but i mean seriously awful

honestly it’s the mark of a good work of fiction when literally every single character is weak or flawed or has done bad things and yet every one of them is loved anyway

lmao i guess i’m going off today but i’m filled with so much mom rage rn im

1) jaemin has had this herniated disc problem since trainee days???? wtf??? a problem that should apparently take a few months at most to recover from so obviously he wasn’t resting and recuperating properly??? and yet they chose to debut him while he was injured?? and you’d think that would make them be extra careful with jaemin so who in the good fuck thought it was ok to let this kid be out there doing spinning handstands on a damn hoverboard……oh his condition got worse sm?? WELL GOLLY GEE

2) these mark and jeno sasaengs…….lord help me y'all……i mean we know sasaengs are gross and awful but seriously, how many levels of fucked up do you have to be to stalk and harass MINORS jesus fuck…..waiting for them at their dorm and at their school and following them?? making them feel unsafe in the very places they’re supposed to be safe in??? these are CHILDREN i am so livid and disgusted,,,,not to mention how deeply disturbing it is that these sasaengs hate the other members for simply trying to protect them,,,,,i really can’t i’m so ready to fight……i just want to protect these kids

A rant about kpop fans today: letʻs talk about BTS and BIGBANG

Ok I just need to vent here for a second about the fact that NEW KPOP FANS DONʻT APPRECIATE BIG BANG THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE APPRECIATED

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So That Stupid Completely Out of Context Runaways Panel Post is Still Bothering Me After Sleeping On It

Like it’s your opinion if you don’t like something. I mean

Growing up be better than you parents are? There’ s a message people could live without. 

And frank discussion about accepting gender fluidity am I right? 

How about consistently gorgeous cover and interior art? Sphhh who needs great aesthetic in their lifes?

Or badass female POC characters 

Even more badass female characters who aren’t afraid to be stereotypically girly? I mean whatever. 

Like seriously all the fucking girl power. No I mean seriously who needs it? 

Don’t read Runaways. It’s clearly awful

Huh I had a really weird dream!

In-universe I was supposed to be acting in some sort of play that was like a classic kids storybook everyone knows, but now I’m waking up like ‘okay what the FUCK was that story???“
It was kinda like.. I dunno.. Scrooge mixed with horrible unsanitary nickelodeon style slime. For some reason there was a bathroom that had three baths floating above each other like a bunk bed. And it was meant to be like you climbed up all the baths and saw three people who grill you for your sins and then you fall back down and land in an awful bath of grossness as your punishment. Me in the dream was doing some offtopic rambling about how in Victorian times this part of the play would involve pelting people with rotten fruit or dead animals or throwing them down a giant toilet, so nickelodeon slime was comparatively preferrable.!
And apparently the protagonist of the dream was someone who’d actually done something awful for real and was taking the villain role in this stage play to punish themselves. So seeing all the scroogey roasting scenes was super depressing, and then this protagonist would go join a different theatre troupe playing the same play the next day, forever and ever. Trapped in a weird curse of nickelodeon slime????
And then oddly enough the dream gave me a cool motivational speech about how 'its not always a perfect happy ending but medium endings are still something joyous’. And this particular theatre troupe rewrote the story to be more sympathetic to the scrooge character and give them an epilogue where they change their ways and all. So our protagonist was kinda saved by this new version of the play, and it ended oddly positively before I woke up.
Actually I think the protagonist might have even been the real scrooge from the original story who was cursed with immortality and chose to use it punishing themself instead of trying to actually fix their problems. Weird stage play immortality! Involving a tower of baths!
Seriously in the dream I was taking this whole thing SO seriously, there was a bunch of world building about the exact acting skills to fall into a bath properly without hurting yourself but still make the splash look dramatic.
Oh and I think I remember the actor who gave me the positive monologue also somehow invented The Next Best Bath Tool. Which was just a stick with a spring on it and I still have no idea what it was supposed to do. It was like one of those automatic umbrellas that pop out, so maybe you were meant yo attatch a sponge to the end and throw it at dirt or something. Also it was apparently very important to paint it purple!

it just occurred to me that our planet has GOLD AND LEAD AND URANIUM and elements heavier than IRON. 

the only way for elements heavier than iron to be created in the universe is through supernovae.

therefore, there must’ve been a supergiant star that collapsed in a supernova near or where our star and solar system later formed. 






ps. my excitement means i cant explain very well sorreh

5sos Preference: You Break Up [Part2]



A part of him knew that what he did made him out to be a borderline stalker but he didn’t care. Ashton knew that she didn’t want to see him, he knew that she most likely hated him. But he just had to see her one last time, he had to hear the words from her lips and then he would leave her alone. Of course he wasn’t going to follow her home at the dead of night, he was going to be there when she got off that plane arriving home.

