but i omitted them

occasionally I’m struck by brendon urie’s sheer vocal range and im filled with a mixture of jealousy, fear, and awe

Did you know that in one episode of Cyborg 009, all mentions of atheism were completely removed in the DVD release? This wouldn’t be a surprise if we were talking about the English dub, but this censorship occurred before the show even got into Western hands! (Or so I’m assuming. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

There are not one, not two, but THREE instances throughout episode 22 that got cut out.

1) At Chang’s restaurant, a couple of guys harass G.B. and demand to know whether or not he believes that the “god” attacking all over the world is actually a god. He says he doesn’t, and they declare that he’ll be punished for not believing and demand that he apologize to God. In the remake, this conversation is skipped and goes straight to Chang yelling at them to get out.

2) I watch the DVD versions first, so I was slightly confused at how Chang was suddenly flustered - and Francoise was terse with him - when Gilmore announced that the rest of the team would meet up with them later. What was there to be upset about? It really felt as if I had missed something…and I was right. The previous scene WAS missing.

Originally, Chang had claimed that the “god” that’s being seen on the news is simply an illusion. G.B. asks him if he’s an atheist, Chang answers “Of course” (Unfortunately, my Japanese isn’t good enough to make out the reason he gives for this and the subtitle is wonky), and Francoise gets pissed and announces that she believes in God. Chang tries to apologize and say he was joking, but Francoise just sulks.

3) This last cut is short. After the city gets destroyed and the crew is wondering what could have done it, Chang says, “Maybe it really was done by a god?”, to which G.B. responds, “Aren’t you an atheist?” In the remake, Chang’s line was kept, but G.B’s was removed.

So it seems that it’s okay to talk about gods, but it’s NOT okay to talk about not believing in any. Interesting. (Jet was allowed to say he doesn’t believe in God in one of the early episodes, though… Perhaps because the context was different?)


Starfleet Uniform Colors

Will You Rather

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1. Hardback or paperback
2. Borrow or buy
3. Buy in a bookstore or online 
4. Amazon or Bookdepository
5. Fantasy or sci-fi 
6. Love-triangle or love at first sight
7. Wall shelves or bookcases 
8. Mass market paper backs or large print books
9. Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters 
10. Booklr or Bookstagram
12. Contemporary or Fantasy
13. Fiction or non-fiction 
14. Buy a book based on the cover or the description  
15. Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated 
20. Perfect adaption of a bad book or bad adaption of a perfect book
21. Zombies or Vampires
22. Vampires or Werewolves
23. Vampire or Fae 
24. Reading inside or outside 
25. Coffee or Tea 
26. Eating while reading or not eating
27. Bookmarks or random objects
28. Dog-earing or bookmark
29. Be your favourite character or be their best friend
30. Be your favourite character or date your favourite character
31. Physical or E-book
33. Read in bed or on a chair
34. Series or stand-alones
35. Duology or Trilogy
36. Reading in winter or reading in summer 
37. Read with music or without music
38. Finish reading books you hate or stop reading mid-way
39. Yearly book challenge or no book challenge
40. Classics or modern books 

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Last Chapter Update

Whoo. My week has been packed and I am very tired and ouchy. I also just spent the last hour and a half doing some major Home organizing and crunched  some numbers according to my plot outline:

There are 57 drawings remaining; 27 of those are absolutely essential and must be included in the last chapter. I just counted my drawings and I have 30 (almost 31!) finished.

Which brings us back to my original claim back in August that the last chapter would have 60 drawings (31+27 = close enough). The drawings that aren’t essential would be adorable and funny, but I think I will have to omit them since… Since I don’t want to post the last chapter in 2021.

Soooooo according to my calculations, since it takes me about 4 days (14-24 solid hours) to complete one drawing, it will take me 108 days to finish the last essential 27…. AKA, 3.5 months. Factoring in family dinners and other distractions, I’ll round up to four months. So…

New estimate: Chapter 18 will be posted in late June.

