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I’m watching La La Land and it’s ok but it could be a lot better!

  • Ryan Gosling didn’t seem suited to the musical aspects of the role, maybe cast a different hearthrob with more experience in the genre, like Zac Efron
  • Emma Stone similarly didn’t seem to thrive with the singing and dancing, so maybe cast someone again with experience and heck why not someone with proven chemistry with zac efron.. maybe vanessa hudgens
  • Maybe if the male love interest was into something a little more relatable than Jazz? Like maybe basketball? 
  • Female character seemed a little flat, maybe if she was also incredibly gifted with math and science? 
  • Setting of LA wasn’t particularly relatable, maybe if it was set somewhere universal? Like High School? 
  • Just watch High School Musical
First Sentence Writing Prompts

Send me characters/pairings (and setting or anything else you want to see) and the number to one of the following first lines:

  1. “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”
  2. “Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.”
  3. “How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?”
  4. “Why is it suddenly purple?”
  5. “Pass me the sledgehammer.”
  6. “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”
  7. “In my defense, I thought this would go a lot more smoothly.”
  8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations.”
  9. “Careful, don’t drop – “
  10. “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”
  11. “It’s sticky.”
  12. “You need to stop.”
  13. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen someone do.”
  14. “What’s with the pigtails?”
  15. “How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”
  16. “Ow, what was that for?”
  17. “Ugh, why did I eat that?”
  18. “In my defense, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.”
  19. “Run!”
  20. “Come on, give me one good reason not to jump in the lake.”
  21. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.”
  22. “What do you mean by leaving?”
  23. “I’m trying very hard not to see all this as a metaphor for my life.”
  24. “Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.”
  25. “Where have you been, I was ready to call the police!”
  26. “No, the house is definitely not haunted, why do you ask?”
  27. “Get over here now and bring a tarp.”
  28. “I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.”
  29. “I’ve got everything under control.”
  30. “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?”
Friends With Benefits - Theo Raeken Imagine (SMUT)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

Request (anon): can you do a smutty imagine with Theo where him and the reader are friends with benefits?

A/N: So here it finally is, a Theo Raeken smut based on the request above. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but I hope you guys like it. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I still have to proofread it.(:


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT smutty smut smut & cursing?
Word count: 2088

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i love the fact that neil josten is a cat person like ;;;; he made a concious decision to own not one but TWO WHOLE cats and just……. imagine neil doing Cat People ™ Things like the cats meow at him and he holds a 5 minute long conversation with them and like ? he probably uses it to annoy andrew like “whats that, sir? andrew should get his feet off the coffee table?” “meow” “yea ur right damn” and like neil doesnt like other cats pictures bc his cats are the cutest and the best and he definitely owns like a billion lint rollers but still shows up covered in cat hair but honestly he doesnt even care like ye fuck u i have cats and theyrr my CHILDREN :)) he probably brags abt shit they do to like…… everyone and anyone like ooooh mysterious neil josten with his dark past cant shut the fuck up abt how his furballs can tell the difference between his house and the neighbours and how theyre clearly geniuses god i love neil josten and his fuckinf cats

Shady hotel business.

WARNING: This post is looooooong. If you want a quick fix, this isn’t the story for you. If you want to dive deep into the layers of corruption where it’s all about the little things, then please read on. Also, I’m fond of lists.

This happened two years ago. I was twenty and a recent university dropout. I needed a year to empty my head, recover from imminent burnout, and make some money to help support my single mom and my younger sister (who’d just given birth with no father in the picture). I was a very insecure person at the time. I really wanted to work, but without a degree life sucks balls… until I got contacted by Mr B.

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Things me and my friends have said as Hamilton characters

Alexander Hamilton: “Well I’m gonna try and get some sleep so gn. *9 minutes later* ACTUally let me tell you why you’re wrong.”

Angelica Schuyler: “I thought it said “petty” and I’m like haha me too but it says “pretty” and I’m still like haha me too.”

Elizabeth Schuyler: “A very hot guy walked by and we made eye contact for a solid 5 seconds and he smirked someone help me plan the wedding.”

Peggy Schuyler: “Honestly even I forgot I was here.”

KG3: “Knock Knock I don’t give a fock.”

Aaron Burr: “You can’t just exclaim you’ve got to explain.”

Hercules Mulligan: “I just Big Time Crushed yo ass.”

James Madison: “*says in exasperation* well that wasn’t very nice.”

George Washington: “You can’t deny that when I’m older I’m gonna be a dope ass dad.”

John Laurens: “Guys I think my turtle is gay.”

Thomas Jefferson: “*in a pretentious voice* Uhh I’m basically like a professional mac n cheese connoisseur.”

Marquis de Lafayette: “Why are baguettes so aesthetically pleasing?”

Philip Hamilton: “Un deux trois quatre cinco seis sHIT.”

here are some things I do for sleep~


▸ I usually use a total of three alarms: a morning alarm, a noon alarm to remind me to turn off my ringer before class, and a night time alarm. When I wake up to turn off my morning alarm, I make sure to turn on my noon and my night alarm, which is set to 30 mins before my ideal bedtime (I set it to 30 mins because that’s usually how long it takes for me to shower / freshen up / wind down but you can set it to however much time it usually takes you)

▸ I also use a free app called ‘to bed’ which calculates the amount of sleep you should be getting according to your age and sends you a reminder to begin getting ready for bed. 

▸ but remember, alarms and reminders can only do that: remind. the rest is up to your self discipline and a lil’ helper called melatonin


this hormone is naturally produced for you by your brain to help you get into sleep mode but due to usage of artificial light around us, the hormone is suppressed. the good news is, you can get melatonin through supplements. but if you have a special condition / are skeptical about it or anything like that please talk to a doc first.

○ I use a brand called ‘KAL’ and there are 60 5mg lozenges in one bottle which is about 8 usd on amazon. Since it’s a lozenge, you don’t have to swallow it + it tastes lemony and good~


▸ this is my usual evening routine (exceptions are sometimes made for when I need to study until late / something like that but this is what I normally do)

○ eat dinner + drink tea and take melatonin (if we have dinner later, we eat something lighter. also, tea at night is usually a herbal tea / a night time tea)

○ tidy and turn on lamp (I like to clean things up a bit before I sleep so that I can wake up to a tidy space. I don’t let things get too messy so this takes 5 minutes. I also turn off all the lights except for a lamp. also, my alarm usually rings right about now)

○ shower / freshen up

○ turn off lamp and turn on diffuser (my diffuser also has a soft light which serves as a nightlight + it turns off automatically after an hour or so) 

○ pray / turn down temperature / turn on morning alarm

○ sleep~

late nights?

▸ Once in a while I have late nights, where I’m up studying / just having trouble falling asleep / something like that. but that’s alright. 

▸ I have to wake up pretty early every morning, and I want to be well rested which is why I go to sleep earlier. but in the case that I do sleep very late, I go on a website called ‘sleepyti.me’ which calculates sleep cycles and set my alarm according to what it tells me. This way, I can still wake up feeling somewhat refreshed and I can take a short power nap later on in the day if I need to.

▸ If you regularly have trouble falling asleep / are always sleepy / something like that please talk to a parent / a doc about it. It might be an effect of an unhealthy lifestyle / another problem or it might be a sleep disorder such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, etc. 

