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A Link Between Worlds Alternate Ending

Hilda: i must take your triforce of courage! *summons yuga*
Link: OR! I could give it to you so you’ll have the whole thing, and we can just wish for both our worlds to have their own triforce again
Zelda’s Portrait on the wall:
Hilda: shit u right

It’s Friday night again and I am slowly putting my life back together.  Seems like a perfect time for a meme! Thanks for the tag, @heyerette!!

5 Common things I have never done (without context):

1. Made chocolate cake
2. Finished a video game
3. Put on make-up by myself
4. Owned a smartphone
5. Had a cavity

5 Uncommon things I have done (without context):

1. Jumped onstage at an Iggy Pop concert
2. Sat on the back of an orca
3. Had a pet llama
4. Played oboe and bassoon in the same concerto
5. Won a TV quiz show

Not sure how long this has been going around, so passing on tags this time! 

Why Now Is the Perfect and Most Important Time to Catch up on Legion
Stop bingeing lesser comic book shows and get on the bandwagon before it’s too late.
By Joanna Robinson


“As I’m writing this, the seventh and penultimate episode of Season 1 of Legion has just aired on FX. It answered a lot of baffling questions, brought together several plot threads, and set up all the players for a final showdown next week. For those of you who gave up on the show midway through its eight-episode first season—or never bothered to start the series in the first place: now is the most important time to tune in. The series is at a creative high, and could beautifully stick the landing next week. It could also stumble at the finish line. But either way, you don’t want to miss out. So turn off those other, subpar comic-book shows: this is the series you should be bingeing.

If you’ve managed to avoid any information about the series whatsoever, the gist is this: Legion is a loose (very loose) adaptation of a Marvel comic-book story about a mentally deranged young man, David Haller (Dan Stevens), who discovers that his disordered mind also houses a tremendous number of uncanny powers. He’s the son of Charles Xavier—though this show is about as far away in tone from the X-Men cinematic universe as you can get. It’s also (probably) divorced almost entirely from the world of Professor X, Storm, Jean Grey, Magneto, and the rest. It’s from the very thoughtful mind of Fargo creator Noah Hawley and is, for my money, the most inventive and entertaining show currently on television.

Unshackled from any of Fargo’s realism constraints, Hawley on Legion is like a kid in a candy shop, packing each episode with boundary-pushing visuals. The show flirts with but never achieves alienating levels of disorientation as the camera whirls upside down or shifts into gummy slow motion. Inspired by creative freedom of both his protagonist’s subjective reality and the comic-book medium, Hawley is free to insert a Bollywood number, check in on Jemaine Clement grooving out in a space ice cube (really), or, in the latest episode, switch to a black-and-white silent film (complete with dialogue cards) while a scorching version of Ravel’s “Bolero” plays.

All this experimentation with form is saved from feeling overly precious and exhausting simply because it’s anchored by the emotionally honest performances of its leads. Given his mental condition (or at least years of mental abuse), David Haller could be a slippery character to latch on to. But in Stevens—who has been both cuddly and appealing on Downton Abbey and dangerously seductive in The Guest—Legion found the perfect leading man. When Stevens makes his enormous blue eyes go wide with innocent confusion, viewers are instantly sympathetic. When those same eyes then gleam with manic evil seconds later, audiences may cringe in fear. Very few performers could contain such multitudes.

A steadier sympathetic figure is David’s would-be girlfriend, Syd Barrett (yeah, that’s right), played by Fargo Season 2 alum Rachel Keller. Syd is given a more typically X-Men-esque mutation-as-curse plotline. Like Rogue, she can’t endure skin-to-skin contact—the lightest touch will force her to temporarily swap bodies with the other person. This puts a wrinkle in her dating life and, eventually, is revealed to be attached to some serious childhood trauma. But though she’s a guiding light for David, Keller doesn’t play Syd as victim or sap. She’s complicated, dark, brave, and, despite the genre setting, one of the more nuanced female characters currently on TV.

All of these very human portrayals—seen also in the somber serenity of Jean Smart’s psychiatrist-to-mutantkind Melanie Bird—are countered by some zanier performances. Famous physical comedian Bill Irwin gets to play it straight until he doesn’t, bending and clowning through some of the later episodes while Clement gets a chance to go full Conchord. But best of all is Aubrey Plaza, who gives a dark, gonzo performance so stunning not even her most ardent Parks and Recreation fans will recognize her.

