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Yo I’d like to bring some shit up cause I’ve seen some posts about it. Shipping Ryan and Meg is (or at least can be) different from gross jokes about them.

I personally have hard times reading non au’s for this fandom b/c I need that separation from their real life or it gets a bit too creepy for me. But usually even not including irl spouses (whether they’re ok with being in fanfic or not) is the bare minimum of whether I can read it or not.

But that all doesn’t really matter but my main point is:

You can ship Meg and Ryan in fan fiction, and not comment on every cosplay shoot saying “poor gavin”

You can ship Meg and Ryan in fan fiction, and not say their spouses should be worried that they went to Japan together.

What you’re doing there (if you are doing it) is assuming that a married man and a committed girlfriend would cheat on their respective spouses. Which is really fucking gross.

So tip for all you nasties: gain a disconnect from fanfic and real life. Stop with the jokes about it. Meg has repeatedly on her Twitter said she’s done with the jokes.

You can still ship them in your fanfics but to drag that into the real world and make gross jokes is disrespectful to all parties involved.

I’d also like to point out that even if AH makes the joke, you don’t have automatic permission to copy those comments AND you should recognize when the joke is run down and stop. (Hell, even one party of the joke being uncomfortable should be a key to stopping.)

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Letters to Bucky (Part Six)(NSFW)

Welcome back to the story! If you need to catch up, check out the Master List HERE.
This tried to just be smut but OH MY GOD THE FEELS just overwhelmed it. Still so very NSFW so you know…!!
Shout out to my lovely
@bethy-sue​ for helping me with this scene! I am 100% in love with these boys and hope you guys are too!
This update is SO LONG, but I needed to get it all out! I love everyone SO MUCH for reading these long ass chapters and commenting/liking/reblogging/messaging me.. You guys are seriously the best!!!
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“So do you actually know any of these people?” Bucky asked, carefully grasping a champagne flute, wrinkling his nose at the taste.

“Some of them.” Tony remarked, draining his glass and reaching for another. “I’ll be able to pretend to like more of them after a few more glasses of this.”

“Geez Tony.” Bucky chuckled. “Why do you come if you hate it so much?”

“With great money comes—” Tony motioned around the room. “Great nonsense. Speaking of great money,” he stepped a little closer. “We didn’t actually do a ton of talking earlier. About the whole me secretly being a billionaire and all that.”

“Yeah, well there’s so much more to do with our mouths than talk, sweet thing.” Bucky murmured and Tony nearly snapped the fragile glass stem in half.

“Yes well.” He coughed. “That’s a valid point. But um, do we need to talk more about me being…me? Is this going to affect things? Are we still going to work?”

“I don’t see why not.” Bucky was scanning the room, watching the crowds of rich people try to outbid each other in the silent auction. “I’m leaving again tomorrow evening and we will be back to writing letters then. So I can pretend I don’t know your last name, or that you own seventeen cars and a plane,  and you can pretend you don’t stutter every time I smile at you and–”

“Hey!” Tony protested, but Bucky grinned, and completely proved his point when Tony tripped over his next words. “Wait-wait what do you mean, tomorrow?”

“I’m only here for ten days, Tony.” He answered quietly. “Today is day nine. I just couldn’t leave New York without trying to see you.”

“Jesus.” Tony cursed softly. “Well then screw the party,  let’s leave.”

“We just got here.” Bucky pointed out and Tony rolled his eyes exasperated. “And even though your secretary only weighs like ninety pounds, the woman is terrifying.”

“They got photos of me here, that’s all the proof I need to convince Pepper I did my part. Bucky, if you’re leaving tomorrow let’s get out of here so we can spend some time together. Real time together. Like time involving throwing pillows on the floor and watching the sunrise through my bedroom window.”

“I love the way you think, Tony.” Bucky sent him a look that had Tony chugging his champagne and looking for an exit.

“Oh look a door! Let’s go.” Tony took off through the crowd, and Bucky followed, trying not to look like he was chasing him, even though chasing Tony was exactly what he wanted to be doing.

“Anthony! Anthony, been looking for you all night.”
A slender man in glasses stepped right in front of Tony, putting an all- too-friendly hand on his shoulder. “You wouldn’t  be leaving already would you now? We haven’t even had the chance to catch up!”

“That was the point.” Tony bit out, managing a barely there smile. “Got too many thing to do tonight to hang out. But I wrote my check and did my part for the children so–”

“So let’s stay and have a drink!” He motioned for a couple glasses of champagne, but before he could hand Tony one, Bucky stepped in with a glass of his own, pressing it into Tony’s open hand.

“Thanks.” Tony grinned up at him, knowing exactly why Bucky had done that, and loving it.

