but i might do requests of acnl villagers

Animal crossing requests

Hello to all you lovely mayors! I’ve been on a real drawing spree lately and want to draw something ac themed. So reblog this post with either a ref of your mayor or your favourite villager! I will only draw the first five people that reblog this with a ref, but I might do something like this again in the future, so don’t worry if you’re too late!


New Animal Crossing game Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer coming to Nintendo 3DS in autumn 2015! The game will put you in charge of decorating villagers’ homes based on their requests. 

I’ll be waiting for more details on this before getting my hopes up. Will there be an initial set of villagers (and can we choose them based on our own preferences) or do we have to get them all by scanning Amiibo cards? I have a feeling it might be difficult to find the Amiibo cards I want (Poppy, Fuchsia, Bones) and it may be a nuisance to buy a separate card for every character you want to see in your game. Maybe they should think of a way to get characters as DLC from eShop instead?


Balloon Series room contest

“Balloon Series? OMG it’s so ugly!”
Well, I want to encourage people to give this series a chance. So here’s what to do:

  • Submit a picture of a room you decorated with the Balloon Series here. See example above.
  • If you want to post several pictures, you can make a post on your blog and tag it with #Balloon Series (needs to be one of the first 5 tags). Sending in a link to an old post of yours is also fine.
  • You don’t have to use the flooring or wallpaper – but at least 60% of the furniture used in the room has to be Balloon furniture. The room size doesn’t matter. A theme would be nice but is not necessary.
  • You don’t have to follow me to participate.
  • Send me an extra message with your FC, town name and time zone. Include the word balloon somewhere to show you read the rules and also include whether you want a villager* or 16 items* in exchange (list them!).
  • All submissions/posts will be posted/reblogged to this blog – unless you failed to send in the extra message.
    If you don’t want to claim a prize, please send me a message saying so!

  • If you fail to follow these rules, forget to include needed info, didn’t send the extra message or obviously didn’t put any effort into the room layout, I will not reblog/publish your post and you are excluded from this contest. I reserve the right to close entries without beforehand warning, depending on how many entries will be sent in.

* Anything/anyone is possible. Please note that these villagers/items are hacked in using the RAM editor. If you request flowers, they might not be able to breed properly. Apart from that, the items and villagers are no different from items obtained through regular gameplay. Please do not participate if you oppose hacking.

Please signal boost this post, even if you don’t intend on participating – I want to see a lot of rooms using the Balloon Series!