but i mean i feel like this could be pretty cool

3racha references in N/S:

  1. The intro sounds similar to the intro to Modern Times! (I think that’s the English translation of the title but if not you know what I mean)
  2. ‘Weather feeling hot or cold’ sounds like a reference to domestic banana
  3. 'Stray Kids going fast or slow’ could be taken as a reference to p.a.c.e, or runners high if you really stretched it (but runners high is only about going fast)
  4. The whole 'North pole or South pole life’ thing seems to be a reference to broken compass, maybe meaning that you don’t know where you’ll end up and it could be the polar opposite of what you thought
  5. 'red light green light’ is possibly a reference to peer pressure, as that also mentions traffic/stop lights and crossing the road. Also the whole 'swag’ bit also hints towards crossing the road on the green light to look cool.
  6. I’m pretty sure there’s a 3racha song that also has being 'on the fence’ as part of it but idk which
  7. I think that Changbin’s section about panic over what to wear could be a reference to his solo If, which is about anxiety
  8. Throughout the song, they constantly question what to do when it comes to the small things, because 'it’s the small things that matter’
  9. Chan literally says 'plus and minus’, which is the title of a song (+,-)

Well, there you go! I might be going a bit far on a few but it’s literally a 9racha song so I’m probably not far off! Feel free to add on anything I’ve missed if you like 🤷

Time to infodump about something that’s been on my mind lately about Overwatch lore stuff. I actually don’t know if anyone has brought this up or pointed this out before, but if so hit me up.

Let’s talk about yellow eyes. Not like jaundice style yellow sclera but like full on yellow irises.

I first noted it in ‘A Better World’ because frankly I think a lot about things that involve Symmetra because she’s very important and anything that even hints at more Symmetra exposition has me interested.

Satya Vaswani canonically and prominently has big bright yellow eyes. This is shown off pretty conspicuously several times in her ‘A Better World’ comic. This is something I initially chalked up to it being a very cool look and it being the fictional space future. Maybe some people just have yellow eyes in the Overwatch universe. Maybe it’s just a design thing. That could still be all it is. There’s a talking gorilla. Yellow eyes aren’t that wild.

But it did stick out to me a bit especially the more I realized that other characters generally (with some notable exceptions) seemed to have eyes that fell within the natural spectrum as we know it. Blue and brown predominantly. When I started setting aside the exceptions and what most of them had in common, a pattern starts to develop.

Another member of the yellow-eyed club is Junkrat. Notably his shade is significantly more orange-y. Many people speculate this is related to him being exposed to the weird comic-book-style magic radiation of the Mad Max outback or whatever his mysterious ‘treasure’ is and that could be it. Yellow eyes could be a symptom of some kind of exposure. But let’s keep looking.

Our next example I noticed and the one that somewhat convinced me there’s something to this is Widowmaker. Mostly because we know definitively that her appearance was dramatically altered directly as a result of being captured and having ~something~ done to her and the fact that the shade is very similar to Symmetra’s. Does this raise the possibility that the same something or a similar something has been done to the others?

There’s one more member of yellow eye club!

Here’s a really good shot of Winston’s very very yellow eyes. A quick google reveals that the standard natural gorilla eye color is more of a lovely reddish brown, so this definitely feels like a conscious change. In this instance too, we know that Winston without a doubt has been augmented in some way. I mean obviously, most gorillas don’t talk. In voicelines with Mercy, she even mentions his ‘genetic therapy’. Does that line put a name to what’s been done to these three? Hard to say!

So here we have three suspects, all connected to the themes of weird science and having had their bodies augmented in potentially dubious ways. I think this is a pretty interesting thing to note especially for Junkrat and Symmetra fans. It definitely makes you wonder about what exactly the Trash Guy’s been getting into and as for my #1 girl…

What has Vishkar been doing to her? They’ve had plenty of opportunity, considering it’s canon they ‘acquired’ her for training when she was very young.

And looking above we can certainly see not everyone in Vishkar has this in common with her. Presuming something has been done to her, it hasn’t been done to the people in charge of manipulating and handling her.

In conclusion.

Yellow eyes, guys. Yellow eyes.

So um, I don’t know if anyone else here knows this, but something that’s really special to me about being back here is that, really early on in my career, when a lot of people didn’t necessarily think that we could fill stadiums together, Gillette Stadium was one of the first places that booked me to fill a stadium. So this was back on the Fearless tour, which was ages ago, I mean, and I was wondering about this crowd tonight, because you’re kind of like, I would call you like a super-crowd. And so I was kind of wondering, and trust me, there are no wrong answers here, but was anyone here in the audience tonight, was anyone at the Fearless show here? Really? Good to see you again! thanks for coming back! Was anyone here tonight at the Speak Now show here? Was anyone who is here tonight at the Red Tour show? Was anyone here tonight at the 1989 Tour show here? And was there anyone here tonight where it’s your first time seeing me play a show? Nice to meet you! This is a super crowd. It’s so exciting to be the people who’d want to come see this show for the first time, it’s also very exciting to me that some of you have come back over and over again to come and hang out with us, that’s so cool you guys. So after the 1989 tour when we played here, I took a bit of a break. Like I’ve kind of been on a very predictable schedule in turns of touring and album stuff, ever since I was 16, and I’m 28 now, which is wild, and so my life would kind of go, you record an album, put out the album go on tour, record the album, put out the album, go on tour, and it kind of went like that over and over again, until I finished the 1989 World tour, and I just felt like I really needed to stop for a second, think about who I would be as a person if I broke that kind of cycle of just constantly making something and putting it out, like if I stopped to reflect, what kind of life would I have if there wasn’t a spotlight on that life. And I was a little afraid to do that, because I was like, ‘What if they don’t want to hang out with me anymore? They’ll forget about me, they’ll move on, they’ll find someone else in super sparkly dresses,’ and I was just so honored and pleasantly surprised that you guys were so supportive of me taking a break. You guys are so empathetic, you were like, 'Go be happy, we just want you to be happy,’ and now that I’m back wth reputation, you guys have filled this stadium three times over. I am so grateful! And when I was making this album I was thinking a lot about the concept of our reputation, and how when our reputation seems to match who we are as a person, we don’t think about our reputation as much. We’re not like, 'Man our reputation is amazing, everyone thinks well of me,’ I don’t think we ever really dwell on that. I think we’re only tormented by the thought of our reputation when we feel like it doesn’t match who we are, and that can be pretty scary, when someone says something about you behind your back, and you’re like, 'That doesn’t feel accurate!’ and there’s this disconnect that happens. And we hate feeling disconnected. We want to feel connected, and that’s why I love looking out into the crowd and hearing you singing the words, because we all want to feel connected. All we want in this life is connection, and I don’t think that’s bad, we all want love and friendship and connection. And the trick is finding something real and figuring out how to keep it, and that is the delicate part.
—  Taylor before Delicate in Foxborough, MA on July 26

anonymous asked:

dabi/kacchan hcs for a very inexperienced s/o like hadnt even kissed

My boyys, love getting requests for them <3 


  • He probably catches on pretty early that you don’t have a whole lot of experience, which honestly just makes him like you even more
  • Dabi’s a huge tease, and enjoys saying/doing things that will get you all blushy and flustered, so the fact that you’re a little timid and inexperienced at love is literally the best thing he could ask for. 
  • Still, even though he’s figured it out, it definitely doesn’t mean he’s going to do anything to make you uncomfortable. Dabi will smother you in hugs and the like, only ever ghosting small kisses along your cheeks and neck instead of heading directly for your lips. It’s honestly incredibly difficult for him to control himself, but he’s willing to make the effort if it’s you. 
  • He’s a smart guy and can sense when the time is right—you might be a little more daring in your approaches; or just blushing way more fiercely than usual. When he sees the way you shift in place and hover almost teasingly above his lips, he’ll know exactly what you want. 
  • You might mumble out, “Dabi…I’ve never actually kissed anyone before…”, to which he’ll reply with a throaty chuckle. “I know that, babe. It’s fine—I’ll lead you through it, okay?” 
  • Dabi’s a passionate guy, and his kisses are usually deep and forceful, but he’s going to take it slow this time just to make sure that you’re totally comfortable. His hand will work around to gently cradle the back of your neck as he pulls you in and presses his lips against your own. You’ll blush from the warmth of his breath intermingling with the coolness of his stitches. 
  • He revels at any opportunity to tease you, but he’ll do his best to hold back and make this first kiss as special as possible. Dabi can read your body language—if he senses that you want to keep things soft and slow, he will; if he realizes that you want something more sensual and passionate, he won’t hesitate to adjust the pace. He’s almost guaranteed going to grope your butt at some point, though. 
  • When you pull away breathlessly with flushed cheeks, Dabi will only grin. “You’re so cute, babydoll. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to teach you everything you need to know.” 


