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Mermaid Pride!

Hey! So I made a book out of my mermaid pride illustrations!

It is a brief educational illustrated softcover book with 48 colored pages, 15 big illustrations and a few small ones. I wrote all the texts, did the layout and created the graphics (flags, a font, the gender symbols), I made a german and an english version and I will be printing them soon hopefully.

Here is a picture of the cover and the content section:

I am thinking about pricing it at about 8 to 10 euros, but you have to consider shipping as I am in germany and shipping to the US will be expensive. If you want a nice, pretty book about diffrent queer/LGBT+ identities with mermaid illustrations, please consider reblogging this and tagging it with the language you want it in! (English and german really are the only options right now)
Payments will be made over paypal

Also it comes with a sticker of the rainbow mermaid pictured above! If you want to only buy a sticker that will be about 2 euros depending on how many people are interested (please tag as sticker if that’s the case).

Boosts are very much appreshiated, but please do not tag as english/german if you don’t actually want to buy this, or are unsure, as I need to oder them accordingly and plainly, I can’t afford to make too many books.

          I have made mistakes. Everyone has – that’s not something anyone can deny. I want to apologize for my mistakes, and I want to grow from them. I own up that I’m skeptical, I’ve always been because I’ve been hurt from jumping headfirst without thinking things through. I’ve grown up being hurt like this, and I know a lot of the hurt wasn’t always my fault – I grew up in an abusive household. My father was an evil man – he still is and he still tries to control me, an adult, someone who has moved on and left that place of harm, just because he feels entitled to my life. Had I never broke under his control, had I never stopped and thought about what he was doing, I would be a heartless individual. I grew up to react harshly towards others, because I expected others to hurt me, to attack me constantly and without warning. To this day, I have moments where I fight fire with fire – but that’s not who I want to be. That’s not who I aim to be.

          I want to be someone people can trust, someone people feel safe around, someone people want to be around as a friend. I try every day to be a loving individual and to spread this love to as many people as I can because I know what it feels like to hurt, to be at that precipice of ending it all. I’ve tried, oh god I’ve tried so many times, and my attempts alone have hurt so many and pushed others away. I needed to realize that there were things to live for, things to aim for, and that there would always ALWAYS be people there who needed me, whether they were in my life yet or would soon be. There is always a reason and there is always someone who needs you, even if you don’t believe it.

          You don’t have to have a religion, you don’t have to believe in anything; whether there are pearly gates or an empty void that awaits us after our limited time on earth doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do with our lives on this singular orb in the vast cosmos. You may think that we’re going to destroy ourselves as a species, that a goal of endless love for others is an empty, worthless goal. You may be right, but I believe that we need to care for each other, that we need to come together and love each other, even if we have disagreements. Especially after this recent loss, please spread love and kindness to your fellow writer, even if they seem okay, they may be hurting the most. A simple anonymous letter that they’re a blessing on your dash, or that they’re a skilled writer, or whatever you deem as uplifting. Please don’t spread hate, as hate only breeds more hate – spreading love and appreciation breeds love and that’s what we need more of in the world.

          And remember, always always remember to be careful. There are people who can and will hurt you without a second thought – these people can be manipulative, they can be conniving, and they can abuse you. If you think for a moment that someone is hurting you or manipulating you, if you feel unsafe, PLEASE take measures to ensure your safety and get away from any dangerous relationship, irl or otherwise. If you can, then try and talk with and communicate with your fellow writers, if there is a disagreement or otherwise. Calm conversation can solve so much; a violent vague post or callout over something that can be talked out will only cause unneeded misery on everyone. I could say so much, but I don’t want this to drag on and on; just… be careful. Be safe.

          And please. Spread as much love as you can, in these times especially, because so many people need it. So many people are hurting, so many people need a helping hand. Be that helping hand. Be that light for someone, and if you can’t, please don’t darken that light.


when you are six, you fear the dark because you do not know what comes from it. at thirteen, you howl at the dark, dare it to take you back to it. at seventeen, you fear the dark again. you fear the night. you know exactly what it hides.   /   IND.  BOOK-BASED  REGULUS  ARCTURUS  BLACK.

Questions About Creating Your OCs

‘Cause sometimes the stories of how OCs come to be are just as interesting as the OCs, themselves. Tell me how your virtual kids came into the world.

