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Hey! I know you do amazing! Thank you for being an angel and doing one of these amazing blogs! How about a fluffy 2d and S/O? Chubby s/o? Thank you!

Thank you so much for sending me this message! I really appreciate all of the love I’ve been getting since I’m never sure if what I’m putting out is actually good or not.

  • 2D loves holding you! Whenever you’re at home relaxing he’ll wrap his arms around you and lean in close to you.
  • He’s very into body worship and loves giving you special attention. He kisses you whenever he gets the chance and tells you things he likes about you whenever they pop into his head. It can be funny or embarrassing sometimes because of how unprompted it usually is but you appreciate it.
  • He likes laying his head down on your thighs and dangling his legs over the arm of the sofa when it gets late during movies. Sometimes he drifts off if you play with his hair, waking himself up shortly after with his snoring.
  • He loves your thick legs and thighs! Not sure what it is about them but they’re ridiculously attractive to him.
  • More than anything he’s always admired how confident you are with your looks since he’s never been particularly into his own. Your confidence helps lift his and he appreciates that daily.

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i speak not of a crush. they are beyond my reach and always will be. so near, yet far. there is no luck to be had because they will never be mine nor will i pursue. society frowns upon those like us. their smile is brighter than the suns, more daunting than the mere idea of any god, more vibrant than anything in this world. an angel, far more beautiful than any living being, inside and out. yet they are human. but, a wonderful one, at that. anyways, thank you for letting me ramble a bit. cheers.


Always remember to smile whatever happens. People think that my life has run smoothly, but they never know I’ve faced depression, desperation, accident and failures. Sometimes, pain comes to us, not to make us sad but wise, so don’t give up to do anything, even the outcome is lower than expected, but if you give up you only got zero! Stay positive, the best things come when you least expect to~

It’s weird how being a chemist skews my idea of what’s dangerous. Like, the other day my bf asked me how dangerous hydrochloric acid is and I just kind of shrugged. And it’s not that I don’t think that chemical is dangerous, it’s more that if I were exposed to it, I would know right way and I could wash it off before it did serious damage, at least in the amounts I would be using it. The stuff that scares me is the stuff that ignites in air or is toxic/carcinogenic anything with a delayed reaction time. And like, the people I work with get that but it’s weird to go out into the world and realize that to most people, the stuff I use every day is super scary. And the stuff I’m scared of, they’ve either never heard of or don’t think about.

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shipping actual real life people and calling them your 'sons' is dehumanizing and gross. if they are dating or not doesnt matter and asking them about it all the time is an intrusion of their privacy and none of anyones business but theirs. they aren't characters from a show, they are actual people and trying to find 'proof' in everything they do and treating them like fictinal ships is disgusting. many things the phandom is doing is very disrespectful towards dan and phil

Ok let’s get one thing straight here I never asked them about their relationship wether it may be on here, twitter, youtube or any other platform. Me calling them sons in my tags is something that many people do, which is not an excuse but let me explain myself for a moment. Dan and Phil have not said anything against that behaviour, they never spoke out against something like that and made fun of it themselves telling us that it is ok. If you would know them then you would also know that they don’t really care about being shipped. The only time they were against it was 2012 and I was not in the phandom at the time anyways. I just recently posted a big post about the whole moving thing and at the end I explicitly said that everyone should treat them normally and stop asking them about a dog but eventually they did answer that question and they were not annoyed. I personally would enjoy them showing us their new home but I completely and utterly understand that they would not want to do it! Like you said they are normal people and everyone should respect them. To be honest I don’t see anything harmful in what I am doing, I’m not forcing them to be together and I’m not bothering them about it. If they would ever announce being together with someone else I would be just as supportive tbh.
To sum my point up:
If they would explicitly say “we don’t like being shipped please stop producing that content” (for example what Jacksepticeye said about the whole ship with him and Mark) I would instantly stop it but they are doing the complete opposite! Saying such things as “We like you being creative about it”, liking shipping art on tumblr, occasionally joking about the “daddy” kink brand Dan has got going on (which is a bit weird tbh), even complimenting nsfw art in their tumblr tag and even APOLOGIZING to the artist the art was reposted from on the tag saying “it was amazingly drawn don’t worry” and so on and so forth.
This is NOT me saying it is okay to stalk/annoy/or push dan and Phil into anything. It is me saying that it is completely fine to ship them as long as they don’t say anything against it.