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you a healing, soothing sleep~ You can do this!

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Chapter 6: How could I have done this to my soulmate? // Shawn Mendes

Prologue: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165826891058/6-minutes-left-prologue-shawn-mendes

Chapter 1: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165861136790/chapter-1-youre-going-to-wish-wed-never-been

Chapter 2: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/166035402061/chapter-2-why-did-you-come-here-shawn-mendes

Chapter 3: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/166104883601/chapter-3-ill-take-my-chances-shawn-mendes

Chapter 4: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/166172386006/chapter-4-i-want-you-to-want-me-because-im-me

Chapter 5: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/166248497496/chapter-5-were-a-perfect-match-shawn-mendes

Author’s note: HERES THE LONG AWAITED CHAPTER 6! There wont be an update for a while as it was quite a long chapter. Shawn’s background is explained a lot here and I hope you guys like it :) 

Recap: “Got it.” He rolls his eyes, allowing me to push his towards the door.

I pause, watching his features turn into a small smile as I reach to close the door, I meet his gaze one last time.

“I’ll show you Shawn. We’re a perfect match.”

My soulmate was good at many things. One of them was looking ruggedly handsome in an all-black suit. The other was sneaking into my room when I least expect it. 

There he was, 5 minutes to 10:00 am, just like I told him, head to toe in the finest suit he owned. 

“You clean up nicely.” I smile warmly at him and he glares at me, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“I look like an arrogant ass.” He mumbles, taking a seat on the edge of my bed as I grab some earrings off my dresser.

“Aren’t you always?” I tease, allowing him to complain.

“Very funny.” He scorns me, tugging at his collar again.

“I think you’re really going to enjoy what we’re doing today.” I grin at him and he blanches, a thin sheen of sweat might even be visible on his forehead if you look close enough. “Did you bring your car?”

He gives me a strange look. “Yeah I parked around the back.”

“Lets go then.” I grab my purse off my bed and open my patio door, waiting for him to lead me to his car- a black chevrolet Camaro. It was one of the oldest model’s I’d ever seen but looked surprisingly well kept.

“Bet you’re not used to roughing it out in an old piece of metal like this?” Shawn humour’s, unlocking the car.

“Actually my Grandpa likes to collect old cars, he has around maybe 5 of these but they’re all in different colours.” I try not to laugh too loud at the shocked and mildly annoyed look upon Shawn’s face. I buckle in and Shawn turns on the ignition, pulling onto the road.

“So where are we going?” He breaks the silence.

“Park out front the Dee Gardens and then we’re on foot from there.”

“You made me wear a suit to go to the park?” he asks, looking at me like I had asked him to do the most ridiculous thing.

“Maybe.” I giggle, winding the window down to allow the cool spring breeze into the car. The sun was beating down through the windows and I already knew it was going to be a good day. Perfect for a wedding.

“Okay, there, park there.” The Dee Gardens were a short 5 minute drive from our house and as soon as I saw a free parking space, we took it.

The gravel crunches under my heels as I get out, shutting the door and walking over to the grass. Excitement bubbles in my stomach and I feel a shoulder brush mine, turning to see Shawn standing right beside me.

“Lets go.” I grab his hand, entwining my fingers with his.

“Is this really necessary?” He holds our joined hands up as he falls into step with me and I raise an eyebrow.

“4 weeks, remember?”

He sighs, the sound drawing my attention to the faint hum of voices. We round the corner and ahead is a small clearing, surrounded by tall red woods. There’s maybe 40 chairs either side, an aisle running through the middle. At the end there’s a stand with a small archway made of flowers that have been threaded through the wire. Fairy lights were strung around the trunk of the trees, light green ribbon bows stuck on the back of nearly every chair. It looked beautiful.

I eye the nervous groom standing under the arch, talking to his groomsmen. He looked like he was going to be sick.

“We’re late.” I don’t give Shawn a chance to speak as I rush to our seats, two spares at the back as we weren’t on time. We sit down and I notice Shawn’s gaping expression, his eyes wide.

“You took me to a fucking wedding?” He hisses in my ear, and I elbow him in the stomach to stop his complaining.

“Shut up, Becky is about to walk down the aisle.” I snap back, rising with the rest of the family. I look down to see Shawn still sitting there and I grab his collar, tugging him up so he’s standing next to me.

A flower girl begins her descent down the aisle and I try to ignore seeing Shawn pinching the bridge of his nose out of the corner of my eye. Bridesmaids wearing beautiful jade dresses come next, their hair up in elaborate braided buns.

Then came the bride. Becky looked stunning, her white dress was studded with tiny diamonds and when they caught the light, they shined. The silk hugged her figure and fell away into a train.

“You sneaky little thing.” I hear Shawn whisper in my ear, we were lucky to be at the back where no one could hear us and anyone who could was more preoccupied with the bride.

“Excuse you?” I don’t tear my eyes away from my cousin, her dress was causing me serious envy.

“You take me to a wedding, get me all loved up and then you’re going to strike. You’ve probably arranged our wedding, haven’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I smile innocently at him and he huffs, falling silent as the ceremony begins.

I didn’t stop smiling.

As soon as the ceremony had finished, Shawn dragged me away before anyone had noticed we were there. In silence, we trek back to his car.

“You know we have to go to the reception right?”

“You do. I don’t.” He laughs at my disgruntled expression. The car comes into sight and we head towards it.

“But what if I get approached?” I ask him, giving him my daintiest smile.

“Approached? By who, your Grandpa?” Shawn snorts and unlocks the car.

“No.” I drag the sound out. “By an eligible bachelor who seeks my hand in marriage.”

I feel shocked at the sound of Shawn laughing, his head tilted back and eyes crinkled.

“Sorry princess but the government would never let you get married while your soulmate is living and breathing just across town from you.” The engine rumbles, and Shawn changes the gear into reverse.

“Then why don’t you come along just to make sure that it doesn’t happen.” I rest my hand on his forearm softly. He looks over at me quickly before sighing.

“You’re going to black mail me if I don’t say yes aren’t you?”


Three seconds of silence. He gives in.

“Where am I driving to?”

The reception was located in a pretty fancy restaurant and had a similar decorative touch to the wedding. There were already so many people here and I feel Shawn’s front press into my back so he doesn’t loose me in the crowded room. Leading the way I take him to our seats. My Mother looks up at the sound of chairs scraping against the wood flooring. Her mouth falls open.

“Who’s this Sweetie?” She prod’s, smiling at Shawn whose head whips to face me, disbelief clouding his eyes. We stay standing.

“Mum this is Shawn, Shawn this is… my Mother.” I watch as Shawn’s eyebrows raise, biting his lip to stop himself from saying something offensive to me in front of my mother.

“Nice to meet you Mam.” Shawn says formally, offering his hand for my Mother to shake.

“Likewise.” She shakes it, turning to face me.

“Shawn is my boyfriend.” I quickly tell her, yet my Mum’s face forms an expression of curiosity.

“I thought you were only going to date your soulmate Y/n.” Shawn audibly gulps. His arm snakes around my waist, pulling me into his side.

