but i may yet post them for others to see


Persona 5: Punk Band AU

I couldn’t resist doing punk edits for the girls too XD

They’re labelmates with the guys’ band. And they’re just like this big cool band family. They’ve done a bunch of song collaborations together, and they get featured in each other’s music videos sometimes. Their fans totally love to ship them.

Any suggestions on which girl plays which instrument?

See guys’ punk edit here: https://mishimishi.tumblr.com/post/160949363318/persona-5-punk-band-au-are-punk-edits-still-a

becausemyfriendskeptasking  asked:

Mun I don't know if it's come up before or if you have but would you ever consider doing a nuzlocke comic?

Well, I’ve never done a nuzlocke challenge before but even if I did, no, I dont think I’ll ever do a whole huge comic. The small pokemon comics that I do are just a fun way for me to spend my free time inbetween projects! :D

However, they obviously do reflect my own experience with the games or show headcanons that I have of how I’d like the story to continue for certain characters (like with the latest comic with guzma). And I do have a fully fleshed out team that I didnt come to introduce yet, but would like to! So I guess you won’t ever see a full comic from me, but snippets of storytelling that may connect to each other and give you an idea of the personalities ect. of my own character / trainersona and her team! 

Or I do random comics that dont connect to ANYTHING
thats a very likely thing to happen too

Somehow, 600 of you lovely people are following me now!

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

So to celebrate, I’m going to do something a little different! At least, I haven’t seen this yet, but it could be out there already, who knows. ANYWAY, here we go!

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

For my last challenge, I gave you the songs and you provided me with absolutely wonderful and beautiful fics. This time around, I am going to let YOU send the songs in to ME!

That’s right! I’m going to write for you this time around! My life has finally settled down a bit and I love writing for you all! So why not continue that. Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. You don’t have to be following me, but it would be lovely!
2. Send in an ASK (anon or not, but just know that I can’t tag you anons and it may take me a bit to get the fic out) with any song you would like me to write a fic based off of. It can be your favorite song, a song you think I would like, a song you hate, it can be from any band, musical, movie, cartoon, ANYTHING your heart desires!
3. Please specify if you would like Dean or Jensen, (I have not ventured out to other people yet…that may come at some point.)
4. Also let me know what genre you would like this fic to be. (Just a warning, I can go from fluffy to angsty in 0.5 seconds…sorry)
5. And finally, this is not required, but if you see this post, it would be awesome if you could signal boost this! I know that feeling you get when you hear a song and you think it would be awesome for a fic, and if someone somewhere has that feeling I can help them with that!

I really hope I get some requests with this, because I can’t wait to see what songs you all send in to me! I’m so excited for this! I’m going to tag my forever peeps below the cut and a few others I think might want to participate! Again, you all are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without you! Now let’s have some fun!

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Meta Masterpost: Character Essays for The 100

So I’m updating my meta master list with all the character centric essays for the benefit of any new followers I may have picked up recently. I currently have three half-written character essays sitting in my drafts - focusing on Maya, Harper and Octavia - which I will be finishing and posting towards the end of S4. After those three essays are done I may be retiring from writing The 100 meta. As you can see my main character investments are the delinquents (over the grounders and the adults) and I’ve written about most of them already. But do let me know in the notes on this post…is there any other character I haven’t written about yet that you’d like to see me write a meta essay for?

Bellamy Blake: Everybody’s Big Brother

Clarke Griffin: The Girl Who Became Death

Finn Collins: Taking the Easy Way Out

Harper McIntyre: She’s Lost Control Again (coming soon)

Jasper Jordan: The Dying Kid

John Murphy: Saving His Own Ass

Luna kom Floukru: We Do Not Fish For Children

Maya Vie: Natural Born Revolutionary

Monty Green: Cold Child Thawing

Octavia Blake: The Black Sheep of Every Family (coming soon)

Raven Reyes: Her Brain over Her Pain

Here’s hoping for this post to get a reblog from @the-100-meta-library. What a great blog that’s turned out to be! I love it.

firesidoni  asked:

I've been repeatedly returning to your 'History may not repeat itself' post in ever-increasing horror. Any thoughts now that there was evidently a bill introduced today to withdraw from the United Nations?

