but i noticed they both have such beautiful bed wear lmao

Can't Sleep (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Grayson and reader are best friends who have feelings for each other blahblahblah

Note: This is my first imagine ever, and I only wrote it because the concept has been nagging at my brain for like 3 days so please bear with me. I’m sorry the ending sucks, I couldn’t think of anything better. This is precisely why I don’t write. Anyway, hope you enjoy somewhat lmao. PS - sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, it’s 1AM


You laid in the hotel bed staring at the ceiling, listening to the sound of Grayson’s loud snoring. You glanced at the digital clock sitting on the bedside table. 3:47AM. You had been in bed since 10:30PM, and you had yet to fall asleep. Ethan and Grayson had gotten to the hotel room around midnight, and they both immediately passed out, exhausted from their show. You were just as exhausted as them, but your thoughts wouldn’t let you sleep. All you could think about was how out of control your feelings for Grayson had gotten.

You had met Grayson at a Starbucks in New Jersey about a year ago. You were standing in front of him and Ethan in a line that trailed out of the coffee shop and into the street. You waited for what felt like hours for your caramel frappuccino. Turns out, Grayson had ordered the same thing, so your drinks came out at around the same time. As you both went to grab your drinks, Grayson pulled out his phone and held the camera out in front of the two of you. You had no idea what was going on until he said, “Selfieeee,” and snapped a picture. You laughed, still confused as to what had just transpired. He clarified that his brother had dared him to do it, and he thanked you for being a good sport about it. You two clicked, and you had been best friends ever since.

However, somewhere along the way, your feelings for Grayson had changed. You almost didn’t notice it. In fact, it was Ethan who pointed it out to you. It was 1:30AM on a summer night. You were in the living room of the twins’ apartment, cleaning up the popcorn that you and Grayson had pelted at each other about 10 minutes before. Grayson had gone to take a shower to get all of the butter and salt off of his body. You were smiling to yourself while cleaning. Ethan, who was straightening up the couch cushions, noticed. “God, when are you guys just going to tell each other?” he muttered. You crinkled your eyebrows in confusion. “Tell each other what,” you asked. Ethan gave you the side eye and began explaining. “You guys totally have a thing for each other, Y/N. Don’t try to deny it because anyone with eyes can see it. You both light up when you’re around each other. It’s obvious there is something there,” he finished, exasperated. You had never thought about it. You had always thought that Grayson was just your best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. You didn’t realize until that moment that your feelings towards Grayson really had changed. Was Ethan right about him feeling the same?

You were startled out of your daze when Grayson let out an extra loud snore. You laid in bed for a few more minutes until, finally, you sat up and decided to go take a walk on the beach. You swapped out your long pajama pants for a pair of Nike shorts. As you were about to leave, you heard a whisper. “Where are you going, Y/N,” Grayson asked, his voice hoarse from the deep sleep he had previously been in. “I think I’m going to go take a walk on the beach,” you whispered, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” Grayson quickly jumped up and slipped on a shirt. “I’m coming with you,” he said. You didn’t object.

You both headed out the door and made your way down the long hallway leading to the elevator. When it finally opened, you hopped in and pressed the button that would take you to the lobby. Grayson had been silent the whole time, and you didn’t intend on breaking it, as it was a peaceful silence. The elevator opened, and the two of you made your way through the lobby and out the door leading to the beach. As you approached the cool sand, you removed your flip flops. You and Grayson began walking down the beach, your arms swinging. Occasionally, his hand would brush against yours, and you would contemplate grabbing it. Ultimately, you decided against it, remembering that the two of you were just friends.

You were dragged out of your thoughts of unreciprocated feelings by the devil himself. He was pulling on your arm, urging you to get in the water with him. “Absolutely not,” you said sternly, “I don’t fuck with the ocean.” It was true, you were afraid of the ocean. You didn’t even want to imagine what kind of scary creatures there were lurking around underwater, especially at night. “Come on, Y/N,” Grayson insisted, “when are you ever going to look back and remember the time you DIDN’T come night swimming with me?” You sighed deeply and let out a quiet, “Never.” “What was that,” Grayson joked. “Never,” you admitted grumpily. “Well then, let’s go,” Grayson said, tugging on your arm once more. “Wait, I don’t have a swim suit, Gray,” you said, hoping this would get you out of your predicament. “You’re not getting out of this that easily, Y/N. Just go in your bra and underwear. Come on, it’ll be fun.” With that, he stripped down to his boxers and took off into the water. You were about to give in and start stripping when you realized you weren’t wearing a bra. After a five minute battle with your conscience, you finally decided to just go for it. You removed your shirt and shorts, hoping Grayson wouldn’t look until you were completely submerged in the ocean water. Luckily, he didn’t.

