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moira tips!

  • don’t hold down your healing. try to burst it and get multiple allies with it. it does the most healing for a support that isn’t an ultimate/amp it up (80 HP/S) and does a little healing over time.
  • do not go after that tank. seriously. you cannot kill the tanks. dont even try. unless they’re at very low health you Will Not Solo Any Tank
  • squishies on the enemy team are good targets for you to use to attack. genji and tracer are pretty easy to get once dash/recall are on cooldown, tiny d.va, and low-mobile squishies like mccree and zenyatta.
  • moira’s primary attack (her purple life-sapping beam) is a soft lock. practice tracking! move around your target, keeping your reticle trained on them as much as possible. there is some lenience, but it’s not like symmetra’s beam. you need to track.
  • use a crosshair or crosshair and circle for your reticle. i used my friend to help me adjust the crosshair length to around the distance the reticle can be to lock to a target. 
  • if you’re fine with differing sensitivies for different characters, use a higher sensitivity for moira
  • fade is on a very short cooldown, but does not last very long. using it to get out of spawn or for more mobility is usually fine. if you are in a teamfight, though, try to avoid using it until you are low on health and need to escape, or someone on the enemy team ults and you need to get to cover or get out of graviton/blizzard.
  • fade will get rid of discord orbs, anti-heal, etc. you cannot fade out of a junkrat trap. i tried. you will still die. if you step in a junkrat trap just accept your fate. 
  • moira’s attack will prioritise enemies over other things like turrets, junkrat traps, orisa’s ult, etc. this is where the tracking and aiming is important. be careful what you’re aiming at.
  • the range on her attack is crazy. it’s like twenty two meters or something. you can probably kill a pharah harassing your backline. do that if you don’t have anyone else to worry about.
  • moira does NOT do a lot of damage. use her damage less for DPS and kill confirming and more for recharging your heals, charging your ultimate, finishing a weak enemy, helping your primary DPS get kills, or to scare off a flanker. genji will run for healing when he takes 1 damage and forgets he can’t deflect you. it’s pretty funny.
  • moira’s orbs are very picky and will probably not bounce how you want them to. it will take a lot of practice. avoid bouncing them on the floor if you are outside because they will just fly off uselessly. throw them at chokepoints, into flanking routes, into grav, into blizzard, into hammer down, at the objective. use her damage orb to initiate a fight. 
  • the orb is on a fairly short cooldown of ~11 seconds. throw a damage orb at the start of a fight and by the time you get it back, you may need a healing orb. use your judgement. your team’s sustain vs. kiling the enemy. if you have another healer alive an the enemy team has either more overall health (more tanks, for example, or more people alive) then damage may be wiser.
  • genji can deflect your orbs. d.va can eat them.zarya bubbles are completely unaffected.
  • moira will not heal or gain heal charge by damaging anything that isn’t a player. you can damage mei’s wall all day long and you won’t gain a lick of health back.
  • moira damages more than she self heals. i think the numbers are 33 dps and 22 hp/s? she has a surprising amount of self-sustain for a support, though
  • the orbs cannot be damaged and have a surprising reach. pray that your teammates will walk into your healing orbs. it’s in god’s hands now.
  • coalescence isn’t as strong as you think. she heals far more than she damages with it. 
  • use coalescence to heal through a soldier ult, grav, dragonstrike, hammer down, etc and to hurt the enemy team. it has a 30 meter range. you can hit the skybox with it. 
  • coalescence will heal you, but you aren’t invincible. stay farther back from your team if you can. it will go through barriers. use it to finish off several weak enemies and heal your team at the same time. 
  • when you use fade, no one can see you for the duration. you vanish for just under a full second and move very quickly. go around corners, go behind an enemy, go behind your tank’s shield. 
  • if you jump around the middle/end of using face while holding forward, you’ll go a little further. with a higher sensitivity, you can quickly duck around corners like this. practice in a custom game for a while, it’s a little tricky.
  • remember that moira is a support. she isn’t dps! you cannot kill everyone, but you might still get gold elimations and objective kills from orbs and ancillary damage. try to keep your team alive.
  • she plays best with a team that groups up a lot rather than something like dive

Ok…Imagine Cecily and Tessa getting so annoyed with Will and Gabriel annoying each other, they force them to wear a ‘get along jumper’….