Only that we knew this was coming. Trump openly said he’d do it; he’d already said it by the time I wrote History May Not Repeat Itself. Now he’s doing it, soooooo. (To be fair, apparently some whack job introduces this bill to leave the UN ever year. Still…this is not a normal year.) 

Maybe I’ve had time to become numb to it, but that’s why I wrote that post: because I saw the writing on the wall, and I wanted other people to see it in time. If my friends and loved ones have to flee this country, I would rather they flee than die, and I want to be ready to help them. If necessary, I want to be the one to say, go now. History May Not Repeat Itself reminds me that the time hasn’t come yet, and hopefully will never come, but at least I have a map. 

I can be numb to the ongoing anxiety of this country’s infestation of plague rats and still engage in activism and protest, so there’s that at least.

In some ways I’ve been watching this happen since Dubyah was president; the parallels between millennial America under Bush and the disintegrating Roman Empire are there for anyone who wants to plow through Tacitus. (It’s not the most engaging classical lit ever but it’s better than some.) I haven’t gone back to Tacitus in years because I find the parallels frightening and depressing, but I should check in on him, and I’m willing to bet I’d find a Donald Trump in the fall of Rome. 

This is why protest is so important now: because they’re going to try to do everything they said they’d do, and every single thing we stop, even temporarily, is one less brick in the road – or the wall – that they want to build. Fighting now is hard, but fighting now is a cake walk compared to what’ll happen if we don’t. And maybe it’ll happen anyway, but I don’t plan to go gently. 

I don’t have much money and I’m not that politically astute and I’m bad at debate. All I have are words, but I’m good at those, so the most powerful thing I can do is to keep writing and hope someone brighter and stronger than me can use what I say to do more than I can. And that those who have even less power than I do can use what I say to protect themselves because hell knows if I’ll be able to. 

So yeah – I guess the TLDR is that Trump, Pence, and his ilk are many things, but they’re pretty up front about what they want and how they mean to get it. Listen to them and fight as if every single thing they say is what they intend to do, because for all their propaganda, it probably is. 

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Do you think all the kids think of each other as siblings? Pretty much none of them grew up or were in Bruce's care at significantly overlapping times, and I'm not even sure to what extent like Dick or Tim see Bruce as their father or just a paternal/authority figure

This is heavily dependent on continuity because the new 52 did frankly weird things to some of these relationships. This is mostly Post-Crisis and may mesh with Rebirth since they’re drawing on Post-Crisis a bit more. I’m not including Duke yet because I’m not sure what’s officially happening there and it’s pretty clear they’re not yet at sibling stage there yet. 

Also, for some of these guys, they didn’t really interact at all so it’s all a bunch of assumptions. 

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Please Read...

I was happy, got home to you, to all I love and care….but now I’m sick, because of one, who have a pack, many, and they attack. They are viscous, following the ring leader, the crazy manipulator. They are blind to her devious ways, she denies all aid from anyone, blames them later, the pack strike, repeat. She claims she does not want to be in the light, yet basks in it, posting things that force her in that shine, to get pity, support, and hate for others. She causes too much strife, yet….no one sees, her minions are blind, to the suffering she makes. They may excuse themselves, say sorry, but the damage is done, you attacked the sheep. The wolf you protect, are you laughing? I’m sick, I’m tired, right out of the hospital, and into the frying pan, I’m sick….I’m tired. Please stop this madness, this game, you hurt many, what do you gain? Please, I beg, I was just freed, leave me be happy. Seek help, you clearly need, yet you deny, cause such grief…see your destruction, the fights you have wrought, for no reason at all…I offered help, you denied, and you hurt others by, keeping yourself blind, attacking others…who just wish happiness…people cry, panic, are left in ruins, thank you for naught. I was happy, I came home, now I’m sad, because of all of you. You know what you do, so make peace, please, it may cause a life if not.
(I’m sorry…)

Rune Chart

Instead of an old norse word, I am posting this rune chart I made this week. Technically I should wait until I reach the words pertaining to this, but I feel it will be helpful for many of my followers who are interested in them. I hope that this chart will be useful in at least providing some of the basic guidelines for runes. I will go ahead and discuss some of these basics in this post as well, which should help with understanding and using this chart. It may not be the best of charts, and I am no master of runes, but it should do some good. If you think of anything I could do to improve it, send me a message or an ask and I will happily discuss it with you.

