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Why Steve Trevor is amazing Thread


  • He never made a comment about Diana not being able to do anything because “She is a woman.”
  • When he said “I can’t let you do this,” he wasn’t underestimating her powers nor thinking he could control her. He was just stating that Ares might NOT exist so Diana might be after a human being.
  • when squad said they weren’t worried about Diana, that she could take care of herself, they were worried about him, he didn’t go like “Oh come on i can protect myself too.”
  • When Diana became angry at Steve because she thought Ares affected him too, he didn’t say anything hurtful, he just pointed where the guy is and literally said “GO THERE.”
  • When Diana said men are useful but not necessary for pleasure, he didn’t make any stupid comment nor deny it.
  • He never judged or made fun of Diana for not knowing ‘normal’ stuff, instead he explained them.
  • He kept his promises.
  • During “No Man’s Land” scene, although he said noone was able to cross that place, he didn’t mean it because Diana was a woman. He was just simply stating the facts.
  • However when Diana said “It’s what i’m going to do” and started fighting, HE WENT AFTER HER TO HELP. He could just sit there until Diana finished taking everyone down, you know.
  • Whenever Diana went fighting, he was always supportive, never said things like “No, i’ll go,” or “Let me come with you.” First shield, then warehouse. He just stands there and nods.
  • When he told Diana to stand back and Diana saved him from the bullets, he didn’t become grumpy. Instead he was like “LEAD THE WAY.”
  • He tried to convince Diana that even if people aren’t controlled by Ares and even if they are pieces of shits, she still needs to save the world.
  • He literally told her what is important is what you believe in and that somehow became Diana’s motto. When she remembered his words, although she was still so angry and sad because of his death, she embraced love for humanity once again.

PS:feel free to add to the list.

to everyone that suffers from sketchbook anxiety

Let me tell you two things that cured the ‘oh no i’m going to ruin this’ that stems from new sketchbooks / blank canvas.

Fuck it up intentionally

This I learned from my painting professor in college.  He had us blindfold ourselves, and then actually really mess up a perfect blank page, and then use it for the exercises that day.  Like we tore into the paper, made some horrible uncoordinated marks.  We even spit on it.  I highly recommend doing this at least once, because it helps dismantle some of the weird perfectionist hangups that a lot of us put on paper.  Helps get rid of the worry of messing up its perfect potential..

Basically if you’re so worried you’re going to mess it up, mess it up intentionally first so you take back control from the floaty head space anxiety gives us, to your hands and actions.

Buy a shitty ass sketchbook.  

Get one of those sketchbooks made for like 5 year olds that hang out in convenience/drug stores by those wonky ass crayons that never color right.  The type that you touch the paper and know it’ll eat a marker head right off. 

Whenever you look at your ‘good’ sketchbook and feel like you’re going to mess it up, use the terrible one instead.  Now you’re still working and sketching and doing with no real pressure since hey, that sketchbook was a piece of crap anyway and cost you like 5 bucks.  My shitty sketcbooks have some of my favorite stuff in them since I relaxed and let myself explore.  It will also remind you why we bother with nice sketchbooks in the first place because let me tell you that paper is god awful.

A big reason why I gravitated towards digital art when I was younger was because it was almost impossible to ‘mess it up’.  Make a stupid mark? Undo.  Don’t like the initial sketch? Delete the layer.  Hate the whole thing? Don’t save it.   ((I still do all of these things, but now at a much lesser rate))

Take some of the holiness out of your tools.   Realize that its the process that matters most, and keep your eyes forward.  I think especially here on tumblr where a lot of ‘sketches’ that are more towards illustrations that happen to be in a sketchbook build up this head space that everything in your sketchbooks have to be perfect and beautiful.  Sketchbooks are your play areas, where you can fuck around at your heart’s content.   Have some fun with them.  

