but i never look to deep in the lyrics

The signs as quotes from Freeman's Mind
  • Aries: "Ugh. Darwin was right. I didn't realize I was working with a bunch of lemmings."
  • Taurus: "I should think less like a human being that uses doors, and more like a... squirrel that has anger problems."
  • Gemini: "It's like the classic debate of why measuring the position of an electron changes its momentum and vice-versa. The only correct answer is to get drunk and set fire to things."
  • Cancer: "Since this morning, I've been bitten, shot, bombed, electrocuted, almost drowned, almost fallen to my death, and strangled. Rasputin wasn't so lucky."
  • Virgo: "You can never prove the absence of ninjas, only their direct presence."
  • Libra: "What was that Nietzsche said? 'He who fights drummers should see to it that in the process he does not himself become a drummer'? [...] I wonder if Nietzsche was in a band. I bet he was. I should look him up when I get out of here. I bet the songs have pretty deep lyrics."
  • Scorpio: "Friends are like weeds that scream."
  • Sagittarius: "It looks like an anemometer, but it is not. Anemometers don't fire bullets. Not even the expensive ones. Or I don't think they do. If they do, meteorologists are more hardcore than I thought."
  • Capricorn: "So yeah, I'm killing people now. But that was NOT murder. That was TOTALLY self-defense. Just because I have a sub-machine gun doesn't change anything."
  • Aquarius: "I do belong in a pedestal, but metaphorically, God damn it!"
ESC SF1 songs if given Friends episode-style titles
  • (These are very much tongue-in-cheek, so please don't be offended! I like a fair few of these songs, but said something sarcastic about them anyhow.)
  • Albania: The one where they almost don't ruin a song in a revamp. Almost.
  • Armenia: The one where a Caucasian sensation goes East Asian.
  • Australia: The one with the awkward guests who sent a kid making puppy dog eyes in case you wanted to banish them.
  • Azerbaijan: The one where they finally send something edgy.
  • Belgium: The one with a school-aged student and a song that's too cool for school.
  • Cyprus: The one where they think the massive force that stops you from flying free and that can even kill you in space is a perfect metaphor for love.
  • Finland: The one where they associate bittersweet memories of love to the wretched cawing of nature's least musical bird.
  • Georgia: The one that sees Russia and Ukraine politicising the contest and thinks "three can play at that game."
  • Greece: The one with lyrics written in 3 minutes on the back of a Weetabix packet.
  • Iceland: The one whose deep lyrics will be drowned out by puns about rocks and scissors.
  • Latvia: The one where the early-90s rave never went out of fashion.
  • Moldova: The one where they make the most of being a meme.
  • Montenegro: The one with the most double entendres since Scooch's UK entry.
  • Poland: The one written with a kid's rhyming dictionary.
  • Portugal: The one that I can't ironise because it's so timeless and moving that it brings tears to my eyes.
  • Slovenia: The one that sounds like what beige looks like.
  • Sweden: The one that sounds like a sex addict's anthem and looks like an advert for men's businesswear.
  • And the 3 Big 6 voting in this semi:
  • Italy: The one with the most philosophical lyrics which will, nonetheless, be interpreted as a novelty song.
  • Spain: The one that not even Spain wanted to subject Europe to.
  • UK: The one that brings fast and effective relief for insomnia.

‘Weary traveler, calloused and sore
Time and gravity followed you here
Rest, my brother, and tell me
All about the ocean
Spoils and troubles, the burden you’ve bore
Pay them no mind, they matter no more
Leave them behind and show me
All about the ocean

Look in your eyes
I’ve never seen the ocean
Not like this one

Deep in your eyes
I’ve never seen the ocean
Not like this one’


I’ve been working on this for fucking ages. Finally finished. Lyrics from Oceans by Puscifer, kill me now Maynard. Background painted and run through a gallery filter on my phone. Thanks to @kittyboo8015 for an amazing amount of awesome refs for the gear (I hate the goddamn gear) and @erwinsalive @survey-corps-rookie for your wonderful input.

To add the depressing points - Levi is finally at rest. Yes, that’s Erwin’s hand welcoming him home.

You looked beautiful in white but I stayed home, oh
Could never live without you, but I guess I’ll have to
You’re gone, gone, gone
—  Grayscale - Forever Yours 

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Favorite SE scene :)

I love so many of their scenes (obv) but when it comes to choosing one favourite, I’m kind of boring and like Paul, I always say the same one because it’s always my fave.

And it’s 3x01.

KW actually wrote it and he said: “No, she should get home. It’s the end of the night. We think all hope is lost. And then the phone should ring. And she should almost miss the call. And then when she picks up, he’s there, but he doesn’t say anything, he just needs to hear her voice, because it’s the only thing keeping him from completely falling apart.”

