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HI ILYSM can you give me some Cisco smut pls lord. Like maybe he vibes you being hella naughty and giving yourself some love (wink wink) and then can't get the image out of his head and after a while he just like?? takes you?? pls and thank you ilysm xoxo 💕💕💕


Title: I Could Do It Better

Word Count: 3120

Vibing about his friends was a pretty common thing for Cisco, as it normally helped him with the problems they had with the meta-humans in the city. However, Cisco had never vibed something like this. He felt like he’d violated your personal life seeing you in this situation, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. The way your face twisted with pleasure as your fingers glided over yourself knocked the wind out of him, he felt so hot, like he was in a sauna. He watched carefully as your hand gently groped your own breast, drawing a soft noise from you that made Cisco feel something deep in him awaken. How gently you were treating yourself, it was torture to him. He wanted to hear you. Just as your fingers slowly began to make their way to open your folds, giving him a glorious view of your mound, the vision ended.

“Hey Cisco? Did you find my jacket?” You called out to him when you walked into the lab, making the poor boy jump and drop the fabric he was holding. “U-Uh, yeah. Um, here. It was, uh, in here.” His cheeks were redder than Barry’s suit and he looked frantic. Picking up your jacket, Cisco handing you it and quickly made his way past you. Scrunching your nose in confusion, you put your jacket on and followed behind him. “So, are we still on for that movie tonight?” You asked, making him stop. “Y’know, I just remember I have something to do tonight, so I can’t” Raising a brow, you crossed your arms. “Really? What’s more important than going to see The 20th Anniversary of The Fifth Element in theaters?” You asked, obviously not believing his lie. Cisco scrambled for an excuse, he needed to clear his mind before he spent any time with you. “M-My, uh, my washing machine! It broke, so uh, the repair guy is coming to fix it tonight?” He suggested, making you let out a disappointed sigh. It was obvious he didn’t want to spend the night with you. “Alright, whatever. I’ll go see it myself, see if Iris wants to come see it with me or something.” And with that, you walked past Cisco and out of S.T.A.R labs.

After that day, it seemed like Cisco was avoiding you. He canceled any plans you guys had made and declined to come to any new ones. The only time you ever saw him was at the lab, which normally didn’t even last long as he couldn’t even look you in the eye during your conversations. He was jumpy around you, seemed embarrassed even. Not only did it confuse you, but you were also extremely hurt. You hadn’t told anyone about it, but you had a mad crush on Cisco. You hadn’t told anyone of course, as you knew that secrets between two people didn’t last long at S.T.A.R labs. For Cisco, on the other hand, looking at you was absolute torture. He couldn’t look at you without having those images pop into his head. Not that it was bad, I mean he really enjoyed the show but each time he looked at you all he thought about was ripping your clothes off and ravishing you. He’d decided to keep his distance so that wouldn’t happen. Cisco really liked you, but he was sure that you didn’t feel the same way.

The distance between the two of you was obvious, as both Iris and Barry had asked what happened to the two of you. You ended up telling them that you didn’t know, because you really didn’t. “Hey Caitlin, can you come with me to help carry the food here?” Barry asked, making her stand up and grab her sweater. “Yeah of course, you guys look out for any meta-human activities.” Caitlin gave an innocent smile, of course you knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted the two of you to work out whatever was going on between the two of you. Smiling back, you have a quick nod. “Gotcha.” Cisco replied awkwardly, and when the two of them left the silence in the cortex was more than awkward. It was uncomfortable, and it made you want to cry. What did you even do? Was it because you ate the last popsicle? You apologized for that! Taking a deep breath, you stood and sat down on the table near him. “Hey, uh, Cisco?” You grabbed his attention, he didn’t look to you though. “What’s up, Y/N?” His vision directed towards the screen in front of him. Biting your bottom lip, you let out an exasperated sigh. “Look, whatever I did, I just want to say I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did, but I just…I’m really sorry. Please don’t be mad at me anymore.” Your voice cracked as you quickly wiped away the tears that were forming in your eyes.

This had definitely caught his full attention, causing Cisco to turn to you and see you wiping away your tears. Rolling over to you in his chair, Cisco panicked slightly. “Woah, woah. Y/N, I’m not angry with you, what made you think that?” He asked,  concern written all over him. You rolled your eyes at him, a hurt laugh leaving you. “Well, what else am I supposed to think when you can’t even hold a conversation with looking me in the eye! You’ve been avoiding me, and I didn’t know what to do other than think that I did something.” You sniffled softly, cheeks red in embarrassment. Cisco wanted to punch himself for making you hurt like this. Leaning back in his chair, Cisco let out a long sigh. “Y/N, you didn’t do anything. I…it was me who did something.” Raising an eyebrow, you tilted your head in confusion. “You…did something?”