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Yandere UT Grillby, UF Grillby, and UT Mettaton?

Ohh man wow okay. Also, I fucking love yanderes 

Undertale Grillby

  • He’s also a kuudere, so he’s silent, but deadly
  • Grillby is so kind and hardworking, you would never peg him for a yandere, which is what makes him dangerous
  • His favorite weapon to use is his fire magic because it’s so discreet
  • He’s always super helpful to his crush and will do anything for them
  • He knows a lot because people talk at his bar
  • Despite being yandere, he will never kill his crush. Kidnapping tho…

Underfell Grillby

  • He’s not exactly subtle when it comes to his yandereness
  • Highly aggressive and will attack anyone that comes near his crush
  • Will kill his crush so they could be together forever
  • Favorite weapon to use is a chainsaw because it’s rad
  • A lot of people actually have a crush on Grillby because he’s so hot
  • He’s still a ladies man, but will always pin after the one that can cannot have

Undertale Mettaton

  • He’s the very definition of a yandere
  • You know Gasai Yuno? Yep that’s him 
  • Ultimate stalker
  • He’s very popular like UF Grillby, but he’s only  in love with senpai
  • He has bombs
  • Will kill his crush if he needs to

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How about Anxiety crying in the bathroom trying to keep the others from finding out about how insecure he feels about his place among the sides. This leads to Roman breaking down the door and everyone runs in to comfort Anxiety

Tw: self hate
(I’m sorry for any constant mistakes, i cant edit it.))

He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror. He was pathetic. He couldn’t do anything for Thomas, he was just… useless.

He curled into a ball and sobbed. He couldn’t do anything right. He would just send Thomas into another panic attack and cause him to worry. He always thought he had accepted that fact he would cause this, but it hasn’t hurt less yet.

He could hear the door being slammed. Anxiety jumped and stopped breathing. Crap crap crap. The others were finally done with him, why why why did he always cause this? He couldn’t do anything. He didnt want this but he deserved this. It didn’t make him less scared when Roman burst through the door.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry ” Anxiety couldn’t stop saying this as the others came closer to him. He couldn’t hear what the others were saying, he was too scared to focus.

The others were shocked and heartbroken to see Anxiety like this. They had no idea how to comfort him.

“Hey Anxiety, it’s okay we’re not mad.” Morality said softly.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” he wouldn’t stop saying it as he rocked back and forth. The others weren’t sure how to handle this.

“Hey, its okay, we aren’t mad. I’m going to put my hand on your shoulder just shake your head if you need me to back away.” Roman said, moving slowly towards Anxiety. Anxiety sobbed and leaned towards Prince.

“Shh its okay i got you. Let it out.” Roman said as Anxiety wailed into his arms.

“Can i give you a hug?” Logan asked. Anxiety tool a second before nodding

“I wanna join!” Morality said leaning towards the three. Logan and Roman were worried, and were about to back away but while Anxiety was leaning towards norality he was still holdong onto roman and logan. They stayed like that for a while before it died down to sniffling.

“I-I-I’m sorry.” Anxiety said.

“Its okay, do you want to talk about what was upsetting you?” Roman asked.

“It’s-no I"m sorry”

“Its okay please tell us, we wont know how to help unless you tell us what’s wrong.” Logan said.

“Its Just- I don’t see the point of me. You all have some sort of role. I mean I have a role-but it’s just to ruin Thomas’s life. And even when you guys do something bad you could never disappoint anyone or if you do disappoint someone, you know what to do to fix it!”

“Hey hey, it’s okay, I’m sorry you feel that way avout yourself. I dont believe anything you believe about yourself, but its good to let it out.” Logan said. Anxiety’s breath was shakey

“For me, I just roll with it!” Morality said pointing to the roll of toilet paper. Anxiety let out a spludder of laughter before he covered his mouth and started crying again. Logan and morality looked co fused but Roman knew what was up.

“Its okay, I hate my laugh too.” Roman said petting Anxiety’s head.