A few have already started proclaiming their disapproval/lost interest due to the time I’ve spent already. I really want you, my beautiful and kind readers, to know that it pains me dearly to delay the last chapter as long as I am, but I’m adamant about ending Home right. These drawings are very warm, colorful and detailed, and it will wrap up everything in the best, fuzziest, happiest way.

Thank you for your endless patience ♥

huge masterlist of korean names

because who doesn’t love more ideas for names for korean characters! all of these names are taken from the contestants of produce 101 (that’s right 101 female names and 101 male names and their last names) and are in alphabetical order and sorted by gender! These are actual family and given names of Korean trainees (so they may be less common names), and are written in the most common form of romanization! (Note: not all trainees from Produce 101 are listed, since i omitted trainees not of Korean decent. Some had korean names and chinese names but like… i wasn’t sure so i just omitted them because they were Chinese trainees.)

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My coming out experience

Since it’s the International day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, I thought I might share my coming out experience with you.
First of all, I didn’t do it out of my own will, not completely however. It happened in January, but it’s not like my parents were totally clueless before that day. As a matter of fact, my mother knew about my preferences because when I had my first girl crush (way back to 2012) I had nobody to talk to, so I started writing down my feelings in a journal. Eventually, my mother found out about my journal and read it, I remember being forced to talk about it – not the bravest girl, since I locked myself in the bathroom. After that day, she had her doubts but we never spoke about it ever again. 
Two years later, I fell in love with a kind and beautiful girl, we dated for a while but after our first kiss I freaked out and I decided it was better for both of us to just stop seeing each other, I was so scared of what people might have said about me. She tried to fight me on this, and I was so in love I grew the balls to  talk about her to my sister. I told her everything, the dates, the things she made me feel and all I got out of her was: so, are you gay or not?
Back then, I din’t have an answer, nor for her nor for me. She ended the discussion with a simple “as soon as you find out, let us know.” And it wasn’t really inviting nor accommodating. It shocked me, because to me my sister was the most open-minded member of my family and all I could think about was how will my parents react if my sister didn’t even try to hear me out?!
So I let it go, I let her go and I stayed in the closet for a little more. Other two years, the be exact (equals a total amount of: five years spent in the closet!) 

This January, 2017, I had the greatest quarrel ever with my parents (especially my mum), we didn’t talk to each other for three weeks which is funny, because the whole argument started because I omitted a little thing to them (home alone 4 days, I invited a boy over without them knowing and spent those days with him – my sister who currently lives in another house found out and told my parents. My mum acted like she didn’t know about it for a while, I knew she knew because – opps, I read her text conversation with my sister. There was a particular text that said: don’t be mad at her, she wouldn’t have let a total stranger in our house. Plus, at least now we know what she likes/what she’s into. – There is probably no need to say it, but it broke my heart).
An evening, during dinner, my father – tired of living in a cold-war-like- atmosphere, addressed the argument. He kindly asked me what was wrong and I told them everything. I told them how betrayed I felt by that text, I told them it shouldn’t matter whether I’m into boys or girls as long as I’m happy and that, by the way, I’m into both. 
Allow me to say, I live in a small village in Italy, my family is christian and practicing, I still play in the chorus of my church. 
My father took it well, my mother needed more time, she didn’t really understand how it worked for me and I saw her point because it took me a lot to realize it was possible and ok for a person to feel attracted by both, boys and girls. I feel like bisexuals in general need more time to be recognized as such, however. 

Only advice I have for you is give your parents time
I don’t know about you guys, but it took me something like four years to acknowledge I was bi, to accept me as such. Your parents are just shocked in their expectations of the future, they most probably will accept you but they need time. 
Remember how terrible it felt to go through it alone? Then be there for your parents, even if it looks like they don’t want you be there for them ever again. Help them see it’s ok to be you, you’re still the same kid just with different likings.

If you want to talk about it, I’m here on tumblr, kik and snapchat. :)  


The first few pages of my  ShuAke book titled “A tribute to a liar”. I omitted some pages containing spoilers but you can see them on Pixiv.