I will go ahead and leave the other information as a “keep reading”, since not everyone is interested in being lectured about how to use runes. But, if you do plan to study runes further, it may be helpful to read (unless you have already read chapter three of Byock’s book cited below, then you probably already know this information).

(I will be making a post focused on this material at a later date in one of my crash course lessons, but this “summary” should give a good sense of the history behind them.)

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are you still doing the shipping meme thing? if yes kyou kara maou please :)))

Oh yes! absolutely~ with pleasure ^^

Kyou Kara Maou! wasn’t expecting this one to pop out since I’ve only ever posted kkm once, i think?? please take note that i haven’t read the light novel yet, my views may differ after doing so…for now, I’ve seen both anime & manga

  • lowkey otp >> Gwendal x Anissina - I love Anissina <3 tho admittedly, in the anime, I was skeptical about her at first I think Gwendal and her would make a really good pair. I don’t see them balancing each other out…they’re clashing against each other more like it –but it’s a nice kind of clash?? They both have strong contradicting views and opinions although ultimately gives into the other’s whims (in Gwen’s case at least) and they somehow work, it’s wonderful~
  • highkey notp >> none…as i’ve previously said on the other shipping meme I answered, I am against ship wars and therefore do not support any hate towards other people’s ship –I accept not liking, hate is too strong of a word…NO TO SHIP WARS.

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

  • [softly] don’t otp >> not really a notp but I don’t quite appreciate shipping Conrad to anyone but Julia. I’m sorry I am not a ConYuu fan, I find that too tragic even tho i love angst since Yuuri’s soul was Julia’s but he’s not really Julia…I don’t want to see Yuuri as Conrad’s second chance to finally be with her –Julia is Julia; Yuuri is Yuuri…they may seem to have some similarities but they are still different people that lived in different time frames and were shaped in different worlds. I can understand the appeal of shipping them but I’d rather they be platonic.
  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice >> Murata x Wolfram - So Wolf looks a lot like Shinou, which I think is a more popular choice but even tho Murata was once “The Great Sage”, the him now isn’t what lived in the past. He’s the same age as Yuuri with memories of his past life. I want him to let go and be free of the burden. Imagine his mental state as a kid before understanding what he actually was seeing all the pains and deaths his previous incarnations experienced, it won’t be a stretch if we assume at least once or twice he was reborn into the world people thought he was crazy. Now imagine Wolfram giving up on chasing after Yuuri, finding consolation in Murata who should be equally if not more tired than he is with everything. add the fact that I see chemistry between them despite their minimal direct interaction and how in sync they were in the manga in taunting Sara (in my opinion, the anime reduced Wolfram too much as a comic relief character…there’s so much more with him)
  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it >> my only KKM post besides this one was YuuRam…idk if anyone knows but it is my otp. Wolfram is my absolute fave character in KKM. He’s pretty, quite literally fiery, headstrong and passionately loyal. Although the anime didn’t really showcased it, he was very understanding and his mature side showed when alone in decisive situations with Yuuri. It pains me how much Wolf tries to convey his feelings (cos I do believe he genuinely loves his fiancé) to Yuuri in either subtle or obvious ways but is brushed off to the sidelines more often than not…the Bear-bee incident, in particular, was one of my favorite moments…anime Wolfram wanted to destroy the large cocoon but was persuaded against doing so by Yuuri, later helping warm it…manga Wolfram however was making Yuuri sign a marriage contract; Yuuri thought Wolfram was being ridiculous, but Wolfram ripped said contract himself into pieces in order to close the damage in the cocoon after Yuuri convinced him into helping. I cried I swear a part of me died, Wolf’s smile was too painful to watch when he tore that contract…I can’t!! sometimes I want Wolfram to leave Yuuri for Murata or anyone he could find hapiness with, and I hope Yuuri would realize how important Wolf is to him and try take his fiancé back only to realize it’s too late…didn’t I say I love angst??

