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Why does Prussia play the flute? Is there a particular symbolism/ special meaning for it?

Okay…I keep having psychic moments. I literally just did research for this specific post last night, and queued it for later this week. I can put it up tonight though…

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About one particular track from the OST...

So I was going through the Hibike! tag as I generally do and found this video; it’s a sample selection of pieces from the soundtrack that’s coming out July 8th.

And there’s this one piece that I remember hearing a lot throughout the show, one that plays at 4:04. It was playing when Kumiko, Midori, and Hazuki chose their instruments. It also played in this scene in Episode 5:

Of course, you’ll probably remember hearing it during a specific scene in Episode 8–one with Kumiko and Reina on top of a mountain. These are even a couple of the screenshots for this piece in the video:

So this piece obviously plays during pretty important scenes in the show, right? Well, I was looking up its title (the kanji in the top left corner of the screenshots I took) and found out what it means.

In kanji: 意識の萌芽 (ishiki no houga)

意識 (ishiki) means “consciousness” or “awareness”

萌芽 (houga) means “germination” or “sprouting”

Putting it together, you have the title “Germination of consciousness” (or something like that), which is super interesting. As we know, Kumiko’s character has really developed throughout the show, especially during her encounters with Reina (and I can’t emphasize enough how important Episode 8 was in particular), and this one track, which plays when we find scenes of Kumiko’s character growth, really sums up what’s going on. Kumiko’s own consciousness is starting to sprout, to grow, almost like a flower, every time she has these encounters and goes through what the show depicts. And we can see the end result quite clearly in Episode 11. Instead of saying that Kumiko’s been going through character development, we should be saying that her entire consciousness has been sprouting! (Or not)

Also, has anyone seen the cover image for the OST? Because it is beautiful (and Reina’s literally walking on air).