but i need to vent about this right now

Ben had a Yellow Kyber Crystal

In TFA script it is described as 

We know that Kyber Crystals Bleed if they are bent to the will of a Darkside user. Kylo is not all dark nor all light. I am willing to bet money Ben’s crystal was once all yellow. 

Adam driver even said the crystal is unstable just like Kylo. It’s a metaphor. 

What if his crystal split in his original lightsaber prompting him to build a new one with the vents to help stabilize his kyber. Just as he would need to build a new identity for himself as Kylo Ren, crude and unfinished. 

What is more important about the color yellow is that it was primarily used for the Jedi Temple Guards. Couple that with Kylo’s knight like design you get a man on a crusade. A Knight who right now has been corrupted in his duty. 

Ashoka purified her blades to white after taking them from a dark side user. Could Ben’s return to yellow in the end if he is redeemed and stabilize? This would be a beautiful choice of visual storytelling if they go this route. It matches his cross guard hilt perfectly. I hope so I want his to be yellow.  

PS Yes I realize that the script could have just been describing the color to show its fiery nature but if they weren’t that’s a huge clue. Fun speculation though. 

himchan is always so disciplined and so firm with himself about following his routine in order to reach his goal, so i can only imagine how much he was pushing himself each and every day just to reach his target physique. just in case some of you might not know how idol dieting works, it usually involves a large drop in daily calorie intake and lots of exercise - so repeated overexertion from exercise and practice most likely led to his stress fracture. 

i shouldn’t even have to say this, but himchan is BEYOND breathtaking at any weight. with all the comments about his weight that have been made by “fans”, some of the members, show mc’s, and probably even TS themselves, how much more motivated do you think he would have been to keep up his strenuous weight loss routine? 

he’s always so adamant about putting the fans first - who was the one that made an entire fansite dedicated to capturing the fans at b.a.p’s concerts? who takes the time to upload photos of the fans at every fansign to their personal instagram account? even after going to the hospital for sharp chest pains and discussing his options for this promotion period, himchan still had the fans and the rest of the group as his top priority, insisting that he wanted to be there onstage as 6 after yongguk’s break.  

kim himchan is honestly one of the most genuine, caring, selfless individuals that i’ve ever seen, and he deserves to be loved and appreciated just as much as every other b.a.p member. please don’t just sit back and passively dismiss this as “just another injury” by sweeping it under the rug. 

what he really needs right now is overwhelming love and support from the fans. 

Have Some Patience

“josh is trying to get your attention while you’re on your phone and you ignore him too much so he started teasing you and eventually eats you out”

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This was so much fun to write because Josh just ruins me. I might write a part 2 for this just because I got a little carried away haha (oops). Requests are open x

Word Count: 1,860
Requested: yes
Smut: yes

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Notes- Tate is upset with Violet and you comfort him. You both realize that you share feelings for each other. Fluffy, there’s a cute kiss and cuddles. There’s like two curse words because it’s Tate. 

Words- 842

Requested By-  @justagirlwithblog

“I can’t take this,” Tate yelled as he stomped up the staircase. You had just gotten home from college that day. It hadn’t been that long ago since you bought the notorious so called “murder house”. You had just turned nineteen and had to get away from where you were. Your parents had died in an awful accident and you were left with all of their things. You pack some up and sold the rest which gave you the amount needed to buy your current home. Most nights you weren’t studying, you had to work until at least midnight to make sure you could keep up with the money needed to take care of your home. It was a good thing you didn’t have work tonight, seeing as how Tate is acting.

You threw your bag down on the floor racing up the stairs and calling out his name. A door into one of the rooms was suddenly slammed shut. You walked over to it and carefully opened  the door. No one appeared to be in the room, yet you could feel the ghost boy’s presence. “Tate, if you want to talk about this we can. I’m here for you,” you softly said aloud. Tate appeared in front of you. He looked angry and completely overwhelmed with emotion.  “What’s wrong,” you tentatively asked.

“She won’t stop being a bitch. Every time I try to do anything she just pisses me off or makes me feel like shit.”

“I’m assuming you’re talking about Violet.”

“She just treats me like I’m God awful and acts like I don’t already know that.”

Tate’s voice quivered as the sentence left his lips. He sat down on the ground and drew his knees to his chest. You could hear him start to cry and sat down next to him. “Tate, from what you’ve been like for the short time I’ve lived here you haven’t seemed like a bad guy.” Tate still sat there crying and didn’t even look at you like he normally does when you speak. 

You placed your hand on his back and started to rub up and down his spine. If he wouldn’t listen to words right now you’d just show him comfort instead. He moved closer to you and looked up at you before he wrapped his arms around you. Tate buried his face in your chest and continued crying. You played with his hair and waited for him to calm down enough to talk again. “You really don’t think I’m horrible,” Tate asked as he wiped his nose off.

“Why would I? You always let me vent to you and try to help me study and cheer me up.”

“You don’t know much about me though.”

“I don’t need to,” you said,”I only care about how you act now.”

