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Yakuza!Hanzo with pregnant s/o? During the pregnancy and birth?

((SO I MADE THIS A LIKE TWO PART STORY BECAUSE YAKUZA HANZO IS LIFE….I also do an excessive amount of research on things for this and it FUELED my need))

From a hostess at an upscale bar to the wife of a Yakuza boss. It sounded like the storyline of one of those movies or TV dramas and yet, this was your life. You had drawn the eye of Hanzo Shimada; the sophisticated, suave man of few words who initially frequented the establishment when holding private business meetings. You could feel his eyes on you whenever you had been working and soon found yourself requested as a personal hostess for the sharply dressed man with the hawk-like gaze. Enticing professionality morphed into actual attraction; small gift of affections turning into a request to date you which soon led to marriage.

You counted yourself as lucky. Most of the other hostesses or former yankee girls ended up in loveless, violent marriages with men who wanted a trophy wife and punching bag all in one. Hanzo treated you like a queen; granting your any desire or wish, showering you in gifts and private displays of affection. You wanted for absolutely nothing and lived in the lap of luxury within the Shimada faction walls. Anytime you left, you were flanked by personal female guards and whenever Hanzo had important ‘legitimate’ meetings, you were on his arm as his doting and loving wife. He didn’t involve you with any of his illegal practices, you were an exquisite flower in the garden of his life and he planned to keep you safe. And his child that grew inside of you.


You smiled, Hanzo’s voice was still tinged by sleep, his hands lightly moving over your waist to rest on your growing stomach. You tilted your head to the side as Hanzo placed a gentle kiss against the side of your neck, his chin resting in the crook of your shoulder. You had neither been actively trying to conceive nor working to prevent it, letting fate handle any type of family planning you’d fall under. When he found out you were pregnant, he was ecstatic in his own ways; his eyes lit up, he pulled you to him and kissed you hard and openly in front of the doctor that made the housecall. Hanzo wasted no expense in making sure your pregnancy progressed smoothly; a personal chef on call 24/7, a masseuse that you could visit in person or request on the estate, your own private midwife and weekly spa trips to keep you ridiculously pampered and relaxed. He had even begun accompanying you more after you expressed that you felt lonely with him gone so often.

This is how you found yourself waking with him at least three days out of the week, enjoying a meal or two together as he answered calls and dispatched orders to his secretary who would then pass them onto whomever needed to hear them. You leaned back into your husband, humming contently as his arms wrapped tighter around your body. His lips pressed hard against the side of your neck again, drawing a quiet chuckle from your lips and a pleased sigh from his. Covering his hands with your own smaller ones, you massaged the back of his hands before deciding to speak.

“Good morning dear husband”, you teased playfully, earning a throaty huff of a laugh at the formal nickname. “I hope I didn’t wake you…”

“No dearest”, Hanzo started between another kiss, squeezing you again. He had never made you second guess his attraction to you even through the pregnancy, his level of affection almost growing as you did. “Waking in bed without you however was inspiration enough to rise.”

A wave of nausea had pulled you out of your sleep and forced you out of bed, your hand combing through Hanzo’s hair as you rose as not to wake the man. You had slipped to the down to the kitchen and fixed yourself a cup of peppermint-ginger tea, obnoxiously sweetened to your preference. Turning your head, you gave a soft ‘oh’ when you saw he had already gotten dressed, the white button up covering his once shirtless torso.

Turning yourself around, Hanzo pulled back slightly, your eyes looking him up and down, humming approvingly. Hanzo wore both traditional and modern clothing, both looking dashing on him but the latter edging out with your preference. He wore black slacks, the white button up tucked in but not buttoned all the way up, the navy blue tie hanging undone around his collar and his black hair still down. A warm, thankful smile began to pull at your lips, your eyes connecting with your husband’s dark ones. This was a ritual that the both of you had started from when you had first been brought into the Shimada clan. You initially had been no more than a glorified wallflower; pretty, pleasant and essentially useless. Before meeting Hanzo you had been a working girl your entire adult life, working hard to earn your keep and live your life as comfortably as you could. Doing absolutely nothing left you antsy, restless. So in the morning you would rise with your then boyfriend and assist him with getting ready. You’d pick out his ties and socks, button up his shirts and assist him with putting his shoes on. It made you feel at least somewhat useful before you became the lady of the house.

Reaching out, you pulled him closer so his torso rested against your pregnant belly, one of his hands lifting to lightly stroke at your cheek. Your fingers made quick work of the button up, your fingers playfully ghosting under his shirt to lightly stroke the edges of clan’s dragon tattoo on his left shoulder before closing it. You worked your magic, tying his tie into a trinity knot, your hand smoothing over his chest as you looked up at him affectionately. His hand moved from your cheek to your chin, holding it as he dipped his head down and pressed an affectionate kiss to your lips. His free hand tenderly massaged your belly as he pulled away, smiling down at you.

“Remember to tell your doctor this, beloved.”

You nodded your head, understanding he was  referring to your nausea. He’d text you mid-day just to make sure it had been done and would take care of it himself if your pregnancy brain made you forget. Always watching out for you.

“Of course, my love.”

“Boss we can just force our way back in there…she can’t tell you to get out like that ca–”

Hanzo stopped on a dime and snarled at the man that had dared to speak, his eyes pinning the man with a look that could kill. The younger man immediately bowed, stammering an apology as he backed out of the room at the quiet recommendation from a senior member. Hanzo was known for his chilling calmness, his cutting words and icy gaze usually enough to break anyone who would cross him. But now he was on edge, snapping angrily at anyone that would speak to him as he paced. No one could blame him really. Hanzo had been kicked out of the room by your midwife after snapping at her when you went through a particularly rough contraction, the man demanding to know why the pain medication hadn’t kicked in yet.

So now all he could do was pace while several of his guards fidgeted about, thrown off by their boss’ energy. He could hear your cries through the door, his heart tugging every single time it reached his ears. His twin dragons begged to be set free, to protect their master’s mate, Hanzo was barely able to fight the urge himself. But he knew that it would upset you so instead he would wait, his heart in his throat and nervous flitting in his belly. Time trickled by, far slower than Hanzo would have liked, hours feeling like days. Until the strong, loud cry pierced the air.

It felt as if the world around him melted away, the strong, growing cries of the newborn working everyone into an excited frenzy. Someone clapped Hanzo on the back, another on the shoulder and they were all cheering when the door to the room you had been delivering in slid open a crack. The midwife smiled and motioned for Hanzo to come forward, his men pushing him when his feet froze to the ground, excited and intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his child.

“Hanzo…come say hi.”

Your voice drew him the rest of the way into the room, warmth exploding in his chest as he laid eyes on you and the small bundle you held in your arms. Your face was ruddy, hair stuck to your skin by sweat, eyes heavy with exhaustion; but he was sure you had never looked more beautiful. He stopped in front of you, his hand lightly stroking your cheek, his other hand shaking as it came to lay gently upon the head of the newborn. The newborn boy fidgeted at his touch, his mouth opening in a big yawn as Hanzo lightly stroked his face. Emotion made his throat feel tight as he dipped down, pressing his lips hard against your forehead, pulling the both of you into a hug. Haruto gave a whine at being jostled, the newborn fidgeting before settling between his mother and father quietly.

“Haruto Shimada”, you hummed softly as Hanzo pulled back, your head falling to the pillow on your bed, patting the space on the California king sized bed next to you lightly. Your midwife hung around the background, cleaning up the area quickly and quietly, the omnic nurse following right behind her.  Hanzo took the seat, taking your hand gently and kissing your knuckles hard, as he scoot back to lay amongst the pillows with you. Immeasurable pride, love, happiness and need to protect filled his being as he looked between you and Haruto contently. You leaned your head onto his shoulder, peeking up at him through your lashes. “Would you like to hold him love?”

