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IM SCREAMINGGGG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is My Spirit Animal

“So when u need rest you need to control it yourself and tell someone like your manager and GET REST and if they don’t know I will personally Go there and SMACK EM MYSELF ”

Also lets not ignore “is great to be popular and busy yet but what’s more important is your health ” and Jackson liked 😊
Chapter 1

So, I was saving this as motivation to get Writer’s Block finished and posted, but I’m reworking it and it’s going to take longer than I thought, but this is ready so I’m going ahead with it because I haven’t posted in a while. Hope you like it! Mistakes are mine. Pbg

“Are we really doing this?” Katniss asks Peeta as they finish the last of their beers. Peeta sets his empty glass down and she watches him twist it back and forth between his fingers. He shrugs.

“I mean, we’re both swamped with work, no time for dating much less a relationship. It’ll be a great way to unwind. Are… you okay with it?” he asks hesitantly, lobbing the ball back in her court. One perfect blonde eyebrow quirks up as he waits for her answer.  

She nods slightly, still disbelieving the idea they’ve come up with and that she even agreed to it. It’s so not her style, but if she’s going to be anyone’s fuck buddy, Peeta would be her choice. He’s been a great friend to her over the last year, and he’s the type of guy who wouldn’t hurt his worst enemy. Throw in the hard body Katniss can tell is hiding under his crisp button downs and diagonally striped ties, and his selfless nature, there’s no way she can lose. He, on the other hand, should be wary of her ‘run away when things get messy’ nature, so with his emotional safety in mind, she says, “I think we need some ground rules first, though.”

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Iconic™ Lup Quotes

“I did this world and kind of… crush it so I guess I’m excited for opportunities expand the ol’ brand.”

“Also. Greg Grimaldis. You owe me 15 dollars and I aim to collect. You better believe. Greg Grimaldis.”


“Taako. Mmmm Mmmm. Mm mmm mmm mmm mmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm”

“Light ‘em the fuck up.”

“I have to believe that I’m gonna get those 15 dollars back from Greg fucking Grimaldis.”


“Oh wait. I’m gonna guess. I mean, definitely some lust. Um. Some glutany in there probably. Pride for sure. Did I miss anything? […] oh. Hella, hella wrath. Yeah definitely”

“No I’m pretty on my grind.”

“I love him, Taako, with ALL of my heart. But you. I needed a day from you because you ARE my heart. You know that right? You’re why I got here and I’m why you got here. And that’s something that can’t get broken or lost or taken away.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you now.”

“You’re dating the Grim Reaper?!”

@pale-silver-comb asked for more of this and i figured a fresh post would be best

After a full episode of The Great British Baking Show, Stiles notices that Derek is asleep, his face still pressed into Stiles’ neck. It’s honestly the cutest thing Stiles has ever seen and makes his heart clench with emotion. Plus, Derek sleeping means he is now comfortable enough to sleep and no longer as scared as he was, which Stiles takes as a win.

Derek’s hot cocoa remains untouched but hey it’s the thought that counts in the end. At the time, it seemed like a good, comforting idea, but guess Derek just really needed to smell something safe and familiar.

Wait. Wait a second. That means….

That means Stiles’ scent is something safe to Derek. Derek thinks Stiles is safe, and that just…wow. That’s a lot. That’s heavy. That’s a lot of emotion building in Stiles.

“I can hear you thinking,” Derek grumbles, snuffling against Stiles’ shoulder.

“Shh. Go back to sleep. Don’t worry about my dumb thoughts.”

“Your thoughts aren’t dumb,” Derek tells him, sounding more awake. He lifts his head up to look at Stiles, and Stiles’ neck suddenly feels cold.

Stiles nods. “These ones are.”

“Care to share?” Derek asks.

Stiles shakes his head and then thinks better of it. “You came here.”

“I came here,” Derek says slowly like he’s trying to understand what Stiles is getting at.

“When you felt scared and needed a safe place,” Stiles continues, “you came here.”

Derek nods slowly. “I feel safe…with you.” He looks literally pained to admit that, but Stiles is glad he said it.

“I feel safe with you,” Stiles admits, and he means it.

How One Day Changed Everything

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for @iwantthedean ‘s Two Prompt - One-shot Challenge. My prompt was: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: Dean has been your best friend since when you were four. But is he just that? (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

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Honestly, what I appreciate the most about Mass Effect: Andromeda is its light-hearted tone. I mean there were some dark moments, but arguably it didn’t get as dark as Dragon Age, Mass Effect 3, or even Mass Effect 2.

There was always this sense of hope and optimism about finding a new home. Yeah, things may have gone totally wrong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them better was the overall message I got.