Tate sat in front of you and looked you up in down. It was almost as if he was studying you and stopped to take in your eyes. Your eyes didn’t compare to his deep brown ones. They were beautifully dark and full of emotions. His hands slowly moved to yours and he gave you a glance as if asking to hold them. You nodded your head and he wrapped his hands around yours. “Maybe instead of worrying about Violet, I should worry about you,” Tate said.

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks and you looked down at the floor. Tate pulled you into his lap and caressed your face as he placed his lips on yours. The kiss was soft and tender, which you didn’t expect from the usually snarky boy. You could feel your body give into him as you let out a low moan and parted your lips. His tongue found it’s way around your mouth leaving you to do the same to his. You parted so you could take in breath and Tate pulled you against his chest. 

“ I want you to be mine and I don’t know for sure if you feel the same way, but gauging by that kiss I’d say that answer is in my favor,” Tate said.

“Yeah, I do,” you answered back.

“Can we hangout for the rest of night,” Tate questioned.

“Of course, but let’s go lay on the couch and watch tv or something.”


With that, you both walked downstairs and took your places on the big, comfy couch. Tate laid down in front of you. Your body shaped around his and he pulled your arm over his side. He played with your fingers as you watched the television. He rolled over to face you and placed a lingering kiss on your forehead. 

You could feel yourself getting sleepy and cuddle as close as you could against Tate. As you began to fall asleep you could feel Tate lift you up. He carried you to your bed and laid down next to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist as you feel asleep with him carefully watching over you.

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I want to take some time to say something to you all. I first want to say that over these past several weeks into the orange entity’s presidency, there’s been a spike in racism, sexism, zenophobia, and other atrocities I can bear to think about right now. I’m feeling a bit lost right now, to be honest. But I want to let fellow introverts know that whatever you’re dealing with or experiencing, you’re safe here. Regardless of whether you’re an immigrant, part of the LGBTQ community, a POC, or a combination of multiple groups, this is a safe space. Free of judgment and bigotry. I know I’ve said something like this a while back, but I feel the need to say it again. You can talk, vent creatively, anything that takes away from what you’re going through right now. I’m here to listen.

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My musings on Sam and Cait and shipping and other people and things.

Somehow anons find the “Georgia incident” an opportunity to vent in my ask box about Sam and Cait and I feel the need to say something about that.

No, I don’t either hate nor Sam. And I won’t post or read anything hateful about them. I really, really like them. I think they’re both adorable, sweet, generous and kind people.

I also think they’re behaving not very wisely all the time and right now I roll my eyes at them. 

That is not hate. I’m jus a bit annoyed about their dishonesty and aobut their selfish behavior towards two other people. And before the next anon comes to my ask to tell me “they don’t owe you anyhting”. No, they don’t. But I don’t either. I can criticize them as much as I feel inclined to. If I see someone behave stupidly or badly, I can say so. That might not change their behavior, but it makes me feel better to have said what I think.

I’m convinced that Sam is in a relationship with Mackenzie and that Cait is in a relationship with Tony. So far so good. What I don’t understand is their disrespectful behavior towards their partners. And I’m NOT talking about being so affectionate with each other. That’s IMO just how they are. They really like each other very much, they have a lot of sexual chemistry and they both like to flirt. They’re actors and actors are different from other people. They have less boundaries. I fully understand it, because I’m an opera singer and I’ve seen it in theatre all the time. What is “normal” for other people doesn’t apply for actors.

So, I’m absolutely fine with how Sam and Cait are with each other. In fact I love it, I’m grateful that we’re blessed with a couple of leads, who are so incredibly close to each other. That’s rare and a blessing for the show. And I love to watch it, it warms my heart, it genuinely touches me and no, I don’t think it is for business or “acted”. These two adore the hell out of each other and when in each other’s company they glow from within.

That doesn’t mean they have to be in a romantic relationship though. Sad but true. Whatever their reasons, they’re obviously not. They have said so and they clearly have other partners in their life. It’s just idiotic to search for reasons why Sam should be in Columbus, Georgia on the day of Mackenzie’s brother’s wedding. There is no other reason, it is the writing on the wall and it is time for me to admit to it.

BUT why Sam thinks it is OK to throw his girlfriend under the bus again and again is beyond me. Why he thinks any woman should be treated as a dirty, little secret, not worth being even in a picture with him once is a miracle to me. Shoved aside at the Scottish BAFTA, treated as if she was someone to be ashamed about. At the same time he treats Cait as a queen, builds a shrine on his IG and allows the ugly side of the fandom to be all over Mackenzie. Is it surprising,  that she gets treated as if she was worthless when he himself sets the example? Yes, he stood up once when it got really out of hand, but how about saying: “This woman means something to me. She’s my girlfriend, stay away from her.”? That is too much loss of privacy? But posting a picture of Georgia or of North Carolina to show he’s in her vicinity isn’t?

Same goes for Cait. She’s said to be with Tony for three years. How can she be so disrespectful and dragg him all over the world and then treat him like a part of the furniture. Not worthy to be in pictures with her, not worthy to be introduced as her partner. Allowing the discussion about him being her PA going on. What does that say about her self image? What does it say about Tony? She allows the world to see him as a complete doormat instead of someone she is proud to have at her side.