Because they had 2 seasons of a beautiful, strong relationship with ups and downs and so once Stefan gave himself over to Klaus to save Damon, that relationship, what they had was what gave her the strength to keep looking for him all summer and never give up even tho everyone thought she was being crazy. And it gave him the strength to keep fighting deep inside. And this is why I’ll always be a Stelena shipper, because their love was their strength, not a weakness.

Plus the beautiful music playing in the background: “A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, but I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my heaven.”
The lyrics just always made sense for them, it was very well written.

Yandere (ish) Song Masterlist

Well, you asked for it, and I did my best to make another one! This list will include exclusively non-Vocaloid songs, anyways my Vocaloid list can be found here

Note - I tried to include lesser known songs, but you will (of course) find ones that may have been posted on other lists, just warning so you won’t get mad. Hope you enjoy the content I brought\

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me in doing this!

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Song Writing w/ Taeil that Leads to Confession
  • why do i feel always so sleepy like wtf
  • this is my first request for this angel and i’m so hapyyyy
  • also, all of your requests are SO adorable and fluffy i love doing them so muchh
  • but i love this loser just a bit more, hehe he’s so perfect <333
  • so st0op sleeping on him!! he has the most angelic voice ever and his visuals are A++ what more do u need ugh
  • also, shoutout to the lovely anon who requested this 
  • let’s start this ^^
  • so, you and taeil didn’t knew each other for too long
  • just a few weeks or so
  • but you were already really close friends
  • and he didn’t know this but you had a little crush on him
  • he was just so nice and polite and he’s just really funny
  • so ofc you would end up catching feelings for him i mean he’s perfect
  • but little did you know that he had feelings for you too!!
  • you were just so pretty and adorable and ugh he adores u okay
  • so, anyways, going to the story, that day all the members had the day free and he really wanted to spended it with you
  • so he called u and invited you to go for some bubble tea and talk for a bit since the day was beautiful outside
  • even though here where i live is raining a lot lmao
  • but after walking around and talking for like an hour or so yo decided to go to the doorms and play around with the other members u know
  • but since it was their day off all of them were passed out in bed lmao so you two were practically alone in the living room
  • but u r suddenly like
  • “taeil, what is this?”
  • “what? ah, the other day i wrote that but i never had the time to finish it, is just a silly song”
  • you read the lyrics carefully, getting surprised by how beautiful and deep the lyrics were
  • and he was smiling at you while you were busy reading the pieces of paper that were in your hands
  • if you only knew thaT IT WAS A LOVE SONG THAT HE WROTE FOR YOU
  • “you definitely should continue it, it’s really good!”
  • “wanna help me?”
  • and you looked at him like ????
  • “are u serious? i never wrote a song before”
  • “well, there’s always a first time for everything”
  • and you look at him with a ‘r u kidding me’ face
  • and since when does he use that kind of phrases like who do u think u are?? yuta???
  • but you agreed? like how to say no to him right
  • so you started to write a song???
  • like, it was your first time ever, and you didn’t know how to do it properly and tAEIL WASN’T EVEN HELPING YOU 
  • i swear to god he was only playing around with his guitar
  • an when u asked him for help he would only laugh at the lyrics he was’t even trying to help you
  • and you kinda
  • “if you weren’t so handsome and pleasing to watch i would punch you in the face right now” -you, 2k17
  • so you gotta do it alone gurl
  • but as time continued you would get a lot better
  • the words would come more easily and you started to feel proud of what you where writing
  • “i think is finished”
  • “ah~~~really? let me see”
  • while reading taeil would be giving those approved nods with his head and constantly smiling, making you feel confident
  • “let me sing it for you then”
  • k sure
  • and he sang the full song acapella and r.i.p you
  • his voice sounded amazing and you never realized how much in love you were with him until this moment
  • and excuse me but moon taeil’s voice singing acapella is probably angelic am i right
  • “i really like it y/n, how did you got so inspired so suddenly?”
  • “because of you”
  • and it was true, you had a masterpiece in human form right by your side singing for you, how could you not going to get inspired?
  • his response was other of his beautiful smiles
  • “well, that’s funny because you inspired me to start writing this”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “i really like you y/n, i have been in love with you since the first moment”
  • “what a coincidence you know, because i like you since the first moment too, tae”
  • you sat next to him and hugged him
  • “i’m never letting you go now, okay? just forget about being someone else’s”
  • you also realized how perfectly you fit each others arms i’m
  • “what is happening why is y/n here why are you guys hugging”
  • of course yuta had to came and ruin everything, istg
  • you looked at taeil again and his eyes wERE SHINING AND HE WAS SMILING AT YOU AND FJJKSDHK,
  • i’m just imaginating everything ok jesus christ did you realize how ethereal he is???? i’m in pain
  • ”date tomorrow?”
  • “yes, for sure”
  • i n e e d to stop
  • he’s ruining my entire life i swear
  • he’s such an idiot but like a cute idiot and fvck i’m in love i swear
  • forget about chittaphon and hyuck moon taeil is my one and only ultimate bias rn
bunhead || 2

Summary: Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.