Biting his bottom lip, Cisco let out another long sigh. “I…I vibed you. Well, I vibed your jacket and saw you.” You were even more confused, as it didn’t seem that bad. “Cisco, I don’t understand. What did you see that would make you want to distance yourself from me?” You asked, and his heart dropped. He really didn’t want to tell you. What if you were repulsed by him seeing you like that? “God damnit..” He paused, running a hand through his hair as he averted his gaze from you. “I saw you, uh, in a bit of an inappropriate situation.” It still hadn’t clicked, as your face still held an expression of confusion. “You were, um, how do I say? P-Pleasuring yourself?” The minute those words left his mouth, your jaw dropped in shock and your cheeks flourished with a red hue. “O-Oh god! Oh my god!” You gasped, causing him to look back at you finally. His cheeks were as red as yours, a guilty expression placed on his face. “I’m so sorry Y/N, literally I tried everything to look away and I just couldn’t.” Your body felt like it was on fire. He saw you giving yourself some good ol’ self love and couldn’t look away.

“C-Couldn’t?” You asked. Wasn’t he normally able to move or look away from something in a vision? “I..god, you were so beautiful Y/N. The expression, the noises you were making, fuck I couldn’t look away. I didn’t want to look away” You felt like you were going to melt. He thought you were beautiful and he wanted to see you like that. Your heart felt like a hammer against your ribcage. Looking to him, you noticed he’d gotten out of his chair and was bow standing in front of you. You felt cornered as you couldn’t back up with how you were sitting on the table. It went silent for a moment, the only noise you could hear was the loud beating of your own heart. You had kept your gaze on the floor, however his shifting made you gather your courage and lift your eyes to look at his own. Cisco’s gaze had been on you the entire time, his brown eyes blown with obvious lust.

You weren’t sure how it happened, but his lips were on yours in an instant. It felt unreal, the way his hand gently cupped your cheek to pull you closer, the way his arm wrapped around your back possessively. Was this really happening? Eagerly you pressed back against his lips, and your heartbeat was thumping against your chest at a pace so quick, you thought it could even be faster than Barry. The kiss was passionate, full of intense longing with a hint of lust behind it. It didn’t last long though, the lack of air pulling the two of you away from each other. Silence had filled the air once more as Cisco leaned his forehead on yours, enjoying having you in his embrace. “Was that…good?” He asked with a hint of nervousness, drawing a breathy chuckle from your chest. “More than good, Cisco.” It was definitely more than good, and you wanted more.

He watched intently as you bit your bottom lip, a soft sigh leaving you. Your small action seemed to have made something in Cisco snap, because all he could do was mutter a strained ‘fuck’ before he was on you again. His lips captured yours in a greedy, lustful kiss as his hands scrambled to get rid of your shirt. He grunted with frustration as he fumbled over the buttons of your shirt, you were sure you felt a few pop off due to how rough he was being. You felt yourself being pushed back against the table you were sitting on as Cisco began to move his kissing from your lips to your neck, drawing small sighs. In a sudden haze of lust, you lifted your hips and ground against Cisco’s, drawing a guttural groan from him. You could already feel how hard he was through his restricting jeans.

Pulling away from you, he removed your shirt and threw it behind him. It didn’t take him long to unclip your bra and throw it in the same direction as your shirt. Wrapping your fingers around the belt loops of his pants, you pulled him closer as you quickly tugged at the hem of his shirt, removing it from his body. Cisco took his time to look over your exposed torso, noticeably swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. Leaning forward, he latched his lips to your neck once again, however instead of kisses like you had expected he began to suck and bite at your neck. A sharp gasp rose from your chest at the first bite, however as he began to place more hickies along your neck and chest your small gasps soon turned into soft moans. “You’re so beautiful Y/N..” He murmured against your skin, and you couldn’t help but let out a small whimper.

He was wearing too much clothing, you were wearing too much clothing, there was just too much fabric and not enough skin. Moving your hands at a quick pace, you rushed your fingers over his belt buckle and struggled to unbuckle it and remove it. Once you’d finally gotten it undone, you unbuttoned his jeans and quickly shoved them down his legs. Cisco seemed to get the hint that you wanted no clothing on. Pulling back and inspecting his work with pride, Cisco shuffled out of his jeans and quickly removed yours. You were just in your panties now, and you wanted to kick yourself for not wearing anything cuter. However, this didn’t seem to bother him as he looked over your body with a loving gaze. “It’ll last longer if you take a picture.” You teased him with a light chuckle.

At that statement, a troubled look came over his face, making you raise an eyebrow. “Can I make an odd request?” He asked, shrugging softly you nodded. “Shoot.” Biting his bottom lip, he let out a sigh. “Could you maybe..touch yourself a little, maybe?” He asked, and you tried not to let the smirk crawling on your lips show. Leaning up from laying on the table, you let out another chuckle. “Cisco, are you asking me to recreate your vision?” You asked, and the poor boys face turned beet red. “Uh, maybe?” Before he could try to defend himself, you pulled your panties over your hips and down your legs. Throwing your panties somewhere onto the ground, you confidently spread your legs and displayed yourself to him. This caused an unexpected groan to leave him, his eyes trained on the scene in front of him. “Sit back and enjoy the show.” You said with a sarcastic tone, but in reality you were nervous. You’d never shown yourself to anyone like this, and you never thought it would be Cisco of all people.