This is what I criticize. And before someone says it: No, I don’t think Sam and Cait realize, that it is what they’re doing. I think they’re kindhearted and nice and they would not intentionally hurt people they love. I do  think they’re both very new to fame though and trying to be as fiercely protective of their privacy as they can. Maybe they even talked about how they would achieve that and made a plan. But the plan is bad. They’re making a huge mistake here and I wish someone would take them by the hand and tell them, that instead of protecting their privacy, they’re behaving like assholes.

Protecting their privacy is actually very easy. Million stars have done it before and are doing it now. It doesn’t mean you have to announce your first date with someone and then display your affection on SM. After three years and almost one year though, it should at least be official. Tell the world the name of your SO and then refuse to talk about it. Easy and has been done a zillion times before. Does Merly Streep talk about her her private life? No. But do we know her husband? Of course we do, he’s not hidden away. Is David Berry living his private life on SM when he posts a pic of him and his wife from time to time? Or of him and his son? No, he isn’t. But he is proud of his family and says so. That’s how you do it. Sam and Cait should take a look and do the same.

Every Day Life

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:   890
Requested Anonymous:  I’ve had like a ridiculously terrible day. I got yelled at by one of my clients today in front of everyone. Like my other clients, my coworkers. And it was something that wasn’t even valid. I mean what they were yelling about wasn’t even true. And I’m trying not to just fade into a dissociative state. Anyways. If you’re still taking requests, I’d love to see something where the reader has a mundane job and goes home and vents to Dean about something and he’s just super amazing and supportive 

         You walked into the bunker, just wanting to go take a bath and go to bed. You just needed to relax. Somehow.

           “Hey, Baby,” Dean smiled when he saw.

           “Hi,” you walked by where he stood and continued down the hallway to your room to get your clothes and go take a bath.

           “Bad day?” Dean asked, following you.

           “Just the same old crap,” you sighed, walking into the bedroom.

           “Wanna talk about it?” he asked.

           “Can I just take a bath first?” you asked, “I don’t feel like talking right now,” you gave him a pleading look.

           Dean nodded, putting his hands on your hips, “Of course. I’ll go get your bath going. I’ll let you relax. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

           You sighed, putting your forehead against his shoulder, “Thank you.”

           Dean kissed your head, “I love you.”

           “I love you too.”

           Dean kissed you again before leaving the room to go run you a bath while you got your pajamas to change into.

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Okay, might as well post this now...

Hey guys, how’s it going? Tough night, huh? Tough series, tbh. Alright well, in the two years that I’ve been actively following hockey, we have not made it out of the first round… not once.

This is tough, I know it’s tough. If you’re anything like me you feel sad, betrayed, confused, disappointed, and a smattering of other emotions that you might not even have names for, but I get it, I really do.

It’s super hard to stay positive when your team gets knocked out of the Playoffs, it’s even worse when it’s in the first round, but here’s the thing you guys…

Nobody, absolutely nobody in the world feels worse about this lose then your team. Nobody feels worse about not scoring then the rookies, nobody feels worse about not showing up then the vets, nobody feels worse about an early summer then the group of men-children that we watch zoom about on pointy ice shoes chasing around a tiny black Oreo for seven months out of the year.

I know this hurts now, but it won’t hurt forever, and you can cry, and get angry, and wonder why, and for the love of God don’t take any bullshit from other fans that are happy that we lost. We are a good team, who had a bad run, and that’s just how it’s gonna be for a little bit, but it’s okay.

I just want to say for this year, the season may be over, but Thank you to everyone who talked to me this year, thank you to everyone who reblogged from me this year, thank you to everyone who followed me this year, thank you to everyone who posted amazing stuff about our boys, and to everyone who loved them this year, because god knows they needed it.

If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, a place to vent, or just someone to talk to, message me, send an ask, do whatever it is that you have to do right now, because the pain is bone deep.

Thank you Blackhawks Organization, Thank you coaching staff, Thank you other Blackhawks fans, and Thank you CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!!! I love you guys, and I can’t wait until next season!

Next year. Is. Ours.

Finders Keepers (Raphael x Reader) Pt.2

I made a part two :3 and i figured out how to tag people! if no one has guessed it yet i obviously have a difficult time with technology so thank you all for your patience! (Tags: @pitrymcbride)

You’d known Raphael for about a month now and you were right the first time, he was certainly a handful (both figuratively and literally). He’d come by on Saturday nights when he could sneak out, if he could sneak out at all but really he came whenever he needed to vent.

“I swear, Leo’s just tryin to piss me off this time. He’s actually tryin to get me to screw up just ta make him look like the hero! Hero my shell, i could lead us better then him!”
“I feel like you have a lot of pent up anger that could be derived from a traumatic childhood, i think you need to talk to someone”
“Cut the crap will ya? your sarcasm is worse then mike’s constant buggin”
“Watch your tongue kiddo, i’m not afraid to kick your butt…if you have one? do turtles have an ass or am i just sensing your personality?”
“Ah shell…*chuckles*”

Raphael had to admit that you knew him pretty well for not knowing him for long, your sarcasm nearly matched his an well he was finding it very attractive.
Covering the floor in only a few long strides he shifted the curtain to peer out the window. Lucky him that his brothers patrol route went right past your apartment block, not wanting him to get caught you always closed the blinds. Though even you had your doubts about how long Raph could keep this up, keeping you secret was for your protection but lying to his brothers was different. Deep down you knew it was kinda wrong but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to kick the turtle to the curb. Sometimes you thought it was because he didn’t have anyone to vent to but you knew it wasn’t pity you felt towards him, it was utterly earth shattering, glass breaking, bleeding heart love.

