but i never use it for anything

And one day you just take a step back and realise that this person, the person that you’ve allowed to hurt you so many times and you’ve given so many chances to, isn’t really anything special. In my case he was just a boy who could never appreciate me, who could never actually give me what I wanted, what I needed, what I deserved. He only wanted me when he couldn’t have me and I was so blinded by my feelings for him and so desperately wanted things to work out between us that I ignored how badly he treated me. His actions would never match his words but I overlooked it because I hoped one day they would eventually line up but of course they never did. I finally accepted that I was wasting my time on someone who didn’t care enough to be who I needed them to be. Anymore time I spent on him was just preventing me from finding someone who will care enough, who will care so much that I will always wonder why I wasted so much time on a boy who could never love me. It still hurts sometimes and I’m still getting over him but everyday I forget him a little bit less and I think that is the saddest yet most encouraging thing that could possibly come out of this.
—  how silly of me to think that I could change him when he can only change for himself.

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just wondering, have you ever thought about making one of your legacy sims asexual? like, us aces still can have relationships n stuff! you don't have to, just a ponder! anyway, your blog is too cute!

hi!! i’ve never thought about doing this but i don’t think i will?? idk anything about asexuals and i know how people can get offended and i don’t want that :-) thank you very much sweetheart ♡

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*kicks down door* -inhales- I just wanna say I LOVE how you draw ladies in your art. They're all different and unique yet they're never treated negatively for it. And another thing: I am in love with The Queen. Is she interested in relationships? (Hell I'll be her coffee bitch, I'll do anything for her)

HEY THANK YOU…. I appreciate this a lot, I know I don’t really have a very ‘pretty’ style and I used to be really self-conscious about not being able to draw super conventionally pretty women, but… I don’t really want to anymore! I’m way more interested in ladies that look average, or weird, just like any of my dude characters. I’m still working on pushing my designs more and not being afraid of taking risks, but I’m glad you like my ladies already! They’ll never be treated negatively for how they look because physical appearance is not something I think ever needs to be pointed out, teased, or a measurement of someone’s worth. *thumbs up emoji*

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  • Why I like them: literally what is there not to like
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): uuuhhh (it’s been too long dfgjhd) 
  • Favorite season/movie: listen I’ll forever be in love with the son trio okay?? that book is good shit
  • Favorite line: I’m starting to feel like I should just leave this one out bc I never seem to have a good enough memory to come up with anything
  • Favorite outfit: just the usual 
  • OTP: uh I like frankercy (talk abt the purest shit on the planet) andd frank x leo is p cool too
  • Brotp: frank and hazel and frank and annabeth
  • Head Canon: he always thinks it’ll be cool and sweet and funny to transform into an animal when new campers arrive but it usually just scares the shit out of them (but they get used to it and think he’s the coolest person that’s ever lived)
  • Unpopular opinion: i don’t like fr*zel
  • A wish: that the blessing of mars never happened let my boy be chubby rick
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: he just disappears from canon who’s frank? who knows? he’s the next grover
  • 5 words to best describe them: awkward, kind, caring, nervous, cute
  • My nickname for them: none 

Today is the day. The day you left us all. The day that still overwhelms us with complete sadness. But here I am, 40 years after your passing, and I can’t help but feel content.
Elvis, you would be so proud of your fans. They range in all ages. They all have different views. They all look and sound different. Nevertheless, we all have YOU in common. You unite us. You bring us together.
Elvis, your soul and music have brought together the best group of kids I have ever met. NOT only kids, but fans who have followed you for YEARS (who are still loyally standing strong at your side.) If there is anything I could tell you now, it would be that you have brought nothing but joy, not only to my life, but to men and women all over the world.
We love you, Elvis. You will never fade away. Not as long as I’m living.
Rest In Peace, you sweet sweet man.
- Leah
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Like I’m a girl who has been kinda “egh no thanks” in regards to anything feminine my whole life and my parents have fought me so hard with that, my mom used to (and at times still does) yell at me for not wearing makeup and not shaving and not drying my hair before going to school and not wearing earrings and sitting with my legs open, slouching, etc, but they still never discouraged me from having primarily “masculine” interests. I could like as much “boy stuff” as I wanted but I just had to look and act pretty while doing it.