And really, with so many bad things happening in the world right now and too much of our entertainment supposedly being our escapism being dark for the sake of dark, this was something I think a lot of us needed.

She’s Built Better Than Em Part I

Inspired by user @felinalain and their prompt of Aliens and animals, specifically what if aliens were confused by the nature of humans using other predatory creatures as assistants in place of more effective machines. The following is a yet another story in my vastly growing universe, and uses this prompt. Without any further ado, enjoy! 

Sasha yawned tiredly as she sluggishly moved about the bustling space port. Looking around at where any and every ship was going, yet unable to find one that peeked her interest. “Where to now girl,” she asked softly as her gloved hand moved to stroke the jet black fur of some vicious looking beast. The creature by her side followed closely, standing nearly at her shoulders, with rows and rows of monstrous teeth lined it’s mouth, some even poking out of the lips. It’s large yellow eyes looked around as it let out a whine, while its tail wagged softly around and cut through the air with it’s sharpened point. “I know, I know, we’re finding a ship … Hopefully one that isn’t too afraid to have your kind aboard,” she bit down on her cigarette and sighed. 

“Yes, yes, and the Bat’Ga’s came barreling through like a swarm! BUT! My companion Emma and I fought them off, taking on waves of the ruthless pirates! The carnage was simply unbelievable! Blasters, explosions, of it was awful, but we stood our ground and lost not one single soul aboard that ship!” A voice shouted off to their side. Sasha brushed some of her bangs aside, gazing over at a man on some crates, accompanied by another rather tall and built companion. He continued to tell a story of them having fought off some kind of pirate boarding party. Her animal companion sneezed. “You and me both, Breka. You and me both… I can smell it a mile away, poor merchants are eating it up though.” She sighed again before her eyes wandered to another ship. “Oh? How about that one right there girl?” She nodded towards it. 

Breka the monstrous like dog turned to look at an older ship, shipping what seemed to be mostly food stuffs and valuable minerals if the cargo containers were any indication. She cocked her head to the side and whimpered in confusion. 

“True… But anything’s better than being here another moment. I need to get off of Thul for a few rotations.” She shrugged and adjusted the duffel bag she carried on her back. “Let’s get a move on girl,” Sasha cleared her throat and started towards the ship, with Breka following close beside her. 

Upon reaching the ship, the Quartermaster overseeing the loading of the cargo looked to Sasha in minor confusion, then at her animal in fear. “U-Um,” the alien’s feathers extended in a defensive like nature as she watched the creature stretch. The moment it’s back spines pierced out even slightly, she returned her gaze to Sasha, “C-Can I… H-Help you?” She shook all over. Was this human woman about to rob them? She had heard the stories of the galaxies newest additions. They were frightening, and usually left to do as they pleased by no bodies like her. 

“Well hi there, I was just wondering where y’all were headed?” Sasha asked rather politely. 

“I… . Um … Y’all?” She repeated. “What’s that?” 

“Oh uh,” Sasha cleared her throat, “Um I meant you all, sorry, my accent. So where y’all er,” she shook her head, “Sorry, where are you all heading?”

“Um … We … We’re heading to the Gol system … T-To trade food stuffs mostly. Nothing of value.” The alien swallowed and looked on the brink of a panic attack. 

“Relax I ain’t robbing ya or nothing. I’m heading that direction too. Mind if I tag along? Promise I won’t be a bother, hell I’ll even help out if you’re in need of a little mechanical work. Besides I always liked Sarkian’s, them feathers are pretty,” Sasha smiled. The Sarkian before her nearly fainted upon seeing the flashing of teeth, though she quickly gathered herself and remembered this was a sign of acceptance for humans. Or was it hunger? Panic settled in again. 

“Um… I… Sure,” She tried to look pleased, but was practically shaking as she squeaked out an answer. 

“Thanks, appreciate it,” Sasha patted the Sarkian’s shoulder as she climbed the ramp up to the ship. “Name’s Sasha by the way. But you can call me whatever you want.” A lot of the crew on the ship that were still loading looked at the quartermaster in horror. She had just brought in a human of all things, a human accompanied by a Vin’lek. One of the most ruthless pack predators of the Suu systems.

“Oh Goddess… This isn’t going to be handled well by the Captain.” She addressed the crew to continue working. 

After a few hours had past, the Captain of the ship, and a fellow Sarkian, wandered nervously around the halls of her ship. After being informed a human had boarded with a rather dangerous animal, she and two of her best shots went looking to question the intruder before lift off. As they patrolled and checked every room they could find, they ultimately were perplexed to find her simply laying down in some corner near the engine room. What frightened them more is she laid down against the fur and deadly sharp spines of the Vin’lek with her, as if it were some kind of living bed. The militia readied their rifles, but the Captain raised her hand. “Human,” She spoke loudly and with authority.

