but i mean just look at him

Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.

that hug...

Ok because I can’t yet bring myself to actually talk about the scene inside the house,  because it still reduces me into a blubbering mess, I decided to talk about something  else. 

That second hug.. because my God just take a look at this…

(gif by @hypernovadust )

The more I look at the less platonic this looks. I mean if you take a look how tightly they are wrapped up together,  you could not get the crack of dawn between them. And take a look at her hand on the back of his neck, in his hair as she pulls him a little closer. It’s at that moment when he presses his face into her shoulder and seems to breath her in.  It is in direct reaction to her hand caressing his neck. 

This is just a beautiful thing to look at. These dorks love each other so much and it’s so clear they don’t want to let each other. When you are holding someone that close and reacting to their touch  this way, they are clearly very, very special to you. 

Daryl has to pull away almost foricbly because if he dosen’t he’s never going to leave that is perfectly clear.  And tells her to take care of herself and walks away without looking back because… well he’d go back if he did. 

He has to go and dosen’t really want to. And she dosen’t want him to go, the way she watches him leave. These two really at this moment don’t know if they will ever see each other again. It is pretty heartbreaking at the same time its beautiful. Its really everything they are. 

These two look like two people who need just a little more time. A bit longer of break. More time together in this quiet place. They look so close to falling over that edge it does feel like it is only a matter of time. 

I mean the way they are holding each other right there guys…  can there be any doubt?

And when that happens they are really gonna kill me guys..

I Had Him

Pairing/Characters: pre-serum!Steve x Reader, Bucky Barnes, OMC (Eddie)

Warnings: um smUT liKE I PROMISED A DuH, jealous steve, insecure steve, lmao Sargeant kink like don’t evEN FigHT mE, praise kinkkkk, oral (MR), heaps of dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap it up before you fuck up) spanking, a bit of angst maybe? Idk reader bewareee

Summary: Inspired by some dream I had the other night and the conversation I had with the lovely @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy

Word Count: 2537

A/N: I’m proud of the title cause double meanings are incredible hA but all I’m gonna say is: Good luck… I’m not an asshole, I just love you guys

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GUYS OH MY GOD so i knew what scene that gifset i was just wilding out over come from but i couldn’t remember the context (other than ed talking to harvey) so i went and found it and GUYS. guys. i think we just got the MOST UNFILTERED LOOK at how ed felt about oswald you know, pre-….um…..All The Bullshit This Season. GUYS. that eyelash flutter is him thinking about ~*~mr penguin~*~ im just. THANK YOU FOR THIS LITTLE GLIMMER OF YOUR INTERNAL GLITTER OVER OSWALD COBBLEPOT, ED. THANK YOU.

like seriously, try to make an argument that face means anything but him thinking about oswald (he’s on oswald’s side, the face is a direct answer to harvey’s question, harvey just doesn’t know that) i mean sure ed’s on his own side now too and free of the GCPD and all but HIS EYELASHES FLUTTERED AND HE BROKE INTO A HUGE GRIN THAT’S GAY AF ED THANK YOU

me: sometimes i feel like you dont understand how much i am amazed by jongins existence…
friend: no i got it..he’s cool..
me: *gasps*
friend: oh no
me: he is not just “cool” i think he is so much more than cool he is hard working and talented and he is sweet he likes babies he likes the elderly he loves his family and friends and he loves animals he loves his fans no matter what they look like or if they are male or female or something else or nothing at all he has said many times he loves his dark skin he hates fat shamers and he doesnt care about superficial things and isn’t materialistic i mean god damn for years he carried around his stuff in paper bags even though he literally looks like a god and could probably pay off my college tuition but he doesnt try to make himself seem special or stand out although he stands out anyway just because of how amazing he is i mean everybody that has ever met him has even said he’s so polite and dedicated and talented and cute and-
friend: ok woman i got it he’s a great person pls-
me: *gasps again*
friend: jfc
friend: im leaving

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Was Daryl crying when he reunited with Carol? I kind of thought he was crying or very close to crying and I also thought that his voice cracked and quivered when he asked "why'd you go". But my friend said that he wasn't crying, his voice just had an issue during filming. She also said that Daryl doesn't love Carol in "that" way, he just likes and cares for her as a friend and he was relieved when seeing Rick the same way he looked with Carol so it's just friendship based. And why would he cry


Is your friend even watching the same show that we all are?