“We both have many years on our timer’s. We like each other so we thought why not get to know each other.” He tells my Mother, a frown etched onto his face. A relationship during the youthful years with someone who wasn’t your soulmate wasn’t illegal, although it was frowned upon by many people.

“Oh.” My Mother gasps while my mouth opens and closes, no words forming.

“You just lied to my Mother.” I whisper in his ear, Mum still staring at us.

“Would you rather me tell her we’re soulmates?” He rebuts, pulling out my seat and letting me sit down.

“She could easily check my arm and see my timer has gone.” My eyes flick to my sleeve covered arm, right where my timer would have been if it was still ticking.

“Then you will just have to cross that bridge when you come to it.” He frowns at me, resting a hand on my knee under the table. “Now I believe we are at a wedding and you wanted us to act like soulmates, care to dance?”

Somehow, from the time we got here and when we sat down, music had begun to play, a soft beat filling the room.

“I can’t believe you told her.” I mumble to him as he pulls me to the centre of the room where other dancing couples were located.

“I’m just trying to be what you expect me to be. You only have four weeks of this treatment so enjoy it while it lasts.” Shawn snaps and my face flushes in anger.

“I don’t expect you to be an ass Shawn, I don’t know what you want from this ‘trial’.” He rests a hand on my waist and the other holds my left hand.

“Most soulmates act irrationally, right? So that’s what I’m trying to do.” There’s a hint of sarcasm and I ignore it.

“When I asked you to give me a chance I didn’t mean change your entire personality.” I mutter, letting him sway us to the beat.

“I don’t do relationships Y/n, I’m sorry that I said the wrong thing to your Mum. Next time I just won’t say anything” He growls at me and I fall silent.

The music was classical; the instruments filling the dining hall, giving the atmosphere an old fashion feel.

“If you weren’t a member of the libertas would you still have treated me the same?” I ask him softly, meeting his hazel eyes.

“Even if I wasn’t I still have the same belief in soulmates Y/n.” He tells me, his eyes scanning my face.

“If soulmate’s didn’t exist would you want me?” I hold my breath, the question out in the open air.

“If you weren’t my soulmate I think I would have actually wanted to be with you- out of my own choice.” He lets my arm falls and I can’t speak, can’t move. I’m lost in the depth of his eyes. Even after everything he has said to me I want to pull him closer to me, into my embrace.

“Why tell me that? Why not just be with me because you like me?” He lets me rest a hand on his chest, right over his heart and the steady thump has me feeling giddy.

“All my life I’ve told myself that I’m not going to let the soulmate program dictate my life like it did for my Mum.” He whispers softly and we’re dancing again, his left hand glued to my right and his other hand on my waist. We’re chest to chest as we sway to the soft beat from the band.

“What happened with your Mum, Shawn?” I ask boldly, knowing he would either answer me or retreat away from me.

He takes a deep breath. “She was abused… by her soulmate, my Dad.” I let him talk, feeling a weight settle in my stomach. No one ever deserves to be treated the way I can only imagine Shawn’s Mum would have been treated. 

“The one person the Government told her that was supposed to treasure her and take care of her was the one that haunted her nightmares and caused black and blue bruises to appear on her skin.” Shawn looks angry now, his hand tightening its grip on my own hand.

“What did she do?” My face is so close to his that I can see the faint flecks of gold in his hazel eyes.

“She put in a request form to the Government to leave her soulmate, so she could find someone else.” In society, when a person’s match dies, we can request to form a relationship with another single match. 

“But because my Dad was still alive they forced her to stay with him.” He snarls, his frustration rolling off him. “She couldn’t find happiness with another person because they told her that she could only be happy with him. They partnered my Mother with a monster.”

He twirls me, my dress fanning out and I crash back into his chest ungracefully. Shawn doesn’t seem to care.

“I joined the libertas when my mother couldn’t take the violence any more and committed suicide.” He’s calm again. A sadness welling in his eyes. “I was only 13 and my Dad was the one who found her. He didn’t care that he did that to her. He just packed up his things and left.”

“Shawn.” I try to comfort him but I don’t think there was any measure of comfort I could offer considering what he’d been through. “I vowed that night when both my parents left me that I would never let my life be controlled by the Government the way my Mother’s life had been. Its been 8 years since then and not once have I ever broken that vow. Not until I met you.” His eyes hold my gaze and I feel a heat creep up over my cheeks.

“And that’s why you don’t want a soulmate.” I finish for him and he his hand moves further up my back so his palm is splayed firmly between my shoulder blades. 

“That’s not all.” He mutters and I feel a chill creep up my spine. “I’m my father’s son, Y/n.” 

“That doesn’t mean-”

“If I gave into this soulmate thing, gave into you,” He pauses to let his words settle and I feel my heart flutter at them. “Whose to say that I won’t turn into what my father was. Hurt my own soulmate who I was meant to look out for and take care of.”

“You’re not your father Shawn.” I tell him and he lets my hands go to cup his cheeks, stopping our dancing. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“I already have.” He bites his lip and I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. “When we first met at your school, Jeremy wanted me to take care of the witnesses, I said I would. You were one of them and I hurt you.”

“I don’t remember..?” I trail off, confused with where this was going. I remember having a lump on my head but I thought it was because I had fallen during the attack.

“I smashed your head against the wall and you blacked out.” He spits out and I feel a sick feeling rise in my belly.

“Shawn.” He can tell that I’m beginning to feel the effects of fear, fear of him.

“I watched as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you passed out in my arms.” He’s put up his walls again. The shields that stop me from getting close. “And when I picked you up I remember how light and fragile you felt. I thought, how could I have done this to my soulmate?” He laughs, the sound harsh against my ears.

“You were just following what Jeremy said-” I try to excuse his actions but Shawn isn’t having it.

“There is no excuse for what I did. I hurt you before I even got to know you and I never want to put you in a situation like that again. If we’re together, you’re only going to be in danger.”

“I can handle it.” I beg him, pulling him to me as he tries to get out of my grip.

“There’s so many people who could hurt you for being with someone like me. It could be the libertas, Jeremy, the Government or what about your soulmate, huh? I could just as easily break you.” His words are sharp yet I don’t let them cut me.

“I trust you Shawn!” I say desperately and he stops struggling against my hold, stops talking, just stares at me. I wrap my arms back around him, over his shoulders and winding my fingers through his hair. Gripping the back of his head I push him forward until his lips touch mine.

I couldn’t breathe. His lips pressed feverishly onto mine and within a second he’s kissing me back. He leans closer to me and his hands are everywhere. On my hips, sliding up and over onto my back, the heat of his fingertips alighting a fire on my skin that made me dizzy.

He doesn’t part from me, instead kisses me harder, sending tremors along every nerve and evoking feelings I had tried to hide from him. I knew it now though. My arrogant, wilful soulmate had stolen a part of my heart, and I didn’t know if I would get it back.

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21, Lip, please? ❤

Hi! Thank you so much for the ask  ❤ I’m sorry this took so long.


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“Lip!” You angrily hiss. You rush down the stairs of the Gallagher house, looking for your boyfriend. He wasn’t there when you woke up and realized that he let you sleep in. He knew that bothered you. You were a part of the Gallagher household now, so that meant you knew each member. You’d realized that Debbie liked to tell you bye, and Carl always hugged you before he left. You also received bye’s from everyone else. It was natural at this point, you had stayed so long.

