but i never forgot about her

Today I forgot about you. I woke up late and ran to my car, throwing in my backpack and cramming the keys in the ignition. I sped to school and walked through the day smiling with my friends and frowning down at my tests. I drove home singing as loud as possible, windows down, going a little too fast on the back roads I found after you. I’ve never felt so free, a little drunk on the thought of being happy without any strings attached, namely you.
—  g.e. // February 24th

hey folks yes i’m back yet again! this time i’m liveblogging a fic i’ve been highly anticipating! @susiesamurai never fails to blow me away with her writing and she’s done it again with her new story Game of Survival featuring her OC Jessica Lahey. so here we go with a liveblog of Chapter 1!

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spoilers ahead as usual!

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Seriously tho I’ll never let go of my grudge on the larries that used to be up eleanor’s ass after her and louis “broke up” like I really had to put up with people reblogging her boring ass outfits and calling her mom!! Then when boring girlfriend #2 danielle got hired I had to put up with people begging for eleanor to come back like?? You can make all the posts you want about her being evil now but you still have reblogs praising her from just a couple months ago!! She was shitty when she was helping closet lou, she was still shitty when she gone, and she’s even more shitty now that she’s back!! Keep up!!

the most extra things that hamlet did in the play, in no particular order

  • told his mother that no matter how much black he wore it could never really reflect how he felt inside
  • had a full conversation in a graveyard with a gravedigger about death and talked to the skull of a man he hadn’t even seen in twenty-three years 
  • physically attacked his mom over her sex life
  • wrote an entire play to frame his uncle for murder instead of just going to the authorities or killing his uncle like he kept planning on doing
  • jumped into ophelia’s grave to fight with laertes over which one of them loved her more
  • “how do i distract everyone so i can plan my uncle’s murder? act fucking insane? okay that works lmao”
  • forged a letter from his uncle instructing the people in england to murder his former best friends instead of him 
  • stabbed polonius and then said it was his fault for being too nosey

I have something to say.

When I was in elementary school, we had a holocaust survivor come to talk to us about her experiences. Before she left she said something to us that I never forgot. She said “No one person can fight for all causes at once. Putting concentrated effort in a few causes is better than putting the barest of effort while trying to cover them all” And she challenged us to pick 3-5 causes that we will spend our lives fighting for and learning about and commit to them as best we can.

Of course the context was such that it was clear that if there is a Major Event occurring which needs immediate attention, definitely hyperfocus on that. But the point that she made still stuck and I think that in this current environment its wise to think about your activism in this way.

As children of the information age, we pride ourselves on being able to know the most up to date information on everything around us. Its easy to get overwhelmed when you know that there are so many causes to fight for and so many people and things being desecrated or hurt. In most cases, being overwhelmed creates anxiety that leads to inaction. And inaction is something no one needs.

Let us look at ourselves and look at our values and each choose 3-5 things that we want to make sure we become knowledgeable about, and 1 thing we want to fight for, then focus our energy on them at Maximum Intensity. Now….of course all aspects of oppression are irrevocably linked. I talk about that on here all the time. But more potent activism on your few causes lets you have the focus you need to really make waves.

You care a lot about the environment? learn about fixing it. Invent something. You care about healthcare? Put your all into saving it. You care about politics? vaguely consider becoming a politician. Acknowledge that there are other issues at hand, and that they require work, but focus on your causes. Make these next 4 years count in regards to the issues you feel matter the most.

If you see one of your causes has a huge amount of people fighting for it and they seem to be making good headway, find another cause that seems to be flagging and needs a boost. Keep your causes down to 3 - 5. If you don’t have time or energy, lower that number to 1-2 but increase your vigilance on those 1-2 things.

If we work together and focus, we can make sure things get covered without succumbing to intellectual exhaustion or depression.

We are a huge generation. We are smart, we are creative, we are resilient. We come up with ever increasing solutions to many many problems that were once thought to be unsolvable. We are so empathetic and brave and strong.