Hope this helps~

Dating Harry Hook headcanons

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  • Meeting in Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop
  • “Now that’s a nice looking lass”
  • He sauntered up to you and began to confidently flirt with you
  • Only to be surprised when you said yes to a date (which he quickly covered up)
  • Your first date was on his ship as was many others (usually either there or at Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop)
  • You becoming a part of Uma’s crew even though it took her a while to warm up to you
  • Gil, however, became your best friend like straight away
  • The rest of the crew respect you immediately as they’re scared of Harry
  • I feel like there wouldn’t be too much PDA, like Harry would obviously want to show you off and to show that you’re his but I also feel like he’ll save the heavy stuff for just the two of you
  • Possessive and jealous Harry is definitely a thing but he’s just afraid to loose you as he believes that you make him better and keep him sane
  • You also getting jealous over how Harry flirts with other girls, he assures you that it means nothing and that he loves you by showering you in kisses and stolen gifts
  • Having competitions over who can say the worst and cheesiest pick up lines
  • Harry teaching you to fight 
  • Him preferring to use actions instead of words to say ‘I love you’
  • Most of your arguments are over something stupid that blow into something bigger
  • However, you can’t stay mad at each other too long and always end up cuddling as a form of apology
  • Late at night you talk about your future and the possibility of going to Auradon
  • You both love each a lot and would do anything for the other
  • I just think that he’ll be a really good bf and that you’re incredibly lucky
The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

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“I will never accept the canon ending!” … Still canon.

“Rukia married her abuser!” … That’s bullshit and RenRuki are still canon.

“IchiRuki will always be canon to be!” … Okay, but they’re not canon to the official manga.

“Ichigo doesn’t love Orihime like he does Rukia!” … And yet. Canon.

“I’m gonna make my own ending.” … Okay but that won’t make it canon.



Favorite Moments from every Season >>> Season 1

Shinsou AU: You were Born to be a Villain

 *IMPORTNAT* If you enjoy this, I have made an updated version to this one, and posted it, if you plan on reading this one, I’d recomend that one instead, in my mind, it’s the superior version!

   “This was a waste of my time.” Shinsou sat down onto the bench with a deep sigh. The mall was buzzing with people, from every store to every cafe. “The hero course attract a crap ton of people, that’s for sure.” he looked over to the right seeing the stage set up at the far end off the first floor with colorful lights and massive speakers. The yearly “Meet the Heroes” was taking place, where many of the U.A. students met with their first gen fans. Something to also let the students taste the reality of being a celebrity.

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Silly stuff day has come back around I’m so excited! 8D (lol also called April Fools Day)

Endy: …. (mischief senses tingling) …………………. Okay yes?
Serenity: AND THEN!!! VeeandKunzitewillhavetocometoosoletspretendtobesebastianfromTheLittleMermaidandsingtothemit’sgonnabegreat!!!!!!
Endy: But “Don’t be shy go on and kiss the girl” doesn’t really work here.
S: “We could do touch the boy instead. XD”

But then when I was trying to draw this stupid thing, Vee interpreted it as splash the boy and the drawing changed.

XDDDD Silly stuff day.

I’ll delete this from the archive after a while so it won’t clutter stuff up I hope it makes anyone smile. XDDD Yay silly stuff day!

(I guess Serenity is already a princess, why be Ariel when she could be a singing crab instead.)

How SJM could have made ACOWAR better:

- not published a draft (seriously, it feels like a rushed draft let this author breathe)

- LET RHYS DIE. I snorted when I read the resurrection scene, it was so unbelievably stupid. Imagine how interesting the story could’ve been if it ended with Feyre the sole ruler of the Night Court

- Lucien is bi and was in unrequited love with Tamlin.

- the above one is just a fact

- I’m not pushing for a relationship, because that would truly be EXTREMELY unhealthy. I’m pushing for Lucien realising that he could do way better than the tool. But I’m also pushing for bi Lucien because LOGIC.

- also she could totally pull a u-turn in the next book and instead of a love triangle make Azriel/Lucien a thing

- while we’re onto Tamlin. Maybe not make him the enemy? Maybe write a problematic morally ambiguous character for once?

- not made Mor gay, or at least try and act like Mor wasn’t last minute. She was such forced representation it makes me shrivel.

- also, you’re telling me that Mor and Viviane weren’t a thing? You are clearly lying


Amren/Varian is pointless and stupid.