Laying back down on the table, you gulped the forming saliva in your mouth and got to work. You started with running your fingers gingerly down your stomach, drawing a tingly feeling to your skin. You were slow with your actions, achingly slow. Cisco felt like he was in slow motion as he watched your fingers slowly reach your lower lips. The way you massaged your labia was breathtaking, and the minute that soft moan left your lips it was like anything that helped him think straight was thrown out the window. His eyes followed as your other hand ran up your sides and gently groped your breast, drawing a shuddered sigh from your lips. Just like his vision, you slowly opened your folds and pushed a finger in, groaning at the sensation. It had been a while, not too long, but long enough to make your body ache for more attention.

You didn’t realized Cisco had gotten closer until you felt your hand being torn away from your mound, a pleading whine leaving you as your body screamed at you for stopping. Your whine was cut short when he pressed his lips against yours, pulling you closer, you realized two things. The first thing was that he towered over you quite dominantly, making you aroused more. The second thing was that he’d removed his boxers because you could feel him pressing against your entrance. Wrapping your arms around him, you rolled your hips, as a way to tell him it was alright and that you wanted this. Cisco didn’t take any time as he slid into you with one quick motion, the stretch making you arch your back against him and moan against his lips.

He tried to start a slow and sensual pace, but with each thrust you could tell he was losing more and more control. Moving your lips from his, you began to place soft kisses up to his ear, letting out a couple of moans into his ear to spur him on. “You don’t have to be so gentle with me Cisco..” You whispered, your hair tangling itself in his hair to give a slight tug. Cisco let a low groan emit from his chest as he painfully gripped your hips and practically began to slam into you. It wasn’t long until a mix of your loud, whiny moans and his groans filled the cortex. The way he held onto you made your heart swell, and you couldn’t stop moaning his name. With each moan of his name, his thrusts got sloppier and harder.

Dragging your nails down his back, you ground your hips into his. You could feel your own orgasm coming, your stomach feeling tight and your toes were curling. You just needed a little push. “Fuck, Y/N!” It seemed that Cisco could tell you were close, as his groans got louder as you clenched around him. Moving his hand from your hips, he was quick to attach his thumb to your sensitive bud, rubbing zig zags and circles. The feeling made your entire body feel tingly, and your moans turned into whiny shouts of garbled words. With one particular thrust and one particular rub at your bud, it was like your walls came crumbling down. Your orgasm felt like rushing water, a long shriek of pleasure echoed throughout the cortex. Cisco’s own orgasm followed soon after as he let you ride out yours, quickly pulling out of you with a long groan as he released onto your stomach.

The room was silent, the only noise you could hear was the panting and gasps for air coming from the both of you. Leaning forward, Cisco placed a number of kisses on your lips before pulling away and helping you clean yourself up. You felt tired, sleepy even. As the two of you finished cleaning up and getting dressed, you cleared your throat, hoping to find something to say. The air was awkward, and you hated it. “Y’know next time you wanna watch me play with myself you could just ask.” You joked, drawing a chuckle from Cisco as he sat back in his seat. “Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.” He said with a sarcastic tone. It was quiet after that, and you couldn’t stop thinking about the time you two just spent. “Cisco, I uh-” You were cut off quickly by the sound of Barry and Caitlin, your cheeks immediately flourishing in a bright hue as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Hey guys! Anything happen while we were gone?” Barry asked, and you quickly shook your head. “Nope.” You quickly retorted. “Not a thing.” Cisco quickly added after. The two of them raised a brow as they looked at the two of you. “Well, anyways, we brought food.” You nodded, however before you could walk over to get any, Cisco pulled you aside. “You were going to say something?” He pressed, you bit your bottom lip and shrugged. “I was uh, just wondering if you wanted to come over later?” You asked, looking to him with a hopeful look in your eyes. The wide smile that broke on his lips cause you to bring one to yours as he nodded. “Yeah, sounds like fun.”

“I believe you owe me twenty bucks Mr. Allen.” Caitlin whispered to Barry as she stuck her hand out, and the speedster could only roll his eyes as he took out his wallet. “Yeah, yeah whatever. I didn’t think they’d do it in the cortex!” He said, scrunching his nose in disgust. “I’ll have to clean the table later.” He said as he handed her a twenty. Caitlin and Barry watched as you and Cisco conversed, unbeknownst to you that the blue and purple hickies that littered your neck were quite noticeable.

Hogwarts and Superfriends...

Me pre-Sanversweek: These Hogwarts AU’s are so great… but I could never write one. These authors are all so talented.

Me after starting my Hogwarts AU: *Discusses all sorts of head canons with my sister* OOOHHH I want to write all the things… like that brings up so many ideas. Superfriends at Hogwarts is so much fun.