We can do this.

fluffstravaganza donation request @beautifulvulnerability​ - $10 (sketch) of dipper and mabel

this is more like lineart than a sketch but WHATEVER. im sorry its so late but i never forgot about it

(yeah that’s animal crossing. mabel yelled and shoved the ds in dipper’s face when she saw the upbeat able sister’s clerk’s name was also mabel. also she designs a new sweater for her character to wear every week)

BONUS mabels that didn’t make it into the final draft

blue and gansey not being able to kiss is a narratively unsatisfying choice because the curse storyline has no tangible endgame and therefore loses its whole purpose. for me, the storyline was always about either gansey dying for good thanks to blue’s kiss or blue and gansey breaking the curse by fulfilling it. that seemed to be the only two rational outcomes and neither happens and that makes blue’s curse quite pointless, to be fair. all that build up in four books leads to literally nowhere because nothing changes, not the fact that they can’t kiss, not the fact that they still desperately desperately want to. gansey dies, he comes back, and nothing changes, and that just falls flat in my opinion. it makes their storyline feel really unfinished and incomplete, thus i am electing to ignore this for the rest of my life.

So after we’re finished with the kissing, scream your story into my ears– make those words the only truth I’ll ever need to hear. Tell me about the lovers that forgot you, tell me about the ones that you still can’t get over. Tell me about the promises they’ve broken, now tell me the ones you couldn’t keep. Tell me about your broken, don’t worry, I’ll tell you mine right after. Tell me about the night you fell in love, tell me about how quickly it forgot you by morning. Tell me about the time you cried and how he didn’t want to hold you, and I’ll tell you right back about the time that she cried and I didn’t even have the heart to hold her bones together from scattering beneath my feet. Tell me where you first tasted love, I’ll tell you about my first kiss with death and how she let me go, just this once. Tell me about your someone and I’ll promise to never ask again. Tell me the words you couldn’t say, but always wanted to. Tell me the things you said, but regretted the second they left your lips. Tell me, who put gold on your lips and injected stardust into your veins? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the exact same thing. Some lips were meant to change our whole biology. Tell me, when your heart broke for the very first time… did it hurt? Or did you feel nothing at all? Sometimes when I think about it… it was always both. It’ll always hurt a little longer than all of the thinking you’ve been doing. It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss, right? Some lips laced with beautiful lies, you can kiss my lonely nights into together mornings– I wouldn’t mind as long as you’re beside me. Is this another mistake or another regret? Are we really over things that haunt us from the past? Tell me about the stress and how coffee and sleep is like breathing and lungs– you need it to work, but it’s always one or the other. You can’t have both. Tell me when you’ll need someone and I’ll tell you when I’ll need you. Tell me the secrets you’ve carved into your bones, I’ll tell you the only truth I’ve ever known– love is like a double edged sword, you can’t handle it alone, there will always be two hearts that bleed in the end, even if they don’t feel it now– karma will make them feel it later. Tell me about the kisses you promised to never tell, and I’ll tell you about the stones I couldn’t skip. Tell me who kissed you last, I’ll tell you that you’re the only one I’d like to kiss right now. Right words at the right time, but this is probably another wrong person waiting for their heart to heal– we’re a pair of doves made of black, your heart pumps into my pen, give me your poetry without the poem– I’ll give you the poet without his tears, you can be my empty and I’ll be your glass. Let’s pour our memories into a message that’ll be lost at sea– let’s be the only secret worth keeping safe. Tell me, do you still believe in love? Do you still believe in love at first sight? Do you still dream when paying attention is required? Is your head in the clouds, just like mine? Do you sleep to get away from everything that’s been bothering you for way too long? Do you love like the blind who gets to see sunlight for the first time. Do you love like the deaf whose first words will be “I love you, I always have.” Do you love like the mute whose first words will be “I love you too.” Do you like flowers that’ll dance forever under sunlight? Tell my hands about your favorite memory, I’ll hold them forever. This is another promise that’ll be broken some day, but for right now, these words will stay– in this moment for eternity, it’ll be just you and I. We’re a sad story built on false happiness, we’re trying to be better than last week and this coffee is still not strong enough, I guess the words spoken today will be our caffeine high– tell me about you. Everything. Anything. I don’t care what it is or how it is. I just want this. I want you to continue our conversations even after the silence because that’s something I’ll be doing as well. Tell me. Do you still love like the Disney movies? I know it’s naive, but love– it has to have some purity left in it. Even if our digital age admires Facebook statuses, even if this is just another pastime, even if you’ll forget me by next week– tell me about everything that makes your soul so damn colorful. Tell me about why you’ve been hurting for so long. And I’ll promise to listen… And after all of the listening we’ll both say this in unison… under our breaths– now tell me when you’re going to leave because I can’t promise that I’ll be staying.
—  Darling, tell me more

so. this event’s missing some parts in the beginning. like my friend @qualia-solveig (who translated this for me!! bless her) put it: we don’t know what kind of “drama” happened. they were probably arguing about something… anyway,,

hinata: “even so… you never know when things (we don’t know *what* things) might change. and we can’t just leave it like that.”

hinata, after doing some Serious Thinking™: “komaeda… give me your hand.”

komaeda [sweats]: “w-what? why?”

hinata [sweats too]: “what do you mean why… it’s just a handshake”

hinata: “usually, it goes without saying but… will you be my friend?”

komaeda: “do you really think it will do something?”

hinata: “i just thought… maybe like this, we could really change something.”

komaeda: “well, if you put it that way… then okay.”

