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Request: I love love love your writing, it’s so cute, the interaction between Newt and the reader are always adorable. Could I maybe request a story with Jacobs sister and newt, fluffy fluff fluff, maybe she’s a nurse or something, I don’t know.


You are much to kind, that sounds sweet.

 Warning- newt faints from exhaustion, but he’s fine, you’re  there to look after him.

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Newt had woken up this morning to the fantastic aroma of tea and fresh baking pastries, he flung his long legs out of the bed, followed by the rest of him. he padded his way across the bedroom, still in his pyjamas, he considered grabbing his wand, but decided against it, if he was being burgled, they didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, and thought he might as well join them for the delicious smelling breakfast.


He shuffled to the kitchen, to find Jacob and y/n whisper shouting at each other ‘he takes two sugars and a splash of milk, you dingbat’ you directed towards your brother, as you checked the Danish pastries ‘well he usually makes the tea, he is English after all’ Jacob noticed newt standing in the doorway, a slight smile on his sleepy face, as he turned to look at you ‘aw sorry, did we wake you up?’ Jacob wore a guilty look on his face. “no, no, but what are the pair of you doing here?’ newt asked, stifling a yawn.


You bustled towards him, slipping a plait laden with treats on to the worn wooden kitchen table, you grasped his shoulders, and gently guided him to a seat. “we are looking after you today, you have been working much to hard lately and you’re utterly exhausted.’ Newt took the cup of tea from you, grateful for steam, he could blame his red tinted cheeks on that . He sipped the warm liquid, a small smile on his lips, it was perfect.


Newt took a crescent shaped pastry, that he knew would be full of vanilla custard and fresh apple jam.  He closed his eyes as he chewed, it was amazing the sweetness of the custard dancing on his tongue with the tartness of the apple, waltzing about his senses. You chatted quietly as you ate together, about nothing in particular. After Newt had eaten his fill of the pleasant pastries, he went to stand up, only to receive incredulous looks from both Kowalski siblings. “what are you doing?’ Jacob asked almost looking hurt, ‘I need to feed the beasts’ Newt said a little confused. “well at least let us help’ a concerned smile gracing y/n’s  beautiful face.


“alright, let me get dressed first. Is that aloud, or do I have to do my rounds in my jammys?’ he joked lightly on his way back to the bedroom, he blindly grabbed a pair of tweed of trousers, an off white shirt, and a blue knitted jumper. He didn’t bother with the suit jacket, knowing that it would just end up on the floor of his shed, covered in goodness knows what. Once he had brushed his teeth, he grabbed the case and brought it back to the kitchen. He allowed Jacob to climb inside first, it was a struggle but he made it. Newt then offered his hand to you, to guide you into his case. It always gave him a slight jolt in his chest, whenever you excitedly stepped inside his world.


Newt allowed his tired mind to wander back to the first time that you had met, you were just as excited then.



Newt was on his way to Jacob’s bakery, Tina had told him that the occamy bread rolls filled with raspberry and white chocolate were amazing. That was when a large blood hound came bounding towards him, sniffing at his case furiously, Newt crouched down to allow the dog to sniff his hand before scratching behind it’s floppy ears. A distressed voice pulled Newt from his chat with the dog ‘Albert Kowalski, you get back here right now’ a young woman in a nurses uniform, her hat off to one side, from her running came darting after the dog, , who was nudging Newts hand for more ear scratches, while he continued to sniff at the case. “what do you think you’re doing you big silly’ Newt looked up at the woman from his position on the ground, eyebrows slightly raised. “oh not you, you’re not the big silly, well you might be I don’t know.’ Trailing off the woman joined Newt on the floor, and started checking the dog over for any possibility of injury or discomfort. “thank you so much for catching him, I’m so sorry to have held you up.’ A slight dusting of pink on her cheeks. “it’s quite alright, it was no trouble at all. I’m love, He’s lovely’ newt said as he scratched the dogs chin, getting slightly flustered.


The woman remained silent for a short while, “wait, are you, are you Newt Scamander, the one with the animals?’ the nurse asked, gesturing towards the unassuming case, disbelief causing her brows to furrow. “yes’ newt answered utterly confused, as to how she knew who he was. “Jacob’s told me so much about you and your case, it sounds just wonderful’ her bright eyes lit up even further with pure wonder and excitement. “ah you must be y/n, Jacob’s younger sister?’ Newt said finally connecting all of the dots, you simply nodded in excitement. “I was actually just on my way there now’ Newt mentioned, gesturing towards the bakery that you had just ran out of.