“I can hear y’all a mile away… Something I can do for ya Cap’n?” Sasha opened her deep brown eyes and looked up at the Captain tiredly. 

“Why,” The Captain cleared her throat, “Why are you here?” She tried to sound threatening, but it was clearly not a problem for Sasha. 

“Heard y’all were heading for the Gol system. I’ve got business in the system right next to it… Figured I’d just hitch a ride, help out around the ship if you needed it.” Sasha blew a puff of smoke, and took a deep sigh. “Everything ok? We haven’t even lifted off yet.” 

“No, Human-Sasha, after speaking with my Quartermaster I do not believe everything is fine,” she stopped as she saw the Vin’lek next to her yawn, showing off the terrifying horrors of teeth everywhere in it’s mouth. “We… We cannot just take you for fre-” The Captain stopped as Sasha suddenly flicked a credit chit in the air. The Captain caught it and looked at her in utter bewilderment. 

“Got about 9,000 on there Cap’n. Three times as much for normal fare. All yours, and I’ll clean up, fix up the engines and what not. I’m handy with a wrench, spent some time in the military as a combat engineer. If it’s mechanical, I can fix it and make it better.” Sasha folded her arms and leaned back. “I’m mostly overpaying because I need my friendly assistant here,” she jerked a thumb towards her fluffy friend, “And I’m hoping you won’t mind me keeping her around.” 

“I-I,” The captain was shocked. 9,000 was enough to cover their expenses for the trip, and then some. After a few minutes she sighed, “I … Suppose we can support another crew member, temporarily,” she cleared her throat and pocketed Sasha’s credit chit. “There’s a room behind me, two doors down … It’s currently empty. You may use that. But please keep your… Pet under control.” She stated. 

“Oh Breka ain’t no pet. She’s my assistant,” Sasha smiled. 

“I … I don’t,” The Captain sighed and shook her head, “Never mind, just follow me,” She was about to turn but stopped herself. “Oh, my name is Ta’talia. Captain Ta’talia,” she bowed and blinked her four beautiful eyes at Sasha.

“Well it’s nice to make yourself known now Cap’n.” Sasha nodded, a small gesture of respect before she picked up her things. 

After following the Captain and entering her room, the Captain gestured for her guards to return to their duties. She waited and watched, making sure Sasha did nothing too destructive to the room. “You’ll find the quarters suitable I hope,” She gestured towards the plain room. 

“A bed is all I need really for luxuries, Cap’n. Breka here loves em, don’cha girl?” Sasha clicked her tongue as the large creature hoped up on the bed and yawned again. “Good girl, get some shut eye, momma is just gonna make sure there’s nothing to do first.” Sasha turned to Ta’talia and then placed her hands on her hips. “So Cap’n, anything me or my assistant can do to help around the place?”

“Why do you keep calling your pet your assistant?” Ta’talia looked Sasha as though she were speaking in tongues.

“Well cause that’s what I helped raised her to do, to help me out when my arms and leg stop working?” Sasha raised her brow as she ended her sentence like a question. She then rolled up her right pant leg to show her bionic leg, then both her sleeves to show her bionic arms. “They’re older models, so they sometimes die down and need repairs. I can fix em, hell I can do it with a repair tool in my teeth, but Breka helps me put them on, or do a lot of other things I need help with at times.”

“I … Why do you simply not get a machine to do it? They’re far more effective?” Ta’talia blinked, curious to hear what sort of asinine answer would come out of this human’s mouth. 

Sasha shook her head and smiled softly. “Machines aren’t like Breka. She’s built better than em, Cap’n.” 

“I understand human pack bonding with animals and inanimate objects. They’re not exclusive, but a Vin’lek? Over a machine? How? Surely she isn’t as efficient.”

Sasha looked over at the tired animal that gazed at her curiously. She smiled somberly, “You’d have to see it… Machines don’t do what Breka can do.” A memory whipped through her for but an instant. The bombs, hail of gunfire, and her arms desperately clinging to a young pup version of Breka. All this carnage raged through the night as she held this tiny creature in her arms. She came back to reality almost instantly. “She’s like a daughter to me.” 

Captain Ta’taliah shook her head, “I do not understand, but it makes no difference… Take time to rest if you need it, then report to maintenance. Our Chief Engineer will put you to work.” 

“Aye-Aye Cap’n,” Sasha gave a casual salute before moving to lay on Breka for comfort again. 

Captain Ta’talia turned and looked in minor disgust as the human laid atop such a savage creature. A creature she had dealt with before, “Humans,” she closed the door and proceeded towards the bridge once more. “Animal assistants? It is amazing they have even survived this long.”



