He says,laughing a bit before Y/N rolled her eyes.” "That’s a lie,listen I think I’m gonna head out.”She said as her eyes flickered around the party once more,her eyes finally landing on Liam before she saw Hayden talking to him but he seemed distant.She grabbed her clutch off the table and headed out the front door.Her head turned as she heard the door opening. "Hi Liam.”She mumbled and he smiled a bit,rubbing the back of his neck lightly.”Y/N you look amazing tonight.”He murmured and she rolled her eyes.”Stop lying Liam.I know I don’t.”She mumbled and he furrowed his eyebrows,walking to stand next to her.”Y/N what are you talking about?”He asked and she kept her eyes straight forward before beginning to speak. "I know I don’t look good in this dress because I’m too big.”She whispered and he shook his head at what she said to him.”You look drop dead gorgeous in that dress.You don’t look too big at all Y/N.You look sexy and I can’t help but stare.You’re curves are stunning.”He murmured to her and she raised an eyebrow at what he said. "Liam,you like girls like Hayden who doesn’t have to worry about what she wears.You like skinny girls and well I’m not skinny like she is.”She whispered to him and he shook his head.”Y/N,no sweetheart.”He whispered and she was about to turn to him but he was already behind her. "You’re who I like.I don’t care about Hayden or other girls.I care about you.”He whispered and Y/N raised her eyebrow at what she said before she shook her head.”No Y/N,I’m not lying before you ask.I have been in love with you ever since I moved to Beacon Hills and met you.I don’t care that you’re not like other girls.I love you just as you are and I don’t want you to ever think that you need to change.”He whispered and her eyes watered before he grabbed a hold of her face and pressed his lips to hers. "Will you be my girlfriend?”He asked as he slowly pulled away from her lips with a small smile.”Of course I will Li.”

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Among the members, who would choose to date an older girl, a younger one, or either? And what would be the maximum age gap between them and their s/o that they would consider? Thank you Kayla!! Truly glad to see you made your own MONSTA X scenario blog!! ❤️❤️

Shownu: I think he’d prefer dating an older girl mostly because Shownu is pretty mature himself so I can see him leaning toward dating a noona. Dating someone younger might make him feel older than he already feels HAHA. Maximum age gap– older: 4-5 years, younger: 1 or 2 years

Wonho: I think Wonho would go for either. I don’t think age would matter in Wonho’s case, he’s said he cares more about personality so whoever he gets along with is fine. I could see Wonho wanting to date someone older because he might find that kind of thing sexy and alluring, but I could see him also dating younger if she’s mature enough. Maximum age gap– older: 5-6 years, younger: 2 years

Minhyuk: I think Minhyuk would prefer dating someone younger mostly because he has a very energetic, child-like personality himself. He and his younger girlfriend would be that couple that are very playful and take life very easily. Maximum age gap– older: 1 or 2, younger: 3-4 years (as long as she’s legal, stops at 97 liners)

Kihyun: I think Kihyun would rather date someone closer to his age, so whether or not she’s a noona or a dongsaeng, he’d rather keep it close. For this reason, I just think that Kihyun is neither too mature nor too childish, he has a good mix of both so finding someone who fits that criteria is hard enough. I can see him with a noona who’s a year older or a dongsaeng who’s a year younger. Maximum age gap– one year for both older and younger.

Hyungwon: I think Hyungwon would go for someone younger. He seems to me someone who would love taking on the oppa role. Especially a protective one or someone who spoils his girlfriend. He’d be the type to wait for her outside of school/university and take her out to lunch just because he felt like it. He’d definitely be a cool type of boyfriend in public but very dorky in their own privacy. Maximum age gap– older: 1 year, younger: 2-3 (as long as she’s legal, so it stops at 97 liners)

Jooheon: I think Jooheon could go either way as well. Jooheon has a very fierce, intense outer image but in reality, he’s very chill and can be cutesy. I think with an older woman, she could show him her life experiences and insights and he’d be intrigued by that. As well, he could always use aegyo on her to get his way. Whereas with a younger woman, he could be the cool oppa but be the cutesy guy he normally is in private. Maximum age gap– older: 4-5 years, younger: 1-2 years

I.M: I think I.M would go great with an older woman. I.M is very mature for his age but I also believe he’s very naive so it’d be great for an older woman to show him the ropes and share her life experiences. Of course, the woman can’t be too mature because I.M is a little 4D, but he’d definitely bring some color into her life. He can also act very serious, and definitely knows when to play and not. Maximum age gap– older: 3-4 years, younger: 1 year (97 liners)

SMALL BEGININGS Erin & Rebeccaclosed with @physicistbaby

━ it’s a lovely place you’ve got here.” Rebecca commented as she walked in, an unfazed look in her face whilst she carried two cups of coffee and headed towards the younger scientist. “A bit dusty, but I’m sure this will be fixed soon.”

