but i never wear them anyways

Harry James Potter
  • Always unable to find his glasses in the morning.
  • Never sits while eating breakfast, he always lays down in bed for too long to be on time with anything else.
  • Yet, he always finds time to hop into the shower while his boyfriend is there.
  • He loves his job but doesn’t like being away for too long.
  • Most of the days he would most likely disappear because being the Chosen One is no fun at all.
  • Molly taught him how to knit and cook and he does that when nobody’s looking (Molly swore she’ll never tell anyone).
  • But Draco steals those sweaters and scarfs anyway and boasts about having a talented boyfriend (Harry pretends he doesn’t know).
  • He loves dogs and wants to have one badly (a black one, for some reason).
  • After the war his smile faded, it is more mature and nostalgic.
  • He loves to wear fashionable muggle clothes, the ones that bad boys from his school used to wear.
  • He has whole closet full of ripped jeans and leather jackets.
  • Draco likes them too. Especially on the floor.
  • His life’s a mess. But a good mess.
Remnant Fashion

So lets talk about something I don’t usually, and have never before talked about: Fashion in fictional worlds, specifically the world of Remnant from RWBY. There’s one specific thing I want to point out here so i’ll just talk about that. One fashion trend that seems to prominent all throughout Remnant. Those freaking one finger sleeves. 

Look at those. Those things are apparently common in Remnant. Cinder wears them here, but she’s by far not alone.

Those are Ren’s new sleeves in Volume 4. Because you gotta look good while fighting monsters. Cinder’s not the only Villian, not even the only in Salem’s possy, to wear them.

Tyrion has him a pair too. But it’s not just there, it even spread to Menagerie. 

Here’s Blake’s mom, Kali Belladonna, wearing a similar pair. She’s not alone there either.

White Fang member Fennec has them, and his brother wears an identical pair. Emerald even wears an altered version.

Not really a sleeve, more of a glove. That brings me to another point. Fingerless gloves are common in Remnant too. At least those make some sort of sense as they cover the palm, which those sleeves don’t. 

Nora has a pair, but at least it makes sense for a huntress to wear something that allows dexterity while still protecting their hands. I mean look at all the fingerless gloves.






Cinder traded in her sleeves for them as a disguise.

Then Coco has one finger gloves, probably her trigger finger.

Tiayang wears one. Literally exactly one. not even a pair. Kind of similar to Nora’s on the hand though.

Sun has them, those his have an added bracer for defense. Smart move.

Raven did the same. Even Background characters get them.

In conclusion, one current Remnant fashion trend is to cover the back of your hand but leave your fingers exposed. Covering can extend up into the arm, or stop at the hand. it can be gloves or sleeves. Only rule, cover the back of the hand. 

Romance Card!!! I didn’t want to make it like overly romantic, at least not this one, more implied and “quiet”. (You can’t see it well in the small version but Dorian’s wearing his coin as a bracelet). I also wanted them to be in more casual attire, but it ended up dulling the color palette quite a bit (especially on Cullen) and no colors really worked in the background. :(  X_X Anyway, I think I’m going to do another more “romantic” version as well because I can never draw too much of them. Then I think I’ll move on to Alistair or Zevran? Suggestions?

On Redbubble if anyone is interested: http://www.redbubble.com/people/noelle304/works/22189640-allegiance

When Tina went to the docks to see off Newt – a man she’d begun to have feelings for, and who she thought she might never see again, or at least not for many years – she didn’t get dolled up in a fancy dress.  She wore same type of shirt and jacket she’d normally wear to work.  I think she might have been wearing some subtle lipstick, but other than that she’s got no makeup on.  I can’t quite articulate why this makes me so happy but it does.  Perhaps it’s because there’s something very strong about not feeling like you need to impress a man visually.  Because despite her vulnerability, she knew on some level that she was dazzling enough to impress him regardless.  Or maybe, it’s that she didn’t know that, but she was brave enough to risk it.