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How do you feel about genderbent ayando? By the way I love your art


I did this a while ago, never posted it cAUSE I FORGOT OTL
I kinda like LOVE Ayando genderbent n////n


Today is Fade to Black anniversary!!! Fade to black 君の名を呼ぶ  debuted on cinema back in the 13/12/2008, this are two of the amazing official ichiruki pictures made for the movie, the first by Kubo and the second by Kudo san I love them (especailly the first one) and I never get tired to see them. Also adding some quotes by Morita, Orikasa and Kubo from interviews they did back then when they were promoting the movie.


Is Ichigo and Rukia’s confrontation also one of important points?

It was difficult for me. Ichigo could never attack Rukia, you know. So it’s really hard to fight. It must be difficult for Ichigo to see the changed form of Rukia;

After finish watching the movie, I wish everyone will call out the name of the person you love; 


She forgot about Ichigo right?

Even though Ichigo’s feeling was aiming towards Rukia, the Rukia in the start did not respond to that. However as the story kept developing that feeling is finally coming into her vision. As Ichigo’s intense feelings reached her, I was so touched that he thought of Rukia this much;

I know that Ichigo is thinking about Rukia but I never thought it is something this deep, it was a bit unexpected. Just now it sounds good to be called as, ‘history,’ because of things in the past we have today, and it’s connecting to the future. Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship is not something that was built in a blink of eye, it’s something that building up, is what I strongly felt; 


In this year’s movie we heard you were involved since the early stage.

Around March I think it all started when the director Abe and the movie staffs came to me. From that time director Abe wanted a “Back to the beginning” theme and wished the main characters Ichigo and Rukia to be the focus of the story. On top of that he wanted to portray something that linked to the first chapter of Bleach, the original appearance of Bleach…For  me, I was very happy to know that the movie was heading that direction and said “That’s good, let’s go with that!” And from there on I joined in the production and put together the story and the setting after discussing it with everyone;

You even came up with the Japanese subtitle “Calling Out Your Name”

After coming up with the English subtitle “Fade to Black” they asked me to come up with the Japanese subtitle (laughs) So after carefully digesting the scenario I searched for some scenes that can be the key word or words that I can use, and found that in the plot, someone calling out someone’s name, especially in this story where Ichigo calling out Rukia’s name was a strong expression that even though no one else remembers you I do, and I found out it had an important meaning behind it. So that’s how I came up with the subtitle “Calling Out Your name”

                                                          Translation by sketchbaka and Melodymix


Summary: Jimin texts Y/n about his crush on her instead of Jungkook.


A/N: These, my friends are I think the second texts I ever made. Because Qis ((@trashytaetae)) asked me to. aND I never intended to post these but i’m pretty sure she forgot about them and they are like a get well soon texts. Get well soon Qis.

It was inspired by DIAL-GONE-WRONG by @summertae pls give it a read, bc it’s really fluffy and cute and just. Perfect. Okay thank you bye.

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A good story: I had a conversation with a regular a little over a week ago about how her daughter loves to bake & that she makes the best cupcakes. She asked when I worked next & said she'd bring me some, but I never saw her & didn't think too much of it. However, today she popped in just to give me the cupcakes & nothing else! She didn't want me to think she forgot about me despite her busy schedule. The nicest thing to have happened at my job in awhile. :') Also, the cupcakes were AMAZING.