You both headed to the bakery in a comfortable silence. The bell rang it’s happy little twinkling as newt held the door open for you and Albert, who was still fascinated by the old case. You strolled to your brother and gave him a peck on the cheek. “look who I found’ y/n said excitedly nodding her head towards Newt.




The three of them got to work feeding the creatures, Newt had a wistful smile playing at his lips from the memory. He grabbed the sack of seed for the fwoopers and made his way to their enclosure. He didn’t usually like to put silencing charms on them, he rather enjoyed their songs and chirping, but his head was thumping, so he did his checks as quickly as he could and made his way back. As he was approaching the erumpent, getting ready to feed her, Newt’s head started to spin, the erumpent made a worried sort of whimpering sound. the beautiful creature in front of him blurred in and out of sight, he tried to raise his hand and comfort her but it was as though someone had blown out the last candle, and he was swallowed by darkness.


Unbeknown to Newt, Dougal had been watching his actions, trying desperately to wait patiently for his extra apple that newt usually snuck him. Knowing that something was wrong with his friend, Dougal jumped down from his perch and tried to wake the kind man. That’s when the demiguise decided to find help, he was sure that he had seen two others.


Jacob was chattering away to the mooncalfs when he felt a pair of strong long arms covered in impossibly soft fur wrap around his neck. Recognising the peaceful creature, he smiled. Getting impatient the demiguise began tugging on his hand trying to get him to walk. Jacob seemed to understand as he began to head in the direction that the creature was pulling him.


Seeing the heap that was newt on the floor, who now had several creatures surrounding him. Thankfully Dougal parted the protective circle around the tall man, so that Jacob could get a look at him. It was no good he didn’t know what he was doing, he would have to take him to the shed and find his sister. Pulling Newt up from under his arms, Jacob had to drag him, ‘for such a skinny guy, you’re bloody heavy’ Jacob groaned as he managed to drag newt as best he could to the shed. Jacob placed Newt on his work table, and called for you.


“what the heck happened?’ you said breathlessly from your run to the shed. “I don’t know, Dougal took me to him’ Jacob’s voice was filled with concern and panic for his friend. You began the routine checks, as you placed the back of your hand to his forehead and down to his freckle sprinkled cheeks, his eyes slowly cracked open.


Newt continued to watch as you worked, allowing you to push up his shirt sleeve in order to check his pulse. He heard you mumble something about it being too fast. Well how could he help that, when he had a stunning woman stroking his wrist, and looking at him with such concern and love in those striking eyes, that so often came into his mind.


She stroked the curly hair off of his forehead, ‘you silly man, you’re going to work yourself into the ground’ her voice was soft, and so full of concern. “well then, I’ll have to keep it up, if it means you doing this’. A slightly dopey smile on newts face, his scratchy, he lifted his own hand to capture hers, he brushed his lips against her knuckles. “oh Newt, you don’t have to work yourself into an early grave, I’d do this gladly’ her words were full of sincerity, Newt’s heart fluttered. he gently let her hand go, moving his own up to cup her soft cheek. Guiding her, to rest her forehead against his own.


Just then Jacob came rushing down the ladder, the glass of water that you had requested for newt, in his hand. He smiled at the scene, you had been dancing around your feelings for each other for far too long. As quietly as he could, he set the glass down and made his way back up the ladder.



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Cuddles and cuties

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler X Reader 

Request: Yes

Prompt:  Can I request a MGG X Reader where in public the reader trips or something and she’s embarrassed, mgg sees her and trips (or something) as well to make her feel better and not as embarrassed. They end up going on a date and he takes her to the renaissance festival, she tells him she was sexually assaulted as a teen and she has a four year old daughter. Mgg wants to meet her so they go to her house. And lotssssss of fluff. I apologize it’s so long


The late October air ripped at your exposed skin through your thin cardigan, you’d just dropped Lily, your four year old off at pre-school (kindergarten) before rushing to get your usual mocha and running to your job. You can admit most mornings were pretty hectic, since your company specialised in decor and Halloween was right round the corner your days had been even more busy. 