- the soulless asexual trope is damaging and pointless

- Lucien being Helion’s son instead of the son of the evil lord of the Autumn Court reminds me of Manon not actually being Irontooth, but Crochan. Again, not all good characters have to be born into greatness. They can develop and leave their pasts behind them.

- another thing — too many damn dashes…and ellipses

- weird usage of the term mate “Let me repay you for last night mate.” I didn’t know Rhys was Australian.

- taking stuff from other cultures without any sort of pattern. Prythian seems mainly Celtic in terms of naming (Feyre, Tamlin, Rhysand, Morrigan) but then suddenly takes names from other cultures which just throws the reader (Helion, Eris, Lucien Vanserra, Azriel). There’s no system to the naming that allows us to differentiate between different cultures.

- talking of naming. What is the King of Hybern’s name? What is Rhys’s last name for god’s sake? He’s a main character. What is Tamlin’s? It’s lazy worldbuilding.

- Mary Sue Feyre. She has all the magic. It’s boring there’s no limitations to what she can do.

- GIVE ME A COHERENT MAGIC SYSTEM. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Each High Lord has their own specific power? And then the power manifests in their heir? Why is Rhys the most powerful High Lord in history then, if his power is inherited? Are the Night Court rulers always the most powerful? Why did Feyre steal the powers when she was resurrected, but Rhys didn’t? If Nesta stole death itself from the cauldron, then would no one be able to die? The magic system is so badly constructed.

- the whole daementi description is blatantly ripped off from the Inheritance Cycle, which is hilarious considering how many fantasy series the Inheritance Cycle itself has ripped off.

- the Ouroboros quest was a huge let down. Mary Sue Feyre strikes again.

- for the amount of Deus ex Machinas present there has to be more than one god in the machine

Feel free to add to this. This is all I can think of rn.

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Rarity made a pony plushie of herself for Applejack. so every time when she isn't at home, AJ can cuddle the plushie instead until her girlfriend comes home :)

sorry your cute headcanon inspired me to sin

now that I got the sin out of my body and won a place in hell, time for the pure yet still stupid version

hasbro give us the knife rarity we all deserve

silly jokes aside, that headcanon is damn cute! Rarity could be dork enough to make a pony plushie for AJ haaha. I imagine AJ would be kinda reluctant at first, but then she would grow very fond of the silly plushie <3

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Drarry oneshot!



Draco stood tall as he walked through the semi crowded halls of Hogwarts. Some students pointed and whispered to their friends while others went out of their way to walk into him, most he managed to gracefully avoid but not all.

“I can’t believe they let a Death Eater back in the school.”

Draco’s form slouched slightly.

“Apparently he’s on constant watch, one bad move and he’ll get thrown into Azkaban with his waste of space father.”

His shoulders began to hunch in on themselves without his permission.

“Really? I heard he had to buy his way back in.”

His ears perked up at this.

“Yeah! I heard that the Malfoy’s are paying McGonagall off to give him free passes.”

“What? I didn’t think the headmistress would stoop that low, fraternising with Malfoy scum.”

“Didn’t you see that hat she was wearing? Brand new.”

“Oh, and those robes - they looked expensive.”

“The old hag sold us out! We get stuck with a murderer while she gets stacks. I said didn’t I? Should have put someone else in charge. She’s old anyway, she’ll probably die soon-”

Draco pushed the boy against the stone wall, hard.

“What the hell did you just say?!” He seethed. “How bloody dare you talk about a war hero like that! Without her your sorry ass would be dead and buried in an unmarked grave.”

The Hufflepuff stared up at him in shock, which quickly turned to anger. “The hell did you just say to me?”

“What? Are you deaf as well as dumb?”

The two of them were slowly gaining a crowd, but Draco couldn’t find it in himself to care. The Hufflepuff boy shoved Draco away from him.

“So what? You’re defending people now? Trying to get into everyone’s good books? Well guess what you pride-less snake, no ones falling for it! We all know the only reason you’re here is because you’re bribing McGonagall-”

Draco interrupted him with a humourless laugh. “I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works. Do you honestly think McGonagall of all people could be bribed? That aside, do you really think you can say all that stuff about her and get away with it?”