Shuichi wants to be the very best but mommy set the goal pretty high.
Kyouko would be raising him alone. Naegi & her like each other yet aren’t in a relationship but he’d be helping with Shuichi times to times (& yes I forgot about her burn.) @avatarofalice 

{Thanks a lot for suggesting these two as a family it never crossed my mind.  Asks about this a.u. are always open ahah ! NO SPOILERS THO.}

Little Holly Wheeler never quite forgot the Thing reaching to her from the wall in Mrs. Byers house. The Thing that lit up those pretty lights. She didn’t see the whole thing—her mom must’ve scared it away when she came in, she thinks—but her imagination filled in the blanks. Holly never quite forgot the girl on the staircase holding her big brother’s hand, either. The girl with the soft eyes and no hair who she never saw again but stuck in her memory. Holly draws that Thing every day for several days afterward and then every other week or so after that. Each one a little different from the last, trying to imagine what it looked like and what it liked to do. All of them unified in their scribbles of Christmas lights around the border and lanky, spider-like arms and fingers on the Thing. Setting her worn and broken crayons aside, one day, Holly excitedly ran over to her mom and showed her the drawing she had just finished. “Oh, Holly, that’s pretty scary! Have you been seeing monsters under your bed? Has Mike been showing you his comic books?” her mom asked suspiciously, a little frightened herself. Holly shook her head innocently, saying in a childishly stern voice, “Not scary. Friendly.” The Thing had only wanted to play with her, right? That’s why it reached out through the wall. Her mother brushed it off easily and let her scurry back off to coloring… Sometimes she drew that girl, too, the one in the blue and gray pajamas. She gave the girl colorful dresses and wide smiles. And sometimes she noticed her big brother acting……different. Sad. He wouldn’t wanna color or read stories or play tag in the backyard. He stayed in his room those times and wouldn’t bring his friends over. So, on one of these times, Holly set out to make him happy in the best way she knew how: drawing a picture. She took more time in her scribbles this time, and, though it might not look like much to you or me, she recognized them to be the Friendly Thing holding hands with the girl, this time wearing a soft pink dress and a crown fit for a princess. She peeked into Mike’s room to find him, as usual, sitting on his bed. Without words, she walked in and gingerly climbed up on to the bed next to him, setting the drawing in his lap and smiling up at him. Mike’s gasped quickly and, upon instinct, went to snap at her for coming into his room…but he didn’t. Because, in reality, the girl in the picture still was not home, was not happy. This was the closest thing he could get to seeing that. Tears ran down his cheeks silently, and Holly hugged his side


Mod Christmas Calendar, December 1st.

I almost forgot to even post this because of my worn-out-status after work, but luckily i remembered! So i’m starting off the calendar by releasing the hair i created solely for my own OC that i never had time to actually create after completing her hair. I hope you like it!

Notes about the hair is in the description on the mod page.

You can find the mod here.

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One thing I was thinking about: many people paint canon!Azula as some sort of murderous psycho... but even at her worse, on the day of her coronation, she never murdered anyone. Instead, she banished them. That means Azula is NOT instinctively murderous. She's instinctively authoritarian, but her constant death threats along the series are just that: threats, that she would likely never follow up.

I am not sure if I ever used this as an argument in her favor. If I didn’t do it it’s because I forgot to, but I remember having thought this exact same thing. I agree with you 100%, Anon.

Not only does Azula not harm most people whom she takes captive (which rules out the sadistic torturer facade people keep forcing into her character), but even as she loses her mind, she’s not ready or eager to kill her servants or guards. She banishes them all, and it’s not exactly a great idea either, but she makes them leave instead of executing them or something.

And let it be known that she could easily want to kill people, because she did shoot Aang full of lightning and expected him to be dead , right? But she doesn’t choose to kill any of the people she banished. In fact, I don’t think killing them crossed her mind as a real possibility to begin with. She doesn’t even tell the first servant that she ought to execute her for her mistake, she says the crime was severe but that since it’s a special day she’ll show mercy (meaning, she knows she can kill but she chooses not to). It’s easy to imagine that, since her irritation only continued to escalate that day, she might have resorted to a more final punishment than banishment when dealing with the Dai Li, or with Lo and Li. Yet nothing. She never resorted to her political power to kill anyone. As you said, she doesn’t murder people willy-nilly: it’s not her immediate impulse. 

Now, of course, people will counter our arguments here with “But she DID try to kill Zuko in their Agni Kai!”

… She actually was trying to shoot Katara, but that’s not the point xD

We can’t lose sight of the fact that her problem with Zuko was far more personal than the ones she had with most anyone (perhaps only with the exception of her mother). She blames Zuko for everything she has lost and from what she can see, he’s here to take the last thing she has left, the throne her father has handed down to her. 

Azula isn’t going to let him take that too, and if killing him is what needs to be done to stop him, she’s ready to do it. But let’s take a look at some interesting evidence…

This is when Zuko falls in the Southern Raiders, on the very episode where she first threatens to kill him. She’s not exactly jumping up and down with joy here, after Zuko falls while fighting her. Either she knows he’s not dead here (which is hard to say, considering he was just falling from ridiculous heights and with no salvation in sight…), or she just doesn’t REALLY want to kill her brother and thinking he’d plummet to his death really brought her no relief or joy or any enjoyable feelings. I guess everyone’s free to pick the narrative that suits them better.