You’d been up all night with Lip anyways, even though he told you to get to sleep. Liam was having nightmares, and you would do anything for that little boy. You knew how much he meant to everyone in this family… Well, except for Frank. But you also knew that he meant a lot to you too. You loved him like your own little brother.

You had finally buttoned up your pants while you find everyone leaving. A huff leaves your mouth, a frown following it, “Phillip Ronan Gallagher.” This made him look over at you. He had a smile on his face where he had just been making faces at Liam. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.” You make sure to have your angry face on.

He laughs while standing, quickly handing Liam over to you. “I know that.” He presses a kiss to your cheek, still noting that your frown hadn’t left. “I love you,” He says as he quickly jolts up the stairs. About three minutes later he comes back down, dressed to impress. You make sure to still act mad as he grabs some things to leave and the three of you were on your way.

Lip still had to go to college, and you always made sure he was up and running. You’d kill him if he was ever late. He deserved his education. You loved that he was so smart, and how he could sit and talk to you for hours of quantum physics. You also liked that he would talk to you about everything he learned in his classes. You were a year behind, quickly finding your way to graduate early, but you knew when you went to College it would be with him. 

You couldn’t stay mad at him for very long, though. He started playing with Liam on the L and you had to smile at him, “Look, Lip. I love you so much, but your an asshole.” He laughed at you as you kissed him, “You’re too much.”

“I try,” he grins, wrapping an arm around you as he keeps his eyes on his little brother. You couldn’t believe how lucky you had gotten with him. Life couldn’t get any better than this. 

Chocolate Cake

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jin X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: a scenario where seokjin and the reader are high school sweethearts who were separated cause the reader left the country and they reunite after she moves back but seokjin is getting married

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Finally you were able to look around and see a view that was so warm and familiar. The city you had grown up in had become bustling with new people, new coffee shops, but the same old feeling to it. Sitting on your bed, surrounded by the boxes in your room from moving, you stared out the window as you watched the people walk by. 

About 5 years ago, you moved away with your family, trying to remember things from back then. The faint memory of your old friends came to mind and though those friendships were no longer as strong as they used to be, the memories were only happy ones. School back then wasn’t perfect by any means but it wasn’t too bad, having some of the brightest memories. The more you sat there reminiscing, the more curious you had become, going over to your box of photobooks. As you picked the largest one up a photo fell out from the bottom and landed into your lap. 

The picture featured a taller, broad shouldered, brown-eyed, and handsome ex of yours standing in front of the bus stop you both stood at back then. Unlike any of your other relationships, he didn’t mind you taking a pictures of him, in fact you could remember him gloating about his photogenic self after you took this picture. Almost as though you could still hear his unique laughter ringing in your ears was enough to make you laugh lightly to yourself. It felt a bit weird to feel yourself start to feel warm and comfortable just by looking at a picture of someone you no longer talked to nor were in a relationship with but he was like your other half in high school. Jin always knew how to make you smile no matter what and no matter how lame he had to be to earn that smile. He was romantic when he wanted to be, setting aside his jokes you could remember him holding your hand for the first time at the same bus stop. You were so embarrassed back then because the bus had pulled up right aftewards for everyone to see but when you looked over to him you noticed how red his ears had gotten, knowing it must a took a lot for him to do it out of nowhere.

The first time he had kissed you was on a field trip to the planetarium and as romantic as that sounds he didn’t sneak you off to a dark room with the stars glowing on the ceiling. You remembered you were holding his arm by his side when one of your classmates said the two of you couldn’t be really dating if you hadn’t even kissed yet. In a provoked moment he turned to you, kissing you in front of the group of classmates you were with to prove his point. 

“Did I or did I not tell you she’s my girlfriend.” Jin boasted. 

You grew so embarrassed your head was already in his chest to hide but unlike him holding your hand he wasn’t embarrassed anymore, laughing at your shyness.

The worst part of everything was the same 5 years ago when you had to move away. You spent maybe a week just crying once a day whenever you thought about him or missed him. You couldn’t have asked him to wait for you because there was a huge possibility you weren’t going to ever move back. Jin was your first love and you couldn’t forget anything about him, still having lingering feelings as you stared down at the small picture in your hands. 

“I wonder what you’re up to Kim Seokjin…” You whispered to yourself, pulling your phone out of your pocket. 

It was the first time you tried searching him up on social media after unfriending him. Back then you didn’t want to see all the things he was doing without you but since it had been years you figured anything you would see couldn’t hurt anymore. The first one to pop up on instagram had a picture of him, surprising you with how much he had grown. Hesitantly, you followed him before looking through his pictures. The first one was a video of him playing the guitar as he occasionally looked over at the person sitting in front of him with a smile. It must have been something he had recently picked up, not remembering him playing before. When you clicked off of the video to view everything else you saw a notification that he followed you back, followed by an alert of an incoming DM. 

KSJ92 (Jin) :

   “Hi Y/N. It’s been awhile, huh?”

    “Are you doing well?”

You couldn’t stop staring at the message, reluctant to reply. At first you weren’t going to say anything at all but to your horror even you could see that you had read it, so he was definitely aware. With a deep breathe, you considered sending something risky but if you didn’t say it now it might be strange to tell him later. 


     “Hey, I’m doing good. Sorry it’s been so long, I actually moved back here and was wondering if you wanna to meet up?”

There was a pause in his response after he had read the message, not typing right away. It was hard to tell if the 5 year gap made things awkward but there was not many other reasons he would instantly message you and not want to catch up. When the long two minutes passed he finally sent something in return;

KSJ92 (Jin):

    “Yeah sure, is today fine? I’m not sure which part of town you moved in but I know this cafe near me. They have your favorite cake too, if that’ll persuade you.”


   “What, really? That sounds great! Just send me the location and I’ll meet you there in like an hour.”

Setting your phone down,you immediately got up to change out of the sweatpants you had been wearing to unpack. You were nervous and excited at the same time mostly because it’s not like you didn’t know him but at the same time he could have changed a lot or not have remembered as much as you did about your relationship. It was hard not to wonder what he was thinking about meeting up again but then again, you never thought you’d get the chance to see him again after the way things ended. 

When you checked yourself in the mirror one last time, you grabbed your things and headed out to the place based off of the directions in your phone. Luckily for you, it was only about a 10 minute walk from you seeing as though you must live close to each other without realizing it. Come to think of it there were plenty of apartment complexes and cafes on your way there so living in the city seemed to have it’s perks.

As your hand reaches for the doorknob, someone else pushes it open next to you. 

“Wow, you almost look the exact same.” Jin gasped jokingly before sending a smile in your direction as he held the door open for you. 

You looked up at him, examining the differences about him. The first thing you noticed was his handsomely dyed light brown hair unlike the pictures of his Instagram, as well as his newly developed height and obviously toned body even through the button up he was wearing, neatly tucked in the front of his pants. If it was even possible, he was even more handsome than he was before looking so much more grown.

“…Jin? You look completely-”

“Handsome? I know, I dressed up for you today.” 

Not believing your ears you scoffed before giggling at his dumb remark, hitting his arm playfully as you entered the cafe. You walked over to a table by the window before sitting down, jin following behind you. 