The Hufflepuff huffed. “Stop with the preaching, it doesn’t suit you. You and that crone-”

“I’d really like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass,” Draco crossed his arms and tried to look bored instead of furious. “The only thing McGonagall is doing is running this school. She’s not ‘taking bribes’ or 'selling you out,’ she’s doing everything to the best of her ability and your pig headedness is just hindering.”

The Hufflepuff opened his mouh to reply but was stopped by one Harry Potter emerging from the crowd of spectators.

Potter gave the boy a pointed look.

“Please shut your mouth when you talk to people, it makes the world such a better place,” he addressed the Hufflepuff. The boy opened and closed his mouth a few more times before rolling his eyes.

“You can’t seriously be defending this piece of shit Death Eater?”

Potter glanced at Draco who was stuck frozen staring at him, surprised at his participation.

“And you can’t seriously be trying to convince everyone that McGonagall can be bought,” Potter retorted.

The Hufflepuff rolled his eyes again. Draco glared at him. “Keep rolling your eyes, perhaps you’ll find a brain back there,” he commented.

The Hufflepuff looked from Draco to Potter a few times before glaring at the two and turning away to push through the hoards of students, all intent on jostling him and calling him out.

Slowly the crowd began to disperse when they soon realised that there wasn’t going to be anymore action, until it only left Draco and Potter alone in the hallway.

Draco kept his eyes on his hands, both of which he was unconsciously wringing. Potter stepped towards him.

“Why…” he trailed off. Draco looked up at him, not meeting his eyes.

“Why what?” He asked.

“Why did you defend McGonagall?”

“… would you have preferred I didn’t say anything or…?”

Potter shook his head quickly and took another small step towards Draco. “No, no, no! Don’t get me wrong, it was great! You’re pretty sharp tongued, and quick! I just don’t understand why you would have…”

Draco sighed and finally met Potters deep green eyes. “I… well… she just doesn’t deserve that, you know? She’s a hero! I thought you good guys celebrated and respected heroes, not insult and slander their names while putting them in the same box as criminals.”

Draco rubbed the back of his neck and began pacing. “I just can’t get why someone would do that! How can they say something so horribly untrue about someone just to get at someone else-”

His pacing was stopped by Potter’s hand on his shoulder. Draco stared at him. Potter smiled slightly.

“I completely agree, but trust me, if McGonagall ever got wind of what that git was saying about her she wouldn’t let it pass.”

Draco already knew this of course, McGonagall didn’t need anyone defending her, she could do that well enough on her own. But Draco felt a kind of obligation to her - without her input, he would have never been allowed back at Hogwarts and would most probably still be on house arrest in the manor.

Potter dropped his hand and coughed awkwardly. “So, uh, we’d better be getting to class. See you later, Draco.” And with that Potter left down the deserted hallway.

Draco stayed in his spot. Had Potter just… called him by his first name? He wondered if that was a mistake or if he’d have to start calling Potter by his first name…

He’ll work up to it.

hey bros.. i made a music only blog (@yeebmusic) and its basically where i post some tunes i make sometimes. im gonna try and post as much as i can and pretty much archive all the stuff i have instead of doing nothing 

i will probably reblog finished songs like this one on my main art blog, though… so if u wanna hear all the mess ups and stupid melodies i make follow!!! at ur own risk

Random zenyatta headcannons:

-if you were to hug him he wouldn’t be like a solid block of metal, I imagine that between his metal plating and hydraulics or whatever there shock absorbers and rubber, so there’s a slight give to him, not lie hugging a person but technically I think he would be cuddlier than ppl think he is
-also most of his hands are made of rubber/some material that makes it easy to grip/hold stuff, and function a lot like human hands i.e. Prob good for hand holding
-instead of kissing his partner sometimes he’ll press his fingers to their mouth because they’re more sensitive then his faceplate and more kissable
-he’s warm
-wears those stupid baggy drop crotch pants with flip flops
-listens to twenty one pilots like a garbage emo but gets upset when the lyrics don’t rhyme

NCT U’s reaction to their S/O being verbally/physically abused in front of them.