“Oh, I didn’t realize we had any military personnel here tonight. Or at least not any enlisted officers. What’s your name, soldier?” The man tossed up a mocking salute, and Bucky straightened to his full height, shoulders back, chin high, and held out his hand to shake.

“Master Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.” He said authoritatively, refraining from listing his company and unit. Since he was special ops, and really more black ops than special ops, his Master Sergeant Title was all he used when meeting new people.

“Oh my.” Reaching for Bucky’s hand, the man looked him over with a newly interested smirk. “A Master Sergeant. That’s lovely. I’m Justin Hammer, but I’m sure you knew that.”

“Ah. From Hammer Tech.” Bucky squeezed the slim hand resting in his own, until Hammer jerked away, covering the movement with a cough.

“That’s right. I’m sure you use a lot of my product. Keeping you boys-er, men- safe out there.”

“Your product and Starks as well.” Bucky replied evenly.

“So.” Hammer looked between the two of them. “When Tony is done bending your ear about all the new weapons he wants to sell you, why don’t you come find me? We won’t have to talk business at all.” He smiled in a way that he probably assumed was flirtatious, or at the very least engaging, but Bucky didn’t smile back.

“I’m sure I’ll be too busy. But I’ll let you know.”

“Tony.” Hammer brushed off the slight. “Let’s have dinner soon. I feel like we have lots to catch up on.”

“He’ll be too busy.” Bucky replied, in what Tony had dubbed his ‘Master Sergeant’ voice, and even the annoyingly oblivious Justin Hammer took a step back. “But he’ll let you know.”

“Sure. Sure.” Knowing when he was beat, Hammer turned and walked away, calling out to some
one else at the party.

“Well, he’s annoying.” Bucky said, setting his champagne glass down. “Are we still— uh, what? What’s wrong?”

Tony was staring, hands flexing at his side, chewing his bottom lip.

“What is it?” Bucky asked, starting to worry. “Was that not okay? I warned you I was going to mark my territory. Did you think I was kidding?” Tony didn’t answer, just kept watching him and Bucky cleared his throat awkwardly. “Say something, Tony.”

“I just… wow,  that whole Master Sergeant voice is like twice as interesting in person.”

Bucky’s blue eyes lit up, and he moved a little closer into Tony’s space. “Twice as interesting hm?”

“Yeah, we’re leaving right now.”

“Oh welcome back Mr. Stark. How was the evening?” The doorman asked politely, and Tony slowed down just long enough to answer.

“Great, thank you Matthew. Really made a difference, wrote a really big check.” With a quick grin at the man, Tony pushed Bucky towards the elevator. “Move your ass, soldier.”

The doors closed, and Tony breathed a sigh of relief, loosening his tie.

“Really, Tony? AC/DC?” Bucky asked, dragging his fingers through his slicked back hair, listening with a half smile to the chords of Highway to Hell coming from the speakers.

“Bucky baby I live at the top of this damn building. You think I want to hear elevator music for ten minutes?” Tony took his tie off completely, unbuttoning his suit jacket and the top button of his shirt, breathing a quiet sigh of relief as he relaxed.

“Is that how long this ride takes?” Bucky glance around the elevator, eyeing the mirrored walls and tall ceiling.

“You know I’ve never counted actually, it’s probably really about two or three minutes, I just thought-OH!” Tony startled as Bucky pushed him against the wall, covering his mouth with a possessive kiss, sliding his tongue against Tony’s lips until he opened up, and Bucky groaned low in his throat.

“You are so gorgeous Tony.” He murmured, tasting and licking into Tony’s mouth eagerly, one big hand pinning Tony’s hips to the wall, the other stroking and running through his hair, messing up those perfect spikes, and tugging until Tony dropped his head farther back, opening wider beneath him. “That’s right, sweet thing, just like that.”

Wedging a thigh between his legs, Bucky swore softly when Tony ground down against him. “Just like that.” He was just reaching for the buttons of the white dress shirt, when the elevator slid to a stop, and the doors opened on a very surprised Pepper.

“Tony!” She looked away awkwardly while the men separated. “You aren’t supposed to be here. You were definitely supposed to stay long enough to give a speech and–”

“Bucky’s leaving tomorrow.” Tony interrupted. “Priorities, Pepper. Now really, be a dear and leave.”


Leave.” He repeated, and it was about firmest he’d ever been with her, so Pepper stood aside and waited politely until they’d exited the elevator, and then left.

The suite was quiet, and when Tony sent Bucky a look from under his lashes, the soldier burst out laughing.

“How is such a little woman so fierce?! I thought she was going to ground you!”

“She probably is. I’ll have to buy her something tomorrow.” Tony admitted, heading towards his bar. “Whiskey?”

