but i needed post this

I need help

Currently I’m living in an abusive home. I’m desperately trying to leave but it seems like the soonest I would be able to at this point would be december at the earliest, so I need some help.
Me and my friend are trying to get out to Oregon, and I really really need to get out of this house bc it’s 100% detrimental to my health.
My parents don’t know I’m bi/trans, nor do they know I have depression. I feel like this is some of the reason they are reluctant to help me leave, but whatever.
I am perfectly happy to compensate anyone who sends me money, with drawings or writing (fics work if that’s what you want), and my friend @jack-it-alope is an artist who will draw you stuff for donations.
my paypal is paypal.me/KNajor
Again, I’m sorry that it’s come to this, but I really need to get out of here and it seems the only way I’ll be able to is by this.


did…did someone say Pirate AU? (click for quality and captions!)


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Aero, could you say some reasons to watch Gintama? I'm trying to convince my friends and I think something written by you would be more effective since you are an amazing writer \o/ ~if you've already done something like this, please ignore me~

I’ve posted stuff like this before, like this here, but that’s no reason to ignore you! I’m always happy to answer people =u= 

Reasons to watch Gintama:

  • Comedy/humor – It will make you laugh
  • Diverse characters 
    • Inclusive of trans, nonbinary, bi, etc.
    • Has Katsura – one of the most unique characters that’s more intelligent than most, is kind and giving and funny, enjoys crossdressing, and can kick your ass any day of the week
  • Slow burn – The plot doesn’t reveal itself until later in the series, which gives you ample time to get to know and love the characters
  • Well constructed characters
  • Distinctive and interactive world
  • 4th wall breaks
  • Dick jokes
  • Crossovers with other well known anime/mangas
  • Focus on relationships
    • Yorozuya – The bond Gintoki builds with his adopted kids, Kagura and Shinpachi
    • Shinsengumi – The strong companionship and devotion between them
    • Yorozuya and Shinsengumi – The slow and well done relationship that gets built between the two groups over the course of the series
    • Gintoki and Otose – How Otose found Gintoki in a graveyard and brought him back to life in more ways than one
    • The Joui 4 – the intense relationships between Gintoki, Katsura, Sakamoto, and Takasugi 
    • The dynamics between Kagura, Kamui, Umibouzu, and Kouka
    • The Kiheitai
    • The conflict between the Joui and Utsuro/Shouyou
  • The lack of romance and focus on friendship/bonds instead
  • Strong female characters
    • Kagura, Otae, Tsukuyo in Yoshiwara in Flames, Sarutobi, Otose, Tama, Catherine
  • Kyuubei – They get a bulletpoint all on their own because it’s difficult to even put such a fantastic character into any category other than fucking amazing
  • The villains
    • Most villains in this series are not evil just to be evil
    • Villains and their motives are often explained and the viewer/reader gets to commiserate with where they’re coming from and why they’re behaving the way they are
      • Disclaimer: This does not excuse their behavior, of course, but insight into why a character does something is way better than, “Bwahaha I am evil just because!”
  • Array of different arcs
    • Genderbend, body swap, memory loss, etc.
  • Valuable lessons 
  • Stereotypes get broken a lot and it’s wonderful
  • Excellent sidekicks
    • Mutsu, Elizabeth, Sadaharu, Abuto, etc.

So, there are some for you! There are a lot of reasons to watch Gintama! Please do it, you won’t regret it! 


cosplays both mother and son bc i’m my own vampire family

There are two kinds of people.

Exhibit A: (@booyahfordhamlaw I miss you too <333)

Exhibit B:

Which kind of person do you want to be? :D

No but, I literally got these within minutes, lmao:

My activity page is always a very interesting place.

But I’m thankful for every message, and I love you all.

Yes, all.

Every single message is fun to receive. Messages of love warm my heart, and other types of messages only make me want to write Barisi even more :D

So thanks for the encouragement, whether you intended it or not, lol.

brb writing the Barisi Wedding!

well not really, i’m not there yet. there’s a vacation to write first. a pre-wedding honeymoon with plenty of smut and drunkenness and dancin… oops, spoilers! :DDD

That said, I’m not back, lol. I’ll come back when SVU comes back, or when I finish my fic, whichever comes first.

So see ya in a month <333333

tbh?? @kcgane is such a gift to this fandom. I’m so thankful for all her positivity and the positive posts she makes because they always brighten everyone’s day with all that good sheith like I thank God everyday for this sunshine of a person ❤️

okay, so you know all those positive LGBTQ+ posts that have been all over Splatoon 2 recently? well, this is how some people are choosing to react to them, and it’s pissing me the fuck off:

“Don’t get me wrong, I support LGBT+ but all these posts about it makes me uncomfortable”

okay hoe first off, if other people posting about their support for LGBTQ+ squids make you uncomfortable, then you can’t claim that you also support them?? sure, you could support them quietly like a lot of people, but that doesn’t explain why you’d go out of your way to make a post dedicated to telling all of your fellow “supporters” that you feel uncomfortable over them showing their love for the community. why would it make you uncomfortable in the first place?? i don’t understand??? also, saying “don’t get me wrong” before claiming you feel GENUINE DISCOMFORT over things posts like this:

doesn’t excuse saying it??

“LGBT is 16+ topic. I supp. but stop”

well this is just fucking ridiculous? how the fuck is LGBT a “16+ topic”? i know several people who knew were well out of the closet by the time they were fifteen. besides, who the fuck UNDER 16 plays Splatoon 2? why would you think it’s necessary to censor people who are trying to support this lovely community for a really low percentage of Splatoon 2′s player base?