Word Count: 2,599

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When u feel the weaher getting better but u can’t feel ur feet

When ur told that you’ll be fine

When ur broken bones r caving in

When you’ll never know where u stand

When u know you’ve been vaguely twisting ur words

When u can’t find the words or muster up the nerve to tell her you’ll never forget her and she’ll always have a part of u

When ur looking down at this place u hate and at least for a second it seems okay

Rotten Boy, Rotten Love {Yandere!Possessive! Demon !Peter Pan x Reader x Henry Mills}

Originally posted by petersonlylostgirl

Summary: Peter loves the reader but she’s in a relationship with Henry. Peter gets super jealous and plots to kill Henry. 

Warning:  long, mentions of murder,  swearing, and sexual mentions. Songfic. 

Requested: no

A/n: This song and lyrics are NOT mine, I also changed some lyrics from the original song: Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance. Lyrics made by Rockleetist. It’s not my song or lyrics. The writing and idea is mine. Credit goes to all disclaimers.  Also I understand that Henry is young at this point in the series so pretend he’s a bit older than what he is portrayed in the show. 

I was born only to share my love with you.
What is this thrill I feel deep within my heart?
Still I whisper through these walls so sweetly,
“You are mine and we will never be apart.”

Peter paced around his treehouse thinking. His heart throbbed inside of his chest as he looked through his window to see his only Lost Girl, Y/n. She was wrestling with Felix. Y/n was an wonderful  girl, she was specially picked to be the first and only Lost girl. There was many reasons why she was picked. The little lost boys loved her, the older ones loved to fight with her and hunt. Felix saw her as a little sister and always helped her out. Peter saw her as a queen to him.

He couldn’t explain it but he felt deep desire for her. He wasn’t afraid to show his affections for her. The problem was Y/n was blind to his affections. Y/n seemed to think that Peter was only flirting with her but it was so much more. If only she knew.

Peter watched as Y/n departed from Felix went into her own tent. Peter smirked as he leaned his head against the wall murmuring soft words. 

“You are mine and we will never be apart.” 

Peter’s smirk became wider and a soft chuckle erupted from his mouth. Soon it became louder as it echoed to the walls and sounded manically. Y/n would be his one way or another. Even if it was going to cost lives.

I will find all of your lovely little secrets.
Every one; discover all there is to see.
And if I could feel the curves of your body.
Touch them so that you would lust only for me

Peter watched as Y/n was teaching a lost boy how to properly hold and shoot a bow. She was so motherly sometimes, she barely ever noticed it.  It was one of her beloved traits that everyone enjoyed once in a while. On Neverland everyone had their secrets and traits. Even Y/n had her secrets just as well as Peter did.

The problem was that Peter was always hunting out for her secrets. Every chance he would get, he would find another one. For example, one night Peter had found out that Y/n loved dipping her feet in the lake when the mermaids would be sleeping. He loved watching as she hummed and twirled letting the water droplets fly across the sand and water. It was simple a beautiful moment that Peter always thought about in his darkest moments.

Also Peter found out that Y/n had insomnia on certain nights. He found this out because he was going to watch her sleep like he does every night. Y/n saw him come into her hut, and questioned him. Peter just simple explained that he was checking on her like he does with all his lost boys. Y/n seemed a bit hesitant  but nodded at him.

Today Peter was going find more. Hopefully before she finds out his true colors. He watched as Y/n let the little boy shoot and kept helping him become a better archer. Y/n was truly a work of art. 

After the training session, Y/n went off from the camp to pick some berries. Of course, Peter followed her quietly. He watched as she got down on her knees and began to pick the most juiciest and sweetest berries she could find. Peter stood behind a tree watching as the sun beamed down on Y/n reflecting all of her beauty. Her h/c shined beautifully as her body swayed softly. 

His green forest eyes traced the curves he craved so much. He wanted to feel her body, to caress, to abuse. Peter wanted to make her body only to be aroused by him. So much that just a little brush of his hand, would make her want him as much as he wanted her. This was certainly a sick obsession. 

Oh my my, do you have a guest in your arms?
Such a cute little thing with all those brown locks
Tell me tell me darling, how much you love him
Maybe I will slaughter your precious pretty boy

Peter growled as he watched as Y/n and his prisoner Henry were getting a bit too close with each other. They flirted, laughed, talked and even held hands. Peter felt his blood boil but kept himself calm remembering that all he needed was Henry’s heart and he would be dead. No matter, it was a simple task. He just needed the poor sap to believe that he was going to save magic and Neverland. Ha! A very clever plan indeed, it will work if Henry’s family doesn’t butt in. 

