but i need my own set

Real Things that I've Said to my Service Dog in the Past 72 Hours

Are you peeing on my leg? Yes. You just peed on my leg.

You don’t get a treat if you took it away from me and then brought it back. That’s not how this works.

Why are you sitting like that?

Please don’t lick my nostrils.

“Leave it” includes flies.

Good. I’m glad the fly gave you hiccups.

You do not need your own pillow.

Did you just fall off the bed?

Me talking about you does not mean that I was talking to you.

You cannot eat things off the ground just because you are “off duty”.

*I set something down*
Do not pick that up.
*Bucky brings it to me anyway*

I am blowing my nose not crying but thank you for the comfort anyway.

That went really well aside from you farting very loudly when the cashier complimented you.

I asked for your leash not shampoo but good effort.

A Bit Of Education

Mirror’s Gaze by @phantoms-lair is such a fun crossover. *waves at author* And there are several other stories set in the AU, they inspired me to write my own, since the author allowed others to play in the sandbox. I’m starting with this short, silly thing. Since a large part of the story’s future is unknown due to spoilers, I’m going with a foggy time frame post-reunion.

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Regarding the Justice League trailer and Superman

I think this trailer is simply amazing. From someone who has been reading DC comics for a long time, this definitely has the DC feel. It’s action-packed, vibrant, and filled with passion. I easily got a sense of who the characters are from the trailer. In fact I don’t need to see any more trailers, I am already sold. Never would I have thought that there would be an actual Justice League movie in my lifetime when I was a teenager. I’m really glad that I am able to live in a time where all this could happen. It’s also great seeing fellow DC fans react positively to the trailer as well. I will say that even though Superman was not featured in this trailer, the trailer still stands on its own. We know Clark will show up in the movie, in fact Henry Cavill was on set as we saw in the behind the scenes footage. I understand the frustration of Superman fans who want to see him in promotional material. I also get the frustration of Superman not even having a mention in the trailer. Superman is my favorite comic book character of all time but I understand why WB is holding off on his introduction. Just imagine how iconic and fantastic his reveal in the movie will be. I bet it will be something special to behold. You gotta have dinner first before you get dessert. So for the loyal Superman fans out there, I know it’s hard but just try to hold off until we have something more in the future. Until then, let’s just appreciate what we have and I MEAN IT’S THE JUSTICE LEAGUE HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!  

7 Key Insights on Self Love

1. I need to affirm and to validate myself as it’s hard to accept validation from others if, deep down inside, I don’t believe it’s true.

2. My time is valuable as anybody else’s so I need to prioritise what I need to do.

3. I can’t give to others, and help to build them up, if I’m not taking care of my own self first.

4. I need to remember that I’m worthy of love, of success, opportunities, and knowing happiness.

5. My opinions are as valuable as anybody else’s. It’s up to me to decide and to choose my own beliefs.

6. I don’t have to explain why I do what I do (unless you’re the police or have some authority!)

7. My past does not define me - I’m free to change and grow, to try on different “me”s, and to set inspiring goals.

having self-discipline while studying can be immensely helpful, and it’ll help you get over procrastination and motivation slumps. here are some tips for developing more self-discipline!
ahhh this post was kinda hard to write because i’m still trying to build up my own self-discipline! hopefully, some of this will help you guys out!

remove all temptations

yes, it’s so so tempting to check tumblr and youtube and twitter and instagram and whatnot while studying. a simple way to fix that is to log off all of your social media accounts, put your phone away and out of your sight while studying, and setting up a website blocker if you need to. chrome has quite a lot of extensions regarding website blockers, so try searching for one that you like.

be ready to study

get all of your materials out, fill up a bottle of water, make yourself a study snack if you want to, make sure your work space is clean and ready to go, etc. it can be disruptive to your own work flow if you suddenly find that you desperately need something halfway across your house during your study session.

don’t wait for “the perfect moment”

waiting for “the right time” and “the perfect moment” can be incredibly detrimental to your own discipline. it’s nice to spend a lot of time digging through a motivation tag and you feel very light and happy to start working. however, that’s not helpful if you’ve spent too much time in that and not enough time to get your own work done. get a start on your own work and try to finish it efficiently so you can get back to whatever you were doing before :-)

don’t make excuses

this is kinda like the one before it, but stop making excuses to yourself unless they’re genuine. i know that other things in your life may come first, and that’s completely fine! just remember to be honest with yourself and stop making up flimsy excuses to push off something that you don’t want to do.

schedule things.