My sister: Okay… but finish your Sanversweek Hogwarts AU, then you can write all the other things ;) 

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Can you tell me about you being a mom and stuff bc I'm pregnant and freaked the fuck out

Try not to freak out! It will all be okay! I know that sounds stupid and shitty and you’ve probably heard it a million times before but it is true.

I got pregnant the first time when I was 16. I was able to just scrape by and finish highschool, get married and give birth. Im not going to lie and say that babyhood is a piece of cake, because it isnt. I got severe post partum depression, but because i was so young and because neadly everyone had tried to tell me i would make a shit mother because of it, i never reached out for help. So much pain could have been avoided had i spoken up, so please keep that in mind as you bring your baby into the world.

After the rough tides of my first child’s infanthood was over, i got pregnant again. A whole different experience. I already had one baby so i was pretty solid in my confidence to raise another, everyone was generally more supportive this time around, and i knew better what to look for as far as ppd and burnout went. I still ended up with some mild ppd with my second child, but not nearly as bad as with my first, and for not nearly as long.

Now that they are a bit older, theyre a lot less physically demanding, but kore mentally demanding. Lots of questions that require thought out answers constantly (how can airplanes fly? What makes the sky blue? Why are there trees?) And as they get older, they bocome more autonomos, which is cool because you are watching another human take shape, but not as cool when your 4 year old throws themselves in the floor of the store because you got 5 bananas instead of 4.

But even with the difficult parts, it is always worth it, and i dont regret any of it. It is important to note that while my first was a baby, i did feel very resentful and even regretful. But if you can hold on through the tough spots, find a friend or two to help shoulder the weight, there is light at the end of the tunnel. They are not small and helpless forever.

As far as motherhood now goes, Im tather enjoying itm it is hard, obviously, raising humans isnt something i dont think anyone considers easy, but i have really found my purpose in doing it. I homeschool them, so during “school” months we visit co-ops and the library a lot, and during the summer, we mostly rely on local events for our weekly outings. Teaching them and watching them learn and grow is so rewarding. As is simply being there to spwnd time with them.

But that is only me. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to do those things, and there is noting wrong with needing a break, or needing a few minutes and 6 pounds of candy to make it through the day.

This is scatter brained as i just woke up at 1am and saw this and wantedto make sure i remembered to respond. Also, please feel free to private message me. Try to stay calm and enjoy it as best you can, it will likely be one of the biggest, more beautiful moments of your life. Even if only in retrospect after youve finally gotten a proper amount of sleep :P


Genre: ???
Info: Con Artist!Jeongguk
Rating: PG-13
Word Ct: 869
Summary: Jeongguk has it all, sex, money, freedom, but his arrogance blinds him to one simple fact: anyone can be fooled by a pretty face
A/N: So this could totally be a short series if people wanted it, this is just something I started and wanted to post while I’m putting off finishing muse working. I have other stuff for it. But there will be zero smut, so you’re aware. Hit me up if you want a continuation, it’s in the works, and it can be done!

People don’t usually chart their life out to be a con artist. But if you’re good at something, who are you to waste it? Such was the beginning to Jeon Jeongguk’s tragic story. Born in Busan and gifted with a pair of sticky fingers coupled with an innocent smile that could fool anyone. A perfect pickpocket. Never been caught. Not once since he started his career by lifting cigarettes when he was 13. He was, in a word, the best. Never worked a legit job in his life. And why would he? When he could manuever his way through a single crowd and pocket at least 500 dollars without breaking a sweat?

So maybe his tale wasn’t so tragic, it just made for a good sob story.

In reality, Jeongguk never regretted his “career path”. He’d spend his days scouring the streets, hands slipping into pockets and fingers wrapping around everything from wallets to phones to loose change and anything else you could think off. 20 years old and he had enough money to live in a nice apartment, wear the nicest clothes, all without an education or a job. His landlord was always suspicious of the cash payments, but a little extra here and there stopped him from asking any questions.

He was walking around town, tossing a baseball up in the air, and a huge grin on his face. There was so much he could get away with, so much. And when he was on a mission, he never failed. His boyish good looks could get him out of any situation. As well as open the door for many more. Like clockwork, he passed a couple of grade school kids and rolled the ball over towards a wealthy looking socialite. When it hit her heel, he had to force himself not to smile.

“Oh, is this yours?” She asked the kids, kneeling down and picking up the ball.

As she approached them, offering the ball back, Jeongguk swooped in. He circled around behind her as she bent over at the waist, pulling her clutch out of her purse while she was distracted. Smirking, he tucked the wallet inside his jacket and carried on with his day. God his life was easy.

There was nothing that Jeongguk felt was beyond his reach. The world was his oyster and he was going to shell it out until there was nothing left. Scanning the crowd, he attempted to local his next target. After weighing his options, his eyes narrowed in on this extremely attractive young woman. She was looking around frantically, obviously lost by how she kept looking at the map clutched in her hands.

Jackpot. He smirked to himself as he jogged up to her. “Excuse me, noona, can I help you?”

