but i never thought

Heroes never die (even in alternate universes)

Overwatch! Chrobin (in McCree and Symmetra skins) for my pepperoni bro on Twitter. It started out with ChromCree jokes but then it escalated //’D 

Enjoy this smug Chromcree with his lovely wind, SymmetRobin

I started watching The Met: Policing London and I really want a fic that’s ‘a day in the life of’ type documentary following Lestrade and the whole time he’s just so. fucking. tired. of the zoo and just wants to do his job.  Like, Sherlock is being himself turned up to 11 *and* doing everything he can to avoid the cameras, Sally’s running the whole show from the background, John is hitting on the producer/ director/ whoever, Molly’s just casually walking around the morgue with the severed arm of the victim like it’s a Christmas ham or a cricket bat and making really horrible jokes in between using medical jargon that even Lestrade, who’s been on the murder beat for like 20 years, has a hard time following.

Or Molly gets offered a series like Dr. G and they’re shooting the pilot; Sherlock and crew don’t make it easy.

(I think there were fics like this many moons ago, but I can’t remember any specifics, if anyone does, please link me.)

‘I’ve thought about leaving, about getting the fuck out of the town. I’ve spent nights awake, thinking about the places I’ll go, the people I’ll meet,’ she said, staring wistfully up at the sky.

‘But what about the people you’ll leave behind?’ he wondered, ’ won’t you miss them?’

She turned to look at him, her eyes forlorn. ‘The true question is: will they miss me?’

—  the story of a girl who doesn’t know her worth

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What should I do??? An art giveaway? A group photo (maybe using that Magikarp Jump screenshot)? Something else? I have no idea! O.o Please give me suggestions… ))

Before you left, you told me that in some other universe, some other life, we would end up together. That somewhere out there, we were forever. You told me that, as if it would help, as if it would matter at all. But it doesn’t, it doesn’t stop the aching pain in my chest when I see you with someone else. It doesn’t wipe away my tears and make my eyes a little brighter. It won’t matter that another version of us made it, that they’re in each other’s arms right now. Because it’s not us. I don’t care if there’s millions of parallel universes and our love is endless in every single one. I need it to be this universe, this version of us. I need your arms around me, your hands in my hair, on my waist. I need picnics on the beach and kisses on my forehead and dancing at midnight. I don’t need fantasies of what we could’ve been, what we should’ve been.
—  a world away // An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #27

okay i don’t know if those pairing things are ever going to happen for a while at least because i just got a 20 minute lecture about being gay and that lesbians can never have friends and that i will never be liked and i don’t think i can draw

I just want to live in this moment forever. Just you and I driving around town with the windows down. Laying in your bed naked with nothing but a thin sheet across our torsos. Drunken kisses. Us being so high together and laughing at everything. Our fights on who loves who the most. This is the moment I live for. I want to live with you forever and if there’s no you, I don’t want to live at all..
—  We were made for loving each other.
going to japan!! (again!!)

My family and I are going to be in Japan - this time in Tokyo!! - from May 29 to June 2. My birthday’s on May 30, so it looks like I’ll be celebrating there too! :’D (Time to get as many Ososan encounters and merch as I can!!)

I think we’ll have internet there, but most of the day will be spent going around so I won’t be online much then. I’ve got a queue set up that should be good for the duration of our visit!

I’ll see you guys when we get back!! ♥