good time management = good self-discipline :)
keep track of all the tasks that you need to do that day, and try to finish all of them in the same day as well. don’t overload your schedule though; be realistic in your planning. you don’t have to cover 15 chapters in one day!!

start whatever you need to do at that time

by pushing it off, you’re inviting yourself into the dreaded loop of procrastination.
if you’ve already fallen into procrastination, force yourself to start the task for at least 10 minutes. after 10 minutes, check to see if you’ve gotten into a nice and steady work flow or if you’re still just worn-out and tired and don’t want to do it at all. if it’s the first one, smile and continue on! you’ve succeeded! if it’s the second one, maybe it’s because you’re too tired and worn out. take a 5 minute break and then try again.

finish what you start

it’s fairly simple: try to finish whatever you start that day. don’t push it off or wait til the next day to finish it.

make up your own deadline

by establishing your own deadline, you set yourself a time frame to finish something in. this pushes you to actually do the work in that amount of time.
also, it’s really helpful especially when working on projects. you can split up the task into separate chunks and make deadlines for each “chunk.” it makes it a lot easier to handle too!

take advantage of mornings

i absolutely detest mornings, but waking up early can be a huge advantage. by waking up early, you’re strengthening your own self-discipline as well as gaining a large amount of time to study and work! besides, it feels great to have a whole night to yourself if you finish all of your tasks in the morning!!

remember to forgive yourself and remember to take breaks!

not everyone can be hyper productive forever. people have their ups and downs, and you’re no exception. don’t beat yourself up over not finishing x amount of tasks that day or for having too many long breaks or whatever. it’s good to shake yourself back into shape, but please please don’t go overboard and despair about your failures. it’s so easy to guilt yourself and spiral away from your built-up discipline ;; the longer you’re off, the harder it is to get back up and keep going.
the key thing is: you are trying and your efforts are validated and you have made some progress with your self-discipline and studying. forgive yourself and move on.

remember: don’t get discouraged
the longest journey starts with a single step (◕ᴗ◕✿)

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

I like the idea that there are so many goddamn butterflies in the atrium all the time because everyone has a SPECIFIC butterfly. It can’t just be whichever one Hawk Moth grabs first, it’s gotta be the RIGHT one. And Miraculous users’ butterflies do not tend to show up at roll call, because why would they NEED to when they’ve already got their own kwami magic? 

So basically Hawk Moth gets a specific selection of butterflies to choose from every time he transforms and it has to be someone with a butterfly from THAT flock getting set off to let him create an akuma–thus him constantly having to wait for Opportunity To Strike as opposed to just being able to pick out Paris’s first case of early morning road-rage every day and run with it, and thus a lot of the people he’s akumatized being connected to each other in some way or another. 

Because, like, let’s be real. If you were a super-villain with your choice of people to akumatize, you would PROBABLY avoid using high-strung and crush-obsessed high schoolers and pigeon-loving nerds and FREAKING LITERAL MIMES if you had options like, oh I don’t know, grieving parents or widow/ers or LITERALLY ANY VIOLENT CRIMINAL IN PARIS. Like, those options seem like a better recipe for a real asskicker of an akuma, really. 

Although the “violent criminals” thing raises an interesting question, actually: if Nooroo is meant to be used to make champions and heroes and Hawk Moth is corrupting people’s champion forms, COULD he even actually akumatize a person who wasn’t considered “worthy” of the power-up? Is he in fact literally ONLY capable of akumatizing people with heroic natures? 


here’s my rule of thumb. before every single academic year or semester, I take my limits from the previous year/sem and push them even further. I mentally raise my own bar and set higher standards for myself so I have to jump even higher to reach it. and that doesn’t mean aimlessly jumping, hoping that somehow my hand will grasp the bar. no, it’s thinking about the force needed to jump, accumulating that force, maybe adding springs to your shoes and then going for it. you might fail, you might be far off from the bar, but this isn’t the time to stop. keep thinking and rethinking your methods and keeping jumping higher and higher. people might mock you for coming up with unorthodox methods or trying so hard in the first place, but don’t listen to them. remember to take some time to sit down and bandage your bleeding hands and rest your aching feet. and then, when the pain drains away and you become filled with ambition again, get up and try again. always get up and try again. because your capabilities are not carved on the back of your head from the minute you are born, you create your capabilities and you stretch your capabilities. and don’t listen to small minded people who pretend to be lazing about and happy with their life, when in reality they’ll be cursing themselves for not working when you were and not achieving what you will. 

