but i never could finish it


Plot: Your company merges with another and now you have a new boss. Your new boss ends up being one of your old childhood crushes you never thought you’d see again.

Genre: Romance, Drama (Fluff, Angst)

Word Count: 2980

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Author’s Note: What do you guys think so far? Interested? No… Yes????? 

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DamiJon Thanksgiving please!!!!!!

*finger guns* np Bob

Thanksgiving is something Damian’s never really celebrated. It was always interrupted with Father, and Mother never did it right.

Jon, when Damian told him this, made a horrified face, declared that Damian would experience a proper Thanksgiving, and then flew off to arrange just that.

Damian only sighed, and returned to his book.

“This is a travesty,” Jon says, and Dick nods sadly. “How could he never have had Thanksgiving!”

“I don’t know,” Dick sighs, and knocks a thug’s head into a wall. “I’ve tried to celebrate it, but every year something comes up. It’s either a planet wide emergency or something Gotham related, and-”

“And now he’s never had Thanksgiving,” Jon finishes, and gives a soft knock on the wall. It shatters, and he steps through. “Don’t worry -” Jon throws a bright smile over his shoulder, “- I’m on your side now!

Dick laughs. “So you are. Let’s finish this so we can plan, huh?”


What followed as one of the swiftest take downs on Penguin’s gang.

“Okay, so,” Jon says, and spreads his hands on his table. “We have you, me, and Alfred on the team, right?”

Sick nods and Alfred’s lips twitch.

“So we just need to make absolutely certain that nothing happens!” Jon grins brightly and throws his hands into the air.

“Let’s do this,” Dick says solemly, and holds out a hand. Alfred places his on top of Dick’s, and Jon slams his on top of theirs.

“Yes, let’s.”

“Let’s go!”

Everything is perfect, Jon thinks happily, and drags his best friend over to Dick’s car. Nothing is going to go wrong-


Jon groans in despair as Damian whips around, already running towards the Manor, and Jon follows sadly.

Dick simply let’s out a breath, gets out of his car, and heads to the Cave, eyes on the ground.

By the time the fight is over, it’s been three hours, and when Jon finally gets home, Damian in his arms to ensure he won’t get away, the food’s already cold.

Jon bites his lip to keep the words back, and his eyes burn with tears. It…It was all planned. We have everything ready, he thinks, and sets Damian on the floor.

Damian takes one look at his face, pats his cheek, and calls for Alfred.

It ends up being an amazing Thanksgiving, and by the end of the day Jon’s face is red because Dick had started to sing Jon and Damian sitting in a tree and while Damian had started to shout that Grayson, you’re an idiot, shut up he had, however, given Jon a quick kiss on the lips, and acted confused when Jon promptly started to silently scream.

It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving.

anonymous asked:

Any chance I could convince you to write a brief story about Ruby as a serial killer?

[Ruby walks into Schnee manor, her knees shaking, Crescent Rose drawn and ready]

[Papa Schnee emerges at the top of the Grand foyer staircase]

Papa Schnee- Ms. Rose [begins descending staircase] I suppose this saves me the trouble of sending someone to track you down

[Ruby’s grip tightens around her weapon]

Papa Schnee- Tell me where Weiss is, and no harm shall come to you

Ruby - I’ll never tell you where she is [glares]

Papa Schnee- [finishes walking down stairs and starts walking towards Ruby] I don’t know what she’s told you, but I assure you I’m only looking out for her best interest

Ruby - [eyes get teary] No you’re not….[grits teeth] You HIT her

Papa Schnee- [angry at the disrespect in Ruby’s tone]  And what business is that of YOURS ? [pushes Ruby back a step] I’ll have you know she has alot worse coming to her when I ……

[Ruby leans back, and slashes Papa Schnee between the neck and shoulder. Jacques stares at the blade partially embeded in his body as his blood stains his pristine white suit as it runs down his body]

[Ruby rips Crescent Rose out, and Papa Schnee collapses to the floor dead]

[Ruby stares down at the body, her brow furrowing]

Ruby - Now disappear……

[The body remains, as Ruby takes a step back to avoid getting rich people blood on her cute new boots]

Ruby - Disappear ……

[Ruby plugs her nose as the smell of shit and piss hit her nostrils]

Ruby - [still holding her nose] I don’t get it ! [stomps foot] The grimm always disappear …..