“Please.” Bucky slid his dress jacket off his arms, setting it over a chair carefully. “I don’t know how you can drink champagne.”

“Quickly.” Tony said as he grabbed a few glasses. “And in great quantities. Only way to get through those charity dinners.”

“I can get on board with that.” Bucky reached for his glass and clinked it against Tony’s. “Here’s to good whiskey and gorgeous billionaires.”

Tony chuckled. “Nah, to hot soldiers who do risky things like show up unannounced on my doorstep.”

“To letters that take weeks to arrive and are worth every minute of waiting.” Bucky countered, and Tony moved around the bar to stand in front of him.

“To flirting without ever worrying it might not be okay.”

Bucky licked his lips and leaned closer. “To checking the ‘yes I like you’ box.”

“To hearing your voice every time I read your poetry.”

“To phone calls that keep me awake and smiling at night.”

Tony moved until their toes met, until their chests were just a hairsbreadth apart.

“To falling for someone without even seeing them.”

Bucky’s eyes darkened to a stormy ocean blue, his voice suddenly hoarse “Tony.”

Tony tipped his whiskey back and drained it, and Bucky did the same, setting the crystal glass back on the bar carefully.

“Can I take you to bed now?”
“Really Tony?”  Bucky asked, laughing, as they finally made it to the bedroom, and he got a look at Tony’s bed.  He picked Tony up off his now bare feet and tossed him right in the middle of a ridiculous amount of pillows.

“Hey, I warned you in advance about all my pillows!” Tony’s cheeks were flushed with excitement, his hair all over the place, and he started throwing them at the soldier, who managed to duck the first two and took a third right to his face. “Reflexes soldier boy! You should be faster than that!”

“I have other things on my mind than pillow fights, baby.” Bucky said with a wicked glint in his eye, and started stripping pillows from the bed as fast as he could, until all but two of them lay on the floor.

“Why do we need two?” Tony asked lazily, undoing the buttons of his shirt slowly. “I told you I’d just sleep on you.”

“I remember.” Bucky smiled wolfishly. “But we aren’t sleeping yet.”

“Oh hell yeah.” Tony laughed, and started pulling at his clothes faster. “Hurry up, Bucky Baby. You said I wouldn’t complain when I saw you na-na–jesus Christ.” He stuttered to a stop, hands frozen halfway down his shirt.

Bucky had turned his back, his white button up dropping off broad shoulders and down thick arms. Then he pushed the fitted dress pants off his narrow waist, over a muscular ass, and down long legs, kicking his shoes and socks off before turning back to the bed.

“Tony?” He queried, raising an eyebrow when he saw the brunette hadn’t moved.

“Um.” Tony shook his head. “I got nothing, Bucky. You're…”

“You alright?” Bucky took a step forward and that seemed to snap Tony from his daze.

“It’s fine. It’s just, have I told you yet how terrible you were at describing yourself to me? Because you left out all of–” he made a wide circular motion with his hands. “All of this. You neglected to mention all of this.”

“Is this a problem?”

“You’re not funny Bucky.” Tony said mildly, sitting up in his knees and greedily looking his fill. “We already went over that.”

“Oh that’s right.” Bucky sighed dramatically. “I remember now. I was going to leave the funny to you, and I’d take care of the flirting and making you blush?”

“Something like that.” Tony was practically leering, his eyes never moving above Bucky’s shoulders, his hands running restlessly over his own thighs, the thought of actually getting to touch that perfect body almost too much.

“I better get on that, then.” Bucky crawled up the bed, pressing into Tony until he shifted off his knees and onto his back on the pillow. “Hey.” Bucky’s smile was just short of predatory, his eyes dark, and Tony exhaled loudly.

“Hey there.”

“Can I take this off?” Bucky grasped the half open shirt, and Tony nodded, without breaking eye contact. “Thank you.” Bucky kissed him slowly, sweetly, and worked the rest of the buttons open until he could spread his hands against Tony’s chest. “Oh, oh sweet thing.” He touched each scar carefully, calloused fingers traveling over the raised, rough lines. “Look at how much of a fighter you are. You survived all this.”

“Looking like a pincushion.” Tony grumbled, then jumped in surprise when Bucky lowered his head and started mouthing over each mark, his tongue soothing the red edges. When his teeth scraped over the ones closest to his heart, Tony dug his fingers into Bucky’s hair, scratching at his scalp, forcing him closer and Bucky obliged, kissing and licking over every inch of pale skin beneath his hands.

“I like your scars. Beautiful. Survivor. Fighter. I could have lost you. I could have lost you before I even knew you, and I can’t deal with that thought.”
Tony closed his eyes against a rush of emotion, his hands tightening briefly in that long hair.
“Can we take these off too?” Bucky was playing with the closure on Tony’s slacks, and waited for a nod of consent before slipping them off and tossing them onto the floor. “There you are, honey, now I can see you.”