“listen Raphie…We gotta talk”
“We’ve doin that the whole night ya know Doll”
“Smart ass, you know what i mean. Look i don’t mean to step on your toes but i think its time you told your brothers what you were up to. Considering the fact they jump on my roof every single night wondering where the heck you go off to in your path of wrath”
“Ah Shell Y/n, they don’t need ta know about ya”
“Raphael…You gotta take a step back, i’m serious-”
“I know your serious, Y/n you didn’t even take the opportunity to make fun of me only havin three damn toes, you always make fun of me with that stuff! dammit i don’t want to admit your right, cause ya know if i do its just gonna go to your head and that’s already big enough”

That big green brat winked at you as you rolled your eyes, thinking to yourself that this was going better then you thought. but then again Raph always surprised you, you took a deep breath and got out of your chair to lean beside him near the window. Looking up at the remains of your antique chandelier that the block head had crashed into the first night. Reminiscing about it just brought a smile to your face, as you looked him in the eyes and let out a soft sigh.

“you know you promised me you’d fix that damn thing”
“Huh? oh ya, i guess i did *chuckle* i think I’ve got to big of fingers to try and but those beads back up there”
“You’re probably right…Damn i cant remember what was going threw my head that night but i can tell ya i wasn’t expecting all this to happen”
“All what? your apartment in shambles and a giant turtle with forks in your living room?”
“Don’t forget you hog the couch mister, its something else…”

Looking up and just pulling out all the stops on your way up, wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him down just a bit and pressed your lips softly to his cheek. That didn’t stop there though, no Raphael always liked to one up you. Clutching your waist and pulling you a little ways off the ground, capturing your lips in a full kiss which seemed to last forever but only was a few moments before that dammed phone started ringing. Pulling apart and gasping for the air that you both needed he grumbled and quickly picked it up.

‘WHAT?!…Oh, uh ya…Be there in a sec…No, i ain’t messing around Donnie…Dragons?…oh ya you bet i’m there!”
“Lemme guess darlin you need to go kick some ass?”

He swooped you into his arms pressing  swift kiss to your cheek and smiled at you in his own flirtatious way.
“I ain’t done with ya doll! i’ll be back!”
“Raph we didn’t even finish our Conversation!- Ah damn he’s already gone, damned mutants”

You shook your head at your friends retreating figure as he faded into the darkness of the new York city roof tops, t think it had only been a short while ago that same ninja had sat on your couch covered in hello kitty band aids and watching the Housewives of new York with you, Then seconds later he’d be fighting the mobs and gangs that plagued the city. You really dug yourself a deep hole by getting yourself involved with him but who could say no to that face?!

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“Love…For Better Or Worse” …Pt. 4

I’m in the studio spending some time with the family. I didn’t plan on coming down here today, since we just got in from Bridgeport late last night, but my little “brothers” begged me and I couldn’t say no. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with them and I’m starting to feel like I need to be in their lives more. Shit, they look up to me. With them being teenagers and my uncle not being the easiest person to talk to, they definitely need someone else they can get advice from. We’ve been here all day, goofin around, grilling them about shit they have no business doing, and showing them the basics of how to make beats. Mitchell, as expected, was more interested in learning. He’s always had a good head on his shoulders and stays out of trouble. We didn’t find out about him until he was around nine and since he lives with his mother and step-father, he’s not tainted by this rich ass lifestyle. Micah, on the other hand, is spoiled as hell, worse than I was. His grades are good, but he has that “zero fucks given” type of attitude. I feel like he needs the most attention, so I’m definitely going to be around more. Since he decided that texting his little girlfriend was more important than learning the business, I decided to fuck with him in true older brother fashion. Just as I was going through his phone, teasing him about the emojis they send each other, the last person on earth I wanted to be around came storming through the door with security following behind. With the drama that Levi caused, quickly shut down, I figured that anybody who wanted to benefit off that shit would eventually come out the wood works. It’s no shocker that my Ex is standing in front of me. She’s always tried to slide her way back into my life when it seems like my relationship is having issues, so I know exactly why the fuck she’s here.

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Anonymous said:Being Dally’s younger sister but dating Sodapop would include? 😂xxxxx

A/N: Yes, of course! I love Dallas and Sodapop. I’m gonna make this more comical because I find that possibly if Dallas found out that his sister was dating Sodapop he’d be mad as hell, but he’s aware of how Sodapop is, so he won’t be so pissed off. But he’d still be pretty protective. haha ! 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Dallas Winston’s sister and dating Sodapop Curtis would include:

- Dallas clenching his jaw when he finds out, and practically flipping the hell out.

- “Dallas! Stop it!

- “I won’t hurt her, man. You know me.” Sodapop would say sincerely, his hands up in surrender.