But there’s something else I need to say…

During the Agni Kai, Azula KNOWS Zuko isn’t dead after she shoots him full of lightning.

She tells Katara she’d rather the family physician looks after Zuko, doesn’t she? She might have said something a little more morbid than that if she was absolutely certain that she’d killed her brother. Maybe the family mortician would look after him instead, or she would have told Katara that Zuko’s funerary pyre would be lovely or something equally awful, right? But no. She says the family physician should look after Zuko. Huh.

This makes me think she knew her attack hadn’t been lethal, or that she noticed he partially redirected it. I also think lightning isn’t always lethal (some people even say she didn’t even kill Aang in Book 2, so that as well supports the theory that lightning may not be instantly or inherently murderous). Sure, both Aang and Zuko needed Katara’s magic water to fix them after they were electrocuted, but Aang needed the special oasis water: Zuko doesn’t. Is it because of the partial redirection? Probably. But since he still moves a bit and whatnot, Azula knows she didn’t kill her brother. 

But instead of trying to finish him off? She fights Katara and leaves Zuko writhing where he is. Simply put, she doesn’t NEED to kill him and she knows it. She just needs him out of her way.

So indeed, I think Azula didn’t want to kill: Azula wanted to win, and yes, she was ready to do whatever it took to take absolute victory. Even at her worst, as you said, her immediate instinct isn’t to kill: that’s something she can do if need be, but it’s not the #1 resource she relies on to finish off her enemies or something she enjoys doing. Else she would have likely killed heaps of people throughout the show because she had LOTS of chances to do so. As you said, she issued threats after threats that she NEVER follows through with. The only almost-deaths she delivers are Aang and Zuko’s, and in the end neither of them died for real.

Simply put: Azula is not a murderer, never was.

Don’t You Dare Touch Her!

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I know you asked for Tyler but I really need a Josh imagine in my life rn. Maybe you’re like Tyler’s little sister who’s like 18 and you and Josh start talking? 

A/N: Maybe writing more to this, and please send more Tyler I need ideas!

Originally posted by imso-dun

Joshua Dun Imagine
Words: 3,946
Rating: T
Warnings: None

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You know what might actually be sadder than if Peter, Edmund, and Lucy were tense with Susan? This…

•Susan only says once that she thinks it was a game.
•Lucy cautiously brings up later.
•She finds out Susan actually thinks of it as a game.
•Peter tries to drop in hints of the small things they experienced together, but she has no recollection.
•The three of them have a talk and find that Susan has really forgotten, or at least suppressed the memories.
•They do treat it as a game.
•Edmund still talks about Narnia to her, but he words it differently.
•"Well, Su. It’s sort of like that time we fled Calormene.“
•"Oh! I remember that story. You told me to be brave then. I never forgot that.”
•"Yeah…I did. Good luck tonight then?“
•Peter tells her stories of Narnia where she was marvelous and she listens intently, saying that she wishes it were true.
•Peter sheds a tear because it was, and she truly was marvelous.
•Lucy constantly calls her Queen Susan as a nickname, and Susan smiles because for some reason it gives her a surge of courage.
•Susan asks why some sermon in church sounds familiar, and Lucy mentions Aslan.
•Susan assumes it was a way to make their Sundays less dry.
•Worst of all, the three of them watched Susan go to party after party, suppress her intelligence, grow more aggressive and short tempered, all the while knowing she couldn’t remember the Gentle Queen they knew she was deep down inside.
•They said she wasn’t a friend of Narnia anymore, but that didn’t mean she had necessarily been angry about it.

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Do think there are times when Bellamy is guarded with Clarke? And what do you think would make him let his guard down with her?

Bellamy is always guarded with Clarke, not with his emotions but his affections. He’s never expressed what she means to him the way she has to him.  He rarely initiates physical contact, and when he does it’s very deliberate and a little hesitant. And it’s not because he’s a gruff!dad who doesn’t like hugs; I know because in 3.02 he smiled at Clarke (WITH TEETH) and stroked her face, so overcome with joy and relief that he forgot to conceal, don’t feel. Which answers that question. What would make him drop his guard? A rush of powerful emotions and/or Clarke putting her mouth on his. That’s about it, otherwise he’s gonna put a lid on that love he has for her till kingdom come and probably not even then.