1. You were on the phone with my brother and I played our song in the background, just loud enough that I knew you’d hear it.
2. I kept in touch with your best friend. Every few days I’d text him something stupid, hoping he’d tell you about it.
3. I started wearing skirts to school. I hate them but I know they’re your favorite.
4. I never deleted my favorite picture of us off my instagram.
5. I went to my special spot more than I usual do, the one only you know about.
6. I started being late for school, knowing maybe you would be too, hoping we could walk in together.
7. I painted my nails white, you always told me to do them white.
8. I stopped listening to music in the car, you used to yell at me that it was too loud anyways.
9. I kept your shirt but leave it on my closet floor. I don’t want your scent to fade away.
—  9 ways I tried to tell you I really fucking miss you @needumost

Ok i bet my bottom dollar the Wayne’s go on comedy shows all the time. Bruce can hold a straight face like nobody’s business while making comedic remarks without any rehearsal. Even when there’s insulting things thrown at him, he turns them comedic, keeps himself looking like an idiot too. But if they insult one of his kids? No way they’re getting away with that.
“Bruce, what do you say to the people who think you molest your kids?”
“I do not. that is a disgusting assumption and I’m sure I’d have about any rumor about me be true, I love my children even when they’re bad, I’ve never hit them, or hurt them in anyway. Keep those thoughts to yourself, because if I hear it i’m coming for you.”

“Why do you let Tim wear dresses?”
“He wants to? Am I supposed to police that?”
“No-well, yes! Heh heh, Bruce, dresses are for girls!”
“Oh yes… I suppose that’s true, Timothy i don’t think that is appropriate attire for a young man. What else would you like to discuss, Garry? I sure think girls dresses should always touch the floor, legs are too distracting, also this is my slave, Duke, he’s been here 12 years, and Stephanie here is my 16, I mean 18 year old wife. Oh, boy, kids, I think we should get ready, the horse and carriage should be here soon and you know how Alfred feels about waiting. Cassandra, dear, that dress is too short and Harper, you’ll never get a husband with that blue hair you’ve got.”

“Your son is so spoiled! He gets whatever he wants! You should discipline him!”
“Hey, that’s not true! Dick has plenty discipline, right, Dick?”
“I’m not talking about Dick!”
“Well, Tim also is well-behaved.”
“Not Tim either! I’m talking about-”
“No, Duke’s fine! He’s still getting used to the new environment, all the kids start out like that!”
“Not Duke either!”
“Well, I only have 4 sons. 5, actually.”
“What are you talking about? You only have 4- oh. Well, you shouldn’t have so many children if they’re so hard to keep track of!”
“You see, I knew exactly who you were talking about the first time, I just wanted to bait you. Make you change your mind before you said something stupid, before I wrecked your ass,”
*any children there slide back because Bruce doesn’t cuss*
“Damian is a good boy, he may not be the friendliest but he’s good. He has hard times talking to people because he grew up in a harsh environment. That doesn’t make him bad.”
“I wasn’t saying that, I-”
“Yes you were. I know this because I know my children and I know what the media thinks of my children. I can keep tabs on all of them, I know their next step before they’ve even figure it out, I don’t even flinch when they experiment, because I love them no matter what gender they are, no matter what sexuality, no matter what race. This is more than any other rich parent does for their hundreds of adopted orphans from Africa, those kids get neglected because they’re up there for the attention. I’ve seen this, people in Gotham adopt kids to be like Bruce Wayne, to be like me, then they steal the spotlight because they’re kids are perfect, are forced to be perfect. You know what? Huh? My kids aren’t perfect. That’s why you hate them. They’re diverse, not on purpose, not to show i’m a good person, but because I choose who needed me. They literally came to me. I don’t go to a random orphanage and say ‘that ones colorful, let’s try that out!’ I pick them when they’re boosting tires from my car, when their parents are dying right in front of me, when they’re all alone in the world, falling apart right in front of me, because I don’t believe in coincidences, and there’s no way in hell anyone’s going to pick up these kids after I leave them where they’re standing. Because Gotham’s a bitch, and its rich is corrupted. They buy an entire island full of kids, and say their done, but that’s just the fucking beginning. I know my kids aren’t perfect, but they’re good, they’re disciplined, they aren’t forced to smile, and they’re genuinely happy. That’s all I fucking need, your opinion doesn’t matter, it only helps to fuel my anger. Are you done here or do I have to prepare myself to start yelling?”

