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Name: Megan
Age: 15
Country: UK

Hi! My name is Megan, and I’m looking for an internet friend who preferably speaks English. I live in Scotland and I love musicals (mainly Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Sound of Music, A Chorus Line, etc), Linkin Park (seriously I need someone to cry about Chester’s death with) and the rain. I also love tea. And dodie. God I love dodie!! Anyways if I seem pretty cool and we have the same interests, hmu!

(I also really love British soaps such as Holby city, Casualty, Emmerdale and Coronation Street and I would love to talk to someone about these!)

Preferences: 15-18, any gender, sexuality, race, etc :) (just don’t be homophobic/racist/sexist/transphobic etc)

  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr sleeps like a fucking rock. He won’t move at all, neither make a sound — except when he falls asleep cuddling with you, which means you’ll either have to spend the whole night at the same position with him or try to move away only to have him tightening his grasp around your body and groaning. Altaïr prefers to be the big spoon — and even when he’s not, he subtly starts to push you downwards to his chest. If he wakes up with you pulling away, he tends to moan lowly and mutter sleepily “not yet” while inching even closer to you and nuzzling at your neck to press a lazy kiss against your skin.  It can take a while for him to actually fall asleep, since his mind never stops working, so you’ll gladly spend hours lying awake and discussing things with him. He doesn’t sleep much, you see, sometimes you are obliged to drag him into bed with you — and some other times, he’s the one nuzzling into you in the privacy of your shared bedroom and that’s when you know he’s ran out of energy. Despite everything, Altaïr tends to be an early bird, even when finding excuses to stay a bit longer in bed with you — even though you’re not even awake yet. He just likes to listen to your breathing and savor the quiet moments he can beside you before starting the day.

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plan cancelled

art from stream - thank you to @sonikku0691, @j97masaki, and everyone else who stopped by to join the stream!!! 


My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me

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If its alright to do two people, Post-Reboot Sallicole 25. I'm actually kind of surprised there isn't really any art of the both of them in swimsuits out there.

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Have you rver drawn smut of lieutenant? He seems like a dirty dom boy ;3

Well, to be honest, he’s a bit of a sleaze. He doesn’t have a lover, he just sleeps around. If he had a single squeeze, I’d probably draw more smut. But, I hope this’ll suffice. 

k so lance has a phone in space. there are two outcomes.

1. it’s his own phone and hunk and pidge helped build a portable charger for it using altean tech and what not to help it keep charged. pidge had her laptop with her and it obviously works in space, but there’s no way that it could stay working without some sort of power source, which is where she and hunk come together to help build chargers and ports that connects to the castles main frame to keep their stuff working. It doesn’t have signal or connect to any sort of internet obviously. The main purpose is so that they can make new memories along the way so that it doesn’t feel too awful being so far away from home, just a really long road trip of sorts. also – proof to show their friends and family that aliens exist when they return to earth, as if the giant robot made up of five lions and elf princess didn’t prove it enough.

2. it’s a space phone and has connection to space internet and space twitter and space instagram and lance is space internet famous and honestly? idk which outcome i prefer.

i want a 100k fic of jim introducing spock to human culture like crazy illogical human culture during like, a mission they have to spend in 21st century earth,,
“you strap yourself into these dangerous rides for, the thrill?”
“What is the purpose of a ‘selfie’? One is aware of what they look like.”
“I fail to see the relevance or appeal of jumping off a cliff with an archaic device to help achieve one float safely to the ground. Or for that matter, an elastic band to prevent them from certain death.”
“It is most fascinating the, range of music that Humans have created. How does one of the same race write sophisticated symphonies, while also repeatedly singing about the excitement of it being Friday?”
“Why does this man keep repeating that the other man has killed his father, and should prepare to die?”
“I do not understand Captain. How does adding words to a photo create a, humorous internet phenomenon?”
“I prefer your face on your own body, Captain. Green does not flatter your features.”
“You mean to tell me that, massive groups of people sit quietly together, common strangers, to watch something? And snacks are consumed?”
“Humans pay to see stars in a dark room, when they simply can look at the night sky?”

i just,, need Kirk endlessly amused and falling more in love than before

I mean y'all gotta understand my level of incredulity when I’m sitting here wearing “women’s clothes,” stuck in a home where being transgender is a sin, and will likely never have the surgeries or hormones I need, and listening to my family refer to me as “she/her,” and struggling with dealing with how cis men still look at me and treat me as if I was a woman because I AM one to them, and then I come on the internet and say “I prefer he pronouns sometimes” and some cis girl tells me I have privilege over her and a bunch of people don’t even question it bc its obvious “all men have privilege over women.”

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What do you prefer, love or money?

Money. I can pay for Internet with these and watch memes all day. And food of course. I mean why need love when you can have memes and food