but i prefer it as just lineart


Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

okay my dudes im goin to teach u what i just taught a friend after i taught myself.

fookin hands, am i right?? well, get ur set up all nice n cozy. i prefer medibang, so tht’s what we’re going to be using.

make an extra layer underneath whatever sketch/lineart layer equivalent ur using, full occupancy.

make a squarish hand/palm n some circles as your finger tips. put them in whatever pose ur planning on using. don’t worry too much about the correct length, just ballpark it for now.

i like to start with the thumb. it’s a good base for the rest of ur hand. make that thumb muscle nice n round. also make it a but thinner towards the middle n round it off at the end.

next we’ll move onto the pointer finger. try to make the finger pad round n make the top bit flatter. it gives a nice illusion to having finger nails without having to draw it. don’t worry if ur finger doesn’t match up with ur circle, just try to have it look a normal length. (AKA what looks good)

move on n do the same for the rest of ur fingers. keep in mind that the middle finger is the longest, while the pointer = ring, and the pinky is the baby. of course, they can appear different depending on angles.

next ur going to want to attach that hand to the rest of ur body via the wrist n arm. 

finally u’ll lower that layer’s occupancy, switch to ur lineart/sketch layer equivalent, n trace! afterwards u can delete or turn the original layer invisible. n there u have a hand.


h-heyyy guys i thought i’d just put up my commission prices in case someone has the will of wanting to commission me www

Art prices are as follow:

LINEART : $40 [+$20 per extra character] || COLOURS : +$20 [per character]

FULL CG ART: $80 +$40 per extra character

TRADITIONAL INK/SHADING: $60 +30 per extra character [shipping cost varies on location but is generally very expensive ): ]

PAINTING ART: $120 + $60 per extra character


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Some Candles I drew while testing out Clip Studio Paint. Would you believe…after all this time…I’m just now discovering that brush stabilizers are Good and Helpful Things™??

I still prefer coloring in Photoshop but I might start using this other program when I want clean lineart. Still practicing and playing with the settings for it.

(Silly Candle…you’re supposed to hide your dragon horns! ;o )


Hey hey!

So I wanted to change my style up a little bit for commissions this time around! Focusing more on bold but smooth lines, and more vibrant colors!


  • Full color 10 USD 
  • Each additional character is 5 USD 


  • Full color, half body drawing 15 USD
  • Additional characters for 10 USD


  • Full color Portrait/bust Style 15 USD
  • Additional characters 15 as well


  • Full color full body drawing 25 USD
  • Additional characters 15 USD

Other Info

  • I’m open minded to any kinda characters, fanart and original characters!
  • Only sfw requests will be accepted
  • When contacting me for further inquiry, please provide character references and a short written description of the character(s) as well as the type of style you would prefer!
  • Payment is Paypal only! If you are emailing me directly please use your Paypal email address so that I will know who’s paying what haha.

So I think I covered the basics? My Email and paypal is blueberry15@live.com, but you can contact me through any means of direct messaging on my accounts. if you’re interested and need more information please do send a message my way!! I look forward to working with you!

Would you look at that, 50 followers

Welp I guess I’ll be doing an art raffle.

1st place:

1-2 characters

Shaded coloring

and I could try to make a speedpaint for it, if you want one

2nd place:

1-2 characters

Flat coloring

3rd place:

1 character


You have until next Sunday (the 26th), or 7 days, to get your entries.

Pretty sure enough people have done art raffles that you know the rules by now, so they’re under the cut.


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veryderpypizza  asked:

4: Lineart or coloring?

I think I prefer the coloring process over the lineart process. It takes more time (for me, at least), but it just brings so much life to a drawing :)

But I’m so used to lining something and then coloring it that having one without the other just looks plain weird XD



Ask and you shall receive. lol

Keep in mind, this isn’t all my backgrounds. Tumblr just will only allow me to upload so many.

The bottom two were backgrounds I did but didn’t finalize as a background ‘solo’, but the very bottom one I was proud of as I didn’t use a reference for it—the others I did. Esuna’s background is actually not 100% done behind her. I was just so content with what I did I just finished it up as it were. Regret that now, as I love the way it was coming along.

I find digitally painting relaxing, and I sometimes do it when in a bad mood or mindset. I have started to ink some backgrounds because I only use a mouse for these pieces, and I don’t have a steady hand, so inking just helps since I can lasso the lineart and fill it in when needed. =)

But I still prefer painting some scenes.

And it is funny and ironic your story, victorianassassinqueen​ as that bottom picture is Oreana as a vampire from a weird and random dream I had. Jacob hid her underground out of sight to let her be safe and at peace and would bring blood back for her to keep her stable. Sometimes he even offered his own as he was immune to the illness for some reason.

a tip to artists who aren’t comfortable not using lineart:

i feel you. i prefer using lineart as well, and I know how frustrating it can be to make your art look really nice sometimes while using lines, so I do have a really helpful tip I learned! color your lines. add gradients to your lines and make them shaded. i never use black lineart because personally i feel like it makes my art look flat—when i color my lines, everything pops out and becomes much more pleasing to the eye.

to me it just makes everything look softer and prettier. i know this doesnt work for all artists and you may not like it, but if you’re struggling to make your art pop, use colored lines instead of black lineart!