Hanzo barely nodded before you were carefully passing the newborn into his arms, the Yakuza head breathing stopping for several moments. Haruto fidgeted, smacking his lips lightly in a yawn once more as he turned into his father’s touch. Hanzo took this time to study him thoroughly; thick black hair covering his head, face chubby and skin ruddy from being birthed. Later, he would say that Haruto was a peculiar looking little thing when he came out but right now at this moment the child was the image of perfection. Your snort drew Hanzo’s attention up, your finger pointing to the foot of the bed with a humored smile.

Yuuki and Ame sat at the end of the bed, curled into a loose pile on top of one another and rest at your feet. The translucent blue dragons were content to sit and wait, intrigued yet protective, instantly acknowledging the new charge that had been added to the family. Extending a hand to them, you gently pat Ame on the head as he moved forward, chuckling quietly as the dragon purred under your touch.

“Keep him safe”, you ordered softly, knowing there was no real need to tell the dragons what to do.

“The dragons will consume our enemies”, Hanzo reminded you, his voice soft but mirthful as he leaned over and lightly kissed you on the forehead, cradling your sleeping son to his chest lovingly.

((I hope this is okay anon! I know I went on a tangent but it was fun!))

Out of the Egg. (Jungkook x Reader) Part 1

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” – Demian by Hermann Hesse

Jungkook x Reader; (with the rest of the BTS members here and there)

Fluff, Angst; mentions of violence, death, sexual harassment (briefly), and warfare

War/ Rebellion Au

Summary: The world you had once known is now bare and rotting with evil. Families were torn, houses were burned, and businesses were shattered by the Oppressors. In your world, there were only two possibilities – if you weren’t working with them, you were owned by them. However, a new faction arises that sings of hope and taking back the world that was once for the people, calling themselves “The Changers”. Although you tried to go unnoticed by either of them, out of fear of being killed or captured, you soon find yourself deep in the middle of the rebellion after an unexpected encounter.

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

A/N: I felt like posting the start of this series today because of all of the events happening in the world recently. I hope you enjoy and take good messages out of this story! Spread love ya’ll and keep fighting and overcoming challenges – big or small — to reach your dreams <3

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

           You hadn’t seen the sun in years.

           The skies had been painted gray for a long time now, clouded with smoke from explosions, from fires, from vehicles monitoring the people’s every move. You pulled your hood to cover your face and looked down, trying to blend in with the rest of the people going to work to feed their families and themselves, despite the bleak state of things surrounding them.

           As you usually did, you took a detour to avoid any guards stopping you on their random citizen scans. You smiled as you looked longingly at the abandoned playground where you had spent your happy childhood. Had you known then that those days were going to be so easily taken from you, you would’ve cherished them more in the moment. But you were young, would you have played differently even if you knew then what you knew now?

           Your smile faded as the flashback of memories seeped into your mind. Back to when it all began, back to when your dreams of your future were ripped away right in front of your very eyes.

           It had been a disappointing overturn of leadership, but what change doesn’t bring about some sort of dissatisfaction from the masses?

           People went about their lives, believing that things would continue as they were with minor changes here and there.

           But our assumptions and neglect only left us vulnerable.

           Soon, people who were once our friendly neighbors stormed into each other’s apartments, ratting out those that the new leadership deemed “didn’t belong out in the public”. They were ridiculous standards too. Mostly resounding excuses stating that, “they weren’t like everyone else”. Yet when you looked around, nobody was like everyone else. At the time, you didn’t understand. Now, you realized you weren’t supposed to understand because this…this was hatred of an illogical level. This was selfish and unreasonable leadership.

           A leader for himself, not a leader for the people.

           You thought you were untouchable at the time. That everyone you heard in the news or read about in the papers was just “someone else”; that it wouldn’t affect you and your family or anyone that was close to you. You lived in a bubble, believing that the reality of things wouldn’t knock on your doorstep.

           You had a best friend when you were little, Jeon Jungkook. And like all childhood friendships, you spent every moment of the day together. You were neighbors so you were essentially inseparable. You played at the very sandbox that now was partially singed and partially compose of rocks and decomposed plants and animals. You squealed and screamed on the slides and swings to your hearts’ content. You played pretend. You dreamed up your futures; you pretended to be part of different realities.

           Even when you were a bit older, you stuck together. After the change of leadership, Jungkook kept you close. In school, he never left your side and he never let you walk home alone. You felt safe with him around, but at the time, you thought he was overreacting.

           But then one day, he disappeared.

           It happened overnight. Quiet, skilled, covered in darkness.

           You didn’t know your world had changed until the morning came.

           You were waiting as you usually did for him to come pick you up at home, but he never came. Easily, you walked next door and punched the code in, only to fill the complex with your bloodcurdling scream. Neighbors rushed over, alert, and gasped alongside you as you found Jungkook’s father sprawled on the floor swimming inside a pool of his own blood. The adults pulled you back, trying to cover your eyes, but they had finally been opened, in the worst way possible.

           "Jungkook…where’s Jungkook?“ you mumbled, your mind on the verge of insanity but too many hands were holding you from lunging into the gory scene. "WHERE’S JUNGKOOK??!”

           You stopped going to school after that day. In fact, you stayed inside your room the days following. The only body discovered in the apartment was Jungkook’s father. He, his older brother, and mother were nowhere to be found. Everyone knew the police was working with the Oppressors, so when they claimed that the family had killed the father and run away with guilt, nobody questioned their judgment. Nobody spoke out. Everyone knew who the real culprit was. Everyone knew that they were now part of the victims being taken into custody because the new leader believed they should be locked out of society and not given rights. It was a small abandoned place, you had heard through gossip, where they treated upright citizens like criminals, giving them portioned meals and forcing them to tight schedules and constant watch.

           "Y/N. I need you to stay very quiet and follow me.“ Your mother woke you up in the middle of the night a few weeks after Jungkook’s disappearance.

           You nodded obediently, your heart racing. The hairs on your skin were on edge and something felt different about the atmosphere. Your mother tightly held your hand as she led you inside your closet and pulled open a hidden compartment in the wall. Your eyes widened in awe.

           "Honey.” she whispered, tears filling up in her eyes, and you immediately understood the situation.

           Your family was next.

           You shook your head violently as she urged you into the compartment, fit for one.

           "We knew this day was going to come soon. We prayed it wouldn’t happen, but it did.“ she caressed your face lovingly. "Please be safe, my darling. I believe in your future.”

           "Mommy.“ You sobbed and she kissed your forehead for a prolonged time.

           "Whatever you hear, whatever happens. Stay in here for 2 days.” she handed you your father’s watch and a folded piece of paper. “And don’t leave until the night covers your tracks. Go to this address. She’ll take care of you.”

           "I love you.“ You whispered as you wept, and she smiled sadly.

           "I love you so much, honey. Your father loves you too.”

           You crawled into the tiny compartment and hugged your knees to stifle your sobs. Your mother stared at you one last time before closing the entrance and enveloping you in darkness. That night, you heard the screams and struggles of your parents, the loud cracks of gun fire, then an eerie silence as footsteps marched all over the place where you had once felt safest. You couldn’t cry out of fear of being found, but your heart was breaking. You felt helpless, frustrated, and numb.

           Everyone that you loved was now gone.

           You exhaled as you slipped into your small apartment and looked into the mirror. Years later and you were an empty shell of what you used to be. You weren’t a captive but you were bound by fear and anxiety constantly, wondering when the day would come when you too would be discovered and killed. You had escaped successfully and you were given an entirely new identity. You changed your hair color and cut it, shedding your old skin. You were much older now. Your eyes held the despair, frustrations, and helplessness that you kept deep inside you, but your face was pulled into an unemotional facade. It was no longer glimmering with dreams and hope, but was dulled by witnesses of untimely death, irrational oppression, and constant hatred. You lived through hell and you had grown up in chains of the new society and its standards. You experienced and witnessed suffering beyond what children and parents had ever imagined would come to fruition.

