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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

BTS reaction to you being horny all the time


Jin wouldn’t really know what to do. He would be pretty tired when he came home, but since you were always so horny he would sometimes try to please you. Other times, he would just want to relax, but since he would never say no to you, he’d sleepily try his best to please you. “How can you be so horny all the time? Don’t you ever get tired, baby?”

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Yoongi wouldn’t mind, but sometimes he’d take advantage of it. He would tease you when you were, then not do anything to get you off. He’d just smirk and walk off like nothing happened. Other times, he would give you his all. It just depends on what kind of day he was having. “What do you mean I keep teasing you?” He’d laugh as he squeezes your butt in his hand. “I would never do such a thing~” Yoongi would growl in your ear.

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Hoseok would be just as horny as you, so he wouldn’t mind. Anytime you said you were, he’d smirk and please you until you couldn’t take anymore. He’d be the person that would never get tired of hearing your moans or just tired in general. Anytime you wanted him, you got him. “Such a naughty girl~. I like it.”

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Like Yoongi, he would love to tease you. He knew when you were horny and knew just how to drive you crazy. He’d start kissing your neck as if he was going to move to the rest of your body, then would just stop out of no where leaving you wanting more. When you started teasing back though, that’s when he would lose it. “I’m the one that teases you, baby. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.” Namjoon would smirk as he laid you on the bed pulling off your clothes.

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He would love the idea of it, but when it came down to it, he wouldn’t know what to do. Jimin would just be confused why you were so horny all the time. He wouldn’t mind pleasing you though. He’d do it every chance he got but wouldn’t understand why it was never enough for you. “Princess, I know you want more, but why don’t we do that a bit later.” He’d suggest. “I have a surprise for later anyways.” Jimin smirked.

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Tae would be kinda flustered that you wanted him all the time like you did. All the teasing you would do to him would eventually get to him and he would end up just letting out all of his sexual tensions on you, which you loved. “Is this what you wanted, babe?”

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Jungkook would really love it. It would be sort of like a game to him. He would keep teasing you and trying to make you as horny as possible before you pretty much were begging for him. Once you finally had enough, he’d give you everything he had. “Are you finally satisfied? Or do you want round two?”

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Lmao. Assuming ass bitch. Married for 8 years. The one who doesn't have a clue is you. Maybe you'll remember me when your relationship falls apart.

i could never imagine myself being busy in my life, with a spouse, doing actual adult things, old and experienced, and wasting time coming after a happy young queer couple so i’m going to give you my 2 cents since you forced me to read your miserable ask with my own two eyes: take a nap, cop a xanax, rehabilitate your marriage, and try not being so transparent because no one actually happy is this concerned. also, honey youre on anon. couldn’t remember you if i tried. 

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#knowyouraudience????? Like Sarah J Trash did when she and people like you promote hideous books to impressionable teenagers. You're all a joke.

[I try not to feed the trolls but this was a gift.]
Clearly, you’ve never been to my blog. Where I consistently and constructively criticize these books. In case no one ever explained it to you, it’s constructive criticism that gets heard and makes real changes. Not anonymous just-because-I-can hate.

“Like Sarah J Trash did when she and people like you promote hideous books to impressionable teenagers.”

Sorry, but have you ever been on the internet? Or turned on a TV? Or seen a movie? Or gone to Disney World/Land? Or seen a Disney princess movie? Or the cover of a magazine? Or watched a commercial? Or talked through the toy or clothing section of a Target or Walmart? Or sat in a high school classroom? Y/A books are the LEAST of your worries for “impressionable teenagers” of the world. (I could go for days in this topic on this.)

ALSO. DON’T BELITTLE TEENAGERS! Nothing is more annoying than old people, or “older” people, who think that teenagers (or people who are younger than them) are lesser, or somehow not capable of thinking for themselves. Being a teenager is ALL ABOUT learning to think for yourself. Teenagers are not idiots. Sure, at that age, hormones can get the best of you, and peer pressure is a dick—but teenagers are smart, and feeling, and brilliant, and artistic, and thinking about the world and life and what it all means and how we mediate it. And we have teenagers to thank for changing how we think about gender and sexuality. Sure adults helped, but it was these “impressionable teenagers” you’re so worried about who refused to back down and shut up when no one was listening to the problems they (very uniquely) could see.

“You’re all a joke.”
No seriously. You’re the joke because you left this comment anonymously. And your didn’t even #KnowYourAudience. And then you belittled teenagers as if we shouldn’t allow them to be exposed to differing ideas, and decide for themselves, to agree or disagree or fall somewhere in between, or to form their own opinions.

Come on.