Nodding, she wiped away some tears threatening to form. “I hope so, my boyfriend wanted to meet me here – I mean, I think he did, I can’t find him and I – I’m not from around here, we’re on holiday and I just – I can’t believe I’ve been here for a day and I’m already lost!”

This is going to be so easy. He remarked to himself. “Don’t panic, noona, where were you supposed to meet? Maybe I can point you in the right direction?”

“We were supposed to meet outside the Changgyeonggung Palace, but he wasn’t there!” She exclaimed, running a hand through her hair.

“Well, here’s where we are right now.” He started, already making his move.

Pointing his finger to the map, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and began inching his way towards the cute molang pouch sticking out of her pocket. Half a second later, he had his fingers wrapped around the small purse and it was already secured and in his possession.

Too goddamn easy.

“Oh my god…” She muttered, covering her mouth and laughing in relief. “I’m such an airhead, I can’t believe I got Changdeokgung Palace and Changgyeonggung Palace mixed up! Thank you so much!”

Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around his middle and hugged him.

He laughed easily, patting her on the back. “Don’t mention it, noona. I’m happy to help.”

She giggled, tucking her hair behind her ear as she parted. “Seriously, thank you.”

Pocketing her map, she waved and disappeared into the large crowd. Smirking to himself, Jeongguk tossed the coin purse up in the air, caught it, and an unfamiliar feeling of dread sunk in like a rock. As an ominous cloud descended upon him, he opened the purse, a few coins, a chapstick, and a receipt tucked inside. Pulling out the receipt, he knew something was wrong.

That was cute, but welcome to the big leagues – Ivy

Please tell me this is some sort of joke. He pled to himself, feeling around his pockets for his previous scores and finding them surprisingly empty. The clutch, a watch, some bills he snatched, nothing. They were all gone. While he didn’t mean to, he started to laugh in disbelief. The idea that someone conned him, was absolutely unfathomable. He was the best. Or at least – he thought he was.

“Ivy…” He muttered to himself, clutching the receipt in his hands and cursing himself for falling for such a simple gambit, but still admiring her for it. “Well played.”

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So, I just finished Hauntingly in one go (I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours and I am so lucky that I am on vacation), and I hope you're happy to hear that I smoked through an entire pack of cigarettes and emptied an entire bottle of my favourite red wine in the process. Apart from that information there are two things I want you to know: 1. FUCK YOU my heart is in tatters and I will never recover, and 2. oh dear god. Thank you so much for writing this story, I could KISS YOU!

In one go! I’m so sorry, that sounds like a nightmare. What a way to have your vacation ruined. Your cigarettes and red wine were well spent.

1. Yes fuck me I know

2. Thank you for reading. You are loved <3

let’s talk about the Pearls

because their behaviour in The Trial was fascinating to me

At first, we see them exhibiting all their usual stuff. YP is as flourishing and Extra as always, and while for the most part BP is her usual quiet self, we see her display the most actual personality ever as she grins while drawing “Rose Quartz’s” death

But the tricky thing with the Diamonds’ Pearls is that it is very, very hard to tell what’s the real them. What are they really thinking, and what’s a show they have to put on to avoid their owners’ wrath?

Here, we see them lose their calm– both of them, at the same time, for the same reason. And not because of a direct threat/insult, like Yellow Pearl’s flinching from Yellow Diamond in “Message Recieved”. It’s a comment Blue Zircon makes:

“So how did a Rose Quartz with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond get so close in the first place? Where were Pink Diamond’s attendants? Her Agates? Her Sapphires? And where was her Pearl?”

They both immediately freeze. YP’s expression is terrified. She looks directly and BP, as if either afraid for her, or searching for reassurance or guidance. We don’t know exactly what Blue Pearl’s expression is, with her eyes covered– but maybe fear too, or uncertainty, or surprise…

So the question is. Why?

1) They’re genuinely shocked. They’re so indoctrinated by Homeworld ideology that the thought that Pink Diamond’s Pearl didn’t do anything to protect her is an accusation which strikes them to their core

2) They’re afraid their Diamonds will lash out at them as scapegoats. This episode made it painfully clear that YD especially is pretty trigger happy, so I wouldn’t put it past her to occasionally strike out at blameless underlings

3) They know something.

This last one seems more likely to me. Because why else would they get so much focus? The question is– what?

Okay. Let me split this up into sub-theories:

  • They (or one of them) witnessed Pink Diamond’s death, and they have information which could explain the discrepancies Blue Zircon brought up. However, they never divulged it for whatever reason. (Possibly because, if there was a cover up, they could be at risk if the did). Now it might come out accidentally, and they could take the fallout.

  • One or both of them helped orchestrate Pink Diamond’s assassination, either directly or indirectly. The main issue is the question of how an obvious criminal like Rose Quartz could have gotten close enough to Pink Diamond to kill her. Pearls would have a great insight into how all the court hierarchies work. Since they’re considered to be basically dim-witted furniture, they’re pretty easily ignored. Combine this with abilities such as holographic projections, perhaps they could have found a way to smuggle Rose Quartz (or the true killer) close enough.