HEY YOU! How’s it going? It was a pleasure to start this arch of the short stories I’m doing to pass time during my last year of university. Once again don’t forget, if you have any prompts you want me to work on just send me them, tag me in them, anything at all! I will put them in the que if I like em! All my stories are connected so never fear, old characters will always come back! Until next time, Fly safe fellow Explorer’s of the unknown. 

anonymous asked:

Holy shit how are you writing this well at age 18? Seriously. Any tips??

thank you!! here’s a few:

TIP #1: WRITE EVERY DAY!!! (set schedules i.e. 1 hr/day at 7 pm, challenge yourself with prompts & timers. it’s ok to write quantity>quality (at first))

TIP #2: FIND YOUR UNIQUE VOICE (style, a slice of your personality in your writing, unique attitude and patterns of thought - this is what sets your writing apart from the rest.)

TIP #3: READ!!! good writers come from good readers. I recommend Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, Amy Tan, Alice Walker, Jane Austen, Brain Jacques, & Margaret Atwood. (Fanfics do count.)

TIP #4: WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE, & LISTEN TO YOUR CHEERLEADERS/READERS. (Constructive criticism -> growth. Take compliments - you’re gonna need ‘em later, because WRITING ISN’T EASY.)

TIP #5: UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR WRITING IS A CONSTANT EVOLUTION - like any art, you can always get better :) allow yourself to learn from past mistakes & others’ work, allow your writing to change & develop as you do.

The beginnings of love for the signs
  • If you have a girl in mind check Venus+moon
  • If you have a boy in mind check Mars+moon
  • Check sun if you wish ;)
  • Aries: lots of hand gestures and eye contact and facial expressions whenever you two have a conversation (you'll love it and soak it all up), lots of food dates (they want to make sure you're comfortable around them), picking you up and twirling you around and quick cheek kisses, "you always calm me down"
  • Taurus: they'll show you the secret places they go to chill (this can be anything from a flower garden to Starbucks to an underground club just be ready honestly), they'll let you push them around like no one else dares to, they'll tell you that you're different and special (because in their eyes you're truly one of a kind), "oh, you have to go? Are you sure your don't want to stay around just a little longer?"
  • Gemini: expect lots of chats over the phone (they've realized that they can't hear your laugh or your stutters through text), "looks" from across the room when something stupid happens, just chilling at your place sounds like a good time to them, "hey, you're just like me"
  • Cancer: nose scrunching and suppressed smirks when you say something dirty (you could tell they were thinking the same thing), lots of high fives quick touches, asking lots of questions about you (they'll wriggle out of answering yours, but they're just trying to make sure you're one of their kind) "thanks for being patient with me"
  • Leo: whispers in your ear (they don't have to, but you can feel their grin on your cheek), bodies pressed together type hugs, admitting to stalking your social media (you'll call them a creep but you'll be blushing), "you know, I'd do anything for you..."
  • Virgo: they could listen to you speak all day (they love learning more about you), little things that go almost unnoticed (like putting an umbrella in your car or buying you new headphones when you complain about your others), you'll get to see their silly side (and you'll love it), "don't worry I'll take care of it"
  • Libra: they'll talk about how well you two look together (they'll want lots of pics of you two or just you), introduces you to friends and family, your head rested on their arm or their head in the nook of your neck (you're their safe place now), "I like you, you're genuine. it's really... refreshing, you know?"
  • Scorpio: mixing paints until they find the exact shade of your eyes (even if they're brown, they're a special kind of brown to them), opening their mouth to say something then closing it immediately because they don't want to scare you away, touches that linger a little bit too long to be just friendly, "finally, SOMEONE understands!"
  • Sagittarius: lots and lots of jokes made to get under your skin (throw it back at 'em twice as hard), making lots of plans because they really wanna hang out with you, all Sagittarius's are philosophers just wait and they'll show you, "hey I saw this thing and it sorta reminded me of you so here you go"
  • Capricorn: showing you what they geek about (believe me, it's there), gloating about how much better you two are than everyone else, arms over shoulders and hands around your waist randomly (just to shock you ) "I've always needed someone like you in my life"
  • Aquarius: pinching your cheek (just so that they can touch your face), saying things that the two of you are gonna do in the future, bringing you around their friends (and their face lighting up when you charm their asses off) "I can talk with you for hours and about anything... weird right?"
  • Pisces: daydreaming about running into you (even if it's just between classes), them showing you their secret hobbies, they stare into your eyes just a little bit too long (what even is too long?) "I can't believe you're real"
Winter is (slowly) ending... kids are going on Spring Break soon... seems only fitting for the blog to take a vacation, too!

Somewhere sunny and tropical, perhaps? With everything you’d want in such a locale, like–

–magical credits-dissolving hummingbirds? Especially ones that–

–teleport into frame, because Carl, unsurprisingly, couldn’t be bothered to bring ‘em in more smoothly?