Yes, Henry’s family. They will certainly determined enough to try and get Henry back. For once the evil queen seemed to care about someone other than her.  Peter wasn’t giving up on this at all. He knew this was just another game in his web of power. All he needed was a couple distractions and he would have Henry’s heart and Y/n’s love in no time. Yes just a game. 

Peter watched as Henry retreated back to his spot and as Y/n went back to her hut. Peter glared at Henry wanting to just kill him on the spot but he wanted information. He decided to talk to Y/n just see how she really felt about Henry. 

He walked over to Y/n’s hut hearing voices inside. Peter pressed an ear to the door hearing a calm female voice and a rough husky voice. 

“I think I like Henry a lot, he’s nice, caring, and he makes me feel like i’m special.”

“So…not even Pan makes you feel special?”


“I mean…he’s a great guy but he’s never given me any signs. Besides Henry likes to explain his feelings to me. Pan is very secretive that’s why I mostly see him as a friend to me. Maybe really as a big brother but nothing more. “

“ I understand but don’t let Pan hear you, he’ll take advantage of it and you don’t know what he’ll do. Just..be careful” 

“I will, thanks for talking to me Felix.”

“You’re welcome.” 

So Y/n really did have feelings for Henry and only saw Peter as a friend? A Big brother?! Unbelievable. This isn’t going according to plan at all.  Peter growled seeing that Henry will die. The thing is, his death will be slow, painful and satisfying.  

I will burn in a fire photographs of your desire.
I wonder if he knows about me?
You can use and abuse,do anything I won’t refuse.
To prove I love you more don’t you see?

Everywhere he looked he saw them together. Hugging, kissing, holding hands. They never left each other’s side and it seemed hopeless. Peter had poofed up a camera and had taken all the pictures of Henry that he could. Once done and developed, Peter went deep into the woods. Holding out his palm, a blazing ball of fire erupted from his skin though it did not hurt him. 

Lifting the arm up and swooping it down quickly into a set-up of wood and kindling, the fire was now burning brightly into the fire-pit instead of the palm of the ruler. Peter smirked as he looked over all the pictures of Henry and Y/n again. Every single one was looked upon with disgust and hatred as they began to pour into the fire with the flames gulping them up eagerly to their quench hunger. 

Peter watched the pictures burn as he wish it was Henry himself burning alive in hell. Peter sat down on a rock and began to think. Did Henry know of his feelings for Y/n? Of course not or Henry wouldn’t have done anything. As much as Peter hated it, Y/n was right. He was secretive and her words hurt but he liked it. Maybe it was time for a little confrontation with Y/n. 

Y/n sat on her bed reading an old book that Peter had given her on one of the days she first came to Neverland. He knew how much she loved to read so he got her a book series that she would love. It wasn’t much but it was a fascinating series. It was the Alice in Wonderland series. Y/n loved how violent and deep the books can be. Yet it was classics on the mainland. 

Y/n was so deep into the book she didn’t even notice Peter walking in. 


Y/n jumped finally looking up from her book. Her face began to developed a deep red feeling embarrassed. 


“We need to talk. Now” 

Y/n nodded placing the book on her nightstand and patted the spot on her bed that was next to her. Peter nodded and sat himself down next to her trying to control himself.  Part of him wanted to blow up right on her while the other wanted to shower her in love and affection even a little tad of lust. 

“What’s up Peter?”

“It’s about you and Henry.” Peter seemed to growl on Henry’s name. 

Y/n tilted her head in confusion but seemed to nod her head for him to continue. Peter sighed trying to control his temper. 

“What I’m trying to say is that you need a man. Not a boy. That’s what Henry is. You need someone who will treat you right and pleasure you” Peter purred watching Y/n flushed a deeper red on her perfect face. 

Y/n shook her head disagreeing with Peter in a way. 

“He’s growing into a man and that’s why I like him. He’s nice, caring and he’s smart. I enjoy being in a relationship with him. He always tell me what’s wrong and his feelings. He’s not secretive, and he’s pretty brave.” 

Peter shook his head this time in disbelief. He could feel his anger rising as he gripped the bed’s blanket trying to control his body from doing something he would regret. 

“You’re wrong Y/n. You are so very wrong.” Peter muttered gripping her wrist tightly.

“P-Peter…you’re hurting me.” Y/n said trying to pull her wrist away from him.

“Don’t you get it Y/n? Don’t you see what you do to me?” Peter remarked as his tone deepen and became sinister and dark. 