  1. What was the first element of your OC that you remember considering (name, appearance, backstory, etc.)? 
  2. Did you design them with any other characters/OCs from their universe in mind? 
  3. How did you choose their name? 
  4. In developing their backstory, what elements of the world they live in played the most influential parts? 
  5. Is there any significance behind their hair color? 
  6. Is there any significance behind their eye color? 
  7. Is there any significance behind their height? 
  8. What (if anything) do you relate to within their character/story? 
  9. Are they based off of you, in some way? 
  10. If they have an LI, how much of their character is tailored to be compatible to that person? 
  11. Did you know what the OC’s sexuality would be at the time of their creation? 
  12. What have you found to be most difficult about creating art for your OC (any form of art: writing, drawing, edits, etc.)? 
  13. How far past the canon events that take place in their world have you extended their story, if at all? 
  14. If you had to narrow it down to 2 things that you MUST keep in mind while working with your OC, what would those things be? 
  15. What is something about your OC can make you laugh? 
  16. What is something about your OC can make you cry? 
  17. Is there some element you regret adding to your OC or their story? 
  18. What is the most recent thing you’ve discovered about your OC? 
  19. What is your favorite fact about your OC?
Reblog if you think plus sized actors should be able to play characters other than the token fat friend, the chubby kid/adult everyone makes fun of, or literally any role that is centered around their weight.

It’s so discouraging as a bigger girl who wants to become an actress that plus sized actors are never cast as important parts or as love interests or anything except comedic relief based on our looks. We need more representation and I hope y’all agree with me. 

Stanley had been through so much in his life. He needs a lot of love 

From getting harassed by bullies…

To getting depression over the idea of his brother leaving him…

To his dad kicking him out…

To having many business failures and being in some prisons….

to getting a burnt mark from his brother…

To losing his brother for 30 years…

To losing his girlfriend Carla to a hippie…

To being through many divorces…

To being lonely for awhile on a fishing trip…

To losing his beloved wax statue…

To getting emotional over a sad film….

To getting torchered with tomato…

To getting torchured by kids on Summerween

To losing a lot of money on Cash Wheel…

To getting torchured by Gideon over his favorite chair in the public pool…

To losing the shack and making the kids leave for a while…

To being hurt that his brother had rejected him even after he saved him…

To being heartbroken when he thought that he wasn’t a hero to the kids…

To being hurt when the townspeople ignored him…

To losing his memory when he saved everyone from Bill…

And to having to say goodbye to the kids at the end of the summer.

Poor Stan, he’s really been through way too much in his life. 

Reblog to show him love and that you care and appreciate him :*)

Also give him a big hug. He really needs it, folks :*)

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems.

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. however, her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor.

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much. 

yesterday, she got into a diabetic coma. it’s a life-threatening diabetes complication that can lead to death if it’s left untreated. in the case of my mother, it is fatal. the treatment that can help is extremely expensive and i have no idea what me and my dad are supposed to do in this situation.

our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only around half a month (if not less) of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless, the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me. it’s an obvious fact that she is going to die if we don’t pay for the medical assurance. please help, i really don’t want to lose my mother she means the world to me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

if you can, do it through paypal. my paypal email is: erinrin.rin@mail.ru

any amount will be highly appreciated, i’m not asking for much, really. also reblog this please, it does matter and i hope i’ll find people who can help. i’ve seen people on here do wonderful things to help people in need just like me. i truly believe that you have the power to save my mother. i will try to post this on gofund me as well so hopefully more people will get to know about my terrible situation. i know i already posted about my mother’s condition around 1 year ago on my another account and i’m really sorry for sharing my situation again, but back then it wasn’t even half as bad as it is now. i need your help now more than ever so please be understanding. i truly hope that you kind people can help us. it’s totally okay if you don’t donate though, just keep my mom in your prayers please, it means a lot. 

i’m desperate please help, i’m begging you, i don’t want to lose my mother.

thank you so much.

hi I’m kelsey.

I’m in a really bad situation at the moment and it’s really hard for me to even write this, I’m not one to usually ask or even open up when help is needed but this is really urgent and apparently this is all I have left. 

So my mum was recently diagnosed with a disability called MS which is basically like brain damage and it affects the whole body, she had to leave her job because she’s in so much pain and she was on sick pay for a while which did help but now she’s not getting any money and even the government won’t give her money. 

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dan and phil meme: danandphilgames videos [3/3] » Golf With Friends #1, #2 & #3

I like that it’s called Golf With Friends. Really, it’s just Golf With Friend because there’s no one else.

a rant on the writing community.

Since it was fanfiction writers’ appreciation day very recently, I feel like contributing to this in a different way, and aim my appreciation to a very particular group of writers. Now, keep in mind that I am in no way belittling anyone and that I support every single writer who works hard on this website. These are just thoughts I’ve had for a long time, and even though it has been talked about plenty of times before, I still feel the need to express my feelings when it comes to this topic in particular, which is heavily related to the writers’ community of tumblr in the kpop fandom. Not gonna lie, this is something I feel kinda salty about and it might get a bit long, so please bear with me :D

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