Ted the Animator: “…would it really have taken that much more effort to add one extra frame where the beak’s just slightly seen?”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, if Warner Brothers wants accurate bird animations, they should’ve hired an orthodontist.”

Ted the Animator: “…ornithologist?”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, that.”

Why, it’ll be grand – we’ll get to see so much splendorous wildlife, such as parrots!

They come in every manner of majestic color… except for when Carl draws them, and they’re–

–just medium green with a teensy bit of purple.

Ted the Animator: “Parrots can be practically any color, in gorgeous, elaborate patterns… so why on earth did you go with that?

Carl the Animator: “Two reasons! First, I’d need to color in each one, and animate ‘em as they flap, and would take all day.”

Ted the Animator: “…it’s computer animation, Carl. Just color one, define the loop on the model, and copy-paste for the rest.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh! Oh. That would have been smart.”

Ted the Animator: “Yes. Are you going to fix them now?”

Carl the Animator: “Nah, and that brings me to reason two.”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?

Carl the Animator: “I like ‘em better this way.”

Ted the Animator: *facepalm*

Get ready, folks… this is gonna be quite an adventure.


Funny conversations Steve and Tony have had with their gifted, and also sassy, daughter when she was a child.

Ava at three: I’m smarter than you, Daddy.

Tony: Really? And what are basing this information off of?

Ava at three: I’m a girl.

Tony: And?

Ava at three: And girls are smarter than boys. Duh!

Tony: I guess you got me there…


Steve: Chew like a lady.

Ava at eight: Sexist!


Ava at six: Steve?

Steve: Yes?

Ava at six: Do you and Daddy get naked together?

Steve: What!?

Ava at six: Mom’s and dad’s do that, right? To make babies?


Ava at six: But you are boys. What do you and Daddy do?

Steve: Play scrabble.


Tony: What are you drawing?

Ava at five: A black hole.

Tony: Are those people being sucked in?

Ava at five: They needed to be punished for their offenses against humanity.


Steve: You can’t just take everything apart in someone else’s home without their permission!

Ava at two : I make em’ better!

Tony: The toaster now launches toast 50ft in the air.

- - - - - - - -

Ava at eight: Daddy, why do you like butts?

Tony: Huh???

Ava at eight: Everyone calls you a ‘playboy’. And this site called urban dictionary says that it means someone who chases ass–oops! I mean butt!

Tony: Did you seriously reset the internet security codes?

Ava at eight: …Yeah…It was easy.

Tony: No it’s not. I don’t know whether to be angry or impressed.

Ava at eight: And what does the number sixty-nine have to do with anything?

jemma headcanon: sick day

(this was inspired by a post i saw and i can’t remember where or who and all but creds to that post)


• so emma gets sick for the first time in like three years
• and she won’t let anyone near here except julian and cristina
• and ocCaSioNalLy mark and livvy
• but she’s still super sick so even that’s insufferable
• and cristina is always there,,,,, like every twenty minutes,,,,, taking her temperature to see if her fever went down
• but it’s been three days and it hasn’t
• and livvys been bringing here magazines and let her use her laptop and some books and stuff
• and mark brings her lots of strawberries and tea
• and julian… well he’s left her side, like, twice.
• he makes cristina or mark or livvy bring him and emma stuff
• and basically just sits on the bed with her
• and emma’s v v concerned he’s gonna get sick
• “jules you’re gonna catch whatever i have you need to leave”
• “i’m not leaving until your better and three days after that”
• “but what if you get sick—”
• “emma i don’t care”
• and this goes on for a week
• and then emma starts having weird cravings for things that she probably wouldn’t be able to keep down if digested
• and she gets really mad when jules doesn’t let her eat it
• “you big meanie”
• “because i didn’t let eat the ice creme?”
• “yes”
• “ em you’re sick”
• “i don’t care”
• and julian still gets really concerned when she coughs or sneezes
• and she’s getting sick all the time
• so julian follows her into the bathroom and holds her hair back
• hell usually end up carrying her back to bed cause she’s too weak to walk
• she hates being weak but she loves being in julian’s arms
• it makes her feel 10x better
• often he’ll scoop her up in her sleep and hold her, patting her back when she coughs
• sometimes emma just asks him to hold her
• bc honestly it makes her feel physically stronger and more aware and just over all better


The song is  Issues by Julia Michaels


I’m jealous, I’m overzealous
When I’m down, I get real down
When I’m high, I don’t come down
I get angry, baby, believe me
I could love you just like that
And I could leave you just this fast

“Why didn’t you tell me!?!” You shout, throwing down Jason’s domino mask

“I couldn’t trust you! I was going to tell you soon, I promise!”

