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└   Kicking Sniper Arashi talk:

The guest (who was Oh-chan’s co-star in Shinigami-kun) shares that when he went for a drink with our youngest, Jun was effusive in his praise for our Riida.

Jun: This is so embarrassing~~

Voice in the Sky: Would you (Satoshi) like to hear what Matsumoto-san said of you?

Satoshi: I would like to hear it.

Jun: [checking with guest] What did we say?

Satoshi looks over to J, hearing himself being called cool and a genius.


Lesson learnt: It is important to show your pleasure by glomping your fellow member when he showers you with praise.  And also AGAIN when you have done so.

Like this.

And cos we obviously need a BIGGER (and clearer) version of THAT gif…

Cr: VS Arashi 21.09.2017

Tentacle Boyfriend 2

Ya’ll asked for more tentacles so here are more tentacles! You can read the first part HERE.

   Recently, people around you have been commenting on how happy you seem. They ask you if you’re seeing anyone and if they’re the cause of it. You have to hesitate a moment when they ask this because technically, yes, you have met someone but you can’t exactly describe your new mate. At first, they were a tiny little succulent plant you were given as a gift, now, they were this tentacled creature living off soda and sweet drinks in your home.

   You smile though and reply yes, you do have someone special in your life. You can’t deny you’re over the moon for them, you love them more than you ever thought possible. Not only were they sweet and gentle, always there for you and attentive, they were the best sex you’ve ever had.

   Coming home you find yourself excited, always happy to see them and be wrapped up in their many limbs as they kiss you with the soft mouth hidden amongst the tendrils. Sometimes they’ve made you dinner, although it’s usually always something sweet, usually you come home and cook with them then after you’ve eaten you both take a nice long bath.

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Billy Eichner and Robin Lord Taylor, Living Out Loud (and Quietly)
By Isaac Oliver

Madonna’s 1998 album, “Ray of Light,” bore many gifts, not least of which was the friendship between Billy Eichner and Robin Lord Taylor.

Mr. Eichner, Emmy-nominated at last for “Billy on the Street” and currently starring in Hulu’s “Difficult People,” and Mr. Taylor, a breakout star as the Penguin on Fox’s “Gotham,” which returns Sept. 28, first met in their sophomore year at Northwestern University, at a release party (of college-aged sorts) for the album given by Mr. Eichner. As roommates in New York in the early 2000s, they started their own live comedy talk show, “Creation Nation,” in the basements of bookstores and bars.

The first “Billy on the Street” videos, with Mr. Eichner surprising passers-by with questions and games and Mr. Taylor often holding the camera, were a popular recurring segment. “Creation Nation” put them on the very map they’d been studying since childhood, and today, they each wreak havoc, via their respective shows, on the citizens of this fair city.

Over lunch at Tavern on the Green, in their signature rhythm and ratio, Mr. Taylor, 39, and Mr. Eichner, 38 — who will also soon appear in FX’s “American Horror Story: Cult” — recalled cherished VHS tapes, the glory days of gay night life, and apartments with curtains for doors.

This conversation has been edited and condensed.

ROBIN LORD TAYLOR I was at the student union, and my booth was next to Billy’s. Billy was telling jokes about, I swear, like, Elaine Stritch and Jennifer Holliday. I think it was something about the Tonys that year, maybe?

BILLY EICHNER I don’t remember that at all.

TAYLOR My back was to Billy’s back, and I remember hearing him and being like, “That’s exactly the kind of conversation I came to Northwestern for. I’m gonna make you my best friend.”

EICHNER He came to this “Ray of Light” party and he was this little boy from Iowa, and he wore these fake cat ears that I guess you could buy at Bloomingdale’s at the time? And I was like, “No. Who’s that person? I’m not into it.”

TAYLOR I knew you were going to bring up the cat ears.

EICHNER To this day, I don’t understand why you would walk in with cat ears.

TAYLOR I was from a very small town, I had just come out of the closet, and it was very proto-radical faerie, without the hallucinogens.

EICHNER It was like our generation’s version of cutting. Months later, we decided to move to a bigger apartment and we needed a fifth roommate. They were like, “That guy Robin said he would take it,” and I was against it. But we were desperate. To make matters worse, we had to move in the summer before junior year, and Robin and I had to live — just the two of us.

TAYLOR I had a car.

EICHNER And I was like, “Well, that’s something.” So we would go to the mall, and we would go shopping, and we’d go to the movies.

TAYLOR It was “Living Out Loud” that did it, I think.

EICHNER There was a series of movies we went to see that normal college-aged men were not going to see in the Midwest: “Living Out Loud,” with Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito; “Isn’t She Great,” with Bette Midler and Nathan Lane. We were the only people in the theater, opening weekend of “Isn’t She Great” at the Old Orchard Shopping Mall. We would watch movies at home; we’d watch “Truth or Dare,” and I had a VHS of this thing called “The Oscars’ Greatest Moments.”

TAYLOR We memorized that tape.

EICHNER He was this quiet closeted gay boy in Iowa, and I was this louder closeted gay guy in New York City, but we were both locked in our rooms watching cable TV and sucking it all in. When we found each other, it was like, “Wait, you’re interested in —— ?”

TAYLOR Like, a “Whales of August” joke.

EICHNER We were theater majors in a suburb of Chicago and we were being gay and going to gay bars for the first time, together. Then we caught the last gasp of great New York gay night life. We could go out every night of the week.

TAYLOR And we did.

EICHNER Tuesday nights we’d go to Beige at B Bar. We both met boyfriends at Beige. We’d go to Spa on Thursdays, Starlight and The Cock on Friday, and then ——

TAYLOR Opaline is in there somewhere.