Hi all!

It has been one year a couple months since one of my favorite blogs, today-in-homestuck, officially closed down, on the anniversary of the end of Homestuck. I’ve been sort of keeping the tradition alive by reblogging their archived posts and replace the text with the correct number of years.

I don’t want to make another blog to copy them, but I wanted to try my own series of “Homestuck significant dates” posts right here on marinapeixes!  I will tag them all as #calendarstuck.  So far the only things I have in mind are the album release dates (because I love the Homestuck music), but years in the future (but not many) it may include panels that don’t have posts on today-in-homestuck, or any other fandom-significant dates.

The trial one will be tomorrow, the release date of Homestuck Vol. 5. I don’t know yet if this will be more work than I want to deal with, so we’ll see how long I keep it up!

Happy 6/12!  ✨♋️✨

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What are your thoughts on the almost kiss of bawson? I really enjoyed it, like at first I wanted them to kiss tbh but like that scene killed it for me:) & now like it's gonna be all awkward between them next episode.

Honestly, I think that the way it played out was the best case scenario that Bawson shippers could have hoped for! 

Going into it, I was pretty convinced that that scene would be some huge fake-out, like a dream that Ginny wakes up from like “WTF” and they could bait the shippers while not making any huge steps forward in the progression yet (call it TVD survivor’s cynicism, lol). But what happened really wasn’t a fake-out on any level. 

It was so utterly perfect for them. I mean, look at this. It starts with Mike awkwardly grasping for something to say at this seemingly final moment, this goodbye that he’s been avoiding for the whole episode… trying to think of some way to let her know that how much he’s going to miss her goes beyond the joking stuff they talked about at the bar, that the affection he feels for her is something else entirely. He’s just called her by her first name, a new intimacy that surprises her but shows us exactly what frame of mind he’s in.

But he can’t articulate those feelings, and instead he falls back on what they do best, making each other laugh:

… And this is clearly going to be a very long post, lol. So I’ll put the rest under a cut. (This scene, rightfully, has already been giffed a million times so this may be redundant, but I’ll be posting these gifs in their own gifsets in a little while too):

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seeing responses to my last post, i got another thing to say

if you cannot imagine your adopted child having any kind of a life without you, then you shouldn’t adopt, because you don’t yet know that other people are real even after you close your eyes. once you acquire object permanence you may consider graduating to permanency for children.

children may have better or different lives when adopted. but to believe their lives without adoption wouldn’t have had anything of worth is to believe your child has nothing inherently of worth within them

there are many people in this world who could have or should have been adopted but weren’t. their lives didn’t end as a result. they went on to make friends and watch sunsets and experience fear and love and hope and achievements.

this isnt unique to parents – it’s something adoption professionals do, too. something professionals in foster care adoption can thoughtlessly do. we know the situations of children without permanent caregivers can be dire, and it terrifies and worries us. but we need to remember that every life is complex and complete, and not a test that can be failed. instead, we may find ourselves advocating for adoption by thoughtlessly rattling off a list of things unadapted children will become: trafficked drug addicted homeless teen parents with personality disorders who die young. this is telling adopted children that should their parents ever cease loving them, they will have worthless lives and quick deaths. it tells children who aren’t adopted yet that they better hustle or just give up and start dying early, since that’s what they have to look forward to. and it tells parents that somehow, just their presence is enough. not the act of parenting, not unconditional love, not patience and support and commitment and respect. simply by existing in proximity to a child, they have performed a miracle and become the grandest of saviors

the Ethiopian children who aren’t adopted had worthwhile lives. different lives, but worthwhile.

foster children who aren’t adopted have worthwhile lives

sidelining all the systems in which its bound up and viewing it in a vacuum, the act of adopting is morally neutral. it has no permanent or assured outcome. it may literally save a life. it may end one. it may give a child a better chance. it may give them worse abuse than they would have ever experienced otherwise.

giving birth does not automatically mean the parent loves or wanted the child, or will treat them well. it does not mean the child will live to be 80 or die tomorrow. it is how people treat each other that gives parenting and family meaning and outcomes. adoption does not make anybody automatically good and does not automatically make the child lucky, anymore than parenting a child automatically makes a parent good or the child lucky. time, behavior, commitment, and the willingness to grow will give us the answer to all those questions.