“Do you want a coffee? I’m gonna go order for us and bring it over here.” Jin suggested.

“Yeah sure, but only if you remembered my usual.”

“Ah, it’s been 5 years but you thought I wouldn’t remember? Come on…I’m a lot better than you think.”

“Is that so?” You smiled, resting your hand on your cheek. 

“Of course. Just sit here and i’ll come back with everything.”

You nodded, watching him go up to the counter to place your order. Looking at him from a far made you really realize how much you missed him. Talking to him was still comfortable and though, he was a bit awkward before the two of you dated it completely faded after he asked you out.  

Noticing you staring over at him he flashed a smile to which you waved in return. As you waited you just kept playing on your phone until you saw a small, white plate being pushed onto the table in the middle, accompanied by a coffee sitting right next to it. The tray still in his hands as he placed his own drink down, you pick up a fork, taking a bite of the chocolate cake. Jin set it to the side, sitting across from you with his drink. 

“So, what brings you back here?” He asked.

“Well, things weren’t very comfortable when I left. I couldn’t adapt well to moving with my parents so I decided to get a job back here. I got hired after a few resumes and a video call interview and ta-da, here I am. I think Namjoon convinced me to move back here when I talked to him last time even though he doesn’t even live here anymore.”

“What’d he say?”

“If you don’t like it you can always move again but if you don’t do it at all, you’ll just be unhappy and wondering why you didn’t just give it a shot.” 

“Yeah, sounds like him.”Jin smiled, nodding.

“What about you? What’s new?” You asked curiously, leaning over the table. 

“Well I think you know the biggest news since I sent you an invitation-…oh wait, you never replied to it? Do you think you can make it?”

Your eyes brows furrowed in confusion, taking another bite of the cake. You covered your mouth to speak as you chewed. He seemed excited about whatever it was he was talking about. 

“Invitation? Invitation to what?”

“My wedding, Y/N. I guess when you moved it got lost in the mail or sent to your old address.”

Suddenly the cake felt much more dry, coughing at his words. Jin stood up from his chair in shock to see if you needed help but you shook your head, waving your hand to assure him you’re okay.

“Are you okay? 

“No, I’m fine. I had no idea…ha..wow, congratulations.”

His expression changed from being concerned to smiling again as he recalled his new fiancee. He pulled his phone out to show you a picture of her with the ring on her finger and you couldn’t even lie to yourself about how gorgeous and nice she looked. Your heart completely sank and any getting back together fantasy of yours had been crushed. 

“That’s amazing. She’s really lucky..” You said quietly. 

“Yeah, I know it seems weird to invite your ex to your wedding but we were best friends first and even if things didn’t end that well I thought it would be nice to see you again. When you added me I thought it would have been because of the wedding.”

“Ah, not really. I Just thought it would have been fun to see you again after so long. I found our old yearbooks and stuff when I was unpacking.”

“Well, do you think you can make it? I can always just mail you a new one-”

“W-well, I’m a bit busy. You know, new job and unpacking and everything but I’m happy for you guys.” It was hard to lie to his face but you tried to maintain the fake smile plastered on your face. 

You were so absorbed in your own head you didn’t even notice he never told you the date of the wedding so an excuse was a bit strange to say. At least he would get the hint as you just stared down at the chocolate cake in front of you that no longer felt as special. You truly wanted to be happy for him and maybe you would have if you didn’t build up this whole meet up in your head, thinking he might have been the best guy for you and possibly being that girl alongside of him at that wedding. 

“That’s fine, Yeah, no, I understand Y/N. It’s not that big of a deal.” Jin nervously laughed off the rejection. 

“Aside from the wedding there are a few other things that’s changed.” He chimed in. 

Pretending to listen, you looked over at him, nodding every few seconds he was talking. You knew this was it, you had missed your chance, and the only thing you could still think about was coming to terms with the fact the entire time he smiled at you or said something sweet to you he was someone else’s. The first guy you told you loved him now sat in front of you in love with someone else while you were still stuck in the past. You were just a past memory for him, no longer a future opportunity. And the more you kept thinking about it the harder it became to stop yourself from tearing up in front of everyone in this cafe. Your hands clutched the coffee cup a little tighter, knowing you should have expected this. There was no reason for him to stay single the way he was and finally you mustered up a real smile, unitentionally cutting him off.

“Thank you for giving me some of the best years in my life but I think for the sake of your fiancee, we shouldn’t meet anymore. I shouldn’t have added you as carelessly as I did and if I would have known I wouldn’t even have met with you today. I’m sorry…I really hope you guys are happy and I really mean that.” You let out, pulling a $10 from your purse to place it on the table before standing up and walking out the door. 

Jin ran up from behind you, standing in front of you so you would stop.

“Wait! I asked her if it was okay to meet with you today. She’s fine with us being friends-”

“But I’m not. That’s the problem. I still care about you way too much to go to something like your wedding and maybe us dating wasn’t a big deal to you like it was to me but I’m not over you.” You admitted, blushing as you avoided his eyes. 


“Stop, okay? I’m going home, thanks for trying though.” 

Just as you said, you turned around and left, except this time he didn’t chase after you. The new house you came back to no longer looked like a place of a new life, it just reminded you of everything you used to have. You laid on the couch, letting out the tears you had been holding in just to go into your phone and delete him off of your social media. It felt selfish and you couldn’t stop thinking about the disappointed face he made before you ran off.  Things seemed to never work out the way you expected them to. 

Things I want to hear from your mouth: 
1. I’m sorry. 
2. It wasn’t a lie. 
3. I really care. 
4. I’ll always be here for you. 
5. There will always be a place in my heart for you. 
6. You changed me. 
7. You can’t be replaced. 
8. You aren’t like the others. 
9. I can’t get over you. 
10. I’d rather be with you. 
11. You make me happy. 
12. I don’t regret us. 
13. I love you. 

Things you will say: 
1. I’m not sorry. 
2. It was a lie. 
3. I really don’t care. 
4. I can’t be there for you. 
5. There isn’t a place in my heart for you. 
6. You had no effect on me. 
7. I replaced you. 
8. You’re just like everyone else. 
9. I got over you the minute I left. 
10. I would rather be with her. 
11. You never made me happy. 
12. I regret us. 
13. ……..

—  s.j 
Confessions (part 2)

Summary: Bucky and the reader - who are madly in love with each other - are locked in the tower for who knows how long so Bucky starts a confession cam.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: not that anyone cares but I FINALLY got my ABH palette and I be lookin’ poppin’.

The next day around 5 in the afternoon, you’re in Natasha’s room trying on all the clothes that she left behind. While you were doing this, Bucky quietly made his way into an empty room across from his. He looked towards the stairs, making sure you weren’t coming down before bringing a chair inside the room along with a camcorder and a tripod.

Bucky flicked on the light and set up the tripod near the wall. After setting that up, he put the chair in front of the camcorder before reaching over and pressing the record button.

When he saw that it was recording, he sat back and ran his fingers through his hair. “Alright it’s day two of being locked up in the tower and I have to say it’s not bad. I mean, I love Y/N. She’s amazing.”