It’d been almost three months, each day just as painful if not more as the last. This time apart in its own way was both a blessing and a curse. Being by himself for those three months gave him time to change and improve his behaviour. He cut back his hours at the studio and out with the band, he stayed home most nights now quietly working on new songs to pass the time. He stopped drinking and in generally just slowed his hectic life right down.

Right now, at the airport standing at the gate waiting for Y/N to walk through, Ashton honestly felt like he was ready to try again. He’d worked so hard on himself trying desperately to rid himself of any faults Y/N thought he might have. And he liked the new him.

His heart leaped into his throat as he saw Y/N walk through. She was still beautiful, still hopelessly gorgeous as the day he met her. Relief swarmed his heart at the sight of her, at least she was safe. Y/N glanced up and stopped in her place at the sight of him. The other passengers and staff moved around her as she stood frozen in place staring at him in shock. A wary smile crept up onto Ashton’s lips as he took a step forward holding the large bouquet of flowers out to her, he might as well of been handing her over his heart.



“I think we should just be friends for a while.” You murmured to him. Calum didn’t answer. He spent the entire night driving around trying to find you. Of course he did he always did. You were sat at the beach looking out into the ocean. It was empty and always provided you with a place to clear your thoughts. He’d gotten out of his car and sat down next to you on the sand. He never made a move to get closer to you and he didn’t say a word until you spoke first.

“I don’t want that.” Calum answered honestly, his voice quiet but you could hear the fear behind it. You didn’t want it either, but it was what you both needed. You knew you couldn’t bring yourself to be away from him, Calum had made too much of an impact in your life and besides your life was here, family, work, everything.

“It’s what we need,” You murmured back resting your chin on your forearms as you rested them on your knees. You both needed a little distance, you were both too invested in this relationship it wasn’t healthy. Neither of your trusted the other, relationships weren’t supposed to be like that at all.

“But I need you.” Calum’s voice broke as he took in a shaky breath. Biting your lip you squeezed your eyes shut desperate not to cry. You knew he needed you and honestly you needed him. But that’s not right that’s not how poeple in relationships feel like, you need to learn to live without Calum for a while. And he did too.

“I know Cal and I need you too but we at least have to try spending some time apart. Otherwise it’ll just get worse and worse, it’s not like we’ll never see each other. I’ll still be here.” You reminded him. Calum finally turned to face you but you stared straight ahead. You knew if you met his gaze you’d crumble and give in.

“Just remember how much I love you, whatever happens promise me you’ll remember that?” He begged his voice breaking. You didn’t have to look at him to know he was crying. You didn’t answer not trusting your voice, you simply nodded.

You gave a quiet gasp when you felt his lips on your temple kissing you gently before he stood up and walked away. It hurt you to think that that might be the last time you’d ever feel his lips on your skin like that. That maybe you’d never get to kiss him again.


“Y/N?” He called out excitedly as he hurried through the door. He just saw your car parked outside and his heart leaped at the thought of you at home inside. As much as he loved that you came home early he hoped that Michael had cleaned up after he left this morning. He’d had the guys round and Michael of course brought a girl. Luke had to leave early this morning to go to the studio so he asked Michael to clean up the mess they’d made, he just hoped he had he didn’t want Y/N to come home to a house like trash.

Luke ran inside ducking his head into the living room. He groaned when he saw clothes and food wrappers everywhere. He mentally cursed Michael, when he saw him he was going to kill him. He wandered through and his eyes bulged at an empty condom wrapper. Did he have sex with her?! A pair of Luke’s boxers which Michael had stolen were laid on the floor including some of the girls clothing from last night. He wondered briefly what she must’ve been wearing when she left the house then shrugged the thought away. That was really not the key issue here, Y/N must be up in the bedroom Luke thought to himself.

He made his way up the stairs pushing the door open ready to apologize for Michael’s actions when he saw her curled up in a ball in the corner of the room. Luke didn’t think he ran over crouching in front of her. His hands moved to her face but she pushed them away. Luke couldn’t hide the hurt on his face if he tried. She’d spent all this time away and when he finally sees her this is her reaction. Does she not want him any more?