You snarl, “So you didn’t trust me!? You made me fall in love with you, only to dump this on me?!” Letting out a sob you sink into the couch, “What if you die out there, Jay? What am I gonna do then?”

“I’ll just have to make extra sure that I don’t die then, won’t I?”

But you don’t judge me
‘Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too
No, you don’t judge me
'Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too

“Don’t judge me, asshole, just help me down”

Jason chuckles and reaches up, “How did this happen?”

You huff, letting him take some of the dishes that had tried to cascade down on you, “I just wanted some Tupperware, and when I tried to grab it, everything fell on me!! It’s like your apartment is boobytrapped!”

“It’s not boobytrapped, you were just too lazy to move everything on top” Jason grabbed your waist, and gently lifted you off of the counter.

“I said that you couldn’t judge me, if you start judging me about this, I’m going to start judging you for getting stuck in the dryer”

Jason huffed, “You said you wouldn’t bring that up!”

“Well, when you get stuck trying to hide in the dryer, just because Dick can, I don’t really think you have any room to judge my Tupperware avalanche, do you?”

“No” Jason grumbled.

'Cause I got issues
But you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
Of all our problems
'Cause we got the kind of love
It takes to solve 'em

“I died, Y/N, I died and he did nothing, he let my killer get away. I just can’t face him, I don’t think I can, not yet” Jason whispered. He tucked you tightly into his side and pulled the blankets over your heads, “Is it so bad to never want to get out of bed?”

You sigh, gently running your fingers through his hair, “He still loves you, they all do, Jaybird. You might not be ready to forgive him, but just know that he loves you”

“I know, I know he does, it’s just … every time I see him that old anger comes up, I don’t know how to get over that”

“Have you tried talking about it?”

He snorted, “I’m talking about it with you”

You press a kiss to the side of his chest, “But I’m not the one who you’re angry at”

“You’re right”

“And even though you’re mad at Bruce, you can’t take it out on your brothers, that includes Tim. He looks up to you, you know”

“He does?”

“Yeah, he does. Maybe you should have a guy’s night. Mom asked me to come visit this weekend, so it would be the perfect time”

Jason hummed, “Maybe that’s a god idea”

You smile and snuggle closer to your boyfriend. Sometimes he just needed a little push in the right direction.

Yeah, I got issues
And one of them is how bad I need you

You do shit on purpose
You get mad and you break things
Feel bad, try to fix things
But you’re perfect
Poorly wired circuit
And got hands like an ocean
Push you out, pull you back in

“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE IT ALONE?!?!” Jason shouts, throwing his mug of coffee against the wall.


“He was raping and selling women!! I couldn’t let his continue to do that!”

“You could have sent him to jail! You didn’t have to shoot him!”

Jason rakes his fingers through his hair, “What if it had been you!?! What if he had touched you!?”

“What?” you whisper

“A few days ago I was watching you walk home from work, and I saw him. He was watching you, stalking you. What if he had attacked, would you still hate me for killing him?”

“Oh baby” Jason steps forward and pulls you into his arms, tucking your face into his neck.

“I can’t lose you, Y/N, I can’t let you get hurt, and if you hate me for protecting you, then you’ll just have to keep hating me”

“I could never hate you, Jaybird. I love you”

“I love you too”

'Cause you don’t judge me
'Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too
No, you don’t judge me
'Cause you see it from same point of view

“Why did we come here?” you whisper, watching in horror as Bruce flounces around in his Brucie persona.

“You agreed” Jason hissed, “I told you that we shouldn’t go, but you wanted to play dress up”

“This was a terrible idea”

Jason chuckled and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Why don’t you wait here, and I’ll get us some drinks?”

“I’m gonna need a drink if I have to watch Bruce any longer”

Almost as soon as Jason walks away, you’re approached by some drunk idiot, “’bout time you sent him away, baby”

“Excuse me? You need to back off”

“Chill out, baby. I just want to have some fun” He leaned forward, boxing you into the wall

Suddenly a large hand gripped the back of his jacket, “You might want to back off, buddy, before something really bad happens”

The guy glances over his shoulder at Jason and smirks, “No need to get mad, dude. I don’t mind sharing”

Jason snarled and threw the guy off of you, “Get the fuck off my girlfriend, pig” when Jason pulls you into a hug you smirk at the guy on the floor, “Let’s let out of here, baby”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

'Cause I got issues
But you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
Of all our problems
'Cause we got the kind of love
It takes to solve 'em

“You know, we’re pretty fucked up”

Jason chuckles, “I’d have to agree with you, baby”

Yeah, I got issues
And one of them is how bad I need you

And one of them is how bad I need you
(I got issues, you got 'em too)

“If you leave me, I’ll kill you”

“I’d never leave you, baby”

You sniffle, “Even though I’m sick? You still love me?”