Just as you left the coffee shop, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, it was your boss Sammy. 

Text from: Sammy 

Hey (y/n)! Since you’re running kinda late could you possibly grab the decorations from the warehouse we visited last week,it’s only one box! Thanks. Sammy. 

Shoving your phone into your pocket you made a quick turn, tripped on your feet and landed right on your face in the busy street, coffee spilling onto the floor beside you. Blushing you managed to stand up, noticing a tall man staring at you from the coffee shop you’d visited before. He must have seen your embarrassment so he walked towards you, and threw himself onto the ground face first. 

Quickly you ran over to him, his laughter filled your ears as you got closer. 

“Oh my goodness, are you okay?” You asked, offering him a hand up. 

“I’m perfectly fine, as long as you’re okay. I figured if I could stop you from feeling embarrassed it would be worth a fall.” He smiled. His hazel eyes formed crinkles when he smiled, making him look even more cheerful. He pulled a hand through his shoulder length brown hair and rose the other and to you. 

“Matthew.” He smiled again, his cheerfulness almost made you forget that you had just fallen. 

“(Y/N), and it was lovely meeting you Matthew but I have to go collect boxes.” You said, shaking his hand before brushing down your fairly dirty grey t-shirt, Jack Skellington was plastered on the front. 

“Let me help, I’m in no rush anywhere.” He offered, you really didn’t want to waste his time but he did offer and you didn’t wanna pass up help on carrying heavy boxes to work, so you nodded and you were both on your way to the warehouse. 

The short walk there was filled with small talk, but Matthew was hilarious and he was so kind, he complimented you a lot and it made you smile. Just as you predicted, Sammy’s “one” box was 4 boxes, so you mentally thanked yourself for accepting Matthew’s help. 

“So, real talk how fun is it working when all you do is set up store windows and get to play with the decorations?” Matthew asked, you smiled at his childlike attitude to life. 

“Well..yeah it’s pretty fun.” You laughed leaving out the stress of Christmas and Halloween demands, not to put a downer on the answer. 

“Well, thank you for helping me.” You smiled, he nodded as you approached the small store you work at. 

“No problem (Y/N)! I was actually wondering, if maybe, you’d like to, y’know, go out sometime?” He asked, you couldn’t help but smile even harder. 

“Yes, yes I’d really like that!” You answered, dropping the boxes in the doorway. 

“Here’s my number.” Matthew said, pulling out a notepad and scribbling onto a page before messily tearing it out. 

“I’ll be sure to text you, see you soon.” You said, folding the paper and waving as he walked away. 

“Oh! Matthew, here’s (£/$)5, go buy yourself another coffee since you spilled yours to save my dignity.” He laughed and shook his head. 

“Keep it, your smile afterwards was rewarding enough.” He smiled, before he waved one more time and left. 

2 days later 

You and Matthew had been texting non stop and decided to go on a date tonight to the renaissance festival and since it was so close to Halloween you’d decided on the All Hallows Eve evening (I hope this is right I honestly tried to research this). You bundled up in a warm jacket, with a cream jumper and black skinny jeans, pulling on your white converse. Your (y/c) hair was pulled back into a ponytail and you had your normal makeup on. 

“Mummy is going out tonight. You need to be good, you’re having a babysitter and she’s mummy’s friend Lucy. You know Lucy?” Lily nodded and you smiled before turning to Lucy. 

“Okay, she’ll probably fall asleep and call me if you have any problems. I’ll be back later, bye bye.” You said, giving Lily a hug and turning to the door. 

Matthew walked to your door as you shut it, you smiled at him. 

“Hey!” He smiled back, linking your arm with his as you began the short 15 minute walk to the festival. Matthew looked even more attractive in a checked shirt, knitted sweater and black jeans. You smiled to yourself at the sight of him in glasses, making him look even more adorable. 

You walked through the crowded streets before arriving, Matthew making you smile and laugh the whole walk, before offering to buy you a hot chocolate from a stand nearby. You accepted his offer greatly, with the cold air attacking your exposed hands. 

As Matthew handed you the warm cup your hands melted into the warmth of the cup. 

“Thank you so much.” You smiled to the stand worker, he nodded and offered you a smile before handing Matthew his cup. 