  • It’s no secret that Bakugou likes to act cocky and as though he’s got everything figured out, but depending at what stage the two of you are at in your life, it’s likely that he hasn’t even had hist first kiss yet. He spent the majority of his pre-adolescence obsessing over being better than everyone else and showing off his power, so it’s safe to say that romance wasn’t the most important thing on his mind. 
  • When he does get into a relationship with you though, his attitude pretty much does a full 180. Bakugou sucks at expressing himself with words, which is why actions speak louder for him. He’s the type of guy to wrap you into a bear hug whenever he wants to feel you close to him, and isn’t shy with his affections. 
  • But when he notices the way you’ll timidly turn your head every time he goes in for a kiss, he only then realizes how inexperienced you are. Bakugou could kind of already tell that you weren’t much used to being close to someone else because of the way you would blush and get a bit flustered from close contact, and he can’t help but smirk at his realization. 
  • Again, he’s probably not very experienced himself, but he definitely likes knowing that you’re so innocent to most things—not only does it allow him to assert his dominance by taking the lead, but he loves knowing that he’s the only person who’s gotten the chance to be intimate with you. 
  • It’s hard for Bakugou to keep his hands off you with how cute you are, but he does his best. He’s direct and passionate with his approach, but he tries to be a bit more gentle and less spontaneous so as not to startle you. Will settle for small things like rubbing your hair and patting your back if you’re ever too nervous for more, but he’s practically itching to jump on you. 
  • Even though Bakugou wanted your first kiss to be special, it wasn’t really planned for. He just sort of sensed the mood spike, and seized the opportunity by roughly slamming his lips against your own. The kiss was frenzied and passionate, and when you pulled away, you were surprised to see that he was blushing just as much as you were. Bakugou acts tough, but the act of finally getting to be closer to you has him pretty flustered. 
  • He knows you’re still not really used to handling affection, so he’s not going to rush you. Still, Bakugou won’t be able to keep his hands off you for long, and once you’re comfortable, things are bound to heat up real fast.
Domhnall Gleeson on Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Happy Sad Confused

Domhnall Gleeson talks Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Happy Sad Confused

Some highlights:

On Hux and Poe “broken phone call” scene

  • “It was interesting, because we went up and down the scale in terms of how put out Hux would be by it. And Oscar was actually there – Oscar read his lines off camera for that, which is a really cool thing to do, so we could feel the energy in the room.”

On Hux surviving TLJ

  • “I’ll be honest, I was very surprised that I survived. I kind of imagined myself getting blown up in a ship pretty early on… but spoiler alert, I suppose. There’s also that moment where Ren is on the ground, and it looks like maybe I’ll finish him. [Chuckles] What stake would the franchise be in if Snoke and Ren are gone, and it’s just Hux going, ‘Right! This is how we go’? Can you imagine how annoyed people would have been? It’s just him.”    “Episode IX: The Rise of Hux”   “Yeah, exactly! Which I keep pitching to JJ [Abrams], but he’s not answering my emails.”

On Hux backstory in the novelization

  • “I think my dad’s name is Brendol? Is that a wink to my [real] dad? Like a winky wink to my dad? […] I need to buy whatever novel it is. I mean I have my own version, but that’s not true now, apparently. I can’t talk about it, because then it’ll be anti canon! [Chuckles]”

On Hux and Kylo relationship
(Josh: “I don’t know if there’s, like, a future for you two.”)

  • “[Laughs] The white picket fence may not materialise? […] See, I like the idea that Hux gets abused. […] The whole thing was – Rian talked about it – he’s like a kicked dog. When that dog eventually bites, it’s gonna bite hard. When it finally snaps, it’s gonna be something really nasty. So my hope is that’s the way it goes, but we just don’t have any– Maybe they’ll make up and… maybe that’ll be the twist. Them getting married.”

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“Lena, you will not believe what Mon-el just said to me,” Kara fumed as she barged into Lena’s dorm room.

“Kara, I could have been changing,” Lena said mildly, taking off her glasses and putting a big textbook aside. “I could’ve had someone over.”

Kara took a break from her fury to note how entirely adorable Lena looked like this, sloppy and studious and comfortable. “That’s never happened before,” she pointed out unthinkingly.

Lena visibly bristled. “It could happen, you don’t know,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry, you’re totally right, I should’ve texted, I know, but, this just keeps happening to me and I really wanted to see you,” Kara explained in a rush.

“Slow down,” Lena said, purposely calm. “What keeps happening?”

Kara gestured indistinctly with her hands. “These—these guys that I thought were my friends wanting to—wanting something else from me!”

“Get in here.” Lena reached out to her until Kara took a few more steps into her room. “Mon-el said something to you?”

Kara nodded.

“Kara, I need you to be honest with me, and I swear to god if you act all coy, ‘aw shucks it’s no biggie’ I will leave my own room,” Lena said very seriously. “Is he—is anyone making you feel unsafe?”

Lena’s shoulders were tight, fists tucked in her lap, jaw visibly struggling not to clench. She looked absolutely ready to grab a man by the front of his tacky nylon jacket and throw down. And Kara knew for a fact that Lena Luthor had never thrown a punch in her life, got winded climbing a single flight of stairs, had in fact weaseled her way into a P.E. exemption in high school, but—alien constitution or no—Kara was pretty sure she’d never felt this well protected in her life.

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Baby Blues (Intro)

Baby Blues: Eleven months after a one night stand, Bucky is faced with raising his daughter and things are getting tough. That is, until he meets you, his extremely introverted neighbor. 

A/N: This is just a smol intro to the smol series that I need to get off my computer before my brain implodes, so bare with me, y’all. ;) I hope you guys like it! - D.

Pairing: Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Mentions of drug abuse. Swearing. Smut is implied. Bucky’s a dad. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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@nattoppet-dj: so i was looking up tel quessir for something, bc i’m writing a thing with elvish in it, and there are some words in translators that aren’t in it. some are more complex than a simple word, but
Ivaebhin - ‘Boy Filled with Brightness’
imagine taako calling angus this and angus doesn’t know what it means and asks someone

me: o h my god

Angus has gotten pretty good at Magic Missile.

Lucretia insists there’s no reason for him to know that kind of spell at such a young age, but Angus’s work is dangerous, and he needs to be ready for anything. Besides, he can only think his way out of so many situations. Even the world’s greatest detective is in need of a little oomph from time to time, as Taako puts it, and there’s not much else that delivers on oomph like Magic Missile does. (“At least for lower levels like yourself,” his mentor had said, condescension sugar-sweet in his voice. “I mean, we’ll see if you can handle it and then, uh, go from there.”)

Angus knows he doesn’t mean it. Taako does have faith in him, even if he won’t admit it to himself. Their weekly lessons since Story and Song have been increasing in both difficulty and complexity, and although he’s had his full stops, Angus has pushed through every multilingual incantation and learned all twenty-seven ways to flick a wand (fourteen of which serve for dramatic flair alone). Sure, he could do with the odd bit of encouragement from time to time, but it’s as surefire as the targets standing in front of them—he makes Taako proud. It just isn’t obvious to anyone on the outside looking in.

Or to anyone on the inside looking on.

Or anyone at all, really.

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Boxer vs Artist [t.h.]