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Can I get some head cannons about the RFA+V finding out that MC loves Christmas and they decorated the house for it, and MC even buys sweaters for animals to wear with matching hats.

Ah man I love Christmas but I’m not the decorating type. My grandma on the other hand. She has like THREE boxes filled with ornaments, and I have to use them all in a specific way. That woman goes all out for Christmas.

Anyways, enjoy!


  • Yoosung never really celebrated Christmas outside of the parties and Secret Santa gift exchange
  • that is until he met you
  • he came home one day and BAM
  • the entire space was decorated from the kitchen to the bathroom
  • O_O
  • he’s a little overwhelmed but it was relaxing
    • it really put him into the Christmas spirit!
  • he takes so many pictures of Lisa in her little red sweater you bought for her
  • you two love coordinating your outfits 
  • and with Christmas, it’s all about ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer hats with LED lights in them
  • the RFA are total grinches seeing you two
    • but Zen is lightweight jealous because deep deep deep deep down he thinks the two of you are cute for going all out


  • this gelato never had the time to decorate her place for Christmas
  • but you’re MORE THAN HAPPY to lend a hand
  • in fact, you have boxes upon boxes stored at your storage unit
  • she’s even done a report of how much you spend on Christmas items alone
    • it’s more than you’re willing to admit
  • she comes home from work one day and you’ve decked the shit out of those halls
  • (」゜ロ゜)」 
    • how many ornaments are on that tree???
    • is that the smell of gingerbread cookies???
    • omg you even knitted her’s and your stockings in such a short time
  • O_O
  • she’s overwhelmed but after a day or two she eases up
    • wears her Christmas sweater at home with you watching holiday specials


  • can you believe this marshmallow doesn’t even own anything Christmass related???
    • he doesn’t even own wrapping paper >->
  • when he sees the twinkle in your eye as you’re talking about Christmas, he’s more than willing to celebrate with you
  • but he’s shocked at how passionate you actually are
  • “No Zen the wreath goes OUTSIDE the door, not INSIDE! Gah!”
  • he can’t bear to look at the ugly sweaters you bought
    • but after you force him to wear it
    • he realizes how comfy it is
    • and how cute it looks on you
    • wears it all the time at home
  • you even bought headbands with a snowman and a Christmas tree on it
    • he wears the snowman and you the Christmas tree ^^
  • he puts mistletoes all around the house
  • “Why is there a mistletoe in the fridge?”
  • “You get kisses in the most unexpected places (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡ ”


  • he loves giving gifts to those he cares about
  • but that’s pretty much the only aspect of Christmas he takes part in
  • when you come into his life he’s exposed to so much more
  • in almost a blink of an eye, you have the penthouse decorated
  • Elizabeth 3rd is wearing an adorable baby blue sweater with snowflakes on them to bring out her eyes
  • this donut could fill an entire scrapbook of pictures he took just that one day of her
  • you made sure to pick some semi-decent sweaters to wear
    • thankfully the one you picked out for him fits him well
  • he wears it when you wear yours
    • because what’s the point in wearing matching anything if the other isn’t wearing it?
  • he loves coming home every day during this time of the season because the penthouse smells like pine and cinnamon


  • Seven thought HE loved Christmas
  • but boy oh boy was he about to get a surprise when he met you!
  • Seven has about three boxes dedicated for Christmas
  • when you move in it becomes seven boxes
    • SEVEN!!!
  • you two spend two days decorated the house together
  • he would never someone else could love Christmas like he did
    • another reason on his list of why he loves you
  • you two can be seen outside of the house wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters and hats in the shape of a pine tree
    • everyone stares but you two don’t care
  • you even get cute sweaters for the robopets ^^