I’ll hold you close, I’ll break you in.                                                                       Let’s raise a toast to our final sin

Peter’s grip on her wrist tighten and he used his other hand to grip her hips pulling her closer. Y/n watched as Peter’s forest green eyes darkened to a pitch black almost as if he was a demon and not human at all.

“P-Peter please…you’re scaring me.” Y/n whimpered. 

“Scared? Oh dear you haven’t seen nothing yet.” Peter growled leaning forward to kiss her harshly.

Peter was just able to brush his lips hers when a sudden knock was pounded against the door with a rough voice along with it. 

“Pan! There have been sights of a group of people by Skull Rock. We need orders now.” 

“I’m busy!!” Peter barked annoyed. 

“Pan It’s very important.” 

Peter growled rubbing the bridge of his nose, he looked at the whimpering girl before. 

“We’ll finish this later.” Peter muttered letting go of her bruised wrists.

Peter walked out to deal with these interrupters. Peter knew who these people were, Henry’s family of course. Soon they will have him back but not alive. 

Why is it you’re crying? What’s wrong baby?
What’s the matter lover? don’t worry your head.
I’m only holding the box I built for you
That I can keep forever with me once you are dead. 

Peter watched as Y/n was on a log sobbing her eyes out. He cautiously walked over placing a hand on her shoulder. Y/n jumped looking up to only Peter standing there with a face of concern. 

“i’m sorry bout Henry. It’s unfortunate that he was pricked by dreamshade. I’m sorry that’s there’s not another way to bring him back.” 

Y/n nodded taking in Peter’s sorrow. Peter sat down next to her and snaked his arms her waist and began to “comfort” her. Peter knew exactly how Henry died and it was so fascinating. It was so easy. The stupid kid believed anything you told him. 

All Peter had to say to him was that, he was being returned to his family. Once said Henry couldn’t wait to leave. Peter led him to a little secluded area with brushes of dreamshade there waiting to claim its next victim. Without a second thought, Peter violently pushed Henry into the bush then ripping out his heart taking it as his own. 

Once the heart of the truest believer was inside of Peter, he felt so much more powerful. He looked more healthier and younger. The magic was working already he even noticed that Neverland was now bright and regrowing. It was like both Peter and the island was reborn again. 

Peter smirked as the dreamshade began to take over Henry’s body. Peter knew Henry was truly dead and left his body there in the remains of the deadly plant. Someone would find it and no one would suspect that Peter was the killer. Rising his body off the ground Peter began to fly through the trees heading to Skull Rock to show that he had won the game for his life. Now he needed to win the game of Y/n’s love. 

Later that night, everyone was celebrating how the island was once again free of unwanted guests. Everyone except Y/n. Y/n had stayed in her cabin mourning over Henry. Peter had sneaked away from the party to check on his work in process. He walked into his treehouse to see a person size box in the making. It just simple box, if only it was used for a simple purpose. The box was being built to lay someone into it. Not Henry but Y/n. It’s just a reminder to Peter that if Y/n steps out of line. He can kill her and keep her body with him forever. That’s normal right? 

Nevertheless Peter always had a plan with him. Even if it went to extreme measures.  He knew that Y/n would soon forget about Henry after Neverland was the place where you lost your memories of families and loved ones unless it was Peter or the Lost Boys.  Except she didn’t.  She kept mourning and depressed over the fact that Henry was dead and gone forever.  All she did was stay in her room. She would sleep but never come out or eat. Everyone got worried but Peter was the worst. He decided to cheer her up with a gift. 

It was I who placed that gift at your door
I hope it was everything you’re asking for
A bloody kitten head just for you.
who loves cats as much as you do.

A knock was left against Y/n’s door as she looked up from her pillow with wet tears streaming down her face. Quickly wiping them with her sleeve she spoke in a hoarse  voice.

“Who’s there?” 

No answer. 

“I said who’s there?”


Y/n groaned softly getting up from her bed and opening the door to find a little purple and blue gift at her doorstep. For the first time in a little awhile, she let out a soft smile. Picking up the gift she went back into her room closing the door. Y/n sat on the side of her bed placing the gift on her lap rattling to listen to the sound it produces. Trying to figure it out what could be in the box. Unable to contain her excitement any longer Y/n finally began unwrapping the ribbon. 

This was the first in so long that she felt happy and admired since Henry. As soon as she lifted the top off of the box her feelings of happy and to be desired crashed down as she stared in horror at the scene in her lap.  

A head, a head of a kitten laid in the box. It didn’t look like it was even cut, it was like it was just ripped from the kitten’s poor body. Blood from it’s neck had splattered the walls of the box. Y/n opened her mouth nothing came out, she want to cry and scream. The aura around this little box was so nerve-racking that she was frozen to do anything. She was so pulled in by this shocking crime that she didn’t notice someone watching her from her window. 