He leans forward and kisses your cheek, “Yes I still love you, even though you’re sick, now take youre medicine”

Whining you try to squirm out of Jason’s grasp, “I don’t wanna take it, it tastes gross”

“I know it tastes gross, but you have to take it to get better”

After taking your medicine and drinking a glass of orange juice you curl back up on the couch, “You know, it’s scary how much I need you”

“I know exactly what you mean”

'Cause I got issues
(I got)
But you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me
(You got 'em too)
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
(I got issues)
Of all our problems
'Cause we got the kind of love
(You got 'em too)
It takes to solve 'em

“What if it’s positive? What are we gonna do, Jay?”

“We’ll have to tell my brothers that they’ll be uncles”

You snort, “God, could you imagine how that conversation would go?!”

“Yeah, they would probably beat the shit out of me, and then go out and buy baby stuff with you”

Reaching out for Jason’s hand you give it a squeeze, “Are you alright with this?”

“Honestly? I’m kinda excited”

“Really?!” You yelp, not expecting that answer

“I mean, I’ve always wanted kids, especially with you, so yeah, I’m excited”

This timer goes off in the next room, “Well, let’s see if we have anything to be excited about”

Yeah, I got issues (I got)
And one of them is how bad I need you (You got 'em too)
Yeah, I got issues (I got issues)
And one of them is how bad I need you (You got 'em too)
Yeah, I got issues (I got)
And one of them is how bad I need you

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Reiji Sakamaki (heaven 3) ~translation/traducción~

Heaven 1, heaven 2, heaven 3.

Place: Reiji’s bedroom.

Yui: Mm…
Yui: What time is it…? It’s time to get up)
*Yui tries to get up*
Yui: Wa…!
Yui: (What? Something catched me…!)
*Yui turns around*
Reiji: … … … …
Yui: Reiji-san…? Did something happen?
Reiji: My head still is confused (meaning he is sleepy)
Yui: (It’s strange that Reiji-san is sleeping)
Yui: Then you can remain sleeping if you want.
Yui: I’ll go to water the flowers.

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*cough cough clears throat*

 *taps microphone* 

 SO INTERNATIONAL ARMY! echo echo echo…

 *grinning mischievously* 

 -Ever wanted to see bts irl but live 5 light years away from anything sort of Korean?

 -Dream all night about Koreans and wake up drowning in tears wishing it was real? Same here. 

Sucks ass right? 

Sooooo….. where am I going with this, you ask??? 

 Here is a link to a petition you can sign for bts to come and perform in Europe! Yes E-U-R-O-P-E. don’t faint of excitement yet pls ok. 


 Real quick sign up for that shit, drop a cheeky comment and the more of us there are the better amarite? 

“Oh but they’ll never see it and it won’t count boohoo” 

 Stfu negative nancy! Last week I signed it and it was only 24K now we are at 33K. 

 We need a goal of 50K to get maximum attention. And if you do the math, that will take… (2+3-5x789^-6.*%) not long at all! 

 If you know other army’s tell em this or have 2 email accounts… you could ya kno… sign up with both of em?? Shhhhh

 Reblog dis shit too for others to be blessed by the sight of jimins thighs 10 meters away from your face 

or hoseoks laugh for you to inhale and fill ur lungs 

or yoongis mic to be dropped on ur head 

or taehyung to sing at you 

My work here is done 

 *copies yoongi n drops mic*


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Lie To Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N), brief appearances by Sam Winchester, Charlie, Jo and Ellen Harvelle.

Pairing: Dean x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 2669 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Angst, a smudge of fluff, but mostly ANGST. At least I hope there is.

Author’s Note: Hey guys :) This is for my ( @thing-you-do-with-that-thing) Kari’s challenges: “Kari’s favorite things” challenge (I got “Singing Karaoke with Dean- badly”) and her Angst Appreciation Day. I hope I did good. I know it probably just…sucks…*hides face*

**Song that inspired this fic (along with the prompt :)): Lie To Me by Bon Jovi

Lie To Me

The crowd was drunk and wild.

And I loved every second of it. I wasn’t a great singer but I did manage to hold a note every now and then. So when the opportunity for karaoke night came up, I sure as hell wasn’t going to back down from it.

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A Hello From Dean Winchester...

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“Hey. I wanted to pop by for a sec and talk. You got a sec? All right. Good.

First of all, cut the shit. No, you know exactly what I mean. All this shit you keep going off on, talkin’ about how you’re not pretty as those other girls, or as thin as those girls: It’s horseshit, you get me?