           At work, in the middle of the streets, in your own apartment complex, people disappeared for reasons you couldn’t understand. People were shot based on “discretion”, they claimed, but it was no secret that it was merely based on the leisure and displays of dominance for those who had the authority.

           Each day was routine. Each day was a battle. Each day was a covert mission to keep yourself safe. And each day you prayed for change. Each day you prayed for a better world to come.

           But a better world never came.

           "Stop right there, woman.“

           You froze, your heart thumping against your chest. Then you suddenly continued on your way down the alley, hoping the guards weren’t talking to you.

           "Hey! Stop right there!” You felt a rough tug of your arm and you were slammed to the ground easily.

           Two grinning cops were hovering over you, eye-ing your figure.

           "Haven’t seen you around here? Are you new?“

           "No.” You stood up hurriedly and dusted yourself off, feigning confidence. “I’ve lived here for years.”

           "I’d think I’d remember seeing someone as beautiful as you.“ One officer caressed your cheek and you slapped his hand away instinctively.

           The officer looked appalled while the other cackled at your clear rejection.

           "You can’t do this to me.” You stood your ground firmly.

           "Oh yes I can.“ he laughed. "Women are for men’s pleasure. You’re lucky we let you work and prance around thinking you have freedom and some sort of control.”

           Soon, the other cop was behind you, holding onto your waist.

           "If you let us have a little fun, we’ll let you go.“ He whispered into your ear, and you shoved him away, disgustedly.

           "I’ve done nothing wrong to be captured!” You argued.

           "Well, we can make that true or false based on your decision.“

           The officer in front of you closed the distance and you felt yourself backed into a wall. Glancing around hurriedly, you tried to find a way to escape but one direction was back to your complex and essentially a dead end while the only way out was blocked by the second officer.

           You placed your hands on the officer’s chest to keep him from coming closer and you turned your head to avoid his lips trying to touch yours.

           "Get off me!” you yelled, hoping that someone would hear you.

           But who were you kidding? No one would dare stand up to the officers and put themselves in danger like that. Everyone put their families and their safety first. And who could blame them? You were guilty of being a silent witness to the Oppressors too.

           "The more you resist, the more I want to take you.“ He hummed as he grabbed your hands and freely pressed his body into you.

           "Take this then.”

           You wriggled and kneed his crotch as hard as you could. Immediately, he was writhing on the ground, and the other officer was quick to whip out his gun, aiming at you angrily. You gasped and closed your eyes, wishing that your death would be a quick and painless one.

           But the shot never came.

           You heard a loud thud and you opened your eyes to find the officer sprawled lifelessly on the ground with gun still in hand. Terrified, you glanced around. You felt a hand on your leg and the other officer was glaring at you, still in pain from your attack.

           "And I’ll also be taking you out.“

           A voice was heard just before the officer’s body flew across your path. You turned to find a tall, lean man wearing a ski mask beside you. He had kicked the officer with ease and he pointed a gun with a silencer to make a clean shot. You stared at him in awe. You weren’t sure whether to be frightened and run away or stay and thank him. Your body felt that the former was more logical so while the scary robber-looking man was checking to see if the officers were really dead, you tried to slip out of the alleyway. However, you were pulled back by your wrist and pressed against the wall with a hand over your mouth, right before a hoard of officers passed by nonchalantly.

           "That’s three times I saved you in roughly two minutes, Miss.” the masked man chimed and you shoved his hand off your mouth.

           "Well, thank you Mr. Robber Mask Man. I appreciate you saving my life but please get off me.“ You stated defiantly but you were soon silenced by his eyes gazing down at you. At first it looked at you intently then knowingly and finally, it brightened up.

           You furrowed your brows and his lips curled up happily. Slowly, he pulled off his ski mask and you felt your knees buckle as he revealed his face.  

           There, standing in front of you, in all his muscular, grown-up glory, was your childhood best friend, Jeon Jungkook. With his signature goofy half-grin, half-smirk, he spoke,

           "I finally found you.”

           You were in too much shock to really process anything he said after that, but you let him drag you away from the bloody scene. All you could do was stare at his back as he did so, wondering if you had in fact died, and this was your reunion with him in the afterlife.

           "I th-thought…I thought you were…“ you stammered, not able to coherently put all the thoughts circulating in your mind into a sentence.

           "Dead?” he chuckled. “No, I’m quite alive.”

           You smiled. At least his teasing didn’t change one bit.

           "Where are we going?“ you questioned.

           "Home.” he grinned.

           "What? Where’s that?“

           "Just be quiet and follow me.” He hummed as he held onto your hand tightly like he used to as kids.

           While you reveled in the reality that now you weren’t alone in the world, you let him lead you– although let’s be real, you had no choice in the matter anyway. After a few hills, a few dark alleyways, and a trip across the sewer, Jungkook finally stopped in front of a large metal door and knocked three times. Curiously, you watched as a scanner popped up and he pressed his hand against it.

           "I have a survivor with me too.“ he called out.

           The door opened and you stepped into a clear elevator. You grabbed onto Jungkook nervously since it felt like you were going to fall down into the abyss with this optical illusion. He laughed but pulled you closer to ease your nerves. Soon, you were descending and the darkness was replaced by the images of a large city. Your grip loosened, and you turned around to marvel at the scene.

           "What is this?” you breathed.

           "It’s the underground city of the Changers.“ he grinned.

           ”The Changers? You mean the rebel group that people aren’t sure is real??“ you pressed your face on the glass in awe.

           "Well, we like to keep it that way so nobody comes looking for us.” he put a hand on your back and guided you out of the elevator. “I’ll give you a quick tour.”

           "Whaaaat?“ you gasped as you stepped into an office building of sorts. It was bustling with people in lab coats.

           "This is Head Quarters. It’s where we make weapons and figure out our plans.” he explained as you explored everything up close, as if you were a kid in your favorite museum.

           "What’s this?“ You reached out towards a large contraption but his hand hurriedly grabbed yours to pull you away.

           "Still impulsive I see.” he chuckled.

           You grinned, glancing down at his hand holding yours as he continued walking down a long hallway. When had been the last time you had the comfort of human contact?

           "Where are we going?“

           "I have to stop by some place first. Whenever we save 100 or more survivors and bring them here, the leader gathers everyone to give them a welcome.”

           "Oh! I heard the leader was quite attractive.“ You grinned excitedly.

           "Where’d you hear that?” he raised an eyebrow.

           "Well back in the office, a few girls swore they witnessed the Changers at work and in the middle of the fight, they caught a glimpse of the leader’s face and fell in love!“

           Jungkook snorted. "What a bunch of bull.”

           You shook your head, “You’re just jealous because he’s probably better looking than you.”

           Jungkook stopped in front of a door and pulled at your cheeks. “You’re still annoying like you used to be.”

           You glared at him and rubbed your cheeks when he let go.

           "But I’m glad you’re alive.“ His expression softened as he stared at you intently.

           You blushed and smiled shyly. "I’m glad you’re alive too.”

           "Come on.“ He gestured for you to follow as he opened the door behind him.

           "Where are we?” You looked around, taking in the dim lighting of the room.

           Jungkook walked towards where the light was, and you heard loud chatter.

           "Stay out of trouble, okay?“ He instructed but you were too busy trying to figure out what kind of room you were in to reply.