“Thanks, dude.” Matthew smiled. You couldn’t help but think of how amazing Matthew and Lily would get along, with his childlike behaviour and kind heart. 

“Well, how would you like to spend the night?” You honestly missed Lily, it was the first time you’d been away from her on an evening since she was two. 

“Well. I um.” You started before a guy wolf whistled you. Suddenly you became uncomfortable, and Matthew noticed. 

“Hey, he’s an asshole.” He said, attempting to put a comforting hand on your back but you flinched away. Giving Matthew an apologetic look straight after. 

“(Y/N)…what’s wrong?” He asked, slowly coming closer. You dropped onto a bench near the area you were stood, and patted next to you. Matthew sheepishly sat down. 

“Okay, so this is going to be a lot to take in on a first date and this is why a lot of people leave so I just want you to know before I start it’s okay if you want to leave after I tell you this.” You stared, he nodded looking confused and upset. 

“I was sexually assaulted in my previous relationship, and I took it all but when I became pregnant with Lily I couldn’t take it anymore so I left. But since then things like wolf whistling and touching really make me uncomfortable, because it’s what his friends used to do to me when he had them around. It’s all a bit much and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before that I have a daughter, I didn’t want you to think less of me.” You breathed, Matthew held his hand out, and slowly you accepted the contact between you. He smiled lightly. 

“I’m not leaving.” He spoke sternly, and it made you feel so safe. You nodded and smiled, looking into his eyes again. 

“I’d like you to meet Lily, if you’d like?” You asked him, his eyes lit up and his smile grew wider. 

“Right now? Yes! Of course I’d love to meet her!” He giggled, and in that moment you realised how genuinely perfect Matthew was for you. Quickly you left the festival and walked to your house, you explained to Matthew that Lily doesn’t take well to new people so to give her time and she’ll soon be his best friend and he paid attention to every detail you had to say. 

Once you arrived, you entered to find Lucy and Lily playing with Lily’s tea set. “Mummy is home early Lily, and she’s with a friend.” Lucy spoke, shooting you a questioning look. You just rolled your eyes. 

“Thanks for taking care of her Lucy, Matthew wanted to meet her and I figured why not.” You smiled, handing her her money for the babysitting fee. She nodded and smiled at Matthew, before thanking you and saying bye to Lily. 

Once Lucy had left you picked Lily up in your arms and planted little kisses all over her face while she giggled, setting her down she grabbed your hand and sat you down on the floor in front of her tea set. 

“We’re having a tea party.” She spoke, you nodded at her and she waked over to the couch where Matthew sat. Grabbing his hand she lead him over and sat him next to you. 

“I’m Lily, this is my mummy. Who are you?” She asked Matthew, making you giggle. 

“I’m Matthew, nice to meet you Lily.” He smiled, she nodded and hugged him. “Matthew is a nice name.” She said before sitting down opposite you both. 

“Mummy, does Matthew like tea?” She asked you. 

“Why don’t you ask him?” You said, urging her to talk to Matthew. 

“Do you like tea?” She said, handing Matthew a plastic tea cup and saucer. 

“I do Lily.” He smiled, allowing her to pour orange juice from her tea pot into his cup. He sipped it and gave her a wide smile. 

“This is the best tea ever!” He said, making Lily smile. 

You spent the night having a tea party with Lily, and ended it with Lily sat on Matthew’s lap as you all watched Finding Nemo, one of Lily’s favourite movies. 

“Matthew, are you going to be my new daddy?” She asked him, making you turn bright red. 

“Oh Lily, you can’t ask that!” You said, turning more red in the face. 

“It depends on if mummy want’s to keep seeing me, do you think she should go out with me next week Lily?” He asked her. 

“Yes, go out and get married.” Lily nodded, Matthew laughed. 

“Maybe I can take you and mummy to lunch, sound good?” Matthew asked, Lily nodded again. 

“Lunch sounds good.” She confirmed. Looks like you have another date next week. 

Love At First Sight

Song prompt fic. HELLO I AM BACK. I missed writing. Hartbig, sfw, sff. It’s just awkward fluff! 2570 words. The song is cute as hell; you all need to listen to it!