A/N: Request are open so feel free to request anything you want :))


A girl had stopped you earlier on in the day to spit some insults at you about your and Taeil’s relationship. It got to you a lot because no one has ever said such terrible words to your face before, online, yes, but never to your face. You got back to your shared apartment, with Taeil, he was sat on the couch when you entered the living room and as soon as he saw you he would pat the spot next to him. He had spotted you earlier on in the day with the girl and heard every little thing that came out of her mouth. It would have upset him and he’ll make sure that you weren’t upset over it as well. Doing dumb stuff to boost up your mood, even if he was hurting as well.


He’d be with you when it happens. You two would be coming out of a restaurant when a girl comes over to you two and starts shouting at you. You guessed it was just a crazy sasaeng and Taeyong grabbed hold of your hand to take you away from her. The girl didn’t stop just at words and pushed you forward as you and Taeyong were walking away. You wouldn’t have fallen to the ground but it still shocked you a lot. Taeyong would feel a lot of emotions because he’s someone who tends to think a lot. He’ll feel anger at the person, sadness because you were hurt, blame because he thought it was his fault. He would be able to keep all these emotions in though and would just squeeze your hand tighter and take you both away from the situation.


You two would be at a club together when another boy starts to be touchy with you. Doyoung would be watching you and the boy from across the room, with Taeyong. He would probably leave it to you to get yourself out of the situation because he knows that you’re old enough to do so. He would only get up out of his seat when he can tell that you’re uncomfortable and helpless. The boy would have a tight grip on your arm and you would be trying to get away from his grip but he would be a lot bigger than you. Doyoung would walk to you both and wouldn’t use physical violence to try to get the boy away from you, instead, he will be his savage self and use his words. The boy soon leaving you alone, then Doyoung will ask you if you were okay.


You and him would be sat inside a cafe when someone walks by your table and shouts something at you. It was quite clear what the girl had shouted and both you and Ten had heard what it was. Ten wouldn’t go after the girl to argue with her and instead would stay with you to comfort you and make sure it didn’t affect you that much. It would be hurting him as well because he wouldn’t understand why the girl would say something like that. Although it’d be hurting him, he would put a smile on his face and do stupid stuff to take your mind off what you were just called.


Might have the cutest smile and looks like a plum but could fuck someone up, I’m sure of it. Compared to the other boys, I don’t think he’ll be that calm about it. You and him would be sat at a table in a club with two other members when a guy would walk by you and try to squeeze your ass. Jaehyun obviously noticed his actions and would call the boy back. “Did you just touch my girlfriend?” He would ask, in a serious tone. The guy would deny it at first causing Jaehyun to be even angrier and stand up from his seat, you trying to sit him back down so then he didn’t start anything. The guy would leave because Jaehyun would have scared him away. He’ll defend you because you mean the world to him.


You and him would be walking through a crowd of fans. Body guards would be with you but that wasn’t enough to stop a ‘fan’ from slapping you across the head. Mark would have seen this because he would be walking behind you. He’ll probably wait until you two weren’t crowded to comfort you, even then he probably wouldn’t know what to do. He’ll ask you if you were okay and he’ll probably blame himself and say sorry a lot. Placing a soft kiss on your cheek to make you feel better.

I’m headed into the phone interview phase of my applications, and since it’s been a while since I’ve had to do interviews I looked up good ways to answer some of the hard interview questions, and the example everyone uses for “what is your greatest weakness” is public speaking. Which is not helpful to me - even when I was young and terribly shy, public speaking was fine and one-on-one stuff was the challenge.

Fun fact: one site recommended using the ‘irrelevant weakness’ method, which is stupid and you shouldn’t do that (use the ‘I know this is an issue and here’s how I address it’ method instead). The example was “I’m addicted to knitting,” which I’m pretty sure is a VH1 show.

So anyway I bring you: MBTI: What is your greatest weakness?

ENFJ: Lack of a work/life balance, especially emotionally.