           Suddenly, he stepped into the light and you were snapped out of your thoughts by the sound of thunderous screaming and applause, as he appeared on stage throwing on his uniform top. Curiously, you slowly made your way towards the origin of the sounds, which you found to be behind a curtain now that your eyes were adapting to the dim light. To get a better view, you pulled the curtain to the side a bit more, and you gasped as you found Jungkook standing behind a podium, grinning from ear to ear, in front of thousands of people.

           "Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to hear me make the same speech that Namjoon wrote for me again.”

           Everyone laughed as you watched from behind, trying to make out the situation. Why was he up there? But your question was soon answered, and your jaw dropped as you heard it echoing loud and clear:

           "Well, for those who aren’t aware, I’m Jeon Jungkook…the Leader of The Changers.“ 

Part 2 

Assassin - Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: HI!!! i love Lift sm it’s so good may i request something where fem!reader is an assassin and is using steve’s apartment in brooklyn as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy bc her intel told her that he’s not going back from a mission until next week but steve comes home early bc the mission was easier than they all thought and he finds the reader just looking through her sniper and stuff gets awkward? Thank you ily!!!

Warnings: None.

Words: 1 585

A/N: First of all, thank you so much for requesting. Secondly, I kind of went off the tracks and made this into some kind of sappy drabble and I apologize! :’)


Originally posted by oursisthefvry

She knelt down before the door, glancing behind her quickly before turning her focus to the gold-colored lock before her. She dug out her lock picking gear and placed them in the keyhole, twisting them in place with ease due to much practice, the door creaking open.

The place was just like she had imagined yet all the details were still new to her. Her eyes followed the colorless photographs hung up on the wall, the flowery wallpaper and the old furniture. It seemed out of time yet a few things would stand out. The kitchen appliances for a starter, the laptop on the kitchen table for a second.

She wanted to ask headquarters if they were sure he was away, but she didn’t want to question them. She had done too much of that during her past missions. She just wanted to be sure, but she ended up making a fool out of herself as headquarters were always right.

“I’m at my location. Getting in position now.” She informed through her earpiece upon seeing the living room window. She swung her gear off of her back and opened up the long and narrow bag.

Copy that, Alpha. Target arriving in T minus 4 minutes. Team Omega at stand by.”

She screwed the tripod base until whole again, propping it in front of the window before starting to put her sniper rifle together. She was swift, knowing exactly where each piece was going. She placed it on the stand and lowered the aim for the window on the fifth floor in the building across from the one she was in.

Her heartbeat slowed down as she took long and deep breaths. Her aim was good, her gear was in place and her senses sharp. All she had to do was wait for the target.

She had only accepted the mission as she felt it was so personal. She wasn’t much for working in big cities. It came with too many complications which meant she had to take extra many precautions. It became tiring in the long run, but the mission she was on was far too personal for her to rely on someone else to take care of it.

As she sat there, right eye scanning through the scope, she was suddenly put in a headlock. She inhaled sharply and her hands flew to the strong arm wrapped under her chin.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked, relief washing through her at the same time as embarrassment.

“Steve.” She choked out, her voice strained from the lack of air she was receiving. “It’s me.”

He dropped her and she stumbled forward, gripping onto the wall for support as she coughed. “Y/N?” He said, grabbing her shoulder and forcing her to spin around. His tense muscles eased as soon as he saw her face at the same time as his curiosity and confusion peaked. “What on god’s green earth are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” She tried to retort as if she was in any position to do that. To her luck, Steve was Steve, so he answered her question.

“I came home early from my mission. What’s your excuse for breaking into my apartment and standing by the window with a rifle?” He crossed his arms. She didn’t want to tell him, and she tried to ignore headquarters constant commands in her ear to not tell him, but she couldn’t do that to Steve.

She picked the earpiece out of her ear, walking over to the kitchen counter where an old glass of water stood, dropping the device in it and watching it sink to the bottom before turning back to Steve.

“While you were away, we were given reliable information about a spy who was targeting you. My first guess was Hydra but I honestly don’t know. Either way, we’ve been tracking the fake name he’s been using and followed the purchase of an apartment to right there…” She pointed across the street to the apartment in question. “I was given orders to keep this off the radar, your radar, to be exact. You weren’t supposed to know about the spy or that I had been here to take care of him.”

“So if I have someone on my tail, they don’t even let me know anymore? They keep it secret?” He question, rightfully upset.

“Look, Steve… I know you don’t like the way we handle things compared to yours and the Avengers ways, but I have orders, even if I don’t have someone listening to them.” She glanced towards the dysfunctional earpiece. “I need to do this… For your safety and for my job.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Y/N and him had a thing in the past, which meant roughly six months before, and although their feeling had far from gone away or as much as faded, they couldn’t stay together. Y/N was dedicated to the service she was in, and Steve was against her killing-methods. Work had in the end been what caused them to fall apart, no matter how much they both hated it, that was the only reason.

“I’ve told you that there will always be a spot for you with the Avengers. You don’t have to continue this life of murdering.”

“Like you haven’t killed a couple of bad guys during your time.” She argued, her voice low.

“I’ve never worked for an organization that kills for money. If they could afford you, you’d kill cheating husbands for grieving wife’s. Sometimes, the lives you take, do not deserve to be taken. You know that your organization is not what it used to be… They might still have some trace of what once was a faction of SHIELD, but you know that they’ve changed, don’t you? I’m sure they’ve ordered you to kill people. People you thought were innocent.”

“Stop.” She put her arms up in defense.

“This is your way out, Y/N.” He pointed to the submerged earpiece. “You can work with the Avengers.”

“I just don’t see how I would fit in with you.” She explained, a battle between two sides going on in her head.

“And so you think you fit in where you are now?” He had a suggesting tone to his voice that caused her eyebrows to furrow together. “Take a look.”

He pointed at her rifle. She eyed him before turning around, slowly leaning down to the scope and centering the window across the street.

“Oh god…” She gasped, standing up and placing her hand over her mouth.

“That safe source your superiors talked about was probably stolen, SHIELD information. “Steve looked to the building beside his own where Rhodes stood in the window. “He moved here after I suggested the neighborhood. SHIELD keeps track of him, of course… And I’m willing to bet my life that your little organization knew that it was no spy that moved in across the street from here.”

She couldn’t find the words in her to tell him something, anything. Her mind was a blank slate.

“Want to know what my mission was?” He questioned like she would have a choice in whether he would tell the answer or not. “Locating a leak within SHIELD that caused Natasha to have her cover blown over in Europe.”

“Bosnia…” Y/N breathed out, remembering having the mission given to her to go to Bosnia and take out an elite Hydra agent, but turning it down for Steve’s spy.

“You see? They’re lying straight to your face.”

“They might as well be Hydra…” Her brain was trying to puzzle it all together.

Steve took a step closer. “We don’t know that, but whatever they are, they’re far from SHEILD. You could be the one who takes them down. You can live in the Stark Tower, or we could go off the grid for a while…”

She shouldn’t have paid attention to it in the moment, but she couldn’t help it. “We?”

His cheeks flushed red. “Well, you and I could go to one of T'Challa’s many hideouts around the world… Reconnect.”

“Is that the word they use for it these days?” She tried to be flirty but he saw the tears well up in her eyes, realization crashing down on her like a harsh wave.

“Oh no, baby… Come here.” He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against his chest as her first tear managed to slip. God was it heartbreaking to see her cry. He had known her for years, and she had never allowed to show herself weak, ever. She needed to find out she had been working for the bad guys all along to finally break. “It’s going to get better, you hear me? I’m here. We’re going to be together after all. We can take that trip to China that we always wanted, walk the entire Wall…”

She chuckled against him, pressing her check flat against his chest. “You’re so dumb.”

“You love it though.” He smiled. “Admit it.”

She would never.

She looked up into his eyes, hoping he would forgive her for all the times they had fought over her wanting to stay true to the organization she was hired by. She hoped he would forgive her for all the people she had killed. She hoped she would forgive herself for both of those. Perhaps it would take time, but it seemed as Steve was willing to give her that.