Enjoy :)

Love At First Sight

Could this be love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
You’re photogenically dressed, the conversation begins.
Oh god, now what did I say? Let me start over again.

Turn the lights off, I’m in love…

When the sunlight catches the snowflakes, they look like falling stars.

Tiny stars against the grey backdrop of the city.

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The Electricity

Summary: A late night game of spin the bottle leads to a kiss that no one will ever forget.
Word Count: 1607
Warnings: Minor cursing
Genre: Fluff!

It was chilly and the sun had vacated the London skyline. Phil was wise and had worn layers. He had a printed blue jumper on, and a black jacket on top. Dan, however, was more concerned about his outfit’s aesthetic appeal than it’s abilities to protect him from the chill in the October air. His tight black skinny jeans were perfectly paired up with a tight black t-shirt. He desperately tried to hide his shivers from his best friend who would certainly mock him for his poor outfit choice. Dan wasn’t in the mood for it, and even more so, he wasn’t in the mood for this party. They hadn’t seen any of their friends in ages, so they couldn’t miss it, or at least that’s what Phil said. The location was a friend’s house, and was only a few blocks away. It was a twenty minute walk at best, but it felt like an eternity for Dan. His arms were folded up as tightly as they could be. He could see his breath when he spoke, so he chose to stay quiet. Dan found it best to avoid yet another reminder that he still had ten minutes left of walking to do in his own personal icy hell.

Phil was wondering why Dan was being so quiet. Phil shoved his hand into his jacket pocket for his phone, in search of a distraction. He was shocked by the absence of it’s presence.

“Shit” Phil cursed as he continued to search his pockets.

“What?” Dan finally spoke, watching the fog expell from both their lips.

“I left my phone on the counter.” Phil turned to face his friend. “Oh my god, Dan. You look like you’re about to freeze to death!”

“I’m fine, really.” Dan tried to reassure Phil.

“Dan, you aren’t a polar bear! You aren’t equipped for this kind of climate!” Phil exclaimed as he wrested his way out of his jacket and handed it to Dan. “Here! You need this more than I do!”

“No, It’s fine. You’ll get cold. I’m good.” Dan protested. Phil ignored him and continued to shake the jacket in his face.

“I still have this jumper, I’m really warm any way.” Dan ignored his friend and kept walking. “Take it!”

“No.” Dan said.

“Fine. If you aren’t going to put in on, I’ll do it for you!” Phil stated as he draped the jacket Dan’s shoulders. Dan couldn’t help but smile at the intrusion.

“Thanks” He muttered, staring at the ground. He was smiling on the inside. It always felt nice to feel cared for, and Phil was very good at making people feel that way.

The rest of their walk was uneventful. Dan was happy to be wrapped in Phil’s jacket, it was so comforting, it smelled just like him. He took solace in that moment. It was suddenly a beautiful night, and Dan looked to Phil with a smile, which Phil gladly returned. The two arrived at the party fashionably late (as usual). They greeted their friends and found a seat at a couple of chairs in the corner. Neither really felt like socializing, and were there more out of obligation than anything. PJ came over and made small talk before returning to the other side of the room to smash back drinks with Chris. Dan and Phil laughed as they watched their friends get shitfaced but decided not to participate. Phil said he wasn’t feeling well, and Dan just plainly said he wasn’t in the mood. After being called ‘party poopers’ by numerous friends, the two decided to agree to a party game. However, they probably would not have been so willing to play if they had known what the game in question was.

“Alright, circle up everyone!” Chris ordered, and everyone sat in a circle on the floor like little kids. Dan, of course, sat next to Phil. A female friend, Kelsey, crowded in between Dan and Chris. To make room, Dan slid himself very close to Phil, who refused to budge. Maybe he didn’t get the hint that social etiquette called for him to allow Dan some room. Maybe he just liked the new found lack of distance between the two. Either way, the physical closeness was not something they weren’t used to. The two often found themselves very close together. Whether it was during a video or interview, or just spending time on the sofa, Dan and Phil never seemed to have a personal bubble around each other. Dan, however, had allotted quite a large bubble for Chris’ new friend Kelsey. There was nearly a foot between Dan and Kelsey. Of course, maybe that was due to the fact that she beared an alarming resemblance to Kristen Stewart.