But like im not gonna pretend like they would have been half as aggressive if I had been a boy who has “feminine” interests. If that were the case then it would have been so much worse. Boys can’t get away with having interests out of their gender stereotype the way girls can precisely because femininity is seen as so wrong and embarrassing when it’s expressed by men. And that’s horrible. It’s a big jumble mixture of homophobia and sexism and it affects boys in a very unique way.

I am absolutely 100% here for boys being as “feminine” as they want in all ways, until interests, clothing, makeup, mannerisms, what have you aren’t gendered anymore.

Although Tom is never really gonna be quite as mewman as Star in the show, i think it would pretty interesting for him to spout some mewman features or do some of their magic at some point.

Like find out he has small mewberty wings or occasionally he can use and spout an extra arm, or can even do mewman magic sometimes. ((I mean honestly we can’t prove he CAN”T do any of these things, it’s possible he could repress anything about him that’s mewman or not know how to unlock those abilities))

If Tom’s half of two magic creatures, it’d be cool to see them play around with it and take advantage of it.

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Wow that hate anon. Um, well, I've never really sent you messages or anything but I have been lurking the OB fandom for awhile and I guess I'm not used to hate messages being spread around so I wanted to send you love, rainbows, and puppies just for the heck of it. Hope you have a good rest of the day! Jo x

That may be the most lovely message I’ve ever received. Bless your lil lurking heart. We weren’t mutuals before but we are now! Thanks for spreading some love today. Real life is such hot garbage right now. I need Tumblr to be my escape from the horrors of world news. A place where I can have intelligent convos with friends, celebrate AND critique all that is OB, unabashedly promote the work of talented clone club, and/or enjoy some really immature Ebro fangirling. Sometimes all of those things at once! I appreciate the puppies and rainbows, buddy. xoxoxoxo

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What program do you use to make your art? I've always wanted to learn how to make pixel art but i never knew what program to use

I use Pixaki, a pixel drawing app for iPad, but you can use anything that lets you zoom in to the pixel level!

(You can even use graph paper!)

For @enygmass and anyone else who’s stressing about University in a couple of weeks, I’ve got some advice for you guys. University can seem really daunting, especially if this is your first time living away from home, but I’m here to help you through as much as I can!

Now bear in mind, this is coming from the angle of the US higher education system. I unfortunately don’t have much knowledge of foreign universities, so pick and choose which advice applies most to your situation! (I also just realized it’s been a decade since I first went to college so, uh…things might have changed)

Unless a professor sends out an email specifically saying to have a textbook for the first day of class, DON’T BUY THEM UNTIL YOU GO TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Seriously. I know you guys want to be prepared for anything that’ll come your way, but I can’t tell you how many times I bought a book beforehand and literally never used it throughout the duration of the semester. Look at the syllabus, paying special attention to what readings will be assigned. Are there frequent readings from the textbook, or is it intended more as an additional reference guide? Unless you have a professor who crawled up from the innermost circle of hell and gives you surprise questions on an exam like “Where did the author of the textbook get their doctorate?” you can usually get a good idea if the textbook is actually necessary and plan accordingly.

Speaking of textbooks, 99.99% of the time you don’t need the latest and greatest edition, especially for your gen eds like history, literature, or even basic biology. Textbooks are a racket, and most publishers just rearrange page numbers or add new images and label it as the “New, 7th Edition!” You can usually find older editions for exponentially cheaper than the newer ones, so spring for those if you can find them.

For those of you who are worried about not making friends, might I draw your attention to clubs? I know it seems cliche, but universities—especially big public ones—often have a dearth of clubs to choose from. They’re a great way to meet new people who have similar interests to you and to provide low-stress enrichment outside of your dorm room. In my university tenure I was a part of a book club, a film club, the art history club, and I went to a few meetings of the swing dancing club, and those were just a very small sampling of everything VCU offered! All of them were great and helped distract me from academic stress. See if the university offers a meet-and-greet type of day where all of the clubs, sororities/fraternities, and other student life groups set up tables and take a stroll to see what’s around!