Because I’m pretty sure when he went with Richard and when Richard told him his plan to kill a woman, he was pretty pissed when he found out it was carol. 

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I mean he even beat the shit out Richard over her

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He even threatened to kill him if anything happens to her

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Wish I could find the rest of those gifs, but i think you get my point. Moving on now.

When he shows up at her door step if your friend didn’t notice, every emotion he is feeling is present.

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He honestly thought that he would ever see her again. When he was in the line up his last thoughts were of her. 

So when he found out that she left, he was crushed, he thought he would never see the one person who truly gets him. The one person who means everything to him. The one person who is the reason why he is still going. So when he asks her why’d she go, his voice broke, he was on the verge of crying. And Norman Reedus said, “It was emotional. It instantly goes to somewhere extreme.” This emotional moment between the two definitely bled out on screen. 

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So yes nonny, he did almost cry, because like I said he thought he’d never see her again, and he was also so relieved to see her.

If he didn’t love carol, he wouldn’t of stayed for dinner. He wouldn’t of lied about Glenn and Abraham to spare her. He knows that she’s barely holding on and is crumbling right in front of him. So he lies to her because loves and cares about her.

Then he makes a joke to get her to laugh, but there’s also a hint of jealousy there.

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Then lastly, when he goes to leave, he stops and turns around to see carol standing there. She wanted to go to him and he didn’t want to leave her. So he goes back for one last hug before he goes.

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So nonny, if your friend can still sit there and say that Daryl does not love carol, then I think that your friend should go watch the episode a few more times and if they still don’t see it, then I don’t think you should have that kind of negativity in your life.

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what im getting from that tweet is that kookie wants to be yoongis trophy husband

Haha I laughed at this comment. I think I kind of get what you mean. by definition, a trophy husband is a person who just sits at home mooching off his partner and who’s purpose is to look nice. I think jungkook is saying yoongi is responsible and hardworking and is capable of taking care of him well which makes him prime husband material I guess. Basically, he wants to be spoiled. But I doubt he could really just stay still and not do anything and let himself be taken care of. He’s a hyper bunny 😂

EXO Reaction to You Fangirling Over Them

Anonymous asked - may i get a exo reaction to you fingerling super hard about them over like a cute photo or a performance they did thank youu ^^ (btw i just stalked you and im slowly dying because of your writing)

Oh, we don’t mind stalking. This is my first reaction, I hope you enjoy it! I’m doing ot12 if you don’t mind.

Xiumin - he might feel a little insulted, I mean, he’s right there in front of you! “Hi Hello. The boy you’re freaking out over, right here. Remember me?”

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Luhan - as the great DJ Khaled said, ‘another one,’ he’s another one to be insulted. “You’re on the floor, rolling around like a fish out of water. WHY?! This is bull!”

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Kris - I feel that he would get cocky, cause you just proved yourself that you wouldn’t look at another guy the way you look at him. “I’m the best, and I always will be the best.”

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Suho - regret. That is all. “I’ve taught you better than this..I’ll let you buy whatever you want if you stop all of this.”

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Lay - I think he would be very awkward to just find you, screaming into a pillow, because of a picture. “Your ovaries are exploding? My butt is cute? Jagiya, are you okay?” 

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*let us ignore captions*

Baekhyun - he would fangirl right along with you. “I know! My butt is cute, I’ve been doing a lot more squats.”

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Chen - Chen would walk into the room and hear his high note being played. With a huge smile on his face, laughing, “why?”

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Chanyeol - he would just think you’re insanely adorable, “jagiya, why are you looking at pictures and videos when I’m right here?”

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Kyungsoo - he would get very blushy and shy. “Jagiya, I’m right here! Stop flopping like a fish out of water.”

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Tao - walks in and sees you squirming over his martial arts. “Everytime I come over, you do this!”

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Kai - this koala would also be one of them to get offended, wanna know why? He always takes you to practices and you don’t do this when he’s dancing there. “You only do this here! Why not do it where people can see how much you love me?!”