(The more I think about it the more I need this in my life and want to share it with people)


Hey everyone. After 2+ years of being on Tumblr I have decided that it might be my time to go. I have come to a point in my life where I just need to step away completely from it and focus on my life. I know I will not be able to dedicate my time to this site as I used to. I’m saddened by this as I have formed great bonds and friendships in this wonderful community so I will definitely miss it. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been a part of absolutely amazing blogs such as @writerscreed , @poeticstories and @creedatelier . They all do such incredible work and I’m so proud of them. I’ll be here until end of next week and if you want to keep in contact let me know. Much love to you guys, keep writing and who knows when I’ll be back? 😉

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do you run your blog on a queue?

i would if i had my life together lol

no but like, sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t. usually my answers to plant questions and messages are suuuper long and take like an hour each to write, edit, and cite, because im just like that. sometimes these get queued, and i would queue them all if i was an actual adult, but like i always end up getting excited and wanting to publish them NOW. and then i get more questions spawning from my answer lmao

if i really had my life together i would recruit some mods to help me run this thing because i have 99+ dms and a little under 800 asks as of right now, but i haven’t because this blog is like, a happy disaster??? what can you do honestly at least we’re still having a fun time

tl;dr: basically anything tagged with “queue” was published using the queue, which i have set on this blog to publish one post a day between 7 and 8 am when i have stuff in it. 

Looking for a unique Holiday/Christmas gift for friends or family?

How about a portrait of their child, pet, significant other, favorite celebrity, or fandom character? You may be surprised by my prices! I’m dropping them a bit for special holiday rates. Here are some examples of sizing and pricing options:

3x3 inch or 4x4 inch: 10.00

6x6 inch portrait with one face: 15.00 (normal price is 20)

8x10 inch portrait with one face: 20.00 (normal price is 35)

I can do small ones more quickly than larger size but I may accept commissions for larger sizes as well - contact me and we can talk. It’s getting close to the holidays though and I will need to make sure I can complete the size you’d like with enough time to get it shipped to you for the holidays! 

Even though some of these options are very tiny I can still get a lot of detail in. You will not be cheated in quality!

Here is an example of a tiny painting I’ve done in the past:

(This one was a 5x7)

Send me a message if you’re interested! A tiny painting might make a neat stocking stuffer. If you are shipping your gift to a friend or relative I can even cut out your shipping cost by shipping it directly to the recipient of the gift, instead of shipping it to you first, and then you have to ship it. (But I will send you a photo of the painting before hand to make sure it is what you want and that you are satisfied with my work.) 

If you’re not interested, please consider a signal boost!

Happy holidays. :)

A conversation held about once a week in our house
  • My wife: Those dumplings you made were really great, but next time you should put some heat in them.
  • Me: has it occurred to you that not every meal we eat needs to be spicy? that there are other, equally enjoyable flavour profiles?
  • My wife: It's occurred to me you should really try putting chili powder in those brownies you make.
  • Me: I love you. No.

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There you go with the 'brain' thing again. So people who don't agree with you are stupid? 😒You may have a brain and eyes but it sounds like you're lacking in relationship experience. Seeing celebrity relationships through the lens of fandoms doesn't make you an expert in real life couples.

Why are you so bothered by my opinion anon? Why does what I think matter to you so much? I don’t think anyone is stupid, but I don’t need to know Sam and Cait personally to see what it is between them. I also don’t need to have any relationship experience either. It’s clear as day. If you disagree that’s perfectly fine. You sound quite hostile though. Am I holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read my blog?



Her heart was still pounding after their kiss. She had felt his quickened heart beat against hers in the moment after their kiss when they couldn’t seem to separate. Their noses had grazed, in limbo. Then, she abruptly turned to the house, hoping he’d follow. Things had changed between them now, no matter what was to come. 

She turned around.

He swallowed, “There’s something I need to ask you,” his warm voice commanded. His little earnest smile made her stomach jump. Oh, yes things were changing and there was no going back.