On the subject of academic stress, it’s going to happen. Professors don’t coordinate their assignments, especially when they aren’t even in the same department, so it’s going to feel like everything’s coming due at once. Remember to just take a moment and breathe. Take a break every couple of hours, go get a glass of water, or take a walk around the block to help re-center yourself.

I strongly advocate for study groups. Bear in mind that very little studying actually occurs at most study groups (so don’t use them as the only time you study), but it gives you a place to vent frustrations about difficult professors and collaborate on strategies for exams or big projects. There also might be someone there who has a new insight on something that’s been giving you a hard time, or has knowledge of helpful study aids.

The Dorm Plague is a real thing, especially in the fall semester. Living in such close quarters with a bunch of strangers creates a hotbed for colds to spread like wildfire, so be sure you’re prepared! Bring a little mini medicine bag with you, including ibuprofen/Tylenol, cough syrup, Nyquil/Dayquil, Mucinex, whatever you use when the Crud strikes. If you’re down and out with a cold, you probably don’t want to go out in freezing temps to the nearest corner store to get these, so it’s best to have them on retainer. Also have bandaids and Neosporin in case you get paper cuts or other cuts and scrapes.

Remember to take time for yourself. If you’ve got a roommate, it can sometimes feel like privacy is nonexistent. Find a place somewhere on campus where you can be alone for as long as you need to be. My favorite spot was the 5th floor of the library, which was a silent study floor.

Talk to your academic advisors! Admittedly some of them are more helpful than others, but they can help you with the nightmare that is scheduling for the next semester and make sure you’re staying on track.

And when it comes to scheduling, have a first, second, and third choice for both core classes and electives. Gen eds are usually pretty easy to get into because they often have bigger class sizes, but your major classes and choice electives usually fill up fast. I can’t tell you how many times I planned my schedule out only for everything to get ruined by a class filling up before I could get in.

Speaking of electives, use them as an opportunity to check out something you might be interested in or to give yourself a low-stress class to offset the madness of everything else. I studied art history and thus took a lot of film classes, which had the dual benefit of having very little actual homework while also helping to broaden my understanding of 20th century modernism. Some classes may have “major restrictions” (which means they’re only for people who are majoring in that area of study), but your advisor should be able to tell you if you can get an override into it.

Try not to pull all-nighters frequently. I know it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes, but frequent all-nighters will negatively impact both your health and your academic performance, and I guarantee the work you put out after going for 24 hours is not going to be great. Sometimes you’ll HAVE to do an all-nighter, especially around midterms and finals, but try not to make it a habit. I did and I ended up with a terrible throat infection my first semester at VCU. 0/10, do not recommend.

Talk to your professors! Some of them are going to be holy terrors, but others are genuinely kind and understanding. If you’re having difficulty with a deadline due to an overwhelming work load, see if they’ll work with you or give you an extension. It’s certainly not guaranteed, and many of them will most likely say no, but it never hurts to ask.

I’m here to tell you that not getting the grade you wanted in a class is not the end of the world, even though it might feel like it is. There will always be professors who are notoriously and unnecessarily difficult, and there will always be subjects that you personally struggle with. You might even have to retake a class. IT’S OKAY. Look at the mistakes that you made, learn from them, and move on.

Most of all, HAVE FUN. High school is nothing compared to college. It’s hard and stressful and sometimes it’ll reduce you to tears of frustration, but this is the place where you’ll really start to develop your identity, identify or solidify your interests and potential career paths, and where you will meet so many wonderful, interesting people. Remember to stay curious, to keep your mind open, and use this as a space to learn about as much as you possibly can. You can not only do this, you can CRUSH IT.

And if you ever have a question, concern, fear, or worry, Grandma Jessy is here to help.

50 More Interesting Questions

Rules: fill this out and tag at least one person you’d like to know more about! Or just fill it out! Or don’t! Answer only some of them! Make up your own questions! “What kind of requirement is that”, you ask? A reasonable one! Who am I to tell you what to do? Anything goes!

got tagged by dearest @nijigendiaries, :D thank you! 