So, why catch up with Legion now, versus some months from now? That has as much to do with potential spoilers as it does with me simply wanting you to experience some great TV. Certain mid-season twists—like some additional information about Plaza’s character—may have already leaked onto your radar, via various unavoidably porous social-media outlets. And there’s another big twist on the horizon. As Legion star Jean Smart said in an interview with The Independent:

Oh my goodness, when we did the seventh episode we were sitting around saying, “How is this going to tie together? They’ve just one more episode. It’s just impossible,” and of course, he does it. In his own way. And then there’s a twist at the end and I mean the end—the last seconds of the show. We were like, “Oh my God.”
I wouldn’t want any viewer to be held hostage by spoiler or twist culture. These twin trappings of modern TV shouldn’t dictate when you watch any given show. But I also wouldn’t want that final twist—or more pertinently, any groupthink reaction to that final twist—to ruin your Legion experience. Hawley isn’t one to not stick a landing, but there is a real danger that Legion won’t deliver on its promise in those final seconds. Like most shows with a mentally unsound protagonist (::cough:: Mr. Robot ::cough::), there’s a slight possibility that this season and all the characters we’ve met are merely a projection of David Haller’s troubled mind. If anyone can execute a concept that high, it’s Noah Hawley—but the show also runs a risk, à la Westworld, of souring the audience in its final moments. I’d rather that reaction not distract any viewers from the creatively dazzling eight hours of television that precede it.

But that’s not the only reason the days between now and next Wednesday’s finale are ripe for a Legion catch up. (Nor should it be.) Both FX and Noah Hawley may disagree with me, but I’d argue that Legion is actually a better experience when binge-watched. (This is not true of all shows. Some reward a week in between episodes, and space to catch your breath and meditate.) Legion is the kind of series that sends a lot of information at its audience very quickly and also one that, at first, fosters an intentionally disorienting experience. The show wants to put audiences in the mentally unbalanced shoes of its protagonist.

But having just re-watched the series in one fell swoop (after taking it in episode by episode), I can attest that little threads, visual hints, and narrative links make much more sense to the viewer when watched very close together. (Of course, re-watching in general doesn’t hurt either.) Episode 6 in particular—which is a looking-glass retelling of the season premiere—is even better when watched fairly shortly after Episode 1. In short, Legion can only benefit from the binge-watch model, which encourages viewers to be more accepting of confusion when they know an answer is just a few episodes away. (In this case, Episode 5 serves as a big “a-ha!” moment.)

Unlike some of its comic-book series brethren, Legion isn’t quite as easily accessible to stream. (FX is famously more elusive than most networks for cable-cutters.) But all seven episodes of Legion can be found on demand via your local cable subscriber, or on the FXNow site/app. The first six are currently available on Hulu, with Episode 7 going up on Sunday. And, as far as bingeing commitments go, seven hours is relatively light. In fact, other comic-book shows should take a page from Legion’s economical episode order: the Netflix Marvel shows, in particular, have a considerable amount of fat to trim.

Ultimately, I appreciate that TV watching shouldn’t come with so many rules and provisos. We should watch what we like when we like it and not worry about external factors like timing, twists, spoilers, bingeing, etc. But, reasonably, this is the TV-watching culture we live in. So, for your own good and for the good of this distinctly creative show (and the incredible performances of Stevens and Plaza), make Legion your weekend plans. Other comic-book shows can wait.

I’m purging my drafts folder.

This is from a few months ago. I’m not sure where I was going with it, but here it is. Feel free to finish it on your own time.