You waded out to where Grayson was standing, the water reaching just under his chest. For you, this meant the water was right under your chin. He turned around when he heard you behind him. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” he asked, looking back at the sky. You realized you were so distracted by your insecurity that you barely noticed the full moon glistening over the ocean water. You gaped at the sight. “It’s stunning,” you muttered in awe. Grayson was smiling. In fact, he was smiling so big that you just had to ask, “What are you smiling about, Gray?” He breathed a happy sigh, “I’m just really content with my life right now, ya know?” “What do you mean,” you asked, genuinely curious. “I’m traveling the world with my twin brother and my favorite girl and meeting so many fans while doing it. What more could I ask for,” he questioned, gazing at the moon. “Not much, I guess,” you said jokingly. He chuckled. As you stared at Grayson, who was still admiring the full moon with a ghost of a smile on his face, you realized just how much you truly loved him.

Before you could say anything, Grayson spoke. “I never want this to end,” he whispered. You were confused as to what he meant. “Do you mean tour,” you asked. “No,” he said, turning to look at you, “I mean this. Right here, right now. I have a beautiful view and a beautiful girl in front of me. I never want this to end.” You smiled up at him, hoping the dark sky would hide the blush creeping onto your cheeks. You reached up and latched your arms around his neck. You could tell he was surprised to feel your naked chest against him, but he didn’t mind. You laid your head on his chest as he tangled his hands in your wet hair. You gently rocked back and forth, making ripples in the water. After awhile, you felt his heartbeat pick up, and he started to speak.

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered, his heart beating faster by the minute. “Yeah, Gray,” you asked quietly. “I love you,” he uttered, looking at you, “I mean I really love you. I think about you every second of everyday. I can’t seem to shift my thoughts to anything other than your beautiful smile, or your contagious laugh, or your Y/E/C eyes that I could just get lost in. You have me smiling every second that I’m with you, and I’ve never had that with anyone else. I know we’re supposed to be best friends, but God, I love you, Y/N.” You smiled up at him and whispered, “I love you, too, Grayson.”

Dreaming of You

A/N: I’m lying in bed sick, while writing this. In this imagine I switch from 1st person view to narrative, but don’t worry you’ll notice when it does. This imagine was inspired by my dream last night. Lmao. I might do a part 2 for this, so stay tuned!


Part 2

Archie x Reader

Summary: After your dream about Archie Andrews, you can’t help falling for him…

Warnings: none

Word Count: don’t know

Abbreviations: Y/N: Your name Y/N/N: Your nickname


I was sitting on the floor hugging my knees closer to my body. It was freezing, and I was feeling sick already. Archie sat beside me, he was wearing his signature varsity jacket. Oh, how you wished I had a cuddly jacket too. The place was un- recognizable, it seemed like I was stuck in a warehouse. I rubbed my hands together hoping to create heat, but it was no use. Archie took his jacket off, and placed it gently on my shoulders.


Heat was still radiating from the jacket. It was cuddly and nice.

“All better.” He said with a smile. A warm feeling rushed through my body, my heart melted when I saw his smile. It was nice of him, to give me his jacket.


My alarm blarred, scaring me half to death. I got up and turned it off. Ugh, my nose is sniffily and I feel like my eye balls could burn off any second now. I collapsed back into my bed cuddling close to my bed sheets. Perfect timing! My dream was just getting to the good stuff. I daydreamed the rest of it and before I knew it was 8:25, 5 MINUTES UNTIL WARNING BELL

I grabbed the first hoodie I saw and put it on. PANTS! I need to wear pants, not my Pyjamas! I haphazardly brushed my hair, as fast as could without pulling my scalp off and threw it in a ponytail. I looked at the mirror. Okay, I look representable. Now out the door! I grabbed my wallet (for food), books and bag, and I rushed out the door. Then realizing I didn’t lock door, I went back, searched through my bag frantically for my key and locked it. I sprinted to school. NO, NO, NO! I can’t have an Archie dream ruin my perfect attendance.

I flew the front door of the school open, everyone looked at me with judging eyes. I looked up at the clock in the hallway, 8:20. Crap! I read the clock wrong. I smiled awkwardly and tryed to regain myself. Students quickly carried on to what they were doing before, as if I was yesterday’s news. I went to the cafeteria and bought some breakfast and headed straight to my locker.

I stopped abruptly when I see who was in front of my locker. Archie Andrews. My stomach fluttered nervously. Why was I nervous? I don’t like Archie. Ugh, it’s just a stupid dream Y/N/N! You approached him.

“Uhhh… excuse me…” You said in small voice, you pointed at your locker and avoided eye contact.

“Ya, of course.” He rushed out of my way.

He looked at you. He has never heard you speak before. At least not directly. As you grabbed your books, he studied your face. You are beautiful he thought. What classes do we have together? He said the question out loud without realizing it.

“Me? Well, we have Science together, first block and Math last block this week.” I said while trying to remember if I have any more classes with him that I forgot to mention. I caught him off guard.

“Hellooo?” I said, extending the O. I don’t think he heard me.

“I said we ha-”

“Ya, I know I heard you, I just didn’t realize I said it out loud.” He said in a shy smile. I blushed lightly.

