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Lustful Lies (Jamilton [FakeLaf!AU])


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Dear Lafayette,

I know for a fact this is not right. It would violate most of my morals that I have come to known.

I cannot express to you my desires for Alexander, but I know as a fact that he is not the Moon–

But, is it so wrong to love someone so deeply? He is beautiful, magnificent, how does one not fall for such a man as Alexander?

–he is not the stars, nor is he the everlasting Sun–

He is hungry, lustful, as I am for him. He wants me, as I want him. And although he knows I am not you in reality–

–he is my universe. I was meant for him, I can give him the love he needs, I will set him free!

–he knows I hold a special place for him inside my dark and lustful heart. There are so many things I want to do to him, 

You are no longer relevant to whatever we do within our bedroom.Or even to Alexander.

But with you in the way, I must restrain myself, although, the things we have done seem to satisify the man himself.

Au revoir, Gilbert.

Alexander knows nothing about this. I tell him that Jefferson is off in his home, that my ‘scars’ make me insecure, that I am you. You might as well stay in France and never return to America once more, because nothing will be left for you here. Alexander is mine to keep. He is my toy to play with and you are nothing but a mere pawn.

Signed, Jefferson.

“Mon amour?”

Sealing the envelope close and tying up his hair once more, Jefferson looked over to the open doorway, seeing Alexander walk in. A small smile played on the imposter’s lips as his eyes scanned Alexander from head to toe.

“Yes, mon amour?” Jefferson replied smoothly, his fake French accent filling Alexander’s ears like music.

“Come to bed now, I missed you.” Alexander said as he walked over to Jefferson and gently held his hand.

Jefferson gave a sinful smirk as he leaned down to plant a kiss on the shorter man’s lips. He whispered into Alexander’s ear, his French accent seeming to delight Alexander.

“I’ll be there soon, mon amour. Please go wait in bed until I am there.” He said, his voice purring as Alexander smiled, letting go of Jefferson’s hand and walked away. 

I’ll be there for you…forever, mon amour.

       ———   for the time being,  until Shimaniya can develop a deep bond with one of their humans  ( & / or monsters etc. ),  the way i write them will be very vague in terms of their inner most thoughts.  things will primarily focus on their actions & dialog.  this is because Shimaniya is extremely private& are supposed to remain mysterious to all they encounter until they finally trust enough to open up.

       furthermore,  everything Shimaniya says or does is calculated.  it all has a meaning behind it,  most being a test of some sort. 

Soldier Wars - End The Reign

Chapter 5 - End The Reign
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Summary: We’re closing in on our final battle

Words: ~10,000

Tags: #Stuff happens #Buckle Up and Hold On

Note: Hint: Play epic music in the background for ultimate reading experience (because that’s what I listened to while writing)

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Awwww YASSSS, 21! I wanna be all “BOOZE AND CIGARS FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY”, but I will attempt to restrain myself. Somehow.
I must admit, I feel such endearment towards you! You’re an amazing, talented and funny guy. Talking to you always puts a smile on my face, AND IN MY HEART! I learn so much from your blogs hahah!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! You deserve all the best!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

PS: When I was looking for reference pics on google for this dude, I saw several pics OF YOU!! (in cosplay) and I was like:   :D
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My second bookshelf was assembled yesterday!
Organising shelves is so satisfying. I even had space to put in my sewing books and all the manga I’ve had boxed up for ages. Glad to have room for my collection to grow, now. Although I must restrain myself for the time being and continue to attack my TBR list. Just thought I’d post some pictures!

uhghhhghhgh I thought I was over this girl because I hadn’t really talked to her in a while but then she said like 4 words to me and it just hit me full force again. I hate having feelings make this stop

A Quick Note

Making fun of John Green is probably one of my least guilty pleasures, but I must try to restrain myself, because I have a proven record of being unable to moderate my blistering negativity, so I will just say this:

In everything he says publicly, John Green comes across like someone who has done precisely zero research on his chosen field, and nevertheless thinks it fit to proclaim himself King and Saviour of it, drawing attention to how he’s unlike every single author in the YA genre, because he doesn’t conform to stereotypes that he just made up and decided were an epidemic in the field.

He’s basically the Macklemore of YA fiction.