Can we please drop the gatekeeper complex in the TCC

I feel like I’m hearing more and more cases of callout posts along the lines of “you’re not a real TC'er because he’s less than 30!!!” or “you’re not even allowed because he’s never actually been your teacher” like… can we please just shut up and let people have fun in this community. My TC is 46 and has been my teacher for 2.5 years, so I don’t get these comments, but it breaks my heart to see my girls and boys in this community get shut down for not having a “real” TC. Bitch, please, quit the elitist shit and just scroll past posts you don’t like instead of hating on people that are trying to feel comfortable with some very real feelings. Thank u for coming to my TED talk

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How do you manage not having facebook? Did you have it at one time and then leave, or just never sign up? I'm asking b/c I'm getting real skeeved out by the Big Brother aspect of sharing everything I react to, so I'm trying to move away from fb, but right now I still use it a lot

my two best friends cut it off cold turkey in like 2010 and urged me to do so but i was so addicted to it. But when i was trying to get my mental health in order i started cutting off things that were hindering my ability to get over my depression and Facebook was one of them. I was so concerned w how people were living their lives in comparison to my own and it rendered me unable to get things accomplished in my life. It messed w my head a lot. FB can be toxic like that. And honestly??? It’s been almost 5 years and I don’t miss it one bit.


happy 28th birthday kim minseok! I’ve only be lucky enough to celebrate your special day 4 times, but I hope that in the future that you’ll always be happy and healthy. it’s hard to express the unbound affection I have for you, but I’ll try my best! I hope that when you face hardship, you continue to persevere; to work hard no matter what and to never give up your dreams. regardless of your success or failures, I will always look at you with kind eyes. no matter what you decide to do in life, I will try to support you to the best of my abilities. you have so much time ahead of you, I’m certain that you’ll be able to touch even more hearts like you have with mine and so many others already. thank you for being my sunshine on a cloudy day. thank you for always inspiring me, for always giving me a reason to try harder, and helping to better myself as a person. I’m glad we are able to grow together like this, following our own respective paths. I hope that you only have to walk the flower road, but I do understand that every person must face obstacles and hardship to grow and improve as a person. no matter what, I hope that everything you face help shape you into the person you will be tomorrow and way into the future. while I don’t know everything you have gone through, I do know that whatever most of it was, it has helped mold you into the person I see you now. far from perfect, since we’re all human, I still adore you anyways. your flaws that you might nitpick about, the haters who try to bring you down, please know that me and so many others will be here to support you and to lift you up from those painful times. your family, your members and your friends are there for you and that brings comfort to me to know that you’re not alone. regardless of what the future may bring, be unabashedly yourself and don’t be afraid to show the world just how amazing you are.


You: “What am I supposed to think, Isaac? We never talk about this, you never even try to and I just don’t know where we stand or what I am to you!”

Isaac: “You don’t have to worry about that.”

You: “And why’s that?”

Isaac: “Because I love you.”

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if ya dont mind me askin, but how do you make your character designs so original? like, i have a lot of trouble for doing the character's clothes and looks

Try starting out with thumbnails, or small drawings of the designs with a big brush to get the general shape. You can also look at multiple references of other characters/items to give you some inspiration.  I usually start with body type first, then face, then clothes. Modern human clothes without a theme are hard to make unique. That’s why I never make my settings normal, they are strange so all the characters can also be strange.

Strange = Unique, In my case of course, not everyone likes strange things.  When I design clothing I think “How can this be exaggerated, or weird, or different?”  Exaggeration is key to unique designs, make something super small or super big, just keep things balanced.  Sometimes I make a character, and it’s nearly perfect the first try. Most of the time I make a character and I have to re-design it 50 other times to get it right. So, don’t give up it’s all about experimenting and practicing~!


HHHH look what I found! I have never found a fox or any canine before. I feel blessed. Poor thing tho. Something about the dog like look made me quite sad when I found him :(. I also underestimated the weight and threw out my shoulder trying to carry him back to the car. 

Unfortunately I don’t think I can salvage the pelt as its slipping really badly. Going to try the tail though. And of course the skull which WAS INTACT!  

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"I've chased you through a thousand lifetimes, through a thousand different worlds, helpless every time to watch as you slip through my outstretched fingers. Just this once I get to know you, to hold you, to love you uninhibited, but this time, you don't even know who I am."

