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hey, so it’s super rad that a loser like me just hit 666 followers? this is fucking insane?? thank you all for following me, honestly this has been such a great and rewarding experience i can’t thank you all enough

so to celebrate me gaining such an!! unholy amount of amazing followers, i’m going to be doing demon aesthetics! however, if that’s not your thing, i’ll be doing my usual blog rates as well

here are the rules:

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@espersona​​ week, Day 2: Awakening

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anonymous asked:

Okay I'm a Jonsa shipper all the way but I still love Daenerys a lot. She's not going to go dark at all lol. It makes me sad when my fellow shippers insist she will. The real enemy is the white walkers.... and they need Daenerys in order to defeat them. It makes me sad to admit that J0nerys has been planned the entire time and is probably endgame but that doesnt mean our ship is any less valid or wonderful ❤️ we shouldnt bash so much on all these wonderful, strong female characters

Dearest fellow Jonsa shipper,

I don’t bash on Dany because I want Jonsa to be endgame. Canon does not make a ship. At the end of the day, if they don’t end up together, it won’t make me ship them any less. Like you said, it doesn’t invalidate the fun and joy I’ve had being in this fandom and speculating all of what will happen in the following seasons. My opinion on Dany and her narrative trajectory and how I feel about Jonsa are mutually exclusive. Neither informs the other. 

I do agree that Dany will play a large part in the war with the White Walkers and that they are truly a very big threat. Season 8 will absolutely be more about the supernatural than about Westerosi politics and they’ll all have to look towards that fight soon. 

However, what makes me sad is people’s inability to see Dany for what she is. She is canonically known as a conqueror. The Targaryens were conquerors. Aegon’s post-nominal title is literally The Conqueror. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Targaryens come from a race of people who are considered super-humanly beautiful with silver blonde hair and blue/violet eyes. I mean if you really want to go further back, Westeros was never the Targaryen’s home. They conquered it and forced the country under one rule because they believed their rule was best. For a lot of people, this resembles too closely of white colonialism. I’m not even reaching here to “bash” Dany. It’s literally there for you to see as plain as day. 

In fact, take a look at this scene and tell me it doesn’t make you uncomfortable: 

A white woman being heralded as their saviour and carried on the shoulders of brown people. That’s so squicky I don’t know how anyone can watch it and think otherwise. The fact that they call her their mhysa is just so gross. It perpetuates the same ideology that white colonists used over the natives – that it was their burden to educate and nurture these savages like a parent would a child, and isn’t their benevolence so wonderful? When in actuality, this justification is just a way for them to exploit the people and their land. Yes, Dany does feel very strongly about freeing the slaves. Yes, she has a good heart at the very core, but hell is paved with good intentions. And the imagery and the connotations are just too obvious to ignore. If this isn’t addressed in the show, if there are not any repercussions to how wrong this is a la showing Dany’s ultimate fall from grace because she is a conqueror with a very high sense of self importance and entitlement, then I’m sorry I have to say this is so unbelievably fucking racist. 

I want Dany to have this arc. I want the show/story to prove to me it is self-aware enough of these scenes and they were filmed for the specific purpose of hinting at Dany’s downfall. Otherwise, they’re so ignorant and racist and unbelievably dumb they didn’t realise how wrong that scene looks. 

If you want a more recent example, take a look at Dany’s scene with Olenna Tyrell in 7x02:

The reason Tyrion’s suggestion made sense was to demonstrate to the people that Dany isn’t as destructive as Cersei is making her out to be. Having a Westerosi army conquer King’s Landing was important in showing Dany’s alliance with those here and that she is one of them. Having the Unsullied, the Dothraki and her dragons take King’s Landing in contrast would make her look like a foreigner come to invade their country, and although Cersei is evil and they don’t like her anyways, maybe she is the lesser of two evils. 

But here, Olenna is telling her to ignore Tyrion and to be a Dragon (yes, with a capital D), and do you know what Dragons do? They conquer. Olenna couldn’t give less shits whether the people love Dany or not. She wants blood, fire and destruction. She wants Cersei to suffer as much as she has. And that’s what Dragons do. 

Now that we know that the Greyjoy/Dorne invasion can’t happen, it becomes all too clear that Dany will be a Dragon and take King’s Landing the way she always wanted to by blood and fire. Tell me, how is this supposed to garner the people’s love? All of whom have suffered so much already and who will only suffer more when their world is burnt to a crisp. 

Yes, while I agree that Dany is an incredibly strong female character, it doesn’t mean she is the hero. They don’t have to be one and the same. Strong women don’t necessarily mean good women. I think that’s an incredibly important message too, which is why I’d like to reiterate that I don’t hate Dany. I just recognise her for what she is and appreciate the complexity of her character and her story. That’s all. 

And I am sorry, Anonny, you don’t happen to see that and if it sounds like we’re just hating on Dany for the sake of being mean. It’s really not. You’re absolutely free to believe what you believe, but then so am I. 


Espersona Week - Day 1: Powers

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