- “(Y/N), stay the hell outta this! And you!” he’d point at Sodapop, pressing him to the wall by his shirt collar. “You watch yourself real well and don’t you dare hurt a single hair on her or I’ll go to jail, but not for no petty crime like assault. I’ll beat your ass to death. You hear me? You’ll be dead and I’ll be in jail for murder!” he growls menacingly in Sodapop’s face.

- Dallas always being on edge whenever he knows that you and Sodapop are together alone.

- “Hey, (Y/N)?

- “Oh my gosh, Dallas! Get out of here!

- “What’re y’all doin’?

- “Talkin! Now get out!

- You persistently slamming the door in Dally’s face.

- Sodapop helping you feel compassion for Dallas.

- “Listen, babe,” Sodapop would look into your eyes. “As much as it may bug the hell outta you, - and even myself-, at least Dal cares about ya! He don’t give a shit about anyone else apart from maybe Johnny. Don’t take that for granted. Dallas means well, okay? He just wants to keep you safe and I respect that.

- Dallas clearing his throat loudly whenever you and Soda get too close when he’s around.

- Dallas venting out to Johnny.

- “She’s my sister, Johnny. I just don’t like it, okay? Even if it is Soda. He’s a great guy but I feel like no guy deserves (Y/N). She’s all that I have left besides you.

- “I know, man, but you gotta let her do what she wants, I guess. As long as he doesn’t hurt her, then there’s no problem, right?

- “That’s the problem, man! Touching her in anyway is wrong. I don’t wanna have to hear about Sodapop talking sexually about my sister to his pals. It just ain’t right, Johnny-cake.

- “Man, I don’t know what to do about this. It’s Soda! He wouldn’t hurt (Y/N), let alone any other girl. He’s real kind to girls, okay? He’s gonna treat her real swell, Dal. Don’t worry.

- “I wish it were that easy man.” Dallas would shake his head.

- You get easily hurt whenever you hear or see Sodapop flirting with girls at his work.

- Dallas pinning Sodapop to the wall and giving him hell for hurting you.

- “What’d I do?

- “You’re lucky that you’re my buddy, Soda, but don’t play dumb with me. I’ve got the right mind to clock your skull so fast it’ll make your head explode! You flirt with any broad ever again I’ll kick your ass.

- “Dally! I didn’t mean it like that, okay?

- “Yeah, that’s what every guy says. You hurt her. You’re dead.

- Every time that you and Dallas are hanging with the gang, Dallas will lurch towards Sodapop and actually causing him to jump.

- “Relax, man, I’m just pullin’ you’re leg.” Dallas would laugh, patting Soda’s shoulder.

- “Haha, yeah…

- Dallas being your shoulder to cry on if you and Soda get into a fight.

- Dallas realising when you vent to him that Soda’s your life and joy and he makes you really happy.

- “You find, (Y/N) right now and make up.

- “What? I thought you didn’t want me being with her?

- “I don’t care about what I want, man! She needs you.

- “What? What happened?

- “I’m shit at these things. I don’t know what to do for her or what to say to her. Go make up okay? You make her real happy and I don’t know man. This shit is too complicated for me. I don’t get girls, but you do. So talk to her for the love of God!

- Dallas looking out for you, but learning to respect when to back off with Sodapop.

- “I’m glad you’re with my sister, man.”

- “I’m glad to be with her too, she sure makes me happy.

- “Just don’t spill the beans on what you two do in the bedroom. I don’t need that image of my sister.

- You and Soda always sneaking out to get alone time.

- Sodapop laughing when you tell Dallas off, because you’re a Winston you’re tough as hell, and you and Dallas are like fire and fire, you only make a bigger fire.

- Punching Dallas in the jaw for hurting Sodapop.

- “What the hell was that for?” Dallas would shoot up, getting in your face, pressing his nose against yours.

- “You gang up on him or hurt him in anyway and I’ll end you!

- “You can try.” Dallas sneers.

- “You wanna go? Let’s rumble!” you’d shout in his face before the two of you would errupt into laughter.

- Always getting into fights with Dallas over Sodapop.

- “Can you just shut up,  Dal?” you’d yell.

- “Watch your mouth when talkin’ to me!

- “I don’t care if you’re not okay with me dating Soda or not. It’s not your place to say shit.

- “You’re lucky you’re my sister because I’d say some things that would make you crawl under the floor boards and die.” he growls, clearly holding back.

- Always making up with your brother Dallas.

- “Dal?

- “What?” he’d spit viscously.

- “I’m real sorry for sayin’ all that stuff…

- “Yeah well whatever.

“Look, Dal. We’re all that we have left. Mom ain’t here and dad don’t care if we’re dead in a ditch. Other than Johnny you’ve got no one but me. So you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. Deal with it.”

- “You’re okay kid.” Dallas would smirk, letting you know that things are alright between you two.

- Dallas giving Soda a lecture every time he’s about to take you out on a date.

- Dallas making Soda’s life and your life a living hell until you tell him to knock it off.

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I’ve noticed that we have many teenager followers that are right now struggling with a lot of problems and I just want to let you guys know that it will get better

Maybe it will take a month, maybe one year, or maybe even a couple of them, but things will eventually work out. 

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So after some of the hype cooled down bc AMAZING episode there’s still something that bugged me a freaking lot.

