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Works of Fiction are Made for Escapism, They Should Never Cause You to Feel That You've Lost Your Worth.

I know a lot of people are calling the upset fans over-emotional and dramatic, but I would like to spell out for you why we are so upset. Well at least why I am.

Now, I dont feel worthless, but I have seen a lot of saddening posts from some people who feel severely depressed by this incident. I do not blame them.

We followed a show that we thought was going to change the world. We followed a show that, every single season so far, had been dishing out these beautiful well thought out stories, but series four changed it all.

Series four’s first episode was so bizarre, it didn’t really feel like a Sherlock episode at all and there were a lot of problems with it story-wise, but I was optimistic the second episode would be better.

It was. But only because of the main mystery and villain, the “big reveal” at the end was downright ridiculous and comical, I was hoping that the last episode would fix it. Make series four make sense finally.

But it didn’t. As you have probably seen, there were a lot plot holes, like I have not seen so many in one episode of a show before, let alone an episode of Sherlock. Moftiss kept speaking of them wanting to tell the “true story” but is the “true story” a ridiculous “ooh I have an evil sister” cliche? Not only that, but as many have pointed out, in the end of the episode this crazy bitch was forgiven and allowed to live, and now sherlock visits her all the time and plays violin with her? No.

This is not good writing.

What happened inbetween The Abominable Bride and series 4? I truly need to know.

I understand if this is not enough for you to understand the length to which we are upset. But allow me to explain the title of this post:

When I say that a show should never make you feel this way, I mean it.

I mean tragedies happen in shows all the time right? We are never this upset about those. So why are we so upset about this?

Because character deaths or wasted romances are understandable, if given a good and clear reason within the text. Because that’s good writing.
Unexpected twists and evil siblings can be good, but only with good writing accompanying these things.

A good example is Marley and Me. This is a very sad movie/book. But the writing is done well and the story is strewn together in a clear way, without us being upset and angry by the turn of events. The dog died and we still loved the movie. It let us escape into a world, albeit a sad one, but we escaped.

Series 4 completely abandoned the message and skillful writing of the previous series and rewarded it’s fans with nothing short of a shitty soap opera where the evil twin is redeemed for no reason and gets to play violin with Sherlock on the weekends.

Television, stories, works of fiction. They need to be told well and truthfully, as truthfully as the truth can be told. They did not tell the truth.

As a writer. As someone who has wanted to tell stories since I was nine years old. I am going to make a vow, right here. Right now.

Every story I tell, every song I write, I promise I will tell the truth in all of them. I will give proper representation, and if the villains win in my stories, I will make damn sure we know it’s the truth, and that it may not be a good truth, but it is the truth. I will never hurt my readers the way that moftiss has hurt us. I will never disrespect my story enough to accept whatever schlock comes out of my fingers as I type. I will analyze, I will change, I will cry and sweat until my story is done. Until the truth is told. I will make sure my readers never feel like they’ve lost their worth on account of my worlds that I weave.

Please hold me to that.



I tweaked Willa like wth I never thought I would and like, she might look weird to you know but she looks lots more like herself to me and ;3;


Ahh I almost forgot to mention the month of January marks 5 years since I first made a tumblr.. its kind of crazy to think that its been that long

what is even crazier is to think about how different my life would be if i never joined this website back in 2011 

like my whole college experience would be completely different because when i first moved cities i didnt know anyone and my first few best friends i made were through tumblr. ive meet so many other people irl from here and have made memories i would never have if i didnt join this website

people like to give tumblr a bad rep but its been really really great for me

idk ive just meet the coolest people! its really sad that alot of my old mutuals have deleted but i still think of them from time to time.. i wish i still had alot of time to come on here like i used to cause i dont really talk to many people anymore plus everyone is kinda just slowly moving on :/ but it used to be so fun a few years back

it also helped me become more comfortable with myself nobody in my real life knew i was gay until recently but i always had people on here to talk to about it so it saved me from going crazy in high school lol and even helped me come out to my closest friends

and 5 years ago i had no idea i would ever gain 100k+ followers and its still pretty insane to me that somehow that happened .. but anyways now im just rambling and getting sad thinking about all the old memories on here :’)

love you guys!