  • Another Pearl was directly involved in the smuggling and killing of Pink Diamond. While they didn’t plan it, BP and YP helped her (and any allies e.g. Rose Quartz) escape, because of Pearl Solidarity

Hmm…. but who could this other Pearl be… If only there was another Pearl in the show… a known rebel… who’s past history with Homeworld is shrouded in mystery…

Ah. Yes.

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t know exactly how Pearl exactly fits in. Rose Quartz being the killer seems important for the Arc of Steven coming to discover that his Mom’s past actions weren’t all sunshine and daisies, and the further arc of him realizing that maybe sometimes violence/shattering is necessary or justified. So maybe she just helped sneak Rose in, even if she didn’t deliver the killing blow herself. 

Although, if Pearl was the culprit, that might give even more impact to her expression when Steven discovered what happened to Pink Diamond in ‘Back to the Moon’

Admittedly, this can easily just be Pearl saddened that Steven’s discovered the truth. That the perfect image of his mother, the person Pearl loved and respected more than anyone else, has been broken. That his innocence has been lost.

But if she was responsible, it could also be fear that Steven– who is innocent, who still values the lives of everyone– would reject her if he discovered she was the one who did it. 

(Also, consider Pearl’s claims of being Rose’s sole confidant, the one who knows everything… The only one who knew the truth of Pink Diamond’s shattering.)

‘Course, we’ve got the little problem here that all eye witness accounts say that Rose Quartz killed Pink Diamond. As you might have noticed, Pearl looks absolutely nothing like Rose.

… but hey. How about shapeshifting? You know. That thing Pearl swears she can do, but that we’ve never seen her demonstrate in 132 episodes? This would be a pretty significant demonstration. And the trauma of using it for such a thing could explain why she hasn’t wanted to use it since. 

(Not sure why Pearl would have felt the need to disguise herself as Rose Quartz. Maybe it was because she knew all the other RQs got captured and bubbled for Rose’s rebellion, so Pearl was protect her fellows from a similar culling. Or maybe she thought showing the leader of the rebellion dealing the finishing blow would make a stronger image. idk)

That said, again, I still really am fond of Rose being responsible… so maybe we can split the difference and put the death on Rainbow Quartz? That would be rad too.

basically it’s all a mystery and i’m not sure where it’s going, but the Pearls almost definitely have some clue

Let’s end this on their worried faces

(protect them

Langst prompts and quotes

- “The boy with the ocean in his eyes; now drowns in it.”

- Lance is captured by the Galra, but is able to create an escape plan with the other prisoners. Something goes wrong and he has to watch one of the prisoners sacrifice themselves for him

-“They might not need me, but I need them.”

- Lance overworking himself trying to improve as a pilot because he knows his lack of skill is putting Blue in danger. 

- “Will there be anyone left for me to come home to?”

- Lance drugged to hallucinate his team saying malicious things about him, but he knows it isn’t real. Even though he believes all the things the visions are saying about him, he loves his friends and knows they would never say anything like that.

- “I will not die here.”

Some daring driving on both their parts

Baseball (M)

(I can’t get over baseball Jungkook so I had to write something)

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

╳ Genre: smut | One shot

╳ Summary: You hated being dragged to baseball games because your best friends boyfriend was on the team. But maybe this time wasn’t going to be so bad.

“You know I hate baseball” You said, your arm being dragged as your friend pulled you across your lawn.

“Yes, and basically any sport” Your friend Rylee said, unlocking her car door. “But today is his big game and I really want you to come along!”

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Um. I started a new AU. I couldn’t concentrate on any other project until I got this one out. >.>;;;;; So uh yeah this was this entire week. It’s a pretty darn big post. This AU will hopefully contain itself to the one post maybe one more

Going up tomorrow night! As usual, I’ll try to get it up 8PM EST. Lemme try to stick to my own self-imposed deadline and not be 3 hours late this time! ;A;

(Genuinely curious to see if anyone can guess an AU and/or crossover of what since I’ve cropped + censored out all costume details…I’m pretty sure I haven’t let anything slip publicly…? reply to this post to let me know what you think ;D)

Remember how it all started? How we had an inside joke before anyone had even said hello. How it felt like I’d already known you my whole life when we only just started talking. Remember how I got butterflies whenever I spoke to you?

Remember how I gave it all up for you? How I willingly gave you my innocence and you even more willingly took it. How we laid for hours afterwards talking about God and how we’re both going to hell. How I told you things I’ve never told anyone before. Remember how you told me to never catch feelings?

Remember how I caught feelings? How you watched it happen and chose to ignore it. How you pretended not to notice I was completely intoxicated with you. Remember how you ignored the time I drank too much vodka and let everything spill out?

Remember how you told me it was all nothing? How you tore apart my whole life with the words “we had sex, move on” . How you told me to find someone who loved me because you couldn’t. Remember how I swore that was the end?