Writing Requests are OPEN

(Quickest I’ve ever worked =0 )

Serial Killer Ruby AU

@jeonpalette \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////

hey bby! i finished ur surprise! sadly, i don’t have enough time to draw a puppy and a kitten too but i have one puppy drawing laying around here that i once made for a friend, so if u want to i could send it to u :>

also this is the first time i drew a giraffe so don’t judge me if it turned out messy and weird (tho it’s my fault for getting lazy with the legs sjbdh)

i hope i somehow managed to brighten up your day! love u - jimin

Here’s a happier thought: in another world, things are different.

Darth Vader takes one look at this feral fierce daughter of queens and politicians, this girl lying silver-tongued and spiteful to his face and thinks oh. And a heartbeat later he thinks Padme because this child looks so much like her, down to the imperious jut of her chin. And she looks like a boy he knew once, a boy called Anakin Skywalker, who was reckless and absurd and so strong with the Force that the universe buckled around him.

He says, “You are adopted, aren’t you,” and Leia’s eyebrows skyrocket.

“What relevance does that have,” she manages, “Lord Vader,” and Lord Vader would smile if he could. Instead he reaches down to touch her beautiful face; she flinches away, shows her teeth, and he feels his heart full up to bursting point.

He says, “None at all.”

Alderaan does not burn. Tarkin does though. He falls in two neat, sizzling halves.

“Um,” says Leia. Vader’s lightsabre burns red in her eyes.

“I’m no friend of the Emperor,” says Vader, says Anakin. And, “I knew your mother.” And then, because he’s Anakin Skywalker and planning has never been one of his strong suits, he offers her his hand.

“Come with me.”

“Will Alderaan be safe? My parents?”

My parents. Not by blood, but by choice, and that matters more.

“I will protect them,” says Anakin.

“Never imagined this,” Han had murmured, sitting up in their bed late at night, Ben’s tiny head resting in the crook of his father’s arm. “Having a kid. Even wanting a kid. But now he’s here, and—”
“And you’re a dad.” Leia had leaned closer, unable to resist the chance to tease her husband. “Just think, hotshot. Someday you might even be a granddad.”
Han’s chuckle had warmed her. “Speak for yourself, sweetheart. Me, I ain’t ever getting that old.”
― Claudia Gray, Bloodline

Finally I could finish my drawing I started over a year ago. Just loosely based it over this particular moment from the book. It just broke my heart into million pieces.

fate of the fast & furious (m.)

;pairing — taehyung/reader

;warnings — very smutty | very fluffy | slight daddy kink | sexting & nudes | a lot of sweet talking | mentions of masturbation | mild drug use | some of these aren’t even warnings | bye

;summary — you’re a first-generation college student and taehyung is the hot guy with a love for motorbikes who lands the job babysitting for your family while you’re away. basically a mix of domestic!taehyung, biker!taehyung, racer!taehyung all at once, and a whole lotta sex. a weird kind of slow-burn. enjoy

;word count long 17k


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me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

me internally:

happy birth to the best jojo!!!

AHAHAHAHA my younger brother was eating a piece of chicken and i said to him “did you know that chicken...”  AND HE FREAKED OUT started screaming and swearing at me and i didn’t even finish what i was going to say!

i never mentioned anything about veganism but he started screaming and saying “you’RE always telling me to go vegan!! !!  !!!”

and he ended the convo (he had to go back to work) by saying that i was “pathetic” ?


and all i said ? “did you know chicken… “


also another point i might add he was screaming that he could “knock me out” or “beat my face in”


Some daring driving on both their parts

Langst prompts and quotes

- “The boy with the ocean in his eyes; now drowns in it.”

- Lance is captured by the Galra, but is able to create an escape plan with the other prisoners. Something goes wrong and he has to watch one of the prisoners sacrifice themselves for him

-“They might not need me, but I need them.”

- Lance overworking himself trying to improve as a pilot because he knows his lack of skill is putting Blue in danger. 

- “Will there be anyone left for me to come home to?”

- Lance drugged to hallucinate his team saying malicious things about him, but he knows it isn’t real. Even though he believes all the things the visions are saying about him, he loves his friends and knows they would never say anything like that.

- “I will not die here.”