Honestly, the best thing I’ve learned to do as an empath is setting boundaries. Learning when to say, “I don’t have the emotional capacity for this conversation right now, so I’m going to disengage. I will speak to you later” really changed my life and has made me a much better person. A lot of people like to use empaths as their own personal sounding board and while the majority of the time, we don’t mind being there for people, sometimes its just tew much. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to tap out. The people that really care about your well being will understand and will love how much better/more balanced you are when you return.

Newt Scamander x Reader - Pretending You’re Beside Me

Title: Pretending You’re Beside Me

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Some crying, feels. Nothing really.

Request: anon - Hi! I just want to say that I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader sings the song “on my own” as she was caring for Newt’s creatures within the case. As she was singing, she broke down at the end of the song because she knew that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for him and then suddenly it turned out the newt heard her singing and confronted her about it? I’m so sorry it’s so long and specific ;;m;;

Here we go guys!

(Posting this now instead of later because I need sleep.)

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What Yuri On Ice characters have taught me

Yūri Katsuki has taught me even in my lowest failures in life I can rise up again and stronger than before. I am not weak because of my shortcomings. I can believe in myself.

Victor Nikiforov has taught me I can find what I need or what I’m searching for even after many years of feeling empty. I can find new inspiration and purpose in life.

Yuri Plisetsky has taught me I can prove those that look down or misjudge you wrong and surpass expectations and succeed.

Phichit Chulanont has taught me never to stop believing in my dreams and that they can and will come true as long as you keep your chin up and your eyes set on it.

Otabek Altin has taught me I can create and carve your own path for the future.

Christophe Giacometti has taught me to enjoy life while I’m still young (or younger), even if it means jumping in a pool in the middle of winter.

Jean Jacques Leroy has taught me there will always be someone to catch me when I fall and support me no matter what.


Makkachin has taught me poodles are the best doggos and I should pet and hug more doggos in my life


I was 16 when I found out at SAG I couldn’t have my own name. So to ask a 16 year old to pick a new name is really an interesting process, because I was like “I’m going to be Riley, my name is going to be Riley Stone”. And so my name was Riley Stone for about 6 months and I did a guest spot on Malcolm in the Middle and one day they were like “Riley, Riley” and I had no idea who they were talking to. They were like “Hey, hey come on we need you on set” and I was like “Oh I’m not Riley, I can’t be Riley”. So then I changed it to Emma, because you know it’s closer to Emily .

you know i’ve been really tolerant of third party voters, and my personal morals are that i try not to hate anyone for reason. gotta try and see the good in everyone, you know? and i’m always for the freedom to choose who you vote for. literally any other election i would’ve said, go for it. vote third party.

but i cannot fucking tolerate this. donald trump only needs 26 more votes to win the election because of you. if you had just set your own fucked up egos and morals aside for a moment and thought about someone besides yourselves, we would not be in this situation. we would not be looking a trump presidency dead in the face if you hadn’t said ‘i don’t like either candidate’ or ‘i don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils’. 

if you voted third party this election, please unfollow me now. i don’t care if we’re mutuals or not. you have willingly given this country over to a racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic, horrible man. i hope you’re proud of your protest vote. from this trans man who will likely lose what little rights he has left, i hope you’re fucking happy.

get a room...

In desperate need of just getting out of my own head, I set out to write some fluffy, happy times and ended up with a little Friday smutlet. TGIF!

Warmth seems to be radiating everywhere, from her fingertips into the leather of his brace and the side of her thigh practically hitched over his knee beneath the booth, to the spicy drag of his rum he’s been tipping into their half empty mugs of hot chocolate. There’s a prevailing weightless feeling settling between them as they somehow find themselves in an unfamiliar unburdened moment. Henry and Violet have long left the diner on a date of their own, leaving just her and Killian, tucked in a quiet corner where, miraculously…no one needs them for anything.

They could go home and really take advantage, but she’s terrified to jinx it. When his arm between them lifts so he can tuck her into his side, she somehow knows he must feel the same. Dipping a finger into his mug, she scoops some whipped cream from the side and almost has it in her mouth before his reflexes kick in she finds her wrist caught in his grip. Feeling playful and content she just laughs as he brings her finger to his own mouth and swipes the cream with a slightly pornographic curl of his tongue. Her belly swoops low at the heat hiding behind his mirth and she’s suddenly feeling less and less superstitious.

They should really just go home.

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As we approach the new semester, I thought I’d share some tips to help you get off to a good start!

Before the Semester starts

Routine - Try to stick to a morning and evening routine. If possible, set out your clothes, pack your backpack, and pack your lunch the night before. If you’re not someone who does things the night before, develop a system for making things run smoothly in the morning.