Her heart beat faster still.

“Ask me, Lucien,” she ordered through a shaky hush.

He closed the space between them, his hands finding hers. “Jean Beazley, you have meant everything to me for longer than you know and the past few weeks have only solidified what I know for sure – which is I want you and I need you in my life. Always. It’s been bleak being forced to picture a life that does not include you. I can’t, in fact. You are my priority, Jean, in heart and in mind. It doesn’t matter what the law says. Not to me,” he rambled.  “So, bearing that in mind,” he smiled nervously as her hand squeezed his sweaty one. ”Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she nodded frantically before she tugged at his wrists to pull him down for a heated kiss. “I will marry you,” she breathed against his lips. When their eyes met, her joyous expression was such a relief to him.

He kissed the centre of her forehead and pulled her for a tight hug. “Oh, Jean. Do you know how happy you’ve made me?” he hummed at her ear.

She stepped back, smirking. “Surely, you can’t have imagined I’d say no.”

“Well,” his head tilted to the side and he looked down at his feet.

“Lucien…” she gripped his chin to face her again. “I wanted to say - was going - to say yes when you were interrupted the first time asking. Now, if the lack of a spring in my step, to put it mildly, at your wife’s appearance at our door wasn’t enough of a clue-!” she smacked his shoulder playfully with the back of her hand. “Then I’m afraid I may have to question your detective skills.”

“Fair enough,” he stifled a laugh before brushing his finger across her cheek. “It’s just that lately everything has been so much to handle. I’m scared I hurt you.”

She nodded and pulled their hands down to rest at her heart. “It has hurt, yes, because I was afraid of losing you, Lucien. I didn’t want to picture a life away from you, either. And now, we don’t have to.”

He exhaled and brought her hand to his lips, kissing her fourth finger. “Good. I believe I have something that belongs to you. Join me in my office?”

She bit back her smile but her tightened cheeks wouldn’t allow it. Lucien swore he’d do everything he could to see that widened grin as much as possible as he settled his hand on her lower back, walking them into their home.

side note: in the first picture, does anyone else notice Lucien reaching for Jean almost like magnetically?… but he pulls back because the car is still in the driveway… but when she touches him, any consideration of the sort is thrown to the wind. 

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Hey, Red. I’m the anon that broke up with the stupid manipulative boyfriend. I showed my mom your reply about that whole mess and she was like “Yes, I like this Red lady. She’s a good influence.” So congrats! My mother approves! Stupid ex actually tried some *extra* back handed junk last night but I’m not gonna get into that because I’ve taken your advise and banished the guy from my life permanently.

Fuck yeah, ghost him so hard he needs a Ouija board to attempt to contact you. You don’t need that kind of garbage dude in your life, you can find much better, there’s a zillion dudes out there. You fucking turn a rock and 20 of ‘em spring out wanting to date you. And even then, you don’t need them. If you want ‘em you can have ‘em. You’re gonna be fine <3

Say hi to your mum from me. I send hugs and kisses and wish you both well. Stay safe and awesome. Love ya.


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Hey Muse how are you with making people cry? really need some help ((bOi someone was making my love of my fucking life cry and I need to get them back))

M: Is that even a question? Really? I’m an asshole, of course I’m good at making people cry.

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People seem to go to you for advice, so if its okay to ask for some positivity? Life has been incredibly rough and lonely for me, I'm doing my hardest to keep my chin up despite it and slowly learning from the experience. It just gets very difficult and the hurt blindsides me powerfully sometimes. I just want to believe I'll be okay and I'll find the strength to keep going and become a happier person.

It will be okay! There will be some awful, rough patches in your life. You just need to survive them so you can get to the amazing adventures and great experiences you’ll have later!

Life does get better as you age: you get more control of your life, more say in the direction you want to take it. Having control in situations makes them much more bearable.

I’ve had eating disorders, sexuality & gender issues and pretty nasty anxiety my entire life - and I’m still really glad I’m still here. Life is worth it. I’m happy, despite these obstacles I need to traverse. Things will get better. Hang in there <3

Colors - Halsey

Relationship: Ryan Haywood x Fem!Reader

Summary: You never knew what Colour looked like, until you met him, then your whole world changed, when you saw blue. 