“Do you want to go to science together? I mean, only if you want to.“

“Ya, sure let me get my binder. As I was in the process of grabbing it, my sketch book spews out, sketches after sketches scattered across the floor. I tryed tried to pick them up vigorously. Why now? Archie helped me pick them up before someone steps on them. He starred in awwwe at one of the sketches. I looked to see which one it was. Ohhhh, no. It was a sketch of him and his friends.

“Ugh, I thought you guys looked really happy, so I thought would draw you guys.” I said in a nervous sequence.

“In a none creepy way, of course.” I added. I gulped the last piece of dignity left.

“Wow, this is really good.” His eyes softened in sincerity. You were so different from afar he thought. He never knew what you really were doing in that sketch book. Now he starred at you in amazement. He helped you up.

You closed your locker door and both of you went of to science.

“Those drawings were amazing!” He said breaking the silence.

“Thank you.” You scoffed and smiled shyly.

“No, really they are. Say, would you like to hang out with me during lunch? My friends will be there too, and I bet they will like you.” He raised his eyebrows for an answer.

Oh, Archie. If I didn’t have that dream about you I would’ve said no.

“Yes! I would love too.”


A/N: I hope you enjoyed that! Please send feedback if you have any, it wI’ll be greatly appreciated! ;)

neck tie [M]

word count: 858

genre: smut and fluff

reader x hyungwon

note: hai guys this is my first time doing fics after being inspired. i finally got up on my lazy self and finally wrote one lmao. it may not be as good as you think but then if you liked it, thank you ahahahaha

Originally posted by hellohyungwon

rip my heart ugh

It was a long day after you and Hyungwon have both finished work and were about to return home. Hyungwon, who was being such a caring husband towards you, always picking you up after he has finished his schedules as a Monsta X member. 

You are envied amongst your fellow female colleagues at work because you are married to such a charming guy, not only outside but on the inside too. Thus, everyday was a treat being with Hyungwon as you two have always been together as a loving couple for almost 2 years. He always knew that many of your close friends are jealous of your relationship with him and so are the other members of Monsta X. The other members are jealous of your relationship because Hyungwon was the first married member as of now, unlike how they expected. Because of that, the other members kept on pressuring the both of you to have children soon.

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Lunar Eclipse.


pairing; god!jihoon x god/goddess!reader

summary; the moon must never rise with the sun. but the moon loves the sun so much, that he would fall every morning just so the sun could rise.

word count;  1,017

a/n; i literally wrote this earlier today bc i couldn’t stop writing it lmao. @fairyjeons ;^) i told you id post it today

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Breakfast in bed

Genre: Angst (is it tho? idk it’s more sad at first but idk how to describe it) / Fluff!

Request: can i have a scenario where you’re stressed out/sad and mark tries to cheer you up (as your boyfriend)? hehe take your time to do this and have a nice day/night ahead!!

A/N: This is my first request aaaah thank you so so much I really hope you like it!! I was so happy to see your ask lmao I got so excited I started writing straight away 😅 

Word count: 1,591

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm always glad to see another Haikyuu blog around! Would it possible for me to request something about a S/O that really likes to cook and bake with Saeko, Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai? I don't really have a preference, so I'll let you decide if you want to do headcanons or scenarios. Whatever works best for you is 100% cool with me. Thank you for doing these and I hope you have a lovely day! :]

Hi anon, hope you have a lovely day as well!

I’ve decided on headcanons since a lot of my thoughts didn’t fit together to make a scenario! I wish you like it.

- Admin Miya

p.s. I’m going to put Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai under the cut since they got realllyyyy long! If you’re having issues with it, just message me and I’ll remove it.

- She meets you at the newly opened bakeshop near their home and holy shit does she not expect the owner to be a bad ass with the same style as her.
- Like really? The place was all pastel and light and you had the cool “nobody fucks with me” vibe but mixed with sweet smiles and even sweeter treats
- Speechless when she was about to order the cupcake she wants to try
- “Cat got your tongue?” “…” “I envy it then.”
- Did the hot baker just flirted with her??? Your giggle???? That smirk on your face???????? If she wasn’t gone the time she saw you then she definitely is now.
- Would not visit the shop for the next few days because that was embarrassing.
- Gathered up the courage (collected some good comebacks as well) to go back after a week
- Surprised that you were easy to talk to. Thought you were this flirting deity. There was occasional flirting, but now she has comebacks and she absolutely loves it when she makes you blush
- She invites you over for dinner and you brought tonkatsu! Ryu loved them. He immediately told Saeko to marry you.
- Both of you don’t know what happened but after that you were officially dating. No words needed. It just… happened. Everything was the same but now with more holding hands and random kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
- Your first kiss together was when you invited her into your shop kitchen and had a small food fight. She put icing on your lips, “Looks like I need to clean it up,” and kissed you.
- You were initially shocked but you said after a short while, “Well now you have some on you,” and you kissed her. It just went on like that.
- When you’re cooking, she’d do the cliché thing of hugging you from behind! 21397103x better since her chest is really soft!