“You-you have the best laugh though.” Anxiety said.

“Thanks, i honestly don’t see how others see it that way, but i know that people dont agree with me. I just wanted you to know that though you hate it, i think its cute how you laugh, especially when its unexpected.” Roman said. Anxiety was just sniffling now.

“Do you want to head to your room?” Morality asked. Anxiety just shook his head.

“I want to stay like this for a while.”

They stayed like that and after that made sure to snuggle and comfort Anxiety more often.

Digimon Electronics FOR SALE!

-Can take close up pics of packaging, screens, etc, and battery test vids if requested, but please don’t ask unless you’re actually interested
-Batteries not included/shipping cost not included
-Can accept payment by Paypal or Interac etransfer [within Canada]
-Can combine shipping with other sale items
-Feel free to ask me for feedback; I may ask for yours too
*Anything valued over $100 will be shipped with tracking
*This post will be xros-posted in multiple places

$100 USD - Pendulum Cycle V8 White
Very Good condition, opened to remove batteries. Inner box & manual only. Based on Pendulum 3/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers

$55 USD - Japanese Digimon Mini V1
Complete with box/good condition, opened to remove battery

$145 USD - Korean Pendulum Progress V2 Armageddon Army
Complete with box/essentially new (never used), opened to remove batteries

$100 USD - Japanese D-Ark Clear Blue V2
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries

$200 USD - Japanese Pendulum V5.5 Metal Empire
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries

MORE SALES: Digimon Part 1 | Digimon Part 2 | Pokemon

I’m so exhausted with tumblr culture. Y'all try to correct pronouns that ppl don’t even use to identify themselves with, call people with ptsd assholes and say they’ll never understand how triggered you feel ???????, call gay people homophobic, the list goes on

I said it once and I’ll say it again; don’t talk about shit you don’t know! It’s that easy. You don’t KNOW!!! ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE!!!! Watch yourselves. Just because a person doesn’t have all of their goddamn baggage listed on their blog for you to read doesn’t mean they’re neurotypical lmao get some common sense and respect for others


I was pretty surprised when I ran into B at the Home Depot. It had been at least a year since I’d seen him–since just before his wedding. We’d met when I moved to the city about 5 years ago and we were living in the same apartments. We spotted each other running a couple of times and introduced ourselves when we ran into each other at the apartment gym. Soon, we were work out partners. Soon after that, we were grinding our hard cocks together in my apartment. We were both dating women and we never did anything too serious. B was a stud and usually liked being on top as we made out and explored each other’s bodies. He had an awesome ass that I loved holding onto as he’d grind into me. Once, when he showed up drunk late one night, he let me eat that awesome ass, but a general pattern emerged of us making out, stripping each other, and him pumping a load down my throat as I stroked my fat dick. We were a good match and had a lot of fun until he got married and moved to a different part of the city. Our last session had been hot. He was more tender than usual and seemed like he was really going to miss me. For the first time, he even swallowed my load. It was a memory I’d stroked to many times in the last year.

And now, here B was, with that amazing ass on full display, right in front of me at the Home Depot. When I said hi, he looked just as surprised as I was. He and his wife had bought a house that was right around the corner from the condo I’d moved into. Looked like fate wanted me and B to be neighbors again. As we talked, I could have sworn I saw his dick growing in his shorts. I have him my new address and told him to come by anytime as we parted ways.

I can’t say I was surprised when B showed up that afternoon, sweaty and shirtless from a run. He was barely in the door before he had pinned me to the wall and was kissing me passionately as he pressed his sweaty frame into me. He’d been working out in the last year and his body felt better than ever. As I moved my hands down to that incredible round ass, he let out a deep moan.

We worked out way to the couch and he laid on top of me, grinding his rock hard dick into me as he kissed and licked my knock. His passion was real and he told me he hadn’t been with a dude since the last time we were together. I reached down for his dick and immediately remembered how amazing his hard thick rod always felt as it exploded in my throat. But as I started to move take his dick out of his shorts and get it into my mouth, he resisted, holding me down and grinding into me harder and harder. and then everything changed. In one move, he rolled over so his face was against the back of my couch and I was grinding against his back, my own hard dick pressing into his beautiful ass. The harder I ground my dick into him, the more he moaned. He buried his own head in the couch pillows to stifle his moans, but his seeming submission was making me feel more aggressive than usual. I pulled him back by the hair and told him I liked hearing him moan like a bitch. That alone made him moan louder than ever as he backed his ass up against me and ground into my leaking dick.