A 12 year old boy named Larry decides to join the drama club. He just started seventh grade. The club had decided on performing Oliver Twist for the school play, and miraculously he got the lead role. He had never before been good at anything, so it came as a surprise to him more than anyone. He was unpopular. He wasn’t good at sports. He had terrible acne. The one thing he could do better than anybody is pretend he was somebody else, but his raw talent wouldn’t help with his shyness. He suffered from stage fright.
     The leader of the drama club was a man named Mr. Fenman. Mr. Fenman thought Larry was the greatest, but he understood his stage fright as he himself had the same problem as a young actor, so he decided to work with him, because Larry was the most talented young actor that Mr. Fenman had ever encountered. He worked with him at every rehearsal, and had no doubt that Larry would be the greatest Oliver Twist the world had ever seen if only he could overcome his stage fright.
     On the night of the show, Mr. Fenman pulled Larry aside. He kneeled down next to him. “Larry, “ he said, “this is going to be a great night for you. I remember the first play I ever appeared in. I was so nervous, but the director of the play told me a secret, and I am going to pass that secret on to you. Look at the audience, and understand that they are weak and vulnerable. Picture them in their underwear, Larry. Picture them with no clothes on. Once you realize that you are in the dominant position, the part will flow through you. You will become Oliver Twist.”
     Larry thought about this for a little while, and then he did feel that power come over him. He wasn’t scared anymore. He was born to play this part, and he was going to do it better than anyone had ever done before. He walked out to the stage. The curtains were closed, but he could hear the crowd filing in. The musicians were tuning their instruments in the orchestra pit. In his head, he heard what Mr. Fenman had said: Picture them in their underwear. Picture them naked. 
Larry strolled to the center of the curtain and parted it slightly so he could see the audience. Everybody was filing in. They were all holding programs. What Larry didn’t know was that his parents, who had been waiting his entire life for him to come out of his shell, had invited almost everyone in his family to the show to support him. The first person he saw was his Uncle Alfred, who was standing right in front of the orchestra pit talking to his uncle Al, who was actually named Albert and had no relation to his Uncle Alfred as they were from different sides of his family. Albert stood there wearing only socks and penny loafers, with those sock suspender things clinging to his varicose vein lined legs just under the knee. He laughed, and his belly shook up and down while Alfred chewed on an unlit cigar and laughed along with him. His body was peppered with weird, discolored flaps of skin, and his uncircumcised penis hung long and fat in front of his baseball-sized testicles. Aunt Ethel was standing a few feet behind them, her colostomy bag bulging out of her yellowed underwear, clutched in between her enormous breasts that resembled beaver tails and hung almost to her waist. She was talking with his Aunt Elsie, who was wearing only a bra that had a pint of vodka stuffed in the left breast. Her legs resembled that of a Sasquatch, as she had not groomed herself since her husband had unexpectedly passed at 37.

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I edit on a wikia for a video game series, so getting confirmation about VAs is kind part of the "job". I kinda know how a NDA contract works. I was hoping you can answer something that's been on mind since a certain incident happened. Can a VA be fired if they violated their NDA contract and confirmed that they voice a character in whatever project they're doing without company consent? Fans don't understand that they have to wait until something is officially out to put information on a wiki.

I mean, if the recording is pretty much DONE and replacing them would cost more time/money than it’s worth, then I doubt they would remove the voice actor’s work from the finished product. However, you could rest assured that the company would never be working with that person again.

If they spoiled it super early (like upon being cast or right after the first session), though? You bet your ass they’d be eradicated from all traces of the project and blacklisted/sued accordingly.

You don’t fuck with NDAs. They are a company’s investment protection and (oftentimes) an extension of their copyright and trademark protection. You DO NOT fuck with NDAs.


The crossover everyone wanted to see…. but we could never finish it. No we’re not planning on finishing it… we’ve moved on. This was from a time when we didn’t know how to write or act… but on behalf of Missoliverandblossom’s 10th anniversary, this is his swan song, and a way of saying thank you to all those who supported both him and me all these years. (Raises glass) So long, T&F… you will be missed (Don’t worry, I still have one last plan(s) for the Tomy Thomas and Friends clan before I finally call it quits)


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- Sana Focus

Word Count: 2153

“How many times do I have to tell you to piss off?”
“Yea, go over there, stay away from us.”

Eh. At least they didn’t throw anything yet.

“Hey, do you even have hands? Who wears clothes that are so much bigger than them? Catch!”

A half finished juice box hit your shoulder, splashing you with bits of the apple juice. Sigh, spoke too soon. Again. Some people could never accept your sense of fashion, or your quietness, or your long hair that always hung over your face. Only some. The others, well, they merely looked away from you. Still, that’s better than getting harassed every once in awhile. Wiping off the juice from your hoodie, you turned to walk away from the bullies.

“Hey, where are you going? We’re not done with you yet!”
“Stop.” A voice that sounded strangely familiar cried out.

Turning around to see who it was, you didn’t expect Sana, the school’s most popular and respected girl to be standing between you and them. People started gathering around to see what was going on.

“What do you think you guys are doing?” Sana asked sternly. 
“Nothing… we won’t do it again. We’re sorry.” The bullies bowed a little and ran off in the other direction.

