but i needed to edit her

i made another child?…I know there are a lot of existing children for them already.

i designed her long ago and i really liked her design.she is a fell!palette x goth child and her name is nina.I have some of her personality down though I’m not sure if I should really provide her with a back story or something. i might redesign her next time.

i need to stop making more now.

Fell!palette belongs to @angexci Right?..

Goth belongs to @nekophy

So sorry for tagging both of you in this,feel free to ignore~


Some edited photos from today’s mini shoot! Even though I felt It was rushed, I’m happy I took them! I can’t wait to paint and fix Bela’s daggers for my late spring/summer full cosplay photo shoot!

I tried mimicking Bela’s pose from her tarot card but the hair made it look too much for the pose so I tried for side swept hair. I also hope to get a hair cut soon because my hair has grown out significantly from last year! I need a trimmmmm.

Enjoy sweet things!! ❤☠️❤

The Warmth of Your Hand

Some brief moments and glimpses of figure skater Adrien Agreste’s life growing up.

Birthday One-shot for the one, the only @qookyquiche!! Happy Birthday!!!! hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you rocked your presentation!!

(ao3 link)

She asked for it, and for some reason I made it a figure skating//hockey AU BECAUSE OF REASONS – but here you are my dear: A Childhood Friends AU (seriously tho, look at her cute childhood fluff art, LOOK AT ALL HER ART!!! ITS AMAZING!!)

Also this falls into Adrienette month, so I’m tagging it as a late day 12 prompt!! Enjoy!

Adrien couldn’t remember the first time he walked. Sure his parents had shown him the pictures and the slightly out of focus videos of him as a toddler taking his first steps, but he was much too young to remember such events.

The first time he placed his foot on this ice, though, well that he remembered.

When he stepped on the ice, for that first time, his small mitten-clad hand was held firmly in the warm caress of his mother’s. She stared down at him with a bright beaming smile as together they caught their balance on the slippery rink surface.

Of course they also had video of this too. His father had watched from the stands, recording the whole adventure as Adrien clutched onto his mother for dear life. She skated backwards with ease, her two hands holding Adrien’s as she pulled him along, taking them both gliding across the ice. In the video footage you could hear Gabriel’s deep, soft laugh as he watched his wife and son clumsily make their way around.

Years, later watching those videos were one of the few pieces Adrien would have left of the family he once had. One where his mother was there, holding his hand and his father was present and smiling.

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Piano Lessons

inspired by this post (seriously go look at this post, it’s hilarious)

summary: Stella is a piano teacher and Dani is in desperate need of lessons (is this an au? it’s an au. one where everything is nice and Stella is a piano/violin teacher)
rated: pg
read here on ao3, or below

Stella Gibson was not one to frequent her local library but ever since Velma Jekinson- the mother of one of her most promising pupils- had mentioned that she’d have to take Jenny Jekinson out of her piano lessons because of no way to get her from tutoring to piano, Stella had offered to walk the girl home.

On top of that, Stella figured that thirteen year old Jenny could use an friend after overhearing Mrs. Jekinson’s loud telephone conversation where she wished that her little Jenny would get over her “lesbian phase”.

Five minutes early, Stella looked over the community bulletin board, wall papered with fliers and business cards. One in particular caught her eye. Eyebrows drawing together, she reread it several times before letting out a short, sharp laugh.

Wanted: (it read) Piano Lessons

Hi. I am Dani and I need to learn how to play the piano before next Saturday. My parents have been paying for me to get piano lessons every week for the last twenty years but I never actually attended any of the lessons and I spent the money on candles instead. Now they want me to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony at their wedding anniversary next Saturday.

If you can teach me, be here tomorrow at 11:06am with a grand piano. I am a fast learner (I once memorized the lyrics to MMMBop by Hanson in less then eight hours) so I am pretty sure I will pick it up quickly. In return I can teach you some cool basketball moves or tell you some facts about crime statistics. Whichever you prefer. Not both, though.


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joshgad: This has been a battle of attrition. #daisyridley has been a force to be reckoned with. In many ways she is the Vader to my Luke or the Taylor to my Katy. But like any good opponent, I have tried to outmaneuver her at every turn. This will be her final judgement. May the force be with her, because kids, she is going to need it. All I ask is that you don’t ruin the surprise for others. #TheLastJedi#starwars#broughtsomefriendsalongfortheride@disney @starwars


“I love working with Melissa. Everything we do is just fluid, it’s real. When we opened that door in rehearsal, both of us were breaking down in tears. […] Everything she does is just magic.”

“Daryl has watched her go through that struggle of not being able to kill. If she’s losing herself, what’s the point? He cares more about her than anything, so he lies. […] He’ll lie just to protect her. He cares more about her than he does anything.”

                                    - Norman Reedus, WSC Podcast (Feb 19, 2017)


supercat appreciation post: 

– Ms. Grant, I need you now more than I ever have.

also i finalized my designs for pidge in the magical girl pidge au that i’m currently working on lol (whispers @d0g-bless look)


Whoniverse: Class - Now, shut up and show me how to fight.