I couldn’t believe my luck when he realized he’d reached down and lowered his pants to expose his smooth bubble butt. I matched him move for move and pulled my own shorts down just enough to free my raging 8" dick. As I ground my hard dick against his bare ass for the first time, I could feel the precum leaking out of me. He was like a bitch in heat as he pushed into me, moaning and talking shit about how good I felt. How much he’d missed me. How much he needed this.

As he fagged out beneath me, I knew I had to take advantage of the moment. I lined my slick cockhead up with his tight hole and pressed as he worked his ass back into me. He moaned and almost cried as I forced my thick head into his nearly virgin hole. It took a fair amount of pressure and a series of short hard strokes to get B fully impaled on my rod, but he was clearly loving having my raw dick inside him for the first time. He writhed and bucked beneath me as I began to fuck him in earnest. As hot as it was to hear him moan and cry out as I plowed his hole, I pressed his head into the couch pillows so my neighbors wouldn’t hear me fucking this stud in broad daylight.

With his body pressed into the back of the couch and his head in the pillows, he reached back to hold onto my ass as I railed him. As his ass loosened from the fucking, he began to really buck beneath me, fucking back into me in time with my increasingly brutal thrusts. As I felt myself getting close, he turned his head from the pillows and begged me not to cum inside me. But it was too late and I told him so. I told him I’d swallowed dozens of his loads and now it was his turn to take one of mine. and I knew he wanted it. He’d come here to get my load this time and I was going to give it to him. Despite his protests, he whispered yes over and over as I ravaged his hole and my orgasm built.

When I exploded inside him, pressing his body firmly into the couch, his upturned ass worked every bit of my load out of my pulsing cock as he moaned beneath me. The incessant clenching in his ass as I came made it clear he was cumming to. My married top had just taken my raw load in his ass and had cum from the experience.

Within two minutes, he was up with his shorts and shoes back on, ready to head out. As always, he took a cigarette (wife wouldn’t let him smoke) and kissed me passionately before he left. After that, I only ever saw B around the neighborhood and we seldom spoke. But the summer after this happened, I did see B and his very pregnant wife at a neighborhood festival. I thought I might be in for some public fun when he followed me to the bathroom, but he just wanted to give me a message. As we left the bathroom, we whispered to me that he’d knocked his wife up the same day he’d seen me last. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, but he had to stay away from me now that he was going to be a dad. I knew then and there that I could get back in that ass if I tried, but B was a quality dude and I decided to respect his wishes and stay away from him. While that was the last time B and I hooked up, I stroked so many loads on that couch, looking at the stain he left when he exploded from the fucking I’d delivered. One of the hottest of my top experiences.

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So without those masks, who are you? How would you describe yourself without trying to incorporate who you were before the incident?

“Well, I, uh, don’t like my first name too much. The only one who I feel can use it is my mom - ‘cause she named me, an’ it’s her right to call me ‘Earl’. I, uh, like my coffee with cream, my pie a la mode, an’ my sandwiches with the works. I like to sit by the window, especially when it rains.”

“I hate hot days. I like hot dogs, Chicago style. I hang out in the speakeasy for the music more than anything else… sometimes we get a human band in, an’ though I’ll never admit it to most monsters, they’re my favorite. I tried cigarettes once, but never got used to ‘em. I tried drinkin’ once, but it didn’t help things.”

“And I guess… I guess I’m somebody who’s afraid of lettin’ anybody get too close, in case he loses ‘em. Somebody who pretends not to care, but actually cares too much. Way too much.”

“Somebody who don’t trust too easily, but still wants to feel like he belongs. Somebody who always prepares for the worst, so he ain’t disappointed. Somebody who’s still young an’ stupid… who doesn’t really know what he wants outta life, but he keeps goin’ anyway, an’ hopes things’ll work out somehow.”