The demon with emerald eyes frowned as Y/n did not enjoy his gift to her. He didn’t understand, she said that she was a cat lover. This plan should have cheered her up but it didn’t. Hmm maybe a full kitten have been better. Anyway Peter watched as she shook her head in horror and stood up making the box drop with the kitten rolling out of the box and placing it’s self on her floor. Beady little  eyes looked at her that once had life now were only dull and lifeless. 

Y/n gasped eyes tearing up and ran out the door as she could feel herself gag. She ran until she was past camp and threw up behind a tree until her stomach could produce no more. Hot steamy tears rolled down her face as she gasped for air. Why was this happening to her and only her?! Before she make a thought, a voice spoke. 

“What are you doing out here , Love?” 


“Peter..” you came from behind the tree to see Peter standing in the moonlight. 

“Yes?” Peter asked raising an eyebrow with a small look of concern. 

Without a second thought, Y/n ran into Peter wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her head in his chest crying. Peter blinked in surprise and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him to embrace her. Peter smirked as he nuzzled her hair  while whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

“Shhh love, it’s ok. Tell me what happened.” Peter cooed loving of how close she felt to him. 

Y/n nodded pulling her head away from his chest. Peter wipes her tears cupping her face softly. Y/n began to explain everything, the gift, the feeling of being watched. Peter just seemed to nod not actually caring for the situation at hand. He was just savoring the warm of Y/n’s body and how it felt to have his precious Y/n in his arms. This was supposed to be not her and that freaking brat Henry.

This moment was prefect, Y/n in his arms wanting to be safe. This is how every moment should be with them.

All of her will be mine, her flesh, blood, body, mind. She will be mine. Now she’s in my arms, I’m never letting her go. Peter thought as he cradled a shaken up Y/n.  

Peter smirked as he got an idea. A wicked idea.

“Y/n why don’t you come and sleep with me tonight if you’re so sure if someone’s after you. We both know, that no one would dare come into my ou- i mean my treehouse.”

Y/n thought about and nodded seeing that Peter was the most powerful being on Neverland. He was right no one except Felix would to go Peter’s treehouse. Peter smirked as he teleport himself and her in his treehouse. Y/n looked around a bit but decided to try and go straight to sleep.She laid  down on Peter’s bed cuddling up in his blankets and pillows taking in his scent. Y/n sighed closing her eyes and trying to sleep, but soon a wave of relief washed over her and she was out like a light.

Peter brought his hand back after letting Y/n have a sleeping spell to make her rest easier. He nodded and walked outside of his treehouse seeing Neverland was quiet and at rest. All lost boys were snoring in their little huts or tents. The was a soft melody of birds and other animals that rang through Neverland’s silence.

With a wave of his hand, Peter watched as Shadow flew to him.

“What is troubling you Pan?”

“ It’s Y/n, she’s still hung up on Henry. It’s driving me insane. Why can’t she be with me, and only care for me.”

“ Because Henry will always be in her heart and mind. She’ll never let him go as long as she thinks of him. You obviously don’t understand the concept of love.” Shadow accused pointing a finger at Peter. 

“I do! I love Y/n!” Peter snarled at the black figure. 

“No, you are obsessed with her. You chose to believe that you love her. You never understood the concept of love as soon as you gave up your son for youth. Admit it, cause we both know that as long as Y/n loves Henry and never forgets him. She’ll never be yours.”

“You’re wrong, she will be mine.” Peter exclaimed shaking his head in disbelief.

“Then do something quickly or you’ll lose this game of love Pan” 

“ Peter Pan never fails!”

“You keep telling yourself that” With that last sentence, Shadow flew off leaving Peter in his spot.

“As long as Henry is in her mind, she’ll never be mine. But if I make her forget about him, then she’ll be all mine. “ Peter smirked knowing exactly what to do. 

I will burn in the flames every trace of his name.
I wonder if he ever existed?
“I love you” is so cliché, filthy words that you’ve betrayed
I know it makes me feel, like I've been sick

Peter watched as Y/n slept softly in his bed.  She was so prefect even while she slept. He smiled as he waved his hand over her head. A blue cloud of memories was produced to Peter as he scanned them looking for ones only involved Henry. 

Peter snapped his fingers picking certain memories that began to blase in flames before being erased from Y/n mind.  One after the next after the next. Soon enough all memories of Henry were gone. Y/n was his. Peter started to chuckle ever wondering after this, how funny it will be to imagine if Henry really didn’t exist. 

If Henry didn’t exist then Peter wouldn’t have the heart if the truest believer. Peter sighed placing a kiss upon Y/n’s forehead. Finally everything was in place. It was now time for Neverland’s king to take his slumber. He couldn’t wait to start his morning over with the girl that he obsessed loved so much. 