I personally don’t pack my backpack the night before. I make a checklist of everything that needs to go into my bag on the Iphone reminders app. Every morning, just check or uncheck everything that’s on your list. This is a quick way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Organize - I don’t just mean tidy up, but really organize! Take the time to get your desk, bookshelves, room, and bathroom just how you want it. Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t need. Dust all your surfaces and clean your sheets. If you have time, go through your computer and delete unnecessary files that are slowing it down. Once the new semester starts you will have a clean working and living space and you can stress a little less!

Find a study space that works for you - Experiment with a few different combinations to find what works for you. Desk or floor? snacks and drinks? Candles or incense? Music or no music? Windows open? Having the perfect study spot can make all the difference.

Get all your supplies together - Pick out pens, pencils, notebooks, and a bag that’s functional for you. Invest in a good thermos, water bottle, and lunch containers. (Discount stores and dollar stores are a great spot to shop for these things on a budget!) I try to wait until the first day of my class before buying textbooks so I can see which ones I actually need and the cheapest option for obtaining them.

Once the semester starts

Syllabus - The first few days of school when you don’t really have any homework, go through your syllabi! I don’t just mean read through them once and call it good! Take notes on your syllabi like you would with any other important subject and put the notes at the beginning of your notebook/folder for that class.

Textbooks – Once you find out which books you really need look for downloadable pdfs or people in your class who have the pdf, chances are they don’t mind sharing. Professors also sometimes have a pdf of the book that they will give you if they’re on the nicer side haha.

Make friends in your class - This will save your ass!!! Having a couple people to text if you’re absent or wondering which chapters are going to be on the test is super helpful! You usually end up making friends with the people who sit right next to you so if you want on the first day of class (go ahead and be a little judging a book by its cover) sit by people you think you’d like to be friends with if you saw them outside of school. This helps make it easier to strike up conversations and become study buddies, share notes, phone numbers, etc.

Find your spot - It’s important to have a spot on campus where you feel comfortable studying. It doesn’t have to be the library, take some time to explore areas of your campus you didn’t even know existed!

Study every day - Even if it’s just for five minutes try to study every day! Make your own study guides by writing down vocab words and key points that you can add to as you go.

PREREADING- Chapter pre-reading is your best friend! Make a reading schedule to make sure you have covered each topic before the lecture about it. I know this can be tedious, it’s what I struggle with the most, but it will help you tremendously when you face a difficult topic.

Try to keep your focus during lecture – Some lectures are almost impossible to sit through and your grades can easily reflect that. Take notes to keep yourself busy and try to keep good posture. ALWAYS KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS AND WATER WITH YOU! Snacking is the best way to keep you awake in class. If your teacher doesn’t allow snacking you can drink water whenever you feel yourself falling asleep.

“Befriend your professor”- I’m not saying be a kiss ass, but speak up in class and ask your professor questions! The more chill you are with your professor, the more likely they are to warn you about a slipping grade and give you opportunities to bring it up. Also, you’re going to need some professors to write your letter of recommendations and they always sound better if your professor actually remembers having you in the class. The best part of befriending you professor is that some of them have a literal library of books and pdfs that they’d be willing to share with you if you show interest. This tip is most important with professors who are teaching classes from your major!

Join a club - You have time to be in a club!!! Clubs are a great way to gain leadership experience, get active on your campus, and make friends! I was skeptical at first, but joining a club has seriously been the best decision of my college life!


Don’t overwhelm yourself with your bullet journal! – Remember, it’s only effective if it’s functional for you. Try starting with a minimal layout and adding things as you need them. As soon as you come home from school open your bujo or planner and take a look at what you need to do. You don’t have to start your tasks right away but it’s good to have them in your mind. Leave your bujo open on your desk so that you’re reminded to actually do the things you wrote down!

Start your bullet journal’s weekly spread with Sunday, not Monday - This is totally a personal preference but I’ve found it helps me be more productive through the whole week. When Sunday is at the end of my week I have a habit of not writing in my bujo for it and waiting until Monday to take care of my responsibilities.

Set up an assignment tracker - Write down every assignment you do in each class and the grade you received. This will help you see how you’re doing in each class as well as help you calculate your grade towards the end of the semester. It’s frustrating to rely on the professor to upload your assignment grades online so do it yourself!


Build a morning exercise routine – Find something that works for you whether it’s a 10 minute yoga session or an hour long workout. Exercising in the morning can help wake you up and you should see a positive difference if you add meditation into this routine.