Request: oh ok well the concept was boxer!Tom just being soft for his artist!gf and he thinks she’s so precious and pure and he brags about her talent to his boxing buddies and they’re like yeah you’re a lucky dude lol. I was kinda hoping u could write something about it but u don’t have to:)

A/N: Idk I feel like this would be a cool series tbh but I didn’t know how I’d do a one-shot so here’s a headcanon!

masterlist // tag list

  • OKAY so boxer!Tom
  • he’s not exactly “soft” usually
  • like normally he’s kind of all about the gym
  • and wants to keep more to himself and boxing buddies
  • doesn’t really show much affection
  • his head is just with the sport, ya know?
  • BUT
  • then he met you
  • and the boy was suddenly softer than a puppy
  • but only around you
  • you’d met somewhere like a Subway when he was on his way home from the gym
  • he’d seen you the second he walked in and just became totally infatuated with how concentrated you were on your art
  • you were bored while you waited on a friend
  • so he asked you on a date
  • which was a little bit of mess
  • he was nervous which doesn’t happen much but it’s you
  • anyway
  • y’all had gone on a few dates
  • and even though you guys are pretty different
  • you clicked
  • he told you about his boxing
  • partially because he liked talking about it
  • and because you wanted to know why his knuckles looked roughed up all the time
  • and he asked about your art
  • like
  • when i say asked
  • i mean just wanted to see EVERYTHING
  • and never let you stop talking about it
  • so that was the start of a beautiful relationship
  • he’d asked to make it official
  • after you picked him up from the gym one day
  • he had been wanting to
  • but there was something with the way you had graphite on your nose
  • and ink smeared on your hands
  • that made him just blurt out of the question
  • to which you agreed without hesitation
  • now your dates
  • your dates were literally anything between staying inside cuddled on the couch
  • and going on fancy night outs
  • tom was more of a fan of just cuddling
  • especially if that meant you were going to draw
  • but that’s not all
  • which totally lead you trying to teach him to draw a few things
  • it was mostly laughing and tom giving you the sweetest smile
  • needless to say
  • he can’t draw and should stick to boxing
  • anyway because he’s so into your art
  • you wanted to be into his favorite thing
  • so you end up going to the gym with him sometimes
  • and he teaches you some boxing
  • which you’d think he’d be a little “”harsh”” on 
  • ya know since he knows it and he wants you to do well
  • but nah
  • this boy is SOFT
  • like encouraging words and
    • “That was really great, love.”
    • “Can you try this, darlin?”
    • “This rate, you’ll be kicking my ass.”
  • and his boxing buddies happen to overhear
  • and see the way he looks at you
  • because it’s basically the definition of heart eyes
  • so ya know they’re all like ??? because wow he’s actually affectionate??
  • and when you’re not around
  • all tom does is BRAG about you
  • a few times you made him a lunch/snack
  • and you always draw on his napkins
  • it started as a joke from your first date
  • you said something about always doodling in class when you were in school
  • and he asked you to doodle something
  • but all you guys had were napkins and a pen you kept in your purse
  • so you made it work and drew a quick doodle for him
  • so instead of being embarrassed he literally just BEAMS
  • and shows his friends
    • “Look! My girlfriend drew this!”
    • “She’s so talented.”
    • “Isn’t this amazing?”
  • And it’s just little two minute doodles
  • spoiler: tom keep ALL of them
  • his friends kind of laugh about it
  • but not to make fun of him but more in the “wow someone is head over heels” way
  • and a few times, his friends have actually told him how lucky he is
  • and asked if you had any friends
  • because like you keep tom mellow
  • and just make him better
  • he just loves you and your art
  • with all his heart
  • he melts

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171209 방탄소년단 윙즈파이널 엔딩멘트
171209 방탄소년단 윙즈파이널 엔딩멘트


JUNGKOOK: yesterday I said that there were a lot of things I regretted, but there were so many people who were saying that it was okay or they liked it! so I was really thankful. and yesterday before sleeping I drank Theraflu and rested and anticipated this stage. and I think tomorrow will be even better, don’t you think, everyone? the song we just sang is one that’s full of emotion but I don’t want to have a sad ending. I got my own studio! it’ll be good if you anticipate it, I’ll work hard and produce a lot of cool songs so please look forward to that. today was really fun, thank you for that. I love you!

JHOPE: Was it fun? are you happy? good. we are satisfied because of that. if you’re happy and having fun and smiling, then that’s enough. we prepare a lot for a concert! before we go onstage we stretch and loosen our bodies with a trainer, we spend 30 minutes and decide things together about how to do certain songs. that’s how a concert comes to be, and it’s completed through your applause. at the end, of course, I want to rest and feel like I need to take a breather, but I overcome that feeling, and what helps me do that is everyone’s smiles and applause and cheers. it’s the biggest thing to me. you’re very important to me and you influence me so much. thank you and I love you. I also want to thank our members and my parents, they help me meet ARMY after all. I love you all so much, thank you for your energy!

JIMIN: No sad words will come out today! everyone here knows my heart so it doesn’t matter. did everyone have fun? the things I remember most from our tour is that… when we do the solo stages Jin hyung’s stage is after mine, so I see it, and his live is really great, right? since February he’s just been improving so much and I am very moved by it. wow, you’re all so pretty~ and wow, you all should be with us forever, what do you think? (cheers) okay, good. please be with us always, I’m thankful and I love you.

SUGA: From AX Hall to the Olympic Gymnasium to here… I’m so glad we could do this all with ARMY. although not everyone here is ARMY, of course, some people have been with us from the beginning, but there are probably some who just came for fun. but I wanna say–because this isn’t bluffing, this is confidence–I’m very proud of all of us and I think we can make you, fans today. (…) the people here all know. this is so much fun… I only wanna say enjoyable things to you. I’m so thankful, thanks for making this concert so fun. I love you!

V: Thank you, everyone. like the others, I practiced for a long time, but yesterday of all days I caught a cold. I’m not in good condition. I’ve been wanting to show you how much I’ve improved and all of the stuff I’ve been working on, but bc of this cold I haven’t been able to do that. my voice totally wasn’t coming out, but as soon as the con started a miracle happened and I was able to sing! (JM: he sang well, right?) I was like, what’s with this good news?? we received so many awards and so much love and attention this year and I’m so thankful, I hope you’ll all always be with us, forever. I love you!

JIN: I did this yesterday and want to do it today too. and I’ll probably do it tomorrow too! (sings in increasingly high tones) a-a-AR-MY!! we’ve been receiving so many awards thanks to ARMY. we’ve even now gotten 2 Daesangs (Grand prize) thanks to ARMY. I think that we’re warm because of ARMY’s love. it’s cold outside right? but it’s warm in here because of ARMY. when I see you… (puts on his heart glasses) (RM: nobody does this as well as him!) I wanted to do this in Korea once too. I’m very handsome. thanks to ARMY, I became this bright a person. thank you!

RM: I thought of something because of what Suga said. what does BTS mean? (JH: dutifully recites the meaning) I was thinking we should introduce ourselves again. older people know our name now! we’ve done so much lately. I’ve heard that people are saying we’ve been running and falling and getting up and running again, and now through DNA, we’ve even made it to the universe. from AX Hall to here, you were with us, so thank you. of course, we have to be at our concerts, as well as the staff and the various people who work backstage, but don’t you guys know that it’s your presence that completes it? in the future, let’s walk and run and fly together. I love you. with this concert, the curtain is going down on the Wings Tour but also on the BTS Trilogy as a whole. those episodes are what made BTS, and now it’s time to anticipate the stories that will unfold ahead. if there are people here who just came to see for fun, I’d like to thank you ahead of time for becoming our fans. and now, I’ll introduce our last song. I’m happy, and I love you.

Recording and tr: papercrowns

hey so like it’s kind of wild that the others’ bounties never came up amirite

They’ve had this arrangement going for over a month now. Taako trains all day and when he’s done he calls up his favorite ice pack, and if Kravitz isn’t busy he swings by and then they chill all night. It’s a pretty choice situation, all things considered. Nothing soothes sore muscles like the sweet embrace of Death, yeah?

So Taako is halfway to dozing when it first comes up, which for him is not ideal. He’d just spent the last six hours getting his ass handed to him; the least his boyfriend could do is let him nap in peace. He’d very much like to be lulled to sleep by the gentle rhythm of cool hands carding through his hair.

Kravitz, unfortunately, has other plans.

“Do you know who Lup is?”

Reluctantly, Taako turns his head, though he was perfectly content with the way it was mashed up against his boyfriend’s thigh. Speaking seems like a lot of effort, but he manages a small whuffling noise, barely a questioning hum.