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Sehun - this maknae would do it 10x as worse, he’s going to show you what’s it’s like to deal with it. “WOW, look at G-Dragon from big bang. His tattoos are so hawt and don’t get me started on his hair!”

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This was actually really fun to make, guys! I hope you enjoyed it, but it probably sucked, so I apologize. 

• Mordikai •

Something I have been wondering about for awhile: What are Fiddleford’s green glasses for? What was their purpose?

I always figured they had some significance since Fidds starts wearing them permanently after Society Of The Blind Eye but they are never mentioned in the journal

I mean this show is full of stuff that has deeper meaning behind it, so I’m hoping the next journal does give some background on his cute green glasses and why he made them and just kept wearing them after he started getting his memory back. 

If their only purpose is making Fidds look cute, I’m fine with that since they do their job but like the monocle on the journal did have a deeper meaning, Ford had to start using it because he couldn’t see out of one eye because of the consequences of Bill possessing him and I guess I just want to know if the glasses have a deeper meaning behind them like that.

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I rereading the Genma den mother series and I just realized that since Genma is 17 in the first fic and Gai is 3 years younger that he'd be /14/ holy shit I've been imagining him as an adult this whole time when he should look like /Lee/ and ain't that a thought


Like Lee with shaggy hair, even - he didn’t get the perfect bowlcut until he was older. I mean, this is Gai as a child, and tbh I think he’s adorable. 

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91 w mat barzal?? thanku ❤️

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“Are those slippers?”

“Is that you being mean? AGAIN?”

“(Y/n),” Mat sighed. “Why are you still in your pyjamas, we’re in public.”

“So?” You questioned, pulling a loaf of bread off of the shelf. “It’s just the market.”

“People are gonna stare,” He mumbled, eyeing around the isle.

“Are… Are you embarrassed by me?”


“Oh my– Mat! I can’t believe you’re embarrassed by my slippers.” You shook your head in disbelief. 

“They’re bunnies!” He exclaimed, pointing to your feet. “Bunnies, (Y/n),”

“They’re cute!” You shouted back. “I still don’t understand why you’re embarrassed.” You said, looking away from him and pushing the cart as you quickly began to leave.

“(Y/n), wait!” Mat protested, trying to catch up to you. “(Y/n), hey– slow down– (Y/n), it’s not that I’m embarrassed, I swear– (Y/n), you’re going too fast.”

You stopped in your tracks and glared at Mat. “How could you be embarrassed by my bunnies.”

He chuckled and cupped your face, squishing your cheeks and kissing you. “I’m not embarrassed, I promise, I love your slippers; I was just surprised you were wearing them.”

You smiled. “Does that mean I can get you a matching pair?”

“Oh, boy, that’s a different story.”


Imagine being good friends with Wilson and Cuddy despite the fact that you’re dating House.

“Come on, House, can we at least finish lunch?” Wilson protested as the doctor tried to take you away to help him on a case. “Surely you can wait another twenty minutes before taking [f/n] again.”

“You’re just upset because the whole time they were with you, they were thinking about my huge, throbbing…”

You shot your boyfriend a withering look.

“…diagnostic skills.”

“Greg, you don’t have to monopolize me all day,” you smiled reassuringly. “I’ll be along in a bit, okay? I’ve been meaning to have lunch with them all week.”

House scowled, his lower lip pushing out in a pout.

“Greg,” you warned, arching a brow playfully. “Be a big boy. You survived without me your entire life. You can survive without me for a little while longer.”

House grumbled under his breath but obeyed, slinking away to sulk. You gave Wilson and Cuddy an apologetic smile. “Sorry about him. Now, where were we?”

Gif Credit: House

I haven’t quite recovered and I didn’t even hear him speak, just saw Liam pics and collapsed into nothingness. I realise he just sauntered in and took the award off of Simon? I mean, A LEGEND. I just, he’s always providing, and reassuring and Liam is so special as it is, like beautiful inside out and as if that weren’t enough, his lustrous locks are fucking agonisingly sexy and he looked like Royalty???? I am so lucky to stan Liam James Payne, you make it worth it. 