Alright. That almost never happens. As Sana turned to address you, you bowed a little to show your thanks.

“Are you alright?” Sana asked.
“Yes, I’m fine. You really didn’t have to do that. I get those reactions a lot.”
“I really did have to do that. And I’ll continue doing that if I see that happening. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.” Sana replied, giving off a radiant smile.

You nodded appreciatively and Sana left with her friends. From that day on, you couldn’t keep your mind off of Sana. Sure, she was the most popular girl at school and you probably would never have a chance with her, but that didn’t keep you away from her. After learning about her classes, you tried to leave little candies and treats for her. One day, you would leave a biscuit or cookie and another, you might leave bubbletea for her. Soon enough, even if Sana didn’t recognize you, all of her classmates and friends would know who you were. 

“Hey, you’re here again. What’d you bring our Sana this time?” Mina asked as she noticed you coming into her morning class.
“Did you bring us anything?” Momo chimed in, but quickly got pushed away by Mina.
“Don’t mind her, she would eat everything in this classroom if they were all edible.” Mina said.
“Haha, I brought some fruits today. There’s some apple slices, strawberries, blueberries, and even raspberries.”
“Wow, that sounds nice…” Mina commented.
“You should bring us some next time!” Momo complained.
“I’ll try to remember, but I can’t promise anything.” You laughed.
“Oh Momo, you know (Y/N) only has eyes for Sana. Oh, by the way, Sana’s english class has an essay in the library tomorrow so she won’t be in the class. Remember, no foods in the library.” Mina said.
“Thanks for letting me know.”
“If you forget about the no food rule though. You know where to find me.” Momo beamed as she winked at you.

Mina ruffled Momo’s head and gave her a light punch on the arm.  

“Oh, here comes Sana now.” Momo pointed out as she rubbed her arm a little.

Sana made her way into the classroom, with classmates greeting her left and right. When she finally arrived at her desk. She saw your little container of fruits that you had left for her.

“Hey Sana… uh, I brought you fruits today, um, I hope you enjoy them…” You stuttered.
“Thanks.” Sana responded plainly.
“I’ll be going now, see you guys later!” You said as you waved goodbye to Momo and Mina.

They gave you a quick smile but Sana didn’t even raise her eyes to look at you. What am I expecting? I shouldn’t expect anything in return. At least she doesn’t find me annoying and weird like the other people. As you made your way out, you thought you could hear a faint sigh coming from Sana.

Arriving early at the school library, you took out a few interesting reads and planted yourself in a spot where you could see Sana later. Finally, Sana and her class started to make their way into the library where they proceeded to log onto the computers. You quickly grabbed a random book from your pile and used it as a cover. Sana sat down gracefully and quickly typed in her username and password, and as the computer started to boot up, you saw Mark approaching. Mark never harassed you, but he did often make jokes behind your back. In fact, he made jokes about everyone behind their backs. Except for Sana, of course. He pulled up a chair beside Sana and started chatting away with her. You could tell that they were having a good time as you heard Sana’s charming laugh. Then, all of a sudden, Mark had brought his face near Sana’s and you swore you saw him peck Sana on the cheek. Ducking under the cover of your book, you thought to yourself, what did I just see? Mark and Sana? Together? No way. It can’t be. Can it? You peeled your eyes away from their general direction and left the library abruptly.

Unfortunately for you, the stress from seeing Sana and Mark had decreased your immunity to the contagious flu that had been sweeping through the local community. As a result, you decided to request for a week’s rest from school. You tried hard to erase the sight of Mark’s lips on Sana’s cheek, but it continued to haunt you even after you became extremely sick.

Meanwhile, Sana became restless while she continued studying at school. At first, she didn’t mind the fact that no more snacks or beverages were being dropped off at her classes, but she soon discovered that she felt a sense of sadness and boredom without your gifts. Concerned with your sudden disappearance, she asked around in regards to what had happened to you. However, since no one ever really bothered to make friends with you, she got no useful information from anyone. Finally, she had asked one of your teachers about you, and upon learning that you had become ill, she politely asked for your address. While the teacher was baffled at first, she said that she wanted to pass along the notes and homework that you had missed during the week.