a kylo/hux reincarnation au, where only kylo remembers their past lives and he has to spend his time with hux trying to get him to fall in love with him so he can finally have that happy ever after that he’s always dreamed about having with someone

his grandfather chased a beautiful woman through time, always meeting with her but never staying with her and it tore him apart until he did the unthinkable and killed her to stop his cycle

kylo can’t do that with armitage but he wonders if he’s destined to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps

damned to suffer, damned to always be alone

cut to the current reincarnation, where kylo is a knight and hux is a general, and they co-command a glorious star destroyer together, and hux can’t stand to look at him

he begs his grandfather for help, help to make hux fall in love with him, to end his cycle of chasing this beautiful man through endless tragic lives just to lose him at the last hurdle

and it’s only when kylo almost dies that hux tells him the truth this time

this is their 17th reincarnation, and hux remembers them all; he remembers kylo leaving him just when he was falling in love, he remembers kylo being too cowardly to kiss him or just tell him the truth, and he remembers promising himself that, in this lifetime, he isn’t going to allow himself to fall in love with kylo ren, the man who runs without looking back

but the sparkle in hux’s eyes, the shine that kylo has followed through time, tells kylo that it’s already too late, for souls who repeat the cycle like they do, love, sacrifice and undying need to have the other one near is the only option

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Are you able to describe how you feel when you see your wife?

Not really, no. There are a lot of different feelings and it varies depending on the moment. It’s not a static kind of feeling. It’s a layered one, an ever-evolving one. Even when it comes to a particular feeling, it’s difficult to describe it and any description I could give would never quite manage to cover it. I still try, though. Granted, the way I describe feelings and experiences I have is a little different.

Last night, we were lying in bed together watching tv. Her head was resting on my chest, arm slung over my stomach, leg hooked over my hips. I was scratching her scalp and looking down at just the top of her head and the silhouette of her face in the tv light in the otherwise dark room. Her hair was brushing my chin, and I felt the way I feel when it’s mid-Fall. When it’s the middle of the night, and the air is not too warm, not too cold. Warm enough to keep from needing a jacket and cool enough to keep from sweating. There is just the slightest breeze, and the moon is bright even though it’s slim. The trees cast grand, dark shadows over grass and road. It’s quiet, so quiet. And I’m standing still, for a moment, just a moment. And in that moment, the world is wide open and so am I, and everything feels possible, everything feels alive, and it’s a precious, quiet kind of intimacy that makes me feel pressed and squeezed and expanding at the same time. Like I could conquer and I could crumble in the same breath.

Okay I dont want to speak to this person to start a war but I really want to address what they said because they are not the only one who comes up with such a ridiculous logic to try to downplay and deny Jerza’s moment.

I cant speak for other ships but this is stupid logic to bash at Jerza and their shippers. The act of saving people alone is never in itself a shipping moment to me if there have never been romantic development between those charas. Jellal and Erza have clear romantic development in FT for years, even you dislike them you cannot deny it unless you insist on staying blind to such fact. To us Jellal saving Erza is a shipping moment because they are in love, not because saving someone must be romantic.

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Can you do Conner x Evan with the school prompt: We were forced to go outside due to a fire drill and I forgot my jacket, which sucks because it’s super cold. Thanks for lending me this jacket but you’re my crush and I almost screamed when you gave it to me. Just know, you’re never getting this back.

Enjoy darling!


Evan shivered as he exited the school. The fire alarm blared and it made Evan uncomfortable, he didn’t enjoy loud noises. He also didn’t have a sweater on today so the cold hit him hard. He rubbed his arms trying to provide himself warmth as he slinked away from the crowd, after the teacher had taken account everyone was out of the building and tried to find somewhere warm to be.

“Are you cold or something?” Evan’s eyes shifted towards the source of the voice, Connor Murphy was currently sat on a small snow pile, smoking what seemed to be a joint. “I-um, yeah,” Evan shrugged as he looked at the ground, not wanting to look at Connor.

Evan would never admit it to anyone but he had a huge crush on Connor Murphy. Connor was an incredibly beautiful human, though everyone who came across him ignored him or whispered nasty things about the long haired teen. “Is-is th-that weed?” Evan questioned, he shuddered once again, he was chilled to the bone.

“Yup,” Connor answered. He turned his gaze back to Evan and caught wind of the poor guy was just a shivering mess. Connor sighed, unzipped his hoodie and made his way over to Evan. He placed the hoodie over the smaller teens shoulders. Evan’s eyes widened and he made small noise of shock, he almost screamed but he bit his tongue.

“Won’t you get cold?” Evan questioned the other teen. He was in a black t-shirt and now Evan had his hoodie. “It’s fine,” Connor told him as he finished off his joint. Evan’s heart was fluttering, here he was in Connor Murphy’s hoodie and he was blushing. 

“I think we can head back in now,” Connor pointed towards the crowd of students, pushing and running towards the entrance of the school. Evan nodded as he watched Connor start heading towards the school. “You coming?” Connor asked as he beckoned Evan towards him. 

“I-um yeah,” Evan smiled. He pulled the large hoodie tighter to him and caught up wit the other boy. “Just so you know, I-I’m kee-keeping this hoo-hoodie,” Evan smiled jokingly. Connor just shrugged.