Yuri’s behavior anyone??????? Okay I get he is 15 and his new friend Otabek Altin says he recognized in his eyes his resolve, so we get he’s a spirited kid that was just born to fight to get the things he wants. Then again he was super aggressive towards Victor in the scene they shared, but something else happened toooooooo!!! Victor was also aggressive there.

Okay what I’m trying to explain here bc one-sided!YuYuu shipper here lol is that Yuri was challenging Victor and his relationship with Yuuri because he likes, likes Yuuri. I KNOW IT’S CRAZY BUT HEAR ME OUT.

First we have this.

Yuri is clearly bitter about the situation involving Victor and Yuuri. And here I was like… yeah he’s bitter because he also wanted to get Victor’s attention.

Victor asks him this then. And I was like Yeah Yuri wanted to win against this man bc hello? Russia’s hero???? Yuri of course denies it and is like ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. We can only presume what the hell is this kid actually thinking bc he’s all serious telling Victor ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. If Yuri admires him (I think he does) I don’t think he’d admit that anytime soon– 


Victor loses his composure towards Yuri for the first time. Yuri expresses his discontent towards Victor’s presence and the reasons right now can only be interpreted oñhfioehaoigg (we so need another Yurio’s POV).


Yuri tells Victor the ring, the symbol of his union (engagement cough) with Yuuri is garbage, practically that it is worthless and he couldn’t give a shit about it, that he will WIN just to prove how incompetent Victor (the owner) is. AND THE WAY HIS EYES FLICKER WITH EMOTION AND RESOLVE AS HE SAYS THIS, SO MUCH FIGHTING SPIRIT THERE.


If Yuri wins, then there’s no wedding cos no gold medal for Yuuri. If he wins, he is gonna show Yuuri and everyone how incompetent Victor is. AND THE WAY VICTOR LOOKS AT THIS CHALLENGE AS HE STARES DOWN AT YURI.


Then Yuri leaves and Victor reflects on a bit of what happened there. He says that if he had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yuri wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. Here we can only guess what he’s talking about. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IS THIS ONE: Yuuri you may not realize this


Yuri was openly aggressive towards Victor. He could have gone to bother Yuuri and tell him he should be focusing on trying to win instead of doing stupid shit or anything rude like that BUT as we saw in the past chapter, Yuri is in good terms with Yuuri. HE WENT TO LOOK FOR HIM AND CHEER HIM UP AFTER REMEMBERING SOMETHING YUURI WANTED TO DO WITH VICTOR AND GAVE HIM HIS PRECIOUS PIROZHKI WITH KATSUDON INSIDE AND HE ALSO KNEW HIS BDAY WAS CLOSE AND EVEN WAS FEELING FRUSTRATED WHEN YUURI WAS FAILING AT HIS FREE PROGRAM.

Instead of going to find Yuuri and make his war declaration, he went to Victor and was the bitter 15 y.o. version of the person he is right now and I think it’s because he likes Yuuri ;;;;;;

But I can only guess I just needed to vent out bc this scene really bugs me a lot and I know things can be missed in translation BUT I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW WHAT THE HELL and yeah– bye–

Smutty Sundays Collection - Richonne Drabbles and Naughty One Shots Chapter 4: Say Yes to Submission, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne had never known the delicious pleasure of submission until the world ended and she found herself falling in love with Rick Grimes. After all they had been through together, she had always known that he was dominant; that his role as a leader sometimes left him callous and filled with rage. He often returned home from a laborious day, his complexion red with feeling and the vein in his forehead throbbing as he relayed his grievances. Sweaty and covered in the blood of his enemies, frustrated and heated words left his angry lips, and she began to realize that he needed an outlet... And she wanted to be one for him...

Three Months Prior To Present Day

The front door slammed and she could hear those hurried, heavy-booted footsteps clopping on the wooden flooring below her, then ascending the many steps with purpose. Michonne knew without a doubt in her mind that the love of her life was home and he was extremely upset. She sighed and looked down, meeting Judith’s wide eyes as she bounced her little girl in her arms.

“ Daddy’s home, ” she whispered to her, kissing her flaxen curls softly and placing her in her crib. Judith cooed and babbled a little. She tried to say something, reaching out, and Michonne grabbed her little hand and squeezed it gently. “ He sounds a little mad, doesn’t he? Let’s see if I can fix it before Daddy wakes the whole house up with his bad temper. Get some rest, sweetheart. ”

She bent and kissed Judith’s forehead and raised the crib barrier, securing it before she turned off the light and left the room. Michonne walked lightly down the hall, avoiding the creaks in the floor. She knocked at Carl’s door for a final time and found him reading in bed, his gun at his side on the nightstand. She whispered a ‘goodnight’ and closed the door, hurrying off to the bedroom she shared with the man she loved.

He was pacing furiously when she pushed open their door and saw him, his bowlegged stride a quick shuffle on the carpet. He looked up at her as she entered and his face softened a bit, but his brows remained furrowed in anger.

“ Rick? ” she started gently, knowing he was tense by the tight movement of his shoulders. He didn’t answer. Michonne didn’t like to see him like this, and was becoming a regular occurrence. “ What’s wrong? ” she asked, searching his blue eyes and stepping closer. He always fell victim to her concerned stare, forever wanting to pour his heart out to her.