Arriving at your doorstep, Sana hesitated before knocking on your door. She didn’t know what to say in front of you, especially after acting so coldly towards you every time she saw you. Finally, she made up her mind and decided to knock on your door. You got up, and staggered your way to the door. Since your head was still a little hazy from the flu, you couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw her standing outside. Running back silently, you made sure that everything was tidy, clean, and nothing embarrassing was out in the open. Wait, why am I fiddling with all of this? She’s not going to come in, and even if she does I’ll just stop her at the door.

“Hey, is anyone home?” Sana asked, knocking on the door once again.
“Yes! Cough cough. Coming.” You hollered as loudly as you could, and ran back to the door.

Cracking the door open, you saw Sana rub her hands together because the weather was so cold.

“Hey (Y/N), I heard that you got sick so I came to see if you’re okay.” Sana beamed.
“Hm? Yea. I’m fine. No need to worry about me. I thought I told you.”
“Oh. Uh, yeah, I know. I just… ahem, needed to give you your notes for the week.”
“Oh, thanks. You can just pass it to me here, you wouldn’t want to get sick from me.”
“Actually, there’s some notes that the teacher added during the lesson, so I should probably copy them down for your copy. It’s pretty chilly out, surely you don’t mind if I come in for a bit?”
“Are you sure? It’s pretty messy, and I am still sick.”
“Mhm, don’t worry about me. Maybe I can cure your sickness.”

Sigh, I caught the flu because of you… if only you could fix this. I’d be so grateful.

“Alright then, you can come in.”

You opened the door fully for Sana as she stepped into your house and took off her sneakers. You led her into the living room where you cleared the table for her.

“You can just work here, I’ll bring you some water and snacks.” You said without emotion.
“What? No, no, I can’t. You’re still sick, I should be the one to bring you things.”
“You did. You brought my notes. You’re the guest here, and I’m the host, now I’ll be right back.”

Sana nodded politely and sat down.

“Hey, speaking of which, I’ve never seen you do your hair like that, or wear sweats and a tank top.” Sana asked curiously.
“Huh? Oh this? I can’t really see with my hair down all the time, so I tie it back at home. That way, it doesn’t get into the food I make, and I won’t walk into a wall in the middle of the night. Actually, I stand corrected, I still walk into walls in the middle of the night.”

Sana laughed sweetly and you could feel that her gaze was still on you.

“So… do you want some oranges?”

Bringing a basket of oranges over to the living room, Sana had started copying notes from her notebook to another notebook.

“Hey Sana, you can just write the notes onto the books, I don’t really mind. You don’t have to copy it word for word.”
“No, it’ll be too jumbled and squished.”

You went silent and started to peel an orange. The room was quiet with the only sound being the ticking of the clock and Sana’s mechanical pencil writing on the notebook.

“So how is your flu? Feeling any better? Are you taking medicine?” Sana asked while scribbling away.
“Uh, I think it’s getting better, I didn’t really have medicine with me since I never get sick, so I didn’t take any.”

Sana suddenly stopped writing and approached you.

“What are you-”
“Hold still.” Sana ordered.

You didn’t move a muscle as Sana reached over and felt your forehead with the back of her hand.

“Your forehead is pretty hot. Don’t you feel dizzy? Isn’t there anyone who can take care of you right now?”
“Oh, my parents are out of town, visiting relatives right now so I guess not. The fever’s really not that bad.” You told Sana, coughing between your words.
“That’s a pretty bad cough too. Would you like me to take care of you? You don’t live too far from me and I can bring you some medicine and prepare towels for that fever.”
“What, no thanks.”
“Why not? You don’t have anyone else, do you? Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss another week of school. And…”
“And… I kind of miss you, not getting your treats and drinks…” Sana admitted, bringing her head down a little.
“Really? I thought you were annoyed by me since you always acted coldly towards me…”
“No, I didn’t know how to react to your actions, no one’s ever done anything like this for me. So I panicked.”
“Well, what about Mark?”
“What about Mark…”
“I saw him… kiss… you.”
“Oh, in the library during my english essay?”
“Yea. Wouldn’t he be concerned if you came to take care of me?”
“Are you kidding me? Mark plays tricks on everyone and well, he did openly state that he’s crushing on me, but I assure you that kiss was all him.”
“You don’t like him back?”
“Hm… when you get better, I want you to go poke his right arm and see how he reacts.”
“Oh, I punched him there. Hard. Anyhow, I’m sorry for acting coldly towards you, I hope you forgive me.”
“I forgive you, Sana.”
“Does that mean I can come over and take care of you now?” Sana chirped.
“Sure… if you really feel that strongly about it…”
“Of course! You always cared for me, it’s time I return the favour.” Sana said as she patted your head.