Chris leaned forward and slapped an empty Malibu Rum bottle in the center of the circle. Dan’s thoughts can only be described as the following: Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

“Spin the bottle, e'rry body!” Chris cheered. Dan gave him the most evil death stare he possibly could. Phil fiddled nervously with his thumbs and stared at the floor. He was silent, and was obviously feeling very nervous about the party game they were about to partake in.

They played several rounds, which were mostly uneventful. PJ shared a peck on the lips with a pretty young red head that neither Dan or Phil had met before. Their friend William had to kiss his cousin James (which was alarmingly less awkward than it should have been). Chris thought he had the luckiest turn of the night. He spun and landed on his potential sweetheart Kelsey, even though everyone else thought the bottle looked slightly closer to Dan. It was unanimous among the crowd that Dan should be honored with the last spin. Neither him or Phil had been kissed or had kissed anyone, but they decided to pick on Dan because Phil was skilled at faking a good stomach ache.

Dan leaned forward and gave the empty rum bottle a spin. His heart was racing a thousand miles per hour as he watched the bottle whirl around. Phil’s eyes were also glued to the old bottle, already feeling jealous that he would have to watch Dan kiss someone. The bottle’s spin grew slower and slower. The twirl came to a halt and had unmistakably picked a victim: Phil Lester. Both Dan and Phil’s hearts stopped as the crowd roared with laughter. Dan looked at Phil apologetically and Phil gave him a half smile, signaling that it was okay. Everyone’s eyes were glued to Dan and Phil, waiting for the fateful kiss.

Dan’s eyes locked with Phil’s. He could feel the heat building in his cheeks and knew he must have been blushing furiously. He was desperately trying to read his friend’s reaction. Phil’s face was painted, half with a dorky smile, and half with fear. Dan leaned forward, feeling Phil’s warmth closing in on him. Dan closed his eyes as his lip’s connected with Phil’s. Suddenly the room went silent, or at least Dan could have sworn it did. He went to pull away but Phil kissed him back, colliding their lips together again, which Dan had not expected. A few ooh’s and ahh’s could be heard throughout the room, but everyone was mostly quiet with shock. They pulled away slowly, each of them with flushed faces. Phil couldn’t believe he let himself get so caught up in the moment, but he still didn’t regret it. It was worth every minute. The moment his lips touched Dan’s he could feel the electricity. The chemistry was palpable, and neither of them wanted it to end.

The world was moving around him, but Phil was sitting still. The bottle was retrieved from the floor, and everyone resumed their previous positions, but Phil remained sitting on the floor. He couldn’t believe what had just occurred. He was still entranced by the taste of Dan’s lips. It was a sweet mixture, something like cherry chap stick and coca cola. Phil savored the flavor that still resided on his lips. He was forced to snap out of it when he looked up and saw Dan standing there with an outstretched hand, “Come on, Phil. We should get going. It’s getting late”. Phil accepted his friend’s hand and Dan helped pull him up off of the floor. The two said their goodbyes, which was quite awkward considering the turn of events the night had taken.

They stepped out of the door and Phil held his jacket out for Dan to slide into. Dan slipped his left arm in, and then his right as Phil pulled the jacket over him.  Dan thanked him with a smile, and the two were on their way. Dan buried his hands in the jacket’s pockets and they continued their walk in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence, just a peaceful one. Neither really knew what they should say, but in a moment like this, words weren’t really all that necessary. Dan felt the familiar heat building in his cheeks again when he felt Phil slip his hand into Dan’s left jacket pocket. Phil gently gripped Dan’s hand, turning to face the younger man to gauge his reaction. Their fingers intertwined and Dan replied with a smile. They could feel the electricity again, it could no longer be ignored, or muted by the doubts that used to plague them both.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I havent gone shopping for 6months ugh... i wanna refresh my wardrobe but dunno what to buy. The season is summer here, 1month till autumn. What do you recommend? What should I buy? Thanks! :)

I wouldnt invest in anymore summer clothes, just wear out the ones you have until fall. When you go shopping i would definitely pick up a few items for the F/W  season such as