“ Nobody fuckin’ listens to me! ” he said, all of his vexation squeezed into the first sentence. “ It’s drivin’ me crazy. I’m sick of this shit. ” He raked his fingers through his hair, disheveling his curls and huffing out a labored breath. “ Dwight hasn’t been back in days. I don’t know what the hell is going on. If he lied, so help me, I’ll kill the fucker myself.” Michonne blinked. He had such a dirty mouth when he was pissed off. Her cheeks warmed.

She squeezed her thighs together and shook her head to herself, listening to Rick continue. “ I haven’t seen Carl all day. I asked him to go with Enid to check on the conditions at the ammo manufacturin’ facility and Aaron says he was here. All day. Doin’ absolutely nothing. He knew I was relying on him, Michonne. Every one else was busy today; I needed him. And Rosita won’t fucking listen to me either. Her rigging up those bombs here, where we live?! It’s dangerous. I know I asked her to look into it little more but is she outta her mind? I asked her to find another place to do it, but has she done it yet? No. Of course not. Have you talked to her? ”

He didn’t wait for a reply, sitting down on the edge of the bed to pull off his dark, worn cowboy boots. He sucked his teeth. “ Shit. I forgot. She’s pissed. She told me you heard Negan radio in something about Eugene. She thinks we need to get him out of the Sanctuary. She’s not convinced that he’s turned against us, but we can’t spare the ammo or the lives for him right now, takin’ into account our recent loses and all and she just doesn’t fucking get it. ”

Michonne kept offering her listening ear, knowing that he needed to vent and wanting to be there for him. She pressed her back against the wall and waited for him to continue. “ And I just saw Tara. She’s real worried about Heath. Keeps asking for a search group and it’s the same damn thing. We can’t risk it and either everyone wants to defy me and argue with my decisions or they go about doin’ whatever they fucking want anyway, even if it puts us on our backs and leave us vulnerable. ”

He took a deep breath and yanked his watch off his wrist, rubbing the worn places where it dug into his skin. He unholstered his Python and set it down on the nightstand. “ I didn’t mean to start ramblin’, hun. I just-. ”

“ I don’t like it when you’re like this, ” she whispered. Rick’s eyes glimmered and the wrinkles round them softened as he relaxed his face. His gaze settled on her features and he exhaled, realizing how much she’d been on his mind throughout the day.

“ I’m sorry, ” he apologized, worried his outburst had hurt her somehow. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Michonne shook her head and stepped closer. His eyes flickered to her choice of clothing; a tight red tank top and black shorts, her curves hugged by soft fabrics. He licked his lips.

“ No, I meant that… I don’t want you to be angry like this anymore. You come home like this so frequently. And you lose so much sleep. It’s bad for you , ” she said. Rick smirked, eyeing her as she inched closer, her fingers finding their way into his curls before she lowered herself into his lap.

“ Well, I’m not so sure I can avoid it, ” he mumbled, melting at the contact.

“ But maybe there’s a way I could help… ” she whispered. He kissed her shoulder and ran a hand up her back, sneaking his touch under her top and stroking the dip in her spine as he lifted his gaze to hers, expression inquiring.

“ How so? ” he asked.

Michonne bit her lip. She had been hoping for an introduction into a conversation like this for quite some time. Rick saw her big brown eyes light up and he was intrigued.

“ Remember all those books you found in that library? The ones you brought back in the old trunk for me to read while I was recovering? ” He raised a brow and his eyes narrowed.

“ Yeah. Had your nose buried real deep in one or two of them about a month ago… Couldn’t get much of your attention sometimes, ” he murmured. Michonne giggled and her cheeks tingled with warmth. He had noticed.

“ Well… I read about some stuff… ” she started. Rick laughed, his wrinkles reappearing. She loved that laugh, noting she had already coaxed one from him minutes after his angry release of words.

“ What kinda stuff? ” Michonne stood swiftly and rushed to her drawer to retrieve the books. She grabbed both of them and ran her hand over one of the smooth black covers, turning to face him and holding them out for him to take. His eyes dropped and he read the golden font, smiling slowly when he did and Michonne watched his cheeks and neck turn bright red as he took them from her. “ The ABCs of BDSM, ” he read aloud, eyeing one and then the other. “ The Secret Submissive Within. ” And she liked to hear the drawl on his thick tongue as he read the titles.

“ They’re really good, ” she whispered. “ I’m so curious. ”

Rick felt his heart propel into a fluttering beat and suddenly, his loins were literally aching for her. God, this woman is perfect, he mused. Does she read my mind?

He had thought about things like this before, even dreamt of her in such a way, but Christ, as if he would ever have the courage to ask. He never knew how to bring it up; had never even asked if she would be open to it. And though he had noticed her submissive side countless before, he never thought she would consider any of this. He looked up and searched her eyes, immediately feeling their natural, understanding gaze connect and mingle silently for a while. “ You’d do this? For me? ” Rick asked. Michonne smiled.