ENFP: Have great ideas, but isn’t always realistic.

ENTJ: A big-picture person who may miss critical details.

ENTP:  Too direct in offering criticism.

ESFJ: Unwilling to make difficult calls that may not make all team members happy.

ESFP: Gets bored easily with necessary but dull paperwork.

ESTJ: Get impatient with other team members when they aren’t as on top of their work.

ESTP: Has a tendency to act before asking permission

INFJ: Fear of public speaking

INFP: Can be unwilling to speak up during a meeting but then get frustrated when their views aren’t considered

INTJ: Tend to bite off a bit more than they can chew

INTP: Difficulty meeting deadlines

ISFJ: Uncomfortable with lack of structure.

ISFP: Lack of familiarity with this particular field

ISTJ: Refusal to delegate

ISTP: Vastly prefers to work alone to the point of struggling in group projects

do you ever think about all the domestic stuff dan and phil do when the camera is off…like…..does dan ever make stupid jokes and phil giggles and punches him on the shoulder…does phil ever fall asleep on the couch and dan has to wake him up…….do they fight over the last slice of pizza…..do they send each other pictures of dogs they see when one of them is out…anyways im crying

The Fake Boyfriend

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: This was written for @dancingalone21 ‘s Funny Quote Challenge. My quote was, “Don’t objectify me.” If you aren’t following her go do it!…

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[Femslash February]: Baking

and my dark pink square will be devoted to……LILANETTE

this pairing gets so little love so prepare to kick it with me for a whole week because this pairing deserves it damn it

Day 15: Baking (Lilanette)

Words: 2,004

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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Lila decided that opera cakes were a pretty safe option to go with. 

She only ever visited Paris once in her life before moving here – a short vacation away from Sicily when her mom was still around and her father hadn’t started moving around for work yet – and one of the few things she remembered was the small box of opera cakes they’d gotten at a bakery. They were cut into neat three square centimeter pieces, and for six year old Lila, they were the closest thing to tiramisu that France had. 

It was a silly thing from her childhood, but it was an honest and sincere piece of her that seemed like the perfect thing to try and give back to others. Not that anyone would necessarily know that, but it was the thought that counted. So she’d gone into a quaint bakery right across the street from school and ordered two boxes of opera cakes with hyacinths and white chocolate designs drawn on the tops. Maybe the whole flower symbolism thing was a little heavy handed, but Lila could use all the help she could get at this point. 

On the day when she was meant to pick them up, Lila’s nerves had made her get on the bus sooner than she meant to and catch the bakery only five minutes after it opened. She squinted through the glass and past the Tom & Sabine’s logos painted on the door, seeing no one inside. After jiggling the knob and knocking a couple of times yielded no answer, she contemplated walking off her overeagerness in the park nearby and trying not to hype up something as innocuous as pastries in her head. But, right as she was about to leave, a small figure quickly sped around the counter inside, fiddled with the keys in their hands, and pushed the door open. 

“Sorry about that! We’re still prepping and we don’t usually get customers quite this – Lila?”

Lila blinked at the young girl standing in front of her and immediately recognized her from her class. She floundered for a bit and tried to remember her name. “U-Um….it’s Marinette, right?”

“Yeah,” Marinette breathed out. “Uh…hi? What are you doing here so early?”

“What are you doing here?” Lila countered. “Do you work here or something?”

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The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

A fic for @komadoriwonder​ .
Set in Cor Et Cerebrum Continuity and a follow up to “Jason’s Gots Kids?” 

Rated: G
Gen/Family Bonding
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Isaac Wayne, Damian Wayne, Kiran Devabhaktuni
6463 words
AO3 Link Here


The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

The ceiling fan whirs slowly above the bed while Tim stares at it and holds his cellphone to his ear.

“But why me?” he asks, in a voice that sounds too close to whining for his own comfort. “I don’t know what to do with a baby.”

“He’s not a baby. He’s three,” Jason answers. “And he likes you.”

This point seems feeble to Tim.

“Isaac likes everyone. What am I supposed to do with him? Why can’t Alfred watch him?”

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