Bucky paused, listening to see if he heard you but when he heard nothing, he turned back to the camcorder. “I thought I heard her. Anyways, today we had, I guess it’s called a Nerf battle? We each had three lives and it was so fun. She ended up winning and it was so cute seeing her gloat about it up until I shot her with the little rubber bullet…”

2 hours ago

Bucky pressed himself against the wall, gun in hand as he kept quiet.

“Bucky, where are you?” you sang.

He was trying to be more careful. He had to be. He had only one life left while you still had two. The only reason for that being he had bragged about how good he was with guns, real or toy ones.

You shot him two times.

He just stood there in shock while you quickly ran away from him, laughing.
Coming back to the present, he moved his finger to the trigger when he heard your footsteps get closer and closer. When it sounded like you were close enough, Bucky jumped out from behind the wall and shot at you.

The rubber bullet hit your chest and you look up at Bucky before shooting him as well.

“Dead!” you cheered.

Playing along, Bucky fell to the floor.

“Yes! I win!” you do a little dance and Bucky laughs at you from his ‘dead’ position on the floor. While celebrating your victory, Bucky grabs his gun that was beside him and shot you once more. It hit you on your right side and you stop dancing to look down at Bucky.

“Dead!” he smiled.

“What? But I killed you!”

“Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one last scare.” he smirked and you groan.

Scream.” you grumble.

“I had to.” Bucky chuckled. “Now die.”

You drop your gun and dramatically collapse to the floor. You gasp for air, one hand on your throat while the other reached up to grab nothing in particular before falling right next to Bucky.

Bucky laughed, rolling on his side and you pick your head up, smiling.

“Truce?” you stick your hand out.

Bucky nods. “Truce.”


Bucky blushed at the memory. “I’m happy I get to spend so much time with her. It’s like… I can’t even explain how I feel when I’m with her. I can’t explain how she makes me feel. All I know is that it feels right. I know I haven’t made very good decisions but loving Y/N has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The brunette’s phone goes off, causing him to jump. “Crap.” he mumbled, pulling the device out from his pocket. “It scared me.” he looks at the caller ID and sighs, flashing the camcorder his screen. “It’s Steve. I gotta answer. Peace.”

He reaches over and pauses the video before standing up and exiting the room. Once he’s in the hallway, he answers.


“Bucky, what’s up?” Steve’s voice blares through the phone. “I just wanted to call and check up on you.”

“I’m not a child, Steve. You don’t have to check up on me.” Bucky scoffed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” his friend responds. “So how’s everything going?”

“It’s fine. Nothing major has happened. Me and Y/N had a Nerf battle earlier, that was fun.” he says, walking down the hall.

“Who won?”

“She did.”

Steve laughs. “Bucky I swear you’re so…”

The soldier stopped paying attention to his longtime friend when he looked up and saw you walking down the stairs in a little red dress.


“Bucky? Bucky, hellooo?” Steve called.

Bucky gulped. “Steve I gotta go.”

He hung up instantly.

You made it all the way downstairs, standing in front of Bucky. “Ugh. I dunno how Nat wears this. It’s suffocating my boobs.” you pull the dress up, trying to cover your chest.

“Oh god.” he gulped again.


“You look so fucking good.”

You smirk. “Oh really?”

Bucky takes a step back and shoves his hands in his pockets. “I-I mean you look amazing in that – it looks amazing on you – you… you look really beautiful.”

You giggle at his flustered appearance. “Thanks Bucky.” you smooth out the front of the dress. “Ima go take this off. I’m losing air.”

Bucky nods and watches you go back upstairs. When you turn the corner, Bucky bolts to the room that he now calls the Cam Room – I know, not very creative but it was all that he could come up with in 5 minutes.

He shuts the door, sits down on the chair and presses the record button.

“Okay I know it has only been like, eight minutes but jesus fuck Y/N just came downstairs in a little red dress that made her look amazing. I mean the thing hugged her curves just right and-”

Bucky’s eyes fall to his lap and he smiles. “I can’t even describe how she looked because there aren’t enough words in the world to explain how good she looked.”

You calling out to him caused him to turn his head towards the door. He waited a few seconds before turning back around.

“That was her. I gotta go.” he says. “I really need to man up and ask her out already.”

And he ends the video.

A/N:  I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow! Tell me what ya think! Goodniiiiiight


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Why do I dislike Tales of Zestiria the X?

Recently I’ve been asked one question numerous times: “Why do you think the anime is shit? You only hate it because it doesn’t focus on SorMik, right?”

Now guys, I think it’s vital for me to answer this. Because let’s face it, we will never see face to face if we don’t discuss the matter. And look, here I am, typing this out because I feel this is important. So if you’re curious and want to understand why a lot of us dislike the anime then please bear with me because this will be long (6 pages in Word, 6!)

To make this a little bit easier for me, I’ll assume that you haven’t played the game or watched its walkthrough yet and that you like the anime. But of course if you did either of them it’s good, bc at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

And so, I shall do a character analysis in this post, comparing the game and anime selves to each other while I name some other issues as well. I won’t list all the inconsistency and plot holes the anime has for I’d be here even after my death.

I’m going to try to make you guys understand that while the SorMik fandom is not happy, there are more pressing issues with the anime than that.

Keep reading

So yesterday I was working phones at the Chinese restaurant I work at (this consists of taking take out and delivery orders mainly. Occasionally answering questions about the menu and stuff) and two things happened.
First: I had a guy order an entree then ask for a side of lo mein. Well, at least at my restaurant, we don’t offer sides of lo mein. Just steamed white or brown rice. I start to tell him that we dont offer what he’s asking for, and he interrupts me to tell me he orders it all the time and I should just do it. We argue back and forth for a minute or so and i make no progress. Finally i get my manager on the phone and she tells him the same thing I did, that we dont fucking offer lo mein as a side. Finally he moves on. Fuck that guy, he literally made what couldve been a 1 minute long conversation 5 minutes long. Not to mention I had calls on two other lines that both hung up. Dear god please listen to the employees and what they tell you, we do actually know what we’re doing.
Second: I happened to be the only person on phones this particular occasion, and it was a saturday meaning i would likely be talking to someone on one line and probably have at least one hold on another line at any given time. Whatever, this is normal for a saturday night. So as I’m taking someones order we get a call on another line, so I casually tell the woman ordering to hang on for a sec, I answer the other line and put it on hold, then go back to the woman’s line. As i start my “sorry, continue please” line, all i hear is this woman calling me annoying cause I have to put her on hold again (she was on hold for a minute or so before I got to her). Like sorry they only have one person on phones and people are calling in? Im not gonna let one call get dropped cause you have a giant ass order. Please don’t take it out on the worker when when they have to deal with customers other than you.
Anyway, fuck everyone who called in that night anyway, it was stressful and everyone sucked

Fire and Ice (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Alternative ending from my friend: My Ass Requested by @solitxde Thank you for your request I hope you like it! 

 You hated this, your family uprooted you from your childhood home and hauled ass half way across the country to this rural hell hole. You’d been here for a week, the week before school started and you hadn’t bothered leaving your house, why would you? “(Y/N) it’s the first day of your senior year, cheer up you’re almost done!” Your mother sang and she placed a bagel in front of you. 