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BTS Reaction| When they come home to their S/O waiting for them in lingerie

| Bts reaction to coming home and you’re waiting in lingerie? Also could you put photos of what lingerie you think they’d like on a girl/what you are wearing? Lol ty |  
y'all fam I’m wheezing is it bad that i’ve already had pictures for this for a while i just like pretty things especially underwear ~Admin Hedgehog (lingerie pictures under the cut)

Jin/Seokjin: he knew when he saw you on the bed that there would be very little resting going on for the both of you. He stood by the doorway, eyes roaming over your every curve, committing the image of you sprawled on the bed, in such beautiful lingerie to his memory, before walking over to you and getting your long night started.

Suga/Yoongi: tbh if yoongi comes home he’s gonna be home late at night so he might just see you and then lay down on the bed next to you and closes his eyes with a sigh, making u confused af until he props himself app and starts dragging his fingers on the areas that your skin is showing through the fabric.

J-Hope/Hoseok: when Hobi sees you laying on the bed in his favorite style of lingerie he’s not even going to hesitate for a second, he’ll start shedding every article of clothing he’s wearing as he makes his way to you,until he’s down to his boxers, and then he’ll gently kneel on the bed in front of you, drinking in the sight of you all laid out for him.

Rap Monster/Namjoon: if namjoon came home and found you wearing the lingerie he had suggested you buy, he would sigh deeply and and start to slowly take off his clothes, jokingly suggesting the idea that one of the members might have walked in instead of him, and what would you do then?? He would keep teasing you until he was gently rubbing your thighs, admiring how ethereal you looked.

V/Taehyung: tbh my darling spacey child would not even notice you were wearing lingerie until he turned around from putting his stuff away, and then he wouldn’t realize why you were dressed all sexy until you came up and hugged him, laughing at how goofy your boyfriend is. He would get the idea of your outfit when you kissed him though.

Jimin: would be super giggly, he had brought up the idea before of you waiting for him all dolled up like this, but never expected you would actually do it! He’ll gently slip himself onto the bed next to you, talking about his day before he asks about yours, and if you had happened to have a bad day, he’d pull out all the stops on the cheesiness and tell you that it was about to get much better~~

Jungkook: you had told him that you had a surprise for him, but he didn’t expect this of all things. International playboy here would try to act suave and shit but lmao as soon as you started to walk towards him he would panic and say you looked better then any fried squid he’s ever seen and god dammit jungkook u had one job and u blew it but if ur gracious please give him a BJ that will put him back in the mood for fun times lmao

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Lost Control [ft. Rap Monster]

OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever received  like IRGNVEURGOIRENHGOIRNGIRIREOG. lol

WARNING!: Might content some sexy stuff since this girl right here aka me - misread ‘don’t do anything more dirty’ as  ‘do anything more dirty’.

Just saying.


sexual tension;

the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.

Waking up from your nap, you turned to your right, half-expecting to see a sleeping Namjoon. But to your disappointment your boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. Glancing at the clock on the wall, you sighed heavily  before unwillingly got out of bed. You went to the wardrobe, in search for something more comfortable to wear since you were still having the pair of skinny jeans and your favorite shirt you had on yesterday.

You must have been really tired by the fact that you could actually go to sleep wearing such uncomfortable clothes.

You began to change into an oversized shirt that was just big enough to cover your bum. You didn’t exactly mind wearing relieving clothes in front of Namjoon since you guys had been dating for over two years by now. Even though you had never done anything more than making out before, you trusted him enough to know that unlike other guys, Namjoon knew how to control his hormones.

Or so you thought.

After doing your morning-routine, which included brushing your teeth and trying to brush that bird’s nest-lookalike-hair of yours. You tip-toed into the kitchen where Namjoon was standing, obviously cooking your lunch. When you were close enough to reach him, you threw your arms around his waist and pulled him into a back hug.

“Oh my- Yah!” He yelled. “I almost got my fingers chopped off because of you!”

His yelling made you hug him even tighter as you giggled like a little child. You tried to hide it by pressing your face against his spine. Amused by your cute action, Namjoon turned around to face you but soon enough, the smile on his face dropped as his eyes scanned over your beautiful body.

Everyone with senses would be able to feel the heavy sexual tension that only increased between the couple as seconds passed by. Gulping nervously, you noticed how his eyes lingered at your smooth-looking legs before they darkened with lust.


Saying that he caught you off guard would be an understatement. You were cut off by his lips slamming against yours with so much force that you were almost scared that it’d leave a bruise when this was over. You gave out a small whimper as you felt his hands on each side of your waist, pulling you up. You quickly wrapped your legs around his waist for support as he skillfully carried your towards the couch in your living room without breaking the steamy kiss even once. Namjoon sat down on the couch, causing you to end up on his laps, your legs were now wrapped around his hips.