1. What kind of food can’t you stand?: anything with mayonnaise eck, also jackfruit, and fruitcake. 

2. If you could choose one minor inconvenience to never have to deal with again, what would you pick?: having to wait for my preferred pens to get restocked at the store. I just wish they were available all the time. my hand feels different when i use other pens or ink

3. Have you got any useless talents?: Nah, and by nah it’s not because my talents are useful - I’m pretty much just here (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

4. If you could be really really good at one thing, what would it be?: writing. I’ll never be satisfied i think

5. Name a few people you think are extremely good-looking: well i suppose the usual people i often reblog, gal gadot, henry cavill, tulip from the tv series preacher also has stunning looks and so does shadow moon from american gods but look this isn’t really my thing i don’t really look look at people that way

6. What was your favorite way to pass the time as a kid?: making stuff up in my head and making self-insert stories in my favorite shows and universes haha, and oh i loved riding my bike and watching sunsets

7. What is something you’re proud of?: *throws confetti at myself*

8. What’s one character flaw in people that you just can’t tolerate?: very specifically lying to me in any manner regardless of the question. Do not lie to me. Do not attempt to lie to me. This will definitely erase every sliver of respect i have for you.

9. Do you consider yourself to be more of a leader or a follower?: it would depend on who is leading. I don’t think i can ever follow someone who is not up to the job and i dont mind giving orders when necessary

10. What kind of student are/were you?: the kind that teachers left alone thank god

11. Butterfly effect question! Has there ever been a seemingly minor decision you’ve made (at the time) that ended up having a profound influence on your life?: ohyeah definitely


13. Are there any fictional characters you find especially relatable?: ohhh a lot actually

14. If you drink, what kind of drunk are you? Alternatively, what sort of person are you at parties?: i will laugh at all the jokes because the world suddenly gets 1000% funnier. Also the person who will hold your hair if you need to puke, and the one to solemnly remind you that the pingpong ball dropped to the floor on which only the gods know how many bacteria is already slathered on it but hey go ahead, throw it and drink fromt he fucking cup. Also game for everything so yeah you sure you wanna down another balut because i will own you  ┗(`・ω・´)┛ althomy party tolerance tho is only at like a few hours after that i am dead silent and i need to recharge

15. Do you fall in love easily? Or does it usually take a long time for you to trust someone?: i don’t fall in love easily and it’s gonna take a long while before that could ever happen. Like a loooong looooooong while. My SO is a lucky bastard alright.

16. Would you rather have one close friend or 100 casual friends?: 1 close friend.

17. Do you consider yourself to be more of a slob or a neat-freak?:  im more of the neat desk but godd don’t look at the rest of my room

18. Describe a place (imaginary or real) that you would find incredibly cozy: it would be a corner of a room with large windows. Sunset would pour in and paint the entire room with fire before slowly giving way to the ethereal glow of dusk. A large sofa (one i could stretch in, this is very important) is set in exactly the perfect place that if I look up I could see the sky and if I look to my right, I could see books upon books upon books. There would be a coffee table just beside me. It has coffee in it. And as I turn the page to the book i am reading, i hear tippiytaptap of my dozen dogs, accompanied by the distinct sound of footsteps i know so well.

19. Do you have kids? If not, do you want them someday?: no kids atm, and i don’t know we’ll see

20. What was your favorite book as a child? White Fang, Call of the Wild, and those colorful trivia books about animals and wildlife

21. Name one thing you just don’t get what all the hype is about: that weird everwing game that is taking my local messenger by storm :/

22. Name one thing that you think is tragically underrated: bats. they are very very cute.

23. If you had to be glued to a person for a month, real or fictional (who you have never met), who would you choose?: like a character i don’t know yet? Probably ikesen Mitsuhide - he seems like he’s gonna be a riot. I mean hey, we could start a riot. There’s an idea.

24. What’s something you’d like the chance to do someday?: visit the Throne Room of the Winter Palace

25. Do you typically speak your mind when you have a controversial opinion? Or do generally prefer to not rock the boat?: hmmmm, i would definitely speak my mind if I see that following a popular opinion is going to have Disastrous Results short and long-term. But if the opinion is just gas going through some dumbass mouth then nah, they can steer the ship because i’m not riding in it anyway.