  • Rika did all the decorating during the holiday season
  • when she passed on, his house lacked the same spirit
  • but it was replaced with an even greater one when you came along
  • he never met anyone so passionate about Christmas like you
  • this sweetheart helps in any way he can
    • making the wreath with you
    • maybe not hanging the ornaments because those could break ;;
    • hanging the red drapes
  • thinks it’s so cute you sing to Christmas music as you’re decorating
  • he records a small clip of it and sends it to the messenger
  • he HELPS you pick out the matching sweaters
    • he wears one with a reindeer on it and you wear one with a gingerbread man
  • his profile picture is of you two in the sweaters wearing reindeer antlers 
  • you think you’re clever by hanging mistletoes in each doorway
  • unfortunately, he doesn’t even notice it so you don’t get mistletoe kisses  ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ)

☆ I just want to draw Goku  ☆

Can’t believe Goku becomes a bara in 10 years, though. I like to think that by then he’s no longer constantly hungry and can bench press mountains.

Also if he had kids, he’d totally name them after food: “Ichigo”, “Ringo”, etc.


i was tagged by @vmiiin @bbjimin @hobitxt @gothic-hobi @rollinmv @velvethoseok and @lieparkjimin and u guys r so beautiful dskajdlks thank u so much!!! some of them were bias tags but im too lazy so here we are!!

i don’t wear make up on a daily basis so im sorry if im not painted to the g*ds(u guys r soooo good w makeup how???) anyways…. for me to b posting these selfies it really is something Wild, oh and i never take pictures smiling lol love u guys

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so, my dog has a boyfriend.

every time i let him in the backyard, he runs down to the neighbors’ sliding glass door and stares into it until they let their cocker spaniel charlie out. then they chase each other around and he copies everything charlie does until they wear themselves out and cuddle in the grass. they chew on the same frisbee, lick each other’s faces, and refuse to come in until we retrieve them.

it’s lovely and pure and i am proud.

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(this is a bit out there but) The Bimbettes were the original Stanley Protection Squad. They knew he'd fallen p hard for Lefou and used to be pretty down about it so they'd constantly be giving him advice to win "his" man (that never worked but he still appreciated it anyway) and after the Garderobe Incident (that was his discovery that he liked to wear dresses fight me) they get SO EXCITED and show him the best tips n tricks for choosing dresses and when/where to wear them

Listen. I love the headcanons where the bimbettes are allies and not jealous bitches. Like, yes they have a crush on Gaston, but that doesn’t stop them from helping out Lefou or Stanley. And when they find out that Lefou and Stanley are dating they want to know all the details and tell Stanley to come dress shopping with them anytime and give both boys romance advice and are their biggest friends and allies. More of the bimbettes as allies 2K17.


Last Spring one of my good friends and I headed downtown super early so she could snap some shots of my Five cosplay. I never got around to posting them here because my life went into overdrive at that point. This costume means a lot to me because it was the first one I made from scratch. There are so many things I would change about it now looking back and I don’t wear it anymore because it was terribly uncomfortable, but whatevs. Anyway I am having trouble with motivating myself to finish my SWC cosplays so looking at a complete costumes (and looking at how much I have grown) helps a little haha. Hannah unfortunately doesn’t have a page for me to link to but I am super grateful to her for doing this for me!

Cosplay: Five- Zankyou No Terror/Terror in Resonance  

Hanzo76 headcanons:

  • Hanzo finally gets 76 into a yukata, but he refuses to not wear his boots with them. Finally, Hanzo convinces him to wear traditional shoes for at least one night. He hates every moment of it.
  • Hanzo will come up and say something in Japanese, 76 has absolutely no idea what he’s sad, but will just nod anyway. It’s usually just nonsense. 
  • 76, in retaliation, starts saying really American lingo, like “It’s a piece of cake”, “I’m going to crash for the night”, “Stop giving me the cold shoulder”. Hanzo has to google what these mean because there is no cake, the cake is a lie.
  • 76 never wanting to leave the Kotatsu, ‘my feet will get cold out there Hanzo’
  • Hanzo always having to remind 76 to remove his boots while indoors

Appreciation post for my amazing mum.

So about 4-5 years ago I bought a dress for £40 because I really liked it. I liked it for the design, just not on me. It was about 3 sizes too big anyways. So it’s been sitting in my wardrobe for years. I’ve thrown out all my other dresses (only had about 3 anyways) because I knew I would never wear them. I’ve been out as transgender to my family for a year or so now, so I thought it was clear for me to stop hiding and throw everything away that I had just got in order to hide behind. 