Tobias: Look, B. I know I’ve been kind of a dick about people finding out about us and stuff, like, I practically saw your life flash before your eyes when you mentioned telling your grandmas and I don’t.. I don’t want that. I want you to know that I’m not ashamed of you. I’m not even ashamed of who I am. Do you- Do you believe that?

Bennett: I guess, yeah.

Tobias: My mom always told me I was gonna grow up to be a huge soccer star, y’know? And after she died I just, I felt like I owed her that. And believe me, I fucking hate the way the league is. I hate the idea that teams would drop me just for being gay, but I can’t risk it. At least not before I even have anything to lose. You and me- this is okay? We’re okay, right?

Bennett: ‘Bias. As long as you’re not being a dick to me, I don’t care if the whole world knows or if no one ever finds out. As long as you don’t shut me out. Okay?

Tobias: Yeah, okay. 

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not looking forward to the forced malec drama over this shitty addict plot next episode either. i'd like to think it'll be resolved by the finale at least but i'm not getting my hopes up. i know there was a tweet about the finale from todd saying "beautiful malec" scene but coming from him that could just mean they're stood in the background of the same scene that's probably focused on clary and simon making out.

*hysterically giggling* You know, Anon, I just talked about that “beautiful Malec” hashtag to @warlocks-nephilim today and mentioned something along the lines like… maybe it only means to Magnus and Alec both having dandified haircuts and clothes.

But jokes aside, isn’t it sad how we’re all so suspicious now after they (and especially Todd) fucked us over so often? I mean like… this was all so very unnecessary to begin with. Of course we are all living for spoilers and all but how can you actually tell the fandom shit like “Malec Mania” and then act all surprised when it backfires when the so called mania consisted of 3 fucking minutes? I don’t get it.

And don’t get me started on that artificial drama next week. I know Malec will be all fine and all but that storyline was awful and stupid from the start and can it just please die finally??? It ruined the character of Isabelle completely and now it also serves as a catalyst for more drama, regarding Malec and Raphael’s role. Do. Not. Want.

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I'm actually getting kind of scared of how weak Dream looks in this comic. I mean, he's supposed to be a guardian and help right? But it looks like that just poking him reduces his HP to 0.01! Which is something that I really don't like about both this comic, and the whole interpretation of Dream himself.

Yeah, I feel like Dream needs to be portrayed as stronger, especially because of how much he’s been through :(

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About "mixed signals"... i'm sure Prompto would never switch you for aranea. I mean, notice how happy he was to see you? And in your date? Looks like Prompto... likes you (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Just because I said I missed the kid and bought him lunch doesn’t mean it was a date. It was LUNCH. What is with you people? And of course he fucking likes me; he’s MY FRIEND and he’s adorable and likes everyone

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I was watching the tough mudder video the other day and rewatched the part where Jensen helps Jared climb over the wall. Both of them exchange a few words that also included a "baby" but it mostly sounded in a jokey way. Like I guess certain guys (Jared?) might say. Right after that Jar says "thanks brother", (you can hear him say that). So I'm confused. Does he say that to Jensen...? or perhaps the person holding the camera, if the person isnt Jen himself? Just needed an opinion on this..

Hello, dear anon!

(23:11) Do you mean this part? I keep rewinding it back and forth, but damn how loud that music is! I can only be fairly certain Jared says something like “Yeah baby!” when he looks at the camera with a victorious smile. It’s possible Jensen says something that ends with “baby” just before that, but I can’t be sure. My English skills only go so far, I fear.

There’s one part of the video where I’m pretty sure I hear Jared call Jensen “baby” and it happens at 6:34 - “Yeah baby”. It sounds like he’s cheering him on. Jensen is also not the only one that enjoys that nickname on this video - Jared is pretty liberally calling the guys “baby” here.

I find it a little hard to work on the tone of voice alone, since you can’t see his face when he says that. I can tell you that both Jensen and Jared go out of their way to avoid calling each other that in public, so to hear them say it in any context is pretty big to me.

I apologize I couldn’t help you more, sweet anon! See here for more Tough Mudder talk that was recently had over here. I hope someone reading this takes on the challenge to assess this! *wink wink*

Have a fabulous day, anon!