“An’ I guess you can ask ‘spills his soul to strangers’ to that list, too… ”

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I feel like hating on lap//id//ot is just the "cool" thing to do. It's literally the most popular ship(not counting ruby/sapphire) so people just hate because it's so close to being canon and people feel threatened. They're precious and I can't find anything negative about it.


You’re right on the money there, Anon.

It never used to get this much hate until the pair of them moved in together and the true ship showed itself canonically for the very first time~

I mean, people don’t have to like Lapidot and they can ship whatever the heck they choose to!  But, if we’re all completely honest with ourselves, there’s absolutely no way that any Peridot or Lapis ship aside from Lapidot is gonna become canon as things stand right now in the show (unless the plot does some enormous u-turns).  Lapidot might not itself become canon either - but I strongly feel that it’s gonna be Lapidot or nothing.

Shipping’s not a competition, but if you look at it objectively and without bias, the evidence for Lapidot is absolutely overwhelming.  And the haters are jealous of this, I reckon, because their ship has probably canonically sank now thanks to Lapidot. 

There’s nothing negative about Lapidot, I agree - it just commited the heinous crime of having more evidence going for it than the other ships with these two characters ;p

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howdy here be a hc !! So what if for whatever reason, Hanzo needed/wanted to learn southern slang. He probably googled stuff or even asked Genji for help. Fast forward to Hanzo talking to McCree and using outlandish slang, such as, "piddling, catawampus, she gets my goose, " and other stuff. After that, McCree simply says " A for effort, but, honeybee, never have I ever heard anyone from the South ever say anything like that slang you just used. Maybe catawampus? Still love you though. " (aAAAA)

OH MY MCGOSH i’m cryinggg. Genji the best little shit of a little bro that he is, totally purposefully set Hanzo up for embarrassment by sending him to sites with outlandish/made up ones, and he just crouches behind a corner snickering as he watches his evil plans unfold.

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Mom I feel terrible. Work is going terrible. I asked my manager for a new name tag with my preferred name and even though she didn't outright say anything wrong she looked very uncomfortable. She then gossiped to my coworkers about me even though I'm already out to them so it was ok but it still hurts my feelings and makes me bad. She also said she couldn't get me a new name tag. My coworkers don't use my preferred name and pronouns either even though I came out. I'm not a boy. I never will be.

You are a boy. You are.

I’d quit and find a new job, or take it up with human resources. That’s descrimination.

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Hey so im Bi but never been with a girl. My best friend is a lesbian and she recently told me she likes me but we are gonna talk in person on Monday cos she only told me over text. I really dont know what to think cos I think I like her but im not yet sure. Only her and my other close friend know that im not straight and I dont know what to do cos Im so confused about my feelings but i dont want to ruin anything between us or hurt her. She is the most beautiful person and im just me. Any advice?

Listen to me. Don’t hesitate to be with her if you think you’re undeserving. If you want to be with her, then be with her, because this is your chance. Just let her know that you maybe aren’t too sure of yourself. She’ll understand and she should be respectful of your wishes and let you take the lead, in a sense.

Since you’ve never been with a girl before I can tell you that this is going to be as much of a self-exploration adventure as it is an adventure with her, and you aren’t going to ruin your relationship with her if it turns out at the end of a month that you weren’t really that into each other. The only way you could seriously ruin the relationship is if you dated seriously and then had an ugly breakup.

It’s your decision though, and I hope it all turns out well for you!

- Em

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Whats something kind of embarrassing about Stork that he probably wouldn't admit?

I’m not gonna talk shit about Stork to you guys, so don’t expect anything to crazy from me. For real admittances, get him drunk. Somehow. Man acts like alcohol is cyanide. I’ve only seen him drunk once and it was wild.

I guess I can tell you that he can’t tie a tie.. like at all. Never figured it out. He uses those fake clip one ones… or maybe that he sings when he thinks no one can hear him… I can hear him. He sings incredibly, but he’s such a nervous dork.. OH! And he doesn’t know how to drive. He’s almost 25 and he still has to walk everywhere. Maybe- *Stork puts his wing over Poppy’s mouth to shut him up, looking at him like “sTOP”*