but i needed to draw just one smooch~


Ngl I’m not really feeling my new sketchbook. Anyways some doodles that I don’t really like as much as the last ones… Just thought I’d update. I’ll probably color them eventually bc I need validation & people seem to like that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Anyways, my hopes for future chapters I guess ^^????? No idea. Sorry @slvrhvk I never seem to draw ACTUAL scenes… Ngl this was probably just an excuse for me to draw Jeffmads smooches bc I’m actually The Worst.

Also Aaron is upset bc he wasn’t invited to the murder party. Doesn’t matter what universe, he will always be perpetually out of the loop.

Edit: i forgot to mention this is for How to Get Away with Revolution so it’s a sequel to this post for this fic 

katemarley  asked:


1) fight them or fight for them

Fight for him, but only if it’s needed. I’ll wait if Hungary can get there first. xDD

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them

mmm… 6-7? He’s not hard to see, so it doesn’t strike me as something unique. More if the art is really good or if it’s spaus. 

3) would i smooch?

In the cheek maybe. He doesn’t look like he’d appreciate me just planting one on him out of the blue xD. 

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them

Yeah, or course! Mostly in relation to the OTP

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already

I don’t have any mind-idea of how his voice would sound, but I like your headcanon that he doesn’t have a good singing voice and is very ashamed to sing out loud in public. It’s different. 

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question time!

1: are you an undertale fan?

2: are you a mettaton fan?

3: would you smooch a ghost?

4: think you can manage to animate something simple(not required)?

5: wanna take part in a music video project?


here’s the dealio. I’m getting started on a project that I can’t do myself. I fun, bouncy, awesome fan video for Hapstablook/mettaton to the song of “Work This Body by Walk the Moon”. and I need your help!

If you think you can manage simple animation of characters like THIS

OR are capable of drawing a handful of various images that will be put into the video(even just one picture is fine if you wanna contribute!) then SEND ME AN IM so we can get things moving!

I know with the holidays coming up some people are very busy, so there’s no deadline for this project, I just wanna see it come together! we can all work on it at our own pace.

currently seeking:

ANY digital artists to contribute to the final project

ANY animators

background artist(s)

One+ animators specifically for dancing mettaton EX(heavier animation portion)

Someone with a movie maker program

people to assist with story boarding the whole thing

dirty ghost smoochers and robot frickers