You smiled as she continued jotting down notes for you. Soon, Sana finished up and got ready to leave.

“I’ll be back again tomorrow, with wet towels and cough medicine. Don’t die on me overnight.” Sana joked.
“I won’t, I won’t.”

She put on her sneakers and waved you goodbye before closing the door. Sigh, what do you know? She’s my weakness and my cure.

Sixth, and you count on the seventh, eighth, and ninth being released in the next 3 days! I’m officially on spring break now, so I have a lot more time to write, and ironically enough, I actually got a fever yesterday. Send me requests, and enjoy!

- itsmomorin

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Hey I've just found your blog and I really like it!♥ I just finished my first 24hr fast and honestly I'm very proud I could never do it before. Anyway do you have any ideas on how I could break it? (Sorry if you don't do these kinda asks I'm not too sure)

Salad, oatmeal, steamed or roasted veggies, tofu in broth, something light!

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Have you heard of The Dark Wife? Its a retelling of Hades and Persephone but theyre both lesbians and acknowledges Zeus as a douche. The Abyss Surrounds Us is about sea monsters and lesbian pirates

i have indeeeeed heard about the dark wife; I’ve actually started it once and just…………. never finished it. (probs bcos I had it as an ebook and it’s like 900x harder for me to read ebooks than it is regular books. reading fanfic in the same format? totally fine. ebooks??? idk,,,,,,. also because I Never Finish Anything.)

I’ve heard mixed reviews on The Abyss Surrounds Us so personally I’d probably wait to read it until someone with whom I share Book Tastes could give me a Review

It’s not that I don’t want to be friends with you, it’s that I can’t be. I can’t be just friends with someone I envisioned my whole life with. I can’t be just friends with someone who’d kiss me with an intensity I could feel us becoming one person. I can’t be just friends with someone who loved me when I couldn’t even love myself. I can’t be just friends with you because I can’t pretend you’re nothing to me, when you are and always will be everything to me
—  Excerpts of stories @thesenseenvy will never finish// #187

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.”

I haven’t read a series in quite a long time where I had such a clear, distinct vision of what each and every character looked like. After finishing through PJO earlier this year, I slowly started sketching out everyone I could and editing along the way in order to get them to look as closely as possible to what was in my head. I wasn’t able to cover every single character that’s mentioned, but I’m still really proud of this set! I can’t wait to use it as a reference for more PJO art going forward.


earth c

this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it

The King felt betrayed by his wife and so, heartbroken, he decreed that he would bed a wife each night and each morning she would be killed so as not to be unfaithful. One night the beautiful Scheherazade came to his chambers and began to tell the King a story. She told a story so captivating and so wonderfully enticing that the king could not look away. By dawn, Scheherazade had reached a cliffhanger and bid her King good night. Fearful that he may never know the end of the story, the King spared Scheherazade so she might continue and the next night she finished her story and began another that was even more enticing than the first. She told her stories for 1001 nights and when she had finally run out, she said, “My King, I have no more stories… what will you do now?” The King, who had fallen in love with her over those thousand and one nights embraced her. “Now and forever, Sheherazade, you will be my Queen.”

Yuuri and Victor remind me of the story of Scheherazade~<3

Imagine buying Newt a new bow-tie before he leaves to go back to England.

Imagine the hurt on his face when he takes it from your hand, because he never thought he’d mean that much to anyone before. Living in the shadows of his brother has injured his self-confidence so much that he starts crying when you give it to him. Some moments felt like maybe only his creatures could care for him so adoringly.

Imagine him staring at it before tearing up, and he has to explain, “You didn’t have to. I—” He stops and clears his throat. What he wanted to finish was with, ‘I don’t deserve such gratitude.’ Wiping his eye with the back of his hand, he looks around for something to distract his train of emotions.

You can see the words on his facial expression, and you take a step forward. Hesitantly, at first before standing in front of him. He shuffles from foot to foot before glancing up at you, his fingers tracing the fabric of the bow-tie. For such a mundane exchange, he was getting far too emotional. You smile gently, cupping his shoulder, “I wanted to. It’s a gift… And if you ever wear it, I want you to remember what you did for us, for…” You took a deep breath in, and the chilly dock air stung your lungs, “For me… As sentimental and selfish as it is, I guess I don’t want you to forget about me.”