adoption itself assures nothing for parent or child, whose individual lives and personhood would have existed and had worth whether they became a family or not. adoption adds something new to real people with their own lives, friends, and families. it does not create a new real person out of raw materials, tragedy, and white tears.

adopted children don’t blink into existence the moment they are adopted, anymore than my partner’s thirty years of life before i met him will disappear or lose all meaning because i love him. and if he had not met me, the remaining years of his life would have still had meaning. we add new meaning to each other’s lives, but we exist and are worthwhile as individuals as well.

if you cannot imagine an adopted child having a worthwhile life without you, you are not yet equipped for the responsibilities inherent in forming relationships with other people, and have work to do before you can provide the love and support all children deserve.

Ugh, sorry I’ve been so quiet all week! I’ve actually been working on a couple of big things that I’m not QUITE ready to post yet, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get them done before I head out of town this weekend! x_x

But here’s a preview of one of those things (still massively WIP). It may not look like much from this one image, but hoo boy. Wait and see. Trust me. >:3

There’s Nothing Wrong With Shipping Rilaya Romantically!

I’m honestly the gayest person around my friends, but I’m NOT gay, and yet I ship Rilaya romantically. I understand people can be as close as them and not be in a romantic relationship, but why does it matter? People ship Lucaya romantically but that shit can still be considered a friendship. So can Rucas. So can Smarkle. So can Riarkle. So can whatever other fucking ships there are. People don’t care what’s canon and what’s not. People ship stuff based on what they see between two characters, or two people, but those two characters/people may not even love each other romantically, and yet we still ship them. Why? Because it’s what we’d like to see. We’d like to see them in a romantic relationship, so I don’t understand why it’s so bad to ship Rilaya. Nothing against other ships in this post. 

My Vacation Videos

So I went on a long vacation in the spring of 2014. It started on March 17th and I returned home on May 20th.

I haven’t been able to get all the videos up yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

They can always be found here

Week 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.1 - 4.2 - 5 - 6 - 7.1 - 7.2 - 8.1 - 8.2 - 9.1 - 9.2

These are set to private as I don’t want the whole world to see them, and might not like it and want to take them down. So please do not post the link in other social media, but do spread the word here on tumblr. The Maksyl fam stick together.

anonymous asked:

Why is everything that Lucas says to Riley usually cheesy af? Like what he says to her is definitely sweet but like for once, why can't he just be real with her? I mean yeah she is or was his first girlfriend but if the 'here or ever' thing is true, like he always pulls stupid shit like that with Riley like in the subway in First Date. And she always eats it up. It definitely seems like something s1 Lucas would say. I just don't know why he can't or won't say something honest and real to her.


I don’t think the here or ever bit is accurate, but I could be wrong, so don’t quote me. Regardless, the gist is correct and, as you said, it’s very sweet.

The whole moment is very sweet, but given what’s happening it’s all around underwhelming.

I’ve said this before, but if I were a rilucas shipper, once I got over the, “Hey! Look! They’re happening!”, I’d feel majorly short-changed by season 3.

They’ve been together for quite some time now and we’ve yet to even see them kiss. There’s maybe one instance of hand holding post ski lodge and a hug that may be unreciprocated, depending on which take they use. Heck, Lucas finally gets his “moment” with Riley and they still don’t kiss. The “moment” rilucas shippers waited for since season 1 and swore up and down was a kiss, wasn’t.

The lack of physical affection is a major red flag and look, I get it. This is Disney. They don’t need to be pawing at each other 24/7, but they haven’t even kissed since their awkward peck on the Subway back in 7th grade and they’ve been dating for months. Jacobs has very cleverly alluded to that element of teenage relationships with Yoby and Motorcycle Boots/Jungle Girl, so this isn’t a censors issue. This is a Riley and Lucas issue.

On that note, GMGB presents rilucas with a very good opportunity to show just how strongly they felt about one another and it fell flat. Incredibly sweet, but very underwhelming for what the moment could have been…for what moments like this have a history of being. Their only display of physical affection in that moment is on par with a very brotp Maya/Farklw moment back in season 2. Make of that what you will.