“Y/N what-”

“Did you cheat on me?” She whispered heartbroken. Luke’s eyes widened and his hands fell away from her. Why on earth would she think that, doesn’t she know how much she means to him?

“Why the hell would you think that?” Luke swore standing up away from her. Did she really think that low of him? Y/N stood wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“I saw the clothes down stairs, christ Luke I saw the condom wrapper and-”

“You thought that that was me?! No Michael had this girl round last night, I told him to clean up before I left but he didn’t. You- You thought I would do that to you?!” He asked sounding heart broken. It was obvious he wasn’t lying, his emotions were written all over his face. Y/N suddenly felt awful, she did love Luke and she honestly trusted him so why did she think that?

“Luke I’m sorry…” She whispered trailing off. Tears gathered in her eyes but Luke shook his head. He thought she loved him enough to trust him, apparently not. Y/N moved forward but Luke stepped back towards the door. Throwing her one last glance he walked away from her and out of the house. He needed some time to think which he couldn’t do around her. Y/N seemed to take over all his senses when he was near her, and at this point Luke didn’t know if that was good or bad.


It’s been a month since she walked out the door leaving him behind. A month may not seem like much but to Michael it seemed like centuries had passed. He wanted to give her time but this was killing him. He’d lost a lot of weight and he barely slept these days. He had a plan though, Michael wasn’t going to let her walk away without her knowing how much he loved her.

He was sat with the boys in front of the laptop doing a twitcam. He’d told the boys his plan and of course they were all in on it. It wasn’t really much of a plan but Y/N loved all those cheesy movies with the flash mob dances and he wanted to use that to show her how much he loved her. It wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t anything really but it was special to Y/N and that’s all that mattered.

He had fans lined up outside his hotel window ready and waiting. He knew Y/N was watching and in all honesty he was terrified, he hadn’t said a single word the entire twitcam he was so nervous. He don’t know how Luke had managed to convince her into watching but he did and he owed him everything for this.

“And now since we don’t have a lot of time left we’re going to hand over to Mikey over here since he’s got a pretty big announcement.” Ashton said with a giggle. Michael swallowed and nodded clearing his throat, god why was it so hot in this damn hotel room?

“So, you all know that uh… Y/N um… Yeah Y/N and I broke up a month ago and in all honesty I need her back. I did a really shitty thing to her and I know I don’t deserve her, I don’t deserve her at all but she needs to know how much she means to me. Y/N, if you’re watching and baby I know you are, I still love you I’ll always love you.” The boys aww’d sarcastically and Luke cuddled into his side. Michael rolled his eyes at the boys and shoved Luke off gently who simply laughed.

Anyway, I know Y/N loves flash mobs, friends with benefits was her favourite movie for a month when we were dating…” Michael trailed off picking up the laptop and carrying it through onto the balcony. As if on queue the fans screamed loudly as Michael angled the laptop down at them proudly.

The music began to play around the fans and they started dancing, it was awful. Seriously awful I mean it was him and the boys who created the dance routine. Ashton and Luke were laughing beside him and Calum was at the side trying to dance along with them. It wasn’t long before it was over and the boys went back inside again still laughing away.

“Y/N if you’re watching please just call me, we need to talk and I miss you like crazy. I know I don’t deserve it but please just talk to me.” Michael begged one final time. Ashton quickly took over the twitcam just before it ended. He seriously hoped it’d worked because Michael was running out of ideas.

He stood when the twitcam ended and moved into the kitchen when his phone rang. Michael sighed rubbing his face with his hands as he answered the call bringing it up to his ear.

“Michael? It’s Y/N…”

anonymous asked:

I got cheated on (walked in on my gf with some other dude) and now I'm having a hard time getting back in the game. No need to sugar coat it but I'm scared of getting hurt again. Any advice?

You like to read? Me too. 

There’s this great short story by Stephen King called “in The Deathroom”.

(Upbeat title, I know.)

It’s about a man held captive - strapped into a chair, actually - as he’s being interrogated by people from a corrupt dictatorship who are questioning his involvement in a possible coup. In the story, the henchman who’s doing the torturing has this rod hooked up to some sort of transformer that he’s threatening our hero with. The rod gives a strong electric shock to those it touches, and the henchman can dial up the voltage enough to kill someone (which he does in the beginning of the story to gruesome effect, if I remember correctly).