Warnings: None, but a little of Ryan being possesive XD

Word Count: 682

A/N: Hey y’all! Here’s another one! And yes, I know, I write too many song fics, a lot for Halsey, but music is basically my life and I don’t know what I would do without it! It’s also a Soulmate AU because I thought it would work best for the song XD. Anyways, I know I’ve been uploading every day, btu I’ve actally run out of ideas, so if you have any songs or ideas, please send them in! I would really apreciate it and I could continue making the content you love! So please, like, reblog, and send in your requests because lord knows I need them! <3

Originally posted by rtahs

Through your entire life all you could see was shades of grey. You had heard about colours, even tried to get it taught to you, but it was only grey. There were the lucky few kids who had already met their soulmate, and were destined to be together, and there were a majority like you, who didn’t find their soulmate before eighth grade. In middle school and high school, where all the elementary’s mixed, many more found their soulmate, their partner in crime, after accidentally bumping into them in the hallways, or touching when passing notes or pencils.

When you finally left high school, you still hadn’t found them yet. Others knew what colour was, the colour red and pink, orange and purple. You longed for that, reading all about it as you got through college, still not finding the one. You would go to every party you could, but still it wasn’t enough.

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The birth of my fanfic collection (or how i accumulated a library of 6000 fics in 17 months)

I was just responding to another post about my addiction to TXF and it was getting too long so I decided I’d share this part here.

Given that I have a library of almost 6000 fics, few people probably realise that I only discovered fan fic after the reboot. 

Series 10 was a little lacking and I needed more.  I’m glad I waited until then to discover it or my life would have been completely ruined and the children neglected for a long time.   I had been in a severe state of depression and anxiety for over 6 months by then, and rewatching TXF became my only comfort until fanfic took over my life.  I started reading online, big ones like Master/Captain at first, looking for resolution of all the issues i had with the series and filling in gaps.  Then I started downloading fics from AO3 mainly so i could read them offline, but I’d delete them once i read them.  My memory is totally shit so I’d be half way through a long fic when i’d realise I’d already read it, so I changed e-reader software to one that would take more fics and I could keep them and mark them when I’d read them and the rest is history.  The library was only born on 13 June 2016.

What can I say?  I have asperger syndrome and when i get obsessed I get really obsessed. Unfortunately I didn’t start tagging them until around a year ago, by which time i already had about 3500 saved and had to retrospectively tag them by memory which explains why my tags are lacking.  I try to tag each one after I read it now, but even then I forget or can’t read the scribble I wrote in the dark, which is why it takes me ages to do each fic list.  Some tags are better than others, but some are non-existent and windows won’t search EPUB files so it’s only recently that I’ve had a program that will do this for me, and finding exact search terms to pick up what you’re after when every writer tries to say things in a unique way is rather difficult.  If it’s too broad I get 1600 results and there’s no way I can go through all those, but if I narrow it I miss heaps. 

I also downloaded the entirety of the Gossamer site in October last year to make it easier to search.  I rely on it a lot now because Goss doesn’t come up in google searches any more.  I do specialised site searches in Google to bring up fics of a specific type, like a specific post ep that I suddenly need all of, but more archives keep vanishing all the time.

I only started adding the URLs for each fic a couple of months back, and I’ve managed to update nearly half.  Only 3055 left to go.  Some are impossible to find again as I got them following links to old pages in Wayback, and I doubt I’d be able to ever get there again (although there was a huge batch on the One Son list that I could tell i downloaded sequentially and managed to start from the first fic I downloaded that day and work forward until I found the obsolete site.)  I’m thinking of using some of my unused web space to upload any really good ones that I just can’t find again, but that would require brain power that I’m still struggling to find.  I want to upload the fic lists there under categories at some stage too, but it’s been almost 10 years since I last built a website and my brain has deteriorated a lot since then, and I never was much good at css.