The kiss deepened as you felt the tip of his tongue graze your bottom lip tenderly before prying it open. Nothing could possibly compare to what you were feeling right now. The softness of his tongue against yours made you moan loudly and your heart to race inhumanly fast.

Fuck, you don’t know how addicting this is, ____. How addicting you are. You’re driving me insane.” Namjoon mumbled against your lips before going back to kiss you again.

This time, your boyfriend couldn’t seem to stop himself from placing his hands under your fine ass and give it a handful squeeze, causing you jump in surprise. You pulled back from the kiss before punching his chest lightly and glared at him. But your adorable attempt to scare him only made him even more amused. Still blushing furiously, you felt his arms wrapped around your waist and your body being pulled against his until there were absolutely no place left between you guys. His lips started to attack the skin of your neck He began to place wet kisses all over it, you could feel his tongue here and there and then his teeth that left marks all over your skin.

“I love you so fucking much.” You heard him whisper against your neck.

“St-Stop cursing.” You half-moaned, half-scolded him.

He chuckled. “Yes, ma’m.”

All of a sudden, you felt the roughness of his hands against your bare back before they slowly went up towards the hook of your bra. Still dizzy from the kiss, you didn’t protest when he unhooked it and threw  the bra away.

“Oppa, you know I don-”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I won’t do that, ____.” He whispered softly. “Yet.”

His cute yet sexual words made you blush madly before getting attacked by his plump lips again. You couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous as his hands traveled upwards and were now dangerously close to your chest area.

So close…


The sound of the fire alarm cause both of you to jump away from each other. You almost fell onto the ground if it wasn’t for Namjoon being just in time to catch you.

“I spent almost two hours on that kimchi-stew.” You watched him whine childishly, the way he acted now made you wonder if this was really the guy who just promised to make love to you in the future. “It’s all your fault!”

“How is this my fault?! You were the one intending that kiss, you dumbass!”

“Well, if you hadn’t looked so fuckable then I wouldn’t have lost control.”

Seconds passed by before you couldn’t hold it in anymore and bursted out laughing. “Fuckable? Is that even a word?”

“Of course it is!” He gritted out before pulling you to him and kissed your lips rather roughly.

Touching your lips, you glared at him. “What was that for?! You hurt my lips!”

“A punishing kiss, of course.” He winked playfully at you.

That guy got some nerve, huh?


[Writer’s Note]: *covers face* that was so embarrassing to write, LMAO I have never blushed so much in my life like I did when writing this. That’s also why I can’t write smut. I’m jsut too awkward lol

But I still  hope you guys liked it, I tried my best and I hope anon is happy :)

The gif is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

Episode 8 Goblin Review: I beseech the heavens and ask that, on a certain day, after 100 years, on an adequate day... I can finally tell her she was my first love

Wow… what an episode, not only did the predictions I made happened, but all the questions that have been on our minds were addressed, as well as, great revelations were made. Again, I’ll be doing a separate review for Sunny and GR’s relationship. Personally, I think all the characters really shined in this episode and had equally important roles to the progression of the plot. 

Shin’s and Eun-tak’s relationship progressed deeper as they both begin to really understand each other, as well as, both learned of great revelations at the end of this episode. So we start off from where Shin almost “killed” Eun-tak after she was able to touch and slightly pull the sword. Despite Eun-tak being literally pushed into the air and sustaining body injuries - the first thing she was concerned about was Shin’s well-being. This is very important to note as a person who is in her situation would not be concerned about the other person, especially if the other person is a god. Instead, Eun-tak is relieved to be confirmed as Shin’s bride and even mentions how it was fascinating that he can really fly (she smiles and laughs off the situation). As for Shin, you can see so many mixed emotions in his eyes and his body language from when he puts her gently down in the bed to attempting to sound “grateful” that she is indeed his bride. The ironic aspect of this interaction between Eun-tak and Shin is that their reactions are reversed. Before, it was Shin who was adamant on finding his bride but now it’s Eun-tak who is enthusiastic to be his bride and Shin the opposite. Shin is obviously conflicted about the situation with his feelings for Eun-tak, the confirmation of his bride (therefore his death), and his stronger desire to live. 

Deok-hwa and GR were totally the MVPs of this episode as they cleaned up for Shin’s supernatural accident xD I just love how GR’s character continues to develop.. and Deok-hwa is just so pure & lovable and it’s great to see him maturing as he learns more about Shin’s past - he deserves his credit cards! 