26. What’s the dumbest fad you’ve been caught up in?:  i don’t get into fads

27. What’s something you thought was cool as a kid/adolescent, but now cringe at yourself for?: i thought it was cool once to use a straw and try to taste the earth yeah that was stupid i can still remember just how much i cringed haha

28. What’s a trait you consider to be very admirable?: honesty, always

29. Is there a particular kind of item people always tend to give you as gifts? (For instance, people always get you things with ducks on them because you like ducks, etc.): coffee, journals, books ofc, and dog memes hahahaha

30. Do you speak multiple languages? Which ones?: yeah, Filipino, English, Ilokano, not fluent in Spanish, Japanese, Latin (it’s dead but it bumps up the resume haha)

31. Would you rather live in the big city or the countryside?: Somewhere in between. i hate the noise of the city but the quiet of the countryside will kill me and i will not survive

32. Has there ever been something you were certain you’d hate, but ended up loving?: not hate per se but Ikesen hideyoshi IS AN OUTLIER TO MY TYPE AND I DAMN THE DAY he uttered those words that made my heart cry for him

33. Do you mind being the center of attention, or do you prefer the spotlight to be on someone else?: i prefer to just move in the shadows. i don’t like attention

34. Favorite holiday?: none. they’re all the same to me and im not pretty festive

35. Are you a more go-with-the-flow type of person, or do you need to have things planned meticulously?: it’s more of i have a general idea and i got hte bullet points and then let’s see how it goes but when it’s pretty near the deadline like give or take 2 weeks? ohboy i plan it down to how many minutes im allowing myself to eat

36. Is there something you loved so much you wish you could forget it and experience it all over again? (A tv show, book, series–anything.): to be honest, i don’t want to forget things just to have to experience them again for the first time because that first time is very precious to me, and i experienced it at a very specific time in a very specific mindset - so how are we going to guarantee that my second first time experience is going to go as well as my original first time experience? I don’t want to lose the magic of that moment on the off chance i can experience and enjoy it as much as i did back then. The key, my friends, is to realize that each and every moment is a first time in itself.

37. What hobbies do you have?: reading stories making up stories watching stories, sitting in silence, iknow it’s a pretty plain life

38. If you could have a superpower, but it was only mildly useful, what ability would you want to have?: exactly how is a superpower even mildly useful that very term negates itwhy not just call it a midly useful gift because superpowers are called as such preciselybecause theyre useful. then again this might just be semantics because if we are to put it into our context like ordinary humans having a different ability then it is a supoerpower because it is different altho it’s not just cool and it will not save lives so it’s only midly useful but i refuse to accept the term midly useful supower ever that’s just weird and this psot got too long andim just so confused so  i dunno maybe talking to reptiles? That would be pretty cool. I wanted to say animals but that would not be a mildly useful one now would it

39. Something people are always surprised to learn about you: that i am not as serious as i look hahaha, i love hearing that one, i want people to fear me first and then learn im just a freaking marshmallow (that can bite, if you’re into that i guess)

40. Something that took you way too long to figure out: to this day, i do not know how to make dips for food in that exact way that pleases people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have no intention of learning

41. Worst injury you’ve had?: i had a rare disease that made it unbearably painful to walk for a few weeks. True story, a grandma was able to out-walk me and my doctor cackled

42. Any morbid fascinations?: bones, teeth, the way blood paints the ground after a horrid crash, the scream of a person who just had their bags snatched, the way your knee bends when you know you don’t have a choice, or how meat is scraped from bone when carnivores feed

43. Describe your sense of humor: damnable and sarcastic. Will probably send me to hell.

44. If you had to be born in another era/place, which would you choose? far into the future when people can travel galaxies and we can cruise through stars

45. Something you are irredeemably bad at: wrapping gifts

46. Something that sucked but you’re glad you went through: lawschool lmaoooo

47. Would you rather have a really godawful ugly tattoo in a place that is only slightly inconvenient to conceal with clothing (upper arm, thigh, etc.), or the coolest, most beautiful tattoo ever in the middle of your face? (Neither tattoo can be removed or concealed with makeup, and the ugly tattoo will deeply offend anyone who sees it.): ugly tattoo i guess, i don’t like anything marking my face i have enough scars. It’s going to be a great conversation starter i can already see it

48. Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?: definitely would depend on the situation im in but i guess optimist because hey, the only way to go once you hit rock bottom is up up up

49. What would be the most flattering compliment someone could give you?: that i am the person they would never ever betray

50. Something you feel people often misunderstand about you: my silence is not me ignoring you. it’s mean im watching your every move.

okay so tagging: @incorrectmidc, @kakihoden, @lustfullyleocrawford, @emigotchi, @arimii, @trixtzu, @spyrothetimelord, @rimalupin, @leorysxi,  and  @ anyone else who wants to do this im just so sleepy right now spent the day out and about and i had my tea and im about to collapse but in a good way which means face first in bed

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Something that never happened but I would have loved: Kes/Seven of Nine?