Firewall Down (AI/Robot! Jungkook x Reader)

Originally posted by jeonify

Important Author’s Note:  Hello everyone! I am back again after a brief hiatus or whatever you would like to call it. This new story is quite special to me as it is my first request that I have decided to try to turn into a story, hopefully, quite a few chapters long. Thanks to @line-fangirl for the request and I hope you thoroughly enjoy this work. Please don’t hate me for the crappy summary that is to follow or any crappy writing mistakes as this work has not undergone any form of editing. 

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut (eventual)

Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter)

Characters: Reader, Jungkook, BTS (Eventual)

Word Count: 4,146

Summary: (Y/N) lives in a world consumed by hate, famine, and fear. A nuclear stricken world characterizes the loss of all chances of hope, love, and trust. Living in a world so far from the world that we know today, (Y/N) and her dad try to prolong their own survival, nevermind their existence in a group. (Y/N)’s intention to secure only her own survival in a world so hell-bent to erase it is slowly altered by a most unusual source. Though AIs were created with solely the intent of destruction and control, (Y/N) finds herself taking a deadly interest into an AI by the name of Jungkook assigned to her survival group. His continual expresssion of his lack of emotion only encourages (Y/N) to find out more about him. And suddenly, the unfeeling Jungkook is made to feel things he never considered and unintentionally change the course of (Y/N)’s life for forever. 

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For: Anon

Imagine: Being a new, badass, Dauntless leader, and Eric develops a crush on you.

“As the newest leader of Dauntless, you will go through four phases of training Y/N,” Max tells you, today you have been selected to become the newest leader of Dauntless, and Max has held a meeting for you, “The first will be learning all of Dauntless’ rules, Jared, will take you through that right after this meeting.”

Max points to a man who is covered in tattoos and piercing and has bright blue hair, he waves at you, smiling, “Welcome to the team Y/N.”

“The next phase will be learning how to interact with other factions, for this you will receive help from Victoria, our leader and faction ambassador,” Max continues, pointing towards a tan girl with jet-black hair, which fades into a lavender-ish colour at the tips. Her ears are covered in piercings and she has a tattoo, which snakes up her neck. You’ve hung out with her before during your initiation, and you get an older sister-like vibe from her, she smirks at you and winks, you smile back.

“The third phase will be with me,” Max pauses to give you a quick smile, “In this phase we will test and train you on your decision-making skills.”

“Finally, the fourth phase will last for a few weeks. It is physical training, initiation was just the beginning of it, in order to be a leader you will need a lot more training than that. Eric will under see this portion of training.” Max gestures towards the handsome asshole who sits across from you, you smile at him but he just gives you a curt nod. Ugh you could at least smile back Eric! The next few weeks will be hell.

“Your physical training will take place in the evenings, so once the first three phases are over, you will act as Eric’s assistant.” In other words, Eric’s slave. Fuck you Max!

“Thank you Max, I will try my hardest to be the best Dauntless that I can be!” You say with false excitement.

“Alright, the meeting is over, everyone is dismissed. Y/N, you will follow Jared to begin phase one.” You nod and follow Jared out of the room.

After three brutal hours of learning Dauntless rules, Jared lets you go to have dinner. You eat at the leaders’ table for the first time, and you sit next to Eric. You reach over to grab a piece of bread from a tray in the middle of the table, just as Eric does, and you both unintentionally go for the same piece and he ends up grabbing your hand, you quickly turn your head towards him, locking eyes. The two of you sit there staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, until Victoria coughs loudly, Eric’s head snaps towards her and he quickly drops your hand.

“So Y/N, how was training today?” Victoria asks trying to stifle a giggle.

“Jared’s bright hair was the only thing keeping me from falling asleep,” I roll my eyes, Max and Victoria let out a laugh while Jared mocks hurt. Eric just stares down at his food not looking amused. Whatever.

You spend the next morning with Victoria, learning about how to behave with different factions. In all honesty, you learn less and laugh more with her. You love this girl. However, your fun ends after lunch when you join Max who goes over different scenarios that you may face as a leader, as well as different decision-making techniques.

You go to sleep that night worrying about your first day of being Eric’s personal fucking assistant.

That morning you walk into Eric’s office, “Didn’t anyone teach you how knock?”

“Oh my God! It speaks!” You gasp, referring to how Eric hasn’t said a single word to you since you were offered this leadership position.    

“Don’t forget who I am Y/N,” Eric growls.

“That threat may have scared me back when I was just a mere initiate, but not anymore Eric. Hell, I could probably use that line on you now. You’re an ex-Erudite; I would have never thought you would forget things that easily. But in case you have, I will remind you, Max has appointed me as a leader Eric, so now you and I are equals,” You stretch out the last word and smirk at him.

If looks could kill, Eric’s glare would has left you lifeless by now, he looks like he is about to make a snide comment but he doesn’t, all he says is, “As my assistant, your first task is to get me some coffee.”

“I’m your assistant Eric, not your slave, you’re supposed to get me to do tasks that will help me learn about leadership,” you say, the day had barely even started and he was already getting on your nerves.

“Now Y/N, Max never said that did he?” He talks to me as if I’m a small child, “You’re my assistant, and that means you will follow my rules. And don’t you ever make the mistake of thinking that you’re my equal. You are just a leader-in-training, besides, no matter how far you advance, I will always be your superior. Now, get me my fucking coffee.”

You resist the urge to slap him and simply place your hand on a file, which rests on his desk, it is full of papers. You slowly pull it towards yourself and let it hit the floor, scattering papers everywhere. You change your expression to an innocent looking pout and say, “oops!”

Eric glares up at you and you turn to walk towards the door, just as you’re about to leave he calls after you, “Oh Y/N! Just so you know, I like my coffee scorching hot, and I know the cafeteria is 16 floors below us, so you better hurry! And by the way, forget trying the elevator, it’s out of order today.”

Fuck him! By the time you get down all 16 flights of stairs, you feel winded; I guess I probably will need this physical training. You walk to the cafeteria and get a coffee; you hurrying back up the stairs and stop in the hallway to catch your breath. You see the elevator doors from across the hall open and Jared walks out.

“Hey Y/N,” He calls out, “You sure look winded, what happened?”

“I just had to run all the way to the cafeteria and back just to get a coffee for the devil,” You groan.

“Why didn’t you just use the elevator?”

“I was told that it was out of order,” That lying son of a bitch!  

“Well it’s not, and you didn’t need to go all the way down to the cafeteria, we have an amazing coffee machine in the leaders’ lounge which is just across the hall from Eric’s office.” Are you fucking kidding me? “Well I’ll see you around Y/N; you might not want to keep the devil waiting.”

You walk into Eric’s office and see him sitting at his desk, already sipping a steaming cup of coffee, “There you are! You were taking too long so I just got myself some coffee from the lounge.”

“What the hell Eric?! You made me run all the way to the cafeteria for nothing?! Oh and for your information, the elevators are working,” You yell. He simply rolls his eyes.

“I guess you learned a valuable lesson today, never take anyone’s word for anything unless you have seen in with your own two eyes first,” He smirks at you, “Now your next task will be to clean this.”

He gestures towards the scattered paper on the ground, that asshole never picked them up. Fuck fuck fuckidy fuck!

You bend over and start picking up the papers, you can feel Eric’s killer gaze on you, “I know I have a nice ass, but quit staring at it!”

“Eh, it needs a little work, but it’s not bad,” Ugh, the asshole didn’t even have the decency to deny that he was staring!

“You’re such a pervert!” You say as you see him walking over. He stops behind you and get up.