Take Breaks - If you find yourself overwhelmed by studying, take a break! This can sometimes be a slippery slope so set a timer on your phone for when your break is over! It’s best to do something productive during your break because it helps you to stay in an active state of mind. Howevr, there’s nothing wrong with scrolling through tumblr for a while as long as you can switch back to your studies.

READ - Not just for school but books that really interest you. If you’re not a big reader it might be because you’ve yet to find something you really like so keep exploring! If reading is a problem for you try some audiobooks! Reading helps you build your vocabulary and writing skills and it’s a never ending source of knowledge and imagination. Seek out books that will help you gain knowledge for your future career path!

Sleep - The most important and most overlooked thing in any college students schedule! I don’t try to go to bed at the same time every day but I do plan my bedtimes based on what time I have to leave in the morning. Look at what time you need to wake up and go to bed eight hours before that. You might have a different bedtime for every day of the week but stick to that on a week to week basis!

Get 2 hobbies! - One that helps your mind and one that helps your body! For your body try skating, bike riding, running, sports with your friends, yoga, hiking, etc. For your mind try writing, drawing, knitting/crocheting, embroidery, painting, gardening, ceramics, etc.

Hope this helped (:

Here’s some things I do when I don’t have energy or forget to eat. This is what helps me, so please keep in mind that it might not work for you.

1) Set reminders! I forget lunch the most, so I have a reminder on my phone at around noon each day telling me to eat lunch. Add as many as you need.

2) For days when you can’t get out of bed, keep some nonperishable food in your room if you can. I have a plastic container near my bed so I can easily reach it without getting up.

  • Mine has granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, trail mix, jerky, and bottled water. It’s not a “normal” meal, but much better than nothing and requires almost no energy.

3) Break down tasks into very small steps. Sometimes mine are as small as “Sit up in bed, move feet onto floor, stand up, walk out of room, walk down hallway, walk to kitchen”. I give myself time in between steps to build up motivation if I need to.

  • Make a checklist if you need to visualize it!

4) Congratulate yourself after completing a difficult step. Even if it’s a simple step, or after every step. It seemed silly to congratulate myself for getting out of bed, but it really helps motivate me to continue.

  • My internal dialogue for this is something like “Okay you did it! That wasn’t too bad. Now you can do the next step too” or “If that was the hardest part, I can do this”

5) I go to @lowspoonsgourmet when I don’t know what to make and they organize recipes by how many spoons it requires!

  • @no-more-ramen is another good one and separates recipes into categories like if there’s no chopping involved or if it makes leftovers

I think that’s it? I might add to this if I think of more. I hope this was helpful!


ITS GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEEEE! I am SO EXCITED to be doing this one since i know SHINee’s surprise Vacation is pretty much holy grail for Shawols! my followers were truly amazing to me this past year in so many ways, i appreciate you all so much!! Here are the rules:

Prize: SHINee’s Surprise Vacation DVD SET..brand new still factory sealed! It also has the cute pouch on the inside, i am showing you mine so you can see :) Rules: You do NOT need to be following me, but i sure wont complain if you do :) Likes and rebloggs count but don’t be a greedy gump, DO NOT spam,it will immediately disqualify you. You CANNOT already own this..there’s no way for me to tell obviously but please don’t break my trust that you wont enter if you already have it. (You can reblog for friends to see, just put in tags that you dont want to be entered.) Ends on 12/4/16 10PM EST..winner picked using random generator, you must post a pic of winnings so ppl can see i’m legit. Any questions just ask me!!! xoxo HERE WE GO!!!!

DIY Glass Runes

Willow here! I’ve long admired the beautiful runes at my local metaphysical shop but can’t afford them. I know there are a lot of witches out there like me who don’t have a lot of money, so I thought I’d show how I make my own.

* Glass beads: $1 at Dollar Tree
* Sharpie: ~$1 at most drugstores like CVS
* List of runes: found online


1. Pick your runes. You can go with what I’ve found to be most popular among witches, the Elder Futhark, or a more idiosyncratic set, like the Witches’ Runes. I chose the Witches’ Runes because they resonated with me more than the Elder Futhark.

2. Find a reference online for the shapes and meanings. This is what I used for the Witches’ Runes I made:

3. Select as many gems as you need for your set. The Witches’ Runes are thirteen symbols, so I pulled out thirteen gems that were the least scratched and most smooth.

4. Draw the symbols on each gem.

That’s it! Draw each symbol on a gem and then you’re ready to read them.

For more information on runes (particularly the Elder Futhark), check out our masterpost on the topic!

- Willow