Yes love, he could remember how much Henry and Y/n would throw around the words “I love you.” Peter growled as he laid down on his side of the bed. Those words were betrayed by the girl that should have been his to begin with. No matter, in the hours that would soon be presented in the morning. Y/n will be his. 

I’ll make you see; force you to be.
In love with me eternally.

As time seemed to past on Neverland, Y/n was no longer sad or depressed she was back to being the normal feisty lost girl she was. She was even dating Peter now.  None of the lost boys knew why she was so quickly to move on from Henry. When questioned, Y/n seemed confused and asked “Who’s Henry?”. The lost boys gave up asking bout it and decided to jeez go with the flow. 

They even noticed that Peter seemed happy and less strict but that didn’t stop when a punishment was in order. Everyone seemed to go on about their regular duties while Peter smirked in victory knowing that everything was how it should be.  He even knew that there was a chance that her memories of Henry would come back and Peter couldn’t let that happen of course. 

Every now and then, Peter would make sure her memories were gone and if they were coming back they would disappear at the hand of the obsessed lover. All of this so Y/n would love Peter for all of eternity. 

Peter Pan Never Fails…

From the Edge of The Deep Green Sea - The Cure

Never never never never never let me go she says
Hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days
But suddenly she slows
And looks down at my breaking face
Why do you cry? what did I say?
But it’s just rain, I smile
Brushing my tears away

I wish I could just stop
I know another moment will break my heart
Too many tears
Too many times
Too many years I’ve cried over you

How much more can we use it up?
Drink it dry?
Take this drug?
Looking for something forever gone
But something
We will always want?

Wake up in the rain
Head in pain
Hung in shame
A different name
Same old game
Love in vain
And miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Away from home again.

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deadass i never looked too deep into the lyrics of just one day but i mean like really if they just had just one day what would they be doing hmmm??

also jhope came right out and implied spending the night with u in that song! heHE SAID HE WANTED TO GIVE U A MORNING KISS. AND THEN LIKE… CONFESS TO U AT NIGHT. FILL IN THE BLANKS (i get so emotional about just one day because it’s so SWEET and they were probably horny when they wrote the song)

Baby Love (2)

one  two

        “Keep practicing and enfeeble your tongue, your beat already good, you just need more confident and focus. I know you can do better than so called female idol rapper out there, y/n-ah..” there’s always conclusion and advice from Simon whenever you finished practice with him, despite his busy schedule he willing to set aside his time just for teaching you.

        You nodded obediently and locked your ipad, since practice is over now you can have other conversation beside rap and hip hop with him. You came there with confident, after received a lot of support from your members, you decided to confess today. But before you confessed, you needed to know Simon’s perspective about the little girl so you could move forward or turn down, bury your feeling forever as if it never exist.

         Simon was playing with her phone when you glanced at him, observing your good looking mentor. His thumb scrolled down on his screen phone, probably checking his instagram feed.

          “Oppa..” you called him carefully.

          “Hm?” he immediately answered but his eyes still on his phone.

          You took a deep breath before started, “Can I ask something?”

          “Sure, what’s that about?”

          “Ummm—“ you clutched your fist nervously, “oppa—“ this time you shifted your seat position due your nervousness, you encouraged yourself to look at him, “the little girl that you wrote on your lyric.. can you tell me who is she?” your heart beat faster, waiting for his answer. You scared on what if he didn’t want to tell you?

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I can’t believe how symbolic is his mixtape. 

He’s been tied up under the control of a company and the label “idol”. We know he hates not to be taken seriously as a rapper just because he’s part of a K-pop group.

“They call me new thing”
“This k-pop category ain’t big enough for me”

He wants to make clear to everyone that he’s more than a rapper from BTS. As he said in his skit:

“This is not something I’m not doing as BTS’s Suga”

And it’s pretty obvious that he’s not. This is the side that he wanted to set free since he started to pursue his dream.

It’s all a statement:

I’m here to destroy what everyone thinks of me, fuck the system and the idol figure. This is what I do and I’m fucking good at it 

And what a way to establish it. 

The whole mixtape is just so deep, so intense and emotional that honestly made me look at him from a whole new perspective. I knew he had some things to say and express but I never expected the masterpiece he threw at us and most importantly, the meaning of it. The song that gets me really emotional is “The Last” and we all know why. I’m not going to lie, when I first read the lyrics I was in shock and preoccupied about him, who wouldn’t be?  He has overcome so much and preserved through a lot to follow his dreams. I love the fact that he’s so open and specific about it, he didn’t hold anything back. He threw his story at us, expressing every single thing he wanted to get out of his system with an indescribable passion mixed with anger & pain, he makes us feel all of it. His work, effort, dedication, perseverance… all him is something to admire. He took me to a whole new level of love and respect for him. He’s such a talented person and in all means such an inspiration. 

