but i own a dell

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Just curious, do you use a mac or a dell computer?? I plan to get a mac computer in the future and I want to make sure Sims 4 would work on there. I'm not very tech savvy for a 17 year old girl lmao so I just wanted to see if you knew 😂😂 I love your blog btw!! Louper ftw!!

I personally own a Dell 15 7000 gaming edition, but tbh the sims ran just fine on my old acer. Unless you’re like me and need to stream on thye highest graphics setting while having like… 4 thousand other programs open, any mid-range laptop should run it just fineQ

Zdeněk Janda
At the Beginning There Was Stone

Words from the artist

I painted two stones as a study into a sudden flash of thought I received . I painted them, one hanging above the other. Oh dear, my inspiration. These stones were different from the heavy lying ones. There will forever be tension between them. Stones levitate. It was my first stimulus and it needed to be considered. From stones still life emanates, from stones human drama can be created. By arranging stones and other various components into mutual combinations, chords of feeling can be created. These cords of feeling radiate the human experience.

I create new shapes with my fantasy and onto empty stages I place the players of dramatic experience; puppets; stony mountains; sand; wood; metal…myself the scenarist, costume designer, lighting technician, director. My own Commedia dell Monde.

I create not for an admiration of the past, but for the fulfillment of desiring the creation of something eternal in this hastily changing world. This creation will resist the influence of time, opinion and technology. I create intimate works forming their own world by using only the imagination. Silence in the middle of noise.


This week has been a heck of a transition. I had to change from being a car commuter to going to and from work by bus. I had to transition from working at a very small office where I had my own bathroom to working at a gigantic company. I went from a Dell PC to a MacBook pro. From full stack webdev to mobile. From being an old timer to being a newbie. From being on the first (and only) floor to being on the 30th.