Again, Shin being Shin… he deals with his emotional pain by taking pills. On the other hand, Eun-tak is quite happy that she still has a place to return to and to call as home. What’s most beautiful about this scene is how worried Eun-tak is over Shin passing out on the floor despite she being the one who is physically hurt, while Shin is the one hurting emotionally. Eun-tak lighting up candles around Shin is both heart-felt and symbolic: candles represent “light in times of darkness in one’s life.” In a way, her lighting up candles visually represents how she is the light in Shin’s darkness (his immortal life/curse). This scene delves deeper as Shin and Eun-tak connect; Shin is quite honest about his feelings by mentioning his “pain of his first love” and confessing that Eun-tak is pretty to his eyes. However, Eun-tak still thinks Shin has someone else in his life/heart and shows a bit of jealousy concerning Shin’s first love. It’s quite refreshing to see Eun-tak showing some emotions (jealousy, excitement, happiness, etc) in regards to Shin because it shows that Shin is important to her, she does care for him, and she is healthily developing feelings for him not based on his powers & money. 

Probably one of the most important scenes that contributes to Eun-tak further understanding Shin (besides her asking Deok-hwa to interpret Shin’s journal) was by personally witnessing his miracles (aside from that she herself is one of Shin’s miracles). Like the saying, “Believe what you see and not only what you hear.” Eun-tak could ask as many people as she wants about Shin, but by personally seeing for herself what Shin does with his powers by giving people a chance at life is a completely different experience. She was obviously impressed by it and probably further respects Shin because she knows that Shin continues to grant miracles in people’s lives. It was really cute to see these two talk so casually with each other and how they easily get jealous of each other on the topic of “first love.” What was really interesting about their conversation was when Eun-tak said people’s first loves never work out - could this foreshadow a tragic ending? After all, it’s safe to assume that Tae Hee was Eun-tak’s first love when she was young and she may have said this line from personal experience… or she may have also said it out of jealousy, lol. But Shin definitely wasn’t subtle with his jealousy at all, lmao, especially when Tae Hee is involved! 

This walk was so fuckin epic!! The burning of the rope… to the music cue was perfect! AND OMG THEY’RE MATCHING AGAIN!! AHHHHHHHH! LOOK AT HER SMIRK!!! 

I also would like to mention a theory regarding Eun-tak’s birthmark. Maybe her birthmark wasn’t as visible as before because she was able to touch and slightly pull the sword out of Shin? Perhaps her birthmark will completely disappear when she fulfills her purpose and when Shin disappears - after all, her birthmark connects her to Shin and vice versa. 

I released a breath of relief when 1) the bus accident wasn’t the cliffhanger ending and 2) she wasn’t hurt. Firstly, it’s quite important to note that the scarf is very symbolic in their relationship and it can’t be overlooked. Personally, I view it as their “red thread of fate.” It originally belonged to her mother and Shin saved her while she wore the scarf. It’s very iconic that this time, Shin was the one wrapping the scarf around Eun-tak instead of Eun-tak already wearing the scarf… possibly representing that she is his fate, he accepts her, and he will always find her, “The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.” It was fuckin badass of Shin when he acted immediately to save Eun-tak: teleporting through multiple doors, buying all the socks, destroying that jerk’s bike, he knows everything, and breaks the jerk’s wrist (it was hot - I love it when he uses his powers - and I just knew that thief was gonna be important after seeing him in ep 7). 

Just saying… but it was fuckin hilarious to watch the grim reapers all lined up at the bus stop just to watch the bus drive safely by them and with Eun-tak waving at Grim Reaper, lmao. During Shin’s and GR’s conversation, it’s important to notice that Shin no longer addresses her as his “bride” but by her name “Ji Eun-tak.” This is important because Shin’s view of Eun-tak has shifted from someone who was simply needed to fulfill the prophecy to someone who he wants to protect regardless if she’s his bride or not. Hence, he still hasn’t told her the truth and was planning to continue on hiding the truth from her until old age. While our girl here was lifting some weights to strengthen her arms (She’s so naive and cute)! After Shin has his little conversation with God (in the form of the white butterfly), Shin semi-confessed his feelings for her (while sober lol). This is important since it totally makes Eun-tak super happy but confused at the same time, but now she’s not oblivious to his feelings. 

Probably the most intense and climatic last 10-15 minutes ever of this series was in this episode - after all, we’re technically half way done with this drama and what a way to leave us hanging. These last minutes answered questions and created more as both Shin and Eun-tak learned secrets of each other: 1) Eun-tak will die if Shin doesn’t & vice versa and 2) Shin can only die by Eun-tak’s hands. Firstly, Shin is conflicted as he finds out that the reason why Eun-tak is in harms way for no reason (all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together) is due to her fate as his bride - she must fulfill her duty or else she will cease to exist. It must have been devastating to learn this from the goddess Samshin - my heart cried for Shin when he said “am I also not your child?” despite the goddess telling him to die. While learning all of this, Shin is in the middle of asking for permission to confess his feelings for Eun-tak. This is significant because I believe Shin feels he doesn’t have the right to love Eun-tak because 1) he’s a goblin (and he’s been wanting to die for the past 900+ years) and 2) she is the only one who can save him (but then he would leave her behind if she does pull out the sword). However, she has brought so much light into his cursed life and by asking for permission to confess his feelings shows how much Shin respects and cares for her (thus it would further validate his desire to live). 