He settled between Tony’s legs, rocking forward just enough to make both of them curse out loud when their cocks rubbed together, separated only by two thin pairs of briefs.

“Goddamnit I’m so hard for you, baby.” Bucky buried his face in Tony’s neck. “This is so perfect.”
Tony didn’t reply, too busy trying to catch his breath, the heavy welcome weight of Bucky lying against him from shoulders to calves. He traced lines over the strong shoulders, down to the dimples that sat so low on his back, then back up, pressing as close as he could to the soldier.

“I want to be as close to you as I can.” He finally said, and Bucky raised his head enough to stare deep into his eyes.

“Do you want me, Tony? Do you want to have me? Because you can. You can take me. Tell me how you want me.” He smiled slowly when Tony’s mouth opened, a rush of red flooding his cheeks.


“Of course.” Bucky ground down against him, chuckling quietly when Tony’s eyes fluttered closed.

“But on the phone–”

“Yeah, I talked about being inside you, baby, but that was just one time. We can do this however you want. ”

“That’s what I want.” Tony decided. “Like how-how you said on the phone. Want you inside-inside me.”

“Sure thing, sweet thing.” Bucky promised, and started moving again, working his way down all the lean muscles below him, first his hands, then his mouth moving lower until he could hook his fingers in the waistband of Tony’s briefs. “I half expected these to be camo.” He teased and Tony shrugged, watching with hooded eyes as Bucky started pulling them down his legs.

“Next time. Next time I’ll wear camo underwear for you.”

“You better.” Bucky’s voice went low and breathy. “Can I taste you, Tony?”

He didn’t wait for an answer this time, barely giving Tony a second to realize what he’d asked before licking a long line up Tony’s length, swirling over the head before taking as much as he could into his mouth.

“Bucky, jesus fucking–!” Tony’s whole body jerked and he grabbed Bucky’s head, fingers tangling in his hair.

“You trying to pull me away, or push me down, sugar?” Bucky asked with a soft groan, scraping his teeth just barely over the satiny soft skin, wrapping one hand around the thick base and stroking slowly.

“I-don’t-know.” Tony said through clenched teeth, thrusting helplessly between those red lips. “Just don’t stop. No wait, stop. Dammit Bucky, I can’t …” he took a deep breath, throwing an arm over his eyes, trying to get his body back under control.

Bucky had backed off the second Tony had said ‘stop’, watching him carefully, giving him a chance to cool down. “Alright?” He asked after a minute and Tony nodded, pulling at him until Bucky slid back up between his legs.

“Not gonna last like that.” Tony admitted and Bucky’s lips curled in a satisfied smirk.

“I barely got started though, baby. Just wanted to taste you a little.”

“Yeah well, I’m not 20 anymore.” Tony replied, working his fingers into Bucky’s thick hair and tugging him down for a kiss. “Only gonna do this once tonight and I want it to be with you.”

“We should test that theory.” Bucky argued, nipping soft kisses and little bites down Tony’s throat. “It’s been a while for me sweet thing, I bet we could do this twice without even trying.”

“I didn’t say we couldn’t do this again first thing in the morning and again before you leave.” Tony’s breath was coming faster and Bucky sucked a light bruise over his pulse point. “Just that the first time should be–”

“I know.” Bucky raised his head until their foreheads touched. “I want it to be together too.” He picked up Tony’s hand, letting it rest on his neck, waiting until Tony’s eyes widened. “Feel that?”

“Yeah.” Tony licked his lips. “Our hearts are racing together.”
He barely caught the gentle smile crossing Bucky’s face before the soldier kissed him again, slotting their lips together, their tongues licking, sliding in each other’s mouths.
Bucky kept working his hand up and over Tony’s cock, dragging a thumb over the drooling slit, humming contentedly every time Tony’s body shuddered beneath him.

“Can I–” he ran his other hand down Tony’s back, over the curve of his cute butt, fingers catching and pressing against his tight entrance. “Like this? Or not yet?”

“Absolutely. Yes, yes, Like this.” Tony reached with one hand to dig in his drawer, finding the small bottle of lube and dropping it on the bed. Bucky reached for it, the mood in the room changing to something more heated now that permission had been given. He uncapped the lid and coated his fingers.

“Spread your legs for me.” Bucky sat up on his knees between Tony’s legs, and his eyes lighting when Tony moaned and shifted against him. “Spread them wider.” He instructed, watching the blush climb Tony’s neck and face when his voice dropped lower, rougher. “Make enough room for me, that’s it baby, see you remember. That’s so good sweetheart.” He encouraged when Tony bent his knee, letting his other leg fall open so Bucky could move inside him, first one then two fingers when Tony gasped and pushed down against him. “Just like we did over the phone, yeah? Is this how you looked, then? Just hard and open and wishing I was right here?” Bucky scissored his fingers slowly, working him open as gently as he could. “Did you touch yourself like this when we were on the phone?”