Remember how three days later I found myself drunk at night in your town? How I left my friends so you could sneak me into your house. How i found your lips on my neck all over again and how we had to be quiet so we didn’t wake up your family upstairs. Remember how when we were finished you screamed at me “never fucking fall in love”

Remember how I fell in love?
Remember how I fell in love?

—  Remember how I fell in love?
Alluring Tune | (m)

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: Fluff, a lot of smut
Warnings: Mature content
Word Count: 4.4K

His voice was almost a whisper, warm breath hitting the shell of your ear. And the heat coupled with the slow, savory movements of his fingers overtop the thin fabric had an almost numbing effect, your mind drawing a blank as you enter an intoxicating haze.

“I thought there was no punishment?” you manage to say, swallowing back the moans that threatened to escape.
“This is a demonstration baby, not a punishment.”

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Boku no Hero Academia Fiction Recommendation Master Post

I have decided my new favorite anime and its fandom deserves some appreciation. Every work I recommend are - in my personal opinion - beautiful and I want everyone to read them. If you see your work up here that’s cause I loved it to the moon and back! I welcome suggestions too!  

♥ - ultimate fav

★ - they do the do

(★) - implied sexual activities

ロ - unfinished

■ - finished

✿ - multi chapters

TodoDeku (Todoroki x Midoriya)

Sumary:  Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.

Summary:  [02:13 AM] todoroki: Are you awake?

Summary:  U.A.’s Heroics Division’s Class A was graduating. Moving on. Never coming back. And Izuku is going to be left behind, solidly trapped in a prison of his own making. There might be a few things that could make it more bearable, though.

Summary:  Todoroki is bad at presents, and worse at confessions.

Summary:  I wrote some silly fluff for Izuku’s birthday. Happy bday, little hero egg!

Summary: Todoroki felt his own breath drop in temperature as the nerves settled in, steam rising with each steady exhale. He continued to stare, as if expecting the same to happen to Midoriya when he caught a whiff of cool mint as the boy spoke, face inches from his. In which Midoriya has a better grasp on the changes happening in Todoroki than Todoroki himself.

Summary: There was no magical moment that played a part in Midoriya’s realization that he liked Todoroki. The thin red string that greeted him every time he looked down at his hand was an obvious factor, yes, but it wasn’t love at first sight either. It sorta just… happened over time.

Summary:  In which Todoroki Shouto is trying to ask Midoriya out and the whole class is in on it.

Summary: The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye. Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

Summary:  It’s been judged safe to send the students of UA home to their families for the first three weeks of summer, much to the relief of everyone whose name isn’t Todoroki Shouto. Luckily, Midoriya has a solution for him, and Midoriya Inko has a lot of love to give.

Note: You’re going to cry ugly crocodile tears

Summary: Izuku has never been one to curse but the only way to describe himself as his mother hugs him goodbye that morning, is royally fucked.He’s really, truly glad no one in their class has a mind-reading quirk because from the minute his feet touched warm sand, his mind has been screaming in tune to the same famous classical overtures Tenya listens to when they study together. Occasionally, the music pauses just long enough for his brain to point out observations about Shouto that make Izuku want to stick his head under the waves and just breathe in.

Summary:  Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant.

Summary: It starts —like all ideas that inevitably lead to one’s downfall do— with something akin to this: Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya Izuku and a five-story house by the beach, completely devoid of any entry-fee –save for the one where Todoroki has to pretend to be Deku’s boyfriend. All-in-all though, not an awful price to pay for the vacation of their dreams, right? Right?

Summary:  It’s Wednesday morning when Izuku’s mother texts him to remind him about his cousin’s wedding coming up the following weekend, and it’s Wednesday evening, when Izuku’s back in his room after classes and has time to call her, that she tells him she can’t go to the wedding with him.

Summary: Todoroki and Midoriya are pro heroes. They’re also dating.These two aspects clash when they’re outed to the entire world as Japan’s first officially gay heroes.

Summary: In his third year at UA, Todoroki Shouto works in a burger place, catches on fire and falls in love. Only two of those things are on purpose. Or…Todoroki Shouto’s exciting adventures in customer service.

Note: First part of the extra-salty/twitter-verse series! The next TodoDeku part of the series: get in loser, we’re going heroing

Summary:  Shouto Todoroki is a cold Pro Hero who never uses his fire side. He refuses to be like his father, Endeavor, but every day it seems like he’s becoming more like him. Shouto meets up with Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless Pro Hero counselor and discovers that his power is his own. Also… he might be falling in love with his counselor. // AU where Deku never received One for All and became a quirk counselor instead!

Summary: Shouto has his first sleepover.

Summary:  In the wake of All Might’s death, Izuku grieves. (Post-Graduation/Future Fic)

Summary: It was a mistake, Shouto thinks, to fall in love with a hero. (Or the one where Todoroki is a Quirkless school nurse and Hero Deku’s longsuffering boyfriend.)