As for Eun-tak, she is thinking of and waiting for Shin to return. Again, this shows how Shin has become an important existence in her life and this episode was structured to show how she has slowly developed feelings for Shin (which is great because it makes sense that she wouldn’t fall quickly in love with Shin since she’s already experienced her first love, but she didn’t love Shin only for his money and power). For example, before she was greeted by Shin at the bus stop, she remembered the door when Shin and her ran hand in hand to get to her exam on time… she’s created memories with him everywhere important to her in her life. It’s painful when you return home to not see the person you’ve been thinking about all day and not know if they will return or not. Also, there’s been quite a build up of how Eun-tak has become suspicious of what it really means when Shin becomes “pretty.” It’s actually not surprising that the last person she confronted about this matter was GR himself… he is the messenger of death. I personally think that she may have realized it herself but didn’t want to accept the reality until confirming it. If you didn’t notice, what’s important to note is that she says, “Mister will die?” to “Mister will disappear?”. Why is this important? What’s most devastating to Eun-tak is not death itself… but the total disappearance of Shin’s existence from the world. After all, she’s used to seeing ghosts… but what will happen if she can no longer see him even as a ghost? The reality that he will completely disappear forever from her life, and especially by her hands, is her worst nightmare because she would be losing someone who is precious to her, again. 

So in conclusion, this episode did an amazing job to wrap up the questions in the first 7 episodes about our main couple. The character development is on point. Eun-tak has shown great development from someone who yearned for attention and love from another person to someone who genuinely thinks of that person’s well being before her own despite her own conditions. Shin has shown great development from someone who only focused on dying and readily accepting his fate to someone learning how to enjoy life and wanting to change his fate. This character development couldn’t have occurred if these two didn’t meet each other… at the same time, they are each other’s life and death. How tragic T.T So what do I anticipate for the next episode? Since there weren’t any previews… based on what we were given in this episode… Shin and Eun-tak might confront each other (or at least I think Eun-tak will cause he’s been hiding his fate from her). I also think we might get some more backstory on GR and Sunny’s relationship. I also anticipate more angst and maybe a love confession soon… maybe? Anyways… my heart is already broken from the tears of Eun-tak and Shin’s conflicted expression… so I’m just gonna rewatch the first episodes to relive those happy moments. Either way… Goblin has completely taken over my life… 

I apologize for the late review since it’s the holidays. So to make it up to you guys, I made the review extra thorough as possible. I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did! Merry Christmas!! 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

Burnt Toast

Troye awoke a little disoriented, confused about where he was before his eyes adjusted and he could fully make out the room around him. He smiled when he remembered that he was at Connor’s house, in Connor’s bed. The plane had arrived late last night, and in all honestly he hadn’t expected Connor to be awake when he turned up at his door. 

“Just use the spare key I gave you,” Connor had told Troye before he’d left for New York when Troye had told him how late he was expected to be arriving back in LA a few days later. And Troye had been fully prepared to do so when Connor had whipped open the door at the sound of Troye’s taxi pulling away. 

“Troye!” Connor had exclaimed, looking a little like he’d just woken up from being asleep on the couch, with his hair sticking up in just about every direction, but still with a smile on his face as he had wrapped his arms tightly around Troye.

“Con,” Troye had said, breathing deeply as he nuzzled his face into his boyfriend’s hair. He returned the hug just as tightly, happy to have Connor’s arms around him again. Whenever they were apart, even if only for a few days, it always felt like an eternity.

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anonymous asked:

I saw this college confession thing that went like "i spent 30 minutes trying to convince my friend that the lamp post outside was not a spaceship" something like that. I was wondering how would the members that can drink react in this situation with their crush?

S.Coups: honestly he wouldn’t try to convince you that it wasn’t a spaceship bc he just thinks you’re really cute when you start to rant on and on about all these conspiracy theories AND he’s an asshole. HOWEVER he will literally talk to you about it all day afterwards about how you couldn’t stop ranting and now you’re the one trying to convince him that you didn’t actually believe the lamppost was a spaceship (even though you did but you refuse to give him the satisfaction of knowing that) but he will keep teasing u because it’s an excuse for him to talk to you all day

Jeonghan: he’s a lowkey alien enthusiast and tbh you almost convince him that the lamppost outside is a spaceship because you’re so gosh darn cute with your big excited eyes and how you’re hiding under the windowsill peeking up every now and then to take another look just gets him equally excited and he plays along for a while. Eventually he’ll break it to you that it’s just a lamppost and you are so disappointed so he leans in and whispers in your ear that they might just have disguised the spaceship as a lamppost and then gives u a lil peck on the cheek which will leave you with red cheeks and a dorky smile bc it IS a spaceship and u got a kiss (aw)