So my mum, being as amazing and supportive as she is, made me a waistcoat and tie from that dress so I can finally wear the design that I liked and feel comfortable. She had never made either before and tried so hard to make these for me, and I think they are amazing. She is currently working out how to make a bow-tie from the left over material because I love bow-ties too. 

I would love to show her how amazing this is and that it isn’t just me who thinks so. 

Early Autumn

Alright, this is my first attempt at writing for Elucien. I wanted to do one of the prompts from @acotarshipweek and this is what I came up with! I hope you enjoy! Lucien and Elain are in the Autumn Court and she’s never carved pumpkins before. And let’s just imagine that his father and brothers are all gone so there isn’t any drama. Anyways, the prompt I chose was….date night!

         Lucien smiled when Elain emerged from her room wearing a beautiful long-sleeved gown. “You look beautiful. But I think that you may want to put on something different for this.”

         Her cheeks flushed and she looked down at herself. “Like what?” She let him tug her back inside their bedroom and to her wardrobe, watching him as he rifled through her drawers. Her brows were drawn together when he unearthed a pair of worn pants and a plain shirt. “I didn’t know that date night meant we were gardening.”

         That impish grin lit up his face in a way that made Elain’s heart skip a beat and she returned the smile. Since they’d come to the Autumn Court he had been a bit on edge, but now he was radiating excitement. She took the clothes from him and waited for him to step outside before changing out of her dress. The lacy, delicate underwear that she had worn for later seemed silly to wear under her work clothes, but she wore them nonetheless.

         “You look beautiful,” Lucien purred yet again when she reemerged. He grinned and kissed her cheek before taking her hand and leading her towards the kitchen. “Now if you get any guts on you it won’t be so bad.”

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i hate that on social media, your username is still the nickname i gave you.
the one i made up
that you said made no sense but used anyways
that your friends began to recognize, too
i hate that you got a t-shirt with it on the back
and whenever i see you wearing it it’s like a punch to the gut

i hate that our mutual friends had to choose between us
and i hate that most of them chose you

i hate that you don’t acknowledge that anything’s changed
that it’s almost spring but we won’t go on our usual walks this year
i hate that it doesn’t bother you

i hate that i bought your birthday gifts but they arrived too late for your birthday
and once they finally got here, i forgot them at home
and didn’t manage to get them to you
and it was only a week after you stopped talking to me that i finally remembered them
i hate that they still sit there on my desk
so fucking painfully hopeful
i hate that i don’t either throw them out or give them to you
as if i can pretend that everything’s still the same
and i’ll write a nice card and hand them to you in a couple days

i hate that sometimes i forget we don’t talk anymore
and i will catch myself mid-movement or mid-word
and i have to cut it off with a jerk.
i hate that i try to forget the taste of your name
and i hate that i can pretend that my mind will forget you
but i know my body never will
i hate that i have to remember and feel the pain all over again
fresh, like it’s new
again and again and again

i hate a lot of things about our breakup
so many goddamn things
but the only thing i can’t manage to hate
despite how much i try

is you.

—  HATE // H.S.
Modern AU Newsies go to a Baseball Game
  • Jack Kelly is a die hard Yankees fan. Katherine mentions that she prefers the players on the Red Sox. Jack looks at her as if he has been betrayed. “I thought you were better than this, Katherine.”
  • Every time Katherine cheers for the Sox, Jack gives her a death glare. 
  • Crutchie is extremely superstitious about going to baseball games. If he doesn’t wrap the top of his crutch in blue, wear the right Yankees shirt, and wear his hat on backwards, they will lose. 
  • Davey brings binoculars and a ledger to keep up with stats
  • Davey tries to tell Les that they are sitting in the highest section and there’s no way a ball would ever get to them, but he brings a glove anyway because “ya never know”
  • Jack lets out strings of unintelligible phrases when something goes right. “Heywaddayasaynowkidgetarip!” 
  • Romeo tries desperately to flirt with a group of girls at least 5 years older than him sitting in front of the group
  • The younger newsies spend the entire time trying to get on the Jumbotron.
  • Race sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the top of his lungs
  • Money is put down on who can eat the most dollar hot dogs. Les wins at 19.