And even if you move away from the physical affection element and just listen to what they say, while it’s lovely, it’s still lacking deep romantic substance that indicates being in love. There’s never any talk about how they make each other feel. That feelings component is always missing, no matter how sweet the conversation is on a surface level. If Jacobs is looking to make them THE romantic couple, if Jacobs is looking to make Lucas Riley’s great adolescent romantic love, then he’s doing them both a great diservice because it’s so lackluster and lacking in deep romantic substance.

Maybe a season 4 will change that, but so far they just keep swerving everything that would help legitimize rilucas.

Lucaya may be stuck living in subtext, but rilucas aint thriving in surface level context either.

Appreciation, not objectification

I think it is wonderful that ADC is getting such love and support from the fandom during her FTWD event and I know that most fans are being very respectful. However, the feminist in me is pretty bothered by some of the objectification and sexualization of her as seen in some of the blog posts, pictures, and comments. One picture doesn’t even show her face, just comments on her body. Women are constantly fighting to be seen as more than sex objects, and this is especially true for lesbians who are too often used to draw in the male gaze and then killed off.

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milly - 20 - UK - they/them or ey/em pronouns pls

i was super nervous posting anything because sometimes i feel invalidated and ‘not queer enough’ by people around me, but after the first two photos (taken only like 2 minutes apart) i realised it was important to acknowledge my identity if not for myself but for others who might feel like me and seeing photos of other non-cis ppl on my dash encouraged me. i may not be comfortable in my own skin just yet, but it’s a start.


Christmas traditions & a christmas project

It’s coming up to December - just incase you hadn’t noticed, what with all the christmas lights and decorations that have been blinding us for weeks on end already now! I’m not complaining though, I absolutely love christmas so starting it a little bit earlier tends to suit me really. The past few years my christmas spirit has been a little bit dampened though, mostly with the fact  I’m growing older and the excitement has faded. But now I have Daisy things feel so incredibly exciting again and I can’t wait! There’s so much I’m looking forward to doing with her I have no clue where to even begin! 

One thing I love about Christmas is the time you spend together as a family and the little traditions you create throughout the years. Every family seems to do things even just slightly different and have their own little way of celebrating christmas together and I can’t wait to make ours special together. A tradition my parents force us into doing every year (and It’s a little embarrassing writing this to all my readers but ah well!) is make sure we put out a mince pie and milk for ‘Santa’ on christmas eve - then in the morning we aren’t allowed to go downstairs until ‘Santa’ has definitely been. Keeping in mind there are four of us siblings together and the youngest of us is seventeen. So that’s something my parents literally make us do every year! It’s one of many of their little personal family traditions that they refuse to give up! Cute, I guess?

I’m yet to think up our little traditions but I think they will just come as they are and will create themselves. I’d love to know your christmas or new year traditions, it’s interested to see how other people enjoy spending christmas each year! I’ve decided On my blog this year I’m going to start a little project called 25 days of christmas. Each day from the 1st December I’m going to do something little and christmasy with Daisy and post them on my blog. I’m not very good at posting every day so posts may be late, but they will be there at some point! Perhaps you could join in too? 

anonymous asked:

They followed Graham too so what's so important about them following Cait?

Well let’s see , Graham is a guy that is seriously into fitness . He recently completed the 22Day push-up challenge. He works out regularly I mean look at the man! He has a lot in common with the guys at Everyday Athlete Gym. Caitriona on the other hand has stated that her fave form of exercise is picking the chip up and putting it in her mouth. Now I realize that her comment was tongue in cheek and she does keep in shape . I think she does Pilates to stay toned, (again she mentioned that once) and one only has to look at her to see that she too is in incredible shape . Graham looks as if he’s more into the type of training that EDA offers and that may be the connection for that like. However in all the pics and videos EDA has posted I’ve yet to see a soul doing Pilates in any of them. I do recall a certain easily identifiable giggle at 3am in one of those videos and I think that while Graham may have several fitness related interests in common with EDA , Cait on the other hand has a rather large fitness related connection to EDA. She also seems to be one of the gang from what we’ve seen and heard .