Those words rattled inside of him as he snapped the small box containing the bow-tie shut before shuffling into his beautiful jacket. Newt smiled at the object as it disappeared there, before directing his grin at you. “I’ve nothing to thank you with, that seems inconsiderate now…” You shrugged your shoulders, watching him reach down to grab his case before snapping one of the open prongs shut. He laughed quietly to himself, before feeling the sudden roll of sadness, “I’ve nothing for you but a few words. Those being, you’ll see me again someday. When my book is done, I’ll come visit you. Now that I’ve encountered New York, I doubt I could stay away for much long. The excitement sort of… Grows on you.”

“I look forward to it, Mr. Scamander.” You chuckled, “Don’t be too long.”

“Heavens no, I’d miss it too much.” Newt joked back, taking a few steps backwards to step onto the ship. 

“Good luck.” You said loud enough for him to hear. Something crackled in your voice as you spoke, something that Newt had caught onto and made him pause his motions.

“And to you, (Name).” Newt replied and reached into his pocket to trace the thin box you had given him only minutes ago. He had always hated saying goodbye, because some where more permanent than others; whether intentionally or unintentionally. He turned, his back now facing you. But alas, it was only a few paces forward he got in before turning around to look at you once again. As if in this very second, he needed one more glance to remember what you looked like, what your expression was, what your eyes appeared to be showing. He needed to remember these things. 

He falls, defeated to his emotions and takes the few paces forward once again to stand in front of you. Surely, it was an action you weren’t expecting and the physical closeness of his body was greater than it was before. “I couldn’t leave without asking something, (Name).” You raised your eyebrows, “It’s nothing bad!” He defended to your surprised face, “I just wanted to know if… When-” He changed his words quickly, “When I come back to New York, may I repay you for buying me a new bow-tie?”

This question made you laugh. Throwing your head back, tears finally trickled from your eyes and cascaded down your cheeks as you nodded in response, “That sounds fair.”

“I look forward to it.” Newt gave you a half smile, reaching a hand forward and wiping away your tears. You relished in the last bit of slow affection he dared give you before whispering quietly to you, and only to you, “Only a little while. I’ll pay you back, I do promise. and I am quite good at standing by promises I’ve made.”

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The thing is you set your own limits, but in reality you never cross a finish line, you never get there. I mean, there are actors whose last work is the most precise, the most moving. There are some directors that keep reinventing themselves until the end of their career, and that may be their goal, because you could also repeat your work, or make the same song every summer, the same movie or the same character all your life. You could do that of course, but to me that’s not interesting.

I remember being 9 and I had to write a short fairytale story for homework. I wrote a beautiful story, about a girl who grew up and fell in love with a boy (or girl, although I was 9 at the time and didn’t know anything other than heterosexual relationships). But I could never think of an ending. I handed it in, and my English teacher asked me why it wasn’t finished.

I was 16 when I fell in love with a boy who was an amazing person, but the universe decided it wasn’t meant to be. But I think, out of all the heartbreak and tragedy, I finally found an ending to my story:

Our stories are not destinations, they do not need to end in happy endings. Maybe the endings are who we become because of our experiences. Endings don’t have to be “and they lived happily ever after”, maybe they just have to be “and she tried, it didn’t work, but she’s happy within herself”.

—  i-wonder-lust 
Remember there was no real Mary in the room during this confession and when John finished Sherlock didn't say anything but stood up and hugged John
  • John: I wanted more.
  • Sherlock: *looks at him astonished*
  • John: And you know something, I still do.
  • Sherlock:
  • John: I'm not the man you thought I was. I'm not that guy. I never could be. But that's the point.
  • Sherlock:
  • John: *crying* That's the whole point. Who you thought I was is the man who I want to be.

I will bet you all of the fifty-two cents in my pocket that Bruce has to resort to picking up his Robins by the cape when they’re misbehaving on patrol. Like you see Batman and Robin after they finish tying up the Joker and Batman clearly wants to leave, but Robin is busy trash talking Joker about how the purple suit was never in fashion and he’s seen cats who could rob a bank better than he can. And then you just see Batman sigh heavily before walking over, grabbing the kid’s cape, and dragging him away muttering something about being home in time for dinner or else Alfie will be pissed.