“Sorry, I’ve been—I was filling out exit paperwork for your bounties today,” he says, “and her name was near yours in my book.” Taako feels more than sees Kravitz weave a tiny braid into his hair, only to unravel it again. “I’ve been curious for a while now,” he adds sheepishly, “but it never seemed like the right time to ask.”

“And you thought now was fine?” Taako grumbles. Kravitz huffs a laugh. Taako rolls over, blinking up blearily at his boyfriend. “‘nother, uh, 'nother name in the ol’ Death Note, then?”

“Right next to yours,” Kravitz confirms. “I mean, she doesn’t have—there’s no last name given, but it says she’s died twenty-three times, and also apparently she’s a lich?" 

There’s a pause, and when Taako doesn’t respond, Kravitz continues. "It’s not exactly—strictly speaking I shouldn’t be discussing other bounties with you, and I believe it when you say you don’t know anything about your own, but—you’re sort of, sort of the only lead I’ve got right now.” He laughs again, self-conscious this time. “Sorry, this isn't—s'not exactly the best pillow talk, is it?”

“…no, uh—definitely—fo'sure not,” Taako says. He frowns. “What’s the name again?”

“Lup,” Kravitz says.


“The name—it’s Lup,” Kravitz repeats. He leans forward to take Taako’s hand and laces their fingers together. Squeezes gently, brows furrowed in concern. Taako doesn’t pay him much mind. “Are you alright?”

There’s a cold numbness blooming in his chest, the cliff’s edge of a realization that he doesn’t quite teeter over even as Taako shoves himself up on his elbows and struggles to think. “No, yeah, I—my dude, that was all fucking static.”

Now it’s Kravitz’s turn to frown. “What do you mean?”

Taako exhales sharply, mind racing even as his thoughts buzz and blur together and he struggles to comprehend—

 "I mean you’re gonna have to gimme that one more time. What was the fucking name.“

Kravitz watches him for a long moment. "Lup,” he says again. “She's—a lich. Died twenty—twenty-three times, I think.” He pauses, chewing on his lip as he considers something. Taako, maybe. The stubborn set of his jaw. Then he waves his free hand to conjure a book of brilliant white light. Thumbs through it until he finds the right page. “There’s also—Sildar Hallwinter, he’s… I’ve actually run into him a few times, not such a—not a big fan of him… Drew Davenport, six deaths, no trips to the Astral Plane. Lucretia—”

“What the fuck,” Taako breathes. Then, louder. “No, seriously, what the fuck?”

Kravitz glances up at him, a little startled. “Sorry, I can—I’ll drop it. Are you sure you’re okay?”

Taako could laugh. “Y’know, that’s, uh, that’s a good fucking question.”

BTS Reaction- Meeting Your Child From A Previous Relationship For The First Time

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When you first started dating Jin you made sure to tell him that you had a two year old boy from a previous relationship. He was shocked at first his reason being “You’re so young and beautiful and a single mom? What can’t you do!” so he took the news pretty well. However, you were nervous for the two of them to meet. You didn’t want to lose Jin because your son didn’t like him or vise versa. So it wasn’t until later in your relationship when the two finally got to meet. Granted it wasn’t the way you wanted it to be. 

“Jin,” you couched into the phone “I’m so sick and y/c/n ’s baby sitter is M.I.A., can you please come over and help me?” you asked dropping down on the couch next to your son who was happily watching some cartoon. “OF COURSE!” he squealed getting you to giggle and roll your eyes as he collected his cool “I mean, of course my love, and I will pick up some soup on the way over!” he said before hanging up on you. It wasn’t much longer before there was a knock at the door “Y/c/n, can you go get the door,” you mumbled. Your bumbling son hopping off the couch and running to the front door.

You watched him from a far as the little one opened the door and your boyish boyfriend who had the biggest shook face one. He knelt down in front of your son “You must be y/c/n” he said to the young boy, who was busy analyising the older man’s face “Y/c/n, let him in!” You said from your spot on the couch. The little boy cautioushly stepped aside to let your boyfriend in, who thanked him and walked over to you. “How are you feeling Jagi?” he asked setting soup on the coffee table, sitting down next to you. “Like a bad word,” you muttered getting him to chuckle at you, he took your hands in his “Today I am your personal assistant, you tell me what to do I’ll do it.” he informed you.

“Isn’t it your day off though…” you felt bad for stealing him on his only day off to help take care of you and your child “I don’t know where else I’d rather be,” he said with a shurg getting you to smile. You son still standing at the side of the couch watching the two of your interact, you giggled at your son “Come here y/c/n,” you said opening your arms to him. He walked over and climbed into your lap facing Jin,  “Y/c/n this is Jin, he’s my boyfriend,” you introduced. You child shied away from him a bit hiding in your hair. You smiled leaning down next to the little boy “I’m sure if you ask kindly he’d make you Gyeran jjim,” you cooed. 

You son looked over a Jin “Will you please make it,” his voice small, Jin had to try deserpately not to clutch at his chest. “Only if you’ll help,” he replied getting your son to smile, “I am a good chef ask eomma,” he said jumping out of your arms and taking his hand pulling him towards the kitchen. You watched from the side as Jin lifted your son up in his strong arms, the two of them already messing around in the kitchen. You smiled contently at the two of them. You could get use to this. Once the food was done your son was contently eating his food while sitting on Jin’s lap, “eomma?” he called to you, “Can he stay forever?” he asked quietly leaning back against Jin’s chest, who was smiling triumphantly “Maybe.” you replied.

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It wasn’t that you wanted to get evicted, it was just that you were a single working mom of a four year old who demands a lot of attention. Fortunately your boyfriend offered you to stay at his house as long as you need, or indefinitely, even though he’s never met your daughter. You knew he would probably be in his studio all night, and you didn’t want to bother him so you quietly tucked your sleepy daughter into the guest bedroom and retreated into his room to settle down of the night. Being a mom is hard, especially when you are doing it on your own, so it wasn’t surprising you fell asleep right away. 

It wasn’t until you heard soft sniffles did you wake up, you pulled yourself out of bed and opened the door just in time to see your daughter opening Yoongi’s studio door. He got up and met her at the door, squatting down in front of her “Hey little one,” he said softly not trying to startle her. You daughter had always been a friendly child so it was not surprising that she wasn’t afraid of the Stanger before her. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered stepping between his knees and resting her head on his shoulder. You watched as he contemplated the words that left her mouth before lifting her up. “Don’t worry about it.” he said softly carrying her towards the bathroom.

You snuck quietly down the hall and looked through the open door. He had removed her pajama’s and underwear, having her stand naked in the sink as he rinsed her off. She had her hands resting on his shoulders to keep her balance as he washed her up. “I got scared when I woke up so I didn’t wanna find the bathroom,” the young girl admitted blushing slightly. “It’s really dark in there.” he looked up at her “I’ll get you a nightlight for tomorrow.” she smiled brightly as he dried her off. He helped her get on new clothes and placed her on his hip, her head falling down on his shoulder. “How about you sleep with your mom and me?” he asked the young girl.

You quickly went into the bedroom your daughter had slept in and removed the dirty sheets and blankets into the washing room. After that was taken care of your went into your room to see Yoongi laying on his back, your daughter on top of his chest snoring softly. You smiled walking over to the two “This is y/c/n,” you joked getting him to smile slightly. “Not quite how I pictured meeting her,” he mumbled an arm loosely draped over her small back. “Welcome to parenthood where 99% of the time nothing goes to plan,” you said laying down beside him pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I think she’s fond of you,” you whispered running your fingers over her cheek, “That’s good… Pretty fond of her,” he said softly. You didn’t have the heart to tease the ever stoic Yoongi, because it was all too cute.

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Hoseok knew you had a kid when he first met you. He claims that something about you makes you feel like home but it was more the fact that you had begged him to give you the last pack of chips for your sick three year old. Either way he was intrigued and then somehow fell in love. He constantly begged to meet your son, but you were unsure about the relationship and didn’t want to bring anyone in who wasn’t staying, I mean the kids father up and left him, why would Hoseok. You had brought your son to the park to play with some of the other kids, sitting on a park bench alone you were texting Hoseok who was at practice not too far away.