EICHNER Opaline on Saturday, or the Roxy. We were doing ecstasy, and it was the days of big club DJs ——


EICHNER Twilo, Junior Vasquez. We partied, and I’m so glad we did, because it doesn’t really exist at the moment, and we couldn’t do it now. Except, I still do it. I shouldn’t do it. It’s a bad look.

TAYLOR We lived in this crazy loft two blocks south of the World Trade Center. No doors, no walls — just curtains.

EICHNER Ten days before 9/11, we moved.

TAYLOR We lived for about five years, then, in Chelsea. I was doing commercials and little things here and there. I mostly played stoner skater types.

EICHNER I’d gone to a ton of open calls and never got anything. I was temping and bartending. No one was taking me seriously.

TAYLOR Billy was sitting on the couch one evening and asked if I would like to make something together. He even had the title, “Creation Nation.” I was sold immediately. We took where we were in our lives, and created these heightened versions of ourselves.

EICHNER I created this angry, irrationally passionate persona that “Billy on the Street” grew out of, which is not close to me. It’s coming from somewhere, I guess, but it’s very much a character.

TAYLOR I was playing a closeted actor, refusing to come out.

EICHNER Robin’s in the very first video. You can watch it on YouTube. At the end he’s running around with me.

TAYLOR I remember when the woman chased us onto the subway. Billy had yelled “Lucy Liu” in her face and she was screaming for the police.

EICHNER I told Robin to stick the tape in your underwear or something?

TAYLOR It’s funny: our current projects are the closest we’ve ever been to working on very similar things.

EICHNER I think he’s so brilliant on that show, but I’m not a superhero person. Robin would call me and tell me what’s happening on “Gotham” and I’d be like, “Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You walk with that cane and put on that prosthetic makeup, and I’m gonna go write some jokes.” Now, I’m on “American Horror Story,” and I honestly do — he would call me and tell me about these violent scenes he had to do, how you have to choreograph it, how much time it takes — I have a new appreciation for it. Our careers also never were a source of tension between us, ever. There was no friction. Maybe friction because I didn’t clean the apartment.

TAYLOR Well, just that time you vacuumed vomit into the non-wet dry vac.

EICHNER I was the roommate who paid half the rent that he paid and still wouldn’t clean. I always had a great sense of entitlement.

TAYLOR Billy has always been completely unafraid to speak his mind and tell people what he believes. And that’s something I struggle with.

EICHNER I do feel like I’ve made Robin meaner, in a good way. When I met Robin, he was wearing those stupid cat ears, and he wanted everyone to like him. If I taught Robin anything, it’s that not everyone needs to like you. Granted, everyone does love Robin. He’s, like, the nicest person in the entire world. Not everyone loves me, but I think between the two of us, it’s a yin and yang.

TAYLOR All I want to give Billy would just be a connection to love and family. I just want to be a constant in his life and a connection to someone who loves him unconditionally.

EICHNER That’s nice. I said I made people hate him! But that’s why this works.

I’m tempted to give a quick history lesson on Northern Irish politics, because I feel it’s really needed right now, but long-time followers know I’m not really good at doing a “quick version” of anything.

Suffice to say, I feel that concentrating on the DUP’s positions on abortion and LGBTQ rights is missing the point. And I say that as a pro-choice bisexual woman, so it’s not like I don’t care about those things. Their ability to influence those things is limited by cross-party support for same gender marriage and access to abortion.

The bigger picture is far more disturbing and the most pressing concern right now is the fate of the Good Friday agreement, peace in Northern Ireland and the fate of Irish Catholics. We have effectively just legitimised a set of people who would have stood by and cheered when the British army was gunning Irish Catholics down. This is a party who had to be publicly pressured before they denounced the Ulster paramilliatries who were supporting them in this general election.

Never mind their manifesto, it’s their history you’ve got to worry about.

what’s interesting about this whole fat taako vs skinny taako thing is that i initially drew taako skinny bc i hadn’t listened to all of the episodes out at the time and i figured he was described as skinny at some point, since everyone seemed to draw him really skinny

the closest we got was “slight” when compared to mr. brick shithouse magnus, and that’s such a vague description that it can hardly be used as an indicator of weight, and when i finished all of the episodes it really hit me that i didn’t need to make him skinny. i could make him my weight, or even bigger, and it would still be appropriate bc his weight was never really described.

isn’t it really fucked up that i thought he was only ever supposed to be interpreted as skinny because everyone else drew him that way? isn’t it fucked up that fat characters can never be protagonists, without being reduced to a joke, shoved to the side or transforming into a simplified and less compelling version of what they used to be? isn’t it fucked up that someone hears a character described as “ethereally beautiful” and immediately thinks they’re skinny?

Hello maam. Terribly sorry to bother you. I have 2 questions…. Would it be possible for you to make your new pieces of art as bigger posters. I have your art all over my house. (Seriously, my house is becoming a shrine of your work. I have zero regrets. Your work is wonderful.) Anyways… I ordered two of your new pieces and the only option was the small posters. They are too small to match the other ones I have. Next question, can you make some of your art into tapestries? God I hate to be this person who sounds needy but I’m going there. If it’s possible. If not I totally understand. I hope your day is going amazing! Thank you for reading this!

@challenger4gaming Hello! I’m sorry for the delay!! OHHHHHHHHHHH LOOK AT THESE!!! that is so amazing!! your house and the frames makes it look like an art gallery ;; THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It is no bother!! I will try to upload bigger versions of my previous drawings and start working in higher resolutions, i’ll aim to have them updated on the shop sometime next week, as for the tapestries I’ll have to check how big the files need to be for them, It will probably be too big for my older pictures and I would have to stretch them out a lot to fit and the quality of the image wont be good enough to print but I’ll try to make this option available for drawings I make from now on, thank you so much again!! 💕