We’re being told this story in first person by our hero as he tries to come to terms with his situation and begins to work out how he might try to escape.

My favorite part of this story is that our hero at first thinks - is absolutely certain, in fact - that he is going to die in this room, in front of these people. That he is going to be killed by this asshole with the electric stick. 

Then he kind of starts talking to himself, in his own head - and another person emerges. Another personality. He calls this other personality “Mr. Maybe I Can” and that other personality starts to hatch a plan and begins to believe that yeah, maybe he actually can escape. But this other personality - while ultimately optimistic - is also pragmatic. Is also cold and calculating. Realistic. Mr. Maybe I Can knows that he’s not gonna get out of this Deathroom without taking some damage. Without getting hurt, and hurt bad. Mr. Maybe I Can knows that he’s gonna have to take at least one shock if he has any hope of making it out alive. And it is going to be a big shock. Painful. But better the pain than staying and dying in this room. I think we’re all agreed on that, yes?

I’ve had girlfriends cheat on me, and it is fucking awful. I mean, seriously - fuck those weak cowardly fuckheads who cheat on other people. Fuuuuuuuuuck yooooouuuuuuuu. I have no problems with my girlfriends fucking other people - just break up with me first. There is literally no excuse for people who cheat on other people. They are worthless weak shitheads. 

So: You want to get back into the game. You want to find another lady. One who will be good to you and good for you. I think this is a spectacular idea, and I am confident that you will absolutely find the person you are looking for.

But you’re gonna have to take a shock. You’re gonna have to take at least one.

There is no way to play this game of dating and trying to find love without getting hurt. We’re in The Deathroom, friend, and nobody gets out alive without taking a couple of hits to the gut. So you need to cultivate a Mr. Maybe I Can - this is a guy who is positive and optimistic and truly believes that things will work out, but who is also cold and calculating and knows that you’re gonna take some fucking hits along the way. Accept it, and try to deal with it as best you can. Easier said than done, I know, but better done than only said.

So, like everything else worth doing in life, be scared. It’s fine to be scared. 

Then go get out there and do it anyway.

a month and some change after making this post and the unfortunate attention that followed (fucking THANKS athena), I am still firm in my belief of derek’s ain’t shitedness as an alpha.

because everyone that reblogged it and made comments seemed to only talk about derek during season three, after he lost his pack and started getting fucking humble. they waxed poetry about how he gave up so much for his pack, and that one time when he let boyd and cora claw him basically to death and all the times he helped but that wasn’t derek the alpha. that was honestly just derek.

seasons one and two derek were awful. derek the alpha was shit.

derek the alpha was only about power and getting as much as he can to just kinda cover his ass. derek the alpha targeted three lonely kids into getting the bite, knowing with the right words they’d never say no. derek the alpha sexually manipulated one of his betas into getting the bite, putting hands where they damn sure didn’t belong.

derek the alpha treated his betas like hot garbage, being so cruel to them; kissing erica (even though she initiated it derek should’ve ended it IMMEDIATELY because erica’s like SIXTEEN), breaking isaac’s arm for ‘training’….his betas were not happy ones with him. sure they had that cocky grace and swagger, just like their alpha, but when shit got real, boyd, erica, and isaac were just some scared kids that didn’t know the real depth and danger of the world they’d been dragged into. they were only told about the perks, really. how else would they say yes to the bite?

derek the alpha was just so…..bad. I mean he was kind of the villain, so. but seriously. he was awful. so awful two of his betas ran away, and the other transferred loyalties (say all you want but scott was totally isaac’s alpha). derek the alpha was abhorrent…..until he started getting….humble, if that’s the right word. more trusting. until he started working to be better than he was, to get scott’s respect. until he gave up his alpha powers for his sister and just became plain old derek again.

so yeah derek was a shit alpha; he was arrogant, unnecessarily cruel, and hella predatory and manipulative getting three kids to agree to the bite. and I’m standing by it. it just seems to me that some folk want to forget the first two seasons and just praise derek for his actions in season three, and I ain’t about that shit.

derek the alpha is derek at rock bottom with a pick axe and continuing to dig; derek the alpha was unreliable, he was literally the worst person ever, and I’m glad he gave that power up, because he’s just….better without it.

honestly, he just wasn’t meant to be a leader.

Fitzsimmons in every episode || 0-8-4

“Simmons, forget what I said before. This is the moment that we’ll regret.”