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Criminal Minds AU Episode 2: Seeing Double

Episode Guide

Previously On…

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Part 2

“So, forensics is absolutely certain that this guy Dean Sanders’ DNA was found at the crime scene?” Morgan asked once they were all aboard the jet.

“They said it matched almost perfectly,” JJ replied. “But what really stumps them is the clear security footage that shows him entering the bar. I mean, there’s no doubt that it’s him.”

“Is it possible that it’s just someone who looks enough like him to be confused?” Allyson asked.

“What, like a doppelgänger?” Morgan asked. “Has there ever been any actual cases of someone having a real-life evil twin?”

Sure enough, Reid was quick to answer. “You, know the term ‘doppelgänger’ doesn’t always refer to an exact replica of a person. It could also refer to someone who behaviorally resembles someone if not completely physically. The English poet John Donne reported seeing the figure of his wife walking through the house, holding a dead baby on the night she gave birth to a stillborn daughter, but the vision vanished before he could get a clear enough look at it.”

Prentiss gaped at him for a moment (typical reaction to those not used to The Random Ramblings of Dr. Spencer Reid) before speaking. “You just…know that?”

“Oh yeah,” Morgan replied.

“You’ll get used to it,” JJ said with a smile.

“Ask him about the dancing coffee goats when you get a chance,” Allyson added, laughing at the frown on her brother’s face.

“Well, it’s obvious that he can’t have been in two places at once,” Hotch said, bringing everyone back to the case. “What we need to figure out is if it was possible for Dean Sanders to kill Jeff and Caroline, hide their bodies somewhere while attending the work party, and dump them at a later time without his wife’s knowledge.”

“Could the wife maybe be in on it?” Prentiss asked.

“It’s possible,” Morgan replied. “But that doesn’t change the fact that nearly thirty other people reported seeing Dean Sanders at his work party that night.”

The monitor on the table suddenly clicked to life, Garcia’s face appearing amidst them all. “Greetings, my lovelies. I, unfortunately, come bearing more confusing news.”

“I take it you couldn’t find a connection between Dean Sanders or either of the victims?” Hotch asked.

Garcia sadly shook her head. “As far as I can tell, he never even saw Jeff and Caroline. Dean Sanders spent most of his childhood in Chicago, and it wasn’t until this past year that he and his wife moved to Boston to help accommodate his new job. And last time I checked, he wasn’t seeing a psychiatrist or going to prison any time in that past year. Although…that could very well be changing,” she added, sounding slightly upset about the thought.

“He’s not our unsub,” Gideon said. “The amount of rage used towards these two victims suggests a personal connection. Caroline Masters was beaten and burned. That’s not a victim of opportunity. He knew her.”

“And clearly was not a fan,” Prentiss added. Allyson smiled. I like her.

“But that still doesn’t explain the security footage,” JJ said.

“Garcia, we’re going to need you to keep looking,” Hotch said. “Dig deep into Jeff and Caroline’s pasts. Try to figure out where their paths had crossed. They had to have known each other from somewhere. Cross check that with anyone connected to Dean Sanders. If he didn’t do this, someone is going through a whole lot of trouble to make it look like he did.”

“I’m gonna regret that new manicure I just got,” Garcia murmured. “But never fear! Mama is here and eager to get her hands dirty. I will hit you back when I find something!”

The screen clicked off. Hotch now addressed the group as a whole. “All right. We’ll be landing shortly. Morgan and Gideon, I want you to go to the medical examiner’s office and examine the bodies. They should have finished up the preliminary autopsies by now. Reid, you and Ally head to the local prison. They’re keeping Dean Sanders there for another 24 hours unless new evidence comes to light. Talk to him. Find out what you can. JJ, you’re with me. We’ll coordinate with the Boston PD. Agent Prentiss, I’ve been told that Mrs. Sanders has been at the station since her husband’s arrest. I’d like you to speak to her, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Prentiss’ eyes widened slightly, but she kept her composure. “I would be happy to, sir. Thank you!”