Well I guess I see now why the writers dropped the Ray & Mick and the Amaya & Mick friendships from earlier in the season, and why they seemed to have such a hard-on for lone and friendless Mick stuff. But it’s still not like the whole “we never trusted him”/“I don’t have friends” stuff makes much sense anyway.

I seem to remember (using Ray as an example because these are the examples which come most readily to mind) Ray and Mick being partners, Ray giving Mick a pet rat (which did nearly kill him as a direct consequence of Mick’s untidiness which Mick nearly broke Ray’s wrist when he pointed out and Ray immediately accepted blame for but never mind), Ray and Mick fighting together in Out of Time, Mick taking Ray’s place at the Oculus, both of them wearing matching Christmas party hats and Ray going to Mick after Snart died. But they aren’t friends, oh no, of course not, not even when Ray greets Mick as “Buddy!” or the rat’s existence pretty much implies they spend a lot of time hanging out together or anything.

As for trusting him, Mick was literally holding the spear. This very powerful artefact which can be used to rewrite reality. He was. Holding it. Sara handed it to him. Oh, but they don’t trust him at all. They never fight alongside him and never give him a place on their missions and exclude him from all their briefings and oh. Except they do. They do trust him. (I mean maybe Mick doesn’t feel like it right now and that’s reasonable, what with Snart’s manipulation and everything, but for the show to act like it’s actually the case is ludicrous.)

I also remember Mick going to rescue Ray and Nate in Shogun, and recognising that, “They’d do the same for me”. It seems like a step backwards had been taken in terms of Mick’s character development, to the point where this does him a disservice.

It just seems to me like the writers needed the Legion to get the Spear and weren’t sure how else to do it (personally, I’d much rather it had been Nate who betrayed everyone because the emotional impact of that, that none of the characters would have had a clue it would happen, and maybe he finally would have been interesting, we’ve gone through this with Mick before etc). But I was rooting for the inverse of the scene from Marooned, with Mick choosing the Legends over evil!Snart. Maybe next week I guess. Come on, show. 

have some andreil headcanons because why not

so all I can do anymore is headcanons and I love the ‘get married but never fucking tell anyone’ trope

pls accept these  andreil headcanons 

  • The get married for ‘Tax Benefits’ (keep telling yourself that boys)
  • Andrew doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, so they go straight to the courthouse, grab Aaron and a few people for witnesses, sign the papers and leave
  • Andrew ends up getting them rings anyway
  • (250%)
  • They never tell any of the foxes, and they sure as hell don’t tell the press, and they wear the rings on chains and usually tuck them under their shirts, so no one notices
  • A few years pass
  • They get put together on press duty together after the first game where Neil transfers over to Andrews team
  • (Who’s  idea was this?) 
  • “Josten-Minyard rivalry still going strong even after the transfer?” ((because i’m a slut for the rivalry au) 
  • Neil’s ring fell out of his shirt at some point
  • The reporter notices before Neil
  • “Are you engaged?!?!”
  • Neil looks down, blinks, and fingers the ring before tucking it back into his shirt. “Oh, no. We’re married.”
  • “WHEN?!?!?!?”
  • Andrew finally wanders up. “Almost 3 Years.”
  • Neil “For Tax Benefits” Josten
  • Andrew shoots Neil a quite “No we didn’t dumbass.”
  • Neil’s smile could lite up the fucking sun and he ask’s Andrew yes or no (yes) and pulls him in for a kiss and the reporters go into shock as the two saunter off back to the locker room (He has a husband to go make out with in the showers)
  • (the internet breaks for a few hours)
  • Nicky calls not even a minuet later “What the Fuck Neil What Is This Fucking Shit Why the Fuck Didn’t you Tell me you Son of a Bitch I demand Details”
  • Neil hangs up on him
  • (Later that night Andrew whispers a soft “i love you” before he drifts to sleep) (It’s the first and last time Andrew says it, and Neil never brings it up because he doesn’t need to hear it to know it)