Originally posted by jackandrosetitanic-blog

I also would have loved this. I would have loved ANYTHING with Kes and Seven of Nine. It would be such an amazing dynamic! On one side a child who chose to leave her family and culture behind and on the other a child whose family and culture were stolen from her. And they both learn to be “adult” and human” together. Why was this taken from us???? I am forever saddened. 

And as a romance? Seriously, Kes is the number one BEST option for Seven. Because she’s not human, but she understands them. And she listens better than anyone on the ship. And she proved in her interactions with The Doctor that she doesn’t place expectations on people. She helps them figure out who they really are. And I think Kes is attracted to Tuvok so I can see her being attracted to Seven. Ugh, it would be so beautiful. Kes/Seven 5EVA

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Just because a lot of people come to me on here asking the same thing: Any dating site you find that is using my pictures is NOT me. Never used dating sites in my life and probably never will. Same goes for any social media: this is my only Tumblr blog (aside from the Patreon exclusive), I only have one Instagram account that is private and will stay private to anyone who isn’t my close friend or family member and I only have one Facebook account which, again, is private and will stay private to everyone. Anything else is fake. It sucks that a lot of people are being fooled and in some cases people have said that they developed feelings for the person they thought was me :( come on guys, not cool.

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I hate how Black women have to be down for our men, wait on them in jail, be loyal above all things, accept their under achievements, ride or die, etc. Tears and pain are just a part of the contract for us. We never get anything good in return for our hardwork. This is abuse.

All that stuff you described, you aren’t obligated to be put up with any of it.

Is it abuse? Yes it is abuse. Mental, physical, verbal and everything in between. Do you have to stay and put up with it? That’s your choice to make.

Tears and struggling are NOT in the black girl’s contract. With all of this strength and divinity we have, there should be no reason why we aren’t living the best life that we can. Fear and lack of logic is what keeps us under these horrible terms and conditions. If you hate the “contract” that you’ve been given, go ahead and cry if you need to, but make sure you negotiate a better deal for yourself at the end of the day.

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Hi miki! How do you stay so positive & not let what negative, ignorant people have to say about you or your relationship bring you down? I really admire that! And wish I could be the same way, but I care too much about what people think. Esp when they make false assumptions about my relationship it just rly crosses a line and depresses me. Any advice? You're so strong and you and hope are such beautiful, inspiring people :)

It definitely used to bother me a lot more. It hurt anytime someone said something negative about our relationship and would make me feel super insecure. But I matured within myself and in love and I just realized how irrelevant all of that negativity was. People are either jealous or bitter, so all those negative comments are only said to hurt.. they have absolutely no value. What random people say shouldn’t effect anything about your relationship, never let them win. Yeah it may sting a little but it’s best to just laugh at what people say (because usually it’s sooo far off) and to just love your love with no fear.

I would give anything to feel again.” His voice was low, so low I could scarcely hear it. “And for a long time, I thought I never would. Then I heard you play your music for me back in the Goblin Grove. For the first time in an eternity, I hoped - I thought -”
Another silence fell over us, thick with secrets and things unsaid. I could taste the questions at the back of my tongue, but swallowed them down.
“Your music,” he said at last. “Your music was the only thing that kept me sane, that kept me human instead of a monster.
—  Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

remus lupin + character aesthetic ( @penumbra-rp )

it used to be, he thinks, that he thought he could be happy on his own. That he could go about the world and not depend on other people for an appreciation of his life. And yet, he thinks, maybe it was never that way at all. Maybe, he thinks, I’ve never been anything without other people’s breathing, other people’s beating hearts. ( x )