Don’t you even start thinkin’ I’m sayin’ that to be nice. You and me both know I don’t do that. I don’t lie, I don’t bullshit, and I don’t play nice. I’m sayin’ this ‘cause you apparently don’t hear it when the rest of the world says it, so let me lay it out nice and clear for you.

You’re beautiful.

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And I mean just… fuckin’ gorgeous. You walk into a room and heads turn. Just… they turn. I can’t explain it. I see you comin’ and I stop. Always takes me a sec because I feel like you’re finally gonna realize exactly what’s goin’ on. You’re gonna realize just how gorgeous you are and run off with someone better.

Don’t go dismissing me, OK? That’s not fair. You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong here. You don’t get to do that. My opinion? My thoughts? This thing in my chest? It’s tellin’ me you’re the most amazing woman in the world. I could watch those hips sway for hours. Or your eyes. Fuck, Y/N, those eyes. You know what they do to me?

It’s cheesy, I get it, but you’re captivating. Oh, shut it. I can say it if I wanna. You’re goddamn captivating. When your hair falls by your eyes like that? Or when you laugh at one of my lame-ass jokes? I’m done. Just mail me home, I’m finished.

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It kills me when you hate on yourself the way you do sometimes. I wish you could see what I do. All those pictures you take that you delete, or the way you look at someone else and compare yourself… fuckin’ kills me every time. I wish you knew what I saw. What everyone sees. I call you princess because you are. Ain’t no other chick I’d rather spend my time with.

So put the phone away and come with me a sec. Ok, stand in front of the mirror. Yes, I’m serious. Look. Just look! Quit bein’ a smartass.

Ok, you know what I see? Beauty. Hey, don’t laugh! I’m bein’ honest, sweetheart. That’s what I see. That stomach you hate? It’s perfect. Or those hips? God, again with the hips… those thighs. I see these things and I love 'em. So I want you to look at 'em and see what I see.

Keep lookin’, I ain’t done. It’s not just the physical, you know that. You’re smart. Not every girl can keep up with Dean Winchester, right? I’ll grin at you if I wanna, I’m on a roll here.

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You’re funny, with a sense of humor that knocks me out every time. You put Cas to shame. And those brains… Sammy wishes he was half as smart as you. And you’re strong. Not just physical but emotional. You’re standing with me, right now, after everything you’ve been through, and you’re here. Not just here, but amazing. You get how that’s not a small thing?

I’ve been through hell, but so have you. And I’d say you look a hell of a lot better than me. You get up every morning and you keep going. Beautiful woman like you kickin’ ass every day? World doesn’t stand a chance.

Get back out there, gorgeous, and tell the world Dean Winchester sent you. Better yet, tell the world to watch out because if they piss you off, I wouldn’t wanna be in your way.”

Because sometimes we need Dean Winchester telling us how beautiful we are.

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frases/status wpp em inglês
  • good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere
  • memories destroy us
  • maybe we’re from the same star
  • whatever happens, you’re my light
  • we may not have it all together, but together we have it all
  • but darling, this is not wonderland
  • can we act like we never broke each others heart?
  • trusting people is like touching fire
  • everyone seems normal until you get to know them
  • you need a little bit of insanity to do great things
  • we’re just lost souls, aren’t we?
  • I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
  • because alcohol tastes better than tears
  • the rebel in me will never die
  • let’s get drunk together so I can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka
  • I miss the taste of you
  • you are obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can’t love yourself
  • I cared too much and that destroyed me
  • a part of me was lost in you
  • there’s a devil in your smile
  • sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind
  • we all have darkness inside of us, and some of us are better at hiding it than others
  • fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do
  • if this is reality i am not interested
  • just two kids, stupid and fearless
  • we were just a bounch of trouble kids who wanted a feel of what real life felt like.
  • she wanted to be a poet, but deep down she was a poem
  • all we need is love
  • we are just kids in love
  • I don’t care how complicated this gets, I still want you
  • we blame society, but we are society
  • you ruined my favorite song
  • you can find love in the same place you lost it
  • destroy what destroys you
  • I feel bad for people who never go crazy
  • black is not sad, black is poetic
  • it hurts because it mattered
  • cool kids never sleep
  • i’m a teenager, my music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could
  • i broke my rules for you
  • i’m all yours, i’ve got no control
  • I just want my past to be a blur.
  • collect moments, not things
  • sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality
  • cause all that you are is all that i’ll ever need
  • your voice was the calm after the storm
  • there are so many types of art but you are my favorite
  • I just wanna be yours
  • you never know the last time you’ll see a place. or a person.
  • we all go a little mad sometimes
  • love is a dangerous game
  • don’t break my heart, you live there
  • lost in a world that doesn’t exist
  • first, learn how to make yourself happy
dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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