“First day of senior year! Sounds like hell,” you deadpanned, grabbing the bagel and your keys. “Mom I love you but this whole chipper moving attitude needs to stop,” you pleaded. 

 She smiled sweetly, understanding just how taxing this has been on you, “try to have a nice day sweetie, I love you too,”

 "So this is my new purgatorial hellhole huh?“ You said to yourself walking up to front of the school.

"Welcome to satan’s sweaty grundel,” a shadow of a boy grunted as he walked past you. You smirked at his disgusting humor and followed in his tracks, grouping into the crowd of teens walking through the gates of hell. 

 "Move freak,“ a hard shove to the back and suddenly you found yourself stumbling into lockers. "Maybe you’re new here but you should already know not to get in my way, skank!” A black haired girl in a cheerleading outfit chided. Who the fuck wears their cheer clothes to school, let alone the first day of school? What is this a high school drama movie? You regained your balance and headed to your locker, 306 on the top floor. Once you arrived at your locker you saw a flash of brown hair spring up and speed away. The same boy as before, you wondered how many times you’d cross paths before you’d learn his name. 

 Overall your day had been going pretty well after Regina George’s Walmart knock off pushed you into a locker. You had math, biology, foreign language, and gym in the morning, and they all seemed like okay classes. But as you made your way to the cafeteria you realized lunch meant spending time with friends, and you had none. You decided to purchase your lunch and sneak it into the school library, hoping to eat in peace. Apparently the universe had other plans, “Well if it isn’t our new resident freak, what’s your name loser?” A familiar nasally voice sneered from behind you.

 "(Y/F/N), and your the wicked Bitch of the West,“ you growled back, not even bothering to turn around. 

 "The name is Sydney, and you need to learn your place here. Your an unknown newbie, so do yourself a favor and listen to us when we tell you to do something, slut!” She hissed following you out of the cafeteria with three football players behind her.

 "Ok listen, I literally have been here for 5 hours and you already want to ruin my life. Maybe it’s because your just that sad of a human being or maybe it’s because you already know I’m twice the person you are,“ you taunted, you’d dealt with enough bullies to not be afraid of anyone. Suddenly the lunch tray was slammed out of your hands. "Are you fucking kidding me, what kind of life are your trying to lead here? What the fuck is this, is your name Heather?” You barked. “

You think your smart don’t you whore? Have fun with the football team, it’s the only time a guy in this school with even look at you,” she jested sashaying away. 

 The three football players who you had decided to name Chad, Chæd, and Ch@d stalked over to you. Chæd shoved you to the ground and than chucked your bag across the hallway, your papers flying everywhere. Chad leaned down and started spitting insults in your face, you were intimidated but kept standing your ground. Than you heard the familiar sound of metal slicing through the air, Ch@d pulled out a switch blade. “Not scared freak? Well you should be, you better watch you back after school, you can’t hide,” he spit into your face. Dropping you to the floor and walking away. 

You collapsed on to the linoleum floor and let your fearless facade fall. Blinking back tears, you felt a hand land on your shoulder, you flinched and quickly tried to fight them off. 

 "Hey hey hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you,“ a deep but soft voice assured you. ”(Y/N) relax,“

 "Who are you? We seem to cross paths a lot but I haven’t caught your name,” you whispered letting your heart rate go back to normal. 

 "I haven’t thrown it, but it’s Connor Murphy, our high schools resident freak and school shooter according to everyone but me,“ he grumbled helping you up, once he made sure you were okay he left you alone with $5 for a new lunch. He was cold and closed off but he was the closest thing you had to a friend and he made you feel like you weren’t alone if even for five minutes.

 You’d missed the bus, which after the threat to your life seemed like a better idea. You were quickly walking home taking all of the short cuts you could find, when a car full of three Chads pulled up next to you. 

"Hey loser. You missed your appointment with the surgeon, but that’s okay we do home visits,” Chad said gesturing to his friend holding an open switch blade. Suddenly your life went from Mean Girls to Heathers to the Outsiders all in one day, and personally you liked to keep real life and Hollywood separate. You were cornered and lost, the three boys climbed out of the car towards you, and a shadowy figure stalked up behind them.

 "What the fuck do you think you’re doing Magnus?“ The shadowy figure growled scaring Chæd so he dropped the switch blade. "I already called the cops to alert them to check the bank security cameras. Fucking dumbass,” Connor continued coming into the light and grabbing your hand. Police sirens in the distance came closer and Connor pulled you down the alley. The three Chads ran the opposite direction but it was apparent that they were already fucked. Connor walked you home and told you to wait at your door for him tomorrow morning. 

 Turns out Magnus’ switch blade was a fake but he still made threats, people still called you names and made fun of you, but it didn’t matter. No one could touch you as long as you were with Connor, he was your best friend and you were his. You were the only person he let into his life, he told you about his parents and how he needs therapy. He told you that he’s never had a friend and if he hadn’t chosen to make your life his problem, he would have killed himself that night. You two were inseparable, you went everywhere together, at first it was to protect you, but now it’s because you wouldn’t want to spend time with anyone else. And four months later nothing but the weather changed. It was the end of December and snow covered the ground so thickly that you could walk on it a foot above the grass. It was a particularly cold winter night when Connor Murphy, like a phantom , showed up at your bed room window. 

“Get the fuck out of bed," 

 "Jesus Con it’s midnight what are you doing here, aren’t you cold?”

 "I wanted to see you, thought it was a better idea than just dying. And no I’m not cold, I’m hot as fuck can’t you tell?“ You feigned laughter and climbed through your window, pulling your winter coat tightly around your body. 

He took your hand and lead you down the high way to the empty field by his house. You both laid on the hard icy snow, it was so cold that it didn’t even melt below you. The night sky was full of stars, even thought the atmosphere was still, you felt lightning shooting through your arm where it touched Connor’s. 

"So why’d you come and get me?” You whispered not wanting to the shatter the silence 

 "My house was empty and I just felt so alone all of the sudden, i couldn’t take it anymore so I came to you. That’s what I always do,“ he whispered back taking your hand in his and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles.

 Your face flushed, it felt like you were on fire even if you were laying in a foot of snow "I’m glad you are comfortable enough to confide in me, I’ll always be for you,” you murmured as you laid your head on his shoulder.You had never been this close to Connor but you were glad he wasn’t pushing you away.

 "You’re the only thing I find comfort in anymore. I need you more than you’ll ever need me, but that’s okay,“ his eyes were red and he had tears pooling in them, they were happy tears that he blinked away. Usually he’d never believe someone when they said they’d be there for him, but he so desperately wanted to believe you. 

 "Connor I need you so much, you’re my best friend, you literally saved my life -" 

 ”(Y/N) it was a fake knife,“ 

 "Shut up and let me finish Connor, you’re the only person I’ve let in and you make me so happy. God Connor, I-I love you!” You confessed, you were never one to back down from anything, and admitting your feelings to Connor was one of those things. 

 "(Y/N) do you want to know how much I love you? I love you so much that I live for you. I would die for anyone, but it takes so much to live for someone,“ his voice cracking and the tears creeping from his eyes. You turn to him and wrap your arms around him, you spent the rest of the night cuddled up in the snowy field.