The doctor knew that it was a brand new start for the girls and even though she would’ve prefered something else entirely for her former pupil, she was glad Jillian finally found a family for herself.

“The girls are still in the roof  ━ I’ve made us some coffee.”


Mini Martin | Liam Dunbar Imagine (ft. Lydia Martin & Stiles Stilinski)

request ; (prompt)  reader looks and acts similar to lydia, she’s a freshman and very sassy, sort of liam x reader. 

word count ; 997

warnings ; like one (?) swear word.

a/n ; i made the reader lydia’s younger sister, hope that’s alright. and the girl i used up there in the gif is karen gillan, she was/is on the show doctor who, i believe (i’m not an avid watcher of the show, my mom is the one who likes it.) also, you might recognize her from a lot of lily evans/potter edits, she’s a popular face claim for lily (which i agree with wholeheartedly tbh.) 

Liam had to blink at least three times in order to fully process what he was seeing, which was a full-fledged Lydia Martin close, standing next to the strawberry blonde herself. That clone was you, Lydia’s younger and purely human sister. You had lived with your dad up until recently, when you decided that you missed your sister and mom too much to stay away from Beacon Hills any longer. Lydia felt a bit calmer about your move here now that Kate and her berserkers and all that deadpool business were completely out of the way. 

The fifteen year old boy had to admit, you were quite possibly the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his entire life. He was at a complete loss for words, and could barely explain to Stiles why he was so nervous all of a sudden. 

“What?” Stiles asked, exasperated with the younger boy’s inability to form a coherent sentence in your presence. “Why do you look like you’ve just seen a unicorn for the first time?” Liam rolled his eyes, grabbing Stiles’ shoulders and spinning him around so he could face you and Lydia.

“Who’s that?” Liam asked curiously, pointing to you and your sister. Stiles sighed, turning back around. 

“Seriously, Liam? That’s Lydia, you know, one of your best friends?” Stiles patted Liam on the shoulder, about to walk away. “You poor, confused wolf-boy.” 

Liam pulled Stiles back, making him face you again. “Not Lydia, the girl behind her! Who’s she?” 

“Once again, that is Lyd- mini Lydia? Since when did Lyds have a mini me?” Stiles studied the both of you with a certain fasciation. “The resemblance is uncanny. She looks just like Lydia did in Freshman year, save for a few differences, of course -” 

“Do you spend a lot of time studying Lydia’s appearance?” Liam wondered out loud, leaving Stiles to slap the back of his head. 

“No, of course not,” Stiles scoffed. “I’m just saying. Anyway, why are you so curious? Lydia will probably introduce her to us later, can’t you wait?” 

“Nope, not at all. Look at her. She’s, like, the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life. Teach me how to talk to girls?” Liam, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, somewhat looked up to Stiles. Stiles, however, wasn’t much of a smooth talker when it came to girls like Lydia Martin, especially back when he was Liam’s age. Back then, he couldn’t get Lydia to so much as look at him for more than five seconds at a time. How was he supposed to teach this kid how to talk to her?” 

“You are definitely asking the wrong person,” Lydia said from behind them both, smirking slightly. “He’s terrible with pick up lines. Ask an expert, sweetheart. I could direct you to my ex boyfriend, but -” 

“He’s a huge asshole who lives in London,” Stiles finished, glancing at Lydia, who nodded and shrugged in agreement. With a bright smile, she pulled you out from behind her, and presented you to the boys. Liam fell silent again, mouth gaping wordlessly at you. You smiled at him, and he flushed bright pink. 

“This is my little sister, Y/N. She’s your age, Liam, so you two should get along fantastically,” Lydia said, hands placed on your shoulders. Liam nodded hurriedly, cheeks still pink. 

“Unless he keeps gaping at me like that without saying anything,” you added, speaking up for the first time that day. Stiles let out a choked laugh, warming up to you immediately. 

“I like this kid, she’s got a good attitude,” Stiles grinned, patting your head like you were some sort of kitten. You looked up at your older sister, eyebrows raised. She sighed, shaking her head. 

“I-I wasn’t…I mean, you know, I wasn’t staring,” Liam sputtered, blushing more and more with each passing minute. You laughed. 

“Alright sure, whatever you say,” you shrugged. “I, on the other hand, was staring at you before. You’re pretty cute. Take me on a tour of the school?” You didn’t bother waiting for a reply, simply grabbed a flustered Liam’s hand and pulled him off down the hallway. 

“O-okay, sure,” Stiles and Lydia heard him reply, a small smile making its way onto his face as you kept a tight grip on his somewhat sweaty hand. 

Lydia grinned at your retreating figures, watching fondly as Liam slowly gained his confidence back, though he was still stuttering and stumbling on his words. Let’s face it, you were gorgeous, and it was enough to make any hormonal teenage werewolf lose their edge for a little while. Lydia had a small part to play in showing you how to intimidate boys, of course. 

Stiles looked over at Lydia, who turned back to him with a triumphant gleam in her green eyes. “You taught her everything she knows, didn’t you?” Stiles asked, walking back to class with Lydia, who nodded. 

“I did a good job, didn’t I?” She said proudly just as Liam quickly helped you load all of your schoolbooks into your locker. He held some of the heavier books, letting you take ones off the pile when you needed them. “They are so cute, I am the number one, best match maker in all of California. I deserve a ribbon,” Lydia gushed, sending you a wink from across the hall you. You copied the gesture, but returned back to Liam almost instantly. 

“She’s probably going to break his heart,” Stiles pointed out. 

“Nah, they’ll be good together,” Lydia said as the two of you walked into class, Liam holding the door for you like a true gentleman. “But, I’ll kick him in the face with one of my high heeled boots if he breaks her heart.” 

“Actually, I think she’s gonna be the one to kick him in the face with her high heels. She looks pretty tough.” 

Lydia tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Well, obviously. She’s a Martin.” 

High School Preference: Younger Characters.


Also, I was asked to add in mine and @a-song-of-ice-and-new-hope ‘s ocs that we rp with , Clara and Sonya, so here ya go…

Robb Stark – Senior, Quarterback and team Captain. Popular nice guy who got all the girls, had a fling with Clara Lannister but settled with Sonya Baratheon.

Theon Greyjoy – Senior, Best buds with Robb Stark. Next to the Tyrells Theon always has the coolest/largest parties with drugs and alcohol and sex. He’s on the swim team with Sonya Baratheon.

Jon Snow – Senior, Soccer Captain. Shy popular guy who was always nervous and awkward around girls until he got with Clara Lannister and she brought out the confident side of him.

Clara Lannister – Senior, Head cheerleader, member of the Student Council and several other student ran organizations. Seen as one of the more popular girls of Westerosi High alongside Margaery Tyrell. A bit promiscuous, Daddy’s (Tywin) little girl who can get away with just about anything. 

Sonya Baratheon – Senior, best friends to Clara Lannister (who is actually her aunt), seen as an outsider, not a part of any clubs. Robert and Cersei’s eldest child and daughter, rebelled as a teen after her Mother hit her out of jealousy for how much Robert cares for his daughter and not Joffrey/Tommen/Myrcella.

Joffrey Baratheon – Sophomore, pretty much thinks he’s better than everyone because he has money and acts as the school bully. He’s just an asshole.

Sansa Stark – Freshman, member of the student council and a cheerleader, also apart of Westerosi Highs religious group for the New Gods. Sweet and shy, but low key is cunning and sassy.

Margaery Tyrell – Senior, President of the Student Council, known female lover to Clara and fellow cheerleader. Seen as one of the more popular girls of Westerosi High alongside Clara Lannister. Very much like her GOt/Medieval counterpart.

Honorable Staff Mentions:

Jaime Lannister – Jaime is a Professional athlete turned gym teacher after blowing out his knee

Tyrion Lannister – Tyrion is the advanced math teacher

Oberyn Martell – Oberyn is the health teacher and illegal love interest of Sonya Baratheon

Ned Stark – Nedders is the Principle of Westerosi High and Football coach

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Lol anyone can take care of anyone older or younger it don't matter

I know that! I’m not saying they can’t! I just prefer older girls! I’ve dated younger girls before!