KiriBaku (Kirishima x Bakugou) 

Summary: … It wasn’t that he was annoyed. Okay, maybe he was a little annoyed, but that was just the lack of sleep talking. Because a certain explosive punk thought it was a good idea to test the flammability of his sheets at 2 in the morning. Every single morning. (In which Bakugou’s quirk wakes Kirishima up, and Kirishima gets way too invested in his bro’s well-being.)

Summary:  The summer training camp of Bakugou’s second year at UA descends upon him with all the untamed fury of- well, himself, honestly.

Summary: "Hey! Wake up you piece of shit! Are you alive?!“ The man winces and scrunches his face in pain but Bakugou continued to hold him in place. Good, he’s alive- Piercing red eyes flutter open and gaze lazily straight at Bakugou’s face and Bakugou feels his heart skip a beat. Oh, Fuck- AKA merman! Kirishima au

Summary: Bakugou sleeping in the common areas like it’s no big deal seems to give everyone else permission to be just as bizarre, and little by little Kirishima starts learning things about his classmates he never knew.  

Summary:  Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou are paired together for a winter survival assignment! It’s inevitable that the two clash, but neither of them could have predicted an accident at the height of their tension. Trapped in the wilderness at the mercy of the environment, how will the two cope with finding help and mending what was broken?

Summary:  Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. AKA God of War! Bakugou au

Summary: “You’re a popsicle biter, you fucking animal,” Bakugou says. “You’re not?” Kirishima says around a mouthful of ice cream. “No,” Bakugou says. “I prefer my teeth unfrozen, thanks.” He wraps his mouth around the popsicle and Kirishima realizes his mistake very, very quickly.

Summary:  Kirishima has always made things easy for Bakugou. But that doesn’t mean that Bakugou’s gotten any better at these things, even after all of these years.

Summary: Bakugou works at a convenience store, flirts like a loser, blows up nineteen aprons, gets a hashtag trending for all the wrong reasons and maybe manages to make a friend. Or…being Bakugou Katsuki is suffering.

Note: Part two of the extra-salty/twitter-verse series

Just Right


Requested. No. I just really wanted to do something fluffy about Shawn admitting his feelings for you. Kinda sucks but who cares 

Word count: 2,016

She was so insanely beautiful. The kind of beautiful people write songs about, the kind of beautiful I want to write songs about.

Even when sleeping deeply with her messy hair in a bun. Even with her mascara smashed out under eyes. Even when she laid here in my lap and those cute, little snoring noises slipped out of her unflawed rosy lips.

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“God, you always look so hot” Harry Styles Smut.

Part one

This wasn’t requested, this was just another random creation inspired by the idea of Harry getting turned on by watching you get ready.

Includes: A tiny bit of fluff(?), a tiny bit of frustrated horny Harry, and smut ;)

I don’t know how many parts this will be and I think this part is bad but this will probably be two parts.


please enjoy!

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space vocab in mandarin

Originally posted by remystic

so i’ve had this in my drafts for ages and i just never got around to completing it, but then i saw @malteseboy ‘s post and was reminded that, instead of sitting around doing nothing during my summer break, i could actually finish this list i started almost seven months ago so here it is

宇宙空间 yǔzhòu kōngjiān space

宇宙 yǔzhòu universe

星星 xīngxīng star

星座 xīngzuò constellation

星系 xīngxì galaxy

星云 xīngyún nebula

小行星 xiǎo xíngxīng asteroid

彗星 huìxīng comet

黑洞 hēidòng black hole

流星 liúxīng meteor

日食 rì shí solar eclipse

月食 yuè shí lunar eclipse

行星 xíngxīng planet

太阳系 tàiyángxì solar system

太阳 tàiyáng sun

水星 shuǐxīng mercury

金星 jīnxīng venus

地球 dìqiú earth

月球 yuèqiú moon

火星 huǒxīng mars

木星 mùxīng jupiter

土星 tǔxīng saturn

天王星 tiānwángxīng uranus

海王星 hǎiwángxīng neptune

冥王星 míngwángxīng pluto

轨道 guǐdào orbit

绕地 ràodì to orbit the earth 

送上轨道 sòng shàngguǐdào to send into orbit

盘旋 pánxuán to circle, to go around, to orbit

重力 zhònglì gravity

满月 mǎnyuè full moon

新月 xīn yuè new moon

弦月 xián yuè crescent moon

太空探索 tàikōng tànsuǒ space exploration

宇航员 yǔháng yuán astronaut

太空服 tàikōng fú space suit

航天飞机 hángtiān fēijī space shuttle

人造卫星 rénzào wèixīng satellite

发射 fāshè to launch/fire (a rocket)

发射架 fāshè jià launch pad

空间站 kōngjiānzhàn space station

天文学 tiānwénxué astronomy

天文学家 tiānwénxué jiā astronomet

望远镜 wàngyuǎnjìng telescope/binoculars

天文望远镜 tiānwén wàngyuǎnjìng telescope

三脚架 sānjiǎojià tripod

Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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Percy Weasley