“It looks better on you anyways,” Connor answered. Evan’s face flushed, he’d only been joking but now his heart was fluttering again. “I-I was only joking,” Evan addressed his crush. Connor sent him a small half smirk.

“I-I’ll gi-give it back to you,” Evan promised. Connor shook his head as the two entered the school. The long haired teen turned towards him. “Keep it Hansen,” Connor said. Evan once again pulled the hoodie tighter to his body as he watched Connor disappear into the crowd. This was now his favourite hoodie, and he may or may not be internally dying due to the fact he had a conversation with his crush.

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In light of Amy Schumer still being considered a thing against all conventional wisdom, I've decided to go around and remind people of a far more charismatic comedian: Rita Rudner. Even for those that don't find her material funny, she just comes off as too nice to actually hate, so she at least earns some sympathy laughter.

Ah!  I love Rita Rudner!  She was one of the comediennes that inspired me growing up.  I used to watch her on Comedy Central, back when the network wasn’t total garbage (I miss those days).  It almost seems these days that people forget that female stand-ups have been around for decades, and that there are many established comediennes in the business that are being overlooked in favor of no-talent hacks like Schumer.

There are a lot of funny ladies out there that have never needed to be forcefully gross for attention, nor needed to try to appeal to extremists in a pretend gender war.  They got by on actual talent, and never needed anyone to fluff them up with ridiculous articles about the first time they wore red lipstick.

Amy Schumer is a slimy tick bloated on fake, pumped-up media hype that’s being forced on the public as some sort of gift to both comedy and female representation. 

Go watch Rita Rudner instead.

We don’t talk anymore || Joe Sugg Imagine

Joe x Y/N(reader)
Request: Inspired buy Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez’s song  We Don’t Talk Anymore. I wrote this ages ago.  

It has been a while since I saw Zoe. We used to have sleepovers all the time but since both of our careers bloomed we don’t have as much time as we had which is great and we love it but we just miss each other sometimes. 
“Zoe!” I yelled when I entered her home. 
“Y/N! It’s been too long!” She said when she gave me a hug.
“I know! I know!” 
We chatted for a while and cooked and decided to watch a movie. And than you looked at your best friend’s face a you knew that she’s really trying not to ask you something and that’s killing her. 
“Go on. You can talk about it now and never again. Go on.”
“You sure?” 

“So what happened between you two? Joe says nothing but I don’t believe him.” She said worried.
“He didn’t lie. Nothing did happen.”
“How can that be true? He must have said something stupid.” 
“Nothing like that I promise. Everything just stopped. Our calls stopped being as often as they were.And even when we talked we didn’t know what to talk about. “
“You two? I can’t believe that.”
“Yeah that’s exactly what I thought. But it did happen. I guess we just lost interest in each others lives.”
“That’s scary. You two were inseparable. Just like Jaspar but even more.” 
“Yeah I know. But what can you do life goes on.” 
“So you don’t talk?”
“No Zoe. We don’t talk anymore.” 

After we watched a movie we did each others makeup and decided to take a selfie. Zoe posted it on instagram and onr twitter with caption “best friends are back”. It made our fans go crazy.
 It didn’t take Joe too long to text Zoe. 
Joe: How’s she?
Zoe: Why don’t you ask her yourself?
Joe: I can’t Zo
Zoe: But why?
Joe: I can’t. It’s too late for that. 

Zoe could have imagined her brother staring at his phone thinking about calling and texting her but for some reason deciding not to. And it was killing her. Watching two people who she knew cared deeply about each other and not being able to do anything was something she couldn’t settle for.

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Hi momma, if you have some time to spare, i have a party tonight and im pretty nervous. Ive never really been around people who drink so im kind of nervous about that too. Any tips? I know some of the people thatll be there and try to stick with one in particular.

Never accept a drink that you didn’t poor yourself. Don’t drink anything that wasn’t in a closed container that hadn’t been opened. That means vodka bottles, tequila bottles, anything that’s more than a single serving. If you really want to drink try to get some earlier and let it sit if you don’t want to drink right away. Just in case. 

Don’t drink too much and always separate drinks with water. You don’t have to drink liquor just because others are, you can drink soda and still talk to them. If anyone asks, you’re the designated driver. If you don’t have a designated driver uber yourself to and from the party. If you can afford a good, unionized cab that would be much better, but just don’t drive intoxicated.

Tell someone not going to the party that you’re going, how long you’ll be there, and to call if you don’t text before a certain time. Never remain in a room unless at least one of the people you know is there. 

Do your best to have fun, but if you leave early that’s okay.

-Lou the Lobster

kids: never try kratom. It doesn’t do much effect, at least for me it doesn’t, BUT side effect is strong nausea and I’ve taken kratom this morning and it’s 9 pm and I am still extremely nauseous and I have emetophobia so this is hell, so yeah, never ever try this, not worth it AT ALL