There are not words to express all that I want to say, and the word “Proud” isn’t big enough.  

Min Yoongi, we love you so much.

I just wanted to express myself a little, please don’t repost, if you feel the same way I do reblog or like it

Thanks for reading it

Migraine Part 1

Author: @supernatural-imagine-fanfiction

Warnings: none

Characters: Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Relationships: Brother!Dean and Brother!Sam

Reader Gender: neutral

Listen to the song before reading: Migraine Twenty One Pilots

Authors note: I had writers block on this so i’m going to make a part two. I really appreciate any feedback I receive on my writing <3

Y/n = Your name

Italics are song lyrics

You sat at the large table in the library of the bunker. Dean was out at the bar probably hitting it off with some random chick. You weren’t old enough to drink so you stayed at the bunker and helped Sam research your next case. You hadn’t slept well, with school and hunting keeping you busy. Before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, that was until Sam suddenly spoke. “Y/n, did you finish your homework?” Sam questions. You nod your head, not trusting your voice. 

School had gotten you feeling really down. Too much work, pressure to pass your classes, and lots of other stuff. The weekend had been a relaxing break from school but it was short lived. Tomorrow was Monday and you were dreading going to school. Even though you and your brothers move around a lot they still made you attend school. Dean kept informing Sam that it was your choice, but Sam insisted you get proper education.

After a while Sam announced that he was heading off to bed and that you should also. You changed into your pajamas and got semi-comfortable in bed. You went to your iTunes playlist and turned on migraine by Twenty One Pilots. You turned on repeat because why the hell not? You could never get tired of this song. Music flooded the room, though not too loud to disturb Sam.

Am I the only one I know Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat Shadows will scream that I’m alone

You were in love with this song. The lyrics were deep and thoughtful. They related to how you felt. Sam and Dean had heard this song but they never payed attention to the lyrics. They didn’t know why you liked the song so much.

I’ve got a migraine and my pain will range from up down and sideways Thank god it’s Friday cause Friday’s will always be better than Sunday’s cause Sunday’s are my suicide days

You laid on your back and looked up at the the ceiling. You drifted deep into thought and hummed along with the lyrics.

I don’t know why they always seem so dismal Thunderstorms clouds snow and a slight drizzle. Whether it’s the weather or the letters by my bed sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head

After a while you fell asleep, exhausted from thinking too much. Dean got back from the bar about 20 minutes later. Before he headed off to bed he decided to check on you. Dean had noticed that you’ve become very distant lately and he was beginning to grow concerned. Dean slowly pushed open the door to your bedroom and heard that familiar song that you always listened to.

Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind

He was growing curious of why you listened to this song so much. Dean grabbed your phone and saw the title and artist. He turned off your music and returned to his room. Once he laid down he got on his phone and looked up the song lyrics. At first he didn’t really understand, but he was starting to get a idea of what the lyrics were truly expressing. It was all about sadness and depression and suicide. How did he not notice you felt like this? “I’m a terrible brother”. Dean thought to himself.

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“You still there. Time won’t help to forget as told”

Listening to this song reminds me of them

Since it’s Thai song so I translate the lyric here below.(I’m sorry if the translation didn’t good ;v;~)


Wake to find the truth. How long have you leave me.

I want to meet you again just once. Where are you now?

So far away and I can’t find you. Wonder if I ever meet you again.

Even I know you never came back.


It doesn’t matter how long have pass. You still the only one, the only one in my heart. You still beautiful and I still love you even I know you never came back.

Look at the clock and it’s still working and  only me that keep walking backward. You still there and time won’t help to forget as told (I’m not sure about this it’s sounds lame but I hope you understand)

I know we’ll never together from now on but I still love you.

Waking from illusion to face the loneliness. The life without you is so meaningless and I keep waiting endlessly


Because love is still buried deep in me. The picture when we together still haunting every time I  close my eyes.



The lyric really nice and beautiful I hope my translation skill won’t ruin the mood…lol

After I listen to this song I can’t stop myself from drawing them ;–;

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Things I love: 1. Blackbird 2. Vienna Tang 3. The song that victor and yuuri make out to in your new fic 4. Your new fic 5.Everything I have read by you 6. The fact that you exist, thanks for that.

Haha, thank you! I find Vienna Teng’s music really powerfully inspirational, both in terms of her lyrics and the way she’s able to evoke emotion through instrumentation. Several scenes of Blackbird were written with ‘Antebellum’ on repeat. Have you seen the Victor/Yuuri fanvid to ‘Never Look Away’? It’s amazing.

And I can highly recommend ‘Heartbeats’ as a real life makeout song. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing. Deep Cuts is probably my favourite Knife album.

As for my existence, I’m afraid credit in that regard has to go to my mum!