“ For us. But yes, especially for you. I think you need it. I think it’d be good for you. I read about how much it relieves stress… how closely bonded the couples are who practice it together… Every night you come home, you say no one ever listens to you. That no one does what you want… So I will. I’ll be the one. I’ll do anything you want. Everything. You spend so much of your time making me happy, trying to make everyone else happy. ”

Rick’s heartbeat accelerated into a frenzied pace, his blush deepening, spreading, his eyes hooded with lust as he began to imagine all the possibilities; the delicious opportunity of becoming her dominant and seeing her submit herself to him completely.

For the thousandth time in only a few months, he told himself how lucky he was, asked himself how it was even possible with the world around him in complete disarray.

“ But I don’t… I don’t want to hurt you or anythang, ” he began, his hesitation not quite as convincing as he thought it would be. Michonne smirked.

“ It’s not like we haven’t done things like this before, Rick. The handcuffs. The spanking… The biting… ” Rick moaned, the memories swarming him. She was right. And of course she was. “ We even talked about role-playing once, remember? Tried it a little. And we talked about…” She bent and whispered her next word in his ear. “ …Anal. ”

His heart nearly stopped and he squeezed her ass, her plump cheek filling his hand, a groan trapping itself in his throat. He blushed, realizing he had never dreamed of doing things so deliciously vulgar as the fantasies they talked of rarely and were about to explore moreover. Not until he met Michonne.

She moved to sit in his lap again, her fingers tangling in his curls and he felt all of his blood rush from his already scattered brain down to his twitching cock, and he stiffened so fiercely that he could feel his heartbeat in his erection. His eyes fluttered closed.

Leaning forward again, Michonne spoke in his ear once more. “ I know it might sound a little strange but… I like it when you hurt me. I love your aggression when we make love. And I want more of it.” His breath whistled through his nose and she watched the blood pump and his heart thump at the warm pulse point on his flushed neck, felt his dick, hot and stony against her ass. “ I’m safe with you, Rick. I trust you. I want to try this… And I know you want it too. We need it. ”

“ I don’t… know what to say, ” he stuttered, and it was hardly the truth. He just couldn’t find the right words to speak.

“ Say yes, ” she murmured.

“ Yes, ” he said a second later, and their lips met furiously and he was lost. “ W-we’ll practice, right? ” he said after kissing her for what felt like an hour. Time stood still when this woman pressed her lips to his. The daydreams flooded him with thoughts of what was to come and he drowned in the lust swarming him, woozy from her kiss. “ And… you’ll let me read those books so I can learn what I need to know? ”

“ Yes, ” she replied, her tone hushed and sweet on her tongue when she slipped it into his mouth. She smiled against his lips. “ Or rather: 'Yes, sir.’ ” A low groan fled him unexpectedly.

He liked the sound of that… Maybe a little too much…

Rick pressed himself against her, hearing the faintest moan deep within her.

“ I’m sorry I came in here rambling on about everything. I didn’t even say hello. I missed you,” he whispered. Michonne massaged his curls and scalp until his eyes fell closed.

“ I missed you too. And you don’t have to apologize for anything, Rick. We’ll deal with Dwight when we see him again. And we can talk to Carl and Tara and Rosita tomorrow morning, okay? ” Rick’s hands ran winding paths down her smooth skin and he nodded and brought his lips to hers again, kissing her passionately.

“ So you think you can handle it? ” he asked out of curiosity, his mind racing, excitement clear in his bright sky eyes when he opened them again. Michonne smiled.

“ Oh, I know I can, ” she retorted. Rick smirked and turned her over so quickly, she hardly noticed until she was on her back in their bed and he was between her thighs, his lips and teeth on her neck, and she gasped loudly, his erection grinding against her clit roughly.

“ We’ll see about that, ” he growled.



Empty Talk

“I think too much about…useless things.”
“Well, to me.”
“…Such as?”
“It’s hard to say. I can’t put it in words…”
“…Are you feeling alright, right now?”
“…Not really.”
“What do you need?”
“…Just stay here with me…That’s…all I want right now…I think.”
“As long as it’s close to what you want…”

Slightly venting. </3
They talk like this on occasion. Not the first time, either.

It’s vague on purpose. The original “excerpt” I was typing up got too heavy.

uc berkeley 2021


after frantic hours of soul searching and chatting with people (primarily @thebearwilleat lmao sorry girl–btw she’s graduating from cal soon so spam her with congratulations messages) i finally decided to become a golden bear! 

ucla was a beautiful californian paradise but it just wasn’t for me. something just didn’t feel right. 

both excited and scared for the next 4 years; here’s to hoping that i pass chem 1a and actually make it through the pre-med reqs to declare MCB or IB HAHA i need prayers

thank you to the many awesome appblrs @physicsfanatic @studythesunshineflowers @harbingerofbooksandbakedgoods @think-ings @crystalflowerbomb and the others that were there for me to rant/vent/stress together with when college decisions were rolling out!

i guess i’m officially an ex-appblr now but if anyone wants me to revise their essays, talk about colleges (especially the UC’s) or want advice about high school and the admissions process here i am

and if you’re an appblr ‘17 be sure to PM me and tell me where you’re going!

btw my blog will consist mainly of Cal swag and images of the campus so sorry in advance