“Did I tell you to stop cleaning? Pick the papers up!” He demands, you bend back down to collect the remaining papers and he smacks your ass, you gasp, quickly getting up again and placing the papers on his desk.

You turn on your heel to face him, not realizing how close he was to you, you bump into his rock hard chest. You look up at his smirking face and heat rises to your cheeks.

“Now,” He is close enough for you to be able to smell the coffee on his breath, this just increases your urge to kiss him. No! What am I thinking?! “I want you to arrange these papers in alphabetical order, based on the last names in the headings.”

“But Er-”

“A lot of our leadership duties involve paper work, so your second lesson of the day will be how to organize.” He says with faux-excitement.

“Fuck you,” you mutter under your breath, rolling your eyes.

He grips your arm and pulls you so close that you are pressed up against him, “Don’t ever swear at me again, do you hear me!”

Eric’s POV

I let her go and she yanks the papers off my desk and begins organizing them. I don’t really need her to do this; I’m just trying to see how far I can push this girl. It is the same reason I threw a knife at her during initiation, the same reason I tried hanging her over the chasm. I like her, she’s a sassy little badass girl, who acts like she isn’t afraid of anything, I really like her, but I know she’ll never like me back. I watch her once-delicate hands, which are now scabbed over from fighting, flip through papers, pulling certain ones out here and there. Her eyes graze over the heading of each and I resist the urge to walk over to her and furiously make out with her.

She probably sense me staring as she quickly whips her head towards me, and I look down at my phone.

Training this evening will be quite interesting.

Your POV

Today was most likely the longest day of your life, spending all day in Eric’s office definitely was not your definition of fun. However, it was about to get a lot worse, you were heading to the roof to train with Eric, but on the plus side, maybe you’d get to see Eric’s muscles in action.

You open the door and Eric is already waiting there for you, “You’re late.”

“By two minutes!” So say looking at your watch.

“Two minutes is equal to 200 push-ups, and hurry it up, I don’t want you wasting more of my time.”

“200 push-ups, oh fuck no!” You complain.

“I wasn’t asking you to do them Y/N, I was ordering you. Something you should have learned during your initiation is that orders are not optional. If you continue whining, I have no problem in making that 400.” He says seriously.

You pout, giving him your best puppy dog eyes, but he just points to the ground. You flip him off before getting into plank position, by the time you get to 100 your arms are exhausted. Suddenly Eric puts his foot on your back and pushes you back down, “Get up Y/N! You need to be able to support more than just your own weight!”

You push him up a few times, only to have him push you back down, about 20 push-ups later, you can no longer handle anymore, you lay on the ground and look up at him, “Eric, please, I can’t do anymore! Please!”

“Alright get up!” Eric takes him foot off and turns to walk away, you look back at him and attempt to get back up, that was fucking brutal! Before you get up he turns around and steps towards you again, offering you his hand, you look at him in surprise, why is he being so nice?

The two of you walk over to the targets, and Eric hands you a gun, “Your aim may have improved throughout initiation, but five or six classes with a gun aren’t gonna do shit. As a leader you need to know how to shoot properly.”

You hold your gun up and point it towards the target, Eric goes adjust your gun, and you pull away from him, “I can do it myself, quit babying me Eric!”

“Alright,” he holds his hands up in surrender and backs away. You point the gun at the target and shoot three times, each time the bullet goes straight through the centre. You turn back to Eric eyebrows raised; he looks back at you, impressed.

He steps closer to you and snakes one arm around your waist, placing his hand on the small of your back. Your noses are almost touching, he looks deeply into your eyes and says, “I guess you were right Y/N, you really can do it. I’m impressed.”

He lets you go and turns to walk away, you stand there stunned, and strangely missing his touch. Maybe working with him won’t be so bad.  

This kind of has two other parts (with the same OCs): Part 2  Part 3 and Part 4

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anonymous asked:

why do you hate skyrim so much, anyway?

To be honest, I don’t… “hate” Skyrim, per-say? Hate’s too strong a word for any game for me, and even then Skyrim isn’t necessarily a terrible game despite how much I dislike it.

Which probably sounds weird, but that’s just me; most games that I dislike aren’t just plain old bad games. I don’t have an emotional dislike of, say, Bubsy, or Superman 64, or so on. They’re shit games, but there’s nothing particularly redeemable about them. They might have had potential, but it’s more conceptual, rather than being very flawed games with some good ideas (like Gates to Infinity, or Super Mystery Dungeon to a lesser extent).

Anyway, to get back to the question, the reason I don’t like Skyrim is because it feels creatively bankrupt.

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Soulmate, My Ass: Part VII [Eric Coulter x Reader]

AN: Previously, on Supernatural… hahaha, kidding. Anywho, there’s a scene in this part that I borrowed from the American Gods series because I loved that scene so much and I was like, “This could totally happen with YN and Eric,”

Originally posted by ladanvm


You blinked, once. Father? It took a few seconds, but then, you had the sense to gather your composure. Straightening up and fixing your jacket, you cleared your throat.

“Mr. Coulter, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am YN, I’m with your-“

“She’s my soulmate.” Eric suddenly declared. At that point, to hell with composure, you had to scrape your jaw off of the scrubbed white tiles. Your eyes must be so huge, it would’ve popped out of its sockets.

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Worth Part 2

The next morning you were woken up by the clashing sound of metal against metal. Tobias was standing in the door, pipe in hand as he told you to meet him in the pit in less than five minutes.
Scrambling to get your stuff together, you got up and hurriedly got dressed before you followed the other initiates out of the dorms.
You and Mel almost ran to the Pit, like the other initiates, where Four and Eric were both waiting for you. While you were out of breath and already slightly sweaty, the two men seemed to have kept their cool.
If you looked closer, paying attention to their body language you soon thought that the atmosphere between them was more than frosty.

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Hello! First things first your blog is amazing! I fucking love it, and second I was wondering if you could wrote a 'Being Eric's (from divergent) daughter would involve' headcannon, if you do it would be amazing, thanks xx

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

Being Eric’s Daughter would Involve…

  • He’d freak out when he found about the pregnancy
  • He’d probably be extremely worried that he wouldn’t make a good father
  • His wife/girlfriend would have to calm him down and assure him that he’d make an amazing father.
  • He’d be horrified while you were being born, but once he finally gets to hold you in his arms he’d be the happiest man alive
  • Your birth would be one of the few times that would actually bring tears to his cold eyes
  • You’d learn to fight from a very young age. As a leader he’d have private access to the factions training room and gyms, allowing him to spend a lot of teaching you everything he knows
  • Any boy who even looks your way would get the stare of death
  • Boys would be afraid to talk to you because of who your father is
  • In public he would not be very compassionate, but behind closed doors he’d be a very loving father
  • Him always being there for you when you need to talk or when you need a shoulder to cry on
  • He makes sure that you know he’s always there for you
  • He is always supportive unless it’s about boys
  • He completely freaks out when he finds out that you have a boyfriend, but he finally comes to the realization that his little girl is growing up
  • You would be a complete daddy’s girl
  • When the time came, he’d be overjoyed if you picked Dauntless
  • If you ended up picking another faction, he’d be a bit upset, but supportive nonetheless, and he’d come visit you every single Visiting Day.
  • Despite his previous self-doubt, he’d be an amazing father.


A/N: I was having a ton of writer’s block when I tried to write this, so a special thanks to my good friend @mentally-in-canada for helping me! Ilysm girl

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Orange is the New Black, Season 5 - Review

Orange is the New Black always ceases to amaze me as to how it can stay relevant and strong for being on for so long.  Yet, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Coming from the person who just watched the entire new season the day it released.  Part of me wants to know, what am I going to do now?  While my other half is trying not to cry because I have to wait another year for the next season.  I NEED MY CLIFFHANGER ANSWERED NOW! *sighs*

It’s time to hide from the pepper spray spoiler bullets in… now!  Turn around and avoid the spoilers.