Jun: lmao this ass I swear to god, he will film you while you keep shouting at him about the spaceship right in front of your eyes and he won’t stop until you start to investigate the lamppost and try to pry open the little door where the cables are (of course this is futile but it doesn’t stop you). It’s really not until this point that he tells you it’s just a normal lamppost but of course you don’t believe him so you keep trying to open the little door, he gives it a few more tries, he even tries to pull you away from the lamppost but you just wrap yourself around it and he really can’t get you off it. So instead he decides to give you a distraction, and because he’s Jun he decides to kiss you. It works like magic tbh and you two end up running to his dorm after a nice make out session

Hoshi: He’s going to be convinced too ok, like you both are shit faced and when you point out that the lamppost looks like a spaceship he’s like “:OOOO wow you are so smart I would never have noticed that but yoU ARE INDEED CORRECT” and basically you two think you have to sneak past this lamppost in some sort of spy way so Hoshi is doing all these unnecessary rolls on the ground and you just follow what he does, eventually while the both of you are doing some spins to make sure the spaceships cameras can’t catch a clear picture of your faces (the logic behind this: ???????????) you end up crashing into each other and fall to the ground laughing like idiots and then he falls silent and just ends up looking at you with this look of adoration of his face because you’re so beautiful when you laugh like that and your face is full of happiness

Woozi: honestly he is so done with you when you start to talk about how the lamppost outside is a spaceship but he’s more done with himself for having a crush on you. So of course he’s like “lmao come on the lamppost isn’t a spaceship” but you’re like “nO L OOK IT IS” and you keep trying to convince him that it’s a spaceship but he keeps saying no until you say “the way you keep denying this must mean yoU’RE AN ALIEN” and he’s just so done at this point lmao. But when you say “tbh a human couldn’t possible that short” he turns around and he’s ready to fight you honestly but you give him a little kiss and he’s been waiting for that so long so he deepens the kiss and when you finally break apart you say “ok you’re definitely an alien because a human can’t kiss that good” and he has this smug look on his face

Wonwoo: I feel like he would just be walking back to his dorm late one evening when he passes you by hiding behind a bench and he’s like ????????? so he goes up to you and asks you why you’re hiding behind there a bit worried about why you’re there hiding, so when you answer his question about the reason behind your whereabouts with “I’m hiding from the spaceship” pointing at the lamppost, clearly drunk with your loopy grin he can’t help but laugh. He offers you his hand and you’re like “nooOOO you should hide too what if they take you !!!!!!!!” so he answers “it’s ok the aliens can’t see me and if you’re with me they can’t see you either” so you come along with him and he walks you to your dorm making sure you’re ok and just when he’s about to leave you blurt out “it’s a shame the aliens can’t see your handsome face” and he can’t help but turn the darkest shade of red so he shyly waves you off before walking back to his dorm with a stupid grin he will continue to wear throughout the week

DK: you would be walking back from the pub with him and he’d probably be a bit nervous since he has the most obvious crush on you so when you start talking about how the lampposts kind of look like spaceships he starts by laughing it off but when you keep insisting on it he’s like help ???? what do I do in this situation and when he doesn’t answer you you’re like “aHA you’re the alien that came in these spaceships A REN’T YO U??” and he’s so confused because he’s too drunk to have a functional brain so he just blurts out “yEAH” and you’re like “I KN EW IT” and then you kind of end up staring at each other bc you stopped in the middle of the road and he just can’t stand the silence so he blurts out “so is this the moment I take you to my secret lair?” and you just burst out laughing bc that is the worst pickup line you’ve heard but he’s so cute so you can’t deny him

Mingyu: lmao I feel like he would have volunteered to take care of you at the house party because you got too drunk and now you’re in some random bedroom in this house and while he was getting you a glass of water you had managed to crawl to the window beside the bed and he comes back to see you having your nose pressed against the glass with your hands on either side of your face and he’s like ???????? what the heck are u doing and you’re like “aLI ENS MINGYU” and he’s like “lmao ain’t no aliens here thats a lamppost u dork” and you’re like “nO I’m sure !!” and he tries to get you off the window so he gently takes your hands in each of his but instead you press your nose against his and you’re like “bUT it must be a spaceship!!!” and he’s so shocked but doesn’t move away and you kind of just end up like that nose to nose, holding each others hands beside your faces in the dumbest position while staring at each other for a moment and then he decides to give your lips a quick little peck and you two just end up blushing while staring at each other again

The8/Minghao: lmao oh no, he joined you to this party and you both had a little too much to drink and now you’re on the balcony with him and you’re like “bUT MINGH AO the lamppost HAS to be a spaceship I’m sure of it” and he’s there trying to be as polite as possible telling you that no it’s just a lamppost but when he’s drunk he slurs his words so he’s there like “nho, ‘s jjust a lmpost” and you never hear him so you keep ranting but it’s such a nice evening and the stars are shining so wonderfully in the sky and while the both of you are having a pointless conversation you both use it as an excuse to stay in each other company and enjoy the lamppost and the stars together

Ok so I chose the members who are 18 since that is probably the most common drinking age around the world, and the drinking age where I’m from. And I know it’s not quite what it says in the request but I hope you like it anyway!!!!! 

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