You had not been looking for one second when suddenly your beloved son had disappeared. Worry flooded your veins as you called out for him and looked around, when he wasn’t answering you panicked. You hands were shaky and tears welled in your eyes as you frantically searched for him. When your phone started ringing you were quick to answer it “Hobi, I lost y/c/n, I’m at the park and I can’t find him.” you didn’t even let him say hello. “Calm down, he couldn’t of gotten far, I’ll come help.” he said before hanging up. You waited for him to come and he took your shaking form in his arms and kissed your head.

“Why can’t we call the police? Who made the dumb ass rule that hey have to be missing for twenty four hours?” you cried against his chest, “Shh, he’s probably here don’t worry,” he assured you while looking around the park. Once he spotted a familiar little boy under the bench he caught his breath and smiled “Could it possibly be him?” he asked turning you around and pointing to the sleeping boy. You sighed in relief and then blushed like mad for not having the idea to look under yourself for your son. “I’m sorry I freak out,” you mumbled rubbing your arm, he giggled and pecked your nose “Nonsense, you’re a good mother that’s all. Now please let me meet him!” he begged throwing an arm over your shoulder.

You nodded wrapping an arm around his lower back “Yeah I think it’s about time, You left practice early for him,” you said as the two of you started walking over to the little boy. You knelt down besides the little boy and shook him awake “Tired huh?” you teased pulling him out into your arms. “I want you to meet someone,” you said softly moving hair out of his face, “Y/c/n this is Hoseok,” you introduced the childlike man in front of you. You son sat up and smiled brightly at Hobi, “He’s J-Hope!” he said clapping his hands, “We may watch some videos of you,” you replied sheepishly.

“I’m your hope, I’m your angel!” You boyfriend sing songed as the little boy wiggled out of your lap “It’s J Hope!” he squealed clapping his hands together. The two boys cooed and awed over each other for a while, “Do you wanna play with me? Oemma won’t let me go on the slide alone!” the little boy asked grabbing at his hand. Hobi opened his eyes wide just shocked “me?” he asked pointing to his chest, the little boy nodded over excited. He smiled taking hold of the little boys hand “Of course!” he replied basically dragging the little boy over to the playground. You watched as the two of them hopped around and slide down the slide over and over again, you son occasionally shouting “I LOVE J HOPEEEEEEE” Yoongi officially has some competition.

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Joon knew that he couldn’t always be a number one priority just like you knew you couldn’t be for his either. This mutual understand seemed to make the relationship a lot stronger. Namjoon always wanted to meet your daughter but between his busy schedules and yours you hardly had time to meet up just the two of you. However one night when your year and a half year old had a fever and just wouldn’t seem to calm down, you showed up at the BTS studio. You were close to tears, just like the little one in your arms as you walked up to his studio and knocked on the door. 

He opened it quite quickly and looked over you and the crying baby trying to figure it out “I don’t know what else to do, she won’t stop crying Joonie,” you said stifling sobs. He nodded ushering you and the baby in and closing the studio so the baby’s screams were not down the hallway. He was still blinking slightly at the fact that this was his first time meeting her and she was screaming her lungs out. “Joonie help me,” you whimpered trying to calm the baby down, he snapped out of his daze and gently took the baby from you, not wanting to drop the poor thing.

“She’s probably still hot,” he said after inspecting the baby who was wearing a onesie, a sweatshirt and pants, as well as being wrapped in a blanket. He gently unwrapped the blanket from her, tossing it to the side before pulling off her clothes so she sat in just her onesie. “You brought her to the doctor?” he questioned, you nodded sniffling as you wiped the tears off your face. He hummed looking at her, a dimple smile coming out, even though she was still crying, she did look adorable. “She looks like you,” he said cooing over the little baby, before bringing her to his chest and sitting down.

“What are you-” you stopped when a song started playing softly, drowning out her cries until there really wasn’t any crying. You inched close to take a peek at your daughter to see she was fast asleep against his chest. “My my baby, how you scared me today,” you said quietly wiping the stray tears off her cheeks. You sighed softly before looking up at Namjoon “This wasn’t exactly how I wanted you two to meet but I didn’t know what else to do. I was so overwhelmed and I could only think to come to you-” he grabbed your hand cutting you endless explanations short.

“It’s alright Jagi, I’m glad you came to me for help,” he said quietly not wanting to disrupt the sleeping child on his chest “I was bound to meet her sometime right?” he added offering a smile. You weakly returned yours and squeezed his hand “thank you,” you whispered getting him to break into a bigger grin. “I think she’s the tinest BTS fan out there,” he said pulling his hand away from yours to run it down her back. You smiled kneeling down “Of course she is,” she said watching as she nuzzled her face into his chest.

“Why don’t you rest Jagi? I’m just going to work and she’ll be fine right here,” he said, he ran a hand over your cheek “really?” he nodded, “yeah, I don’t mind, what harm can she do just sleeping here?” he said pulling his headphones on. You stood up placing a kiss on his cheek before walking over to the little couch in his studio. You laid down getting all comfortable looking over at your little family. Family. You wanted this to be your family, and you didn’t know this yet, but Joon did too.

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You didn’t mean to bring your child on your date, actually, you wish you didn’t have to. However, the babysitter bailed last minute, and you defiantly weren’t going to bail on Jimin, not with his busy schedule, you don’t know when you’ll get to see him again. You showed up at the dance practice with the four year old wrapped around you leg as you gave him a ‘ride’ and when you showed up the boys stopped the music to look at the two of you. “Y/n!” Jimin ran over only then to notice your son “Y/c/n?” he asked looking between you and the boy. “Yeah,” you muttered grabbing the kids arm and pulling him to his feet.

You kneeled down by your son and pulled him into a hug as he was starting to get shy with all the new tall strangers around. “My sitter bailed and I didn’t want to bail on you-” you shook your head with a sigh “I’m sorry,” you offered. He smiled brightly before kneeling down next to you “Nonsense, it’s fine,” he said looking over your son. “But the fancy restaurant-” “Jin and Kook can go, I don’t care,” he said looking over the little boy who looked like a mini you. “Hello, I’m Jimin,” he said while waving his two hands, your son looked at you to see if he was safe, and once you nodded he waved back “y/c/n” he whispered stealing the hearts of all seven men.

“What’s your favorite food?” he asked the young boy, “Pancakes!” he squealed while clapping his hands. Jimin giggled before standing up “I know just the place,” he said giving you a peck on the cheek before taking your hand. You stood up and took your son’s hand as the three of you left, the boys taking several pictures as you went. You all walked down the stairs when your son sat down and wrapped his arms around your leg “oemma I can’t walk anymore!” he whined. You sighed “Y/c/n I can’t carry you, I’m tired,” you complained back at the boy, “I’ll carry you!” jimin offered shocking both of you. 

You son let go of your leg and held his arms up to Jimin, who gladly swooped him up in his arms, carrying him as if your four year old weighed nothing. “Come on Oemma,” Jimin teased taking your hand with his free one leading you out onto the streets. “Did you know oemma likes your songs a lot,” you son said matter o factly, “Oh?” Jimin smirked, “yeah, she always watches those music videos,” he said releasing all your embarrassing secrets. At least they had one thing in common, embarrassing you. The three of you walked into a cute little breakfast café and you all sat down, your son coloring the kids menu.

The boys were too busy coloring and playing the games when the waiter came over so you just ordered for the both of them. You wanted to watch the two of them interact for a little longer, Jimin was so sweet to your son, who seemed to like him right back. It made you know that he was the one for you. When the pancakes came back your son was ecstatic “Pancakes!” he asked excitedly getting Jimin to giggle and you to nod as your son started eating. Jimin looked up at you 'he’s so precious’ he mouthed getting you to giggle. Your son then looked up at you “So, what other rules do we get to break?” he asked, you shrugged “Who knows, do you think we should keep him around?” you asked pointing at Jimin.

You son looked him over before looking back at you with a bright smile “Yes! He let’s me eat breakfast for lunch!” he said excitedly. Both of you let out a little giggle “What do you say?” you told your son, who threw himself into Jimin’s arms “thank you!” he said hugging him tightly. You could see Jimin’s heart melting as he hugged your son back resting his chin on top of his head “no problem buddy,” he replied. Your son then went back to eating happily away, “Oemma can we do this more often?” he asked, you and Jimin shared a smile “I believe so.”