Ok so I drew this back in October and it never got past the sketch, so recently I decided to ink it and color it. This is my D&D fighter/rogue Terra, yes I loved my OC so much I decided to play her in a tabletop game, no regrets. Anyway I really had fun with this and decided to color the lineart twice with different color palettes. Now I can’t really decide which I prefer… I’ve also been doing some sketching and have been trying to make better armor for her, because I honestly don’t care for the simplicity and bland feel of her current platemail. So expect more sketches of armor for this girl, I just really want to get better at designing and drawing armor.

Also I was really inspired by @fsnowzombie Armored lady monday drawings. Such an inspiration and has been making me want to improve on drawing armor, ect. So expect more armor girls here and there from me~

Commissions are now open ya’ll

I only take payment through Paypal at the moment.

DM for questions and details.

Full Color Digital Print:

Starting Price: $15+

*Varies based on amount of detail

*$10 Extra per person in the drawing

Digital Lineart:

$15 (May increase depending on detail)

Full Colored Traditional Art:

$15 (May increase depending on detail)

*$5 Extra per person in the drawing

*Simple backgrounds only

*Will incorporate items and objects for free


$5 Traditional

$7 Digital

  • This is all just for full body drawings; chest-up costs less.
  • I can do transparent images and stickers.
  • Simple backgrounds are preferred.
  • I can also imitate Gorillaz, Studio Killers, and Steven Universe style fairly well.

Will Do:

  • Kink art (to a certain extent) 
  • Furries 
  • OCs (fan trolls, gemsonas included) 
  • Most ships (no pedophilia/noncon/incest
  • Partial Nudity (no genitalia)
  • Pinup/Lingerie
  • Gore/Guro

Will NOT Do:

  • NSFW (genitalia/sex/excessive kink) 
  • Animals (with some exceptions) 
  • Extremely complex backgrounds 
  • Excessive violence 

Gajeel from the current chapter ~<3 His Dragon Force is the freaking coolest ;u; Idk if his hair is white tho, the manga suggests its a light colored one so… I hope to see a colored version from the manga.

Anyways a warm-up art for several months not doing any FT art. And I’m enjoying my new lineart tool, it matches my new preferred style <3 ;w;


tbh im really glad i shifted to digital painting bc the process rly suits me like?

it doesnt require as much like… tight planning. if you make a mistake on a painting, you can just paint over it and try again, you dont have to worry about like. re-lining, re-inking, re-shading one particular spot like with lineart bc the whole point is to blend and layer colors anyways

the fact that u can be messy and u dont need clean lines or neat sketches makes it a lot more comfortable for someone like me who doesnt rly think ahead and prefers to correct things as i go, as opposed to doing things in ‘stages’ (lineart, coloring, shading)

Whew: and done! Click to embiggen! I don’t usually spend much time colouring, and in a way I kind of prefer the version that’s just lineart, but I tried a few new things with this, which was–as always–really fun.  I’m getting back into drawing, webcomics, etc. after a hiatus of nearly four years while I passed a series of qualifying exams in grad school.  So, a lot of what I post on here will be things I’ve done to push myself to get back to my old skill level and then get better by trying new styles and techniques!  It just so happens that drawing a ton of JJBA fanart is a good way to practice. (Right…? Right.)

ALSO: Speaking of all that self-improvement stuff, I’m always up for a fun challenge – if you have any drawing suggestions/prompts, feel free to drop me a note or an ask or whatever! (”Work on planning your dang comic, Jan” is an option… But so is more Jojo…)

LOooK! I actually finished SOMETHING!

Here’s the lineart so far for the “Their Reunion” piece with Lucy and Imitatia <3

Imitatia/Michelle whichever you prefer ahah~

I will forever consider this canon, even if it was anime-only ; v;

I fully intend to colour this, just posting the work so far! <3


hello my name is C-D and im obsessed with stupid sexy cookies how are you 

i’d like to call this the first proper art on this blog but. i literally just doodled and things happened thats why the linearts are so different– also yes i cant draw instruments to save myself gomen

the image captions have the text on the pic in case its hard to read for some uvu  I just some phrases I came up with that kinda reflect my headcanons for these two. I could write an essay about my headcanon and i probably will at some point cough

In a nutshell though Rocky is an egoistic dramaqueen who smothers his friends with love and gratitude and refuses to wear shoes– while Mint is calm, passionate, prefers his own company and happens to be uncomfortably tall. like. 7 feet tall. too tall. 60% leg hitting his head on doors kinda tall. gdi mint