It was glad we picked up exactly where we left off.  Our minds were put at ease right away instead of waiting and thinking will she shoot CO Humphrey.  and she ultimately does but thankfully it is not fatal.  I mean it would’ve been if Gloria didn’t have Dayanara’s back and instantly went and got Humphrey help.  and I also love how Gloria took the gun from Dayanara to protect her.

I liked that Sophia helped Adarsh fix his wound but after that.  Sophia was never seen again after going to Max.  Which, I truly wish she was more involved in the season but after going through what she did.  Time away from that hellish riot was exactly what she needed.

Speaking of the full scale riot, I am glad the entire season focused on it.  We all saw a season coming based off a riot because it wouldn’t be prison without a good ole fashioned riot.

The riot was for a good cause trying to get their conditions improved as well as justice for Poussey.  Sadly along the way, the lines got blurred as factions started forming and heads started butting.

and the power mainly laid in the hands of whomever had CO Humphrey’s gun in their possession.  My favorite thing that happened was when Angie and Leanne had the power and made the guards do a talent show.  It was hilarious.

Two other favorite scenes were them burning the Cheetos because they were basically a bribe.  the other favorite scene(s) were when Cindy was alone and all kinds of creepy shit was happening to her.  Each and every time something creepy was happening she was basically like ‘hell no. I’m out’.

Now, some characters really grew this season or had interesting events happen to them.  Examples:
  • Taystee with making the strong speech to the press about the conditions inside.  And then being the mediator to iron out the final details to getting their demands met.
  • Dayanara being able to use her artistic skills and owning up to her actions
  • Soso finding a way to channel the anger surrounding Poussey’s death into the memorial which was truly spectacular and moving.  and then in the finale, where she was fighting the system that killed her love by not listening to their demands and having to be carried out.  That seen alone was extremely moving and powerful.
  • Red went from wanting to kill Priscatella to letting him go because she could see he was sorry for what he has done.

and my all time favorite quote from this season has to be “I told you Suzanne, you’re in Bitchfield now.”  It made me laugh so hard and if you somehow managed not to laugh at this quote.  How!?

Lets talk about Priscatella, ugh what an asshole.  Kidnapping the girls one by one and threatening to harm them because it would hurt Red.  It was truly cruel what he did to Red.  But, we all know justice came in the end when the Calvary stormed in and accidentally killed him.  I was completely shocked when I saw it happen.

and finally, let me talk about the finale.  I lost my shit when Piper proposed to Alex.  I let out a high pitched screech out of excitement.  Just hell yes!  Vauseman for the win.  Those two smolbeans are perfect for one another especially with all the history they have between each other and always finding their way back to one another.

Gosh, I thought I was emotional after that nope.  My emotions just kept on skyrocketing as the prisoners being escorted out were separated onto buses.  Flaca and Maritza being separated.  nooo…. I am not emotional I swear.  Fudgesicle.

After they were separated.  I was like.  There is no way in bloody hell could I get more emotional.  Oh wait.  I did.

The ending had me like…

Originally posted by vernybvitday

The ending was everything and more.  Red, Alex, Piper, Cindy, Suzanne, Taystee, Gloria, Nicky, Blanca, and Frieda were the last remaining prisoners down in the out of commissioned pool.  Instead of going down fighting, their mentality went to united we stand and together we fall.

Like shit!  THEY ALL JOINED HANDS AND BECOME ONE UNIFIED FRONT.  As the door blew off its hinges and the screen turned orange.

like you know motherfudging what!?  I need to know if my babies are okay because if the Calvary needs to physically harm them, they are allowed because the asshole governor signed off on it.  Asdfghjkl.

to everyone in the same boat as I currently am, HOW CAN WE WAIT!?  Ugh.

Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 6)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Violence, Slight Seduction

A/N: Let me know what you think about the ending. Do you think Eric would sink that low?

“The hell do you think you’re doing?” I hissed, grabbing one of the soldiers by his collar and jerking him around. “You think this is a fucking game!? I fucking told you to move those goddamn crates and I meant it!”

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One Piece 854 thoughts

You know when you’re home alone and quarrelling with anybodyand  in the middle of finals and pretty much everything’s going but then THIS

appears, like a ray of divine light in the midst of stormy clouds poiting right at you and saying: 

Chill out. Take it easy. Be like Zoro. Everything’s gonna be fine.

And the day takes a turn for the better. Honestly, I think Roronoa Natsuki might be my guardian angel, somewhere in the Sunrise Land. 

This panel doesn’t tell us much that we couldn’t have imagined ourselves, but the fact that the dudes fighting back, in particular the one bottom right, seem like Capone’s men, is rather revelant. Remember all the theories, back then  we last saw the Gangster shooting down Pekoms, that he would betray Big Mom? I’m still a fan of those or, to be more specific, fan o the possibility that Capone is not just simply an underling of Big Mom’s. That would leave us with just three factions: 

  • the Mugiwaras and affiliates
  • the Hyperglycemia pirates
  • the Vinsmokes who, despite having the most massive forces, are pretty much incapacitated rn - So much for the brilliant planning, Judge. 

And it seems a little too simple. 

Ah. I love the combo Carrot + Bropper. Nami’s faces get better by the day, it’s

all Luffy’s merit, thank you very much. 

Now basically they all - except for well, Brook, Sanji, Luffy and Luffy’s missing tooth -are safe and sound in the Mirror World. It was already some massive deus ex machina when they used to communicate, figures now…! I wonder it they will do the same with Mont D’Or book world.

Now we know Jinbei refused to spin the well. The question on everyone’s minds is HOW: when we last saw him he was just in front of Mama and the Wheel, so … did he just run for it? Did he distract her with a sweet bait? All of these lessen the figure of the only female Yonkou impressively. I didn’t expect her to be incredibly strong or incredibly smart… from her very first introduction in Fishmen Island it was clear. But! A little smarter than this? 

This proves that Mama’s an unloyal bi … woman. An unloyal, disrespectful woman. She likes games, tricks, hates the play on the fair side of the board, abd hates to be played. The worst kind of pirate you can find, basically, the one of common culture, not a Shanks or a Whitebeard. And this doesn’t automatically mean she’s more dangerous, but at the very least more unpredictable. 

They’re like a bus school now, picking up people. Next stop, Luffy, Sanji or Brook? I think none of them. Luffy is outside the castle, not in the vicinities of mirrors; Brook’s with Big Mom and it would be unpleasant to let her or Pudding’s third eye see the merry compagy; Sanji is, HOPEFULLY, coming up with a plan. 

Poor Brook, it must be terrible to be hold like a keychain. At least he proved his worth fully, he injured Mama’s very soul. Way to go, Bag of Bones

And Btw, this arc rules with nicknames. 

Now: the fact that the signal for the slaughter is the moment Sanji lifts up the veil, makes the very presence of the bride fundamental. The role if the bride fundamental. And why? Mama said she got barmaids to put the Vinsmokes to sleep - in what manners, is left to the reader’s imagination, cause we’re reading something with an audience of minors -, so why not just let something slip in their drinks and kill them a little later? Because she wants the suspense and the surprise. Something very theatrical, extremely dramatic - she lives in a fricking fantasy world, why wouldn’t she? 

But this also makes the role of the bride fundamental. If from under the veil you cannot see a third eye, you cannot see the face. You cannot see the whole bride. So why not putting another bride under that same veil, one that doesn’t fancy becoming a widow shortly after?

Yes, I’m talking about a huge Thriller Bark parallel called Nami

We’ll know soon enough. 