Ever since high school, Allyson had always had a rather unsettling fear of prisons. Before joining the Bureau, she had only been inside one once, and unfortunately that time was during the trial (and eventual incarceration) of Marcus Rooney. Though she wasn’t often given the task of traveling to the prisons (a job that usually went to Hotch or Morgan), every so often, Hotch sent her and Spencer to conduct an interrogation. Their minds were so in sync with one another that they hardly needed to coordinate their questions ahead of time.

“So…what do you think of her?” Allyson asked as they got out of the car. A distraction seemed to be just what she needed right now.

“Think of who?” Reid asked.

“The new girl,” Allyson replied. “Emily.”

“Oh, Agent Prentiss?” Reid shrugged. “She seems fine. I haven’t really known her long enough to form an honest opinion.”

“I like her,” Allyson said. “I can’t say for sure but…I have a feeling she’s going to fit in nicely.” She glanced at the entrance. “You ready for this?”

Reid looked sideways at her. “Are you?”

Allyson scoffed. “Please. You know how much I love to catch people lying.”

Once inside, they were led into the back interrogation room near the temporary holding cells where they had been keeping Dean Sanders. Because he hadn’t been officially charged with anything, they couldn’t transfer him out unless new information came to light. Although with the DNA found at the crime scene, it wasn’t looking too promising for him.

“So what do you think?” Allyson asked, eager to hear her genius brother’s opinion on how a man could be in two places at once. “Does the man really have a doppelgänger?”

“Doubtful,” Reid replied. “Despite the handful of supposed sightings over the years, the entire concept of a doppelgänger has never actually been proven.”

“So you think he did it?”

Reid hesitated slightly. “I think we’re going to find out.”

The door buzzed as two officers led Dean Sanders into the room. One look at the man instantly put all of Allyson’s previous assurance to question. That was definitely not the face of a guilty man. Dean Sanders looked confused, distraught, and downright terrified. He has no idea why he’s here…

“Dean Sanders?” Allyson began when it became obvious that he wasn’t going to speak. “My name is Agent Allyson Reid and this is Dr. Spencer Reid. We’re from the Behavioral Analysis Unit out of Quantico and—”

“Look,” Dean began, cutting her off. “I already told the police that I didn’t kill those people! All right? I don’t know why my DNA is on that crime scene! I’ve never even met them!”

“Mr. Sanders, we’re not here to accuse you of anything,” Reid said. “I promise. We just want to hear your take on the events of that night.”

“I told you!” Dean said angrily. “I was at a work party with my wife. Everyone in my department can vouch for me.”

“What was the party for?” Allyson asked.

Dean took a shuddering breath. Allyson had to admit how well he was doing keeping his anger under control. “I…I recently got promoted to VP of sales. The party was a celebration of my promotion.”

Reid raised his eyebrows. “A promotion in less than a year. That’s pretty impressive.”

“What can I say? I’m good at my job,” Dean replied.

“What time did the party start?” Allyson asked.

“They wanted to wait until after the work day ended so everyone could come,” Dean said. “Our head of sales is really inclusive like that. He never wants anyone to feel left out, you know? We started around 6:00.”

“Did you stay long?”

“Couple hours, maybe. I didn’t want to be there too late. The next day was mine and Kara’s anniversary. We had an entire day planned, and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t sleeping off a hangover half of the day, you know? I wanted it to be special.” His voice choked slightly on the last word, and he was forced to stop as tears began to glisten in his eyes.

“Mr. Sanders, can you think of anyone who would want to frame you?” Reid asked. Normally, Allyson would assume he was taking the suspect’s side in an attempt to gain their trust and hopefully get some information. But in this case, she was fairly certain that he actually believed in Dean’s innocence. She definitely was starting to…

Dean shook his head. “We’ve only lived here for a year. Kara and I very much like to keep to ourselves. Outside of work, we don’t really know a lot of people in the area.”

“Is there anyone at work with a grudge against you?”

“Not that I can think of. I mean, everyone turned up for my promotional party. That had to mean that they cared, right?”

Allyson and Reid glanced briefly at each other, knowing full well that the unsub could very well have attended that party, maybe even after abducting and killing Jeff Laythem. A congratulatory handshake or clap on the shoulder, stealing Dean’s cup, anything that could be used to plant the DNA.