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When your four year old daughter informed you about parents night at her dance class you kind of panicked, especially when she told you that her dad needed to come, because it’s parents and not parent. Her father hasn’t been in the picture since she was born and you were surprised she even knew that everyone had a father. You sighed staring at your phone after you had put your daughter to bed, debating whether or not to call your current boyfriend or not. You were afraid asking him to be your daughters pretend appa for the night, you didn’t want to freak him out or anything. You loved him.

So, you decided to take a leap of faith, picking up your phone and calling your boyfriend. He answered right away “Jagi!” he was always happy to hear from you, you smiled “Are you busy tomorrow?” you asked. He hummed “not too busy for you, what’s up?” he asked, you could basically see his cheeky grin through the phone. “Y/c/n has a parent thing tomorrow and she wants me to bring her appa, and I have no one else to ask but maybe you could be her appa for the day?” you asked. He stayed silent for a moment “I know you’ve never met and this isn’t how I wanted to do this but I don’t want to let her down-” “Yeah I’d love to,” he replied cutting you off.

“Really? You were so quiet,” you said, “Oh I dropped my phone and ran around screaming for a minute,” he told you getting you to giggle. “You’re too cute you know,” you said, “Awe I can’t wait to be an appa!” he replied. You spent the next hour telling him random little facts about your daughter before deciding to go to bed yourself. The next day you waited outside the school for Taehyung while your daughter got ready with the rest of her class for the show. He met you with a wide grin and flowers “flowers?” he pulled you in a hug “Not for you,” he replied before the two of you walked in.

To anyone else it would have seemed like Taehyung was y/c/n actual daughter. He was smiling ear to ear, taking several videos and pictures of her recital and even cheered the loudest and stood up clapping like it was the best show ever. Afterwards your daughter came running towards you, “Baby you did so good!” you said kneeling down to hug her. “Who’s this? Is he my appa?” she asked looking at Tae who smiled brightly “For tonight, yes.” you told her. He knelt down next to her “You were the best dancer up there,” he said giving her the flowers, “Really?” she asked shyly, “Of course! Why don’t we go get a treat because you did so well,” he said picking her up.

She wrapped one arm around his neck as the three of you left the school, Taehyung was asking her all kinds of questions as the two got to know you each. You lingered back a little watching the two of them contently, Taehyung was father material, it was obvious. You snapped a picture of the two of them and made sure to make it your background. He bought her the biggest ice cream he could which forced you to make them split it because she’d never go to sleep. The two of them giggling and taking stupid pictures with each other. It was stupidly cute and you were stupidly in love with him. 

On the walk home he carried her and she just fell limp on his shoulder sleeping soundly. “I might cry,” he whispered hugging her tightly to his chest. You giggled patting his arm “Hold it in big guy,” you teased as you opened the front door of your apartment. He followed you in and gently laid her down on her bed. But she then grabbed his arm as he went to pull away “Can appa sleep with me for just a minute more?” she asked groggily, “He’s not actual-” Tae cut you off “No problem baby,” he said quietly climbing into bed with her. He wrapped his long limbs around her as she turned into his chest nuzzling closely.

“This is all I’ve wanted.” he whispered looking at you teary eyed, you smiled kneeling down next to them. “You don’t mind being her pretend appa?” you asked even though the answer was obvious, he shook his head no “I wouldn’t mind being her real Appa,” he said shocking you. “Or giving her little siblings, a house full,” he said excitedly. He pressed his lips against her sleeping head blushing slightly “as long as it’s with you,” you added quietly. You smiled standing up to press a kiss to his head “Goodnight appa,” you cooed.

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Jungkook was young, but so were you when you had your son. He was four years old now, and very active. It’s funny because he often reminds you of your muscle pig boyfriend and vice versa. You knew the two of them would get along great, but you didn’t want to introduce them in case this fresh relationship went south and Jungkook spilt. You know you could eventually manage the pain, but you didn’t want your son to have to. So, you waited for the right time. Jungkook constantly asks you about him, curious about this mysterious boy who looks similar to you. Always asking for pictures and videos, and when they can finally meet.

You were cuddling with Jungkook when you got a call from your son’s school informing you that he had hit someone else at school. You apologized to Kook for having to cut cuddle time short but he decided to come with you. You gave in seeing he had a car and the two of you could get there faster. You arrived at the school and the two of you went straight to the office where your son was sitting. “Great! You’re both here!” the principal said and before you could correct her she pulled you son over “Tell them what you did,” she said crossing her arms over her chest. “I hit another kid,” he muttered softly.

“Why baby?” you asked kneeling down in front of the now crying kid “He was making for of me because I didn’t have a appa on Appa day!” he shouted frustrated before breaking down into little sob and whimpers. You pulled him into your arms and stood up apologizing to the principal before leaving the school. Your son was still crying once you got out of the building, “Why didn’t you tell me about appa day?” you asked softly rubbing his back. He sniffled “Because I don’t have one.” he replied softly, you felt bad for the kid and looked at Jungkook who was in deep thought.

He patted the kid on the back and your son looked at him “I’m Jungkook, next time you need an Appa just tell me okay?” he said shocking you. “Really?” you snot nosed son asked lifting his head up “Sure,” Jungkook smiled. “Who is he?” you son finally asked you “He’s oemma’s boyfriend,” you explained to him. He smiled looking at Jungkook “I like him.” he said, Jungkook took the boy from you and started running and tossing him in the air getting him to laugh like crazy. “He likes you to,” you giggled to no one as you quickly caught up with them, climbing into Jungkook’s car.

“Hey Kid, let me give you some advice,” Jungkook said while driving back to your house “If you’re going to get in trouble for hitting someone you might as well hit hard,” he said getting you to slap him in the chest and your son to giggle. “Do not listen to a word he says,” you told your son before looking back at Jungkook who had a smirk on his lips. “You two are going to be the death of me, I can already tell,” you huffed getting him to chuckle, “Don’t worry, we’ll only get into a little bit of trouble.”

Why Does This Deity Want To Work With ME?

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A lot of us cross the line from humble to self-conscious, and it can be hard to see our own worth and understand why a deity, with all their awesomeness, would single us out. Obviously I can’t speak on behalf of any deity and I can’t diagnose every case, but I have some running theories about what makes a deity reach out.

Note: The structure of this involves a lot of my personal experiences and beliefs about the divine, so take it as you will. You’re allowed to view it differently than me! Hopefully either way it can help you in some way.


  • You’re offering something unique. Everybody worships in a different way, everybody brings something unique to the table. Perhaps they see what you’re doing (or have the potential to do later on) and want a piece of it.
  • It’s part of something bigger. I’m of the belief that deities still actively orchestrate certain events, and will set pins in place to create change later on. Perhaps for whatever their wider plan is, having you in the fold is good strategic move.
  • They like what you’re doing already. You’re already living your life in a way that reflects their interests and values, or you’re getting there. You’re already acting as a good example of what they want their followers to be like. So why not make it a thing? 
  • They think they can help. There’s something you need to learn or understand, and deities are pretty known for giving guidance. Your learning style may line up with their teaching style, and there is something uniquely rewarding and satisfying about helping someone with something you know you’re good at.
  • They just feel like it. I can’t explain the origin behind every relationship I have, sometimes it just happens. Sometimes the reason I talk to someone new is just “They looked cool and I wanted to.” It could very well just be that you piqued their interest! 

“But I’m not cool enough for any of that to be me,” You say. Wrong-o! You’re super unique and cool, and absolutely a person of worth! Maybe you’re not measuring your coolness by the same standards the gods/other people are, but everybody has something awesome to offer to the universe. To share an inspirational quote-thing, “Ants are amazing; they lift 5,000 times their own body weight, but that’s just their normal. They can’t see how incredible that is because their perspective doesn’t allow it. It’s the same with you: we can’t see ourselves from the outside to gauge how amazing we truly are.”

“I want to worship X but they haven’t reached out to me…” Reach out to them, then! It’s a two way street. Just cause a deity doesn’t make the first move doesn’t mean you can’t still start a relationship with that deity.