“Not then, no. You didn’t tell me to.” Bucky’s eyes nearly glazed over at the thought of Tony obeying him and Tony shook his head. “You’re the first in a long time, babe.” He reached down, stroking himself a few times, huffing a laugh when a strangled noise came from Bucky’s chest.

“Jesus.” Bucky muttered. “It’s like I was in control for three seconds, but as soon as you move, or talk, I’m just helpless against you. How do you do that to me? Why does the fact that I’m your first in a long while just…”

“I know.” Tony agreed quietly, and reached for his hand, lacing their fingers together. “Now come on. Don’t make a guy wait. You’re already halfway there.”

Bucky eased himself from Tony’s body, reaching back for his pants for a condom, missing the relieved look Tony sent him for not having to even ask.

“Are you ready? Or do I need to–” Bucky slipped two fingers back inside him, adding a third and Tony gritted his teeth. “And for the record,” Bucky twisted his fingers hard, searching for the bundle of nerves deep inside that would make Tony–

“AH!!” Tony’s whole body tightened, and he clenched his fists in the sheets.

“For the record,” Bucky repeated, “having my fingers inside you is no where near being halfway there.”
He unwrapped the condom, rolling it down his erection, adding more lube as he readied himself. “Ready, baby?”

Tony nodded, closing his eyes when he felt thick hot heavy pushing into him. “Yes yes yes yes.”

Bucky came into him slowly carefully, trying not to hurt Tony, but he knew it was a lot, he was a lot,  so he  peppered kisses all over Tony’s face and chest, trying to soothe him, trying to distract him.

Tony could have screamed as his body stretched around Bucky, the burn so sharp it was borderline painful, but just when he thought he couldn’t handle any more, Bucky stopped, laying down over him and kissing him apologetically.

“Sorry baby.” He whispered over and over. “I’m big, I know, I’m sorry, I should have gone slower, or warmed you up more or-”

“Bucky.” Tony said through clenched teeth, and he looked up, blue eyes worried. “If you don’t get me off in some spectacular fashion after teasing me all night I’m gonna kick your giant ass out of my bed. Start. Moving. Now.

Bucky laughed, relieved. “You alright, then?”

“Well, I believe you about the whole “not being halfway there” thing.” Tony snarked, then rocked his hips, and a groan punched out of Bucky’s chest. “Move, soldier.”  

“Sure thing, sweet thing.”

He stretched out over him, every roll of his body a long slow stroke in and out that had Tony whimpering and scratching at his back, urging him on for more more more. Bucky just rested their foreheads together, grasping Tony’s wrists together in one big hand and holding them above his head.
“When you take me-” his voice was low, nearly a growl, and Tony shivered, arms flexing as he tried to break Bucky’s hold. “No, baby I’m definitely stronger than you.” He scolded gently, never stopping the rhythm inside him. “When you take me you can set the pace, until then…”
He pushed as far as he could into Tony, until their hips ground together, until their chests touched. “Let’s take our time.”

Leaving Tony’s hands above his head, Bucky ran his fingers down the lean thighs, gripping behind his knees to pull them higher, until he could run his thumb along the arch of Tony’s foot. “Right here, sweet thing.” He placed Tony’s foot against his shoulder, opening his lover up ever farther. “That’s perfect.”

The new angle dragged his cock across Tony’s sweet spot every time he rocked forward, and Bucky slowly picked up his pace, until Tony forgot to leave his hands up and was holding Bucky as close as he could, until Tony forgot that Bucky was in charge and was thrusting back up against him, until Tony forgot anything other than his soldiers name, and he said it over and over and over until Bucky reached down to hold him, jerking him roughly, twisting over the head of Tony’s cock until Tony dropped his head back and screamed his pleasure out.

“Yes, yes Tony, sweet heart, sweet thing, that’s so good.”
Bucky praised, pulling Tony’s foot from his shoulder to wrap around around his waist. “So good honey. Keep going, as long as you need.” He never stopped moving, never stopped touching him, not until Tony’s torso was streaked with white and he was flinching, too sensitive to continue.
When Tony finally started coming down, started recovering, he pushed back into each thrust, grunting when Bucky shifted over him moved harder, chasing his own edge now.

“Come on, babe take what you need.” He urged, “take it soldier, I’m right here.”