So the fic lists I bring to you aren’t by any means comprehensive.  I leave off fics I absolutely hated but leave the rest for you to decide.  My memory’s not good enough to do a lot of recommendations (you try reading an average of 12 fics a day for a year with a faulty memory and tell me the good ones!). I marked a few that I had to find because I wanted to read them again, but I forget to rate each fic after I read it, so this is why I rarely recommend any.   Sometimes I think of doing random recs when I’ve just read a great one, but by the time i get online I’ve forgotten which one it was.  

 I haven’t read all the fics in my library; I have about 800 yet to be read.  I’ll skim through to see if they’re relevant when a search brings them up, but I can’t be 100% sure without rereading everything before i do a list, so you’ll have to forgive the odd misplacement.

My lists of fics are only for fics I’ve saved to read.  I tend to focus on MSR and avoid baby and family fics, slash, and a lot of post col and historical AU, so I really can’t do lists for these subjects.  There’s no way i could to a list of first time fics because that would run into the thousands, so I try to do lists of much smaller categories.  There are a lot of things that I never thought to tag, which I’ll try to do a list for if it’s something that particularly interests me and I’m willing to put in the time to search 30000+ fics on my hard drive  to weed out that trope.  I wish i’d done it all properly from the start, but I also have ADHD, so doing things properly isn’t my thing.  Desperately trying to fake it at the last minute is.

So anyway, that’s just some background info on my catalogue, which has taken on a life of its own.  Then there’s the fact that I like to make a ‘cover jacket’ for each one in photoshop, which can be very time consuming if I’m inspired to make something to perfectly suit the story.  I’ve started sharing a lot of covers I’ve made on a side blog: there-i-shipped-it. II don’t like the name but it’s probably too late to change it now unless I think of something i can’t resist).  I share the occasional manip with a fic list but there are more over there, some of which are rather NC-17 and need to be hidden below a cut.

As with all my obsessions, I know I’ll suddenly move on to something else at some stage, so I want to share stuff before the inevitable happens.  I think there’s still a lot of life left in this one yet as there are so many talented people continually fulfilling my needs.  My current problem is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to my obsession.  And as my mental health improves I want to spend more time away from the tv and computer and get my body back into shape, not to mention my long neglected house and kids.  I’m trying to find a healthy balance at the moment.

I still have a couple of long requests that I’m working on in the background, but I’m happy to get requests because it keeps me focussed on getting the URLs for particular fics in a limited time, which is how I work best. 😊😊😊

Here’s an image of the first 12 columns on a couple of the fics in Calibre so you can see how complicated this system has become: I tend to use letters, numbers or symbols as tags to save space, which I’ll sometimes forget.


ok i dont think we’ve discussed this video enough omfg 

- chilled and ze discussing top and bottoms

- chilled thinking the bottom is the giver and the top is the receiver

- “in gay terms” - ze

- “what does that mean” - chilled

- ze saying fanfics say he’s more of a top/giver than chilled

- chilled denying this

- galm agreeing with chilled like all three of them fucking read these fanfics omfg

- the entire fucking conversation

- also the conversation about chillyviking vs zeroyalchaos

- i need to go reassess my life

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This may sound weird, but how do you deal with those porn blogs?? I got a few of ‚em and idk what to do???! Should I block them, or can they just be ignored??!

LMAO oh porn blogs. Tbh I’ve always just blocked them because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. They never like my posts. They never ask me how I’m doing. So I just block them. :( 

Anyways…I’m so sick of people in my life dropping me as soon as they start dating someone new. It really hurts my self-esteem every time and I think I’m just too fragile for bs like that. I understand that when you get an SO you wanna spend all your time with them but come on…spare a minute for me! Like you really don’t have a minute to tell me what’s going on in your life or ask me how I am? I’m sick of immature people! I want real friendship!

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Your art is like the children I never knew I needed in my life and it hurts my heart people would post it somewhere without asking you. If I ever see that happening I'll make sure to comment on their page to let them know they need to credit/let you know/ask about posting your art, and then pass their user on to you so you can access it any time and let them know how yo feel about your art being taken like that. My babies will not be mistreated like this!!!


i’m really ok with reposts (ok in the sense that I am aware it’s going to happen no matter what I do)

yeah i just want to know who is posting it and where and that the people who see it can possibly find my blog