Anyway, that’s my ramble! I’d love to hear some stories of how your gods got your attention! 

I Go *** For You | Yoongi

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→ summary: Taehyung decides it’s time for you to get laid, so he forces you to attend a frat party to get your loins aflame and back in the game. Despite how innocent the party seems, a darker evil looms just out of the corner of your eye…

→ genre: college!au, humor/crack, smut

→ warning(s): a really bad blowjob, pretty dicks, and u…wu…

words: 3.7K

→ a/n: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @yminie!! Isn’t it such a wonderful thing that we’re friends and that you would never block me because you love me? Friendship is truly such a beautiful thing! Or, dare I say, fwendship? 😛 I love you!! (Also… This is probably the worst/best thing I’ve ever written, so please appreciate my hard work. HAHAHAHAAAAA!)

First and foremost, you never really were much of a party person. Drinking shitty booze from the dollar store and awkwardly dancing to the latest music from some dude’s SoundCloud really didn’t sound like much of a fun time—to anyone, for that matter. And yet, in your roommate’s honest opinion, there is no better place to be than right in front of some frat’s dudebro party.

“Thank god I got you out of your witch lair and out to this cool party, huh?” Taehyung laughs, his eyes glimmering with unrestrained excitement. You worry slightly for his sanity, as it seems like that excitement seems almost too genuine for comfort.

Taehyung had been invited by a friend of a friend to this party, and as your self-certified mom-friend (“A cool mom, by the way. The kind who lets her kids have drinks at 2PM,” he emphasizes), he feels it is his civic duty to get you Out There™️ and get the Dicking™️ you deserve.

Not that you wanted any help.

(“Oh shut up with that internal monologue; I can practically hear you bitching about me! We both know you haven’t gotten dick since Wonho graduated last year!”

“There was that one time with Seokjin—“

“He doesn’t count; he’s literally as gay as I am. He’s probably getting dicked down by Namjoon as we speak.”

“Oh really? Good for him I guess? Wait, does that mean I was the one who turned him gay?”)

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Typos (8)

summary: What happens when he texts the wrong number and suddenly there are memes and friendships involved.

warnings: swearing, slightly sexual?? but when is it not tbh


  • oKAY SO if you want more of Todd and Patricia here’s the link to the drabbles page because the tag wasn’t helping: Typos Drabbles
  • also everyone kept asking about why bucky’s number was yet saved, and the reason is because the reader’s habits are based off of mine and i never save numbers until it’s way too late :)
  • This is my entry for the GORGEOUS @buckyofthemyscira‘s writing challenge!!
  • special shoutout to @lovingllamareview for a meme i used in here and this bitch @daysoffuturepast for the horrifying image below, thank you!!

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Toad Prince 👑: so my date is on friday

You: cool

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🖤NCT Boyfriend Series🖤

- [🤗] Yuta

>>no warnings; just gets a little nsfw??

•my dad
•if looks could kill
•ya girl would be obliterated
•you met him when you worked as a barista
•he is visual perfection so you were already nervous
•and one sec he looked like he wanted to murder someone which made it worse
•then all of the sudden he was giving you that FUCKING smile and trying to start a conversation which just confused the fuck outta you
•this poor kid didn’t understand why you were so flustered when he came up to get his coffee
•but it just made him think you were even cuter, and when he finally got you to laugh
•he was sold
•every day after that he would come in and when he saw you his eyes would light up
•he would just sit at the counter for hours and talk to you during your shift
•you find out he’s a really great listener
•and super intelligent+woke
•one day, a particularly confident guy was trying to hit on you
•yuta was jealouuuuuuuus
•but he kept his cool
•then the guy started getting grabby
•and yuta wasn’t having that
•of course, the dude left bc… well… have you seen nakamoto yuta’s death stare??
•yuta offers to walk you home after work because it’s dark and that guy might still be hanging around
•it’s a yes for you
•you end up inviting him in and things get a little hot and heavy
•soooooo yuta pretty much thinks you guys are married now
•no but honestly, this boy doesn’t know what “taking things slow” means.
•”that’s my girlfriend”
•”yuta, we’ve been talking for seven days”
•”oh yeah your right! happy week anniversary babe:)”
•jealousy is his middle name
•this boy LIVES for skinship
•like he can’t keep his hands to himself
•is it gonna be inappropriate? innocent?
•you just gotta brace yourself and find out buddy
•seems so tsundere
•in reality, he wears his heart on his sleeve
•is sooooooo weak for you
•he pays attention to everything abt you, even he smallest of details
•remembers all the important dates
•thinks you’re the purest, cutest thing in the whole world
•thinks he needs to protect you at all times
•like, he would literally be besIDE himself if’s anything remotely bad ever happened to you
•would kill a man with his bare hands for you
•would also die for you
•super intimidating without meaning to be
•but when he does want to be, it’s 10X scarier
•when he’s with you tho????!
•the softest baby boy
•a lot of people depict yuta as a hardcore dom but i beg to differ
•don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a dom
•however, i think the idea of leaving heavy bruises and marks or accidentally really hurting you would make him physically ill
•definitely has an oppa kink, but this isn’t new info
•praise kink; giving and receiving
•i can see him having some sort of claim kink too
•like, bitch he’s obsessed with you
•and come on, we all know this boy is possessive as hell (#yuwin)
•”say my name baby girl”
•”who’s the only one that can make you feel this good?”
•a lot of hickeys
•but in the end he only wants to make you feel good
•if you asked him to sub, he’d drop everything and handcuff himself for you
•i only see him being seriously dominant when he’s unreasonably jealous or angry with you
•would most likely regret getting so rough afterward because to him, you’re his delicate little flower and you should always be treated with love and care
•speaking of love and care, yuta would do the sweetest, most romantic things for you when you’re having a bad day
•he’d cook your fave food, put on a fluffy movie and just hold you
•would stroke your hair and whisper sweet nothings into your ear
•any other day, he loves being the little spoon
•the members would probably think there’s something wrong if yuta isn’t clinging to you like he normally is
•he just loves being close to you 24/7
•would be the first to say “i love you”
•bc for him, it was love at first sight
•you always thought so too
•but you know for sure that he’s the love of your life after one really awful day at work
•he knew by the way you didn’t end your ‘coming home’ text with an exclamation mark that something was off
•so as soon as you opened the door, you were greeted with his healing smile and open arms
•god his hugs are so warm and secure and you feel like your at home in them (or heaven)
•your whole relationship with yuta has been heaven tbh
•and you realize, once you see his bright face and feel your heart leap into your throat, that he’s the only man you’ll ever need, or even want in your life
•you know you’d never feel as loved and admired with anyone else as much as you do with yuta
•he puts every ounce of his being into loving you and making you feel like the only person that matters in his world
•yuta also knows that no one would be able to understand him and handle him the way that you can
•overall, a relationship with yuta would keep you on your toes, as well as give you so many new outlooks on life
•like johnny, i would classify yuta with all the relationship lines. cute, responsible, old married couple, power couple, opposites attract, soft, lazy, because the way he acts would fluctuate depending on the day

>>yuta was pretty easy to find bf pictures for and his face, smile, body and everything else is actually art so i had to add in an xtra pic:)

A/N: i’m sorry i’m so late posting this, i know i usually do around 3pm est but i had a bit of a mental breakdown because i remembered i’m actually gonna be an adult in a month and i’m not ready lolllllllll love you guys i hope you enjoyed!!

A/Nx2: on a lighter note, a bitch actually cried while writing this because i can image yuta being such a gooooooooood boyfriend ughhh i want. like i’d have to say yuta is 2nd on my top 5 ideal bfs list, right under johnny

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c-173  asked:

How are you so confident with everything you do

Dear c-173,

I think it’s twofold. No, threefold.