“Tony.” Bucky sealed their mouths together in a long kiss, hammering into Tony’s body, pinning the smaller man to the bed.
Tony pushed him on, egged him on, dragging his fingers down Bucky’s chest, stroking over his own slowly re-stiffening erection, groaning each time Bucky filled him, eyes rolling closed when he pulled out, feeling every inch of that thick cock dragging through him.

Bucky watched every emotion cross Tony’s face, listened to every gasp and pant, and fell deeper in love with every passing second. “Tony.” He whispered. “Sweet thing, I–I–”

Tony’s eyes flashed, something unreadable, and he covered Bucky’s mouth with his hand gently.

“I know. Me too. I promise.”

Bucky nodded, brushing a kiss into Tony’s palm and dropped his head, breath coming harder as his pleasure started spiking.

“Close, baby.” He murmured and Tony wove his fingers into his hair, pulling him down, forcing him closer.

“Come on. Come on I’m ready for you.”

Bucky pressed his lips over the scar on Tony’s heart, and it was only a few strokes later that he was coming, buried as deep as he could be inside Tony’s body, his breath nearly a growl as he panted through his orgasm. Tony’s eyes fluttered closed, a thrum of satisfaction, pride from his soldier inside him, making him tremble, wringing another soft groan from Bucky’s chest as Tony’s body tightened beneath him, around him.

“Beautiful.” He managed, after several minutes, when he could see straight again. “Tony this is– you are–”

He kissed him tenderly, almost desperately, and Tony just wrapped his arms around him and kissed him right back.


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anonymous asked:

what is some advice that you would give baby witches? or your past self when you were just starting out? how should baby witches start when ist their first day and they dont knew anything yet?

I’d say read a lot before you practise. Memorize all the basics of how to use your mind and spirit in the craft. You don’t necessarily need books though, if you can’t afford them, the internet can do just fine (more research is always great though, so if you can get books, do it). Go through the tumblr witchcraft blogs, you can find a lot of good stuff there, but don’t forget to think for yourself. If something sounds strange, read from several sources.
Also, I don’t think anyone really needs a mentor when it comes to starting witchcraft, but apparently many witchlings feel like they do. It’s not necessary, really. You can teach yourself most of the stuff.
Another important thing is to remember your craft is yours and is different from anyone else’s. You don’t need to be wiccan to be a witch, you don’t need to follow any religion or have a deity. When it comes to witchcraft, only do what you’re comfortable with, because that’s what works best.

I’m mentally designing a MOMA/Modern Art AR-15 build, and I’m dying laughing cause it’s so extra.

-Probably classic AR (Delta Grip, non telescoping stock, carry handle??)

-Gold Plated 30rd Steel Magazine, Trigger, and Controls

-Vantablack®™ everything else viable, or similar (Cerakote Black?)

-All lettering and Rollmarks in Gold-Foil Helvetica

-Magazine reads “You are reading a magazine” in french.

-Trigger Pull of 21 grams (the “weight of a human soul”)

-Safety rollmarks are “Peace/War/Democracy”

-Enameled-Pink JHP 5.56mm with custom brass casings with something pithy on them.

C’mon, help me out here it needs to be as “Modern Art” Edgy artist as possible.


I have never been a huge fan of the movies, from the first time I saw the first movie. But even still, this date is important to me, because the hype of the first movie was what got me to read the books. And my life has literally never been the same since. Everything about me today, from my newfound career path to my significantly better mental health, has all been a result of reading these books. They’re not just a work of fiction to me, they were life-changing. They reached me at exactly the time I needed them most, and they got through to me in a way like nothing else ever had. I’ve met some of my favorite people because I read these books. I may become distracted by other things as time goes by, but nothing else ever, ever take the place that The Hunger Games has in my heart. It is still my favorite story, ever. 

The Auroracle v2

What do you need to be excited about it?

I want to get you excited for it! Ask me any and all questions and I am going to keep sharing comparison photos of both the decks so you can see them!

Do you want some more photos of it? Some quick readings with it? Want me to set fire to the deck (’cause that is not happening). Do you need more information? What information?

It’s going on sale May 1 and it will be on sale for entirety of the month and I will consider ordering extra if the sales are good enough.

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Supercorp Fic, as promised

Hey, guys, I know this was supposed to be up much sooner, but I kinda fell asleep while writing this, so… yeah. I’m posting this from my physics class, so it might need a few fixes, but I will try to get them sorted out by the end of the day.

Basically, this piece is about how, when  Lena gets sick and refuses to leave work, Kara goes over to L- Corp to try to change her mind. Enjoy!

Here’s the link to read it on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10159067/chapters/22999701

It was a busy day at Catco Magazine. Kara had been running errands all day, she still had an article on the drop in crime rate since Supergirl had revealed herself to finish, and she was absolutely exhausted. But throughout the day, one thing- or, rather, one person, remained a constant on her mind, as she usually did; Lena Luthor. Kara and Lena had had a lunch date scheduled for the afternoon, but with all the work that Kara had to do, she was forced to cancel.