The story is about the protagonist (named Hayato) on his “second loop” of the year trying to understand more about Akechi. However, the more he finds out……

Ebb & Flow (Off the Hook) - Splatoon 2 [OPL3]
Jilly Shears
Ebb & Flow (Off the Hook) - Splatoon 2 [OPL3]

So I’ve been testing out Adlib Tracker 2, which is a tracker for the Yamaha YMF262 FM synth sound chip used on quite a few MS DOS sound cards from the late 80s/early 90s. I wanted to do something simple as a full project, and I really like Splatoon 2′s OST so this happened. Now I just need a Switch.

I omitted the rapping sections because I couldn’t really emulate them well enough to my liking so I ended up skipping over them so I wouldn’t drive myself crazy. Oh well.

Anyway, just remember: Don’t get cooked… Stay off the hook!

A noctivagant, I am writing in the dark
Observing black, mercurial blood
Pouring in thuds,
Through my thin finger, tiny bite, to the sheet
And forming letters,
By a magic trick.

Wish I could not see in this diaphanous dark,
But let her write.

I will omit a line after a line,
I’ll cross them out,
I’ll make sure
That I left empty spaces in their place:


Dot, dot, dot, dot, a line of dots instead
Of what I might have said
But did not say.

For should I hint,
And if I asked,
You would have given me your throat.
You would have given me your heart,
You would find how to retract.


That is indeed a mini tutorial. I dunno if I could even really call it a tutorial. But yeah, circles are your best friends! Draw a circle. Add them deets. Erase the parts that aren’t connected to the body. BOOM!

…Sorry for all the weird ears. My hand has yet to realize my hiatus is almost over. Also it’s slowly freezing off so there’s that. Did this really late last night but wanted to wait for a more sane time to post it. 

Not counting Creature Campaign units(looking at you, Orson), Sacred Stones has a relatively small cast. It’s a shame that more of them aren’t in Heroes; probably because the cast would be complete very quickly.

I would hope not any more sword or cavalry units (sadly, this would omit Forde, as much as I love him.) We’ve plenty of them already.

I REALLY want Colm in the game. As a Dagger unit that doesn’t suck. Most of them are kind of bad, yeah? Cormag is another one I really want to see, along with Artur, Ross, and, well, the whole cast. I love this cast a lot. (Just don’t make Artur a healer.)

What do you guys think? Which Sacred Stones character do you want to see next?

The gentlemen appointed by General Washington, are Colonel Laurens, one of his aid de camps, and Viscount Noaille of the French army. They have this day held an interview with the two British officers on the part of Lord Cornwallis, the terms of capitulation are settled, and being confirmed by the commanders of both armies, the royal troops are to march out to morrow and surrender their arms. It is a circumstance deserving of remark, that Colonel Laurens who is stipulating for the surrender of a British nobleman, at the head of a royal army, is the son of Mr. Henry Laurens, our ambassador to Holland, who being captured on his voyage, is now in close confinement in the Tower of London.*

*Connected with this transaction there is a concurrence of circumstances so peculiarly remarkable, that I cannot omit to notice them in this place. Mr. Henry Laurens, who was deputed by Congress as our ambassador to Holland, was captured and carried into England, and closely and most rigorously confined in the tower of London. Lord Cornwallis sustains the office of constable to the tower, of course Mr. Laurens is his prisoner. The son, Colonel John Laurens, stipulates the conditions of the surrender of the constable, who becomes our prisoner, while Mr. Laurens, the father, remains confined in the tower as a prisoner to the captured constable. Congress had proposed that Mr. Laurens should be received in exchange for General Burgoyne, but the proposal was rejected by the British Government. After Cornwallis was captured however, he was readily received in exchange for Mr Laurens


A military journal during the American revolutionary war, from 1775 to 1783 by James Thacher

This was James Thacher’s journal entry on October 18th, 1781