1. I’m pretty comfortable with constructive criticism. Not just implementing it, but also sorting it into a manageable size. If someone I respect says, Stiefvater, that’s a little rocky, here’s my supporting argument, I’m usually pretty good about assessing whether I feel that’s something I need to take on. That means if some rando shouts to me on the street that I need to reconsider my life choices, I don’t internalize that. If an internet troll tells me to die in a fire, I don’t internalize that. If a guy I literally have never seen before shakes his head at my car and tells me I have no taste, it doesn’t register as information I need to act upon. If a friend brings something to me, then I start to pay attention, but the everyday slings and arrows of existing surrounded by judgment? Shrug. This is closely related to my opinion that you should like what you like

2. I’m okay with being a work in progress. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to post something that isn’t perfect. Perfect is an optical illusion, an end of the road that is unreachable. That means literally everything I attempt will fall short of it by some measure. All I can do is try my absolute best at the moment I am in, and then judge my efforts by however good I am at a thing right then. My first published book isn’t anywhere near as good as my 13th published book. My 13th will be nowhere near as good as my 21st. Does that mean I should wait until the 21st to show anything to anyone?  

2b. I might not have confidence in whatever I’m doing, but I have confidence that I can learn to be better at it. I don’t play the banjo right now, but you know what, I bet that if I had to play the banjo for an upcoming author extravaganza, I could learn. And again — I don’t have to be perfect at the thing. I can just do my best.*

3. I have a sense of humor about it. I’m a ridiculous creature. I understand what that means, looking in from the outside. You think my ripped jeans are weird, well, they kinda are. You think my car is strange, well, it sorta is. You think my music taste is outrageous? Totally is. I don’t care if you laugh. I like what I like, and I don’t care if I’m a prismacolor unicorn of a human.

3b. I’m not for everyone. I’m fine with that, too. We’re not vacuum cleaners. There’s not an objective right or wrong for us to be. We’re more like songs — and not every song is for every person, no matter how well-written or great it is. Just be the best jingle you can be and that’s good enough.



*a prerequisite for all of this is that you have to try hard and be present and committed to your own life story. It’s not an incredibly popular option right now, particularly among some of my bag-wine peers, but what can I say? Life works better when you’re there for it.

“Yang can’t be a lesbian, she totally checked out those guys in volume 1!”

This is not an uncommon response anytime someone says they see Yang as a lesbian, so let’s talk about it. As a disclaimer it is perfectly cool to see her as bi or pan, but for this I want to look at why a lot of people interpret her as a lesbian instead. 

In all five volumes of RWBY, Yang has expressed interest in men exactly one time: way back in early volume one where she makes a comment regarding shirtless guys at the sleepover. Said comment is vague and generalized (with no specific guy in mind), and Yang never expresses a similar sentiment after that moment. Because of that, a lot of people read it as an expression of compulsory heterosexuality, something most if not all lesbians (really all non-straight women) have experience with.

Her interactions with guys after that are notably limited and express zero interest on her part:

  • Spends most of her time with Neptune in 2x4 either annoyed at him or basically ignoring him (interesting especially when he expresses attraction to her twice, both when they arrive at Junior’s and after Yang makes her entrance)
  • Her response to Sun “Sun’s out abs out” Wukong’s attire is a very dry “yeah, we noticed”
  • At the dance is only shown dancing with a woman and doesn’t even interact with any men other than greeting Mercury when he enters with Emerald (once again interesting after her “turning heads” comment)
  • Has never expressed interest in any named male character
  • Has the least amount of interactions with male characters her age of her entire team (and her two highest are Neptune (already discussed) and Mercury, who really only gets mentioned because the two of them have fought)

But wait, RWBY’s not a romance show! That might not mean anything! I might be inclined to agree with you…if not for some very interesting comments/actions she makes towards women (really even just Blake):

  • Immediately compliments Blake when she meets her (”I like your bow!”)
  • “I love it when you’re feisty!” anyone?
  • “I’ll save you a dance *wink*”: this one in particular could’ve been played off as more of a joke but that delivery is pretty damn genuine
  • She actually dances with Blake (and only dances with her)
  • We have her basically pouring her heart out about Blake in the same episode we find out another woman had feelings for Blake which is some very interesting timing and framing

Is it any wonder that with the lack of interactions with men and how overtly flirty some of her interactions with women are that people interpret Yang’s one off-handed comment as compulsory heterosexuality? It could even just be an example of early installment weirdness because again, it’s a sentiment that Yang hasn’t expressed since.

knife-wielding-tentacle  asked:

i remembered that you tend to have headcanons for literally everything, and i was wondering if you had any headcanons for bucky and peter stuff? bucky and peter stuff is so rare but so fukcign welcome,,,, they'd be best friends,,,


- when bucky first shows up at the labs for tony to improve his arm, peter is there

- and bucky doesn’t know that peter is the lil shit who caught his arm

- and then peter picks something up that tony drops, right before it can hit the floor, and he speaks pretty loudly and then bucky connects the dots and

- “oh my god, you’re steve but permanently small” “p l e a s e    d o n ‘ t”

- peter’s chilling on the ceiling and helping tony construct a hologram prototype design for the arm, pulling things apart and making it look and theoretically feel more real while tony does all the nitty gritty stuff (peter made his web shooters and he made them comfortable. kid obviously knows how to tech and tony knows this)

- and while tony is off actually making the arm, peter lounges around with bucky

- “so…. you’re cool?” “what” “you good now? not gonna like,, squash me?” “no, you’re safe. i could never hurt a kid anyways.” “okay. cool.”

“wanna play mariokart while you wait”

- peter trains bucky in the ways of the mario master

- by the time the arm is done bucky has mastered the game. he Wins

- peter helping calibrate the arm when bucky first uses it

- that means gentle arm wrestling, dexterity tests (”mr barnes can you grab me that pencil” “sure”)

- “you’re like a tinier scrappier version of steve before the serum” “sTOP CALLING ME SMALL” “tiny”

- they spar a lot and do super-catch

- sometimes the ball goes through walls, not windows

- they have to do super-catch outside now

- peter just being all nice and gentle with bucky because with a past like that nobody wants reminders but nobody wants pity either, so he’s just careful with his voice / words and messes with bucky like he would any normal human

- “sam doesn’t like you” “who?” “sam. the bird guy.” “ooooOOH HIM. rude.” “yeah. he’s like that.” “if i give you a web capsule, throw it at him”

- a prank war begins

- there are no survivors

sometimes you don’t listen to your past self and it ends badly and your wife is going to give you shit about this forever after you remember her:

alternate title: it wasnt sexual tension you idiots

or: cursed au. blame it on discord. dont worry about it!


So the guy at the tavern isn’t Taako’s type. Not at all. First of all: the denim. Second of all: the mullet. Taako prides himself on good taste. This man? Looks like he rolled out of a fantasy costco. This guy’s like, someone’s dad. Someone’s rowdy dad. But sometimes you just end up talking with people, and they turn out to be… chill. This guy — Bluejeans — is chill. He has a nice laugh, and a nice smile, and something about him feels real fucking familiar. Taako’s been on the run for two months. He could use a little familiar.


The coin’s been whispering in Barry’s ear the entire night, and by whispering, he means shouting.


Barry wishes that the coin was more like a stone of farspeech than a pre-recorded message. Why can’t he hit on this guy? Specifically this guy? What does his past self have against this guy? The guy — Taako, no last name — is, well, he’s kind of out of Barry’s league, actually.


Barry’s been wandering around from old battleground to battleground, weird artifact store to creepy auction house, he’s been living in a cave. The coin promises him the memory of a love that means everything to him. The coin also warns him against visiting the second moon. It’s more reliable in some ways than others.

Taako is hot, and funny, and something about him feels right. Feels like a lessening of the niggling absence in his chest.

Ah, fuck it.


Everything up until the sex is fantastic. And then… well, after its over they’re lying in bed and there’s just, a really weird vibe in the room. Weirder than normal after a hookup.

“So, uh,” Taako says.

“Yeah,” Barry says. “Yeah, no.”

“Not that you’re not pretty cool, or whatever—”

“No, yeah, no, you were fine, you were great it’s just—”

“Yeah,” Taako agrees, sitting up. “Yeah. Alright, I’m gonna leave before this gets weirder, see you round, cowboy.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Barry says, and winces, because god, who tells someone that after they fuck. Fortunately, Taako laughs.

“You too, my man. I’ll hit you up if I’m ever passing through.”

He closes the door behind him before Barry can tell him that Barry’s not going to be in town much longer. He’s is left lying in bed in his rented room. The coin is silent.