  • black and white duster coat
  • black high waist pants rather it be denim, riding pants, disco pants, whatever.. you’ll need them
  • medium wash distressed boyfriend jeans
  • a few solid color knit jumpers in white, grey black. You will get a ton of wear out of these, they can be layered over dresses, paired with skirts , pants etc
  • leather moto jacket
  • leather skinnys, leather leggings, leather shorts
  • checkered flannel 
  • thigh high socks
  • slouchy beanies
  • a good quality black boot ( you’ll wear these everyday, trust!)
  • bell bottoms
  • over sized cardigans
  • white and denim  button downs. these are classic pieces and look great worn simply with a pair of skinny’s ankle strap heels layered over with a bad ass moto jacket

hope this helps you some! i will have my more extensive fall/winter essentials up mid september xoxo 

Opalling’s Festival Guide

Summer is almost here and summer means festival season and festivals mean camping, mud, and using those survival skills. If you’re heading away to one for the first time whatever the weather this little guide should be handy for you!

Aside from a lightweight and waterproof tent, appropriate clothing and footwear is a mus. How long you’re there for, where the festival is, and what weather you’ll be expecting should always be on your mind when packing! Remember: Comfort is key! and don’t be afraid to express yourself

  • At least one pair of shorts: You cant go wrong with a classic denim pair to see you through the weekend
  • Some cute tops
  • A pair of leggings/joggers: You won’t need more than a pair of these to wear in the evening when it gets colder
  • A comfy jumper/hoodie
  • Sensible shoes: Try avoid sandals and anything with a heel, you’ll be on your feet most of the day, you can’t go wrong with wellies either
  • Light and comfortable t-shirts
  • A Bikini/Swimsuit: Even if its not by the beach or a pool, it’s always good to have for the showers and they make a cute little underwear substitute when it gets too hot
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Lots of Socks and Underwear: I have made the mistake many times of not packing enough socks and having to trudge around with wet feet can totally dampen your mood
  • Money Belt/Bum-Bag: A backpack isn’t going to do you much good in a packed crowd and a cross-body bag just gets in the way, bum-bags are a great and safe way for taking your little essentials into the arena with you
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste: No one likes stale breath and something about having clean teeth just makes you feel 10x fresher even if you can’t make the shower

Other things to consider

  • Body Paint, Body Glitter, Stick On Gems etc: Festivals are a place for expression whether its fancy dress or just covering yourself in neon smudges and glitter (try keep the cultural appropriation to a minimum and skip the the bindis though)
  • Sunscreen: Yeah stinging red skin usually isn’t fun so remember to cover up!
  • Deodorant and Dry Shampoo: Most festivals have restrictions regarding aerosols so bring a couple little travel bottles of these and you’ll be set
  • Disposable Cameras: These are usually super cheap and you can leave your expensive digital camera safe at home! i personally prefer capturing my summer memories on disposable film because the effect is so much cooler!
  • Nutrition Bars: Festival food can be - and usually is - super expensive (£7 for a box of noodles no thanks!) and you dont want to be hanging around camp cooking with so much going on. However you don’t want to go hungry so pack a couple boxes of these for a quick fix (also look for the charity tents such as the Salvation army, they usually have cheap tea and coffee)
  • Wet Wipes: A quick way to clean yourself of any dirt and keep yourself feeling that little bit fresher
  • GOOD FRIENDS AND FESTIVAL SPIRIT! This means not being afraid to try new things(unless its given to you in pill form by some creep in the dance crowd) letting go and just going crazy! Dye your hair a funky colour before you go! Wear flowers in your hair! got time to kill before your next act? walk around and maybe you’ll find something super cool and new! It also means sticking through little things like mud and rain, the memories and stories you’ll have afterwards will be worth it!

- Opalling x


My top picks.
This weeks top picks are from H&M.
H&M is a great store for good quality, amazing prices and more relaxed/causal clothes.
My first pick are these Derby Shoes for €39.99. I love how they are smart, but still can look great worn with jeans. These shoes adds sophistication to your outfit and maturity so they are a definite must have! I also love the navy suede.
My second pick is this hooded jacket for €29.99. Everyone needs a go-to jumper that they can pull over anything. I love this one as it’s simple,sharp,causal yet stylish.
My final pick are these joggers for €24.99. If you’re like me, and don’t like wearing sweatpants, joggers are a great alternative on causal days. They are much more relaxed than skinny jeans but still give that certain hint of class as they are made out of a chino material.
Thank you,