Now Mama’s clearly understimating the psycho triplets. They don’t need weapons, they are weapons. It is hinted that most of their strenght comes from their Power Ranger battlesuits, but also from their bodies and from the unwavering loyalty of soldiers who literally lay down their lives for them. If Mama intends to shoot them, thei first thing they’ll do is just a couple of soldiers to die - IF there any around, obviously. 

Kudos to me for reading this splatter stuff and still craving the Cake and Black Tea. It’s starting to remind me of Sweeney Todd, honestly - while Pudding’s all like “Splattered brains and cake, such a lovely wedding.”

While the Nasu guard is sleeping - and continues to sleep, just like me when I’m avoiding my responsabilities - Sanji out there somewhere, and the family is having a meeting. This panel is amazing. 

We have, from left to right

  • the former Baron Tamago, now Viscount Chick
  • a punk dude from the early 2000′s
  • a … pumpkin head? 
  • a miss with her back exposed - is it because of the trend?
  • a kid with a bowler
  • an adult with a bowler
  • two more kids with bowlers
  • a FRICKING GIANT HEAD with a body attached to it
  • Mont D’Or, aka the Guy Whose Devil Fruit I’d Kill To Have
  • Charlotte Galette
  • Charlotte Amande la Mad Moiselle, aka the Girl Whose Hat I’d Kill To Wear - and that’s probably how she obtained it
  • a lady with a spiky head
  • a lady with a laarge head
  • Opera, aka the Dude Whose Standing Nobody Envies RN

Such a lovely family. And it’s not even all of them.

The fact that Opera is being monitored tells us that Luffy and Nami’s fake deaths will soon be found out, and that Sanji’s UMPTEENTH plan to let them escape easily will be rubbish. All the while Luffy wanders like a lonely dog in the company of a lonely dog. These are the little things that break your heart. Slowly. I can imagine Reiju being reminded of her little brother under the rain many years before as she watches him.

To makes us feel even worse, Oda switches to Sanji’s interal strifes, as he struggles to understand what do?

 Nope. as he decides, once again, to sacrifice himself. It’s like the 14th time? 

Also, Sanji’s logic:

I can’t let Reiju die - chapter 853- , but if I die along with her it’s fine -  chapter 854. 


More of Sanji’s logic:

I will die a pointless death, but after I’ve fed my captain. 

Countless words have been spent by blogger better than me on the character of Sanji. We get it. He’s willing to die for them, because they are amongst those people who demonstrated to him he deserved to live. But let me point out that this is an extreme sacrifice: if he went along with it, his sister would die too, he wouldn’t be assured of the well-being of the Baratie people, and he wouldn’t even be sure his friends would be safe in the first place, because he knows they have already made Mama way too angry for her to forgive them. He’s being delusional… for those who read it,  he reminds a bit of a certain Kaneki scene in Tokyo Ghoul, when the protagonist lies to himself, saying his friends have already escaped, when he knows perfectly well they haven’t, but is way too disheartened and tired to fight on for either of their sakes. 

And then something shakes him

Oh, food!

Talk about reading the atmosphere, Bobbin -.- but it works. And he won’t let anyone have the food he subconsciously made for his starving captain. 

So he loses it. And that’s it, before he even realizes all his careful planning went awry: point of no return. 

Now  you gotta fight, Cook.

And let me express a fucking liberating


Where he heads? To Luffy, I hope. 

The Experiment - Chapter 4 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut :p)

Genre: General

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!  

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An alternative stand-alone with Eric and Fox, where they’re brought into a controversial faction experiment……may be sensitive subject matter/triggers…..enjoy :)


Fox spent a restless night tossing and turning, finally falling into an exhausted stupor just as the sun was rising. She woke again just after noon as a pounding started on her door.

“Goddammit Coulter, I said-” Fox threw open the door and stopped short.

“Aunty Fox didn’t swear, did she?” Tris asked with a grin, speaking to the toddler clinging to her legs.

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Worth - Part 3

Later the same night you went down to the Pit to unwind a little. Looking around for familiar faces you spotted Becca who was already glaring daggers at you. Hoping that she wouldn’t come over, so you quickly looked away and to your relief you found Mel and Jason standing over at the bar. Trudging over, you thought they’d be good company for now and they indeed immediately welcomed you. Since the two lovebirds were enthralled in their own little world you started talking to Bill. He was a nice guy, nicer than most dauntless but he glanced over at one of Becca’s friends the whole time and when he started asking you questions about her, you knew he liked her. But even though it was obvious nothing would come out of this you found yourself enjoying his company, as he did yours. Which would be a first.

Letting your gaze stray over the pit while listening to Bill with half an ear you stopped short when you saw Eric talking to Four a little distance away. As if this wasn’t strange enough both of their heads suddenly turned your direction and your eyes were immediately drawn to gray ones, who seemed to drill holes into you.

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The Shield/OC. For Anon a mix of two requests: 1. OC has always had a crush on all three members of the Shield and flirted with all of them, and they finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Very dom foursome where the OC is the sub. 2. For @redalternativefirefly: A Shield foursome where they corner reader in the Authority’s office and take turns showing her why they’re called “The Most Dominant Faction.”

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Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 5)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, parenting angst

A/N: I think the panicked expressions on Eric’s face are incredibly accurate for this series lol also, if you want to be tagged in any dauntless updates, let me know! I don’t always post consecutively, sometimes there might be a few weeks in between chapters, and I don’t want anyone to miss out! Don’t forget to check the masterlist for the rest of my Dauntless, and where all parts of this series are tagged.


I leaned over the crib, watching the infant sleeping in his blue blankets. Camille had him wrapped up like a burrito, still wearing his little blue hat, his face scrunched in his sleep. It was late, I’d just gotten in, but I’d wanted to check on him before I went to bed.

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four • robbers

Originally posted by jigglypuff-mayday-gr

Content: Gang Au!, angst, violence and gore | Word Count: 3.1k | masterlist

“Six? His more than a great fighter. In his twenty-five years old he went to jail three times — special security and treatment. Jimin’s a psychopath and he doesn’t kill because he needs to survive. He loves it, I’m telling you Five, don’t get near him if he is near killing someone. Killing is his own sweet pleasure.” 

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Prompt by the beautiful @akerith

You smiled to yourself when you saw where you were listed on the Dauntless rankings board. You were number two.  You were two! You wanted to scream from the rooftops but you suppressed your much-needed outburst.
“Don’t get to comfortable there Stiff.” Kevin whispered angrily in your ear. You looked over at the Dauntless born and did not flinch. He thought he scared you but he just came off comical to you and just to piss him off more your smile widen.
“Bitch!” he hissed at you before he bumped into you hard enough to cause you to stumble back a little but you held your ground and watch Kevin and his minions walk away. He was pissed that he ranked below you at three.
“They giving you a hard time?” You turned to Four who was standing close behind you.
“I’m not scared of them.” You told him unconsciously stepping back a little.
“That was not my question.” He said stepping closer to you. You wondered why Four made you nervous. He seem to be a nice of enough guy as he gave you combat advice from time to time. As you gazed at his handsome face, you noticed how sad his brown eyes were.
“No they are not giving me a hard time.” You lied. You could handle Kevin yourself and did not need a leader butting in making you look like a crybaby. Four looked at you for a long moment as if trying to gage if you were lying to him. You shifted on your feet and looked away from his penetrating gaze.
“Alright then.” He said before walking off.
“What was that about?” Your friend Jen asked walking up to you.
“Nothing. He was just wondering if Kevin was giving me a hard time.” You told her as you tore your eyes from Four’s retreating backside.
“Did you tell him what an ass Kevin has been?”
“Why not?!”
“Cause I can handle Kevin.”
Jen shook her head at you. You were so stubborn and proud. You were definitely in the right faction now. You smiled at your friend who had a worry frown on her face. You pulled on her ponytail.
“I will be fine Jen. Come on lets go get lunch.”

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