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400 go go go!

401. Go me! Also, brief explanation here: Donna and Jenny have asked Rose to describe how the bond works, and she’s working through the various levels of connection. I’m not sure how much of this scene will stay, but I’m writing it all in the rough draft. They’ll need to have some handle on the basics for the rest of what happens in this section, and it’ll be easier to go through and cut what isn’t necessary later than to try to add it. 

“You can read each other’s minds?” Donna asked.

“Not automatically. Back to the image sitting on the same couch together, imagine we’re both reading our own books. You know the other person is reading a book, you can hear them turning pages, but unless you shift and read over their shoulder, you don’t know what words are on the page.”

Send me a word count between 200-400 and I will give you a paragraph

Tags on a previous post because im a riot and i need people to see them

#literally what happened with Fiika and Arcann#I had her all set up to romance Koth#but then#BOAT#more like ship#more like Arcann’s flagship#okay more like Arcann in general#look at me finding a way to relate the One-Armed Wonder to a boat#sidenote do you think if he didn’t have his robo-arm and was in a rowboat#would he paddle himself in circle#someone better read these damn tags because im fucking hilarious#but seriously tho#like#Arcann in a rowboat going in circle with Vaylin and Thexan#and one of the other two says#we’re going in circles#and the other one says#WHY DID WE LET OUR ONE-ARMED BROTHER ROW

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“Thank you, darling!! <3 (totally with you, book 1 is the least…”

I agree that it lost a little something for me the last two books. I don’t love Fish and Chips at all but the last two books are less about Ty and Zane and I love them together. But I’ve never really gotten into the Shock and Awe. Maybe I need to give them another shot. Have you guys read the A Matter Of Times Series and then the Marshals Series by Mary Calmes? If you like Cut abs Run I would highly suggest those Series.

Hii! Thank you! You didn’t like F&C? It was my early favourite! What was it?

 I don’t know why, but the A Matter Of Time series sparkles a memory somewhere in me, I remember something nice, who knows why. Never heard about the second one, but happily putting it out there and veeery probably giving it a look soon! Thank you very much! :)

willthecrystalgemflowerchild  asked:

Am I the only one who ships Luke and Reid? I high key feel like he'd break Reid out of prison if it didn't mean losing his job (also hullo you're blog is wonderful I'm drowning in your fics~ I've officially turned notifications on for this blog because I need this at 3 AM)

Oh my god hai holla thanks for your kind words!!

Hope you enjoy reading them!

And I am ALL about Ralvez I can’t believe Luke is gonna kill everyone until Reid is free

during the debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie sanders last night about obamacare this one woman told Bernie she has a small business (I think a hair salon) and she was like I can’t grow my business because I have to provide my employees with health insurance and it’s too expensive. and Bernie straight up told her, hey you’re not gonna like my answer, but I’m sorry I think you need to provide them with insurance (and then he brought up the fact that he thinks single payer health insurance is still the way to go). then this lady told Ted Cruz that without Obamacare, she would have died. and he gave some generic answer about how he doesn’t wanna take away all aspects of Obamacare (which btw is a lie because he once held a 20 hour filibuster in which he read green eggs and ham in order to repeal every last word of Obamacare). but like…..this is where we’re beginning the discussion. “I can’t grow my business” vs “I would have died”

The Signs As Stephen King Novels

Aries: The Shining

Taurus: Cujo

Gemini: The Dark Half

Cancer: Misery

Leo: Bag of Bones

Virgo: Dreamcatcher

Libra: The Dead Zone

Scorpio: IT

Sagittarius: Insomnia

Capricorn: Under the Dome

Aquarius: Needful Things

Pisces: Carrie

This needs to stop

I decided to talk about this issue because I’m very pissed right now. Since MBC many people are hating on Jungkook. And after reading @/kookseonyeondan’s tweets I thought that I need to talk about this subject. I will show some of their tweets and respond to them. (This is going to be long so be ready)

// I am not a Jungkook biased. I’m double biased Namjoon Yoongi and my fav vocal in BTS in Jin so you can’t say to me “you only protect him because he is your bias”, he is not. I love Jungkook with all my heart, and all this hate is really unfair//

1. The “Jungkook is always in the center/gets more lines” issue.

So first of all I will talk about the Rainism stage then his lines in BTS songs.