 Connor decided that you would spent not only that night but you’re entire lives together. 6 years later after high school, college, and a lot of therapy Connor finally felt ready to take your relationship to the next step. He proposed in the spring and you decided on a winter wedding. Another six years had passed And your 4 year old daughter sat on your dresser examining the engagement ring you wore everyday. 

"Mommy what does this say?” She asked while you were applying mascara, you took the ring and examined it closely. 

You had never noticed it but engraved into the inside band, in worn lettering that looked strangely like Connors sharp cursive from high school was ‘I live only for you’

anonymous asked:

top 5 haikyuu eyes? I'm honestly quite curious because everyone has eyes for days omg... love your top 5 posts btw <3

You’re so right, they all have such beautiful eyes!! And thank you dear, I’m so happy you’re liking the top 5s  (ノ´ з `)ノ♡

1. Nishinoya. The definition of eyes for days. They are so beautiful they should occupy all the 5 spots of this top 5. I can’t look away from this pic…literally…wow, they’re almost hypnotic. @Furudate THANK YOU

2. Bokuto. Every time I put Bokuto in the first 3 positions of the top 5 I laugh at myself because I’m the most predictable person ever. But what can I tell you, I’m so in love with his golden owl eyes and it’s a tunnel I’ll never plan to exit bye

(this is my favorite shot of Bokuto in the anime and an actual picture of how my heart looks like)


4. Kageyama. I know Kageyama is that regular tall-dark hair-blue eyes character that has a copy of himself in basically every single anime, but his blueberry eyes that shine with the power of a thousand suns (ahem) and are so special to me

5. Kenma. Sometimes I just thing of how beautiful Kenma is and I have lo lay down a minute before I start functioning properly again. And I think that a lot of it has to do with his stunning cat eyes…

This top 5 is so unfair, I’m leaving out so may character with beautiful eyes like Hinata, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Akaashi, Tsukki (look I’ve made another one already)…so many, really so so so so many. But I can’t help that they made all so beautiful! 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Out of all your OTPs what are your top10 (in order) ?

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I keep saying this but very rarely do couples from new shows become my OTP, I have them as number one because I haven’t had this kind of reaction to any other ship. I would cry days after the show’s finale when I would just hear a song from the show’s OST. There is so much earnest and sincere emotion between them and Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have great chemistry, their relationship was tragic in a really beautiful way and cute in the most heartbreaking way, their bickering was done with so much conviction and the pain at whenever they separated was felt deeply. Like I believed in this couple.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I don’t think I really need to explain why SE is one of my top OTPs since so much of this blog is dedicated to going into detail as to why that is; in a nutshell, they have that soulful, passionate, transcendental love that is nuanced and complex and rarely seen.

3. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

This is a ship that’s rooted in chemistry because their romance isn’t logical or rational, there is so much danger and pain and violence surrounding them, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be involved with Jax and his mother and his club but the pull between him and Tara is undeniable, it’s a pull that’s existed even though they were apart for 10 years and their love is passionate and it takes them to dangerous, destructive places but it’s heartfelt and overwhelming and not many people can pull off that kind of dynamic.

4. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Like I said last night, I thought the saying “I love you so much it hurts” was stupid until I was introduced to Gallavich because there is such a wholehearted affection for each other that it’s almost like neither of them can breathe yet at the same time their relationship acted as a breath of fresh air. It’s the one ship that I thought was redemptive and toxic at the same time and Noah and Cameron have such intense chemistry, the angst between them is insane and I think they manage to show the struggle Mickey has with being gay in a way that was heartbreaking to watch without it being sappy and cliched and that made you feel so bad for both him and Ian so that when he finally embraces who he is, it’s like the best thing in the world. And the way Mickey cares for Ian is so unique to Mickey like it’s softhearted and violent and it’s just, this ship is a study in contrasts and it works, which is very hard to do.

5. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

Noahlee is another ship that’s new but that I ship passionately because first of all Aldis and Jurnee have great chemistry, the minute they’re in a scene together in the pilot, those longing gazes were enough for me, second of all I always love seeing young black couples onscreen, third of all, within the context of their lives and of the show — which is a show about enslavement and about the various avenues taken to combat the institution of enslavement — the fact that they fell in love is revolutionary, the fact that white supremacy didn’t beat out their will to have affection for each other is a subversive act in it of itself. Related to that, Noah is a very passionate character, a very strong character who believed in Rosalee, believed she could and would do great things before even she realized she had the strength to do so and his drive inspired her while loving Rosalee provides Noah with a sense of peace and hope.

6. Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus and Sura, Agorn and Nasir, Spartacus

I have all three ships in the same number because I love them all equally but differently. The Spartacus series portrays such passionate ships.

Crixus and Naevia,

I really enjoyed them because they’re such a pure romance; when we’re introduced to Crixus he’s legit a dick and the only thing he cares about is glory and honour and being the best gladiator and he falls in love with Naevia and is given more complexity and he’s softer because of her.

Spartacus and Sura

are tragic and you don’t see much of their relationship and what you do see is mostly in flashbacks because they were separated, both sold into slavery, but Spartacus refuses to die because he wants to see Sura again and he starts a rebellion because of her, he loves her absolutely that he’s unable to love any other woman, like it’s intense.

Agorn and Nasir

were a ship I didn’t think I would pay much attention to because I didn’t really care for either character but Agorn and Nasir loved each other so fiercely, like I dare anyone to try and tear us apart and the devotion between them was extremely intense plus Dan and Pana had great chemistry.

7. Oz and Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow is the character I relate to the most in Buffy so my friends and I always joke about how I’m waiting for my Oz because Ozillow was unbelievably adorable, I love them so much. Alyson and Seth had a chemistry that surprised me, I didn’t think that it would be as natural and at times intense as it was but they’re just such a feel-good ship.

8. Jackie and Hyde, That 70s Show

I don’t think anyone expected the awesomeness that is Jackie and Hyde. Mila and Danny worked really well together and I think you really got the sense that they cared deeply for one another while at the same time having the capacity to really aggravate each other and just by nature of being polar opposites who happen to care about each other, they got each other to grow — Jackie became less vain and less domineering while Hyde actually became more vulnerable and less stubborn, they were actually perfect and the writers fucked it up and I will be forever salty about that.

9. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin and Jim and Pam, The Office

I have them both on the same number because I love them equally for the same reasons.

Jane and Michael

External image

Pam and Jim

Jichael and Jam are both relationships in which the two people just click, they just get each other, they’re on this other plane that no one can reach and they have an intimacy and implicit knowledge of each other that isn’t the breathless intense, angst-ridden dynamic that I love but it’s as profound and significant.

10. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

I know Scallison is the favourite and I do love Scallison but I don’t know, Scira has a groundedness to them that I respond to more and they’re a very physical ship; a touch from Kira can still Scott’s hand or still him to calmness that his eyes stop glowing; holding Kira allows her to decompress and be comforted, she can close her eyes in relief and in security, and the way Scott and Kira run towards each other, it’s almost magnetic, like they’re being pulled together and have no choice to connect. And of course their sexual chemistry is kind of insane. But that’s the thing with Scira, there’s a gentle intensity to them because it’s like they finally achieve calm from the crazy supernatural mess when they’re touching each other or in one another’s arms or kissing each other, which makes their relationship physically intimate.


Vince and Jess and Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer