but i must restrain myself


I would drink a tall glass of you,
Trust me dear I am tempted
But I must restrain myself for in your arms i would have surely melted…..

I’ve learned through you that love is blind, that only fools fall, only fools go out of their mind.

Out of their minds in the name of love but it isn’t a good enough reason, You see love is just like summer and winter… Love is just a season.

Love will fill you up then let you fall flat on your face. And leave you messed up in the head hanging it down in disgrace.

Love will rot your mind and fill your heart with diabetes, make you flip through psychiatrist listings comparing all the fees.

Yes! love the thing you offer baring soul and all. It’s the same thing that will surely make you fall. How can I love you and you love me. When we know love ends in misery.

I would drink a tall glass of your truths soon to be lies, enjoy your comedic gestures float with you to highest highs. But when would it end, and where would I be when we decide to call it quits and be history?

It’s poison to our system the worst drug we created, but without love we feel faded… Less whole,less you, less me….
Love fills you up you become a half instantly.

And there is no going back to becoming a whole, For when love takes control, and takes its toll, you forever lose a part of your soul.

It is never like the movies. No one yells cut when they got their scene. It continues no matter how horrible no matter how mean. It chokes you while you smile sucks you dry while you cry keeps you high while your grounded with the sweetest lies….

So if you don’t mind I think I’ll pass, before I make myself look more of an ass. And I’ll float away on the memories we never shared and humble myself in all the fears I’ve feared.

For I would drink a tall glass of you, darling you know I’m tempted. But I refuse to fall into your arms and have what’s left of My sanity melted.

-W. Drummond

@big-bro-gladio  ALLEEEENNNNNN!!! @animu-husband

(SORRY, it's just a head! You know that’s all I can do, right?)
Awwww YASSSS, 21! I wanna be all “BOOZE AND CIGARS FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY”, but I will attempt to restrain myself. Somehow.
I must admit, I feel such endearment towards you! You’re an amazing, talented and funny guy. Talking to you always puts a smile on my face, AND IN MY HEART! I learn so much from your blogs hahah!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! You deserve all the best!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

PS: When I was looking for reference pics on google for this dude, I saw several pics OF YOU!! (in cosplay) and I was like:   :D
…and also that other picture… that I am still slightly concerned about. That is your fault that I saw that.


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Chapter 5 - End The Reign
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Words: ~10,000

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Note: Hint: Play epic music in the background for ultimate reading experience (because that’s what I listened to while writing)

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uhghhhghhgh I thought I was over this girl because I hadn’t really talked to her in a while but then she said like 4 words to me and it just hit me full force again. I hate having feelings make this stop