Dean took another shuddering breath, burying his face in his hands. As he did so, Allyson suddenly noticed a faint scar on his left hand. It appeared to be a burn—a severe one by the looks of it—from a long time ago.

“Mr. Sanders, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your hand?” she inquired, pointing to the scar in question.

Dean looked confused about the question before glancing at his hands. He didn’t think about the scar initially, Allyson thought. It’s old. Second-nature to him by now.

Dean gestured to the burn mark. “I can’t remember. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. My mother told me it was a birth mark.”

Once again, Allyson glanced sideways at her brother. His look confirmed to her that they were indeed thinking the same exact thing: this guy was not their unsub.

After nearly an hour of questioning, during which it became clear that Dean Sanders was probably one of the most considerate, caring people you could ever hope to meet, the twins headed back to the car, their heads filled with even more questions than before.

“We gotta look at that security footage,” Allyson said as they clambered back into the car. “I don’t want to believe it’s him. Nothing about that man suggests that he would be capable of the level of rage this unsub showed.”

“Agreed,” Reid replied.

“What are you thinking, genius?” Allyson asked, picturing the wheels and cogs going crazy inside of Spencer’s head.

“I’ll let you know in a minute,” Reid said, pulling out his cell phone and dialing a number. “Hey, Garcia,” he said several seconds later. “Were you able to get that security footage from the bar where Jeff Laythem disappeared?…You were?…Excellent! Listen, the department here left us a laptop.” He gestured to the case in the back seat. Allyson opened it and retrieved the computer, immediately booting it up. “Can you send the footage over to it for us?…Thanks!”

It took a few minutes, but the screen suddenly lit up with video from the entrance of a small bar, the time stamp indicating the time to be around 7:45 PM the night Jeff Laythem and Caroline Masters went missing. Sure enough, the twins saw Jeff Laythem enter the bar where he immediately sat down and ordered a drink. He was quick to strike up a conversation with the bartender, and the casualness of the conversation suggested that they knew each other.

“Look, here he comes,” Reid said as another figure walked into the bar less than a minute after Jeff. This man definitely had the same build and was Dean’s exact height. But there was something off about him. He took a seat on the other side of the bar, very quiet and reserved. The bartender, it appeared, had to ask him several times if he wanted anything before he finally ordered a drink, which he proceeded to barely touch, his eyes never leaving Jeff.

“Spence, look at his hands,” Allyson said, pointing to the screen. The man’s left hand, resting on the edge of the bar, was shaking and trembling, continuously curling into a fist as if itching to punch something. There was definitely rage in this man, rage consistent with the wounds found on the two victims, rage that appeared to be directed at Jeff Laythem.

“Wait, Ally, can you zoom in on him?” Reid asked. Allyson pressed a few buttons and, seconds later, the video had been replaced with a close-up on the man’s figure from the waist up. She tapped the space bar, pausing the feed, typed in a few words of code that Garcia had taught her, and brought the image into closer focus.

“Look,” Reid continued. “His left hand. There’s no scar.”

That was definitely true. And as Allyson looked closer at the man’s face, she became more and more convinced that this man was not Dean Sanders. Though he definitely had an uncanny resemblance to the suspect, after having seen Dean Sanders in person, Allyson was starting to pick up on slight differences between the two of them. Like this man’s face was thinner, his eyes darker and more sunken. His hand may have been lacking a burn scar, but it was covered in cuts and bruises, as if he got into a lot of fist fights. Dean didn’t have any kind of injuries like that on his hands.

But his face. Why did his face look so much like—

Reid’s eyes suddenly widened. “Oh my god.”

“What? What do you see?”

He turned to her. “Ally, think about it for a second. Dean Sanders was brought in because they found his DNA at the crime scene and saw his face on this camera.”

“Yeah. And…?”

And…who is the only person in the world who shares the same exact DNA as another person? Whose face is similar enough to another person that it could easily be mistaken by someone who doesn’t know them personally or intimately?”

Allyson’s temporary look of confusion instantly vanished as realization hit her as well. “So, you’re not saying that Dean Sanders has a doppelgänger…”

“I’m saying Dean Sanders has an identical twin,” Reid finished.