  • Many people complained about the Rainism stage because Jungkook sang all the song and was in the center etc… And I totally get this. But you need to understand that it’s not Jungkook who chose this. It’s MBC who decided of this. Kookseonyeondan said that he has a mouth and he can say that it’s unfair to the other members. But you forgot something: he can’t say that. Jungkook is like an employee, MBC tells him to do that, he does it. And even if he says that he’s not ok with it (first of all it can be rude) MBC won’t listen to him because HES NOT THE BOSS. Jungkook has nothing to say, and even if he wants to say something no one will listen to him so no need to hate him for that. 

  • Then the issue “why Jungkook always gets more lines.” Ok so how a song is made. First there’s have a beat, a melody. After making the beat, they need to attribute which part of the song will be a rap and which part will be sung. And the lyrics are created. Ok so we have the lyrics and the parts who will be sung. The lyrics need to be distribuated to the singers. So who decides of this? Again not Jungkook. It’s more likely to be the producers and all the staff. They decided which part will be the best for each member. So no Jungkook is not going to say “I WANT THE LONGEST PART WHO CARES ABOUT MY HYUNGS” of course he won’t. Also among all the members, Jungkook’s voice is medium. That means that his voice can fit almost anywhere (Jimin: High pitch, Jin: High/Medium pitch, Taehyung: Low pitch). That’s why he’s the main vocal. I also think that Jin or Taehyung should get more lines, but we can’t do shit about this, and hating on Jungkook won’t resolve this. 

  • Why Jungkook is always in the center? I think it’s for two reasons: He’s a good dancer. “But Hoseok is a better dancer, why he’s not more in the center?” Because *sad sigh* Hoseok isn’t that popular. Jungkook is really popular so they put Jungkook in the middle. That’s why. Again we can’t do smt about it and again Jungkook is not going to say “I want to be in the center”. Plus all of the decisions are made by profesionnals.(dance coach, producers etc). So yes sometimes it’s unfair for the other members but  I guess that they may have their reasons.

(I’m not really ok with what @/BTS4ev said. This has nothing to do with confidence. And i’ll talk about the “shy and bad at speaking” later) 

2. “Jungkook is disrespectful and doesn’t like his hyungs”

Tbh this really surprised me. Kookseonyeondan said that Jungkook doesn’t like his hyungs because he gets all the lines. I answered to this in the first part, that Jungkook has nothing to do with this so it’s invalide. 

But what really surprised me is the “Jungkook did nothing for Tae’s birthday”. Its like they were saying that Jungkook simply doesn’t like his hyungs. Tbh I feel like I don’t even need to explain why it’s not true but I guess that some people don’t get it.

  • How do you know that Jungkook doesn’t care about Taehyung. You  didn’t think that he showed him how much he loved him off camera? You don’t have to say publicly to someone that you love them to prove it. It’s not because Jungkook didn’t take a pic with Tae and post it that it means that he doesn’t love him. Like it’s really crazy. Plus we saw at least 54812541681 times that Jungkook loves Taehyung so much so???

  • I saw on their twitter that someone gave them a screenshot of Begin’s lyrics as a proof that Jungkook love them. (which like yall know, is a proof). They answered to them saying that it’s Namjoon who wrote the lyrics and not Jungkook so it’s invalide. Ok. Namjoon wrote the lyrics because Jungkook couldn’t express his feelings. Like yall know, this song is from a moment when Jungkook cried in front of the members because he was feeling so bad. He said that all the members get through so many things and he just can’t stand it. He can’t stand the fact that his hyungs had hard times, he can’t stand the facts that his hyungs felt bad. He said that he doesn’t mind if something bad happens to him but not when it’s his hyungs. Namjoon added that it’s the first time that Jungkook opens up to the members. So how the hell can you say that Jungkook doesn’t like his brothers??

  • Jungkook is a private person. That means that he’s not really comfortable when its comes to express his feelings. So yeah, maybe sometimes  he doesn’t clearly say that he loves the members. But 1.how do you know what he says off camera and 2. there’s many way to express your love to someone. I don’t say to my best friend that I love them a lot. Does that mean that I don’t love them? no.

Jungkook did nothing wrong and all this hate is so unfair. Im not the type of person to pretect a member or even a friend when they did something wrong. But like??? Jungkook really did nothing????

So please this really needs to stop.


02/12/16; i started the day with an unplanned visit at the hospital, therefore i got to the library a bit later than i originally wanted to. despite that i managed to get everything i’ve planned for today done. i also got hang of all of the books for intro to scandinavian lit i’m going to have to read in the next half of the semester. first i need to get through the mid-term though - that’s where all the mindmaps are for. i’m quite pleased with how each of them turned out. in the pictures also: my bullet journal spread containing daily lists on the left and all the uni stuff i need to get done by next week on the right, and also a window selfie where you can’t see my swollen eye (aka the reason i went to the hospital in the morning). also black coffee has become my new best friend. 

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This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

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